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1. Physics Questions and Answers: If Einstein had known about fractality.. would he have been able to arrange charge compression to make gravity? (Infinite Non-Destructive Compression)

2. WHY was the core of Katrina and several recent hurricanes - distinctly PENT / 5 sided (pics)- Is (solar max fed) charge implosion feeding these storms? - voltage from gravity. If western governments understood how centering force (fractality) is lost in their land planning - would the storms be less chaotic
+ New solar storm just now - expect MORE - DESTRUCTIVE COMPRESSION - til culture learns how to steer (invite compression) !!

3. Letter from Valerie: Excited about new evidence of Sacred Geometry - perfect nesting - role in teaching solutions to survival - life force. Urging Science to open up.

4. Picture and Article about new Joe Cell / Browns Gas (Hydrogen Implosion) -simple modification to power a CAR - in Australia. (thanks Noah!)

1. Physics Questions and Answers: If Einstein had known about fractality.. would he have been able to arrange charge compression to make gravity? (Infinite Non-Destructive Compression)

We start with some stimulating questions this week from friend and physicist, Franck - from Marseilles: "Hi Dan,

I am taking some time to delve into the basic concepts of your work. So please bear with me as I suggest some questions for us to ponder :

When you write : "If fractality is science's certified solution to infinite compression.", I can agree easily.
When you write : " Fractal or self-similar biologic capacitors like pine cones, roses, your land, and your EKG during compassion choose Golden Mean (phylotactic) recursive nests. " I have to ask :
- I guess you have measured some electric fields in between the poles of a pine cone etc. for you to state that they are capacitors. Right?

Dan responds: We have measured eggs voltage as generative capacitance - and if you change the words projective geometry to charge path, and etheric formative force to recursive capacitance then you have an in depth electrical pictorial of the capacitive breath cycles of pine cones in "Vortex of Life":
These measurements are preliminary but they do suggest that the biologic electric field while weak is REAL. What else could be the source of the electric strength called fertility and LIFE ITSELF- which allows a seed to germinate by directing the approach of water molecules.

(Franck's questions continue)- I guess, Golden Mean Nesting is the only way nature (Life) becomes infinitely compressive (or Fractal), Right? But there are many other Fractals in Maths, as in Fluid Dynamics. Could it be that any Fractal Nesting can be a (life) capacitor?

Dan responds: after study - I have hypothesized that only biologic sources of 3 dimensional charge self similarity are sustainable (life giving / self organizing) - because only in those structures is the self similarity sustained between atomic and molecular and macro molecular levels.
For example - altho palladium may help initiate cold fusion because its nucleus (dodeca) radiates a potential fractality to its (d & f? dodeca) electrons = this STILL does not introduce it into biology (presumeably because it is not soluble enough in water to embed in macromolecular biology). So for example - we say that a fractal made of aluminum would still be poisonous because it is the opposite of fractal at the atomic and electron levels. This also means for example that the extreme fractality of gold and palladium would ONLY occur naturally where ley line crosses are most fractal - and there would sacred space, optimimum fertility and charge compression be likely. And that mining / removal of these fractal natural materials would destroy 'sacred' space - AND gravity stability.

(More from Franck): But when you write : "And if infinite compression is Einsteins certified solution to gravity from charge" Then I have to tell you this is something I am not aware of. So I need to investigate, if you please give me any reference (books, websites, papers). In fact I am not sure I really understand your statement. I will keep looking into your writings but maybe you could just enlighten me?

Dan- responds: We have discussed the horrific confusions of Einstein's relativity ( einstein - "INCONTROVERTIBLE FLAWS IN THE THEORY OF RELATIVITY AND THE ROLE IT HAS PLAYED IN CURRENT TRENDS OF COSMOLOGICAL THOUGHT.. ) . His conclusions for example that infinite energy would be required to accelerate mass thru the speed of light- when in fact the progression of charge thru the speed of light is in fact what creates the centering force (gravity) required to stabilize mass (inertia storage). From "Black Hole theory- " If with the compression of substance to the density of atomic nucleus rest mass does decrease, why is it assumed that with the compression of substance to Schwarzschild's radius the mass of star will remain constant? But in Schwarzschild's formulas, etc. it is considered that the mass with the compression does not change, and there is no correction for phenomena similar to mass defect." The confusion is precisely that when recursive Golden Ratio heterodyning provides the path out for charge thru the speed of light - that release of charge IS how mass and energy exchange roles. The difference between charge compressed (mass=inertia stored) and charge distributed (energy) is the perfected hydrodynamic (& therefore electric) translation of vorticity which DEFINES the golden mean spiral.

Here are some starting points links to Einstein and INFINITE COMPRESSION. If I may speculate - it may be that since Einstein's notion was so unclear of exactly what geometry would create infinite compression - that his writing only sets out the romance and not the principle of the idea. Certainly it seems clear that he did NOT conceive that Golden Ratio could precisely turn charge compression in to acceleration. I believe it is clear that Poincare's symmetry was his closest to a geometric model of gravity. We pictured the dodeca (Golden Ratio stellations) symmetry of that Poincare critical model for Einstein at .

When you write : " LIFE FORCE equals the ability to fractally attract ('implode' by perfecting compression) & self organize - electrical charge." Then I follow you. But this is a very dense piece of information. Let me see if I get it :
- fractality makes infinite compression
- the golden mean proportion in fractality makes it "perfect compression"
- because fractality is infinite compression, it leads to "implosion"

This suggests, that actually entropy instead of increasing would not only decrease but will tend to be zero at the "implosion point". Which makes it self-organizing. And this also suggests the potentiality of going beyond the speed of light and a possible opening to the zero field...

Dan- responds: When compression (due to self similar fractality) turns to field cohering acceleration thru C light speed - then the symmetry / ordering information of charge on the other side of the light speed barrier - becomes available to biology. This explains why for example seeds will germinate better in a pine forest than in a metal building - even if the soil seems the same. In genetic terms- this helps explain why DNA sustenance ALWAYS is CONTEXT DEPENDANT ( charge fractal enviornment is the enabler for DNA and Bliss): "Grammatical Man" We wrote about why the zero point or background energy from gravity should NOT be considered FREE- at - it must rather be understood to be a rose blossoming investment return upon biology's banking of coherent emotion fields. This leads to more advanced psychology - how "Planets Experience Gravity Relations Erotically" - namely that the biological output of gravity - wormholes thru lightspeed - are the love juice wormholes - visible to clairvoyance - arteries between planets and star systems. In some of the more advance geobiology of Stefane Cardinaux's new book - I believe he will illustrate perception AND measurement of some of these lines.

When you write " This creates centripedal (implosive) force among waves of charge (spirit/chi/orgone/barrakah/life force) " I am not sure what you mean.
- I understand centripetal (implosive). But how does the geometry create actual force lines or force fields? I can imagine how water flows along a certain "material" geometry pattern. But does the geometry of the pine cone create some "subtle pattern" along which the life force or charge waves flow? This needs a proof !

Dan responds: Of course more proof is needed. To the extent that we have been able to replicate at least in electrosmog free zones - measures of life force as weak capacitive charge ( ) - some proof exists. To the extent people can feel the negative ion stream from gold coated egg cores, and evidence exists of gravity thrust from pent biology skeletons- ( ) the hints surround us. As long as people insist on measure the weak birth of biologic electricity in pollution field 1000 times stronger than the Schumann resonance - it is unlikely they will find the grail.

More questions, later... lets start with these.

I listened to you web tv introduction. Interesting!, Franck

2. WHY was the core of Katrina and several recent hurricanes - distinctly PENT / 5 sided (pics)- Is charge implosion feeding these storms? - voltage from gravity. If western governments understood how centering force (fractality) is lost in their land planning - would the storms be less chaotic + New solar storm just now - expect MORE - DESTRUCTIVE COMPRESSION - til culture learns how to steer!!- update here oct 23,05: Look at what they manufactured in hurricane WILMA:

Understanding the Implosive PENT Center of Storms..(where they get their power)

Hoagland reprinted this pic on his web site -
(thanks also to Valerie -her letter below- for pointing out this PENT in the CENTER- -)

As usual Hoagland has just enough clues to confuse without understanding the principle -

He calls this identifying PENT symmetry in Isalbel and KATRINA's EYE - HYPERDIMENSIONAL physics.

What he does not know - This pent top down view of a dodeca (and DNA) is the only way to create implosive Golden Ratio and thus attract charge from gravity. This is the only real source of power for every tornado... including that which electrically motorizes a blissful heart.

Got this from somewhere...dont' know if it's accurate, cheer, Jan

Did you know that tornadoes have been spotted, for the first time in history, that are spinning the wrong way?

Did you know that there are places in Mexico where the ground temperature is heating up in excess of 200 degrees?

Did you know that during a seven day period in early June there were 772 earthquakes recorded on the California-Nevada border near Mammoth Lake? (Gordon Michele Scallion and others are predicting a volcanic eruption there this summer.)

Did you know that on May 31st, the jet stream (an extremely fast wind current that flows through the upper atmosphere) touched ground for the first time in recorded history?

Did you know that all over North America, migratory birds have stopped returning to their nesting grounds? And that salmon are no longer returning to their spawning grounds? And indigenous tribes throughout the world have stopped having children?

We now are looking down the barrel of 3 solar flares that emerged from the sun in the past 24 hours ... all will pump up the local solar capacitor in our vicinity of the solar system within the next 2 days
Additionally the solar magnetic fluctuations in the vicinity of earth
have been wild and erratic and the kP index of solar magnetic
disturbances has been off scale/our plasma geomagnetic field has been
off scale in both the positive and minus directions and is oscillating
wildly as I write this update we have long scale electrical alignments
with both planets neptune and now uranus ... this creates a volatile
situation for earth weather as super thunderstorm cells roll off the
west coast of africa and are entering the south atlantic ocean and are
heading west towards the caribbean ... with these solar conditions
there is a severe possibility that a follow on storm could occur...
this past week while everyone was concentrating on the aftermath of
hurricane katrina, mainland china dealt with back to back typhoons ...
also a group of himmicanes continues to move across canada as they have
for the past month ... is someone playing with these storms also?

From:, >Reply-To: , >Date: Wed, 7 Sep 2005 15:08:40 -0400
ECTV/Breaking News - MEGA FLARE COMES OUT OF NOWHERE, from Mitch Battros ­ ECTV
>Just moments ago, one of the largest solar flares ever recorded has occurred. It measures somewhere between a X-15 to X-20. This comes on the heels of last night's M-Class flare which originated from sunspot region 789. It just so happens this sunspot region is still just off the eastern limb and has not rotated to the front (Earth facing) side of the Sun.
>This is a MAJOR event. It will be on all news reports within hoursbut you are the first to know.
>I just got off the phone with Larry Combs who is the lead weather forecaster for the NASA/NOAA Space Weather Center. It sounded like a 'war room'. He had to hang up and will get back to me when things settle down. >X-15 Flare:
>Extreme Weather Watch: Watch for extreme weather to occur within the next 48 to 72 hours. This most likely will take the form of straight-line winds, micro-burst, wind shears, and tornadoes. It is also likely to "feed" the current tropical storms and could very well escalate them to hurricanes. (see equation)
>Equation: Sunspots => Solar Flares => Magnetic Field Shift => Shifting Ocean and Jet Stream Currents => Extreme Weather and Human Disruption-+ led to 'Solar Rain' (mitch battros), Table of Contents: , end exerpt ECTV

Brace for More Katrinas, 05-Sep-2005, , Scientists say that hurricane Katrina, which is being called the worst weather disaster ever to hit the US, is not a unique event. Global warming ( Dan believes- increased Solar charge flux/compression) is causing more storms in the Atlantic and ocean temperatures and trade winds-the two forces behind a hurricane-are increasing in the Caribbean and North Atlantic. The group of UK scientists who make up Tropical Storm Risk predicted earlier this year that the Atlantic would be hit by 22 tropical storms during the six month hurricane season, which runs from June through November. This would be the worst hurricane season ever recorded and more than twice as many since record started being kept in 1851. They predicted that seven of the storms would hit the US and three would be hurricanes. So far, there have been five named hurricanes in the Atlantic, two of which have hit the US, and the hurricane season isn't over yet.
The Coming Global Superstorm by Whitley Strieber - Superstorm is back! The classic book that inspired The Day After Tomorrow ...

Ananda's notes:There has been a significant update on the NUWinds web page Ð now sharing some novel evidence that goes towards supporting the New Universe energetic activation model, behind Katrina, under the section New Universe Katrina... Some surprises have emerged -has an animation of the latest...-Hurricane Maria is picking up in the zone of ancient Atlantis -
With the long and significant Gamma Ray Burst in Pisces on September the 4th and the solar earth plasma polarity oscilations on high polarity swing, and continued Coronal Mass Ejections from the Sun, this are looking New Universe normal for everyone...
Below, Sorcha Faal's latest excerpts from the media, on overview of global storms, and on the militarisation of the USA... In other words, taking the more extreme possible scenario (without our Irreversible Adulthood being remembered): 'sheaple; are being told to: "either get yourself together, or if you want pappa and mumma government, we have the concentrations camps near to ready for you... Our breast milk is up, so feeding rations are in order..." There is another Omniversal Order, and that Numinousity comes into action through the miracle of mankind's compassion.. In Golden Via Media, - Ananda.

Don't Blame Nature for this Disaster: PEOPLE Must Accept Responsibility

(Sorcha Faal's)..Catastrophic Disaster of 'Biblical Proportions' Strikes United States, Entire Geography of Region Altered as Super Storm Rated as Worst In Recorded History

'Descent Into Hell', 50,000 Lives Bring Apocalyptic Warning to All Citizens of United States, the World Cries 'You Are Not Alone', They Cannot Hear

Massive Cosmic Blasts Hit Southern Hemisphere as Western Coastal Regions of United States Become 'Dead Zone' and Global Weather System Near Catastrophic Failure

50,000 Dead as New Orleans Declared 'Dead City', United States Military Orders Elite Special Forces from Iraq to Restore Order as Refuges Become 'Ruthless Mob'

United States Apocalypse Threatens Entire World, Food Crises Looms in America as Canada Turns To Russian Military for Defense

World Wide Depression Feared as United States Losses Nears 2 Trillion US Dollars, Global Oil Markets in Chaos and US Military Leaders Prepare to Seal Borders

September 6, 2005 (Sorcha Faal's)
'Operation Ophelia' Begins In United States as Plan for 'Major Cataclysmic Event' Put Into Effect, NORTHCOM Assumes Control over Entire Country, By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Russian Subscribers

Russian Intelligence Analysts are reporting today that the Military Leaders of the United States have begun the implementation of what the Americans are calling 'Operation Ophelia', and which calls for the dividing of the United States into separate Military Districts under the command of their newly established North American Defense Division of NORTHCOM.

According to these reports 'Operation Ophelia' was originated as a strategic plan for the total changing of American society based upon '2 or more' cataclysmic events occurring in their country over a period of 6 months, and as these reports further show these American Military Leaders are now 'convinced' are about to occur.

As these Americans are often fond of doing, the name of this Operation seemingly fits the intended consequences as Ophelia is one of Shakespeare's most tragic characters, and whose attributes would mirror that of the entire peoples of the United States should they be struck with another disaster, "Ophelia's personality and emotions are very much like a teenage girls - emotional, thoughtful, sensitive and finally, she goes mad."

Russian Military Analysts are further reporting that the slow response by the Americans to the disaster struck regions of their South were in fact due to the massive withholding of Military and Emergency equipment and troops that had previously been pre-positioned in their Mid-Western Regions for purposes that have yet not been discerned, but by their sheer numbers can be expected to be able to respond to an 'impending' internal crisis not currently envisioned by the American people themselves.

Not being understood by these Americans is that while they are currently dealing with the devastation wrecked upon them by the Super Storm Katrina, it is but one of similar like Super Storms that have caused massive devastation throughout the entire world this past week, and as we can read from these reports:

As reported by the Mainichi Daily News Service in their article titled "3 dead, 15 missing as monster typhoon pounds Kyushu" and which says, "Three people died and 15 other people went missing on the southern island of Kyushu on Tuesday as powerful Typhoon No. 14 pounded the area, the Meteorological Agency said. As of 8 p.m. on Tuesday, the typhoon was located near Kitakyushu, Fukuoka Prefecture, and was heading north-northeast at a speed of 25 kilometers per hour."

As reported by the Times of India News Service in their article titled "Typhoon Talim leaves 99 dead in China" and which says, "At least 99 people were confirmed dead and 36 others missing in floods and landslides triggered by typhoon Talim in east China, latest reports said on Tuesday. The typhoon, which brought torrential rainfall, severe landslides and mudflows to provinces of Zhejiang, Anhui, Fujian and Jiangxi in east China and Hubei in central China, has caused direct economic losses of about USD 1.5 billion, the Ministry of Civil Affairs said on Tuesday."

But of greatest concern are not these massive Super Storms, and the catastrophic destruction they leave behind, but of the massive earthquakes that could soon follow are what Russian Scientists are warning about, and as we had previously reported in our August 29th report titled 'Unprecedented' Super Storm Threatens American Economy as American President Declares Martial Law, Pressure on New Madrid Fault Zone Reaches 'Unseen' Levels" and wherein we had stated: -- But perhaps most ominous of all of these events has been the American Scientists recent confirming Russian research that details the effects of weather upon fault zones like New Madrid, and as we can read as reported by the New Scientist News Service in their report titled "Earth trembles as big winds move in" and which says;

"HURRICANES can trigger swarms of weak earthquakes and even set the Earth vibrating, according to the first study of such effects.When Hurricane Charley slammed into Florida in August 2004, physicist Randall Peters of Mercer University in Macon, Georgia, had a seismometer ready to monitor any vibrations in the Earth's crust. He did so for over 36 hours as Charley travelled briefly over Florida, then slid back out into the Atlantic.

As the hurricane reached land, the seismometer recorded a series of "micro-tremors" from the Earth's crust. This happened again as the storm moved back out to sea. Then, as Charley grazed the continental shelf on its way out, it caused a sharp seismic spike. "I suspect the storm triggered a subterranean landslide," says Peters.

"Earth Trembles as BIG WIND Moves In": More surprisingly, the storm also caused the Earth to vibrate. The planet's surface in the vicinity of the hurricane started moving up and down at several frequencies ranging from 0.9 to 3 millihertz. Such low-frequency vibrations have been detected following large earthquakes, but this is the first time a storm has been found to be the cause."

To the beginning of these effects already occurring to the North American Plate we can read as reported by the Californian Desert Sun News Service in their report titled "Quake swarm rattles experts: Activity is near faults capable of unleashing massive temblors" and which says, "One of California's most active seismic zones of the 1970s is rumbling again, causing concern among scientists who study and residents who live in the fault-strewn desert region. A series of earthquakes - the strongest with a magnitude of 5.1 on Thursday evening - are shaking near the southeast shore of the Salton Sea, about 86 miles from Palm Springs. The earthquake swarm between the San Andreas and Imperial faults is turning heads among researchers in Pasadena. But they stopped short of saying the rumbling temblors are an indication of something greater on the way."

Even more ominous perhaps are the reports coming from the American North Western Regions where scientists are detecting massive volcanic movements, and as we can read as reported by the Associated Press News Service in their article titled "Oregon scientists monitor bulging ground" and which says, "A recent survey of a bulge that covers about 100 square miles near the South Sister indicates the area is still growing, suggesting it could be another volcano in the making or a major shift of molten rock under the center of the Cascade Range. Recent eruptions at nearby Mount St. Helens in Washington State have rekindled interest in the annual Sisters survey and its findings."

Also not being understood by the masses of ordinary Americans, but certainly known to their Military Leaders, is that Nature itself pre-warns of cataclysmic events, and to which another such warning is currently being given to their most coastal Western Regions, and as we can read as reported by the Associated Press News Service in their article titled "Mysterious Red Tide Hits Southern Cal Beaches" and which says, "Much to the chagrin of surfers, a recurring red tide has been showing up for nearly four months at Southern California beaches. The red tide, which occurs when microscopic phytoplankton reproduce quickly, has been forcing surfers to paddle through water that has turned a reddish-brown hue. The annual algal blooms usually come and go every few weeks, but the blooms have persisted this year with only a few days respite in between.The unrelenting red tide, combined with flat waves in recent months, made it a bummer of a summer for surfers."

As Earths Older Peoples have always known, and warned about, for thousands of years, when the waters turn to blood all should seek shelter. But to the warnings these Americans have received, and as we had previously reported on in our August 18th report titled "Russian Forces Prepare For Massive Earthquakes as Gulf of Mexico Becomes 'Zone of Death' and New Madrid Fault Zone Heads Towards Cataclysmic Event", they have not acted upon, and much to their sorrow and despair.

Russian Social Scientist further point out that many of these Americans are unable to fully understand these major events happening to them, and instead of massively preparing for what is going to hit them next they will instead retreat further into denial of the truths facing them, and to which as history has always shown will lead to their total subjugation.

Today for the first time in their long history, and not even being understood by these Americans, large numbers of foreign soldiers are landing upon their shores for the stated purpose of 'relief', and to which these strange Americans even applaud. But all too swiftly will they realize that the world they wake up in tomorrow will by so unlike any of their yesterdays that many of them will fear for their very lives.

As we explained.. this this dodec (PENT) top view ..

is the symmetry of DNA, earthgrid, and zodiac,..

AND .. every protein that is alive..

AND.. the ONLY symmetry (60 lie group) Einstein used of POINCARE to model GRAVITY from charge

AND .. the charge shape of the PALLADIUM nucleus key to COLD FUSION.. sets us the only possible 3 dimensional (Golden Ratio) recusion fractal for CHARGE.

Explaining the origin of the KATRINA hurricane strength as an instructive example. The charge compression from the SUN increases (childishly called the RAPTURE by Christians)- this is triggered by the physics of the Galaxy preparing for its necessary healthy orgasm ( called Seyfert by astrophysicists- pics at )

The Solar wind's charge compression IS gravity - because the amount of charge moving in the stream BETWEEN frequencies outward thru the speed of light IS what we call gravity (induced by the charge self similarity whose collapse invitation is the CAUSE of gravity and the newly understood REASON objects fall to the ground).

So the GRAVITY of the situation for hurricane Katrina increased as the solar wind compressed our atmosphere FORCING US to create centering force. Since American science has been consistently too stupid to design Earth magnetic lines to the fractality NECESSARY to invite compression - well upon us now with the Solar maximum - Katrina's internal PENT- is showing them how. UNLIKE George Bush's blissless heart - KATRINA's knew how to get voltage from gravity.

Literally moments before Katrina turned from category 4 to 5 hurricane..we read: " Earth has been bombarded with charged particles emitted from the Sun. I wish to point out just before Katrina escalated to a category 4 (later 5) hurricane, the Sun had produced three M-Class flares, with following CME's which were Earth directed. The Kp Index was literally "off the scale". An immediate alert went out to all power companies, NASA, USAF, and the FAA. "

Storms do what all waves must do to survive. Get fractal (PENT-UP by Golden Ratio) in their core. When waves get self similar inside to out - they attract the charge necessary to add spin- the definition of sustainability. This is precisely the self similarity - inside to out - identitfying compassion - and compression - and self organization - on the land and in government which the United States has systematically destroyed at every level.

The insanity of the science and government of America - is at least instructive. Aside from the suicidal indiocy of ignoring NUMEROUS warnings to eliminate lo lying cities - with New Orleans being worst - the U.S. government (especially the "Republican War of Science"- book title)
has consistently done EACH of the things exactly WRONG in the summary below
of how tornados are steered intelligently ...
and centering (recursion / implosion) force - on the land - is created:


Scientists emphasizing how New Orleans chose to systematically eliminate all the natural wetland buffer is only the beginning.
This all really began with the collective cultural insanity of systematic MURDER of the all the races of INDIGENOUS - Indian - peoples - whose elders were the only ones with DNA coherent enough to steer- a lucid dream and therefore a tornado . We are reminded of whose predictions such as 9/11 have been verified - explaining the upcoming complete decimation of perhaps the MAJORITY of US cities - is due precisely to the appropriate ANGER of the elemental forces. Actually from a certain view - if you see the line from Jeb Bush's Florida - toward George Bush's Texas- as Katrina's path - taking out George Bush's OIL along the Gulf Coast WAY - then we could say Katrina was a very INTELLIGENT angry elemental.

Of course now if they are insane enough to try to rebuild lo-lying areas- then they certainly deserve the economic and cultural bankruptcy this will create. Probably the United States will already be enjoying the fruits of their well earned economic and social NEAR DEATH experience - before they can further waste their bankruptcy on attempting this rebuild.

You may say all this sounds heartless to the millions who are now suffering soul retching misery as a result of that storm. I say this pales like a tiny drop in the pail of what is to come. If their agony at least expedites some education - it may not be useless agony. I tend to doubt this as CNN televises most of the South Coast residents crying most over their lost useless gambling halls, sports trophies and barbie dolls. This culture had no clue of the meaning of genetic survival and still does not.

If they do not get about the business of creating a coherent field of their bloods bliss for immortal projection - they are dead anyway.

A few relevant reprints from previous articles ( main index) :


Please see detailed: how the shaman steers the tornado - at - (SHEM-AN:shem in Sumerian means the 'highward fire stone'- recursive capacitor) steers a tornado by feeling its pain (un-fractality) and embedding his compassion / bioplasmic streamers into its gravity center.

3. Letter from Valerie: From: valerie sandelin <> Thu, 07 Sep

I am more and more fascinated to see things I have heard from Dan during the 3 last years, confirmed by new discoveries in astronomy, biology, physics, chemistry, mathematics when at first nobody seemed to understand what he was trying to say and describe. I wish I could help people grasp the essence of his revolutionary approaches to reality, despite my relatively modest understanding.

Our world is undergoing radical transformations that might be smoother if we review our worn out and obsolete concepts and take action.

I was grateful to my spiritual master P.R. Sarkar (his spiritual name Shri Shri Anandamurtijii) 1921-1990, who guided me. He predicted what we are undergoing now, helping many to get prepared. He introduced a new philosophy through his book: "Neo-Humanism: The Liberation of Intellect", extending our limited concept of "Humanism" to all beings - animals, plants, etc. We must "free our Intellect" from dogmas and narrow sentiments. He describes the different philosophies which have been applied on Planet Earth based on individualism (mostly capitalism), matter (mostly communism) and dogmas (mostly religions), the two last philosophies having caused the worst bloodshed history has known. No philosophy based on spirit has been applied to society, apart from a few mystics - mostly misunderstood and persecuted. He taught that evolution is smooth but also makes big leaps triggered by major events like Pole Shifts, which have happened in the past and will happen also in the future. He said this process had already started in 1986, which has been confirmed by many observers. Sometimes even the best intentions are not sufficient to bring necessary changes to our planet. He also brought a new theory called Microvita: "the tiniest particles of life" which He said we should study without further delay if we want to help those changes to happen smoothly Despite all, there is hope if we choose to focus our attention on right ideas, right concepts and right actions.

I think Dan is helping in that sense, to understand how to apply such ideas concretely how to cope with those new realities and help smooth the path by trying to teach and reach decisive levels. We met for example with a representative of the mayors of Australia to whom Dan introduced his "Light-Cities" idea (, maybe a good start to help the planet survive intense galactic compression waves.

The galactic core is helping the sun and planets to regenerate and restore their broken fractality caused by galactic events like the Orion wars lost from most but not all human memory. You should see the picture to understand what I mean by broken fractality. The galaxy looks like a flower with branches and one sees clearly one branch largely fractionated

I found the picture it is at:
Do you see the broken spiral arm?

I find the analogy with our physical body helpful to understand what our galaxy and our sun and our planet are trying to do in order to restore their broken fractality. This is illustrated by such ancient ideas as: "As above, so below", or "The microcosm is made in the image of the macrocosm". When we sneeze or yawn - it helps our body to restore and sort its natural forces ­ these are natural compression processes! Isn't this also the way our planet proceeds through certain kinds of contractions (great storms, lighting, volcanic eruptions,) to restore itself and its compression abilities?

A most fascinating image: several persons of our seminar group saw psychically on top of our heads during the seminar last week in Italy a Pentagonal form (5 sided) nested in the clouds just before a wonderful drought breaking rain refreshed us.

Now this same perfect pent nesting form we see clearly present in the 5 sided heart centre of several of the recent catastrophic hurricanes including Katrina! , and also about hurricanes, giving more evidence to Dan's description of our nested planetarium and galactic dodeca/icosahedrun geometry!

(Also notice on those websites the dramatic evidence of the strikingly geometric grid of the poisonous jet trails or com trails over Zurich, during our recent seminars there. We had been told about these and their negative health effects on respiration, but it was moving to see how extensive and obviously aggressive this phenomenon is.)

Dan always taught about the dodeca-icosa shape of Earth and of the galaxy. I was totally ignorant of geometry and I could not understand too well.

Dodeca clatherate cage molecule

Now it is for me amazing to see pictures for example of pentagonal-dodeca ("clathrate") water molecules assuming that shape when preparing to absorb non destructively the charge compression which enables life, ( , also in the central geometry of Pat Flanagan water encased microhydrin,) and lately in the 5 sided core of the great hurricanes.

The soap bubble experiment shows us clearly the same compressible image at the centre of the dodecahedron, change of scales but same bridging ratio. The golden mean is the only ratio allowing waves to converge at the centre without self destructing. The same skill of compressing (compressible structures - houses, cities - creating minimum heat and frictions) is what we need to learn in order to sustain these solar winds and galactic compression waves.

Another fascinating rediscovered example is that our planet Earth is nested in the spiral of planets whose geometry has been found to be based on golden ratio. (Spirasolaris pic and link at ... ).

We long knew about Schauberger's work on implosion and its cooling effect. And yet, scientists working on the related most profound and revolutionary subject called cold fusion, are even today ostracized by their peers.

I think the people who prevent dialog are preventing our planet and its inhabitants from finding the right solutions in time

Dan is bringing explanations of non destructive compression even Einstein was looking for. As he would say, we should be able now to explain why an object falls to the ground and then realise that DNA is designed to make gravity. The pent in the hurricane and the one in the sky over Turin were making gravity! The effect is only destructive when there is no human centring consciousness force to steer the tornado. The rose petal like design Dan suggests (in for urban design is specifically the way to create upward moving force, by inviting compression. He calls this "paying our debt to gravity"- 'get fractal and float!".

But of course as in the case of New Orleans, if the city is built under sea level at a time when Earth sea levels are bound to rise, it would be foolish to put the city back in the same place.

Many scientists in the past were open to other forms of sciences like alchemy, esoterism, etc. Famous examples include Kepler, Newton, Galileo, Copernicus, etc. Spiritual feeling was a key source of their inspiration. Maybe they could inspire us in turn to open up also to traditional wisdoms and holistic knowledge that modern science could benefit from. This despite the fact that our last pope condemned the term HOLISTIC, as the new one has now condemned the 10,000 year old term YOGA!!!

Our planet is at great risk and we would like to prevent inevitable damage by bringing more coherence and consciousness. I think scientific committees should acknowledge their limitation and open themselves to the urgent needs of new and refreshing ideas. Holistic knowledge is based on pure principles like the critical symmetry of compression. Pure principles cannot be called new OR ancient because they are timeless. In their own way our inspired forefathers and seers of all times have known about spirals, and fractality and centripetal concentring forces, creating concentric stone rings, labyrinths, etc to hold our grid and atmosphere together.

I would give the Nobel Prize to people like Dan, for reconnecting us to our ancestral wisdom in the light of the most advanced sciences in order help such ideas to be heard and especially to help prepare for the radical changes our planet badly needs.

Like our solar system, nature has learned that to stabilize (- make peace, see peace university project: ), she needs to discover the geometry of compression. And we should help our governments to realize this.

4. Picture and Article about new Joe Cell / Browns Gas (Hydrogen Implosion) -simple modification to power a CAR - in Australia. (thanks Noah!)
- we suggest that the PRINCIPLE be taught-

if the recursive cylindrical (in this case materials critical stainless) capacitor whose high voltage triggered capacitance reduces the wattage necessary to invite the implosive hydrogen atom (Brown's Gas) free from H2O, were golden ratio optimized - THEN fusion principles would be improved. (Car makers note - normal coil voltages feed the capacitor bubbling the hydrogen from water, they use partial vacuum from the manifold to further reduce the power needed to split out the hydrogen atom. When they first drove cars repeatedly across Australia on glassfuls of water, they had to defend themselves with guns willingly supplied by the local / Lismore police - against Australia's equivalent of the CIA. The more we make this shareable - the more it will be impossible to make un-shareable.)

From: Solihin Millin
Cc: (above pic from the Byron Bay / Lismore newspaper.)
Sent: Wednesday, August 17, 2005 3:26 PM
Subject: The continuing diary of a Cosmic water mechanic

After three successful trials of the water driven car this week...
Hey... I'm still reeling under the enormity of it all

Today, 17 August 2005, started as per normal with a cheery hello to Chris where we have the BNE (Byron New Energy) Lab here in Byron. I was doing my chores when I had a feeling to ring Joe, which I did. We had a great talk and at the end of it my BNE buddy Ian wandered into the kitchen. We made a cup of tea and I recounted some of the things that had been happening (Ian gets the emails, so he already knew) and then we wandered into the lab so Ian could see the cell.

I've engineered it so it's real easy to disconnect from the car and reconnect of course. It's actually a pretty cruddy cell, PVC plastic 5 minute epoxy'd onto the cut off neck of a large glass jar! But hey! Peter had given me confidence when he said 'Just try it Sol!'. No dew water here, that had dripped off the pristine tips of ancient hoary oaks of the deep fairy forests. Just plain down to earth Ozzie PVC tank water collected out of Chris' kitchen tap that had been collected off of Chris' workshop roof including bird droppings, frog whatever etc. etc!

The previous night, I had been giving some thought to the misfires and instability of the cell on the previous day and as I'd experimented with sodium hydroxide as an electrolyte (pretty powerful stuff and really chews into stuff especially aluminium, hey by the way that's another way of making hydrogen. Drop a piece of aluminium into a solution of sodium hydroxide) I considered it carefully and decided to put just a teeny weeny little bit of sodium hydroxide into the cell to see what would happen. You see sodium hydroxide increases the electrolytic processes in water enormously, and as I haven't got a clue how this cell is working and being an experimental Cosmic water mechanic I thought I'd just try it.

Caustic soda is very easy to come by and dirt cheap. I had purchased some at the local hardware store. Zoooo. I took a leeetle bit (physically it is in small white granules far less than a millimeter in diameter) a soup song as they say in France, maybe about 200 minute granules and wacked in in the cell well, actually slowly spooned it into the cell while connected to my 12 computer power supply on the lab bench. Wow! Talk about action. The current running through the cell went up from 130 milliamps to about 2 amps (still only 2 x 12 = 24 watts which is chicken feed for a car battery and a computer power supply if it comes to that). Then I had to think carefully, since this stuff is as they say in the classics 'not good for engines', however, since my beautiful little Daihatsu Charade al la 1983 vintage had cost me $100 to buy ($840 all up when registered and insured for a year) I thought, what the heck! All in the name of science.

I considered carefully what would happen to her precious little valves and seats and pistons etc. and decided it was worth a try a) because the water (electrolyte) doesn't actually seem to get sucked from the cell into the engine there's something else happening an energy, or charge or whatever so I thought it could be OK for the next day's tests, and b) well, what the heck!. All three previous successful tests had been on pure Mullum tank water! (not sure is 'pure' is the correct word here!) I let the cell bubble on the computer power supply for a few minutes (apparently to charge it) and then went to bed. By the way, while I was waiting discovered more about Walter Russell on the web due to my excellent friend Peter look him (Walter Russell that is) up on Google fantastic stuff

Anyways as they say in the US of A, we decided to give the cell a test. Ian had never seen it before. He carried it reverently out of the workshop (actually, come to think of it, Ian's not really the 'reverend' sort of type, more sort of surfy dude I'd say) and I showed him how to connect it into the car. We didn't put power on the cell (ie. left it disconnected from the car battery) and drove out of the lab property on normal fuel. After closing the gate, I showed Ian how to switch off the normal fuel which we did and off we went to Mullum (with me holding my breath, since she'd not worked that well in the later part of yesterday).

Well she started off down the main road to Mullum, missed a few times, backfired a few times but would you believe!!! kept going. Ian sat there in stunned silence 'Hey man! It's working' I said happily You're running on water! There was this absolute look of total disbelief on Ian's face I was real happy because Ian is the first person I've had in the car with the cell working We beetled into Mullum(bimby) the motor was going much better now apparently the cell 'acclimatizes' itself to the engine and the car and another thing apparently it goes better with the timing advanced (Peter said even 20 degrees!). I haven't fiddled with the timing yet, not knowing much about cars and engines myself. So the timing was 'as is' with normal fuel.

We purred through the main streets of Mullum to the Post Office where Ian had some businesses and parked normally with the engine idling perfectly. Ian just could get over it he just sat there in a daze. By the way, the temperature of the motor was as per normal.

'Shall I switch it off and try and start it?' I asked. Ian nodded vaguely.

I switched it off and then started her again Rrrrrummm. She started first time as per usual. Wow! Remember there was no electrical power going to the cell during all of this. I've got a switch and plug so I can isolate the cell. We wandered into the Post Office and Ian did his business. When we got back to the car I said to Ian 'Do you mind if we go over to see the guy's at Farmcare there a bloke who works in stainless steel there I want to connect with'. 'No worries' was Ian's reply so off went (running on water, by the way!)

We went in the back entrance and stopped in the workshop area. Anthony was there working on some vehicle or other and I called to him 'Hey! Anthony, she's still running on water'. The boys came over and looked at the engine idling and we all had a great chin wag while she kept idling beautifully. I revved her up for them, they all examined the fuel tap (in the off position) and we all marveled. Hmmmmm. How can this be.. or as they say in the classics, 'How is it so?'

The bloke who owns the stainless business wasn't there so his mechanic had a look as well. We then took the car over to Malcolm's Tool Shop for Malcolm to see the car, but he wasn't there so we left a message and started off home (about 4 kms to McAuleys drive where the BNE labs are.)

The car went beautifully. When we got into the 100 kph zone outside Mullum, as we got up to 80 kph I said to Ian, 'I've not taken her over 80 kph yet, so I tried accelerating but felt a slight drag on the motor, so felt it may be the timing and decelerated back to 80 kph. I've never actually got the car up the hill on McAuleys Lane on water before, but today she purred up the hill.

'Geeez! I'd love to show Chris this' I said to Ian, still sitting there in a daze. We got to the gate and she still kept running. Hey! This is something new! The gate was open so we drove straight in. Chris was there doing business with a courier and got a bit upset with us as he thought I was going to run over his 5 dogs (which I wasn't). We parked the car and opened the bonnet with the motor still running. Now, you've got to know Chris. Chris is as dour as it comes let me tell you. They don't make em more dour than Chris. From Nottingham you know says he's a plumber lived in the district for yonks. Now Chris does not believe a word I've been saying, (and I don't blame him) but he does allow me to continue experimenting which I really appreciate (thanks Chris), 'Hey Chris, it's running on water right now, come over and have a look!'. Chris wandered over more interested in his parcel than anything else.

'Look Chris, see it works!' Chris peered into the engine compartment, looked at the cell, and followed my finger to the switched off normal fuel switch' 'That switch is leaking' he said with a cunning smile on his face. 'OK we'll pull the pipe off', I said. Which with a bit of a struggle we did. She kept purring on as if nothing had happened. I don't know what was going through Chris' mind. 'I wonder if you can disconnect the pipe from the cell to the motor', Ian said. 'Let's try it!', I responded and Chris pulled the pipe apart.

Now wait for it. You're ready? OK.


She ran for quite a time and then stopped I decided to switch power onto the cell (in case it had discharged) and she started again. I think by now I was getting just a bit too excited. She ran for a while then stopped again. I could feel my energy getting confused and exhausted by now, but I wanted to keep going. 'Let's drive to Mullum with the fuel totally disconnected'.

We reconnected the plastic pipe between the cell and the engine, and Ian jumped in the car and we reversed up and out of the gate with the normal fuel totally physically disconnected. We heard Chris' car start up so we waited for him to come out of the gate and Ian closed the gate for Chris and off we went. As we started out for Mullum Ian said 'We're being followed by a disbeliever'. As the words came out of his mouth, the engine failed.

'Hey man!' I said, 'Say that it's OK, say that you believe the car will work' I said urgently. Ian looked at me with a pained expression on his face as though he been found with his hand in the cookie (actually that should be kooky) jar. 'It'll go' Ian said rather lamely but I'm afraid dear friends, that was the end of that. We pulled over and checked the spark (OK), re-connected the normal fuel, had trouble restarting her because the the mechanical fuel pump was dry and any fuel there may have been there was vapourised (or that's what I think), so I put a wet cloth on the mechanical fuel pump and cooled her down until she started. By this time we were quite exhausted so we decided to just go home on normal fuel and call it a day for the moment. Wow! Love and peace, Sol, BNE Coordinator