Is Heaven a Coherent Electric Field? - Science & Physics Can Understand Heaven!.
+Phosphene Flares Mystical Synapse Alphabet

Prelude to How Love/ Compassion / Compression allows Mass (Charge Compression) to Chryst-all-eyes - Christ-mas. ( Blissful Christmas to You!)

Dec 05 Newsletter, -- written by Dan Winter, distributed by Implosion Group: Main Index (English)- - or - , French , German, Italian , Spanish
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What is this Embedability Thing?
Is Perfect Nesting (Implosion) The Key to What Holds a Little Tornado CENTERED within a Larger One?
If the Wave Ratios are Right (Hint:GOLDEN)-
Is This The Perfect
Einstein Claimed Would Convert CHARGE to GRAVITY? ( Compression in to Acceleration?)
IS this What
(Toroidal) DNA is About?

(Thanks to Dennis Lee - .... co-creator of 'Concentric Tori'(tm). . not the Dennis Lee of Better World Technologies. "- This is a sculpture of the paired electron. It has working features like a new mechanical principal (to us) which centers a small toroid in a large toroid (I won't tell You what it is because it would spoil the puzzle - besides I had to model it in 3D solids and do a VR flyby to figure it out ~ 1 year); as well as a 4th dimensional rotation feature when one toroid is placed and rolled on a 'flux' line. I can send you one, hand made and signed by the artist, for $25.00 plus shipping and handling..." patent - D352,971 - credit Veredith Keller..)

=== Well- we have made our electrical analysis of successful death (with how-to guide) :

we have explained in fairly compelling historic / mythic / shamanic / and electric detail what is HELL:

... so - wishing to climax on a positive note - especially in honor of Barbara Walters - new global ABC TV special: WHAT IS HEAVEN. (review below) - It is high time someone publishes how SCIENCE should understand - getting to Heaven!

Barbara emphasizes study shows 90% of people believe in heaven. I emphasize that perhaps 100% of people believe in SCIENCE. So - in order to avoid the deathly schizophrenia that results from separating our science from our religion - we suggest it is compelling that we MUST ask - what in SCIENCE - is HEAVEN!!

From the mailbag Nov 24: reference: " I found your online work a few weeks ago, and I've just now had the opportunity to read a few pages. The "summary" on immortality Is. Absolutely. Brilliant! For those who've done even a modicum of research into the topic(s), it was witty, sly and very informative! Well done." Warren "Bones" Bonesteel, Author&columnist, Rapid City, SD,

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See also from Dan Winter: DICTIONARY OF Jesus' Physics:

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2. Short interlude- "To symbolize IS to EMBED."
click here to play pinwheels (why do you see THE ORIGIN OF THE ALPHABET - AND - 7 arrows?) , Origin of symbol: embedding yourself into the center of psychokinesis by tornado steering..
It is with great pleasure that we announce- new support and encouragement for Dan Winter's (Golden Ratio based) pure geometric origins of the alphabet - equations - against Stan Tenen's life and freedom threatening legal 'witch hunt'. ( Complete pictorial with interactive animations: )
Update on the instructive legal controversy over ALPHABET ORIGINS - Judy Kennedy below unknown to Winter, dedicates the final chapter of her new book to the story:

Excerpts from "What REALLY HAPPENED in TENEN v. WINTER" : ( A Legal Review- April 2005 )
by Judy Kennedy - a Supplement to her new book: "Beyond the Rainbow" - see her complete article:
"... Winter's genius is legendary, according to what is published on the Internet."

"....strong legal precedents from higher courts assure that (1) the injunction obtained against Dan Winter does not apply to me or my publisher, and (2) their stipulated judgment if reopened and reconsidered would be thrown out because it is constitutionally invalid and statutorily unenforceable. 

...Therefore, in order to provide support to other authors undergoing similar experiences -- particularly those who may also be victims of Tenen's witch hunt -- I've posted this Memorandum for their information.  All pertinent statutory and case law is fully cited

...also offers proof that Tenen's claim that there is no "prior art" for the concept behind his "flame letters" is false. 

..The next issue raised in Tenen's letter is their objection to the paragraphs that reference Paul White.  The paragraphs read as follows: (Paul White) -Some esoteric literature references a lost mother tongue or the "language of light" otherwise known as Hiburu.50  A primal seed language, this ancient form of Hebrew is supposed to be a natural language, the forms of the letters emerging from phosphene flare patterns in the brain.  These alphabetic shapes begin in a spinning vortex, translating into light, embodied neurologically into our biological being. - Author Paul White reports that many contemporary scientists see DNA as a "shimmering waveform configuration" resembling the Qabalistic Tree of Life.  It's a live vibrating process ­ not a static structure, easily modified by light, radiation, magnetic fields or sonic pulses.  He suggests this "language of light" might well be the legacy of Thoth/Enoch.51  This description of DNA merges well with the experiences related by the subjects who participated in Dr. Strassman's DMT studies referenced earlier.  Many subjects perceived a connection between DNA and alphabetic and numerical characters."  (Kennedy quote continued down below)

The REAL meaning of ALPHABET ORIGINS as the symmetry of psychokinesis
- is how charge uses toroidal symmetry indexed by the tetra codon to enter DNA
(the Alphabeta of Symmetry of Genes?) -
(The phosphene flares seen by the mystics from the arcs in their own synapse sending charge into their genes)... Dan Winter
( I informed Paul White about this in the video we made together about 7-8 years ago- "Igniting the Grid" with Paul White - in our DVD section ).

BrainPhire?Fractal Golden Ratio Harmonics in BrainWaves as .. and

Radiance from the Spark Gap:Mind Inhabits Phire..."forms emerging from the phosphene flare patterns of the brain. The same shapes,in fact, born of a spinning vortex.

'Golden Arches':Spectrograms of the Alphabet of Genesis.. Modern research confirms, the most ancient form Hebrew to be a natural language, the alphabetic forms emerging from the phosphene flare patterns of .."

Moroni's Intent, Getting Genetic Immortality-Pure Principles from ...Here was the phosphene flare in the synapse charge densifying with the...the alphabetic forms emerging from the phosphene flare patterns of the brain. ..

Creativity State MEASURED!+KnotSlipping-Into DNA-Alphabet of Genes! IF a charge slip knot can be compressed into the throat of DNA - that is the origin of symbol (the Alphabeta of the Symmetry of Genes?) -

Redesigning civilization for BIOLOGIC CHARGE COMPRESSION/BLISS ...Alphabet letters - as the only (symmetry) access to the immortalizing implosive fire in the throat of DNA - are the only way in and out of history's wave

"...Hall in her editorial

from, (Magazine)-
Dan Winter's Work Again Available Online - Several months back, in the article Spirituality and Intellectual Property Rights, we told you part of the story of the saga of the battle between Dan Winter and Stan Tenen's Meru Foundation. This was a very nasty copyright battle, and the federal court's decision dealt a severe blow for First Amendment rights in the United States. The fact that Tenen and his group even pursued the case shows their stripes. Neither Tenen nor his organization are interested in increasing our storehouse of knowledge unless they can hold the copyright and profit from that knowledge.
The court's ruling was unfortunate in other ways, since it ordered Dan Winter's web site -confiscated;” that the contents be made unavailable for public viewing. Also, if we understand the ruling, Winter was also forbidden from any further publication of his research into the relationship between the Golden Mean derived spirals and the -flaming letters” of the Hebrew alphabet; despite the fact that the visualization of Hebrew letters surrounded by flames is a concept that goes back to ancient times and is nothing invented or discovered by Tenen. The publication of Winter's book on the subject, which had been due last year, has also been canceled due to the ruling.

In our opinion, the ruling amounted to nothing less than a court ordered book burning. The loss of this material to scientifically minded members of the spiritual community has been devastating. Although Tenen's camp derided Winter in court, painting a picture of him as deranged and obsessed, we have known for years that he possesses one of the finest minds in the New Age. The claim that he was plagiarizing Tenen's work is also somewhat laughable, since we have first-hand knowledge of the fact that he was working on the relationship between the Hebrew letters and the Golden Mean long before he happened to stumble across Tenen's work. Although he might have been guilty of -borrowing” some graphics that weren't his to use (to give Tenen the benefit of the doubt), the court's ruling was much too broad, and did not serve the public interest. In other words, the court took what should have been a technical adjustment and turned it into a witch hunt.

The good news is that some Europeans have evidently discovered a loophole in the judge's ruling that has allowed them to publish some of his work online at We would suggest, however, that if this work interests you that you should copy it immediately, since it's probably only a matter of time before the folks at Meru decide that their profit motive and -pure” vision is greater than your right to know and think for yourself. Just as the fundamentalists believe that only they can interpret the Bible, so does Tenen and his group believe that only they understand the Hebrew letters."

(Continuing quote from Kennedy): "(Hall - above) encourages folks to view the website showcasing Winter's work that is still published on the Internet from overseas.  Tenen has not yet attempted to censor her.  Hall's article has been around for a long time and is published in other journals as well.  If Tenen was genuinely concerned with preserving the integrity of his work and his reputation in the manner he claims, why hasn't he confronted her and others publishing similar material?  The fact that these ideas remain published online at many websites fortifies their presence in public domain.  Therefore, Tenen is estopped from legally claiming otherwise.  

The Tenens feel that my actions are causing them "professional and legal damage."  Given the cumulative effect of their mischaracterization of this whole situation and their misrepresentation of the facts, that is a burden they simply cannot lawfully make or bear.  They chose to make a problem where there was none.  Any litigation initiated on their behalf would be deemed frivolous prosecution, and indeed there are penalties for that. 

...In reality, the language of the (Court`) Order (against Winter) was constructed by attorneys for plaintiffs Tenen.  Once signed by defendant Winter, it was submitted to the Judge for his signature.  It appears that the Judge made a serious oversight or abused his discretion in allowing certain language to remain in the injunction because it is blatantly unconstitutional.

...Judge Siragusa ruled accordingly:  This court agrees with Magistrate Judge Scott's assessment of the case at this stage:  "plaintiffs have not established that the ideas upon which the defendants' work are based are subject to copyright protection, or to the extent the plaintiffs have a copyright, that such copyright has been infringed by the defendants' work."  Clearly the factual issue pertaining to the ability of defendants to create the shape he claims he has through mathematical means will require expert testimony to establish and to refute.  In view of this court's order to the defendants to keep more accurate records of sales, it appears that damages will suffice to remedy any breach of copyright found after trial.  The plaintiffs' request for a preliminary injunction is denied.   -This is extremely important for reasons soon stated. 

(regarding the later court 'order' written by Tenen) "...The effect of such vagueness is to suppress valid, free and protected speech, intended or not, especially for third parties who are unsure as to whether such injunction applies to them.  If third parties are unable to determine if they are bound by the Order, they must refrain from speaking or risk contempt.  This directly violates all principles of due process and has a chilling effect on everyone's right to free speech.          

This inappropriate language appears in the most vital directive of Tenen's Order.  It particularly seeks to enjoin Winter and all those "acting in concert" with him from "making or publishing any oral or written disparaging or unsubstantiated statement, or any statement inconsistent with these findings of fact, to any person or entity about the quality, originality, competence, motives or religious status of the plaintiffs or about their published or unpublished works."  Such language is guaranteed to be stricken if this Order comes under second scrutiny or appeal because it clearly violates the standards of both copyright law and the First Amendment.  

... neither party had an appropriate expert per the Court's decision, and therefore no direct finding by the Court that Winter plagiarized or infringed anything could be made. 

...Tenen and his organization, the Meru Foundation, are alleging that no one can talk about their work or even mention it without his permission.  Therefore he is engaging in what antitrust law calls "exclusionary conduct."                 ....A recent Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals decision, Alcatel USA, Inc., v. DGI Technologies, Inc., 166 F.3d 772 (5th Cir. 1999), sent a strong message to intellectual property owners who refuse to grant access to information and operating systems needed by competitors in order to achieve interoperability in related or derivative markets.  The court reversed a copyright infringement injunction against DGI based on a jury finding that DSC had misused its copyright.  

...A website called might certainly offend and appear to "disparage" the Tenens.  To disparage means "to belittle, to discredit."  Such disparagement can be but expressions of opinions which are fully protected under the law.  Yet publishing one's ideas and opinions regarding such broad topics as current research and concepts like "intellectual elitism"  is not disparaging  -- especially when the text contains no names to disparage!   Unfortunately, courts being comprised of fallible human beings can often misapply the law resulting in inconsistent decisions.  Such rulings usually get appealed.   For example, in Tenen v. Winter, it was ordered that Winter entirely relinquish ownership of his domain name, to Tenen.  If you go to now, you will find the Corrective Notice and the Order favoring Tenen's perspective on these matters.  It can even be said that this website is now disparaging Dan Winter.  It certainly has the effect of confusing first time visitors in search of material by Dan Winter.  Some might call this immoral and duplicitous ­ perhaps even unlawfulIndeed, another court ruling is directly on point.

Therefore, if it were not for this unconstitutional Order, Winter could lawfully bring a suit against Tenen for usurping his domain name ""  in order to rightfully reclaim it.  Actually he could still try this on the basis that the Order is unconstitutional and so unenforceable if he so desired.  Current court precedent is solidly in his favor.  Not only that, but he could entertain the possibility of bringing criminal charges against them for conversion ­ theft of property.

...Anyone whose interests are being affected by this Order can easily reopen it for any significant "reason justifying relief," giving the court broad authority to vacate or void it when doing so is appropriate to accomplish justice pursuant to...

..It is unfortunate that Winter felt (as a result of coercion or not) that he had to give up his First Amendment freedoms and flee the country in exile.  Little does he know that he did not need to do that, that there were remedies, that an admission of copyright infringement does not require giving up all one's First Amendment rights to self-expression, study, and research and the right to publish the results of exercising those rights.  Yet that's what Tenen and company sold him.  What a lemon, indeed.  And now they're trying to sell this truly rotten  "poisoned fruit" to me.  But I'm not buying it.        

I have not infringed anyone's copyright.  I have not defamed anyone.  I am not subject to the injunction Tenen obtained against Dan Winter.  Therefore, if an action is initiated against me or anyone else in similar circumstance, there are a number of options to consider.  

Proactively, one could file a motion for declaratory judgment seeking a direct ruling on the invalidity and inapplicability of the Judgment.  Any pleading filed by Tenen would be frivolous, and therefore, a motion to dismiss and a motion for sanctions would be in order pursuant Fed.R.Civ.P. 11(b) and (c).  Sanctions would include costs incurred in responding to his allegations, which in my case, are continuing to accrue...

Anyone whose interests are being affected by this Order can easily reopen it for any significant "reason justifying relief," giving the court broad authority to vacate or void it when doing so is appropriate to accomplish justice pursuant to Fed.R.Civ.P. 60(b)(4-6).  Rule 60 also provides for relief from a final judgment if giving it prospective application would be inequitable, which indeed it would be in this case. ...

The court can also be asked to cancel the unconstitutional stipulated Order if sufficient evidence showed it was signed under extreme duress or fraudulent circumstance.  In Wise v. Midtown Motors, Inc., 231 Min.  46, 51, 42 N.W.2d 404,407 (1950), a stipulation was dismissed because the party had demonstrated a genuine issue of material fact on the issue of duress.  Duress in a contract is found "when a person is coerced by physical force or unlawful threats that destroy the person's free will and compel compliance with some demand of the party exerting the coercion."  Id.  Winter already has one genuine issue of material fact ­ his complaint bringing harassment charges against Tenen.  This complaint was dismissed as part of a sanction, and consequently never given an evidentiary hearing.  Whether or not he was actually harassed is not the issue.  It is sufficient that he thought, felt, and believed that he was, which could have significantly exacerbated his duress.  The harassment complaint put the Court on notice of this point and is duly noted in the record for purposes of appeal.     

That plaintiffs and their attorneys were significantly empowered against defendant Winter who appeared to be disempowered by illness, duress, and lack of legal representation, is suspect. In determining whether parties are of sound mind and competent to understand and sign agreements, the courts measure the degree to which the parties were fully informed about the nature of the agreement and its consequences.  Therefore a significant element seriously considered in these cases is whether or not a party was represented by counsel when signing the stipulation.  A clause in the Tenen/Winter Stipulation asserts that the parties had reached an agreement while Winter was represented for settlement purposes only, and it was that agreement that was incorporated into the final Order.  Still, he was not represented when he actually signed it, so it is possible that he could not properly understand the legal consequences of what he was signing due to significant impairments.  The fact remains that injurious stipulations must be set aside, especially when they include misrepresentations as to material facts, undue influence, collusion, duress, fraud, and even inadvertence.  Lowery v. Locklear Constr., 132 NC. App. 510 at 514, 512 S.E.2d 477 at 479 (1999) (citing 73 Am. Jur. 2d Stipulations §14 (1974)); Thomas v. Poole,  54 N.C. App. 239 at 242, 282 S.E.2d 515 at 517 (1981).  

Finally, because the Court inevitably signed an Order which was constitutionally invalid and statutorily unenforceable, relief may also be sought on the grounds that the court abused its discretion under Rule 65(d).  The Seventh Amendment requires a right to jury trial in copyright cases whenever damages are sought.  Feltner v. Columbia Pictures Television, Inc.,  118 S.Ct. 1279 (1998).  Winter was ordered to pay Tenen over $85,000 including costs for damages, yet the case never went to trial.  This is only one factor suggesting such abuse.  

Perhaps most significantly, the entire case can be appealed -- especially if anyone is erroneously named a party "acting in concert" with Winter.  Yet even for nonparties, their rights to appeal are assured as long as their interests and the interests of their publishers are affected.  United States v. Chagra, 701 F.2d 354, 358-59, (5th Cir. 1983).  See also United States v. Kirschenbaum, 156 F.3d 784, 794   (7th Cir. 1998) finding that where a nonparty is bound by an injunction, the nonparty may bring an appeal rather than face the possibility of a contempt proceeding.  In re Estate of Ferdinand Marcos Human Rights Litig., 94 F.3d 539, 544 (9th Cir. 1996) also found standing for a nonparty where an injunction confronted the nonparty with the choice of either conforming its conduct to the dictates of the injunction or risking contempt proceedings.  

V.            CONCLUSION  - In most cases of this kind, First Amendment considerations always outweigh copyright considerations.  But what is so erroneous about this case is that the copyright considerations are strongly suspect in themselves, if not invalid, for reasons discussed supra.  
...I am protecting and defending my right to freedom of expression ­ a right guaranteed to all citizens of the United States of America.   Stan Tenen's research in particular was not critical to my book.  Therefore, out of courtesy, I complied with his request and took it out.  However, his insistence that I refrain from speaking in general about this area of research, whether it be expressing my personal opinions or reflecting on the work of another author, is going one step too far.  When our precious freedom of expression guaranteed by our Constitution is threatened in itself, a line must be drawn.  This freedom, to me, is one of my highest values, and I equate it with spiritual principle.  At the back of my book on the "About the Author" page, the first line reads as follows:  "Judy Kennedy is a creative artist with an unwavering commitment to civil liberties ­ especially freedom of expression, continual cultivation of spiritual awareness, and a passion for principle-centered living."  I live my life centered on this fundamental principle as a writer and a composer.  I am a long time member of the American Civil Liberties Union and regularly correspond with my government representatives on these issues.  All my life have I championed civil liberties and fought against censorship in all forms and in all forums ­ especially with regard to the arts and spiritual practice --  from public media to the courts, from the workplace to the halls of government.  I have a record of many personal and public battles on these issues and have prevailed at the trial level in a court of law.  Therefore, this issue is very near and dear to my heart, as it should be to most Americans.   

After 9-11, many Americans were so frightened of future acts of terrorism that they allowed the government to take away many of their freedoms.  If we continue to slide down that slippery slope, democracy will die.  Yet the majority should not be penalized for the actions of one.  Just because Dan Winter may have abused his right does not mean all other authors are doing the same and subsequently should be censored.  To allow Tenen unconstitutional and unprecedented editorial authority over another author's work is sliding down that slippery slope to fascism.  The brakes must hold or else we all suffer.  I may have given an inch, but I will NOT surrender the mile.  Truth and freedom will prevail. "   © Judy Kennedy, 2005.   

Short response from Dan Winter - "Stan Tenen, even after being deserted by his confused zealot Jewish lawyer continues with wanton and empty threats to hundreds of people with lawsuits if they even mention 'HIS' alphabet OR even my name. What I like is the American enviornment of fear actually provokes someone with guts to respond! Nice. A few notes for clarity - I NEVER said I thought copyright laws were childish. Nor did I ever take the legal system not seriously. What is true is that the environment Tenen created in the courtroom was truly sickening and life threatening for me. It is also true that the document Tenen's then lawyer virtually forced me to sign due to exhausted legal defense money - I had no free zealot lawyer- is truly an abomination to all constitutional and natural law! ( Some have confused taking exile flight from America with a simple and intelligent planned decision to exit from a sinking ship - something I now have in common with the desire of the majority of US scientists I meet at international conferences - the need to escape the U.S. - see- "Republican WAR ON SCIENCE" )
- Re- The true origins of alphabet research - If you want the truth - read proof : - I was the first with ANY computer model of the alphabets true origin AND the first and only one to use Golden Mean to animate alphabets - at -
At that time Tenen had nothing but a cheap piece of jewelry - not to mention no equation and no Golden Mean spiral math at all! "

-- and now: BACK TO HEAVEN:

 11/23/05, Categories: TV News
Barbara Walters Special Takes a Look at Heaven "Is heaven somewhere out there beyond the stars? Barbara Walters takes viewers on a heavenly journey, Tuesday, Dec. 20, on ABC. "Heaven -- Where Is It? How Do We Get There?" explores the meaning of heaven with religious leaders of the major faiths, scientists, people who say they believe in heaven because they've been there, celebrities who are vocal about their beliefs, and even with terrorists.

Walters will speak with the Dalai Lama, failed suicide bombers in Israel, an Evangelical leader, atheists, Muslim scholars, Jewish rabbis, as well as with Richard Gere, Maria Shriver, Mitch Albom and Rabbi Jackie Mason. For centuries man has looked to the sky and asked profound questions: Where is heaven and how do we get there? People have dreamed of heaven, dedicated their lives to the promise of heaven, even martyred themselves - committing heinous acts of terrorism - for the promise of paradise. Is heaven simply a myth dreamed up to give lives meaning, or is it a real place?

Walters takes viewers on a journey around the world - to India, Israel and throughout the United States. She interviews people of different religious and scientific beliefs, each with strong opinions about the afterlife. They discuss their visions of heaven, what happens to the body, and why it is important to believe in heaven.

The special also explores: The Science of Heaven - Why does faith come easily to some and elude others? In search of the scientific rationale of heaven, Walters talks to expert Dr. Dean Hamer, author of The God Gene, and a geneticist at the National Institutes of Health. Is there really a "God gene" that affects people's level of spirituality? The special also looks at studies of the brain itself to see if it undergoes unusual changes when someone is deep in the throes of spiritual experiences. These studies are done by Dr. Andrew Newberg, a radiologist at the University of Pennsylvania.

Near-Death Experiences - Walters also examines the phenomenon of the near-death experience. What happens when you journey to the other side of death and back? British psychologist Dr. Susan Blackmore has spent decades searching for a scientific explanation: "When the oxygen levels fall in the get massive over-activity in the brain... I think there is a true transformation, but not because you've been to heaven." But whatever the rationale, such experiences have changed many. Dr. Diane Morrissey says she felt the "white light of god" when she was electrocuted. "My near death experience changed everything about me... there is not a single experience on earth that could ever be as good as being dead," she says.

Heaven and Real People - How do you tell children what happens to their loved ones when they die? Whom do you see when you arrive in heaven? Walters talks to such people as Maria Shriver, author of a children's book on heaven, and Mitch Albom, author of The Five People You Meet in Heaven, for their take on the afterlife."

To begin with - we need to understand how HARMONICS make the very radiant and infinite well - FIELD EFFECT (particularly around DNA) - which eventually becomes - as you will see - a scientific description literally of HEAVEN!

I want to thank Manfred Clynes for taking so much time to chat on the phone (Nov-29,05) again the other day. ( see : , Manfred- SENTICS -software to change the sound envelope of your favorite music to the correct decay envelope for YOUR chosen emotion desired..).

We revisited the hypothesis which I had advanced suggesting that Golden Mean ratio was the essence behind the Sentic Wave form he had mathematically derived (experimentally without knowing about Golden Mean) for the TOUCH (and music) THAT SAY LOVE. (Possibly defining LOVE for the first time in the physics of MUSIC).

He had averaged the wave shape from hundreds of people touching a button on a spring to record their TOUCH (which said love). I had analyzed his wave, with my new insight - that if you took the beginning of his wave, then the MAX pressure point, then the end - THE RATIO CREATED for Love, was GOLDEN MEAN! I also produced intriguing whole number ratios (pure geometry from emotion) from the other major emotion waves (Anger=1/7> perfected DEstructive interference, Joy= 1/6 > charge stasis in hex but not transcendant, etc. ) - see touch link above.

While re-iterating his issue that the actual derivation of peak point ratio in the musical wave for love, was complicated by the difficulty of accurately identifying the end point of the touch (..Does love go on forever?? ). He DID say that he has been re-thinking and considering that it DOES look like the max pressure point in his musically identified LOVE WAVE does appear to approximate GOLDEN RATIO - and he does find that intriguing. I suggested again NON-DESTRUCTIVE COMPRESSION may be the essence of LOVING PROCESS (fusion). - Igniting the charge fusion holy communion coeur of DNA...
And I pointed out that heterodyning CONSTRUCTIVELY BY GOLDEN RATIO appeared to by the key. I still find it a bit incredible that these ideas seemed to be new to him.

Our most recent dialog on the Science of producing and analyzing Golden Ratio audio harmonics for healing: ( references earlier: ).

We phoned Manfred - to ask him about Michael Heleus' - interesting dilemma. Michael ( similar perhaps to many spiritual musicians) - after a lifetime of work - derived a series of musical cascades based on the geometry of such things as GOLDEN RATIO, planetary ratios, Riemann Zeta Function, etc. . He places these harmonics using mostly original ANALOG equipment - on audio tapes- and shares them for specific and clearly powerful healing purposes. ( See: Michael Heleus- ASTROSONICS - )

 Why would the Riemann Zeta function be intimately linked to Golden Ratio and Fusion / Implosion? - , showing the add (reciprocals of integers to a power) and multiply (product of reciprocals of arithmetic complements of reciprocal primes to the same power) series both equal the Riemann Zeta, meaning it has to be a golden section function..--Michael Heleus..
> For , the Riemann zeta function is given by > (1)
...This is Euler's product (Whittaker and Watson 1990), called by Havil (2003, p. 61)
the "all-important formula" and by Derbyshire (2004, pp. 104-106) the "golden key."
The Euler product appears briefly in a pan of John Nash's (played by Russell Crowe) blackboard scribblings in Ron Howard's 2001 film: A Beautiful Mind. ( more on Riemann at Astrosonics link above)

The problem of course is that it is no longer feasible to distribute these as analog audio tapes, and they must be shared using digital means. ( mpg3, cd, web etc.).

He finds that harmonic amplitude distortion occurring during phone transmission of astrosonics along with its narrow bandwidth lessen the effectiveness of hearing astrosonics compared to listening to a tape or original production sounds in person. A .MP3 or compressed wave on CD/DVD would also be distorted and less effective, and that has given him pause in rendering Astrosonics in CD/DVD media pending a wider distribution of the much less distorted .WAV format and the correction of other psy-pollution problems caused by the digital sampling process.

I find his reports of this loss of healing effect, when going digital - to make good sense in physics. The ESSENTIAL POINT of creating such non-linear audio cascades as analog PHI HARMONICS (golden ratio etc)- is that the heterodyning or internal beating of these cascades can literally produce heterodynes (interference cascades) which go to BOTH inPHIknit frequencies AND wave VELOCITY modes! All of the essence of these literally IMPLOSIVE (fusion / gravity making) phenomenon are directly dependant on the potentially infinite harmonic content of a PURE ANALOG WAVE. The very process of digitizing ANY analog wave - limits it's frequency content drastically down to at least lower than HALF the sampling rate (if not worse in the case of compression). SO - by definition there goes MOST of the potential to create infinite heterodynes- AND presumeably the best healing - as DNA's holy fusion communion.

(Of course it IS true that higher sampling rates -do improve your chances. However ultimately this compensation never truly solves the problem of infinite heterodyning which apparently IS the specialty of DNA. This is presumeably well confirmed by the Golden Mean wave geometry thruout DNA structure... ref: )

The question is then immensely complicated by the various distortions, aliasing, and bias that results from all the added compression algorhthmns ( mpeg3, AIFF etc etc).

Remember - Dr.Ed Wilson proved by EEG measure that pure octave harmonics in headphones produced DISSOCIATION (hint- schizophrenia/ separateness is the OPPOSITE of fusion / implosion / immortality / ecstacy / charge communion for biology). While FIBONACCI cascades (leading to Golden Ratio) in the same 'BINAURAL BEAT' headphones produced MEASUREABLE TRANSCENDANCE / BLISS. Animated dialog on this begins at - WHAT IF NOT CHARGE FUSION ITSELF - PRODUCES ATTENTION ELECTRICALLY?

The hint here is that the digital world delivered to you by the soul destroying ignorance of BIG BROTHER - is inherently OCTAVE based. It is not more complicated than understanding that cubic and octave symmetry by definition segregates and isolates charge inertia (where heterodyning would inhibit connectivity), while PENT and Golden Ratio symmetry (where heterodyning would invite and create connectivity) by definition FUSES and SORTS and IMPLODES charge and therefore all of life. This then defines the biologic difference between cubic/hex vs. pent in all biology and all architecture . Hint: all living proteins are pent - zero are hex/cubic/octave.

11/30/05, Michael Heleus wrote: " The astrosonics frequencies of planetary sidereal revolutions were optimally octave shifted for human hearing 34 octaves so the the static duality of barrier-forming incubation could be very closely balanced simultaneously with the dynamic consciousness fusion and coherence promoting golden section, since at this scaling 2^34 (plus about .018 of an octave) equals phi^49. Log scaling laws allow other near approaches of 2 and phi also, but are not convenient for hearing experience.
> This means that in hearing astrosonically scaled frequencies, the hearer decides the proportion of 2 influence to phi influence that is proper for their experience, and that can vary as needed, and as more coherence arises."

Musicians of course have known about this profound and clearly "SPIRITUAL" penalty that results directly from the very process of going digital & staying in the octave based MATRIX ( 'joining the borg') - for decades. They use things like an analog tube resonator / amp at the output end of a long and potentially sterilizing to life - digital process. In other words - they take a spiritually sterile digital production and in a final attempt to dump a little life (el EYE PHI) back into the mix- they finish the editing process by running it thru some pure analog device. This is sort of like taking your breakfast you just warmed in a microwave oven ( making it mostly poison to your immune system) and wandering out to set your bowl in scale model of stonehenge for a minute to re- animate it. Now if you had the REAL stonehenge... ( charge context....)

The pure priniciple is kind of like the EKG whose resistance to disease is medically known to be its ability to RELAX (and gather inPHIknit harmonics) BETWEEN beats. ( ). If you can get your EKG relaxed and peaceful enough BETWEEN beats- THEN it can pick up the inPHIknit harmonics ( HARMONIC INCLUSIVENESS in HRV ) which is medically proven to predict your ability to resist all chronic disease (get immortal?).

Of course it is not enough just to get an electrically peaceful heart resonating implosively enough to gather the charge of immortality. You see- if you are as stupid as most doctors who work inside of electrosmog HELL ( most hospitals for examples)- then the ambient CHARGE which your EKG is going to gather during its PEACE /FRACTAL /IMPLOSION /MID-BEAT REST PHASE, .... is going to be POISON (the OPPOSITE of the fractal charge compression which defines life and consciousness). This is why we say, that BLISS and ECSTACY process ultimately are not sustainable (will drive you crazy) - unless you practice them in a charge fractal (compressible / 'SACRED') environment. (the definition of physics for FENG SHUI - and architecture).

SO - you dear musicians - if you DO want to warm up your vibes with ambiant analog after the sterility of BORG MAKING digitizing - THEN - please set up that analog enviornment - in a sacred altar (the capactive fractal nature defines as sacred). If Stonehenge is not available for your recording session - at least do a little dowsing and electrosmog reduction. Have you made your Labyrinth / stone circle in your back yard - dowsing in the sacred dimple of your ley map? What are you waiting for? Immortality?

Remember your tube amp is no more than the same capacitor which Hodowanec and Ramsey proved measure gravity and the physics of astrology. (Not to mention the profound confusion of the Princeton crowd running around measuring global emotion peaks by using random number generators - whose key electronics 'junction device' they don't even KNOW is a capacitor ). It is not unlike Wilhelm Reich who all because of total ignorance of how capacitors communicate - invented the word ORGONE - and thereby managed to alienate and prevent communication with all scientists. (Talk about towers of babel.)

Gravity is the perfected compression of charge resulting from self-similarity ( ). So you gravity wave measuring idiot scientists - it is back to square one. The wave you are looking for is moving between all open capacitors ( seeds are a particularly good example). You need only learn to recognize charge cascading BETWEEN frequencies and velocity modes - toward the only and fractal compression of charge which inherently (by constructive phi heterodynes of phase velocity ) TURNS COMPRESSION IN TO ACCELERATION / gravity. Only Golden Ratio perfects this.

-Note that in the above discussion - the implication is clear - that perfecting the SYMMETRY OF CONSTRUCTIVE CHARGE COMPRESSION creates all of life (especially the Golden Ratio backbones of DNA). - This also creates all GRAVITY - especially DNA's natural function for gravity making in it's destined electrically excited (Bliss) state. (measurements: )

So here you should ask yourself why is perfect charge compression - the same as LOVE -(and life itself). Just the way Manfred Clynes asked me that question on the phone.

Here we are nicely setting up for the subject of this newsletter: "WHAT (the hell) is HEAVEN? - Especially if you are a Scientist!@!!!" (presumeably you want to be a scientist less confused than the "What the Bleep" crowd.)

The answer is simple: perfected CHARGE COMPRESSION - sets up the symmetry for perfected and inPHIknit CHARGE DISTRIBUTION.

"Locked into place (rapt)- each ball of charge becomes a part of an infinite charge distribution array - whose efficiency becomes super-luminal and super-conductive"
Perfect distribution with zero storage defines abundance - electrically and economically. The beginning of consciousness - IS this ability for charge to self-re-enter.


Infinite charge distribution around biology - is (the beginning of all biology and successful seed germination) -

AND the essence of: CREATIVITY/ BLISS / TANTRA / ENLIGHTENMENT - .... and HEAVEN!!! ( see especially - electrically measuring SUCCESSFUL death: ).

So, this sets the stage for us to examine the history of how HEAVEN from the spiritual literature, can actually be meaningfully described in science.

Remember, from the death link above - WHAT MEASUREABLY DETERMINES IF YOU TAKE BIOLOGIC MEMORY THRU DEATH - is the electrical coherence of your body's charge field . This is your KA , vehicle of light and 'boat' to the underworld. This IS TRULY what determines if you are KAtholic, KAthar , etc. If the pope only knew- but he is too busy declaring yoga to be evil...(the old fart).

So - the survival of this capacitively coupled field effect coherence - which your body and DNA make - must have something to do with 'getting to heaven'.

Here are some clues- the charge field your DNA makes is pent / Golden Ratio based, implosive and measureably capable of making black holes (gravity) particularly when excited ( the conversation) .

Let us compare this to - Lawrence Gardner in his book "Lost Secrets of the Sacred Ark" useful explanation of the electrical origins of the term: "the PLAINS OF SHARON".

We know now that the charge field of gold, particularly in its mono-atomic state (ORMES , SPICE , MANNA, HOLY COMMUNION) - is a 3D fractal stellation of nested dodeca / icosa. In other words- it has all the charge symmetry of the implosive pent - see - PHYSICS OF GRAIL -

In Gardner's book, he is explaining the historic origins of this Gold Powder making. Short review: A small part of the genetic catastrophy (Sumerian Annunaki: "NEPHALIM") of the Saraphim UR Drac bloodline (Alpha Draconic DNA - localized later on Sirius - from Enki's home world Rigel in Orion)- has settled it's last hope for sustaining multi thousand year lifespans on it's chemical addiction to mono-atomic gold powder. This substance (PGM - Platinum Group Metals - described with good physics in the book) - from the gold monoatom's fractal charge radiance, triggers blood DNA to revert to it's more implosive toroidal (12strands) and electrically sustainable state. (The Monsanto strategy - If you can't make your own soul, let KHEMistry do it...and you'll become a slave ). The KHEMistry of Gold Powder making is the subject of much of the book. Essentially, only a relatively fractal capacitor, could make an electric spark successfully compressive enough to kick the gold atom into mono-atomic stability. The resultant white powder (manna / ORMES) was served in a white wafer, which the disgustingly primitive KAtholics immitate today by eating genetic poison wheat in a white wafer called holy communion. This is significantly LESS intelligent than (Enki's) African Bushmen who at least knew "THE GOD'S MUST BE CRAZY" when they set up their worship service around the coke bottle which fell from an airplane.

Enki (the RA in abRAham ) genetically engineers our HUm'an race - to be slaves in that Gold Powder mining across stars. The good news - is that Enki used his own sperm which had some 'kick butt' DNA in it ( RETURN OF ENKI ) - AND that he fell in love with (see the physics of KARMA below) his own genetic experiment. The Orion EMPIRE STRIKES BACK - has a certain faction dedicated to THE TERMINATOR - wiping out in advance the possibility that our genepool could evolve into a starmaking force (Djed-I) which could end the rule of the machine / borg (Nephalim) empire. Read about the destruction of the Desposyni bloodline in Gardner - Genesis of the Grail Kings - etc. ( Enki's kids -KAllisto, arKAdia, KAthar... always are in the crosshairs of the guns of the empire: Enlil / Yalweh and todays Ashkanaz 'Jewish' remnant -hint Mossad behind Bush --etc - the first to be eaten or shot are the lucid dreamers, the microbiology engineers, and anything portending REAL psychokinesis - Why was Ingo Swann- a real kick butt remote viewer scared shitless when he looked at the moon's dark side? - book, 'Penetration' - discussion: . Good remote viewer / lucid dreamer types are about the only hope our genepool has against the hordes of oncoming parasite / fallen Drac etc.. TRAIN YOUR KIDS! ).

The two paramagnetic capacitive stones in the ARK OF THE COVENANT - could generate the necessary voltage (implosive piezoelectrics) for this lucrative KHEMistry. As we discussed at - What Gardner does not understand sadly, is the critical role of fractal capacitance in the environment AROUND the Ark - necessary to allow it to gather voltage. This is partly why he makes the foolish mistake at the conclusion of his book, saying the ARK is high in Chartres. (Whose ambiant voltage today is 'merd'). See the Michael line charge map to St. Michael's Island - for real info on the ark- . Locating the fallen Drac team (probably today under Mossad cover) on TERMINATOR assignment from EMPIRE STRIKES BACK (Dune's Arrakeis is located in Alpha Draconis - starmapped in so much detail at Ankor Watt. Hancock got it wrong when he entitled his book on this: 'Heavens Mirror' since it is really Hell's Mouth! ) - is as simple as locating who took out Jacques Cousteau's son the day after he discovered proof the lost Templar navy lie in the lagoon in St.Michael's Island, Azores (hint-Michael=Enlil, Azores=Assa-Urus / Asauras). The Ark lie in the cave there exactly on the Michael line because that like most straight ley lines such as those connecting most church steeples to local mountain peaks - were an installed feeding system to suck on us by the Reptilians. (Like their Uru-ans ROMANS installed Christianity for bloodsucking / Bible Fraud ). Stephane Cardinaux's - - Tellurics- clairvoyant geomantics backed up by electrical measurement - evidences this unnatural origin of the STRAIGHT tracks. The procedure to take out a parasitic Church steeple bleeding the land of capacitance and life, is as simple and cheap as taking out a microwave tower: (in Italy today they are usually IN the church steeples -over the school to be sure the kids lose their soul. At least the Italians found out the Vatican radio towers caused the epidemic Leukemia in the pope's slumlord rentals ) - Measure the soil compaction at the base of the tower to prove all life (micro-organisms) died there- then sue them. The DNA excitation of Bliss / Kundalini rides on ATP'S precise microwave bandwidth -WAVEGUIDED symbiotically by Gaia's ley lines- as measured (- technology also made illegal except for the CIA. The real physics of dowsing includes a cellular bloodstream of microwave embedded in the grid). So microwave towers prevent bliss, ensoulment... and thus access to 'HEAVEN'.

Gardner's academic tracking of Akhanaton's change of name to MOSES, when he steals the ARK -electrically needed to set up the Essene's and their lucrative gold powder factory-selling addictive soul draining technologic immortality to all the worlds 'royalty' - makes a good read. Looks like the legendary 'Spice' trade was more than opium. Control of psychoactive KHEMistry is an EMPIRE (read CIA) trademark ('Who's getting access to our wormholes!!'). More that Gardner misses though- The Phaorah's bloodline was NAMED -THOTH-MOSES, which means SON OF THOTH - son of ENKI. Enki's bloodline was also called PAA TAAL, which became PTAH. That blood (winged Drac / Ciakar, Ophanic etc), COULD in fact RA-PT DNA back into eating it's own tail. ( We'll leave the origin of the caducceus and the PTA-rodactyl - winged serpent - queatzlcoatl - Wiracocha stories for Hermes / Thoth and those who know... Another hint : TutANKH -aton means SUN GOD just the way ATON means ENKI - and Quetzlcoatel means serpent - bird / Enki, as Cotterell documents academically using Solar Physics in "Tutankhamon Prophecies')

So much for Gardner.

Of relevance to our story about heaven however - was he DID get it right that the origins of the PLAINS OF SHARON - myth is actually the electric field which he describes radiating around the PGM (Platinum Group Metals, Gold Powder et al). In Sumerian the Garden of Edin (Spaceport) is actually the PLAIN around the Garden. This makes them "OUTSTANDING IN THEIR (electric) FIELD" doesn't it? The ANnunaki skill to fabric electric charge fields to prevent cellular aging using dolmenic capacitance ( the field effect so childishly called the "GARDEN OF EDIN") was a trademark of Enki much lost as the Empire sought relentlessly to destroy his KA bloodline. Last stronghold of humanoid psychokinesis in a whole galactic sector ruled by ruthless machine metal welded DNA fallen genetic Nephalim.

The biologic electric potency of MANA ORMES SPICE - is the mono-atomic fractality of the Gold atom radiating a potentially inPHIknit field effect, and that "MEISSNER" effect is communicated to blood DNA. (Gardner, like Einstein - does not understand the fractal part about charge, gold or blood, or the grail for that matter. )

Do a little research on what physics and superconductivity research call THE MEISSNER FIELD - particularly as it applies to the size of the field which potentially radiates around Platinum Group Metals ( As Gardner describes the PGM physics, including the dodecahedral PALLADIUM, and the fractal Monoatomic Gold). What physics clearly needs to understand is how excited / ignited DNA creates a MEISSNER FIELD - particularly in light of the recent experiments ( linked at 12strands ) showing DNA in addition to its apparent super-conductive potential, is fully capable of creating BLACK HOLE, implosion like phenomena. Of course modern physics sadly still has no notion of the PSYCHOLOGY (hint: BLISS HYGIENE) of what brings DNA to this optimized IMPLOSION IGNITED STATE.

So - now - are we closer to heaven yet?

Well- yes in a way.

The FEELING of allowing your perception field (the coherence of your capacitive field) to begin to radiate so efficiently (due in that case addictively to Gold Powder - instead of the natural self empowerment of real human BLISS ) - was called THE PLAINS OF SHARON. This is a relatively good scientific and historical precedent to a notion of HEAVEN.

Remember - we have noted that the death experience is DNA's attempt to finish the squeezing process for biologic electric charge fields, to get them accelerated thru light speed. Otherwise death is permanent ( and useful because it helps the biome forget everything not shareable / compressible / and thereby of service to immortality / survival.)

SO.. 'Heaven' = getting your charge ready to distribute and GET FRACTAL:

In order to get all your biologically useful memory (charge electricity) assembled into the necessary mode for inPHIknit charge propagation- your DNA is looking for all the help it can get - (the physics of how to prepare for death). Your blood DNA must re-arrange every memory experience into the symmetry of compressible and shareable fractality. This physics is labeled in psychology - life review, and shamanic re-capitulation. It assumes knowledge that the ultimate form of coherence is fractal. It means that recognizing a shareable memory (what is called pure principle) causes your blood to tingle with charge (attract charge)- and thus get immortal.

Knowing the symmetry to direct charge into a wind that goes within (Implodes ! ) is the (fractal) symmetry called ORIGIN OF ALPHABETS (see above).

- related animation see AZOOM.GIF animation in ALMOND BREAD SECTION reprint below (letter A - a, like each alphabet letter can be animated fractally ZOOMING INTO ITSELF - inPHIknitly.- study implications for attracting charge compression using alphabet letters into the synapse, and into DNA. - links in box above section. 'phosphen flare alphabet')

So again - how does an intelligent PHIsicist prepare for heaven's gate (successful death)

a) - locate a solar fractal capacitor - altar=SHEMstone=djed= 'highward fire stone' - in which to do successful birth and death - see example MACHU PICHU, and AMARNA at - If ONLY we could pursuade the idiots who design hospitals to GET A CLUE!?!?!?

b) - he embarks on a disciplined lifestyle and personal hygiene required to ignite DNA

1) life food diet- no angry (monocultured)DNA,

2) bliss kinesthetic, yoga, Tensegrity, bliss practice biofeedback,

3) Radical relocation to fractal charge enviornments - no city - you will need nature - cave- no charge depleted air (conditioning)- study real electrical meaning of architecture - and land design into fractal rose arrays. In lush quiet environments where DNA genetic diversity create a riot of psychokinesis- this is where you can get immortal. In general the OPPOSITE of all that GEORGE BUSH is creating for you - is EXACTLY what is required to get your DNA ready for immortality.

A simplified rule of thumb here, is that if George Bush and his NEO-CON's say you need something :


-genetically controlled and mono-cultured food


-no self responsibility or self direction, but lots of fear and let go God will fix it

-cities / metal / plastic air and food, and lots of electrosmog

-McDonalds and K-Mart

-lots of fear

-illegal to heal yourself or others

-military budgets

-touch / bliss / ecstasy is illegal

-they work actively to make natural healing, real Science and even Oxygen illegal!

etc etc etc

You can generally assume that this is EXACTLY WHAT WILL COST YOU YOUR SOUL - and all access to immortality, charge radiance - and in fact HEAVEN!

George Bush (who presumed to know what governments were evil) is himself precisely evil in the correct electrical definition of the term: all those charge waves which due to inability and lack of symmetry to acheive electrical embedding - will die quickly. He is probably not aware himself how he serves as a puppet front for those ET governments who do NOT want our DNA to become starmaking - having the now obsolete belief that this might inconvenience their program to harvest our DNA. ( See how Enlil / Yalweh hungry ghost eats the souls at the end of the conveyor belt into hell that is today's Hebrew religion - , etc. These are the Isreali bankers who bought Bush his illegal election. The Ashkanaze - origins of Bank of England, and today's Isreal - wiped out Enki's DNA- Sephartic - KA - Kallisto etc.. Enlil-Yalweh-Michael-Amun's Alpha Draconis genetic laws - we today call DRACONIAN - became the caste system in India- to prevent DNA from getting free- imploding - )

Ironically excellent that the poisonous George Bush ( see his murders- and the lies - bottom - at ) - whose political strategist used the fear behind all fundamentalism - to get every religious fundamentalist to put him back into his scandalous office

--- Let us conclude with a positive example, however. Remember in the movie "2001". After Dave approaches the paramagnetic stone monolith (Al-t-ARR) - just when he discovers it is FRACTAL, and falls in (non-destructive compression)... we find in the sequel ("2010") - that he seems to be everywhere. He can show up and project himself inside just about any electronics. (The producers should have limited that to only fractal electric fields- only they are inhabitable).

Professor Korotkov ( see also death ) wasn't kidding when he describes in his book how to measure electrically where a ghost can show up in a room. It is of course (like Castaneda's PLACES OF POWER) - the place of charge compression. This is the correct definition for SACRED. Electrically this will show up when spectrum analyzing the weak capacitance as harmonic inclusiveness- exactly the same way we can measure what electric field will help a seed germinate ( ) and help a human get bliss / birth / death success. ( Also the same way harmonic inclusiveness / successful compression defines medical research proving which Heart Rate Variability creates disease resistance: ).

In summary: don't let the religious fundamentalists feed you any crap. You KNOW the principle. Eat charge - spin from your own twinkling eyes lifestyle. And if they start telling you their cancerous guilt ridden parasitic lies about Heaven & Hell- tell them - they are going to HELL - and you can prove it (measure the lack of charge around their food, and their aura ).

You know where and what heaven is. It is the efficient electric radiance that results IF you know how to ignite your DNA with charge.

One final story here- when I cofounded the 'Solar Shamans' group (discussion originally - - and of course the group: - 5 years, 155 members, thousands of messages) - to connect those who were ready to go thru the Sun

- I was inspired at that time by my Essene Saint - friend GRACE ( Mount Shasta and Assisi )

 Retreat with Grace. Led by Grace. "Within every heart there is a yearning...for love. To know love is to know oneself; to return to our original innocence and to remember our oneness with All-That-Is." In this retreat, we will open our hearts and souls to reveal and heal what needs to be healed; we will move beyond suffering to our true nature which is sublime light. Grace is an Essene minister, healer, poet, and love-realized mystic whose profound love for life has moved her to devote her entire life to understanding and easing the suffering of humanity. She brings a lifetime of understanding, compassion and wisdom to those she touches. Grace lives on the slopes of Mt. Shasta, California and will be coming to this retreat directly from her retreat center near Assisi, Italy."

She was one of the first to tell me in detail of her experience going thru the Sun. Her description of her elaborate Essene rites leading up to her Bliss is still burned into my memory perhaps a decade later. When I first visited her at Mt Shasta, in the first year of her work on the mountain - the drought on the slopes had been quickly replaced to such an extent that I literally had to dance around DOZENS OF PLACES around her yard where new springs were popping up almost hourly. It was only later that I understood the physics very well for how that lifestyle attracts water. She was living in a small wood cabin isolated in the woods with no power or utilities or water other than the spring. She was eating mostly fresh melon and salads, doing only healing, and swimming multiple times daily in raw mountain lakes. When she touched me for the massage, I felt waves of bliss for days afterward. She told me about the time she had been fasting in the mountain for some days, and one evening as the Sunset on the water created a column of coherent reflected light across the lake surface - she found herself- her soul - her awareness- sucked up like a column of coherent light (the KA?) - and suddenly she was drawn literally into the Sun! She could see thru it like an eyeball, she could feel it like her own organs of perception, and she knew what it was to be the body of the Sun!

Consider the role of hygiene (completely nature and fractal environment and diet) - and the literal light column from the Sun which can attract a Soul - into 'Heaven'.

Subsequently I was to know a fair number (mostly women) who had similar experiences- of entering the Sun. As we further developed the 7/5 spin symmetry which identifies the ANU - Sun' heart, and Hydrogen's heart, and the human heart, and DNA's toroidal form - heart (12strands) - we became far more convinced of the original meaning of AN : SUN GOD.

This introduces then the more advanced work regard how star maps on the land serve as entry points for DNA's bliss charge field in stellar fields - (angel birth ) - see Ophanim alphabet & Orion starmap at , ceiling at Dendara, Voynicht Manuscript: GALACTIC SUPERWAVE at , and , and especially the Hermes/ Thoth Enki electrical design for the geomantic complex near Sphinx called AMENTI - to allow soul groups in collective coherent BLISS to accelerate as a pod into the stars- essential to surviving such times as now when Solar conclusions end genepools - discussion-

Solar system as (fractal/implosive?) electrical transformer: Rodney Collin, Theory of Celestial Influence, Penguin Arkana pub, pp 40-45 and pg 355, appendix 4, table b.

HEAVEN IS A STELLAR FIELD - and astrophysicists need to teach their children how to go to heaven and become a star, and the physics is easy. But it is pointless to try to begin this physics class (as I have well learned) until AFTER the scientists have had their own bliss experience. Without their own personal first taste of REAL SELF EMPOWERING BLISS - feeling their own first taste of personal CHARGE RADIANCE - the scientists in general behave as arrogant fools. See - about the scientists who have no clue why any object even falls to the ground - and NO clue about the stellar gravity making function of DNA - or how emotion programs the gene by piezoelectrically aligning the braid/codon active sites into implosion - - - trying in stupefying & soul destroying arrogance to TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR CHILDRENS DNA!!!! ( Nature will soon send those stupid supposed genetic engineers and vaccine makers to hell where the burning fire of destructive interference- will show them the pain of DNA kept in the prison of monoculture and metal - absence of genetic diversity, charge radiance, fractality - and everything sacred. If they try to live inside metal instead of nature- they will die there. )

Once you have shown the children HOW TO HAVE A BLISS EXPERIENCE ( using science) then you can show them how to enter heaven - using science.


If we read books like JOURNEY OF SOULS - we get a pretty clear idea of how the death vision navigation works. These reports are widespread. We discussed the simple example ( at ) - why such a large number of human souls from Earth get stuck navigating after death at the VAN ALLEN BELTS. This is precisely because this is where the wound to fractality to our solar system remained from when the reptilians fired (the hollow metal parasite infested artificial planet) what became our moon at the solar system - to wipe out our genetic migration into star making. ( read ).

The principle which needs understanding is that only fractal field effects are inhabitable: this is critical to the migration of souls. The SUN (see: Heart of the SUN - pics etc. above) is such a good slingshot for souls - that those who CAN squirt their MEISSNER field thru (enter 'HEAVEN'!) - are called SUN GODS. (Thanks, "Grace"). Only these (AN, ANu, Tuethe de d'ANan) are the good guys in ALL ancient literature. This means that if your ET visitor arrived in heavy metal and not in a DNA field thru the SUN - you KNOW they are lo grade and probably parasites. (wake up Whitley Streiber, Sheldon Nidel - these are the same parasite Grey's / Khumer-fallen Drac manipulated- whose George Bush's CIA ancestor made the treaty with to start the large scale abduction of US government).

What is clear is that (coherent) LUCID DREAMING, kinds of skills are important. What SHOULD be made clear is that electrical coherence of body aura, diet / and enviornment hygiene are THE issue- to get coherent in navigating your (Meissner) KA electric field into 'heaven'. What should also be made clear is that the majority of the religious dogma which has built up poisonously over the centuries is largely disempowering crap - and needs to be excised like the feeling of taking a good crap.

The Egyptians at least (thanks to the MOSES / sons of THOTH- Thuthmoses) had a clue. (Unlike your fat slob - Pope - who would listen to a RAT-singer?) - Get the husk of charge - your KA - from your body ready - to compress out from the seed pod - squirting your BA into Heaven. (The MER / merk / merku - in mer-KA-BA was essentially the MER-line, MER-oVINgian - Enki's blood. Not only did his ab RA-ham line root every spiritual religion- did you know why the Zulu named KI-LI-m'AN jaro - after him? Hint - who got the South Africa gold mines after Enlil/ amun - set up in the north? Atun..)

Definition of KARMA & COLLECTIVE UNCONSCIOUS : IF you study the literature of after death experiences etc., it becomes clear that DNA's coherence field ( collective unconscious) DOES take retribution if you have hurt collective genetic memory. ( The movie FLATLINERS for example: near death radically convinced doctors to rush back to fix each person they had REALLY hurt!). Once we study HOW DNA creates the collective implosion 'MEISSNER' field at its holy communion core - it also becomes clear that KARMA is ONLY a name for restoring (fractal) symmetry. This means that to study karma, you need to know the electrical theory of constructive wave interference. DNA is constantly attempting to make its collective and superluminal charge field (collective 'un'conscious' reservoir of info about survival) more COHERENT. If you serve that (get your memories compressible / fractal to the symmetry of SHAREABILITY / pure intention) then you get immortal ( enter 'HEAVEN'). If you do not serve the electric field needs of collectivizing DNA -then you get DEAD - permanently (destructive wave interference cancels not just your DNA but the ability of its' field effect to propagate - enter heaven.)

Definition of SPIRITUAL: The hygiene of how to get spiritual :(spiritual means literally the biological success of steering charge into immortalizing SPIRALS)-

one needs to know what charge symmetry makes DNA electrically HAPPY and well fed (coherent.).

This is as simple as knowing why a nice pine cone pattern of ancient old trees or paramagnetic (dolmen / shem ) stones - is the perfect place to compress charge into your blood- to feel the tingle of the arrival of collective mind. Fractal charge's superluminal and multiply connected holographic communion in biology's fractal heart is the blood wind called MIND and SPIRIT. This should convince you that most modern elecktrosmog chaos hell - CITY LIFE - is going to cost you your soul.

Definition of SOUL: a name for how sustainable is the faster than light implosion tornado you are constructing in the coeur of your DNA. (This is a ) If that tornado gets sustainable - you get:

1. fire in your blood

2. ringing in your ears / SAN GRAAL / piezoelectric voices of collective ancestors / clairaudience.. etc.

3. bliss / enlightenment / creativity

4. immortal / lucid dream / memory thru death / DNA coherence

5. invited into the coherenct MEISSNER charge propagation field - VERY shareable - called 'HEAVEN' !

-- If, on the other hand you ignore the simple hygiene requirements ( and instead listen to George Bush - village idiot fear machine folks) - then you get destructive wave interference (evil = failure to embed for waves of charge ) - and ... go to hell, my friend.

We conclude here with a short exerpt here from :

Benoit Mandelbrot rediscovers the principle of Fractals:

the Mandelbrot Set

Mandel: German for "Almond", Brot = "Bread"

So literally "Almond Bread" is our name for Fractality..?
Is it fractality that makes a grid gold?All-Monde Bread:

Gold's Fractal Structure vs: Embedding as Immortality

for all the world like an all monde...

(full size grail and also the implication:inhabiting phi-re -> heart ignites grid)

then simply having revolved the 2 golden mean spirals in the heart shape into 3D, valentines day comes into a new dimension..

 viveka's question: do the inner and outer ends of 2 vortex
spirals have to line up (be parallel) in order for the two
vortex spirals to be able to self-embed, or is this a wrong
idea about self-embedding? Viveka

Note from Dan: It seems to me the above animation, and the 2 immediately below, are examples of a golden mean spiral wrap in 3D which are embedable... in the sense that they can produce an infinite recursive (3d fractal?) zoom.. note the below 2 are the equation I used to make alphabets..

see: IS The ELECTRICALLY Fractal Symmetry of Gold Itself?The Key Principle of Alchemy in the Heart,


Lawrence Gardner: Bloodline of the Grail.,StarFire-Annunaki, Genesis of the Grail Kings, ShewBread-Gold Powder & More.. article links.

Remember, Lawrence Gardner's series of books in one way amount to a simple ad for another silver bullet medicine: shew-bread (almond bread)/manna/ ormes/spice.. Yet without USING the pure principle of how to SHAPE THE HEART WAVE INTO EMBEDDING THE REAL GRAIL... which is contained in the SHAPE of the GOLDE POWDER's nucleus... the soul loses the skill TO MAKE THE INNER GOLD / THE INNER FIRE.

Particularly please see in this regard (for the Thoth Instructions to Psychological Exercises necessary to avoid personality fractionation from Gold Powder): The Implosion Phenomenon:
Psychological Import of Phi Harmonic Music
Phi Scalar Technology
& MonoAtomic Gold..

Also, a great summary & links re: ORMUS/ Callahan / Studies on Resonance vs Gravity by Barry Carter Readers are encouraged to see Barry's (ORMUS-Gold Powder) WEB Page:
These conversations have interesting connections to the physics of Implosion vs Gravity notes at I do believe gold's recursive (multiples of Golden Ratio in the Electron vs Nuclear Radii producing non-destructive recursive heterodyning ) account for the distributive across many spectra harmonic phase sorting/implosion qualities associated with Ormus..

Here-Excellent Pictorial investigation of the SubAtomic Shape at the root of Ormes-Gold Powder:Paranormal Observations of ORMEs Atomic Structure

8/99 Update from Dan on What GOLD POWDER does to Glandular Emotion... ..

you are deeply embedded now.. in the heart..

this article is an historical evolution from ORIGINS GenePool Gets Remothered: Self Stinging is Dragonian to Golden ONE


the descriptions of our GENETIC origins from the Annunaki which were called "GOLDEN ones" who time traveled to find gold/recursion/passion/sustainable DNA?... at the Garden of East of Eden (where I was born)

"Once the Anunnaki departed Sumeria, Master Craftsmen developed a substitute for Star Fire in the form of a mystical bread made from the alchemical white powder of gold." Laurence Gardner: ..quote from "Star Fire: Gold of the Gods",part 3.. new article from nexus mag by Laurence Gardner author of "BloodLine of the Holy Grail." please read: STARFIRE PART1, STAR FIRE PART2

So why has the PRINCIPLE OF PERFECT NESTING OR EMBEDDING BECOME SYNONYMOUS WITH KNEADING OR BRAIDING INTO BREAD? For Example we see that the NAME of the Jesus/Magda blood line is Priori De Scion.. Which means PRIORITY OF THE BRANCH.. from scion which means branching in tree grafting... which became the word Jon.. or John.. who was a branch of Jesus blood (according to Steiner). Lineage of John meant perfect fractal path into DNA memory.



Then the brain gathers the imploding spine juices into the "Almond" shaped Amygdala.. where they are squeezed until they produce the CHEMical braid which we call sweetness... by the Phi ratioed Almond.. BRAIDER..

then one original journal on FRACTALITY is named "Amygdala" which became Rollo Silver's Fractal Recursive Art.. which became his fractal calendar.. which became Spiral Calendar (by Carolan) showing fractality in time became self-organizing.. which became the templar agenda for repair of the "fabric of time" which rebraided angel blood..(Angels & The Role of Human Emotional Energy in our Galaxy. ) ...which the chief templar builder reported was at dream instructions from Magdalen..(book:"Builders of Chartres"). Templar link above is in honor of/inspired by the memory of Boudet, the brains behind Sauniere, the original conspirator of Holy Blood Holy Grail.. which is about the geometry of EMBEDDING's PERFECT GRAIL!..

Subject:Almond Bread,Thu, 11 Feb 1999 11:31:58 PST,From: "Altazar LightSeeker" <>
"The more I read it, the more it makes sense.
Whom does the grail serve?
It's self; I know.
Thanks for the heart warming 3-D valentine...
In heart 3D perspective animation even.
Almond Bread sounds good."

then Jesus has 3 kids by Magdala which become the GRAIL (Holy Blood Holy Grail).. and the tower at mygdala called Mygdala (built by Sauniere at Phi pent Rennes Les Chateaux) which means tower.. is named for the principle of her bloodline which by fractal magnetic folding, towers genetically above the land..(by embedable or nestable fractal morphic resonance sends genetic magnetics from genes to glands to landscapes to stars.. templed templar templa mar.. see templar link)

and then her ALMOND shaped brain Amygdala drips so much sweetness during her Tantra with Jesus, that she narrates to the Templar Gothic cathedral builders how to site the cathedrals as temples of magnetic embedding, into a pent PHI based FRACTAL of VIRGO.. stars embedd on the land...

in order that her magnetic ecstatic memories could unpack out of the FRACTAL in her glands, into the land, then into the stars.. in an in-PHI-knitly FRACTAL non-destructive perfectly distributable wave form... which is the PRINCIPLE of FRACTALITY or embed-ability in general..

.. then Laurence Gardner finishes the next major segment of the HOLY BLOOD HOLY GRAIL, scholarship, in the last of his new STAR FIRE: Gold of the Golds.. (links above)...

by announcing that GOLD BREAD (biblical manna /Hudson's ORMES /or "spice"in DUNE) is literally how the GODS became immortal..

and BREAD is a name for the principle that if the folding or needing process is in-PHI-knitly contiguous, there can be an in-PHI-knit number of laminar layers all folded non-destructively which is ..

THE PRINCIPLE of how cell membranes become sustainable (by fractality call: Structural Stability and Morphogenesis.. eternal folding), and how the HEART BEAT becomes FRACTAL to create the medical proof of the end of all chronic disease..Is Embedding a Mathematical Opposite to Cancer as Wave Fractionation..

which is how water becomes laminar, braided, healed, learns to SORT and solves EVERY POLLUTION PROBLEM.. ..

because only the shareable survives EMBEDDING! (topologically how folds become contiguous and non destructive is how waves and memories also become contiguous.. immortal.. see the role of beet juice{heart squeezins},tantra,hydrotherapy,super breath and wormhole penetrant rebirthing in acheiving real biological immortality in the book "Jitterbug Perfume" ).(biophysics name for this principle of phasing by embedding to acheive sustainable membrane structure/immune system is called "Structural Stability and Morphogenesis" another name for phase discipline for the wave nests which keep soap bubbles alive..)

This gold powder, has created maximum exposed valence or electron surface for absorbtion. The cellular water takes on the outer atomic shape of gold as a packing algorhythmn, when you eat the powder. You hear a ringing in your ears. This is also true of when you eat Pat Flanagan's MicroHydrin. This is because the hydrogen becomes implosive when tucked or folded into WATER MOLECULES ARRANGED INTO A FRACTAL DODECAHEDRON. (Which is the principle bechind MicroHyrdrin).

In both cases, the ear ringing is the result of electrical implosion..see in next link below on Implosion that Gold's position in the atomic table for nobility is the completed nature of its outer d f subshell valence.. which are a 10/14 electron pair 5/7.. perfected implosion slip knot identical with Subatomic Quark, Heart & Heart of the Sun..(origin of the sun dance timing).. this is how gold is the electrical wave guide seed of symmetry which steers waves toward the center non destructively.. (literally in the grail path).. this is why gold creates the sorting of waves into the shareable which allows them to be sustainably immortal.. gold when in the pop-corn valence inside out state which David Hudson calls Ormes is the MANNA in the Bible, SPICE in DUNE, and Laurence Gardner's described GOLD BREAD OF THE GODS. (Also see the role of the symmetry of Gold's electrons in low temperature superconductors.. waveguide to non destrcutive spin path.. and how that 5thD dodeca wratchet path can also be welded to DNA strands for the same superconductive purpose, for the same dodeca symmetry reason at

The Implosion Phenomenon: Psychological Import of Phi Harmonic Music Phi Scalar Technology & MonoAtomic Gold..


Recursion in The Harmonic Power Spectra of the Earth's Magnetic Grid, Proves the Onset of Self-Awareness..


CLINICAL USE OF RECURSION HARMONICS: Is The Fractal Embedded Heart: The Enveloping Wave of Compassion?

The Heart Itself Illustrates Nestedness

In microphone design, the principle of sonic coherence is optimized, in the CARDIOID pattern. It is the map of the area where wave fronts can meet in phase constructively.. to be gathered and felt... Cardioid means heart shaped.
Clearly nature chose the shape of the heart, knowing the critical nature of aligning phases at a focal point. Is this permission to DISTRIBUTE a wave, the basis of Valentine's day, HEARTLINK's measures, fractality..and how perspectives are consumed in principle..?

The Fractal Principle of Recursion Explains Love's Electricity and Gravity. Sacred Geometry, Coherent Emotion, and Planet "Taming", To know how to align long magnetic waves on the land into flowers, "grid engineering", is to teach a planet to hold atmosphere, to make coherent climate, to actually create gravity by symmetry. Our human role in this symbiosis is the electricity of our emotional field, literally braiding feeling into environment. This is a destiny for biology: to "metabolize starlight directly".

How Does PHI/Golden Mean Based Recursion Create Dimple Inside Out-Ness?

Appendix: Perfected phase conjugation=implosion. Biological effects documented in slideshow..


Suggest we read carefully the slides showing the effect of
field effect bias - perfect phase conjugation (phase conjugate optics)
on biology

from robert o becker's work (I worked with him in syracuse)

if we recognize that what he calls phase conjugation when perfected in
symmetry efficiency is what we have been calling implosion-
note beardens ignorance of the role of self-similarity/ fractality
and golden ratio - in getting there..

yet note how much scientific documentation we have
of the biologic ( and sadly - military) impact of implosion..

(turning charge waves from sick cells into a military electromagnetic
pulse weapon..

- bearden's very incomplete view of the world - is evident in his
continuing to call it 'free' energy-
not even recognizing how biology makes of bliss..

+ plus his political stupidity in thinking isreal will save us from
scalar weapons..

..we have been discussing producing perfected phase conjugation
(implosion) in a capacitance array..

note the evidence that this has been in part accomplished optically -
with stunning and military effect..

yet still with ignorance of the fractal symmetry which would
( the phase conjugate optics physicist I worked with - bob zawada- is
discussed at

bearden's group - is an example showing how bad hygiene + a little
knowledge of implosion + no bliss experience..
becomes quite dangerous... ( I have known bearden personally many years
ago - always obese with undigested unshareable..)

note how gross is the paranoia - of scalar weapons - Bearden filled
many books with, precisely because
of complete lack of the symmetry (+psych hygiene) knowledge (fractal and
self similarity- acheived inside biology) which is its key (implosion)-
and how this is connected to his inability to see how something INSIDE
biology (bliss) is the solution
to the mechanical paranoia...
-very much the opposite of his build a scalar weapons race mentality...