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International Earth Emergency Network


Mission Statement and Urgent Request

From literature published by many teams around the globe it's very clear ecological and health catastrophes relate directly to disturbances in Earth's Magnetic Grid. Symptoms of growing Grid instability include:

-gravitational force/weight calibrations vary with time; -female menstrual timing becomes unstable

-soil temperature averages change wildly (L.A. for ex); -weather grows extreme; -ozone thins & vanishes (because attractiveness to surface is proportional to fractality in magnetic geometry); -climate stability deteriorates;

-soil life force weakens (life & self-awareness are the flowers of magnetic recursion);

-social order in upheavals; -politics become extremist; - forests die mysteriously; -animals weak & diseased;

-ocean currents change course -fish & animal migrations alter; -amphibians & reptiles vanish;

-tectonic stability is shaken/ earthquakes & tornadoes more frequent/

-emotional health declines (it appears clear that emotion is mediated by long wave magnetics between glands);

-apparent time accelerates (time only measures spin ratio, spin density is proportionate to magnetic fractality/nesting)

We believe all these symptoms are dramatically correlated to shifting geomagnetic flux / disturbances in Gaia's Magnetic Grid.

The Dodeca-Icosa Geometry of the Earth Grid Is the Archtype of the Perfect 3D Recursive Form

(Magnetic Embeddedness Creates/Stabilizes Gravity as a Fractal Attractor)

Here depicted are 3 different 90 degree offset views of the same "Uroborotic" Magnetic Symmetry Body of Earth, specifically, taking the 5 cubes which nest in the dodeca, we view ONLY the 3 great spin circles which surround each cube: then tilting the set of 3 "great" circles by 32 degrees, we nest the 5 sets of three into the dodeca: 15 great circles distributed with exquisitely symmetry around one sphere

Angelically speaking, this way magnetic memories can take flight from their proper nest.

Confounding these perturbances of planetary flux is our ignorance of Earth's exquisite Magnetic Grid -- and how it affect tectonics, atmosphere, biology, and humans. We just barely realize how recursive, fractal symmetry in Earth's longwave magnetism is a prime factor to condense clouds, induce stress in buildings, and shift tectonic pressures. Yet, magnetism is a unifying field that interlinks all events, forms and life on Earth -- and how Gaia remembers us all.

Compounding this further, man-made electromagnetism interferes with Earth's natural Grid. Electric power grids, communication networks and ELF-to-microwave technologies dump information pollution in the Grid to distort signals.

Realizing global ecosystems can't remain stable much longer, we initiate local and international action on these issues. Geomagnetic alignment must move from ancient mystery to practical, basic science of eco-maintenance such as earthquake and storm amelioration. We invite contributors in this to form an action network with the following goals:

1. Disseminate information through global media and internet about the Earth grid and grid engineering, geomancy, feng shui in its scientific, cultural and practical aspects.

2. Promote activities to heal destructive magnetic tangles on global and local scales.

3. Foster communication and research cooperation among scientists and others working intently in the field.

4. Develop coherent, easily communicated models to relate long wave grid alignments to:

a) plant, animal and human health;

b) precipitation and microclimate;

c) human emotions and feelings; and,

d) Earth's magnetic-gravitic-metabolic relations with the Solar System -- and beyond.

5. Co-create and publish in global media specific instruction on community-scale geomantic magnetic landscape attunements, including examples of experiments already undertaken and effects on bioregions.

6. Form specific committees to advise governments and corporations of immediate need to:

a) use paramagnetic stone dusts instead of chemical fertilizers to enhance plant growth

b) stop using Earth as a path for billions of amps in stray ground currents to power generation plants. This destroys millenia of effort by the biosphere to achieve recursiveness needed by Earth's magnetic bloodflow. Using the Earth herself for a path for billions of garbage electrons back to power plants, is killing us all. Putting a ground rod into the Earth to poison her, just because we are to lazy to run a return wire is suicidal on global scale.

c) investigate and document interactions between long wave magnetic paths and man-made interference, especially where health is affected in human dwellings and wildlife.

d) propagate practical understanding of relationships of stable gravity to recursive, nested magnetism and the coupling to coherent human emotion. This is essential to responsibly tap emerging energy technologies called non-linear, scalar, zero point, or "free energy."

7. Establish schools and curricula in which Magnetic Grid Engineering is taught in a language with rigor, yet with feeling and compassion. Paramagnetic stone, circles, labyrinths, dowsing, sacred geometry, and spherical trigonometry are skills needed to properly site stone lenses to focus the vast bloodlines which store Earth's planetary memory.

This Mission Statement is preliminary.

Your insight is needed. Your input is invited.

This Earth Emergency Network is formally convened by:

Daniel Winter & friends

Produces educational videos, many on paramagnetism, longwaves and biology. Dan lectures with biofeedback telemetry to measure attunement of trees to Earth's Schumann resonant magnetic heartbeat when human hearts send coherent electric emotion to provide a "spin path to the zero point".

Dr. B. K. Wee

World Research Information Center
, 22 White House Park, Singapore 1025 Singapore

voice: 65-323-2032; fax: 65-235-9862

International wholistic health research. Maintains global network of vibrational medicine, wholistic physicians and alternative healers concerned with global issues.

Founding Members... follow

We invite other resource friends in this field to join this team. We will begin a global circular letter to evolve a coherent information package. If interested, please reply with up to a page outlining your key insights, contributions and services in this field.

Vincent Bridges & Darlene

505 N. Main St., P.O. Box 877, Mt. Gilead, NC 27306 USA 910-439-4898

Geomancer, Grid Engineer, Co-designed Zodiac Parmagnetic Temple near Winston Salem, NC. Co-authored proposal for Geomancy College & Global Grid Modeling Computer Consortium. Co-produced Grid Engineering video showing effects of paramagnetic temple on Winston-Salem environment. Vincent is a skilled map dowser, knows scientific use of ritual. Archeology credentials, Mac computer.

David Yarrow

Turtle EyeLand

c/o Broeckx, P.O.Box 6034, Albany, NY 12206 USA, 518-426-0563


Author of "Dragon and Ice Castle: Sacred Space in the Finger Lakes" and articles on magnetism, geomancy, dowsing, grid engineering, remineralization, natural healing. Knows indigenous traditions of paramagnetic sacred sites. Skilled author, editor, computer graphics, and page layout.

Marty Cain,

55 Park St., Newport, NH 03773-1412 USA, 603-863-7343

Teacher, Artist, Dowser, Designer of paramagnetic structures for sacred space. Exquisite labyrinth skills. Works with colleges and parks creating Sacred Space. Much experience in Britain. Perceptive of nature spirits and elementals. Sites stone labyrinths over underground water based on symmetry of water flows; paramagnetic bubble over such structures serves well-being of persons traversing and nearby life.

Bruce Cathie

Quark Enterprises LTD, 158 Shaw Rd, Oratia, Auckland, New Zealand, 64-9-818-4291

Computer Software Developer, Author of "Harmonic 33" and many other works on Earth's magnetic grid harmonics. Familiar with Earth paramagnetic nodes & UFO paths.

Peter Champoux, Arkhom Project

Yokum Pond Road, Becket, MA 01223 USA, 413-623-8319

Recognized and publicized Arkhom: a huge Paramagnetic Temple in New England (geometric analysis by Bill Buehler), one of first recognitions of a geomantic temple affecting a large, interstate bioregion.

Bob Gulick

P.O. Box 3353, Telluride, CO 81435 USA, 303-728-0718

Architect, Temple Design and Grid Engineer. Founded First International Gaia Conference. Taught Sacred Geometry and Sacred Architecture at New Jersey Institute of Technology, with Dan Winter

Gary Skillen

Ecological Solutions Canada
, 11 Carr St. W, P O.Box 580, Maxville, ONT, Canada K0C 1T0, 613-527-3060

Professional Grid Engineer, Paramagnetic Agri-consultant. Uses paramagnetic stone to replace fertilizer. Dowses geopathic zones, locates water domes and stone circles. Produced 2-hour video "Tuning Your Land" to present stone circle techniques; we filmed actual effects on clouds.

William Buehler

Church of Antioch, General Deliver, Crestone, Colorado (see Simeon & Maia Martoomid)
Coordinator of a major group analyzing spiritual and evolutionary significance of magnetic landscape structures. Very in depth geometric maps. Publishes circular newsletter describing esoteric significance.

Henry MacLean

Timeless Architecture, 91 Bynner St. Suite 9, Jamaica Plain, MA 02130 USA 617-524-5216

Architect, teacher. Timeless Architecture held symposia on "Sacred Geometry in Architecture" and "Geometry of Gothic Cathedrals." Designed & built Sacred Space with Sirius Community and others.

James DiMeo

Orgone Biophysical Lab, PO Box 1395, El Cerrito, CA 94530 USA

Leader of Reichean Orgone research and weather control facility. Wrote article "Desertification and Patriarchy" for WildFire magazine relating how patriachical cultural practices cause deserts.

Susan Stafford <conexus@clarityconnect.com

Responsive planetary shamanic journeys. Sees shamanically Earth's pain and evolving vision. Works with with Marty and Dan, and with indigenous tribal wisdoms. Appears in Grid Engineering.

Bill Ramsey

251 Asa Hall Rd., Iva, SC 29655 USA, 803-296-3200

Network of inventors developing alternate energy sources. Many devices to assess Earth's magnetic ELF, which can change how we think about energy sources.

Greg Hodowanec

34 Cleveland Av., Newark, NJ 07106 USA, 210-373-4170

Developed simple capacitive device to monitor tiny changes in gravity. Documented response to planetary motion; faster, more sensitive way to monitor planetary motions. Dramatic implications for how magnetic symmetries modulate and ultimtely stabilize Earth's gravity field. Works closely with Bill Ramsey.

Simeon Nartoomid & Maia Shamayim

Box 235, 29 Sunset Overlook, Crestone, CO 81131 USA, 719-256-4057

Work with William Buehler. Extensive angelic network on global grid engineering.

Colette Dowell

1128 Montreat Road, Black Mountain, NC 28711 USA,

Geometric analysis of Crop Circles and Musical Harmonic Ratios. Has witnesses to receiving a geometric answer in a new crop circle a day after she posed a question.


David Yarrow at Turtle EyeLand

snail mail: c/o Broeckx, PO Box 6034, Albany, NY 12206, email: dyarrow@igc.apc.org,

phone: 518-426-0563

-- for a green and peaceful planet, Eve, the earthworm sez: "If yer not forest, yer against us."