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1. Charge Self Similarity Causes Gravity and Self Awareness - new physics journal invited article from Dan Winter in pdf -
2. Major new HeartTuner / BlissTuner update -

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1. Self Similarity Causes Gravity and Self Awareness

Paper for Hadron Physics Journal.. - submitted from Dan Winter - here is the complete pdf: hadron2.pdf

We came in contact with Professor Santilli - ( Ruggero Maria Santilli ) , CV at
Professor of Theoretical Physics
President and Editor in Chief
Algebras, Groups and Geometries
Hadronic Journal, Palm Harbor, FL, U.S.A.
E-address <>
due to friendly links of his pioneering Hydrogen Implosion Arc based pollution and waste recycling technology (see links) - to our Turin conference hosts.

In view of his associations expertise in Nuclear core ( Hadron) symmetry - it seemed appropriate to suggest dialog about PROVING THAT IT MAY BE THE SELF-SIMILARITY (fractality) OF THE NUCLEUS TO THE ELECTRONS WHICH TRIGGERS THE IMPLOSIVE NONDESTRUCTIVE COLLAPSE CALLED GRAVITY (and that this should be quantized) . In response to a preliminary note suggesting that Implosion due to Self-Similarity was the cause of Gravity and Self-Organization - he wrote:

"Dear Dan,... I confirm my interest on your studies in implosion, if for nothing else,
because of novelty (everybody has worked with explosion end up in the ... Nobel foundation).

In fact, right mow I am working on another gas with magnecular structure
that implodes, although following a very narrow spike of explosion. I
would gratefully appreciate your opinion on some of the issues and,
depending on how things develop, I can recommend you for
consultancy with the company owning the rights (it is not magnegas).

In regard to atomic phenomena, all forms of attractions are a form of
implosion. Also, quantization of electron's orbits has proved to be
valid for the structure of the hydrogen atom (only, because of small
deviations in the helium up to very embarrassing deviations for heavy
atoms such as the zirconium).

Therefore, your hypothesis appears indeed to be correct and original.

As you know, I am the editor in chief of Hadronic Journal. Therefore, I
here invite you to write a paper for our Journal . This will give
you a chance to go deeper into the idea and,. on my side to understand
better the issue since I would need much more info for my mind to click.

One way would be for you to start sending me a draft, and I can provide
comments for your consideration.

In regard to connection with gravity, I have reservations due to
enormous problems of general relativity on which I attach a Latex paper (link in article)

Regards, Ruggero"

In the interests of dialog ( on the question- Is charge self-similarity the cause of both gravity and self awareness? ) - the paper submitted >complete pdf: is offered here. Below- are a few cover images from 3 of the 12 or so pages.


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