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There see the amazing screen showing a Mother able to SEE the moment

her retarded daughter RECEIVED HER LOVE, as the Hearts Linked!--

also added Using Heart and Voice Harmonics TO CHOOSE THE COLORs WHICH HEAL!...see bottom


from "Marysol Gonzalez Sterling" <>

Hello everyone,
I am greatful for Dan Winter's contribution in the Biosonic forum, if you go to his webpages is a well of information on sacred
geometry,,, eventhough cofusing and overwhelming at times. He researches coherence in the heart, as I research coherence in the
voice, but my interest is whole body coherence so the idea of seeing it in the heart fascinates me and is part of my research too.

I have been working with the special EKG Heartlink that Dan created almost 2 years now,,, and have found it really wonderful to use,
I prefer it to the normal PulseOximeter that other sound voice analysis practitioners use and discovered many ways to use it, seeing the
effect of dolphins swimming by, with the communication of mothers with their handicapped child, with couples talking the truth to one
another etc... you can find my reports in
but I wanted to add a few things about the relationship of this device with voice analysis.

The Heartlink will show the normal EKG heartbeat that gives strange or abnormal beats when a person is really presented with or
talks about something that upsets him or remembers a trauma,,, it is a wonderful psychological biofeedback tool, On the other hand, it
shows in the top of the screen when the heart has harmonics, and that is when we feel a positive emotion, then the separation between the
double cascade of harmonics will give the E.I Emotional Index that we are relating to distinguish the type of emotion the person is
feeling, and when we have the E.I. at 0.618 or close to it we definetly are feeling love,,,, verifyed and confirmed by everyone that has
used the Heartlink. I use it at times to help me decide the range of frequencies of harmonics the heart does not have with enough
amplitude... (eventhough I would like to have more resolution in that screen), and compare that range of frequencies to a specific
musical note,,, and it always coincides with the notes missing or weak in the voice.

For me this shows that whole body coherence could be a reality,,, that when we do not have certain frequencies in the harmonics of the
heart we do not have them in the voice, and that when we are upset the heart gives random frequencies with no harmonics between
them and then also the voice gets muddled. Clarity of intention gives clarity of speech and viceversas,,, clarity of communication gives
clarity of relationships,,, which is the basis of happiness and coherence.

Then the Biosonic program is a great tool to find out which words are spoken that give the weak musical notes a person needs, and
which words or ways of expression will make each vowel that we mention the stressed or overloaded musical note. It takes a little time
to separate frequencies or words and analyse them, but we could also use it to help the person understand the energy implications that
the way they talk has, learning to know better their own voice and how it could portray their negative or positive emotions. I could go
further into this if anyone is interested.

Hi Dan,
great you are back with the dolphins, I will be doing dolphin experiences
on july 1 to 7th and sep 24th to 30th, I now am doing intensive Biosonic
Cranial therapy programs with horses and hypnotheray fpr Cerebral palsy kids.
and hope to have a sponsor soon for the dolphins, we have found a dolphin
center here in Spain peninsula and do not go to the Canary islands for these
next programs. Hope you can make it, I will come next summer to the US,
lets see if we are lucky and we can meet,
love love

Note 12/23/98 See Dramatic New Evidence of Heart-Brain Coherence Phase Lock:

with Screen Captures, Report #5 (near bottom)

this article follows up the main Dolphin Harmonics Article...Dolphin & Whale Pod Sonics vs EKG: A Bloodstream Embedded?


Dear Dan, Andrew and James,

I am very happy with the HeartLink, I believe we are in the path to something really important to recognize, teach us and have proof of how the psyche influences the body.

In this first report I delineate the protocol I will follow to study all possibilities, I see the future into whole body coherence and I talk of my own personal enlightening experience with the HeartLink, because it happened to be that I was talking on the phone while I was using the HeartLink and a very important love event occurred at that time.

I think that we could use the three leads together idea because it is faster way of placing them, but we need the possibility of separated leads to measure clearer the heart wave in more clinical cases, or if we need it too in some persons which might show heart problems. We can place the three leads in the center bone for men the P wave shows very strong and it is a good place. For women with large breast this placement does not work, but over their left breast we do not get a good reading of the P waves.

In both cases to study the heart wave we need an electrode above the breast on one arm, the other and the left leg, under the left breast. The separate leads could have a soft sheath which will be over the leads maintaining them together to use the 3 together or rolled to the center of the wire to use them separate. Then also on the edge of that sleeve or sheath we can have a flap of Velcro (the material that becomes like a zipper), with numbers of where to place the three leads together to use them together for faster analysis.


I will do a following report after the dolphins, which I start tomorrow. I hope to get my email these days at the Canary Islands, but it is not as often as when I am home.


Much love, love





Report #1 by Marysol Gonzalez Sterling

Marysol's web articles on Brain / Heart / Voice Dolphin COHERENCE


"The heart has its reasons, which reason knows nothing of" Blaise Pascal


The HeartLink is a truth biofeedback tool, one can recognize when one really connects truthfully with ones own emotions through coherence of the Golden Mean. It helps us see the shades of our emotions between love and strife, light and darkness. When one talks and feels a deep connection with oneself and love's oneself and/or another person truly, it portrays the honest emotions of what one is saying and when one is talking or thinking and feeling another person. It is a remarkable psychological tool, one can ask the person to talk about themselves or another person and guide them if it is really true, or if he is really connected with what he is saying. The HeartLink will show a certain level of coherence, as much as he can attain in those moments.

My associate Geraldyne L.Waxkowsky and myself have been using the HeartLink and it has proven its value, not only for the person using it but for both person's, the other looking at the HeartLink reacting to what he says, becomes a guide of understanding as the person reaches coherence with truth and deep feelingUsing the HeartLink will help a level of communication between humans, because both persons learn to recognize when one talks from their heart and is really connected to oneself.


I personally have lived the most enlightening circumstance which showed most coherence through unconditional love. The HeartLink has proven to me I had an experience of unconditional love, and I have proof that Heart coherence is attained through feelings of unconditional love. The green lead was situated on #1 for a long time, even a little to the left of the green square of #1, the Harmonic screen was a beautiful cascade of fingers the same size and the coherence screen became several triads of fingers starting at 0,5, three very long peaks each, even the center one did not fit in the screen, the two side ones reached the top of that center portion of the screen, at times they were even higher than allowed in the screen allowed.

This happened because I had the chance to have been using the HeartLink while spontaneously confronting a very important situation while talking on the telephone with another person, a major love rejection occurred, a critical test of unconditional love. While I was talking some really important issues were brought up and as I was deeply feeling it. The HeartLink was right in front of me and I could at times gaze to the screen and realize the movements of my heart. I was able to see a immense level of coherence sustaining for a long time, demonstrating true unconditional love at the beginning of talking on the telephone with that person, when living the painful issues my heart jumped from no coherence to coherence, at the moment of most humiliation, I had seconds of stuttering and I believe at that time I saw my heart showed no coherence and even an arrhythmia, abnormal heartbeats, these where quite repetitious even in a dangerous pattern for a few minutes, and later I saw how I regained coherence when I said something by feeling real unconditional love again for that person. This gave me a hint of how I could transform this difficult and critical emotional crisis and it helped me to overcome this in the next few days.


Andrew actually saw how my heart beats in an abnormal fashion when we met and I tried the HeartLink for the first time. I have been observing how this abnormal heart beat comes about due to hormonal changes of menstruation and a level of fear, non connected or discomfort in a physical level that could bring it on. Now, it is up to me, to understand how to overcome it. I congratulate all of you because you have created a tool to demonstrate how the emotions affect the heart and emotions are responsible for heart diseases


"The central secret is, therefore, to know that the various human passions and feelings and emotions in the human heart are not wrong in themselves; only they have to be carefully controlled and given a higher and higher direction, until they attain the very highest condition of excellence and coherence" Vivekananda.


As a psychological tool it can be used in several ways and I will continue to test it following this protocol:

1.- Looking at the screen in silence and thinking and feeling thoughts in silence one can watch if one maintains a level of coherence. If a person has Oriental meditation practice, of observation of the mind and clarity of mind, been aware of ones thoughts and feelings, then the HeartLink can tell one the depth of the connection of feelings and thoughts in the now.

2.- Letting the person talk with the eyes closed while another looks at the screen and tells them if they connect with their emotions or not with what they are saying, guiding them as the HeartLink shows the level of Coherence. At times it is hard to maintain coherence when one is talking out loud because when one hears what one says one also reacts and analyses what one has said, loosing coherence because two thoughts appear and it is hard to live intensely one of them. Also, talking and watching the screen can create a level of manipulation or control that shows no coherence, even if what is been said could be true. When one is connected then can watch the screen at the same time as talking out loud.

3.- See in real time the depth and truth of your love for other persons, your self and what you are doing. Know the level of unconditional love one feels inside oneself and how it is projected outside to the world and to a specific person. Connecting two persons with two HeartLinks must be wonderful and enlightening for them to see when they also connect in their level of coherence, as well as the heart beat of both can beat together. I cannot wait to try this new level of interplay.

4.- Do a more analytical study of vibrational influence, by following the reaction of the heart and the level of coherence one reaches when receiving a sound frequency or another form of vibrational stimulus, light or a hands-on healing therapy treatment. We will continue testing this and will be able to define it better in the future. All sacred geometrical patterns arise from the Golden Mean proportion and the pentagonal shape, this can also mean the vibrational quality that produced an organism, and it could be understood together with the research of Cymatics, where Hans Jenny demonstrated that 5 frequencies played together into a metal plate with liquid paste or iron fillings on it, moved these into vibration and lifted them up creating a 3 dimensional object.

5. Create a feedback of sound and music of one&rsquo;s own heart or of two hearts together, hearing the sound of our own heartbeat in real time to help us to connect with our heart rhythm as well as making music of the harmonics of coherence. One of the leads can become a microphone to hear ones own heart. Later on we can do a relationship between color and sound to see different patterns arising in the screen. The relationship between sound and color I have studied and have created a correlation between musical notes and sound by climbing up octaves multiplying by two, we only have to decide to use the pigment correlation of absorbed color or the radiation principle of light, which is the complementary color. You can read about this in my web page



INFLUENCE THEIR BODY INTO DISHARMONY AND DISEASE; These LINK interfaces will help humans to understand deeply within themselves the truth of who they are and will demonstrate how the psyche influences the body. It will also help to develop a telepathic and honest communication with others, because we will learn to read tones and vibrations in our interactions.

We need 5 link Interfaces of rhythmic coherence, 5 elements of life. 5 senses


HeartLink, BrainLink, BreathLink, NerveLink, and CraniaLink.

1.-We envision how we can connect several interfaces together to look at the connection between several body pulse systems, we can connect the HeartLink to the BrainLink of the Brainfingers interface, for one person or for two persons. This will give us more information of the thoughts and the fast changes these create and if they connect or distract the level of coherence of the heart.

2.-We can move more into the future and create a new interface, a BreathLink that will also read the breathing rhythm and coherence, to see how one connects this with the body and if it is nourishing properly, as well as when the heart connects with the breathing and the oxygenation of the cells happens, giving breath to all the body. A forth lead by the chest maybe would be enough for this reading, then we can see our own thoughts and feelings connecting into coherence to feed the body through the breath of life. Seeing how the breath plays an important role in controlling the heart pulse or viceversa.

3.- Then easily to all of this we can also add a NerveLink through Galvanic Skin response or skin resistance with the measure of Muscle tension, giving a new proportion of reading into the interconnectedness of all the body systems, teaching us how we can maintain the proper tone and level of tension with the rest of the coherence shown in the other Link interfaces; thoughts, emotions, and breath nourishment influencing nerve conductivity and response into action.

4.- As an ultimate goal we can measure the Cranio Sacral pulse with a CranialLink, because we know for sure that when the breath connects with the Cranial pulse we reach alpha state and a certain level of coherence. How we envision the electrodes to create this would be following Marty Wulke's original idea, with my contribution making it really accessible, simply using a circular bag of about 10 inches in diameter filled with crystal powder, that cups comfortably on the cranium where some sensitive electrodes are placed. I actually own one of these soft cranial bags, the tissue is made out of soft crude silk.


Report #2 by Marysol Gonzalez Sterling

HeartLink and Dolphins


I have experimented with the HeartLink interface before and after swimming with dolphins, as well as just watching the dolphins swim near by, while sitting by their swimming pool and seeing them swim, jump and play with the other persons inside the water while they where receiving therapy. The experience was conducted on myself, some other therapists and the parents of two cerebral Palsy children, patient-participants of the Dolphin assisted Therapy program in Tenerife, Canary Islands from Sept. 30th to Oct. 5th. 1998, using Cranial therapy and unwinding inside the water with dolphins swimming near by.

1.- We have tried the HeartLink in the presence of dolphins and looking at them swimming through a glass window that looked into their large swimming pool. At times the person was sitting on the window ledge with their back leaning against the window glass and they could feel a dolphin being close and doing sounds behind them, coherence seem to grow more easily at those times.

2.- Some persons, mostly men had a great difficulty reaching a small amount of coherence probably they were anxious or worried, about their kid and could not feel unconditionallove easily. Even though some , male therapists-facilitators did maintain that feeling with ease, mostly after doing therapy in the water and dolphins swam around them.

3.- The mothers of the kids showed a lot of unconditional love for their child, and in the presence of the dolphins or watching them through the window coherence was obviously stronger. I believe that everyone enjoys to watch the dolphins swim and they produce a joy, grace, love and peace on almost everyone, that it is easier to reach unconditional love with the HeartLink. We also used it as a psychological interface to ask how much can they hope for their child to get better, and how much could they withstand knowing that they might have to carry them around for the rest of their life. It was hard, but the HeartLink helped them realise their truth, and many times the mothers did not expect much from the involvement of the father in the evolution and well-being of their kid.

4.- As for myself, I have been very coherent most of the time, so I could not tell the difference of how much the dolphins helped to reach that cohernce level, there is a feeling of unconditional love that has been growing steadily inside of me for a few months, so the HeartLink has been very interesting for me, to see that it is really true. My heart rate is above 80 bpm. and if it goes even faster coherence is even higher, to a degree I have yet not seen on anyone else, the triple spikes do not fit in the middle screen. After a few days with the dolphins I felt very relaxed, at times I thought it was almost a depression, but my heart rate had changed and was most of the time at 72 or 75 bpm., then coherence seemed to happen in a smaller proportion, mostly the green lead was on number 5 for 1.618, instead of number 1 for 0.618 as it would stay for long periods of times when I was more excited at that faster heart rate. I believe this was a very positive change because before that time at this lower heart rate coherence did not happen at all, it only happened when the heart was above 84 bpm. so we could attribute this to a positive change caused by the dolphin interaction, and a calmer attitude for myself. This still seemed to hold once I was back in Madrid, and had not swam with the dolphins for 4 days.

5.- It seems that coherence is less likely with a heart rate of 62 to 69 bpm. I have seen a large amount of coherence in my associate at this slow rate, which is actually healthy and relaxed, her heart rate might be even slower at other times. It seems that when a persons heart is slow, coherence also happens slower, or at least it seems to hold for less time. I believe that one needs a certain level of excitement and involvement in what is happening around them or inside of them.




I have discovered a few other things relating to sounds and voice analysis, that I will also summarise:

1.- At the beginning I was looking for more coherence in the voice after dolphin interaction, more coherence means that there is an equal amount for frequencies belonging to each of the musical notes. I saw some of this happening in some of the adult patients or therapists, but not a very drastic difference. Mostly the voice changed, which is unusual, the highs and lows changed but coherence did not happen almost ever. In reality being in the water with the dolphins, one is bombarded by new sounds and the voice has to change, and what was agreed by the dolphin trainer is that the dolphins seemed to do many more sounds while we do therapy in the water.

2.- I started to discover something when some frequencies appeared unsually high in one of the brain damaged kids we were treating. Those frequencies belonged to potassium, and having had an EEG before that time, I did another EEG and since then brain seemed more active, almost normal, this seemed to continue afterwards, even a month after dolphin interaction. To this patient I gave these frequencies on a CD to listen at home.

3.- This time, I did notice very high spikes on frequencies belonging to potassium and sodium on children with retardation and no speech. On adults the frequencies that seem to shoot up where those of calcium, as well as sodium. I did not have EEG samples before the dolphin interaction, but during that time the brain waves seemed of normal activity.

4.- We recorded some of the dolphins sounds while we were doing therapy in the water and not only do they do unsually more echolocalization when we do therapy in the water, but we recorded some sounds that were very low range between 40 to 27 hertz. and the dolphin trainer and other specialists says they have never heard those sounds before coming from dolphins. I have analysed pieces of those sounds and some frequencies appear the same as in the voices of the therapists and patients, but I have not been able to reach any conclusive evidence.

In the future, we need to do a protocol of voice analysis and EEG before and after the dolphin interaction in the next dolphin assisted therapy program from January 17th to 24th, 1999. We will need to be a group of voice analysis researchers, so this can be done properly. Please let me know who is interested in assisting, the traveling is always paid by the therapists and researcheres themselves, because this is an altruistic program to help the very needed patient-participantas we invite to come to this program. I can arrange a package plan for the traveling, with hotel included, around 350$ for the week. We also have no fixed date after January, we are always in a delicate position with the dophin center, because they too do it altruitically and we cannot arrange before hand if it will happen for sure. At this moment, we know we will do it in January and we hope to continue in April, but it is not yet established a s a steady continuation.










report #3

Report #3 by Marysol Gonzalez Sterling


I have used the HeartLink in a Congress of Natural Medicine in

Madrid with a lot of persons and have come to several conclusions using it

in one person, two persons interacting together and in myself.


1.- I have been observing my heart with HeartLink every day and at

different emotional states. At times I have an arrhythmic beat every two

minutes, at times once every 5 minutes and certain times no arrhythmia at

all. This has enabled me to understand which emotion causes the arrhythmia

to appear; it is any slight insecurity or uncertainty, and if there is a

real reason for me to feel that way, then it could become 2 or 3 beats

every two minutes for a certain period of time. This has made me more

conscious of small reasons of insecurity, how to deal with uncertainty and

enables me to process this feeling and overcome it. Of course, this not

only gives me more consciousness, but it will improve my health. Amazingly

and fortunately, coherence shows in my heart quite often even if an

arrhythmia is present, of course if a few beats happen together it breaks

the harmonics and coherence.


2.- Coherence of the heart appears in different rates for different

persons, but always at the faster rate they can obtain in a resting or

peaceful state, compassionate and loving truth. If a person has a rate as

slow as 54 b.p.m. but at times it goes to 68 b.p.m., coherence will appear

easier above 62 b.p.m., if a person has a rate of 77 to 98 b.p.m.,

coherence will appear above 85 b.p.m. This means that it is an exciting

state, that it is a state of awakened pleasure as love, excitement and

laughter. Tranquillity and boredom do not show harmonics nor coherence and

anger even though the heart beats faster does not show harmonics nor

coherence either. I have seen a different screen for coherence in a person

whose heart rate was between 110 to 130 b.p.m. the finger peaks of

harmonics in the top screen where more separated the centre screen showed

some coherence and the green lead maintained quite a long time at the left

edge from number 1.


3.- When a person is maintaining coherence for quite a while and another

person touches this person, if this person has a tendency to be coherent

also the first person will maintain the coherence they had or settle into

accepting the touch of the other, after reacting slightly to the new

interaction. Meanwhile if a person that hardly has coherence touches the

person that has coherence, this touch will always make it decrease.

HeartLink could demonstrate the power of touch or how the vibrations of one

person fuses into the other person. We will need to continue this study

with a healer-therapist-facilitator touching a patient-participant, and see

how the transference of coherence occurs. It was satisfying to see that

the persons that are more involved as healers had more coherence than

normal persons these could show little coherence and would take a long time

to show some feelings of coherence.


4.- I used the HeartLink to decide which formula of the frequency of

Insulin I would give to a diabetic person, she measuring the level of

glucose before and after applying a small amount of insulin in the morning.

The formulas of the frequency of Insulin could be given straight or in an

alpha, theta or delta difference between both ears of the headphones, one

formula appeared that at a slower rate could show more coherence and

others showed coherence at a faster rate, when there was no coherence

before. Once we chose the formula this person listened to this frequency

for an hour she measured the glucose on her blood and even the next days

she had it lower than she ever saw it in a long time. This means that she

needs to inject much less insulin and will assimilate it better, until she

might produce it on her own. I will continue to research how to use the

HeartLink to help me decide which frequency formula to give to a person

with sound therapy and voice analysis.











To continue the interpretation process of the COHERENCE SCREEN I will add
that where you write Intelect I feel it is satisfaction, and then I have
seen another in between Peacefullness and Wonder Love, which could be
truth. Then I have seen another growing exactly at 0.5 and it was a boy who
is floppy or cerbal palsy m un diagnosed, it seems that he was responding
to the touch of the parents, so something related to touch or pleasure. I
have not seen anyone with the position of Grief lately, and before I do not


New report #4:


Report #4 by Marysol Gonzalez Sterling

After facilitating the biofeedback with the HeartLink with several patient-participants in my practice, and
demonstrating it in many individuals in an Alternative BioCultura Fair, I can share some other conclusions
in the HeartLink's interpretation of the COHERENCE PEAK WAVES related to different exciting and
positive emotions , as well as the EKG waves normal and abnormal heart beats related to negative

1.- Hooking up two HeartLink's, on a Cranio-Sacral therapist Geraldyne L. Waxkowsky while
doing therapy on her patient-participants. And we can confirm that a person when relaxed, or bored and
with a slower heart rate does not seem to get into coherence easily. Coherence happens with a positive
involvement in life, endorphines releasing into feelings and sensing, with a certain level of excitement,
participation and enjoyment in life. If asleep with vivid dreams or awake with intense memories coherence
occurs in a variety of different interpretation of peaks. The therapist-facilitator in this case being coherent
most of the time, in the peacefullness peak, at times the patient-participant seemed to sychronize in the same
type of peak , when the receptivity is maximum, and the person seemed to stop wandering in their mind and
return completely to the sensations of the body and spirit that the therapist-facilitator has, then seems to
accept the coherence the therapist is introducing by touch. Healing would happen when they are able to get
COHERENCE PEAKS at a slower heart rate, so their excitement level is more peaceful.

2.- While doing a karmic astrological reading, this metod makes it is eassy to hit on important
issues for the person using the HeartLink. We still need to know the importance of the abnormal beats and
what is the physiology that is having difficulty. I believe we can find a correlation between abnormal
heartbeats and negative emotions. The flutter seems to be related to fear of hurting someone else or guilt,
also there are some PVC´s or abnormal QRS that relate to impulsivity or rush behaviour, non consideration
of others. I will see how much I can find out on this, but I have come up with similar emotions with similar
reactions of the heart. It is easy to put the person into a critical emotion when you are doing astrological
readings with them and bringing up stuff from their past. Also when Geradlyne is doing therapy on her
pateints and they recall a memory.


3.- The interpretation of the COHERENCE PEAKS the interpretation process of the
COHERENCE SCREEN I will add that where you write Intelect I feel it is satisfaction, and then I have
seen another in between Peacefullness and Wonder Love, which could be truth. Then I have seen another
growing exactly at 0.5 and it was a boy who is floppy or cerebal palsy with a deformed cranium and
undiagnosed reason, it seems that he was responding to the touch of the parents or the spontaneous kiss of
the mother, after when wanting to repeat the kiss wityhout spontaneity the response was not the same, so
something related to touch or pleasure. So we could decide 0.5 is SECURITY-PLEASURE I also found
other coherence peaks and I have seen twice the GRIEF peak in a person that almost was crying about her
parents and her past, as well as on another person that seems to be very lost with his profesion, both cases
the heart rate was abnormaly fast at 130 bpm.. Then I have seen peaks going up on 0.9 the emotion was
WELLBEING, just between SATISFACTION 1.0 and PEACEFULLNESS, which I believe is also
OPENNESS to give and receive. Then I saw another on 0.7 which is SINCERITY or
THRUTHFULLNESS. And another case where the first peak happpenned at 1.2 and the heart rate was
really slow 1t 51-52bpm, the person was very relaxed receiving a therapy treatment, which could be
HEALING and RECEIVING. From this that the 0.618 peaks and multiples 0.618/2= 0,8 of OPENNESS
OR PEACEFULLNESS aswell as 0.618x2= 1.236 are the most embedable emotions of compassion and
fusion with the outside.

0.6(18?) WONDER/LOVE

4.- Heart Rate. It seems that when the heart rates that is abnormally fast they have more tendency to
coherence peaks at 0.4, 0,5 and 0.6, meanwhile with slow heartrate it is more likely to ocurr at 0.9, 1.0 and
1.2. I wonder how this relates to the HRV.

Heart Coherence using Sound
Heart Link

This past summer, Marisol and I had an opportunity to look at EEG and EKG results while delivering
sound using the tonebox and SMAD. Last month I reported on the findings regarding brain wave
balancing, and this month I would like to discuss the results of the EKG. (electrocardiogram) We
were using the "Heart Link"monitor developed by Dan Winter and Andrew Junker. The Heart Link
shows the actual EKG tracing and an FFT plot of the tracing with a bio-feedback screen to help
clients move the frequency of the heart rhythm into the Golden Mean Proportion. One of our test
clients is a man who suffers from a past heart attack and has an abnormal heart rhythm called atrial
fibrillation. He takes a drug for this condition called Digoxin. While recieving the frequency of
magnesium and calcium we saw his heart rhythm change from a-fib back to a normal rhythm several
times. This does occur quite often with this rhythm anyway, but we can both attest that the return of
the normal rhythm occured only while recieving sound. We all know that sound has the ability to
increase oxygen levels and decrease heart rate when measured on a pulse oximeter. To see the actual
rhythm improve was quite exciting and promising. I later worked with Dan Winter with the Heart
Link and we noticed that we were able to achieve the Golden Mean Proportion more often while
listening or transducing the natal note frequencies. During his stay with me, Dan shared with me why
he felt that sound resonated substances into use. He attributes it to sacred geometry. He feels that the
sound waves help create a geometrical template in the body, providing the pattern for the body to use
in recreating the substance. This makes sense to me, and incorporates sacred geometry into sound in
a way that makes sense. Heart Link cost $650.00

The "Heart Link" can be used to monitor the heart for coherence and its response to a variety of
stimuli, including sound, emotions and relationships.
For more information contact Andrew Junker e-mail
Lauren Garfield

The other day I tried the Heartlink with the Brainlink and it was amazing
for one special hour I had coherence on both at the Golden Mean. Again I
was dealing with the person and experience of unconditional love. It
passed and was not able to repeat that and I see how difficult it is to get
any coherence at all with the Mind.
Till soon,
Love, love

Report #5 by Marysol Gonzalez Sterling

It has been a new and exciting adventure to connect the Heartlink with the Brainlink or Cyberlink, and many new dimensions of understanding will be
opened to us as we dwell deeper into coherence and all its possibilities.

1.- Sustained coherence of the Golden Mean. It must have been only for my eyes, due to my great synchronistic luck and to let me know that
it can be done; to reach a clear connection between the heart and the mind, when the first time I connected the Cyberlink to the Heartlink I had for more
than one hour a connected coherence in 0.6 of both the heart and the mind. It was a special moment when I was involved in a deep and important
conversation inside my mind with a loved one. Yes the heart was at the LOVE/WONDER COHERENCE, and the brain too, perfectly embedded and
the rate was almost the same in the brain, which normally shows much larger numbers it showed 88, 87 bpm too, of course the brain changes much
more often, but it was amazing how sustained it was both coherences. Of course I never saw this again, not only is it difficult to attain brain coherence,
but if one gets it, it does not last for very long, not even a second most of the time. IT CLEARLY DEMONSTRATES that when we obtain coherence
in PHI GOLDEN MEAN IT IS RECURSIVE AND CAN LAST LONGER. I am sorry I could not take a print screen of this amazing moment.

2.- EEG coherence. It seems frugal and only an instant appearing in most cases, the brain has many movements and it is constantly changing.
When coherence appears it is not due to a meditative state, eventhough it could happen too, it seems to be when all your brainwaves are concentrated in
the same and intense thought. Normally this thought gives rise to other toughts and again coherence is dispersed. It is concentration of the mind into
one single important thought, maybe one can attain it with meditation, but it could be even harder, because one has to be a really exprerienced meditator
and obtain the whole brain coordinated into a single experience. The same as heart coherence appears when one really is feeling something, mind
coherence appears when no other thoughts are distracting the mind, all its capacity is oriented to the same issue. Many times EEG COHERENCE can
start imagining something and then semmingly talking to it, so more of the brain is involved in the same theme.

3.- Studying which one comes first EEG or EKG coherence. In many cases it will vary but it will be an interesting study for the person that
have both the Heartlink and the Brainlink (Cyberlink). It would depend on the subject or the person. I plan to try it out and then will tell all of you the
results, please if anyone has any other ideas or experiences on this, please let me know, let us know.

4.- Harmonics and voice analysis. I believe that the principles of Harmonics are the most important to take into account in vibrational therapy,
and are the key to the way vibration is coherently transduced in nature, if the Heartlink gives us the harmonic numbers in frequencies a person gets
when reaching EKG coherence, we can use those numbers too to give back to them and help them reach coherence eassier. I am studying the principles
of harmonics, and that is the reason we fill in so many frequencies in the higher octaves of the voice, because they are harmonics from the fundamental
frequency. For example if a person has many highs in D in -1 octave, which is the main octave of the voice then the next harmonic would be also D in
the MidC octave and also A in that octave, in the octave +1 we will have D high aswell as F# and A and so forth in higher octaves more notes get
filled..... Most voices fit that pattern, and that is the reason why the missing or low note should be taken from the main octave of the voice which will
give us the fundamental frequency of the harmonics. It would be wonderful ir the software of the Heartllink included the numbers of the harmonic
frequencies in the EKG Harmonic screen when the peaks are high or more regular. I believe that once we know the type of harmonic tendency a person
can attain, that it also depends on their heart rate then we can replicate those numbers to give to the person and help them attain coherence through
sound vibration therapy, we can also try giving them the harmonics belonging to the Phi love coherence and see what happens.



(Below Brainwaves in Yellow, Heart Voltage in Blue)


report with HEARTLINK
Mon, 24 Jan 2000 16:17:28 -0500
"Marysol Gonzalez Sterling" <>


By Marysol González Sterling, of Planet-Art Network, Spain

Several methods where used connecting a Heartlink to the speechless child and the
mother. It was very useful to be able to talk to the mother about their problems and
hopes in how much the child will be healed, because usually these mothers only want
their child to receive therapy and do not consider themselves receiving therapy. I
could not connect the Cyberlink or Brainlink too because only two could be
connected at the same time, and we favored the idea of the communication between
mother and child.

The next times when we have a chance to continue this fascinating experience will be
in the next intensive therapy program from April 29 to May 3rd, where Hipotherapy
with horses will be added and from June 28th to July 5th , Sept. 23rd to 29th with

1./It was amazing how the mother and child would connect and at times in the same
love emotion, it helped them to find new ways of communication with their
handicapped child. It also helped me identify other of the numbers from the
Emotional Index (included at the end of this document), I saw numbers appearing in
the child as well as the mother that I had never seen before, even when this was done
in the presence of the dolphins. This was the first time the mother and child where
connected together to help the mother communicate or reassure that the child receives
her attention and love expression.


This is MariAngeles a 2 year old that has retardation due to missing enzymes,
probably after a vaccination shot, now does not walk, talk and is starting to sit and
hold her head. Her heart is shown in green and her mothers in orange, she is
responding to her mother that is caressing her and saying how much she loves her.

2./ The results of the Heartlink where compared to the voice analysis as well as the
EEG, WaveRider, to decide which of the notes was missing in the three methods.
That was very helpful because in the voice analysis we capture these speechless
children many times mumbling, laughing and most of the times crying, and it was
clear that some cry was just the opposite from the normal mumbling voice, due that
cry and laughter are release sounds and they could fill in completely the weakest note.
The harmonics of the Heartlink will show a small peak in some areas, for example 6
and half, and that transferred to a musical note would be, 13 or 26 the note of G#. In
the FFT of the real time EEG we can also see some areas of the brainwaves that seem
to be always weak, for example 13 in the alpha or 26 in the Beta. So that comparison
did help decide in which note we would look for nutrients to deliver back through
sound. To my surprise looking at the frequencies the Biosonic program frequency list
in that note, it gave us the right nutrients as to aminoacids and enzymes needed for
their specific problem, as well at the weakest muscles, arms, or neck etc&hellip;.
These were looked at in the Oneness database for the moment, because the actual
version of the Biosonic program does not have the database yet. These frequencies
where tested with the Oneness tonebox and recorded on a Cd to take home to listen,
with Bioresonance torsion formulas, form the Sun, moon and midheaven frequencies
of their birth date, which where calculated with the help of Lauren Gardfield.

3./ The new interpretation of the Emotional Index still needs more review, but the
amazing connection between the reciprocity of mother and child, would help the
mother interpret what the child was feeling. And they would help me identify that
positive emotion, to be able to add these to the list we already had, and change
slightly the ones we already had.

0.3 not identified, but had been seen occurring.












web pages in english

En español

Adress, dirección: PLANET-ART, calle de las Fuentes 8, Madrid 28013, SPAIN
tel: (34) 915425597, 619228048

JR's Story: Reaching thru the Veils of Disability using the Heart!



message from Matt Miller


Mon, 26 Oct 1998 08:29:12 -0700








I recently had the pleasure of meeting Dan, James and Tom of

Eartheart. A friend, Nancy Soohoo, approached me one day and asked if

I would be interested in having some people come to my class (I teach

special education at Ventura High School) to do a computer

demonstration. She explained how they hooked-up a heart monitor to a

student, which in turn was connected to a computer and camera lens,

which ultimately displayed the student's heart on a projection screen.

I thought about it for a moment and said "sure," rationalizing that if

anything, it would be entertaining for the students. (I wasn't real

sure what Dan and James were trying to do or how, exactly, the system



I still can't explain the entire system, but I can share some results

of the experience.


1. The students were definitely, 100% interested in the system. Their

enthusiasm was sky-high. They all wanted to get "hooked-up" to the



2. Although the technology was above their heads (and mine), with the

quick tutoring of James, each student was able to tune into one

specific line graph, which was their heartbeat, and quickly learned

how to manipulate the line with their thoughts and emotions.


3. The greatest and most unexpected result of this experience came

when I had one of my non-speaking students "hooked-up." The first

thing we learned was, as James put it, "he's all there, internally."

This student, J.R., also has C.P. Thus, unable to speak, grab or

walk, it is at times difficult to know what he wants or needs, which

brings us to the second great discovery with J.R "hooked-up": this

system of Dan and James could be used as a communication device for

non-speaking students like J.R.!


We currently use an eye gaze board where he chooses an activity by

looking at one of two pictures attached to a foam board. In addition,

we read his facial expressions. For example, a smile might indicate

"yes," and a frown for "no." Although effective, it takes time: time

to learn the appropriate system and time to find out what J.R. wants.

With the Eartheart system, I was able to find out what J.R. wanted or

needed almost immediately by reading the line graphs. It was a

completely overwhelming revelation. We could now tap into the

feelings of non-speaking people and by reading their feelings

understand where they are at and better satisfy their needs or wants.


For me, this is absolutely awesome! I do not know what the limits, if

any, are for the Eartheart system. What I do know and am very excited

about, is the potential it now gives us for tapping into the emotions,

the needs and desires of individuals like J.R.: individuals that are

all there internally, but unable physically to express their needs,

desires and so forth.


I shared this experience with my school principle, our speech

therapist and school psychologist. They were very impressed. So much

so, that my principle wants to have a County-wide staff-in-service

training day with Eartheart!


Finally, if any of you have any questions or comments, I may be

reached at (note that before the @ is a zero, not a

letter o in the email address) or phone 805-569-9419 (eve.) or

805-648-7326 (day). Thank you Dan, James and Tom!


Peace, Matt Miller




This is the Story of JR, a Ventura High School Student and the Heartlink Monitor:


My name is James Barrett and I am the Project Director of Eartheart and one of the Developers of the

Heartlink Trainer.


On a recent West Coast Tour demonstrating our new heart monitoring biofeedback device, we met a lady

named Nancy. Nancy had arranged with with the California team for us to do a workshop with a

handicapped class in Ventura. When we were told that they were handicapped we assumed that it meant

physically damaged in some way.


What we witnessed was a class of 12 to 15 severely handicapped children. All of them appeared to be

both physically and mentally challenged. It was not clear whether or not these children would be able to

understand what we we had to show them.


From the beginning of the Heartlink Monitor development  we have often felt guided by some higher

power. In the beginning, so much of what appeared to be a set back, or simply a weird set of

circumstances, turned out to be a gift.


 Many wished to be re-hooked up after they had been removed, and during the experience a man,

traveling with us, started playing a native american drum. This showed an immediate response on the

heart coherence of the two children hooked up at the time. blah blah blah blah blah (finish this thought)


Toward the end of our presentation, a boy in a wheel chair at the rear of the class caught my attention. My

heart felt deeply for this individual that was severely obviously handicapped.  I opened my heart and

shared my love with him.  I moved the hair out of his eyes and at the same time touched his deformed

right hand. It was at this time that I heard a little voice in my heart asking to be hooked up. I asked this

boy while looking straight at him if he would like to be hooked up. The immediate response that I felt

was, "YES".


I asked  his teacher if we could hook this boy up to the heart monitor. Matt looked at JR and agreed right

away. He assisted me in putting the electrodes over JR's heart and immediately this boy trapped in a

broken shell began to show us that he was alive and aware and able to communicate to us. To any and all

questions he responded to different degrees of truth and passion


This is what we did with JR. He responded to every question we asked, including, "Do you

understand these questions and what is happening?" To this there was a strong positive, "Yes!" At this

point I realized that there was an alive young man in that shell that was fully aware and feeling and I begin

to weep. It was a mix of both joy and sadness. Joy for all the obvious reasons. The breakthrough that

allowed a trapped soul to communicate to the world for the first time in his life of 17 years. Joy for the

gift we had been guided to build and give but an equal sadness in that at the moment this child had the

means to communicate his desire with those around him, we needed to take it away and leave for Los

Angeles. I cried for a long time after leaving and all that witnessed this miracle felt deeply moved.


When I arrived home a week later there was an email from JR's mother:

Subject: Computer Project

Date: Thu, 1 Oct 1998 22:19:40 -0700

From:  Cheryl Ann Smith <>

To: "''" <>


Hello, James!


My name is Cheryl son is JR Smith. He's the student in Ventura High School's special

education class in the wheelchair who tried out your computer program (the one who can't talk). Matt

Miller, his teacher, told me about you and your project. We're very excited about it. I wanted to let you

know that we would love to make ourselves available for any testing you may want to do or any

information you may need to enhance what you're doing. I told Matt to let me know when you plan to be

in the Ventura area again so that I can make arrangements to be there. I want to meet you and to see this

program you've developed. I have to tell you that what Matt told me about what you saw on JR's

"graphs" was such a validation for me because I've known his whole life that he's THERE! That he

knows what's going on around him and can feel what everyone else feels. It was so exciting to hear.

Thank you!! I tried to log onto your web site ( but nothing would come up.

Please let me know what I'm doing wrong. I want to see what you guys are all about!!

Hope to hear from you! Cheryl


This from Patti Clark while Dan and I were still on the road.

Subject: Re: Computer Project

Date: Fri, 02 Oct 1998 12:06:16 -0700

From: patti clark <>

To: Cheryl Ann Smith <>


Dear Cheryl,

My name is Patti Clark. James and Dan are still out on the road, but I received your email (James lives

here with me) and hope I can be of some assistance. If you go to Dan's web page, the first thing that

comes up is his link to eartheart and the heartlink. ( James told me about your son and

his experience with the hearlink...they were incredibly touched and amazed. I'm sure this is only the

beginning. The web page gives you an idea of who they are and what they are about... basically, bringing

love to the planet for all to share. Your son was a beautiful example of that... Hopefully, the

heartbeat2000 page will be up and working soon - we thought that it was (?) it is probably a little more

specific. Blessings to you. Patti




Subject: JR

Date: Wed, 7 Oct 1998 18:51:54 -0700

From: Cheryl Ann Smith <>

To: "'patti clark'" <>


Hello, James!

Thank you for your response in addition to Patti's!! What Patti had to say made me feel so good (and

proud, too)! JR is such a joy to me and has been a true reward to my life! Anyway, I logged onto your

website last night and I must say, I'm not scientifically inclined so I was totally confused but it was fun.

All I know is that you've brought something wonderful to my son's life and, like Patti told me, this is

only the beginning. I've had trouble sleeping lately (not a bad thing) and when I do sleep I dream of

wonderful things for JR. I actually picture him coaching a pro football team with an electronic

communication device!!! :) Actually, that's a fantasy I've had for JR for a long time and it's nice that it's

come back in full force!

Thank You!

Hope to see you soon in Ventura. Best wishes. Cheryl


My response:


Cheryl, It is an honor to have met JR. I just returned from Southern Ca. last night and have much to catch

up on. My home phone is 925-370-0446 in the Walnut Creek area. We have a 16 and 18 yr. old here so

don't assume that I received the messages if you call.

Office: 707-747-0498 Benicia, Ca. Call the home number if you wish to chat.


I will write more on the experience with JR. at a future date. is a good site for information. Try it again. I just checked and it's working fine.


It was very exciting for me personally and I cried for a good while after with a mix of joy and sadness.

He is there, all man inside, this I can say for sure. We will talk.

namaste, James Barrett


 This Story is continuing and I will endeavor to place further developments on this story here. j

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The Heartlink is a device that monitors and analyzes the heart in "real time". It simply reads raw EKG and

does a power spectrum analysis of the raw data.  It looks for the geometry of ordering present beat by

beat, moment by moment. We found that certain geometric spacing of coherent order are more sustainable

then others. Think of your heart playing a symphony in every beat and in that beat with spacing of the

chord played is harmony with itself and to coherent vibrations played in the subsequent beats. What we

are showing with this device is that loving, compassionate emotions, generated by thoughts, create the

most nurturing and life supporting heart beats for health in the body.


One of the first things we learned when the device was completed was that speaking your truth showed

up as coherence in the heart. Coherence is shown by the height of the first peak of the second fft. The

height and the degree to which that is sustained is directly relative to the heart-felt truth to you in that

moment. This is being true to your self in the moment, and if this is the case, you will see the second fft

rise and it will rise to the degree of invested passion at that moment.


So, if I asked you something like, "Do you love your mother?" your heart would reveal your truth to that

statement as I said the words. If it is not felt strongly, then you would have a small or no peak in the

second fft graph on the screen.


See insert:


In practice, this is the harmonic spacing of the chord being played by the heart...


The amplitude of the first peak of the second fft is a very nice indicator of the overall coherence or

"lasering" of the heart in that moment.

Using Heart and Voice Harmonics TO CHOOSE THE COLORs WHICH HEAL!

Mon, 8 May 2000 19:59:20 -0400
"Marysol Gonzalez Sterling" <>




Hello all,
I guess we can renew our communication, without the paranoia of the Love Virus,

Before I address Dan WInters request to explain better how I arrive at the color related to the weak note in the voice, and how I
use the Heartlink in all of this, I would like to establish some of the missing links that voice analysts and sound practitioners have

1./ Certain foundation needs to be established as to what we call a better voice,,, or what is the aim we are looking for in the voice
to let us know that the person is getting or feeling better,,,, we should not rely on what they say or in other biofeedback tools,,, the
voice itself should let us know that there has been a change. THis is my first requisite and why I started my quest of understanding
vocal coherence. What I have been presenting to you is what we want to see in the voice to express that a change has ocurred in
the personal physical wellbeing. which for sure the Chromatic type analysis portrays,,, the FFT shows too much and all the
harmonics, portraying a lot more than the physical,,, which is important, but until we do not understand the beginning we will not
understand the other. That is the reason I do another voice analysis while the person is listening to the frequency chosen for
treatment and it will tell me what is happening.

2./. There is a certain lack of research mind in many sound practitioners, believing that this technology is already ready, and it is
not,,, it is far from portraying a stable picture for treatment or healing... SOund and vibration will always move things and help,
but we are still in the dark as to what is happening in the persons organism. THere has been a lack of research,,, just the idea of
analysing ones own voice during several times in a day and seeing the change is essential,, to understand the patterns of our own
voice and how it portrays the worst scenario and the best, when we can confirm we felt great, is very important to see what we
want to achieve as a better voice. If we understand it in the voice of the persons around us and ourselves we will know what we are
looking for in another person... I am giving you this research, but always ask all of you to do it for yourselves, to have an
inquisitive mind and just not take it from me,,,, I am sure of what I have discovered, because I have been able to repeat it with
many persons, I am just finetuning it now and I always start the experiments with myself.

3./ I do not know if some of you are seeing the changes in the voice analysis or just taking for granted that the person feels better,,,
sometimes there are many placebo effects and other things that interact. We need to see it in the voice analysis itself,,, and study
how the voice changes to understand what we can expect. We can rely on other Biofeedback tools but if we are deciding the
treatment from the voice then we should see the results of the treatment in the voice. I do not know if you have been able to see this
befire and have been succesfull in producing drastic changes in the voice of anyone delivering sound or other vibrational

4./ For this reason we need that the program for voice analysis becomes a biofeedback tool, and also capable of hearing what it is
spoken and see what it does. THis is the reason I will follow from the Chromatic to FFT modules of the Biosonic program in that
way,,, always being able to acess the whole information that we had before, hear the person speaking and compare it with the new

TO continue my story, I lost the wonderful clear voice I had obtained after the light prism treatment the day before I got my moon
or period, for one day and half it became as before,,, once my moon came my voice continued to show the wonderful coherence
and clarity from the new change. Now after this NEw Moon, that is a critical emotional period for me and I am somewhat
depressed because of some personal difficulties, my voice is not as high or happy, but it is still maintaining the change, surprisingly
enough,,, and the heart arrythimia continues to be gone,,, so it is clear that there has been a physical change,,,, and I am now
trying to discover how the emotional and conciousness change can help me resolve or deal with the emotional disrupting situation I
am involved, while Saturn squares my Moon Mars in Aquarius and Uranus conjuncts it.

COLOR RELATED TO NOTES, starting at a frequency belonging to any note for example C 261.60 hz. of the note C, we
multilply by 2 many times until we reach a number that is close to the frequency from light so we arrive at the
575.264.480.000.000 hz., C 261.60 hz. in the range of cyan-green. TO see that color we need its opposite red, because red is
absorbed and cyangreen is radiated,,, or cyangreen is absorbed and red is radiated,,, so for radiant light C is turqouise
cyangreen, and for absorbed pigment color C is red. Both are complementary,,, which means one color is necessary to see the
other,,, and also one color can eliminate the other, (I show this with filters and prisms) THe Histogram presentation from the
Biosonic program already gives us the relationship of notes to pigment color,, because that is the color we need to absorb more to
construct or radiate its opposite.... WHen we saturate that color in the eyecones everything takes the color of its opposite or
complementary color.
THis is better understood doing some color prisms experiments directly, which I will do in the course mid august in Boulder of
Biosonic Cranial. Please look at the manual from the Biosonic Program CD, Photonic, or my webpage

HOW THE VOICE CHANGES there is a certain pattern for each voice,,, a higher, clearer voice always portrays energy, health
and happiness and a lower voice tiredness, depression, illness. The voice will slowly move into more coherence,,, by doing more
hits or frequencies towards the right of the chromatic grid or mentioning more frequencies belonging to higher notes,,,, If D,D#,E
are very high or in excess,,, making F,F#,G higher will balance out to less excess of the Ds, and easily some vowel sounds can be
expressed slightly in a higher tone,,,, not suddenly unless there has been an emotional outburst or sudden surprise,,, lets say that it
is easier to make the Fs higher than the missing As that are the weak or missing notes. When the Fs start to rise,, the Ds, E are
more balanced and then the weak As are not as weak. With light it is clear than instead of giving the blue, indigo, violet,,, I would
choose the violet, magenta o red to bring the greens up and balance the whole chart.
THat is the reason the 3 maximun notes seem to move to the right of the chromatic grid, aswell as the 3 minimum notes... Then it is
also easier to move the voice slowly into a change,,, when the voice becomes higher it always rises a few notes to the higher
octave,,, that is the reason we need to decide the main octave of the voice (presented in red in the Chromatic module of the Biosonic
program), which is the octave in which each note gives more hits or frequencies. slowly note by note rises to a higher octave
because the tone of the voice or vocal chords is becoming lighter, and cleaner, as if we were recuperating our youth. We need to
take this into account to decide to affect changes in the voice,,, and this is an essential decission of the range of frequencies or notes
where to look for frequencies in the Nutritional Database. Lets say it will tell us that we first have to balance the digestive system
before we can do an effective change in the lymphatic system, for example... Everything is related, so it will mean how to find the
frequencies to slowly shift the energy of the person into more balance. Going directly to the weak As or frequecies in that range of
A and A#, might not respond or maintain the correction,,, meanwhile by slowly balancing the whole voice we will help the person
do a gradual change,, and portray that definite change in the voice, and physical wellbeing.....

I had discovered this a long while ago,,, but now it was confirmed by the light prism treatment,, and seeing the notes inverse or
complementary to the color I was using were the ones most affected, instead of yellows going up, green went up,,,, and it is logical,,,
by giving myself Magenta from B. TO complete the understanding of this I would ask you to read my last emails on this subject.
This actually confirms too that Fs are the green color,,, because I saw things in green after saturating the Magenta in my eyes, and
the Fs notes became also much higher in the voice.

USING THE HEARTLINK,,, I started using it because it was so hard to decide the weak note with CP children that only cried and
shouted, I also used the Heartlink,,, when it shows the peaks of the harmonics of the heart, some peaks are lower,,,, lets say that
6.5 hz shows a peak that is lower than the others, so that would mean 6.5 x2 =13 x2 =26 so the note of G# would be weak too. If
we had more resolution or more numbers in the peaks from the harmonics in the Heartlink,,, we would be able to see this clearer,,
now we only have a line for 4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12 hertz and there are many in between. This would help me see if it coincided with
the weak note in the voice analysis,,, in a majority of the cases it coincided. At times the peaks from the hamonics of the heart are
all high and equal in amplitude,, others it is almost always the same peak beloniging to a specific harmonic that never makes it as
high as the others,,, this one is the one I pick to compare it to the voice analysis.

I use the Heartlink as biofeedback in various ways,, to help the communication between a parent and a CP child, and to help a
person talk or understand their truth, and understand their emotions, but I did not reach a definite conclusion to use it to decipher
if the frequency I am delivering to a person is right or not,,,, if it makes them emotionally excited the Heartlink will show more
coherence,,, but it is really an emotional factor, and maybe it comes more from the interaction and excitement with our
conversation,, or the idea of what is going on, more than the frequency itself.... Really the Heartlink shows the excitement and
happiness affecting the heart into harmonics and coherence. I believe that to use the same voice analysis as biofeedback for the
decission of frequencies is right,,, with sound the voice should tell us how a frequency is being received... With light I have been
able to see that th effect shows in the voice one hour or so later, I believe that with sound it shows more inmediately in the voice.

Please, let me know if any of these subjects presented here need more clarification,
Till soon ,