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(below- with 2 person empathy / entrainment feedback )-
as well as EEG / Bliss Brainwave measure

(NEW far more powerful- AND MUCH- less expensive than Dan Winter's earlier blockbuster invention- HeartTuner)

More help / background on full EKG heart coherence - with empathy training for 2- using FlameinMind> at our programmer Patrick's site: craniosacral-app.com/flameinmind/heart%20coherence.html

Here in FlameinMind- clear full EKG / and Heart Coherence for ONE person (top) & TWO persons (below- blue vs red) - showing EmpathyTraining ( Heart's 'ring' together when the Cepstrum /bottom graph- peaks align).

Below: example with TWO Users- learning to Entrain Hearts/ Empathy Training ( Embedding/ Alignment of Coherence Peak - bottom)


Instructions on how to use full EKG in FlameinMind- - simple fingers touch only for 1 person, and for 2 person- using simple inexpensive wrist straps and connections to FlameinMind.com - for EKG Heart Coherence
- will be provided to FlameinMind.com registered owners.
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Click above for the EKG Heart Coherence Manual - - use arrow keys to navigate images, allow few seconds for images to load

---This complements- powerful ways to use your breath with real HRV harmonics and coherence biofeedback

see www.itHRVe.com and (see History and Presentation of Heart Coherence Science- at: www.hrv-app.com/realheartcoherence

Below see all the information on how to INTERPRET Heart Coherence measure (similar in the new FlameinMind- as in Dan Winter's origin HeartTuner example below)>

Please- DO not do business with Frank Van Den Bovenkamp( heartcoherence.com / Triguna media) he is a thief-
who tried to steal Dan Winter's HeartTuner and BlissTuner invention
- now replaced with our far superior and much less expensive- replacement- FLAMEINMIND AND ITHRVE - for IOS- see above

Interpreting the CEPSTRUM - The COHERENCE Display- Dan Winter's invention to measure Internal Cardiac Coherence:

How does the Cepstrum MEASURE INTERNAL COHERENCE? : - the waves of the harmonic analysis are examined as a cascade to see if the space between contained harmonics are locked together in phase (COHERENCE). If the cascade peaks are evenly spaced- then the Second Order Power Spectra (Ceptstrum) shows a peak indicating the distance between internal harmonics. The position of the display peak is therefore inversely proportional to the musical fundamental of the heart AND Heart Rate. The HEIGHT (or amplitude) of the displayed peak is proportional to THE AMOUNT OF INTERNAL COHERENCE IN THE HEART at that moment. After some observation you will notice that whenever the heart finds something shareable ( like - speaking your truth , liking a joke, experiencing healing, or even feeling love!!) - that this COHERENCE PEAK WILL RISE IN RESPONSE!

below - earlier version of this COHERENCE display:

So - step ONE- is to learn what emotion RAISES THE PEAK. This corresponds to learning WHAT MAKES YOU PASSIONATE! Observing whether this peak rises - with some experience - then allows KINESIOLOGY TO BE MEASUREABLE! ( Muscle strength equals the electrical COHERENCE your body delivers). In effect - then this part of heart tuner - makes cellular intelligence measureable. This also functions as a kind of lie detector ( since speaking your truth raises the peak - speaking a lie lowers it). The science for this is simple. Waves that can distribute together without interference are called SHAREABLE. The scientific name for waves that are shareable (do not interfere with each other and their world) is called COHERENCE. SO - measuring coherence - is a way to check your lover and your used car salesman- after you get a little experience. Not only can you check individually to see what feelings are shareable (COHERENCE IS PURE INTENTION) - but further (below) you can measure for empathy ability.

--Step TWO - is to learn - how to MOVE this peak - from right to left. People who are stuck at one frequency - are also stuck emotionally. This ability to vary Heart Rate - is called HEART RATE VARIABILITY. It is not only a key medical health indicator - it is also a key indicator of EMOTIONAL FLEXIBILITY. For those who have very little change over time in this right left movement (heart musical key) - we recommend - first - more exercise to get heart rate high, and then to begin to notice what FEELINGS produce movement here. Eventually we learn that the skill to intentionally choose EMPATHY is related directly to the ability to CONSCIOUSLY move this peak to LINK HEARTS.

-- Step THREE- is to learn - to LINK HEARTS with another person. This makes EMPATHY - and the passing of emotional charge and healing and even tantra and love - between bodies- all MEASUREABLE! What you are looking for is the moment(s) when 2 hearts peak lines up. This means that at those moments they acheive what is technically "micromotion entrainment" or "phase lock" or "linked hearts". This is important because it measures when BODIES CAN EXCHANGE THE ELECTRICAL CHARGE LIKE BELLS TUNED TO EACH OTHER. You can even tell - who moved toward the other - while one stood still. This suggests who is flexible enough to seek EMPATHY actively and consciously. This is useful for:

+ healers wishing to learn to share energy with their patients.

+ counselors

+ marriage therapy

+ tantra

+ conflict resolution and peacemaking

+ corporate concensus process learning

+ business people wishing to get on the same wavelength consciously as their clients ( as the one of the largest national banks of australia uses the system in the corporate headquarters).

Look for a distinct feeling in the room of TINGLE or PRESENCE or COHERENCE at this moment when 2 person get the skill to link hearts. Historically - we find it is more common for women to be able to link hearts than men. This can make for a fun and playful game (below we get to gaming enviornment on this).

-- Step FOUR - is to learn to move from HEAD centered emotion to HEART centered emotion. From decades of work we have learned that peoples Heart RATE and therefore CEPSTRUM peak tends to park at certain geometries. The range for the most common rates is between .618 hz and 1.0 on the Cepstrum scale. (Later we also chose to display - the corrected lines also where the lines are at multiples of the Plank Time Constant - which is sacred - embedded - and not dependant on the second whose duration may not be part of nature. Note on the top pic- red line versus yellow lines on the x axis hz scaling.) Our subjective experience is that persons whose Heart 'musical key' parks nearer to 1.0 are more conceptual in their current emotion. Whereas those whose heart 'musical fundamental' parks closer to .618 hertz - or the .618 times PLANK TIME red line near - are usually experiencing a more touchy feely - contact permissive emotion. Many feel that this is a beginning for how to train people to learn to move from HEAD centered emotion (near 1.0) to HEART centered emotion (near .618). This may be an oversimplification - but it is amazing how often this seems to be meaningful as people move from conceptual to empathic feelings. This is currently a hypothesis to be tested - and we appreciate your input.


Flame in Heart display- in the new FlameinMind.com - is comparable to the original HeartTuner state of the art way to measure EMPATHY and Heart Coherence (except FlameinMind costs 90 percent less )

- Proving when our couple FEELS each other ..in TWO ways:
1. EKG Phase lock (Short wave 2-20 hz - 'and we'll talk in present tenses..')
2. HRV Heart Rate Variability -Matching Curve - Longer Wave Breath / Entrainment harmonics- .05-3hz

New evidence: Heart Rate Variability -'getting on the same WAVELENGTH' - helps MEASURE EMPATHY:
Wired to Connect.' - By Anne Underwood - Newsweek Magazine + Daniel Goleman's book "Emotional Intelligence"
Oct. 23, 2006 issue - "Carl Marci was jubilant. After a year in therapy, trying to decide whether to propose to his girlfriend, he had finally taken the plunge—and she had said yes! As Marci recounted the story to his shrink days later, his therapist appeared to share the triumph with him. And it wasn't just an act. Marci, a psychiatrist himself at Massachusetts General Hospital, had wired himself and his therapist to special equipment that records heart-rate variability and "skin conductivity"—two measures that, taken together, indicate the ebb and flow of emotional arousal. When he examined the data later, Marci was stunned. Lines on the two charts rose and fell in perfect unison, revealing that his therapist was truly sharing his excitement. "It's no accident that we speak of being on the same wavelength with someone," says Marci. "In a moment like that, you really are."
That is precisely the point that science writer Daniel Goleman makes in his new book, "Social Intelligence: The New Science of Human Relationships." As Goleman contends, human brains are "wired to connect," and to a much greater extent than we ever realized. It's not just that laughter and bad moods are "contagious." Empathizing with a friend, whether in grief or elation, can activate the very same circuits in our own brains as in our companion's. Eleven years ago, when Goleman published his best seller "Emotional Intelligence," no one understood on a neuronal level how social interactions actually worked—how the brain processed rejection, for example, or experienced loneliness."


-FULL 2 CHANNEL HRV / Breath Disply
-Long Term HRV History Data Storage - for REAL LONG TERM WELLNESS STUDIES!

Can you make a caducceus in your breathing - to add fractal harmonic inclusiveness AND COHERENCE to your HRV / heart...
or are you being taught to breathe at only one frequency:
(more on this at>) the Heart Math MISTAKE?
the "HeartMath Mistake" is revealed where FRACTAL and GOLDEN RATIO Breath/HRV - Supports + COEXISTs with, HIGH Internal Cardiac Coherence

click above to download Medical Research pdf - click here for more on 'HeartMath Mistake'

Chapter: Dan Winter and Heart Consciousness -exerpt from “Evolution & Creative Urge” book by Choiniere -

(Chapter) - Heart Consciousness:Moving from the brain to the heart, we have to examine the incredible research of the psychophysiologist, Dan Winter, done in conjunction with Glen Rein at the Institute of HeartMath. Working with electrocardiography biofeedback machines (EKG/ECG),
extensive studies were done on the electrical nature of emotion as measured in heart voltage and the ensuing effects upon DNA.
In examining multiple frequencies of sound waves embedding or nesting within each other, Dan Winter has postulated, and later proved, that a perfect “braiding” of harmonics is only accomplished by the specific ratio of phi, or the infinite number called the golden mean: 1.618…, expressed as the symbol, ∅.
This “perfect nesting” solves the problem of sharing space perfectly to an infinitely large or small degree, and it’s also called “perfect compression”. Perfect compression allows for infinite self-reference to exist without disruption at any degree or scale of measure in time and space. What that means is, the rate at which conscious evolution can progress in this energy dynamic is unimpeded by space-time limits, and has the capacity to engage the non-local consciousness field while simultaneously existing within the local densities. If there were a scientific explanation for paranormal phenomena, this might be it.
Dan Winter and Glen Rein discovered in their EKG studies, that the ratio of Phi
shows up in the heartbeat as the length of space between harmonics in the chord, only
when people are having emotional experience that’s considered compassionate or
blissful. It is also known that nature uses this ratio of Phi to 33 embed magnetism in form,
and thus DNA is an expression of this. Phi is preserved in the dodecahedra ratchet of
the DNA molecule. The non-linear hydrogen bond at the center zipper of DNA is also a
Phi ratio rectangle. When asking the question, ‘where does the magnetic field around
DNA come from?’, it cannot be separated from the understanding of Phi geometric
harmony. The question of why, is answered by the implosion phenomena that drives
regeneration at the center of a toroidal energy vortex (superposition collapse). The
regenerative field effects of a toroidal vortex is sustained by perfectly nested harmonics
in a Phi ratio.
In the EKG experiments, Glen Rein was able to measure the enzyme responsible for
DNA splitting and recombining, and subsequently creating complex, context-rich
braiding of DNA information-ropes. [This context-richness in braided ropes of DNA is
metaphorically comparable to writing with the use of letters, which form words, that
make phrases, to form paragraphs, to make chapters in the greater context of a book.]
He confirmed “the presence of the enzyme which accounts for the DNA ‘zipper’ varied
dramatically with the amount of musical coherence in the heart.” [Winter] The sound
harmonics emanating from the heart affected how tightly the DNA slinky braided to form
context-rich complexity. Dan Winter references the work of Jeremy Campbell from the
book, Grammatical Man, to explain that context richness is the instruction-set for DNA
replication. In the metaphor, this simply means that letters, words, or even phrases
have no value outside of the meaning derived from a book. DNA replicates itself
accordingly to fill in the details, because the whole body-mind-emotion design (the
entire book) is available holographically at every scale. Even so, our understanding of
this design is incomplete until we examine where the context richness comes from. But,
that will be addressed in the following section.
33 “The Golden Mean And Heart Harmonics”, <http://www.worldhealing.net/goldenmean.html>
Dan Winter and Glen Rein propose that how the DNA instruction is read depends on
the braiding of threads, within strings, within ropes of DNA. And they show evidence
that the braiding is further influenced by the sound harmonics emanating from the
heart, which is a function of the electrical nature of emotion. Multiple frequencies of
sonic waves converging into harmonic sync with each other, accelerates an implosion
vortex within the DNA. The people studied, showed that increasing emotional openness
created greater dynamic coherence, generating a Phi-ratio harmonic nesting in the
electrical signals. Because of the notable effects on the DNA, Dan Winter was able to
further his theory that the braiding of DNA may in fact be “emotion-induced," and it
could be stated that, “emotion fabricates biological ecosystems”.
“We’re electrical beings. We’re not flesh and bones, we’re electric.”
~Dr. Steven Sinatra, M.D., Cardiologist
“…Scientists are discovering that our hearts may actually be the ‘intelligent
force’ behind the intuitive thoughts and feelings we all experience.
Thanks to the discovery of heart intelligence, with its premise of the heart
as a primary source of emotions, we have a new paradigm for
understanding our emotions. With the strong scientific tie established
between our wellness factor through emotional management [awareness].
The more we learn to listen to and follow our heart intelligence, the more
educated, balanced, and coherent our emotions become. And it naturally
follows that the more balanced and coherent our emotions become, the
less likely we will be to experience sickness and disease.”
~Excerpted from, Young Living Essential News, FebruaryWhere 2002.
Furthermore when asking, “Where does the heartbeat come from electrically?” Or,
“Where do the pressures in the heart sort themselves out?” It had to be examined for
the nest of voltage donuts that converge around the heart, their mathematical
relationship and the Phi geometry in the actual
muscular anatomy of the heart.
Looking at the mechanical action first, Dan Winter notes that it results from seven layers of spiraled
muscle, layered according to the seven spins of the tetrahedron. This happens to be the maximum
number of symmetrical axis of spin possible in one 3D volume, resulting in the most efficient way to
squeeze symmetrically. This is relevant because the tetrahedron also happens to be the simplest 3D solid that is foundational for all phi geometry.
The seven layers of muscles are oriented so it
can squeeze the blood into a vortex. As such, it is a solid-state, organic torsion field generator, spinning the red blood cells at a rate of 186,000 miles per second (according to the cardiologist, Dr. Steven Sinatra)! The sequence of seven muscles firing, changes
based on the tilt of the magnetic donuts converging at the heart. It conducts the
geometry of pressure (voltage) that casts the “sound shadow” through the entire field of
the human body. These voltage donuts are creating a 3D revolved spiral that
continually self-refers; a torsion field vortex in the shape of a torus. Similar to a mobius
strip, it is how a field effect can become self-feeding.
This self-reference is able to persist because it is following the pattern of a phi-ratio
spiral for perpetual reproduction. The Phi spiral is the only way at which a wave can
reenter itself non-destructively. When the harmonics are coherent in Phi, implosion
occurs at the center of the torus. As described in the following quotation, this suction
creates a gravitational centering force that also has profound evolutionary meaning
when we perceive the potential for greater coherence.
“When all wavelengths are in Phi ratio to each other, adding and multiplying
recursively not just their length, but also their wave-velocity ad infinitum, the [energetic]
implosion spiral accelerates beyond the speed of light at the center to be pushed out in
heterodyning fashion.” This, Dan Winter suggests, is the mechanics of ensoulment;
how consciousness becomes matter, and matter becomes conscious.
Inside the implosion vortex is the superluminal (faster than light) that suffuses genetic
material into form; the convergence of energy and matter into time and space. “To
become cohesive electrically [through emotional bliss] is how field effects become selfaware.”
Or it’s another way to explain consciousness at peak functionality.

And finally to top off this area of inquiry, Dan Winter makes a statement that has
remarkable applicability to our everyday development. He says, “We can quantify selfawareness
by measuring self-reference.” It bears relation when we consider another
statement by Ra Uru Hu, the founder of the Human Design system. “…The ability for the ideas, the perception of experience to be able to grow is directly related to the ability to beable to describe it, and vice versa.” Also, as the philosopher Rupert Spira proclaims, “…
Only Awareness can know anything about Awareness.” They are all defining a selfreferring circuit (torus), or the mechanism of evolution.


 HeartTuner and BlissTuner Research Group - focused on sharing resources and developing collaboration between users, researchers, clinical, practical use, and scientific inquiry. HeartTuner uses EKG Harmonics to Measure Empathy, Emotional COHERENCE, HRV. Based on Dan Winter's original development of CEPSTRUM Mathematics to quantify INTERNAL heart and brain COHERENCE. BlissTuner extends this to also measure BLISS / CREATIVITY in Brainwaves by adding GOLDEN MEAN RATIO feedback cues to EEG harmonic biofeedback. More info: goldenmean.info lead by frank@goldenmean.info , program development. And / or at goldenmean.info/hearttunerspecial with Dan Winter - inventor /research at danwinter@goldenmean.info  

 Dan Winter - June 05 -
"12 Strands-7Veils- vs Mud Bloods"
Newsletter Video Welcome

-- accompanies "12 Strands - and YOUR Soul Invitation" - June 05 Newsletter..

Part ONE Illuminator Series

Part TWO Illuminator Series

Dramatic - Insightful - Never Before Aired- Dan Winter - Television Interview by Jeff Hutner - for the Global ILLUMINATOR television series..- joining 200 other Transformational ILLUMINATORS -

BlissTuner Short Filmclip

Brainwaves of a Telepath / Channel

Showing Clear OCTAVE Alpha / Beta Ratios


HeartLink (former HeartTuner) being Used in KINESIOLOGY Instruction - In Kinesiology College in Netherlands.. Short Clip..

HeartTuner / BlissTuner -most recent articles (more on blisstuner)


on interpreting hearttuner new screens:
other recent articles: goldenmean.info/babalon

goldenmean.info/coherethefield - new July 05 - Cohering the Vacuum: Making Gravity in Biology- The PATH WITH HEART!- Serious physics AND serious spiritual evolution: - The Heart's Fractal Electrification - IS physics creation principle ( how to compress well ) for what symmetry COHERES the vacuum - & MAKES gravity ! "-

Notes on COHERING THE VACUUM IN THE BODY..-Self Empowerment from the principles of Physics!
HeartTuner User + internal download page is considerably updated: all works with self-extractors now!
Also- - New Full Chord Sound Cues for Teaching EEG - Golden RATIO BLISSTUNER - AND New Games Now -or contact: danwinter@goldenmean.info

HeartTuner drivers for different versions are separately downloadable from:
(not needed for those with new type hardware - since the main installer is set for that)

Playable Demo Version of Software (Plays Stored Data-
Does Not Input from Hardware) www.goldenmean.info/pro04privatedemo

Programmable caducceus breathing trainer.(link to goldenmean.info also) . www.goldenmean.info/caducceus

Star Mother : Software Interactive 3 D Sacred Geometrics-Playable www.goldenmean.info/starmother

Star Mother : Real Model_ Platonic kit www.goldenmean.info/kit

Research History www.goldenmean.info/heartjournal

Harmonic Explorer: Software For Interactive Graphics: Effects of COHERENT Harmonic Interference: www.goldenmean.info/harmonicexplorer

3D Java Animation of Toroid / Pent / Dodec Donut Nest- www.goldenmean.info/stillcolourtoroid

3D Java Animation- 7 Color Map Donut - Codefines 7 Spin Symmetry Spins Tetra- Implications for Physics-www.goldenmean.info/tetraphysics

Tetra spin independant from dodeca nest around it! - www.goldenmean.info/sequentialphysics

Earth measurement options: use inexpensive inductor coil, then simple hand made capacitor (callahan probe- is hemp fibres dipped in sea spray wound on a pin) plug into heart tuner- in order to measure effect on locations affected by crystal arrays..this will be most effective in places not overwhelmed with 50 or 60 cycle electrosmog

Examples at goldenmean.info/trees
with links

also- check effect on people is even easier- check average coherence curve rise over time they are exposed to A HEALING EVENT:
(first check heart coherence - then for those with some experience - you can check brain coherence)-more at goldenmean.info/kinesiology

Intrerpreting the HeartFLAME - Heart coherence display in Flameinmind.com is very much like Dan Winter's original invention HeartTuner- examples here...


Below- New - Interpreting the New HeartFLAME - display option for flameinmind.com

1. EKG Interpreting (Empathy , Coherence Measure) - here complete in first draft only

a) The first EKG screen to understand a bit about is the raw data screen- simple EKG plot.

The first thing to know about this screen is to learn to recognize noisy or clean data. Clean data will look like a nice EKG. You see a standard "Q,R,S, + T " wave.

If your data is noisy ( a messy line instead of a clean simple single line - means the electrode is picking up noise). Chances are the electrode is too lose - and or the skin is very dry. First try getting the elecrode in the elastic band a bit tighter. (For people with slender wrists, try folding the elastic band to tighten it, or put tissue in the opposite side, or get smaller tighter wrist bands). If the skin is very dry - or conductivity bad - try cleaning - and or slightly moisening the skin. While you can use a tiny bit of conductive paste - be careful about cleaning the silver electrode snap in pellet later. It is helpful to clean the skin first with rubbing alchohol - but seldom necessary in practice.

Some people get all tense and hold their wrists upright in timid fear- when you first hook them up. Encourage people to relax and position their wrists where they are most comfortable. This way their blood will come to the surface in a warm 'order of the red hand' way - permitting stronger heart voltage to reach the skin. It is helpful to not move much while observing your "Heart Music" but this does not mean you need to be stiff - or in an uncomfortable position.

Note here also - that you CAN take EKG by putting one or both electrodes at the ANKLE - instead of the wrist - so as to free up hand motion. This is particularly helpful if the person must be doing something while be measured for Heart Coherence or empathy etc.

A doctor knows many places where EKG can be measured. Electrode positions do effect the general appearance of the QRST EKG wave - for example putting the electrodes up versus down on the wrists can invert the signal. HeartTuner PRO 04 software DOES have an auto algorhythmn for displaying the heart wave inverted in the commonly recognized position. Since HeartTuner is not designed for medical diagnosis from the displayed EKG raw wave - therefore electrode positions to get a harmonic analysis is not so critical. However- trained persons CAN set up to do hi resolution clinical work with the data, particularly since the EKG ( and ALL the data screens ) can be instantly blown up to full screen hi resolution display.

b.) Interpreting the POWER SPECTRA.

The (power) spectrum is another way to say 'frequency signature' or 'harmonic analysis'. This means - the wave shape from your heart's voltage (Electrocardiogram / EKG) is analyzed to see which different simple sine waves have been "woven" together to make the complex wave. (The principle in math for this is called Fourier Transform - which is a scientific technique for doing the arithmatic to get your harmonic analysis).

To express this to a child - you would say - we are checking the musical chord your heart is making, for which notes it contains.

Each peak, labeled in Hertz or cycles per second - represents a different musical note that is contained in your heart at that moment. Notice particularly that the wave refreshes every second or so, always - the NEWEST most recent wave harmonic is on the BOTTOM while the older ones roll back. This is called a time history or waterfall plot analysis. Technically - the x axis represents frequency, the y axis or vertical peak represents energy density (watts or power) - at that frequency. And finally the scrolling back or z axis plots represent TIME history.


So how do you INTERPRET this simple harmonic analysis of your heart. Of course - people who interpret the exact same frequency range in brainwaves spend a lifetime learning what each harmonic means. (EEG from Alpha / Beta / Theta / Delta 0-20hz- more in the Bliss Tuner - below). BUT we can give you some very simple clues where to start. Remember the primary elegance of the HeartTuner is the NEXT screen which is the CEPSTRUM - the COHERENCE measure. BUT- there is a lot of fun and potential you can gain from recognizing some simple parts of the SPECTRUM. (Notice that in CEPSTRUM - the next plot measuring coherence - a mathematics pioneered by Dan Winter - to measure coherence in a new way - the very word CEPSTRUM is intentionally an anagram of the word Spectrum!).

The PRIMARY thing you learn from looking at the 'cascade' (from left lo frequency to right) of harmonics in the SPECTRUM - is about something called HARMONIC INCLUSIVENESS.

The first time Dan Winter - inventor behind HeartTuner - noticed this was in the early 90's. (Pictured here- this is exactly where HeartMath Institute got the idea- they later stole from Dan Winter).
A healer (named Foster Perry) was connected to the heart spectrum analyzer. And just at the moment he said he was 'sending love' - his heart made this beautiful harmonic cascade. This was consistent. It appeared clearly that when your heart finds a 'shareable' emotion - it indeed contains more harmonics. (That is - more harmonic peaks show up in a nice orderly cascade - in the spectrum- at just the moment your FEEL coherent.) It turns out that indeed this ability of your heart to INCLUDE MORE WAVE HARMONICS AT ONCE - is indeed consistent with the medical literature. Professor Irving Dardik (Cycles Magazine- reprint - goldenmean.info/dardik ) - clearly shows that this HARMONIC INCLUSIVENESS in your Hearts Rate Variability is a CLEAR PREDICTOR OF SURVIVAL OF MOST CHRONIC DISEASE!  What this means in simple terms- is that the more waves you can invite (compress non-destructively) into your heart - and thus the more COHERENT you are - the HEALTHIER you will be!

Later - the Heart Math Institute contacted Dan to learn of his work on measuring heart harmonics- and this phenomenon ( COHERENCE in the Heart ) pioneered by Dan Winter - became the basis of their work. Interestingly - Winter developed later a simple (Cepstrum) mathematics to MEASURE this coherence. ( History -and Alan Watkins book "Instinct to Heal" -proves - Rollin McCraty and compatriots at HeartMath Institute had NEVER TAKEN AN EKG OR CERTAINLY NEVER MEASURED EKG HARMONICS IN ANY WAY- UNTIL DAN WINTER TAUGHT THEM- THEY THEN PROCEEDED TO STEAL AND MARKET DAN WINTER'S IDEAS- ESPECIALLY DAN WINTER'S DOCUMENTED ORIGINAL INVENTION: THE CONCEPT OF HEART COHERENCE. - Except after Dan Winter spent years teaching them what Heart Coherence is- they completely screwed up how to measure and teach it correctly - see the HEART MATH MISTAKE at link)

SO - the key thing to look for in the spectrum plot - is simply IF there is a harmonic MISSING in the cascade. ( As the harmonic 5.2 hz is missing from the cascade above). The farther up in frequencies and the more inclusive in harmonics the cascade- the more coherent the heart emotion. (Concept of ascention in spiritual literature may be mirrored as the heart's harmonics ascend.).

The concept that replacing the missing harmonic - creates healing is repeated in many branches of clinical literature. This can apply to voice harmonics ( Signature Sound Works, BioWaves.com , Biosonics ) , heart harmonics (Dardik) , even forest harmonics (Bioacoustic Habitat theory).

Using the HeartTuner you can see WHICH harmonic could be repaired, replaced, brought back to power in the Heart - to heal. And using this musical key information you could do something about it. You could a) play music in the exact key frequency missing , b) learn emotions which tend to return the missing peak, c) examine the enviornment / electrosmog causing trauma at the missing frequency. For example, for years - all over Europe we found many people with a missing harmonic at 6.25hz. Later we realized this was a perfect octave (6.25 - 12.5 - 25 - 50 ) of 50 cycle - the electrosmog frequency of all Europes power distribution! This was no coincidence. When you sleep too close to bad magnetic fields (clock radio too close? transformers?..) your body is traumatized and responds by avoiding the touch of that wave - like emotional 'armoring' for frequencies.

While most users of HeartTuner move right on to using the Cepstrum - Coherence measure (next) there is a lot of fun and utility to be gained working with the simple spectrum. The key word is - what EMOTIONAL FEELING / EXERCISE creates harmonics in a perfect nice rounded INCLUSIVE CASCADE?

In addition to the original medical proof that harmonic inclusiveness predicts the survival of your EKG against disease -

other examples - of the universal law: Harmonic Inclusiveness (repaired) creates LIFE / predicts vitality:

1. - DESERTIFICATION, Patriarchy and "Hard-Making Power"-Politics that Prevent Touch - Prevent RAIN!

BioAcoustic Habitat Theory: Forest Makes A Membrane (Immune System) by Braiding Coherent Sound Layers..(Harmonic Inclusiveness)

2. The musical key of the EKG can be picked up in the voice - and missing heart frequencies can be repaired with the voice and vice versa: (see goldenmean.info/heartvoice )
3. Even replacing the missing harmonic of COLOR in light - can measureably repair missing voice (+heart?) harmonics. ( see also goldenmean.info/heartvoice ) .