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Subject: Pre-Announcement of IMPLOSIVE SCIENCE SEMINAR in HILVERSUM, The Netherlands

Dear all,

Following earlier communications with many of you, Dan Winter has asked me to let you know that the dutch Heart Coherence Team is organizing an Implosive Science Seminar to be held in Hilversum, The Netherlands, in close coöperation with the Bio Photon / Imaging Lab.

The exact timing of the seminar will be decided soon, in part based on your comments. So many have already indicated commitment - thank you!

We see this seminar as a unique opportunity for many of you to meet each other, and to exchange the latest views on a number of fields.
We will have a number of interesting presentations and workshops (where people can experience the Heart Tuner, and see or demonstrate Vortex related devices, make actual measurements etc).

The current list of Topics of some Presentations and Work Shops include below topics.
Implosion Science: Generating and Measuring Vorticity;
Water memory: Symmetric Clustering and Implosion;
Complexity and Sacred Geometry: a new Paradigm of Self-Organisation;
Coherence in Heart and Brain: the Pure Principle of Life Force;
Free Energy and Zero Point: Catching the Wind of Gravity;
Microvita: Symmetries on the Silver Lining between matter and Abstract.

We invite you to let us know (preferably in the few weeks):
if you are interested to attend this seminar ; if you would like to present any materials, recent experiences, demonstrate anything etc;

We will obviously inform you soonest of the result.

Further details can be found at (please check regularly for updates).

For further questions and as a point of coordination during Dan's busy travel/presentation schedule during the next 2 months, you may contact me as per below.

Kind regards and looking forward to your feedback,
Eric L.H. Nuver

Below is some background for this conference - many thanks to those who put this together...
Water Follow's the Pressure Wave of Sound

(Frequency Generator on slightly curved Plate - vibration 50-100hz 1-6 drops)

Film Exerpt Above Credit to: Alexander Lauterwasser -

also see: The SHAPE of Water's Flow-er..


1. Dan Winter's article and links on Implosion Electric Power

"FREE" Energy Announced- Earth May be ENDANGERED!! (because it is not 'free')


2. and his review of the background physics - with technical articles-





This article is about using Implosion Energy in a responsible way - beginning with a teaching example:

Consider - Energy SOURCE from PiezoElectric Implosion from that Vortex

(Jorn Mol's Project / and graphic and outline below, you may communicate directly with him regarding his construction of this design -

Comments from Dan Winter: (comments made subsequent to the dialog below) The reason Schauberger and others (described below) were able to extract electrical wattage from a water vortex was because of the natural possibility of initiating successful recursive capacitive charge compression which can accelerate components of the charge field thru the speed of light - in water - which is properly called IMPLOSION. Proof of this concept can be understood by arranging simple capacitors in a recursive fractal ( PHI / pent optimized array) - measuring the resultant ion beam generated - even when the capacitors are not externally energized. If water is properly piezoelectric (trace mineral 'doping'), and spun in a proper dialectric insulator - water naturally imitates this charge array elegantly in it's own seeking for maximum non-destructive compression both hydrodynamically and electrically. Gravity is created and destroyed as charge lines create this acceleration path due to recursive heterodyning of phase wave lengths AND velocities. The voltage difference between the charge compression core and the centrifugal periphery can become a meaningful source of power. It is also true, that 'sinking' the local charge field in this way - will create gravity and emotional perturbation, and needs to be done very responsibly. Also it is strongly noted that the relative position of the device with respect to local ley / charge earth lines, will affect the output - and disturbance degree - as well as effects from the astrologic (which are really capacitive) symmetry density conditions.

The 'TIME' Falling Bodies Take to Light -

(Rotation / time - gone recursive in the spiral that translates vorticity is not only the path from matter to energy - it is also the only way to become attractive.)

update- Sept. 2002: Relativity's replacement announced by Dan Winter -

E=MC^2 merely quantified the obvious that inertia storage - called 'mass' was only a function of sustainable wave rotation.

More interesting / and from the point of view of electrically supporting the creation of life force - probably more useful - we now have - from Winter:


Gravity, Implosion, and Self-Awareness (Potentially infinite wave multiple-connectedness by CONSTRUCTIVE COMPRESSION) = Charge Acceleration thru C by FRACTALITY!

Implosion is that which provides the centering force necessary to stabilize the wave rotation called 'mass'. By defining mass only as the resistance to change of position / interia - for wave packets in rotation - it became obvious that a symmetry law was required to describe what causes wave to resist change of position.

( Einstein called this problem he never solved: the geometric model of infinite non-destructive compression. - which is now obviously the stellated dodeca-icosa.)

-The answer - pulling the plug to allow charge an exit path thru the speed of law by recursive heterodyning: Charge Implosion - also answers the other question which til now stumped physicists: Why does an object fall to the ground?

The Proof: Capacitive Charge in PHI based self-similarity creates gravity.


In summary - because he was stumped on the geometry of infinite non-destructive compression - Einstein got a few things wrong - he caused all physics to say "Acceleration due to gravity" and measure that - as the only definintion current physcs has for gravity. Yet now we know that it is actually the opposite: "Gravity is due to acceleration"! (of charge) - thru the speed of light. And recursive heterodyning (constructive wave interference of phase VELOCITIES - when centers of charge/mass enter the geometry of self-similarity.) IS the accelerator.

The Egg Supplier:



From: Shape Power, dan davidson

Laboratory experiments by Dan Davidson and others have shown that water spun in a vortex will acquire an electrostatic charge. Voltages up to 10.000 Volts have been measured at the center of the water which has been vortexed for several minutes. Similarly, in a tornado, huge electrostatic forces are generated amounting to many millions of Volts.


From: Internet messageboard: Vortex Voltage (Sat, 16 jan. 1999)

With regard to the following excerpt describing Flanagans' test;
By means of another electrode touching the water he was able, when the vortex was moving at approximately one thousand revolutions per minute, to record a charge of more than 10.000 Volts emitted from its swirling water: quite a boost from the cosmos.


From: Living Water: Olof Alexandersson (p.61)

Realizing the importance of the correct shape for the development of the relevant motion, Schauberger chose the shape of an egg, which he considered Nature's most ideal form..There was a meter to measure the 'biological vacuum' that should build up within the container, if the process was to function correctly.

The vessel also had to be well insulated with a suitable material to prevent the energy created within from radiating outwards. This energy should instead be returned in the water to give it its high quality.


From: Shape Power, dan davidson

Schauberger discovered that diamagnetism, or the aether, would follow spiral and vortical pathways and that these types of pathways would act as concentrators of aether. By forcing fluids to move in special vortex guides he could cause the fluid to be charged with aether wich in turn would cause the atoms of the fluids to collect electrostatic charge.

An egg-shaped container wich had a small empeller at the bottom. The empeller would spin at high speed and cause the water to form into a natural vortex.

Viktor had discovered that when water or any other fluid or gas was spun in a vortex it would pick up an energy charge.



From: Living Water: Olof Alexandersson (p.62)

(constructed by Swedish biotechnicians)
egg shaped vessel made of synthetic material. The contents are then set into a hyperbolic centripetal spiral motion by the specially-shaped agitator.The vessel is enclosed within an insulation shell of hydrocarbon material to restrict the loss of 'implosion energy' created,


From: Nature as Teacher, volume two of Eco-Technology, Callumn Coats (blz.149)

Through the increased rpm-induced rise in pressure, a potential or charge develops at the position of greatest horizontal radius. After a certain critical minimum pressure has been exceeded, this gives way to a depotentiation or discharge, which results in the relapse of the water previously raised through centrifugence. As a counter-effect, the release of an ampere-less energy-form can be observed, which transpierces the wall at the position of largest horizontal radius, and flows away in a wavi-linear manner.

A handwritten note by Viktor Schauberger states that the effect occurs at 32.000 rpm.


From:, Faraday disk generator properties.
The quote is from Matti Pitkanen (whom I met at the 'Formulation of Consciousness' Conference, june 2002 in Amsterdam)

"The experiments of Faraday related to a rotation of cylindrical magnet with conductor disk attached rigidly on its top, are not well known to average physicist \cite{Faraday}. The outcome these experiments was that radial electric field is generated between the rim and axis of the rotating conducting disk. This effect does not follow from Faraday's law of induction and is not satisfactorily understood in Maxwell's electrodynamics and it is somewhat surprising that Faraday's experiment has not received more attention.

De Palma \cite{DePalma} has repeated the experiments of Faraday and he claims that so called N-machine (De Palma generator), which is basically a conducting disk attached rigidly to a cylindrical magnet and rotated using external power input, transforms mechanical energy to electric energy with efficiency larger than one, (output power is larger than input power!).

Perpetuum mobile is not in question: rather, the claim is that there is some unknown form of energy, which is transformed to electric energy."




From: vortex mechanics newsletter 10, William Baumgartner

Centripetal motion, an imploding vortical contractive movement, generating force fields of enormous proportions, inviting Space Fabric (ether) to move along in the sequence of events determined by the form given to the channel in which these mediums flow. Rapid contraction and expansions is a sure way for ether to interact, bringing in free energy in amounts accessible through the design of the machine.



A vortex has centripetal (as well as centrifugal) force that can compress its fluid to such a degree as to result in a 350,000-fold increase in pressure or a powerful implosive suction force. A vortex can be considered as a wave of ever-diminishing amplitude. And as a type of black hole, where energy is drawn in and by extreme compression is polarized electrically, so that particles sucked in split into electron/positron pairs, and where, as according to Hawking's Theoretical Physics 3 there is an emission - even from black holes in space - of both positive and neutral charges. Correspondingly, there is at the mouth of a vortex a relative centrifugal force which is positively charged with respect to its central (negative) throat.


From: Implosion 202.ppt, Dan Winter

Schauberger knew the reason his piezo electrically (clay mineral) doped water vortex egg was about to begin generating voltage from gravity when it began 'spontaneously getting colder. The reason was Phi/Golden ratio recursion symmetry in the (charge) vortex implosion'.

Implosion exists because in the geometry of 'self-similarity' it is possible for a wave to re-enter itself non-destructively. The Golden Mean Spiral is self-similarity perfected for wave mechanics. In Hydrodynamics this is called: 'Optimized translation of Vorticity'. It means - this is the only way for inertia in a line to be 'translated into a circle'. Since inertia created by waves in rotation is the only definition for Mass - this translation is by definition the perfect path from Mass to Energy.

Previously physics had no definition, or measurement for a coherent field of inertia moving between frequencies... sometimes called a cascade, or a 'chirp' or later called a scalar wave, or torsional field. I have identified and measured golden ration recursive heterodyning as the only permissive spin path between frequencies... That is why this musical tuning to 'non-linear' harmonic intervals based on phi identify implosion.

Previously, implosion devices could not be optimized, because the principle (Golden Ratio recursive harmonic cascading) was not understood... Now we can measure this (2nd order FFT/Septrum)


From: 'Zo binnen, Zo buiten' by: Saskia Bosman

Torsion fields are seen by Dan Winter as implosion (which can be understand by the fact that they have a vortex-shape), in the USA they will be called scalar fields. Torsion fields are discovered en researched by Russian scientists from the beginning of the 20st century. They see Torsion fields as a big potential source for clean energy.
There are 3 main-type of torsion fields-generators known by now:

1) Geometric shapes (doesn't matter witch material and even drawn on paper), these are the weakest torsion field-generators. There torsion fields we would call 'shape power'. Further, permanent magnets, living creatures and electromagnetic radiation as radio waves or laser light. De torsion fields of living creatures we would call, subtle- or energy body's, chakra's etc.

2) Turning objects with a spinning rate of at least 20.000 rpm. By there turning they produce strong torsion fields.

3) Turning objects with a spinning rate of at least 20.000 rpm, which give of
electromagnetic radiation, or a rotating magnetic field. These produce the
strongest and best measurable torsion fields.


Notes on Implosion egg: (brainstorm with Dan in his car, nov. 2001)

3D Faraday disk generator

Translating Energy from Gravity

Optimising Shape container, (Golden means spiral)

side view: 2 golden mean spirals
Heart within Heart
Made accurately

Implosion is the nature of share ability

Machine works better on ley-lines

Right Place, magnetically (dowsing, with Heart tuner?)

Blue glow

Optimising the Whole by measuring the blue aura (Heart tuner?)
Intention, Emotions of the people interacting (Heart tuner)

Container as orgone-accumulator?

Let field effect grow to heal the environments.

To read for understanding:
-Dan Davidson
-Greg Braeden
-book Dan Winter; gravity articles

Egg-shape creates a charge difference

Optimising Electrically (shaft from under, contact points?)

Most magical water
Colloidal content
Trace mineral that makes the water piezo-electric.

Impeller: golden plate 2 or 3 inches across.
(several plates on top of each other,
as Bladeless Tesla turbine? For best agitation.
or: as Cedric suggested, a pinecone shape?)
(p.61 Living Water: The agitator was an important part of the apparatus, which stirred the water in a cycloid spiral motion. The agitator's shape, the number and direction of revolutions, a certain rhythm in 3/4 time, were the critical factors.)

Turning clockwise.

Variable speed (sinus?)
50.000 rpm motor
wound armature motor (Bosch)
The highest rpm direct drive motor

Creating the accurate glass vortex egg.
Glass that is least resisted to water.

Super Smooth Polished

Shaft seal design?

Convergence is to compress

Explaining the Principle (Multimedia presentation!)

Hi Dan,

This is the comment I got from the physisist from Finland. Could you also have a look at it!



>Dear Jorn,
>I decided to look the text through immediately.
>First of all, the pieces of text about explanations for what is expected
>to happen, are not the jargon standard physicist would produce (there
>are a lot of ill-defined notions like aether, etc...). I am convinced
>that the field of free energy involves genuine physical effects which are
>but the level of theoretization is...., well, I allow you to guess the
>word I was almost spelling out!
>On basis of these text fragments I cannot conclude much about what might
>happen. It seems that the some experimenters have however observed
>that potential is indeed generated, which itself is a non-Maxwellian
>I tried to figure out what might occur in the proposed construct.
>I emphasize that this is just lighthearted guesswork of a person
>who just and just can replace a burned lamp with a new one.
>It is not possible to deduce from theory anything reliable in
>this kind of complex situation: just looking what happens is the
>only workable approach.
> 1. Assumtion: the system is analogous to a rotating magnet
>I start from the assumption that the situation is analogous to that
>encountered with a rotating magnet. Of course, it is not quite so:
>the magnetic field, if present at all(!), should be generated by the
>This is quite possible since various ions of opposite charges in water
>participating the rotation give rise to currents which do not necessarily
>sum up to zero.
>TGD predicts that rotating systems generate also classical Z0 magnetic
>field (Z0 field is weak force counterpart of photon field and standard
>does not allow classical Z0 fields, only quantal which effectively
>exist only below length scales of about 10^-17 meters, one hundreth of
>ptotons size). Z0 magnetic fields are counterparts of the torsion
>fields and explain quite many phenomena explained in terms of torsion
>One possibility that I can imagine is that gradual spontaneus Z0
>magnetization implying also the generation of magnetization
>and magnetic field as a side product occurs.
> 2. The electrostatic potential is NOT generated by ordinary charges
>The strong electrostatic potential in radial direction is claimed to be
>observed. This would result in the same manner as it results in case of a
>magnet. The formula for it in case of rotating magnet is
>omega*B*r2/2=e V(r)
>and results from wrong application of Faraday law but gives correct result.
>The formula gives electrostatic potential, which you tell should be about
>104 Volts. From this one can deduce magnetic field (a very rough estimate
>for it).
>At radius of one .1 meters 104 Volts would give
>B= about 2 Tesla,
>roughly 4*104 times the magnetic field of Earth for omega=5*104 rpm.
>This is quite strong a magnetic field. One could of course measure the
>magnetic field to check whether it exist there (assuming that one has the
>egg but it cannot be there before hen!).
> What is important is that the electrostatic potential in TGD model is NOT
>due to ordinary charges like electrons, protons and ions,
>but due the generation of vacuum charge density.
>[By changing the direction of rotation the sign of potential changes which
>means that in this case ions of opposite charge should give rise to
>the potential and this seems implausible to me (electrons should be replaced
>protons say)].
>This would mean that one CANNOT draw charge from system. But I see
>no need for this. The potential
>however causes current to run: current carries would be electrons in
>conducting wire and this current could do useful work.
> 3. Could power be produced?
>In case of Russian experiment the magnetic configuration is rigid and they
>claim that they have found that for some critical angular velocity the
>starts to accelerate and produces power. I think this is the expectation
>now. Perpetuum mobile is certainly NOT in question.
>The formulation of the model for the phenomenon represented in Faraday Lab
>was based on generation of what I call negative energy spacetime sheets.
>The system could be said to radiate negative energy and thus to gain itself
>energy. This is indeed possible in TGD universe since energy can be also
>negative and is negative for spacetime sheets having negative time
>An alternative manner to state same thing is to say that
>system forms quantum bound state with some system in external world.
>Bound states could be formed also within the system.
>This liberates binding energy and system
>starts to accelerate. Actually the system should fall gradually to a more
>and more
>bound state, to the minimum of potential well, one might say.
>This bound state formation would correspond to self-organization
>and formation of a more complex system perhaps possessing some aspects of
>living matter.
>Z0 magnetization, which I already mentioned, could liberate energy
>accelerating the system: negative energy spacetime sheet(s) would be a
>spacetime correlate for formation of the bound state so that a rather exotic
>looking phenomenon would
>actually relate to a deeper description of a rather familiar phenomenon!
>BUT!: after the spontaneous magnetization would have occurred nothing more
>would happen and energy production would cease.
> 4. Are antigravity effects involved, what about implosion?
> Another effect claimed by Russians is the reduction of the gravitational
>of the rotating system. For this I constructed also a model. What would
>would happen
>that the bonds connecting the spacetimesheet of rotating magnet to the
>spacetime sheet where Earth's gravitational field split and the
>flux must go to some other spacetime sheets. Thus the magnet responds to
>magnetic field with a reduced gravitational mass.
>If the splitting of bonds occurs now it
>might effectively cut the rotating vortex from surrounding word
>to its own spacetime sheet and perhaps lead to an implosive effect.
>I am not sure whether ordinary hydrodynamics could explain the implosive
>effect: p+rho*v2/2=constant along flow lines around vortex is simple rule
>of thum and would imply that pressure gets lower when one approaches vortex:
>same effect as the pulling force you feel when say buss drives by very
> 5. Some points which I did not understand
>What is the role of colloidal content and trace minerals making water
>piezoelectric? Would suggest that some kind of self-organization giving
>rise to primitive life forms should occur? Why just golden band for picking
>up of charge?
> 6. Comments on comments.

>A vortex has centripetal (as well as centrifugal) force that can compress
>its fluid to such a degree as to result in a 350,000-fold increase in
>pressure or a powerful implosive suction force.
>*The claim about pressure increase seems unrealistic to me but I have no
>real 'touch' on numbers here. I do not actually understand what is said
> A vortex can be considered as a wave of ever-diminishing amplitude. And as
>a type of black hole, where energy is drawn in and by extreme compression is
>polarized electrically, so that particles sucked in split into
>electron/positron pairs, and where, as according to Hawking's Theoretical
>Physics 3 there is an emission - even from black holes in space - of both
>positive and neutral charges. Correspondingly, there is at the mouth of a
>vortex a relative centrifugal force which is positively charged with respect
>to its central (negative) throat.
>*Same here.
>From: Implosion 202.ppt, Dan Winter

>*I know that Golden Mean is important and not too well-understood aspect
>of biological systems but I cannot follow Dan Winter's arguments.