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- HRV / Breath / Cardiac Synth -

Stay tuned fall 2011 - for the new HeartFusion- HeartTuner for Iphone!

new>HeartTuner measures BRAIN-HEART Linkup!..The Heart Brain Connection Measured.

-International Conferences- Implosion Group- newsletter reaches ~10,000, Web attendance over 8 years often million+ per month, Web Index- English, French, Spanish, German, Italian

New Feb 08: Philips Corp.Announces HeartTuner's Profound Cepstrum (Coherence) Measure to be Used in The Measure of ATTENTION SPAN vs Attention Lapse, + Dramatic New Example from BlissTuner: TWO Ways (EKG and EEG) To Measure and Teach Attention Quality Using HeartTuner!

New Feb06- on Implosion Group Web TV<index -: Biology of Kundalini-Bentov Reviewed-from Calgary DVD, Bliss Igntion EEG Biofeedback Setup/Example Film10min - also - Measuring ELF / Tree Harmonics - Schumann Embedding Using HeartTuner 10min film-example from NL.


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Above: Green is Alpha Frequenceis 7-13 Hz. Establish Baseline Frequency for Calculation of RATIO
Inset Box Upper Left: AMOUNT of Brain Coherence

Next : An Example of EXTREME - PHI / 5 Harmonics in EXTREMELY Blissful Lady in Australity

Above - note how the BlissTuner - measures an intense bliss- meditation moment

Next an example of EXTREME 7 Spin OCTAVE State - This Lady (Milan) Is A Professional CHANNEL ./ TELEPATH

'Channelling' / telepathy state (octave or powers of 2 - cascades) above
- in dramatic contrast to 'Bliss' / Creativity state (phi or Golden Ratio cascades) below-

Showing Golden Ratio Replicated
In Brain WaveEEG During Bliss Visualization
Vs. Charge Attraction

TWO Ways to Measure and TEACH EMPATHY..from the Heart (TUNER)

-FULL 2 CHANNEL HRV / Breath Disply
-Long Term HRV History Data Storage - for REAL LONG TERM WELLNESS STUDIES!

-HeartTunerPRO Special- Including 2ch HRV + BLISSTUNER EEG 2ch now with TWO Ways to Measure Empathy with special TRAINING , SUPPORT, - with the new 2 channel HRV/Empathy system- the price has not increased: Special 1399 Euro!. Complete HeartTuner Input Preamp Hardware w/USB, 2 sets EKG + EEG Electrodes- Complete HeartTuner PRO Software Environment -Plus- Free Gift- TRAINING! - if you order thru the Inventor- Dan Winter- Complete 25+ DVD Video Set including 7 disks on HeartTuner/ BlissTunerTrainings (from ) +3 Books of Dan Winter including Ecstacy&Immortality Book - Complete Hardware Warranty & Support from Inventor of HeartTuner -- To Order:-email (your Visa/MC info+ship to) or PAYPAL to: 310 651 8123 | The HeartTuner / BlissTuner System ( thanks to software development with Frank see ) - offered here - with Support from the Inventor+ Training DVD's.. - HRV / Breath / Cardiac Synth + new>HeartTuner measures BRAIN-HEART Linkup!..The Heart Brain Connection Measured. New Mar 07> - HeartTuner-another software breakthru-GFFT+ Film:

New Mar 21,07 New PodCast Video Feeds Menu - For HeartTuner and BlissTuner Training Films (thanks to Richard!)

New Mar6,07 - Major new HeartTuner / BlissTuner documentary - tour - training Film -new features- 90 min- online! The full DVD Hi Res Version with extras- shown right here-is included with training material (25dvd) when you order thru - Here are accompanying Heart / Brain Data Files you can download and Play interactively in the free BlissTuner/ HeartTuner demo (virtually infinite display option choices)
- showing HOW Golden Ratio vs Octave Feedback cues PLUS real internal COHERENCE Measure- in Neurofeedback - revolutionize consciousness training and meditation! (these examples do not yet include the 'GFFT' - stay tuned!!)

Heart~Tuner- BlissTuner - key links:HeartTuner/BlissTuner special offer info - with training
HeartTuner/BlissTuner new- 2 ways to Measure Empathy+Physics of Golden Ratio in Brainwaves
HeartTuner/BlissTuner new- Measuring Heart to Brain Link Up
HeartTuner compared to the 'HeartMath Mistake'

HeartTuner /BlissTuner Users Guide / Manual
HeartTuner BlissTuner Pro 04 Complete Working Demo Download
Frequently Asked Questions
HeartTuner Research History
BlissTuner - Info
HeartTuner / BlissTuner and Attention Deficit Neurofeedback
Users Group / Message History is Open to All 
Now- Special Arrangement - The Most Complete HeartTuner and BlissTuner Training Set Ever-
Seven DVD + One CD (English Language Set) - Details Below - Most DVD are 2-3 Hours Film Each -
$99 US / 85 Euro ( Billing in Australian =133) + $13.50 US Shipping - All Addresses
All Deal With HeartTuner, EKG Biofeedback+BlissTuner actual teaching sessions

07 updates:

Feb 26,07: Perception IS the Physics of PHASE CONJUGATION-the Evidence, +Yet Another Breakthru in BlissTuner EEG: New-Geometric FFT-Measures COHERENCE at ANY Ratio (Phi or Octave) + Shows the Ratio!

Feb 14,07 Hex vs Pent: Emerging from the MATRIX: Brainwave Octaves vs Phi-Proof with new Fractal Synth Software-WHY Golden Ratio Charge Wave Constructive Interference is the Electrical CAUSE of Gravity, Life & Consciousness!

Feb 07,07: The 'Fractal Vacuum'-Ultimate DEFINITION of ENERGY EFFICIENCY (& Energy Sustainability)will ALWAYS be FRACTALITY!- Golden Ratio in EEG Evidences Fractal Electrical Nature of Bliss / Life Force / Gravity Phi Golden Ratio Implosive Symmetry = charge attracted into faster than light fractally perfect distribution - versus - Octave / cubic wave symmetry = charge stored in a matrix.
1. Fractal Vacuum allows Perception by Phase Conjugation: Golden EEG Research- illustrative example- transforming A.D.D. / Addiction into Bliss.
2. WHY Fractality is the key to environmentalism / sustainability / energy efficiency - because it is the key to sustaining charge attraction.
3. Fractal Synthesizer - New Phi Harmonic Interactive Software - demo - download - animations. + Frank's view of perception= phase conjugation.
4. Fibonnacci / Golden String & the Perfect Knot in DNA- pictorial literature examples.
5. 'Observer Physics': Phase Conjugation MAKES AN OBSERVER- out of the CHARGE COMPRESSING electric field CALLED ATTENTION.
6. Fractality and the 'Nature' of the Vacuum / Physics and the Djedi.-with review and link to Nassim's film on the FRACTAL VACUUM.
7. How Fractal Self Similarity between electrons and nucleus - creates the gravity / charge collapse that holds atoms together.
8. Maharishi's Mistake-REAL Brain COHERENCE - Biofeedback vs: the 'Maharishi Mistake. The Maharishi University (of COHERENCE) Graduate Dean Responds.. Learns..
9. "Oe-dipal" origins of human evolution- where the ANU urge-turns wave inside out.
10. new- Science of Fractality - articles reference index (from )

Jan 15,07: Brain COHERENCE Measured & Golden Ratio vs Octaves in EEG: 2 Breakthrus Together - Revolutionize Brain Biofeedback / Meditation Training.. Even the very Definitions of Neuroscience..

Jan 3,07: new "Bliss on a Mac": HeartTuner / BlissTuner support announced for Apple/Mac!

Dec27,06: The DNA Manifesto plus Film Trailer WITH the DNA Physics -

Dec 17,06 HeartTuner measures BRAIN-HEART Linkup!..The Heart Brain Connection Measured.

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Spend 4 Intensive Days with Dan Winter: Multimedia, Visuals, Experientials, Bliss Process and VERY Stimulating Discussion. Dan Winter is widely acknowledged as the most original and penetrating wholistic science teacher on the planet today. Read the radical incrimination of the current scientific views AND the real NEW SCIENCE (on gravity and DNA and the wave musical recipies of self-awareness and self-organization) at PhiRICAIS (Making the Case for PHIre)- How Science can measure LIFE FORCE / & BLISS making Gravity in DNA. . (latest hottest Dan Winter).

Note while Dan Winter's body of thinking is very inclusive and in depth - (3 books / animations / 2000+ pages - see main index ) - this 4 day curriculum is particularly designed in consultation with Feng Shui Seminars and Holistic Architecture to be inviting and accessible to the layperson. While providing substance and rich stimulation for the scientific or technically oriented, this course -especially the 4 day Part One (see the pdf file below) is specifically intended to be introductory and require NO previous knowledge of science / physics etc. Of course a healthy curiousity about the connection between wave science / musical harmonics VERSUS the nature of consciousness and spiritual experience is a great reason to come. The course IS intended for those who themselves intend to APPLY this knowledge practically and/ or professionally - clinically, in healing, in sacred architecture or feng shui, and in teaching.

NEW-TWO Ways to Measure and TEACH EMPATHY..from the Heart (TUNER)

Our beautiful couple - harmonics displayed above..

HeartTuner state of the art way to measure EMPATHY and Heart Coherence

- Proving when our couple FEELS each other TWO ways:
1. EKG Phase lock (Short wave 2-20 hz - 'and we'll talk in present tenses..')
2. HRV Heart Rate Variability -Matching Curve - Longer Wave Breath / Entrainment harmonics- .05-3hz

New evidence: Heart Rate Variability -'getting on the same WAVELENGTH' - helps MEASURE EMPATHY:
Wired to Connect.' - By Anne Underwood - Newsweek Magazine + Daniel Goleman's book "Emotional Intelligence"
Oct. 23, 2006 issue - "Carl Marci was jubilant. After a year in therapy, trying to decide whether to propose to his girlfriend, he had finally taken the plunge—and she had said yes! As Marci recounted the story to his shrink days later, his therapist appeared to share the triumph with him. And it wasn't just an act. Marci, a psychiatrist himself at Massachusetts General Hospital, had wired himself and his therapist to special equipment that records heart-rate variability and "skin conductivity"—two measures that, taken together, indicate the ebb and flow of emotional arousal. When he examined the data later, Marci was stunned. Lines on the two charts rose and fell in perfect unison, revealing that his therapist was truly sharing his excitement. "It's no accident that we speak of being on the same wavelength with someone," says Marci. "In a moment like that, you really are."
That is precisely the point that science writer Daniel Goleman makes in his new book, "Social Intelligence: The New Science of Human Relationships." As Goleman contends, human brains are "wired to connect," and to a much greater extent than we ever realized. It's not just that laughter and bad moods are "contagious." Empathizing with a friend, whether in grief or elation, can activate the very same circuits in our own brains as in our companion's. Eleven years ago, when Goleman published his best seller "Emotional Intelligence," no one understood on a neuronal level how social interactions actually worked—how the brain processed rejection, for example, or experienced loneliness."


BlissTuner / HeartTuner System Updates:

Above - note how the BlissTuner - measures an intense bliss- meditation moment

See the ONLY system to measure Golden Ratio in EEG

+ the ONLY System to measure INTERNAL EEG Coherence (Cepstrum Inset Graph - Top Left)


now (exerpt from).. The Brain Heart Connection-Breakthru in Measurement

-HeartTuner/BlissTuner Biofeedback Update: How many neurons can share in a thought? The answer is the same as - how many neurons can share in the distribution of one CHARGE wave. Pulse streaming for neurons, becomes massive entrainment- based on pure geometry: idealized in fractality. We know - The Healthy Heart is a FRACTAL HEART ( ) - and we know now so much more about the fractal / self similar Golden Mean Ratio in Brainwaves - trigger to consciousness ( , )

NOW - in a software engineering breakthru - from Heart Coherence Team in close collaboration with Dan Winter, we are pleased to announce: THE BRAIN HEART CONNECTION - within the HeartTuner / BlissTuner environment! (Now released for ALL HeartTuner / BlissTuner new buyers and upgrades).

In the lower graph, this gifmation see the immediate response of BRAIN COHERENCE.. to a short meditation..

The Heart-Brain connection has obviously been an intensely discussed question in the psychological and even medical literature. Everyone is aware that making this connection is key to the psychology, the spirituality and the PHYSICS of conscious evolution. What has been missing is the correct tool to MEASURE the connection.

Now - with HeartTuner / BlissTuner newly upgraded software to beautifully allow adjustment of relative gain between channels- Heart Coherence Team software team, with Dan Winter- scientific inspiration- is pleased to announced the BRAIN HEART CONNECTION option! His discovery of how to measure INTERNAL COHERENCE (cepstrum) so revolutionized Heart biofeedback - that the literature now recognizes Dan Winter with inventing the term Heart Coherence. Winter taught HeartMath institute how to take their first EKG and how to spectrum analyze it to measure emotion. Sadly - HeartMath Institute lied about who taught them this, and more seriously- completely misleads their customers about what HeartCoherence is. Read 'The HeartMath Mistake'.

The power of applying Dan Winter's discovery to the measurement of internal BRAIN COHERENCE - is just dawning upon a very slow to learn, biofeedback community. It does appear the Neurofeedback community is shockingly stupid and failing our culture - in failing to recognize and use:

1. the fact that brain wave states :PEAK PERCEPTION, PEAK PERFORMANCE, PEAK EXPERIENCE - need to be TAUGHT by using GOLDEN MEAN and OCTAVE RATIO feedback. (ref: , )

2. the virtually self evident fact that INTERNAL BRAINWAVE COHERENCE TRAINING can perfect and simplify almost all EEG neurofeedback for everything from ADDICTION TO A.D.D. training. Revolutionizing neurofeedback - see: for example- the old way of elaborately (+ expensive time wasting for clinicians) guessing WHICH missing harmonic in EEG to reinforce is virtually ELIMINATED when overall internal COHERENCEis rewarded (see how it looks on graph below) !

3. meditation and consciousness training (like TM for example) have spoken about nothing but COHERENCE for decades . Yet now that Dan Winter has invented the way to do that (measuring internal coherence is precisely what makes it teachable)- the TM community ignores this like a stuck pig (afraid for their wallet apparently- while there ask the TM'ers why they continue to spend BILLIONS to reinvent cities based on Vastu, while having not the first clue of the electrical pure principle behind sacred / biologic architecture.). Below see tangible evidence how WONDERFULLY positive it is to see even a short meditation rewarded by INSTANT EEG COHERENCE PEAK RISE.

----Combine this with the new possibility in HeartTuner BlissTuner with the ability to measure EMPATHY in TWO separate and powerful ways- COHERENCE PHASE LOCK plus 2 channel HRV compare ( ref: ) . THEN now here add the incredibly potent and new ability to measure when your heart and brain a) come into phase, and separately b) when they are each internally coherent, and c) when that coherence peak is simultaneous to both!

Result: the HeartTuner BlissTuner is such a revolutionary and powerful tool to biofeedback in general.. it may take a generation of obsolete practitioners to die before the breakthru can be recognized. Imagine the thousands of biofeedback practioners on Earth who each have gone thru all their training being WRONGLY taught that INTERNAL COHERENCE cannot be measured - only compared between 2 signal sets.

The point is - that for those visionary enough to understand the incredibly potent role biofeedback with EEG / EKG coherence + HRV and empathy measure - could play in shepherding and teaching conscious growth- (as well as in countless clinical and research situations) the new HeartTuner BlissTuner is a system completely in a class by itself.

Update Jan 3, 07: Bliss On A MAC! -Dan Winter Announces Apple Support for HeartTuner / BlissTuner

-- If you were waiting to operate the world's most sophisticated consciousness / empathy / heart training biofeedback environment-HeartTuner / BlissTuner - until it would run on your favorite - Apple Mac computer, well - the time has come! (uses Parallels new version, runs on any current Intel chip Mac)

Now Apple enthusiasts can play with all the exciting new features - HRV - EEG Golden Ratio. We must acknowledge all the development effort with the Heart Coherence Team:
- note the special offer > free 25 DVD of which 7 are HeartTuner/BlissTuner training, plus personal (Mac and PC) support from Dan Winter..
if you place your order thru the inventor:

Bliss (in Tune..) is running HeartTuner / BlissTuner on a Mac!!!

HeartTuner BlissTuner -runs with speed- and ALL the new HRV / BlissTuner etc features-(and clickable window with window) in MacOS
- Uses the New- Parallels -Running Windows XP in Apple Mac- faster than in most PC Machines:

Now all the amazing new EEG / HRV / EKG features of the latest HeartTuner / BlissTuner are available to you on the fabulous new Apple Mac platform. (Requires Intel - based Apple / Mac - all the current models. HeartTuner / BlissTuner tested excellently in the (highly acclaimed) new updated Parallels - operating Windows XP at speed within the Max OS. Probably also runs OK in the less flexible Apple BootCamp - Windows ).

Instructions to Apple/Mac- HeartTuner users: After you install Parallels newest, into your Intel equipped Mac ( uses Windows XP with SP2 standard setup disk)- plug in HeartTuner to either USB port in your Mac. Then simply click on Parallels USB menu to tell Windows XP to see the "C2++" hardware (unnecessary if you chose 'automatically mount USB devices' when you set up Parallels). Windows XP will recognize it, and (permanently) set up the USB Human Interface Device drivers automatically - standard in Windows. Now your standard HeartTuner new software installed in your Windows Mac emulator - runs great- enjoy!



Mind, body, spirit INSIGHT - Healing Journeys ARTICLES - "Maury assists clients with the Heart Tuner, the latest in bio-feedback technology, in order to fully integrate their hearts in the healing process".

"In my work, I serve as a mentor for those seeking excellence; in relationships, leadership, athletic performance, creative expression and spiritual development. As a Guide, I assist clients through life's major roadblocks - pain, illness; and traumatic events. I guide clients through the maze of the mind to the Truth that exists at that moment. Healing occurs when the inner Truth aligns with the mental emotional being. We call this "The Work". The Heart Tuner is a computerized biofeedback program which shows the music of the heart and opens the door to heart coherence. Heart Coherence holds the secret to mental clarity, physical health and heart-oriented relationships. When coherent, the biological heart, harmonizes the autonomic nervous system to create peace within. Simply observing your own heart harmonics expands consciousness. It is fascinating to observe the response of the heart to important questions. In counseling we use the Heart Tuner to identify issues that are calling for greater clarity and to confirm when that issue is resolved".

Maury Lamb, US



"Now that I have had a chance to get familiar with the Heart Tuner, I thought I would write to share my initial impressions and some ideas for future improvements to the software. Please bear with me. First of all I would like to say the system is great, I’m highly impressed. Well worth the wait. The Heart Tuner is without a doubt the most advanced ECG biofeedback device on the market and although the EEG portion of the program is in its first incarnation it still exceeds the functionality of most other systems and is a very solid foundation on which to build on. The hardware also seems to be very well constructed and high quality, hopefully it is advanced enough to be used with many future software revisions". - Ryan D, Canada, Oct. 2006



"You have created a very comprehensive platform, with a lot of complexity put in a small package. It's a pleasure to be part of this evolution". - Rod Punnett, Canada, Oct. 2006



"I am delighted with the heart tuner and look forward to developing greater skill in utilizing all its capabilities". - Richard Glade, US, Feb. 2005



".. Keep up the good work, you continue to evolve a superlative product.."
Rod Punnett, Canada, Jan. 2005



"..I did want you to know that I am sincerely grateful to you and the rest of the Heart Coherence Team for the job you are doing". - Peter Valle, US, Dec. 2004


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(note the bottom history plot curve in the above pic is not included in Pro04-lite)

note again regarding format - in most of the world- the PAL DVD videos play on television DVD players OR computer DVD players..
except in America where they play on all computer DVD players and some (newer or better equipped dual format) TV DVD players.

- for examples of PHASE CONJUGATION (like the CADUCCEUS BREATH) creating healing in biology - we celebrate the release of..

.. the NEW HeartTuner BlissTuner - HRV / Breath Software Release - emerges from Beta this week!..
-FULL 2 CHANNEL HRV / Breath Disply
-Long Term HRV History Data Storage - for REAL LONG TERM WELLNESS STUDIES!

Can you make a caducceus in your breathing - to add fractal harmonic inclusiveness AND COHERENCE to your HRV / heart...
or are you being taught to breathe at only one frequency:
(more on this at>) the Heart Math MISTAKE?
the "HeartMath Mistake" is revealed where FRACTAL and GOLDEN RATIO Breath/HRV - Supports + COEXISTs with, HIGH Internal Cardiac Coherence
(or ICC - the real cepstrum COHERENCE measure invented by Winter- they don't understand or use-- Rollin McCraty, Gary Schwartz et al - wrongly claim teaching Cepstrum coherence prevents HRV ..) more on cardiac synth - options - download:

click above to download Medical Research pdf - click here for more on 'HeartMath Mistake'

heart tuner demo -- main user guide -- introduction-- cardiac synthesizer- with preliminary userguide -- HRV module preliminary userguide
HeartTuner / BlissTuner - inventions from Dan Winter - are currently developed and marketed by HeartCoherence Team (left) -

If you order your system thru
Dan Winter (inventor)
- you receive a free bonus 24dvd (7 HeartTuner training), +3 book set - see
more system description:

above- more on how BLISSTUNER included with HeartTuner teaches the BLISS / ECSTASY / PEAK EXPERIENCE - + the end of A.D.D. + Addiction by teaching Golden Ratio PHASE CONJUGATION in EEG (constructive CHARGE COMPRESSION) - see

Related: New movies online.

Below- elegant new Heart Coherence and Empathy / Meditation ButteryFly Game: (the all time best of the HeartTuner games)

 HeartTuner and BlissTuner Research Group - focused on sharing resources and developing collaboration between users, researchers, clinical, practical use, and scientific inquiry. HeartTuner uses EKG Harmonics to Measure Empathy, Emotional COHERENCE, HRV. Based on Dan Winter's original development of CEPSTRUM Mathematics to quantify INTERNAL heart and brain COHERENCE. BlissTuner extends this to also measure BLISS / CREATIVITY in Brainwaves by adding GOLDEN MEAN RATIO feedback cues to EEG harmonic biofeedback. More info: lead by , program development. And / or at with Dan Winter - inventor /research at
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+Scientific understanding of BLISS-with Dan Winter- introduced by Dr.CorneliusVanDorp at New Zealand Maori holistic health center..(2004)
Measuring Tree Harmonics to measure ecologic health -
HeartTuner preamp - presented by Dan Winter in Netherlands (04)-How probe works - how pathologic harmonics identify sick tree - .etc .

an Amazing new Graphically Illustrated Intro Film: Symmetry of LIFE:
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How Self Similarity
Produces the NON-DESTRUCTIVE (charge) Compression
- to Make LIFE FORCE / Seed Germination AND Gravity?
 Dan Winter's New 15 Min. Dynamic Video Introduction to
a Revolution in Designing for LIFE!

- Symmetry of Life - Intro Film

-Measuring Life Force

-Implications for Architecture

-Symmetry of Life in WATER

NEW: Aug 05 - HeartTuner Training Video Series ONE - HeartTuner Basics.
New Interactive Window in Window Teaching Technology.. The REAL Thing.
 Dynamic New- Window in Window - Intro Training Film for BlissTuner  Can Dan Winter / Inventor - Make His Own BlissTuner Sing?? - check here:

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HeartLink (former HeartTuner) being Used in KINESIOLOGY Instruction - In Kinesiology College in Netherlands.. Short Clip..

HeartTuner / BlissTuner -most recent articles (more on blisstuner)

on interpreting hearttuner new screens:
other recent articles: - new July 05 - Cohering the Vacuum: Making Gravity in Biology- The PATH WITH HEART!- Serious physics AND serious spiritual evolution: - The Heart's Fractal Electrification - IS physics creation principle ( how to compress well ) for what symmetry COHERES the vacuum - & MAKES gravity ! "-

Notes on COHERING THE VACUUM IN THE BODY..-Self Empowerment from the principles of Physics!
HeartTuner User + internal download page is considerably updated: all works with self-extractors now!
Also- - New Full Chord Sound Cues for Teaching EEG - Golden RATIO BLISSTUNER - AND New Games Now -or contact:

HeartTuner drivers for different versions are separately downloadable from:
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Playable Demo Version of Software (Plays Stored Data-
Does Not Input from Hardware)

Programmable caducceus breathing trainer.(link to also) .

Star Mother : Software Interactive 3 D Sacred Geometrics-Playable

Star Mother : Real Model_ Platonic kit

Research History

Harmonic Explorer: Software For Interactive Graphics: Effects of COHERENT Harmonic Interference:

3D Java Animation of Toroid / Pent / Dodec Donut Nest-

3D Java Animation- 7 Color Map Donut - Codefines 7 Spin Symmetry Spins Tetra- Implications for

Tetra spin independant from dodeca nest around it! -

Earth measurement options: use inexpensive inductor coil, then simple hand made capacitor (callahan probe- is hemp fibres dipped in sea spray wound on a pin) plug into heart tuner- in order to measure effect on locations affected by crystal arrays..this will be most effective in places not overwhelmed with 50 or 60 cycle electrosmog

Examples at
with links

also- check effect on people is even easier- check average coherence curve rise over time they are exposed to A HEALING EVENT:
(first check heart coherence - then for those with some experience - you can check brain coherence)-more at

Living things (like foodstuffs etc) can be checked for lifeforce and checking for harmonic inclusiveness in the newly upgraded life force measuring.. , new double egg system for active noise reduction - transducers are being completed this month
First a new note here: The comparison chart which has interested so many- between HeartTuner vs. 'FreezeFramer' from HeartMath - is at ,
Now with increasing interest in comparing the main EEG / BRAINwave devices
- we compare the BlissTuner to the EEG - Industry Standard- BRAINMASTER

   BrainMaster  HeartTuner / BlissTuner
 Adjustable Gain Alpha / Beta / Theta / Delta Display for EEG  Yes  Yes
 Optional Vertical type cross hemispheric Display - similar to 'Mind Mirror' - (for internpreting advanced conscious states simply)  No  Yes
 Measures Brain Coherence  No  Yes (Cepstrum)
 Measures EKG / Empathy / Heart Coherence  No  Yes
 Audio Rewards-Teaches Golden Ratio EEG - Creativity / 'Bliss' State  No  Yes
 Safety Approvals  FDA Only  FDA and EU
 Where Available  US Only  Global
 Training Materials:  1 VHS Video  5 International Training DVD-videos,
1 Training CD
 Exports Data to External Interactive Software  Yes  Yes
 Connection  Serial -COM: (RS-232 or "modem") port.
(Obsolete on Newer Computers)
 USB (Current Industry Standard)
 Price   $995 US  Around $1500 -
a Researchers/ Teachers Special is Available -Info:

Note: This special package for HeartTuner / BlissTuner Pro 04 - Researchers and Teachers -
does also include the HeartTunerPro original software - for use with the same included hardware:

-below are some of the included training materials:
-The Original Training DVD -Made especially for HeartTuner Pro04+BlissTuner

-Shows extensive HeartTuner / BlissTuner Training Session - Paris04-English+French


-Disk 2 From Thonon/Geneva-Set-Showing HeartTuner+Nice BlissTuner Training Examples - English+French

-Newest Most UptoDate-Oct05: HeartTuner and BlissTuner Session-from Turin Course-English+Italian

-Gottingen 04- This is disk 4 of Course Showing the Complete Example HeartTuner/BlissTuner Background, Connection, Example Sessions and Discussion - <German AND English |

   HeartTuner - CD - Includes - Installer Software - Manuals- + Training Films -the Original Software - still very powerful + useful - includes HRV. - Complete Demo and Trainer and Research CD: Includes - HeartTuner Pro -Demo Software Installers, Valentine Game, Harmonic Module, HeartTuner Support, Web Mirror, HeartTuner users Manuals, HeartTuner Research, Brain Tuner Info - & 5 Heart Tuner Training Videos (mpeg in browser menu) INCLUDING - Live Video from New Zealand on How to Use HeartTuner and neurofeedback solutions in ADDICTION and Attention Deficit. HeartTuner Demo mpeg videos and HeartTuner demo software runs on PC's and MAC's (Virtual PC required for MAC)..Note: HeartTuner hardware is not supported on Apple Mac)

This is an older Australian Recording showing the Original HEARTLINK - Igniting the Grid - Formerly 'Monitoring the Heart' 2 Hr PAL Digitally Mastered DVD Video: with Dan Winter and Australian Aboriginal Ley Line / Grid Expert - PAUL WHITE.. with Heart Harmonics Measured + Discussion of the Connection Between Ophanim, Enoch, and the Aboriginal Song Line Sciences..

Well edited DVD- older set- shows original HEARTLINK - dicussion of Meaning of Heart Harmonics is still very useful.
Dan Winter presents The Science of Love and Compassion -Now on ONE DVD! (approx 2.5 hour total PAL Video on DVD - was 3 vol tape)- each tape 0f the 3 below is contained now on this one DVD.

Below- New - Interpreting the New HeartTuner Pro 04 Screen.

1. EKG Interpreting (Empathy , Coherence Measure) - here complete in first draft only

2. EEG Interpreting ( BlissTuner ) - first sections- below

3. Life Force Interpreting ( Freshness / Vital Force ) - use: - until active noise suppresion - double egg set testing is added ..


Section One: EKG.

Click on SELECT in CHANNEL INPUT BOX: and select 2 channel EKG:

Notice later options to compare Heart Coherence with Brain Coherence, and to do 1 or 2 person EKG OR EEG - and to do 1 person 2 channel EEG (right / left hemispher) BLISSTUNER - discussed below - and at


a) The first EKG screen to understand a bit about is the raw data screen- simple EKG plot.

The first thing to know about this screen is to learn to recognize noisy or clean data. Clean data will look like a nice EKG. You see a standard "Q,R,S, + T " wave.

If your data is noisy ( a messy line instead of a clean simple single line - means the electrode is picking up noise). Chances are the electrode is too lose - and or the skin is very dry. First try getting the elecrode in the elastic band a bit tighter. (For people with slender wrists, try folding the elastic band to tighten it, or put tissue in the opposite side, or get smaller tighter wrist bands). If the skin is very dry - or conductivity bad - try cleaning - and or slightly moisening the skin. While you can use a tiny bit of conductive paste - be careful about cleaning the silver electrode snap in pellet later. It is helpful to clean the skin first with rubbing alchohol - but seldom necessary in practice.

Some people get all tense and hold their wrists upright in timid fear- when you first hook them up. Encourage people to relax and position their wrists where they are most comfortable. This way their blood will come to the surface in a warm 'order of the red hand' way - permitting stronger heart voltage to reach the skin. It is helpful to not move much while observing your "Heart Music" but this does not mean you need to be stiff - or in an uncomfortable position.

Note here also - that you CAN take EKG by putting one or both electrodes at the ANKLE - instead of the wrist - so as to free up hand motion. This is particularly helpful if the person must be doing something while be measured for Heart Coherence or empathy etc.

A doctor knows many places where EKG can be measured. Electrode positions do effect the general appearance of the QRST EKG wave - for example putting the electrodes up versus down on the wrists can invert the signal. HeartTuner PRO 04 software DOES have an auto algorhythmn for displaying the heart wave inverted in the commonly recognized position. Since HeartTuner is not designed for medical diagnosis from the displayed EKG raw wave - therefore electrode positions to get a harmonic analysis is not so critical. However- trained persons CAN set up to do hi resolution clinical work with the data, particularly since the EKG ( and ALL the data screens ) can be instantly blown up to full screen hi resolution display.

b.) Interpreting the POWER SPECTRA.

The (power) spectrum is another way to say 'frequency signature' or 'harmonic analysis'. This means - the wave shape from your heart's voltage (Electrocardiogram / EKG) is analyzed to see which different simple sine waves have been "woven" together to make the complex wave. (The principle in math for this is called Fourier Transform - which is a scientific technique for doing the arithmatic to get your harmonic analysis).

To express this to a child - you would say - we are checking the musical chord your heart is making, for which notes it contains.

Each peak, labeled in Hertz or cycles per second - represents a different musical note that is contained in your heart at that moment. Notice particularly that the wave refreshes every second or so, always - the NEWEST most recent wave harmonic is on the BOTTOM while the older ones roll back. This is called a time history or waterfall plot analysis. Technically - the x axis represents frequency, the y axis or vertical peak represents energy density (watts or power) - at that frequency. And finally the scrolling back or z axis plots represent TIME history.

Notice that the adjustable scaling bars that pop up if you put your cursor to the right. The vertical pair - adjust the gain or height vertically of the peaks, and the other vertical one adjusts the vertical distance between each data wave displayed. There is also a horizontal pair or adjustment bars. (not shown in this pic- they pop up if you put your cursor on the bottom right instead in the far right side.) The horizontal pair adjust a) whether the vertical 'waterfall' plotting lines is stacked vertically over each other, or walk gradually toward the right (waterfall vertically versus waterfall diagonally). - And b) the other horizontal bar - allows you to display HIGHER FREQUENCIES above the normal 0-20hz or so. (Puts higher frequencies on the x axis Hertz labeled display).

Notice also the option on the display options pull down menu for the SPECTRUM

The option to display Heart or Brain harmonics as concentric radiance - In this way you can get a nice visual feel for whether your heart is 'shining' - "Turn on your Heart Lights". Both poetic and rigorous - this display option for the spectra actually shows which HARMONICS ARE INCLUDED - just calibrated as concentric rings -instead of peaks in a row like the usual Power Spectra.


So how do you INTERPRET this simple harmonic analysis of your heart. Of course - people who interpret the exact same frequency range in brainwaves spend a lifetime learning what each harmonic means. (EEG from Alpha / Beta / Theta / Delta 0-20hz- more in the Bliss Tuner - below). BUT we can give you some very simple clues where to start. Remember the primary elegance of the HeartTuner is the NEXT screen which is the CEPSTRUM - the COHERENCE measure. BUT- there is a lot of fun and potential you can gain from recognizing some simple parts of the SPECTRUM. (Notice that in CEPSTRUM - the next plot measuring coherence - a mathematics pioneered by Dan Winter - to measure coherence in a new way - the very word CEPSTRUM is intentionally an anagram of the word Spectrum!).

The PRIMARY thing you learn from looking at the 'cascade' (from left lo frequency to right) of harmonics in the SPECTRUM - is about something called HARMONIC INCLUSIVENESS.

The first time Dan Winter - inventor behind HeartTuner - noticed this was in the early 90's. A healer (named Foster Perry) was connected to the heart spectrum analyzer. And just at the moment he said he was 'sending love' - his heart made this beautiful harmonic cascade. This was consistent. It appeared clearly that when your heart finds a 'shareable' emotion - it indeed contains more harmonics. (That is - more harmonic peaks show up in a nice orderly cascade - in the spectrum- at just the moment your FEEL coherent.) It turns out that indeed this ability of your heart to INCLUDE MORE WAVE HARMONICS AT ONCE - is indeed consistent with the medical literature. Professor Irving Dardik (Cycles Magazine- reprint - ) - clearly shows that this HARMONIC INCLUSIVENESS in your Hearts Rate Variability is a CLEAR PREDICTOR OF SURVIVAL OF MOST CHRONIC DISEASE!  What this means in simple terms- is that the more waves you can invite (compress non-destructively) into your heart - and thus the more COHERENT you are - the HEALTHIER you will be!

Later - the Heart Math Institute contacted Dan to learn of his work on measuring heart harmonics- and this phenomenon ( COHERENCE in the Heart ) pioneered by Dan Winter - became the basis of their work. Interestingly - Winter developed later a simple (Cepstrum) mathematics to MEASURE this coherence.

SO - the key thing to look for in the spectrum plot - is simply IF there is a harmonic MISSING in the cascade. ( As the harmonic 5.2 hz is missing from the cascade above). The farther up in frequencies and the more inclusive in harmonics the cascade- the more coherent the heart emotion. (Concept of ascention in spiritual literature may be mirrored as the heart's harmonics ascend.).

The concept that replacing the missing harmonic - creates healing is repeated in many branches of clinical literature. This can apply to voice harmonics ( Signature Sound Works, , Biosonics ) , heart harmonics (Dardik) , even forest harmonics (Bioacoustic Habitat theory).

Using the HeartTuner you can see WHICH harmonic could be repaired, replaced, brought back to power in the Heart - to heal. And using this musical key information you could do something about it. You could a) play music in the exact key frequency missing , b) learn emotions which tend to return the missing peak, c) examine the enviornment / electrosmog causing trauma at the missing frequency. For example, for years - all over Europe we found many people with a missing harmonic at 6.25hz. Later we realized this was a perfect octave (6.25 - 12.5 - 25 - 50 ) of 50 cycle - the electrosmog frequency of all Europes power distribution! This was no coincidence. When you sleep too close to bad magnetic fields (clock radio too close? transformers?..) your body is traumatized and responds by avoiding the touch of that wave - like emotional 'armoring' for frequencies.

While most users of HeartTuner move right on to using the Cepstrum - Coherence measure (next) there is a lot of fun and utility to be gained working with the simple spectrum. The key word is - what EMOTIONAL FEELING / EXERCISE creates harmonics in a perfect nice rounded INCLUSIVE CASCADE?

In addition to the original medical proof that harmonic inclusiveness predicts the survival of your EKG against disease -

other examples - of the universal law: Harmonic Inclusiveness (repaired) creates LIFE / predicts vitality:

1. - DESERTIFICATION, Patriarchy and "Hard-Making Power"-Politics that Prevent Touch - Prevent RAIN!

BioAcoustic Habitat Theory: Forest Makes A Membrane (Immune System) by Braiding Coherent Sound Layers..(Harmonic Inclusiveness)

2. The musical key of the EKG can be picked up in the voice - and missing heart frequencies can be repaired with the voice and vice versa: (see )
3. Even replacing the missing harmonic of COLOR in light - can measureably repair missing voice (+heart?) harmonics. ( see also ) .

c.) Interpreting the CEPSTRUM - The COHERENCE Display:

How does the Cepstrum MEASURE INTERNAL COHERENCE? : - the waves of the harmonic analysis are examined as a cascade to see if the space between contained harmonics are locked together in phase (COHERENCE). If the cascade peaks are evenly spaced- then the Second Order Power Spectra (Ceptstrum) shows a peak indicating the distance between internal harmonics. The position of the display peak is therefore inversely proportional to the musical fundamental of the heart AND Heart Rate. The HEIGHT (or amplitude) of the displayed peak is proportional to THE AMOUNT OF INTERNAL COHERENCE IN THE HEART at that moment. After some observation you will notice that whenever the heart finds something shareable ( like - speaking your truth , liking a joke, experiencing healing, or even feeling love!!) - that this COHERENCE PEAK WILL RISE IN RESPONSE!

below - earlier version of this COHERENCE display:

So - step ONE- is to learn what emotion RAISES THE PEAK. This corresponds to learning WHAT MAKES YOU PASSIONATE! Observing whether this peak rises - with some experience - then allows KINESIOLOGY TO BE MEASUREABLE! ( Muscle strength equals the electrical COHERENCE your body delivers). In effect - then this part of heart tuner - makes cellular intelligence measureable. This also functions as a kind of lie detector ( since speaking your truth raises the peak - speaking a lie lowers it). The science for this is simple. Waves that can distribute together without interference are called SHAREABLE. The scientific name for waves that are shareable (do not interfere with each other and their world) is called COHERENCE. SO - measuring coherence - is a way to check your lover and your used car salesman- after you get a little experience. Not only can you check individually to see what feelings are shareable (COHERENCE IS PURE INTENTION) - but further (below) you can measure for empathy ability.

--Step TWO - is to learn - how to MOVE this peak - from right to left. People who are stuck at one frequency - are also stuck emotionally. This ability to vary Heart Rate - is called HEART RATE VARIABILITY. It is not only a key medical health indicator - it is also a key indicator of EMOTIONAL FLEXIBILITY. For those who have very little change over time in this right left movement (heart musical key) - we recommend - first - more exercise to get heart rate high, and then to begin to notice what FEELINGS produce movement here. Eventually we learn that the skill to intentionally choose EMPATHY is related directly to the ability to CONSCIOUSLY move this peak to LINK HEARTS.

-- Step THREE- is to learn - to LINK HEARTS with another person. This makes EMPATHY - and the passing of emotional charge and healing and even tantra and love - between bodies- all MEASUREABLE! What you are looking for is the moment(s) when 2 hearts peak lines up. This means that at those moments they acheive what is technically "micromotion entrainment" or "phase lock" or "linked hearts". This is important because it measures when BODIES CAN EXCHANGE THE ELECTRICAL CHARGE LIKE BELLS TUNED TO EACH OTHER. You can even tell - who moved toward the other - while one stood still. This suggests who is flexible enough to seek EMPATHY actively and consciously. This is useful for:

+ healers wishing to learn to share energy with their patients.

+ counselors

+ marriage therapy

+ tantra

+ conflict resolution and peacemaking

+ corporate concensus process learning

+ business people wishing to get on the same wavelength consciously as their clients ( as the one of the largest national banks of australia uses the system in the corporate headquarters).

Look for a distinct feeling in the room of TINGLE or PRESENCE or COHERENCE at this moment when 2 person get the skill to link hearts. Historically - we find it is more common for women to be able to link hearts than men. This can make for a fun and playful game (below we get to gaming enviornment on this).

-- Step FOUR - is to learn to move from HEAD centered emotion to HEART centered emotion. From decades of work we have learned that peoples Heart RATE and therefore CEPSTRUM peak tends to park at certain geometries. The range for the most common rates is between .618 hz and 1.0 on the Cepstrum scale. (Later we also chose to display - the corrected lines also where the lines are at multiples of the Plank Time Constant - which is sacred - embedded - and not dependant on the second whose duration may not be part of nature. Note on the top pic- red line versus yellow lines on the x axis hz scaling.) Our subjective experience is that persons whose Heart 'musical key' parks nearer to 1.0 are more conceptual in their current emotion. Whereas those whose heart 'musical fundamental' parks closer to .618 hertz - or the .618 times PLANK TIME red line near - are usually experiencing a more touchy feely - contact permissive emotion. Many feel that this is a beginning for how to train people to learn to move from HEAD centered emotion (near 1.0) to HEART centered emotion (near .618). This may be an oversimplification - but it is amazing how often this seems to be meaningful as people move from conceptual to empathic feelings. This is currently a hypothesis to be tested - and we appreciate your input.

Finally - for EKG we discuss interpreting the time history plot . (Bottom graph in the full screen pic above).

Notice that this graph currently can display COHERENCE or CEPSTRUM average. And that the duration of the time scale AND the AMOUNT of AVERAGING for the plot- is adjustable on the horizontal scroll bars. The amount of gain / verical scale is adjusted with the vertical scroll bar.

A simple experiment we conducted recently with this graph: During a healing session - at the peak minutes of the session - this curve sustained a beautiful climb to a higher plateau. As well it was noted that when a microwave cell phone rang nearby - the hearts coherence suffered an immediate drop for a time. The hypothesis is- that if there is reasonably stable baseline here, that a curve climbing increase will correlate to a heart which gains sustainability (HEALING) by gaining coherence. Wholistic healers are urged to test this for themselves!

Next: Interpreting the EEG - the BLISSTUNER.

by selecting the Double Hemisphere BRAIN - on the INPUT SELECTOR:

The BlissTuner EEG display comes up:



Mind Mirror (3 times the cost of HeartTuner with less than 1/3 the features).. correctly describes this brainwave picture- but misses the PURE PRINCIPLE (Golden Mean / Implosion- RATIO in the cascade symmetry) triggers BLISS & Learning. Here is their description of THIS brainwave biofeedback learning picture:

"The AWAKENED MIND brainwave pattern combines the intuitive, empathetic radar of the delta waves, the creative inspiration, personal insight, and spiritual awareness of the theta waves, the bridging capacity and relaxed, detached, awareness of the alpha waves, and the external attention and ability to consciously process thought of beta waves, all at the same time. It is a brainwave pattern shared by people in higher states of consciousness regardless of their philosophy, theology or meditation technique. This brainwave pattern can be found during "peak experience" and in all forms of creativity and high performance. The awakened mind is also the "ah-ha," appearing at the exact instant of solving the problem, or getting the insight."

NeuroScience notes: Bliss - Euphoria - Ecstasy- & INSIGHT - connected to a BEAT & BIG FLASH- a Large Scale Neuro-Electric Phenomenon?

- From the French Magazine Sciences et Avenir, Sept 2003, Exclusive: "We know finally where lives God " (by Anna Alter) , thanks to Valerie Sandelin & Jean Senot- for forwarding & translating.

"The understanding researchers have of this (brain) organ of big complexity progresses every day. Neuropsychologists analyzing the functioning of the brain during religious experiencess or during prayers were able to explain how both lobes could "trip out" and provoke a BEAT- " peace of mind, a big flash ". This phenomenon would be at the origin of the states of grace, ecstasies, appearances and the other miracles.
Scientific integrity requires our researchers to analyze real ways which allow homo sapiens sapiens to raise themselves to radiant heights by transcendental means (still measured?by science): Via positiva consists in fixing an object, and Via negativa requires(demands) to think of nothing, to empty completely the head. By a specific mental activity, normal functioning of the brain is perturbed - to disconnect him(it) from the reality,...
The neuropsychiatrists, can now compare to the descriptions given in the Gospel, the Koran or in history books, in view of the symptoms shown by certain seers, diagnose in these patient's (with the view from our age) an epilepsy of the right(straight) temporal lobe. A disorder of the electric activity in this group of neurones provokes very particular visual and auditive hallucinations, except for left-handed persons whose brain is differently latéraliséd and organized. (Insert here from Winter: Cross Hemispheric Coherence?). The subject in these 'pointed' conditions - sees the light and hears (from within?) words, exactly as saint Paul on the road of Damascus or Joan of Arc in her village of Lorraine of Domrémy. " The fundamentalism and the religious fanaticism are also explained by a conditioning from the youngest age entailing a dysfunction of " deep intellectual regions ". The faith and the religious rites can have beneficial effects, antistress notably,- noting however that too much is also dangerous....

We know now HOW bliss is triggered- are we ready to teach that? Biofeedback has the tools, now we have the software --Check out some screen array samples from the new HeartTuner Pro04- Including the Bliss Tuner trainer module (screen top right).


A short historical review on electrical measures of Bliss / Euphoria / Ecstasy:

Dan Winter - thanks to his mentor Prof.Al Ax (long time collaborator with Elmer Green & Joe Kamiya - founders of biofeedback) - had helped construct the electrical lab / polygraphy where fear and anger were first described electrically (1980's Univ Detroit Psychophysiology Clinic). Dan was then the first to locate Golden Mean ratio in Manfred Clynes famous Sentic wave shape definition of LOVE in music science - the shape of the touch or hug or squeeze which expresses LOVE as wave embedding. ( ). Dan first measured intense healing emotion electrically - when he discovered EKG harmonics spaced in Golden Mean arithmetic coherence cascades during HEALING LOVE - at Millard Fillmore Hospital lab 1991-1994. (complete history and graphs at ). This provoked the Heart Math Institute to hire Dan to teach them how to measure EKG harmonics and began their career in science. Dan then developed the mathematics of cepstrum (2nd order not inverse power spectra) to measure INTERNAL COHERENCE - revolutionizing the measure & teaching of emotional and brain coherence which became his invention HeartTuner ( ). The implications for true understanding of COHERENCE - explored at - revolutionize the worlds of A.D.D. / Addiction training by coherence - and organizations (like Heart Math & TM) whose foundations are based on coherence - yet never acheived measurement. Also in the mid 1990's the famous Dr. Ed Wilson - (compatriot to Candace Pert-author of the silver bullet theory of emotion:"Molecules of Emotion")- Ed was at that time research director of The Monroe Institute (Hemisynch Tapes). Ed had discovered that Fibonacci to Golden Ratio audio cascades -beat note differentials in audio headphones - triggered 'liquid phonon heterodynes' in the brain which quickly became the DEFINITION of transcendance in brainwaves. He launched people consistently into transcendance / bliss states using Phi / Golden sound ratios in headphones alone (differential beat cascades). Ed abandoned Bob Monroe - who was afraid to release this- and came to make a documentary film with Dan Winter - comparing his brain bliss work with Dan's EKG studies. They put extensive examples of his 3D color brain surface maps (Lexicor 32 ch. EEG) in that film. In summary (Ed found) - EEG coherence areas at the hemispheric opposite extremes - defined DISSOCIATION (in brainwaves) and was triggered by OCTAVES audio input (NOT fibonacci or PHI)- as opposed to brainwave coherence lighting up specifically in the TOP CROWN CENTER of the brain - when triggered by FIBONACCI (leads to Phi Golden Mean) audio cascades. This latter state he DEFINED as brainwave TRANSCENDANCE; it is clearly related to the triggering of CROSS HEMISPHERIC brainwave coherence. -

... and this sets the stage for the next ELECTRICAL bliss precedent history... our friend: Dr. Korotkov in Russia - found and published clear evidence that Golden Mean ratio was the KEY ATTRACTOR - identifying BLISS / Euphoria in brainwave harmonics. See

also see Cross Hemispheric COHERENCE in his BLISS measures -below: ( Dr.K.-of the famous GDV clinical aura discharge diagnostic tools- was first also to measure how death is successful when CHARGE propagates successfully from the corpse - suggesting a whole new industry instructing people on the electrical hygiene to survive death - non destructive / fractal charge distribution - see .)

Dr. Korotkov was invited to document the intensive bliss related visualization training used in the successful WORLD WITHOUT BLINDNESS PROJECT in Russia. There - children who were blind - began to literally see thru their inner sight - using a bliss training. The project received a lot of media attention. (Pics below & Films of TV shows available- acknowledgement again to Dr.K. - link above).

In the process- Dr. K was able to consistently document the electrical description of this state of consciousness- which we have called bliss:


Summarizing (simplifying) the above electrical measures to identify / teach BLISS:

1. The ratio between (principle) brain harmonics goes to GOLDEN RATIO..

2. Left and right hemisphere - come into COHERENCE (phase lock)

3. Minimizing Temporal activation corresponds to reducing the EEG map Dr.Wilson correlated to Dissociation (vs. Transcendance which is Golden Ratio phired CROWN activation).

4. Increase SIZE of the aura - (GDV)
(Dan Winter, Dr K., & Heart Coherence Team strongly hypothesize that GDV area -'aura radiance'- WILL correlate to Heart Coherence- as HeartCoherence correlates to muscle strength enabling HeartTuner to measure kinesiology.)

5. Increase in FRACTALITY (folded-surface) of the aura.


Also note that there is precedence confirming the power of acheiving cross hemispheric coherence in EEG - in triggering Healing. The Mind Mirror literature above is as well clear - that this form of coherence - WHEN ALSO COMBINED WITH COHERENT LINK UP TO A SECOND PERSON BEING HEALED - is a clear correlate / indicator - that functional energy healing occurs.

The Heart Coherence team - using the basic insight from Winter, successfully launched Heart / EKG biofeedback making empathy (phase lock ) and coherent emotion (passion) measureable (using 2 channel ceptstrum of EKG). Now in the next generation release of HeartTuner Pro04 Software ( ) Heart Coherence team is launching

One of the many new modules in the new HeartTuner Pro04 software being released in the next weeks - is explicitly designed to allow 3 of the most important features of BLISS - to be gently and carefully teachable in the new 2 channel brainwave setup for HeartTuner. This design - a BLISS TUNER?- specifically allows - at a glance biofeedback to teach:

A- Golden Ratio between the Major Harmonics - Usually Alpha to Beta in EEG Spectra

B- Cross Hemispheric Synchrony (Both Hemispheres in Symmetry )

C - Overall Internal COHERENCE.

In the tests here - both Dan & John & Frank whose brainwaves are shown felt clear 'rushes' or tingles of BLISS presence when the succesful graphs were taken.


3 Sessions In Sequence
Showing Golden Ratio Replicated
In Brain WaveEEG During Bliss Visualization
Vs. Charge Attraction

Above.. Dan Winter brainwave bliss series.. below.. John - during alpha bliss visualization in Germany

In addition the new software module will graph the overall coherence as 'rising thermometers' - plus the key harmonic RATIO to optimize for Phi/ Golden Mean.


So - if Golden Mean ratio Brain ( and indirectly- Golden Mean arithmetic cascade Heart) music create BLISS / Euphoria and Expanded PERCEPTION....

then WHY not just mechanically induce Golden Ratio and MAKE people make bliss??

(but as for living- we'll let our machines / servants do that for us)..

The problem is that only the WORK to make the BLISS for yourself MAKES it self-empowering (why biofeedback is only YOU learning to do it for yourself)..

If you MACHINE induce Golden ratio.. You get -- RETURN OF THE BORGS..(dis-empowerment and hive mind borg unindividuated non creative intelligence).

reference: , , ,

Below- the work of Dr Konstantive Korotkov:-- with World Without Blindness - project..

The young people most of whom were totally blind, learned to see - after learning a series of disciplined inner excercises involving color and clear visualization.

After some months / years- the young people were able to acheive a distinct altered state of consciousness - directly linked to what we label bliss and euphoria.

The acheivement of that state of awareness - ability to draw in charge- was a direct cause of their being able to SEE even while blind.

Imagine that you understood the true meaning of the term:


Now visualize exactly the mathematics of what would allow waves to CON CENTER ..

(pic: circles in radii of Golden Mean)..

Recursion creates CON=CENTERING!!!! - Now understand by this what Golden Mean ratio does for BRAiN WAVES.

That Golden Ratio perfected ABILITY TO SELF REFER-is also a definition of consciousness in the Vedas:

Story of a Revolution in Creativity / Peak Experience / -
Redefining the Ultimate Efficacy in Education:
Is "Implosive" Charge Compression - the Ultimate Way to Attract + Store Biological Information?

The REASON that Golden Ratio compression in EEG / EKG identify peak learning / creativity
lies in the pure principle of COMPRESSION at the core of DNA.
( ref: below..)

Consider- could it be that there is a simple symmetry of charge which identifies LIFE FORCE, SEED GERMINATION, AND HUMAN BLISS - CREATIVITY and Learning.

And that this symmetry of field effect can be identified and taught using the music of Golden Mean ratio - in Brain and Heart to TEACH COMPASSION, EMPATHY, BLISS and CREATIVITY.

And that this revolution in the principle of what is life itself - IMPLOSION into Fusion for Charge- can redefine - education / creativity - as well as architecture and agriculture.

Dan Winter makes this case after 20 years of global teaching - in conjuntion with demonstration of his new Bliss Tuner (creativity biofeedback) and HeartTuner system.

The principle - that IMPLOSION IS A GRAND ATTRACTOR - and it is the 'Secret Science of Ecstacy / Creativity' is the subject of his last 2 books. ( see: )

Come and experience for yourself - a new science of life and creativity - SOLUTION TO LEARNING - based on a simple hygiene anyone can understand and use.

Read WHY Harmonic Inclusion-Bliss training - in EEG practically allows biofeedback solutions to Attention Deficit and Addiction:


 1980's: Dan Winter discovers how to measure Heart harmonics - originates the idea of Heart Coherence and teaches Heart Math Institute- who later popularize the idea. : (ref: David Servan-Schreiber - new book "Instinct to Heal")

 See the REAL history of Heart Coherence Research:

From Dan Winter: "Rollin McCraty and crew at Heart Math were algae salesmen and rock musicians til I taught them to how to take an EKG, how to spectrum analyze it, and how to connect that to coherent emotion. The real irony is they vehemently refused to see those harmonics I showed them as COHERENCE - until I spent a year convincing them: NOW they take credit for originating Heart Coherence! - in spite of the fact that the literature ("Instinct to Heal" etc.) is clear that I did. The worst part is they CONTINUE to mislead the public into thinking that breathing at 1 frequency is heart coherence. It is actually not variability or coherence. REAL HEART COHERENCE is measureable and they haven't done it. What they have done is sent a team of viscous legal agents around the world making life hell for people like Dr.Alan Watkins ( ) , and James Barret ( ). Quite the opposite of the supposed loving integrity they project in shallow image."

Original: -Later:

 Dan Winter discovers new mathematics: how to make Heart and Brain INTERNAL COHERENCE - measureable: The CEPSTRUM.

PLUS- the phase lock of 2 persons hearts made immediately visible- emerges as a dramatic MEASURE OF EMPATHY!

 First Time COHERENCE in Heart/Brain is Measured:

 Dan Winter discovers apparent Golden Ratio based cascades in Heart Harmonics- indicate empathy / compassion.


and also Peak Creativity?

Example JR's Story: Reaching thru the Veils of Disability using the Heart!- Armoring is no barrier.


Teaching EMPATHY / CONCENSUS PROCESS / CONFLICT RESOLUTION - at the corporate level-

using biofeedback measurement ("HARMONIC MODULE")


 2004: Dan Winter with Heart Coherence team - develops the FOURTH GENERATION of his invention: HeartTuner Pro 04. State of the art: Heart Coherence / Emotional Coherence - biofeedback -

with Empathy Measure,
implications to make Kinesiology measureable, and a host of research functions.

 Dr.Ed Wilson, then research director: Monroe Institute- independantly discovers that Fibonacci (to Golden Ratio) Audio Tone Headphone cascades trigger TRANSCENDENCE in Brainwave mapping. He redefines transcendence for Brainwave study. Dr.Wilson discovers Dan Winter's similar work linking Golden Ratio in EKG cascades to Compassion- travels to NY and creates documentary with Winter (1992).  source: VHS Video: "Fibonacci Resonance, The Brain, & Consciousness"
with Ed Wilson, MD, & Daniel Winter 1992

at Crystal Hill Farm, Eden, NY

 1990's: MindMirror biofeedback systems (book:"Awakened Brain" by Cade)
consistently shows the particular cascade of brainwaves harmonics in symmetry produces "CREATIVE INSPIRATION, PERSONAL INSIGHT, & SPIRITUAL AWARENESS".

MindMirror groups fail to notice that the KEY RATIO in EEG which triggers this CREATIVITY phenomenon is GOLDEN MEAN in brainwaves- the PRINCIPLE OF NON-Destructive Compression.

    Mind Mirror (3 times the cost of HeartTuner with less than 1/3 the features).. correctly describes this brainwave picture- but misses the PURE PRINCIPLE (Golden Mean / Implosion- RATIO in the cascade symmetry) triggers BLISS & Learning. Their database describes this Brainwave harmonics picture:

"The AWAKENED MIND brainwave pattern combines the intuitive, empathetic radar of the delta waves, the creative inspiration, personal insight, and spiritual awareness of the theta waves, the bridging capacity and relaxed, detached, awareness of the alpha waves, and the external attention and ability to consciously process thought of beta waves, all at the same time. It is a brainwave pattern shared by people in higher states of consciousness regardless of their philosophy, theology or meditation technique. This brainwave pattern can be found during "peak experience" and in all forms of creativity and high performance. The awakened mind is also the "ah-ha," appearing at the exact instant of solving the problem, or getting the insight."
 2001: World Without Blindness project in Russia- develops a peak experience mental state protocol enabling large numbers of totally blind Russian children to begin to see - and return to regular school.
Procedure includes imagining BLISS IN NATURE.

Dr. Korotkov in Russia - measured this state (CREATIVITY / BLISS) found and published clear evidence that Golden Mean ratio was the KEY ATTRACTOR - identifying BLISS / Euphoria in brainwave harmonics. See

 World Without Blindness:


Dr. Korotkov: Founder of GDV- Gas Discharge Visualization a Kirlian aura measure tool - calibrated accurately enough to be used globally for clinical diagnostic by thousands of Medical Doctors. The SIZE and FRACTALITY of this aura were 2 of the clear scientific correlates of the BLISS CREATIVITY STATE.


 2004: Dan Winter- with help of Heart Coherence Team ( ) develops and tests a new component to HeartTuner Pro- A BLISSTUNER.

BlissTuner - newly available - now offers full dynamic interactive feedback environment - with synchronized audio cascade cues for each hemisphere- to


+1. Develop Cross Hemispheric Alpha (7-12hz)

+2. Learn to add Beta (higher frequency ) in GOLDEN MEAN RATIO - aided by computer generated Ball and Stick game (see pic) .. AND by musical audio tones differentially in headphones for right and left, based accurately on multiples of your real brainwave frequencies.

 New in 2005: Real Biofeedback for BLISS- PEAK EXPERIENCE-CREATIVITY MAXIMA:
The BLISSTuner

Read WHY Harmonic Inclusion in EEG practically allows biofeedback solutions to Attention Deficit and Addiction:


 In Conclusion: THE HYGIENE-
10 Years of Teaching: Discover the electrical environment (FRACTAL CHARGE COMPRESSION = LIFE) which will CAUSE a seed to germinate and HELP A HUMAN ENTER BLISS - CREATIVITY and LEARNING. This redefinition of LIFE and BLISS - suggests a VERY PRACTICAL re-inventing for the HYGIENE FOR BLISS - AND EDUCATION.

Bliss is the only way to sustain -immune health, -lucid dreaming, + successful memory thru death.

+1 in Diet (Live Food, avoid angry DNA, recognize charge to gain twinkle)

+2 in Architecture and Geomancy

+3 in Kinesthetics / the Dance Movement

+4 in Ritual / Rites of Passage / Intitiation

 How To's/Coherent Emotion/Practical Hygiene