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Weaning our nascent planet off fossil fuels,

will require understanding the gravity of what it is for biology, in

the form of a symmetry grid, to metabolize starlight directly.

Symmetry among planetary bodies creates a living gravity

bloodstream within the solar system, in the same way as does

symmetry on the membrane of Earth, on the membrane of a cell, and

on the membrane of an atom.





by Dan Winter

Eden ,NY

with Acknowledgement and Thanks to Ron Ginsberg..



Hal Puthoff's "Energetic Vacuum:Implications for Energy

Research" (Speculations in Science and Technology,Vol 13,No 4 p247

1990) causes us once again to gasp at the sustained confusion of

those who cling to the language of particles to explain waves. Hal

says: "the electromagnetic Zero Point Fluctuations is generated by the

motion of charged particles throughout the universe, which are

themselves undergoing ZPF induced motion, in a kind of self-

regenerating grand ground state of the universe."


Recall from quantum principles that "particle" is a name for

the inertia generated by the symmetry of a field. Inertia is our only

definition and measure for mass, and hence for the term: "particle".

So substituting this more descriptive language into Hal's statement

we have: the Zero Point energy is generated by the motion of

"charged" symmetry fields.

Charge, in more useful hydrodynamic terms means assymetry or

imbalance in the flow between fields.


In summary, Hal's description of the "cause" of zero point energy

is an empty tautology. ... ZPF is motion between symmetry and

assymetry??? I guess we could have guessed that... or like

Brother Rabbit might have said... sure but isn't everything?


Let us seek a more precise language. Particle is not nearly

precise enough because it only refers to the amount of inertia

caused by spin symmetry. We need to explore in much more rigorous

terms the nature of symmetry among fields which produces the

mysterious "background" energy.


Gyroscopes have taught us that spin makes inertia. Inertia IS

mass (if inertia is our only way of measuring and defining mass,

we may as well say it IS mass.) Spin creates mass by creating



The important point is that ONLY symmetry permits fields to spin,

and thus create mass. (Fields spin is either a destructive or

constructive interference pattern; symmetry permits constructive

interference in a rotating wave field.. nothing else survives).


So then we may specifically conclude that SYMMETRY CREATES



There was some useful clue to the symmetry nature of Zero Point

energy in Hal's analysis of the Casimir Effect. Simply put, the

distance between two plates resonating establishes a limited and

defined harmonic series by the normal standing wave harmonic

series which can fit between them. In other words the dimensions

of the resonating array, establish the key signature

electromagnetic ring, just like the string length, mass and

tension establishes it's key signature on the piano. If the resonator

series established by the boundary conditions of the plates, results in

some beating across distance modes, then some non-linear coupling

can occur in the harmonic series.


The key words here being: harmonic series. Let's look at a typical vanilla type atom: Electron shell made up of platonic like symmetry fields. The Nucleus is made of the SAME kind of platonic symmetry fields: the scale changed, the RATIO DID NOT. The phenomena obscurely labeled mass and gravity is created by the symmetry of the electron in RELATIONSHIP to the same symmetry in the nucleus. In each case an array creates a ringing field. The cascade (of frequencies or wavelengths) between the field of the electron and the field of the nucleus... is a fractal kind of attractor, and we call that gravity. GRAVITY IS A RECURSIVE OR SELF EMBEDDABLE FREQUENCY CASCADE, created by field symmetry.


This is just a new slant on an old language. How does this better enable us to tap the Zero Point Energy?


Zero point energy got its name because the energy there was tapped as resonance coupling reached a limit at high frequency short wavelength, hence literally a zero point. Visually as all fields can appropriately be modelled hydrodynamically, this point is the the apex of a cone or vortex. PHI OR FRACTAL OR SELF REFERRENTIAL SYMMETRIES PERMIT THIS CONTIGUOUS SPIN PATH TO ZERO POINT.


It is simple to see that the wave length of the electron is a

much longer wave or arc than the proton. Yet they do couple. The

way their momenta are coupled is a coherent harmonic series,

based the braiding symmetry of recursion.



ATTRACTOR: GRAVITY. The surrounding region will always direct all

fields into the form which has the most symmetry. The density of

mass called "black hole" is a name for very dense symmetry



The reason a magnetic monopole connects electromagnetism to

gravity is that the harmonic series between the adjacent wave nodes

creates a perfectly continuous frequency cascade, or fractal. Any

series nest based on linear adjacent nodes or resonators (like square

root of 2, octave harmonics) cannot permit this kind of resonance

flow between frequencies or scales. This is because the sum,

difference and multiple heterodynes of resonators at roots of 2 ratio

will create destructive inference once they cascade beyond the

bounds of the simple octave. This is why we call this geometric array

incubation, it holds within.


Hex view of the tetra/octa cube array nest, limits resonating cascade:

incubeates. Yet when 32degree tilted 3spin to 4 spin space into the

grey scaled dodeca... the resonance reaches another dimension.

A vortex arrangement of cascading resonators based on the ratio of

the Golden Mean, pentagonal/dodeca nesting, inherently permits this

cascade or "chirp" of heterodynes. This is because this is natures only

ratio geometry which envelopes both the adding and multiplying of

wave nests, without interference. This is a clue to the neccesary

arrangement of all gravity coupling non-linear arrays (capacitive and

otherwise). The Fourier transform spectral fingerprint of the gravity

coupling device will always have this ratio present in adjacent

harmonics present. (The harmonic rich wave nature of the Neuman

device, for example).


This is also why we found this Golden Mean ratio cascade present in

the ELF Heart EKG spectral signature at the moment of LOVE. It

permits long wave glandular emotion to "crack the whip" cascade

access cellular UV metabolics. (Inputting the harmonic instructions of

emotion as ratio into the immune system from the heart sonics via

the thymus).

So getting back to Hal Puthoff's problem to describe the Zero Point

Energy Fluctuations.. Matter occurs as the coherence bubble of a rose

petal like flowering of standing wave symmetry out of the

universally compressible background ether flux.. (The One.) To

energetically couple back to that source, we again need the elegance

of that fractal flowform back into the flux from which it came.

Energy/"Mass" is a uroboros, the serpent eats its tail where zero

frequency and infinite frequency meet. Both are infinitely still and

yet everywhere at once. (Very much like where is the flux in the row

of billiard balls touching each other from here to the moon.. bounce

one end and you've touched the other). The only hand hold into this

world of infinite frequency/velocity modes is the contiguous cascade

between frequencies or scales, which the Golden Mean non-linear

frequency signature chirp announces. Only later will gravity science

realize how exactly this Phi ratio is related to Lo-Phi.. Love..


Now let us consider how the net gravity around large massive

arrays like planet Earth are generated. The aggregate flux of

momenta traveling in a fractal cascade between long wave

electrons and short wave protons creates a collective field all

moving momentum into the center of gravity where the flux is

massaged to envelopes ever shorter and more packed. We'll leave

the question of where gravity goes after it passes through the center

of earth, and where the light goes on the other side of the black hole,

to those who speak of metabolism among planetary bodies. Suffice it

to suggest there is a clue in Gurdjieff. Reciprocal maintenance is a

way of life among planets. The question of how coherent emotion

specifically "feeds the earth" from Gurdjieff, will be a clue to

biology's symbiosis with a planet's gravity field.


Biology individually and collectively, can measure it's degree

of useful symbiosis with planetary bodies, by the AMOUNT OF

RESONANCE COHERENCE ADDED.. magnetically.. etc. Curious isn't it,

that Sentics (cf recent "What is Music" Nova Series) documents that

emotion in humans IS coherence of ratio in touch. My own work has

shown onset coherence in glandular spectral power frequency



Why do human feelings get metaphors like heavy and light??


We'd better understand our planet's "grid" and biology's

embeddedness in it before we mess with our nest..



S-S Electric Inc.


To: Correspondants Re: Alternate Energy Source Generator


This note is to summarize my position on alternative energy technologies, particularly those which are often labeled zero point, or free-energy, or gravity energy, or scalar devices.

I want to be clear that a lifetime of technical experience convinces me such technogy is viable and real. I have known of dozens of forms of such capabilities in many stages of development. I constructed a non-linear faraday disk principle generator with Tom Valone, former president of Psychotronics National. Tom is PhD.Physics, Univ Bflo, and Licensed Prof Engineer. We visited Tim Wilhelm's DePalma type Non-Linear Faraday Disk generator installation at the Stelle Institute in Illinois. I have spoken at dozens of national conferences on this subject. Tim joined me during the lecture I gave at the National Symposium on Non-Conventional Energy Technology in Atlanta. I have known for years, and maintained communication with the sponsors of that conference (George Hathaway and Ken MacNeill). As Service Manager and troubleshooter in a busy EASA recognized motor and generator repair firm, naturally I am quite involved on a daily basis with the evolution of generator technology.

All this, is by way of saying, I may be in a position to make a comment about the next evolutionary stage of electrical energy.

We recently sponsored a meeting between representatives of Xerox photoreceptive crystal research, and the local piezoelectric tech firm PCB Piezotronics, and techical rep fromUB's laser lab. This was based on our developing understanding that the non-linear frequency cascade inherent to the folded field assembled in all these class of devices, could be done most elegantly/efficiently in solid state. These conversations are very much ongoing.

In order to facilitate communication among those who are involved in related projects, I make daily updates in our multiply indexed contact file. However the number of folks who appear to be poised to make cutting edge contributions is small.

As a way to help organize those who may have useful insight to apply to this research I pose the following questions. If you have insight here, then you should be connected to these researchers...

1. What is it about the folded field of the classic cadduceus (alternate over/under) coil winding which solved Einstein's criteria that the magnetic monopole was the key to gravity? Hint :Implosion..

2. Why did or could Tesla's power transmission without wires cause Earthquakes? He attempted to ring the planet. How do broad sprectal electromagnetic stresses affect the coupling of the tectonics to the Earth's liquid core?

3. What frequency signature allows the fractal heterodyne resonance cascade called gravity and why?

4. Why do Earth grid time and place spacing limit nuclear device critical point?

5. Why is gravity or zero-point energy not free, and how has biology directly and symbiotically helped to create the coherence of Earth's gravity bubble?

6. Why was the Tuoai Stone energy device called the "fire" crystal when it was designed not to emit heat? What is the shape which could optimize fusion containment?

7. Why is phase conjugate laser beam annhialation from opposite directions required to produce the non-linear optical phase conjugate mirror? (hint:folding of electrical and magnetic vectors reciprically)

These are the kinds of issues which are prerequisite to using the next generation of electrical energy sources responsibly. Note, I do not think answers to these questions are required to produce energy in a new way... only in order to UNDERSTAND how to use it.

Appreciate your thoughts....

Dan WInter



I began speaking at Non-Conventional Energy Source Symposia over 10 years ago. My work at that time with the John Moray device ("Sea of Energy" book), and the Tuoai Stone "Atlantean Fire Crystal" piezoelectric cascade, and others had shown me that what were being called "Free Energy" devices were definitely misnamed. And that in fact it was critical for our use of them that we not call the energy free. This is because what limits devices which couple the gravitational field for electrical energy, is the coherence and stability of the gravitational field bubble itself. This field is clearly a bloodstream which has been accreted with a sophisticated symbiosis between higher biological forms (cf emotion and the grid), and the flux lines between planets. Gravity itself is measureable as a harmonic series cascade; its non-homogenous density means it stores symmetry into mindfulness exactly as the foldedness we call brain does.

Certainly your viewers are not going to grok the metabolic dynamics of a living gravity field immediately. However, they will slowly come to realize that the yearning for access to a weaned off fossil energy, metabolizing starlight (gravity) directly, source of fire (energy) for Earth... absolutely requires responsibility to that bloodstream.

I have been blessed with years of personal involvement with Bucky Fuller, Marcel Vogel, Ben Bentov, Adam Trombley, Moray King, Tom Valone, George Hathaway and many others.

We have built and tested in our motor shop, many of the experimental motors, including the Faraday Disk pricinciple non-linear (DePalma/ Trombley type) which Tom Valone used for his graduate physics degree at University Buffalo. Recently, we worked with Tom in evaluating the model of the Hyde device which George Hathaway fabricated in his Toronto lab. Incidently, George Hathaway, with very extensive lab facilities, probably has the world's best experience and resources to evaluate alternative energy devices.. George Hathaway, Toronto, Ontario, Canada,

THERE are several areas where we may serve each other.

1. It is critical that the leverage of media be used to seek out and neutralize the repeated and consistent "men in grey coats" harassment which has struck EVERY major inventor of a device which would eliminate fossil fuels.

(See Open Letter Att'd)

You should discuss the harassment which Hyde and which Paul Brown experienced with Tom Valone (Former Pres. National Psychotronics, PhD Physics, Prof. Engineer) Tom has tech specs on both devices, he worked with Paul Brown. Moray King, a research scientist with Eyring Inst. Provo,UT, spoke at our national conference on the Hyde device, will share patents..

You should attempt to communicate with Adam Trombley of Project Earth. He spoke on his Faraday Disk generator at the UN (Communications Committee), as well as with me at the Conference which I cosponsored with Timeless Architecture in Boston. If you can get him to communicate, you should discuss with him the CIA and KGB harassment he experienced in marketing his end of fossil fuel energy device. He is also an expert on the Earth grid stability, his commercial earthquake predictor is based on Earth ELF, his expertise particularly extends to Nuclear Test caused Earthquakes .. Adam Trombley
We must gradually present the real data to the public which will enable us to realize what the "Zero-Point" energy is. It is the coherence bubble of the bloodstream of galaxies. To call it "Scalar" or "Free" energy is not enough. Recognizing the geometry of frequency signature in flux fields, is the only real universal language. ref. Symmetry Field Cascade: Key to Zero Point Energy, 4th article in my enclosed book.

I will help prepare the necessary computer animations to teach the relationship between a healthy Earth"grid", and new energy devices, for your show.

If we do our homework, we can get media to be the real voice of our collective spirit.

Dan Winter