"Unified Field" Physics? based on Golden Mean Ratio by Alex Kaivarainen

comments from Dan Winter..

- see Alex K. new:

"It appears, that Golden Mean plays a crucial role in matter (rest mass) and elementary charge origination.

Symmetry shift of Bivacuum fermions, presented by truncated cones at my Figs. corresponds to Golden mean conditions, indeed.

At this conditions a fusion of elementary particles, as a triplets of sub-elementary particles starts, as far they becomes stabilized by resonance exchange interaction with Bivacuum.
This happens due to [Corpuscle - Wave] pulsation of particles with the same frequency, as fundamental frequency of Bivacuum: nu = Mc^2/h"

Comprehensive Analyzer of Matter Properties (CAMP)
and its applications - at: alexKjuly02.pdf

and also his Proposal to test and prove:

Comprehensive Analyzer of Matter Properties (CAMP)-Alex Kaivarainen

Painting by Zen Player: zen@byrononline.net

Dear Valerie and Dan,

Thanks a lot for your Butterfly of Love,
escaping  from Temporal Locality to Eternal Nonlocality.

It is a good illustration of my Unification theory. 
In accordance to my dynamic model of corpuscule-wave duality of
elementary particles (a triplets of sub-elementary particles),
 the wings of Butterfly are responsible for activation of virtual pressure waves
and creation of Virtual Replica (VR) of Butterfly (its quantum hologram in Bivacuum),
while the correlated vibrations of  it's antennas stand for nonlocal informational interaction with
other Butterflies (superluminal entanglement between coherent elementary particles).

In such a way the Butterfly escapes from isolation (prison) to Unification with Universe (Love) with 
the aid of all-prevailing Nonlocal Bivacuum Harmonization Force   :-)

Eternally Yours.
Alex Kaivarainen
(the Butterfly with wings oscillation, coherent to yours wings,
being, consequently, in state of quantum entanglement with your).

Note from Dan Winter: "I believe that the REASON the Golden Mean recursive wave ratio cascade is THE SOLE SOLUTION to COMPRESSION and "NON-LOCALITY" (true multiple-connected topologies)- is the coherent acceleration of phase velocities thru speed of light. True FUSION is only possible when waves nest in Golden Mean Ratio. Einstein while noting that acceleration was identical to gravity failed to note that recursive compression was identical to acceleration! (wave lengths and wave phase velocities both add and multiple in Golden Ratio)."

New Link Added: Golden Ratio derived in Physics from Plank: Golden Ratio in the Hierarchy of Time - by John Deutsch

Visual Tour of Golden Mean Unified Field Physics Model (from Dan Winter): PREDICTIONS FOR A NEW PHYSICS OF GRAVITY & AWARENESS BASED ON RECURSION

This page offers the work of Alex Kaivarainen from Finland / Russia, on Golden Mean Ratio solutions in contemporary physics.

Quoting Alex: "Our dynamic duality model elucidates the quantum background of non-locality, principle of least action and Golden mean, unifies the quantum and relativist theories. Tending of open systems to conditions of Golden mean is supposed to be a driving force of their self-organization." ,

Papers From: Alex Kaivarainen http://www.karelia.ru/~alexk
http://camp.karelia.ru , e-mail: h2o@karelia.ru

note: Nov 27,2003: Dear Dan, What point of Globe and HOW are you ?I like our contact this August very much.

NEW: Strongly improved and developed version of my Unified theory with title: "Unified Theory of Bivacuum, Particles Duality Fields & Time. New Bivacuum - Mediated Nonlocal Interaction"
is placed 25.06.2004 at my site in Los-Alamos Archives: http://arxiv.org/pdf/physics/0112027

Earlier- version Alex's Unified theory is attached. UnifTheory251103.pdf

Gradually, with help of Bivacuum Harmonization Force this work turns to Golden mean shape ;-) ,Hopefully, you like it. Warm greetings also to your very special - French/Sweden girl friend.

Sincerely yours. Alex

5 The relation between the external and internal parameters
of Bivacuum fermions & quantum roots of Golden mean..5 The relation between the external and internal parameters
of Bivacuum fermions & quantum roots of Golden mean...( the CONE of torus based on Golden Mean Geometry .. which balances the forces..)



2001: BrainPhire?Study Finds Fractal Golden Ratio Harmonics in BrainWaves during Euphoria / Active Visualization / Bliss?

10/10/2001: Measuring Life Force - & Making Love Visible?

10/2/2001: heterofi, Heterodyning and Powers of Phi - Review of Dan's Theory by Rick Anderson

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lophi618@hotmail.com Dear Dan,

A strongly upgraded and extended version of my "Unified model of Bivacuum, particles duality, gravitation & time" is attached


It contains the confirmation of my hypothesis, that Harmonization force of Bivacuum, formed by infinitive number of double cells-dipoles, is driving a matter on all hierarchic levels to Golden mean conditions. The Principle of least action is shown to be a consequence of Harmonization force.

The rest mass of the elementary particles, like electron, positron, etc., their charge and fundamental frequency of [corpuscle - wave] pulsation is a consequence of relativist effects, induced by difference of circulation velocity of the actual vortex and complementary rotor, forming a sub-elementary particles (asymmetric Bivacuum cell-dipoles). The difference between the actual and complementary states, providing resonant exchange interaction between elementary particles and bivacuum, is also determined by Golden mean conditions.
The averaged/resulting dimensions of sub-elementary particles are approximated by Compton radius vortex, as a collective excitation of sub-quantum particles of Bivacuum.

The possible ways of regulation of superfluous energy of asymmetric Bivacuum, used in 'free energy' machines (Bearden, Searl, etc.), are discussed in this big paper also.

If you like, you are free to put it on yours and Implosion Group impressing web site, devoted to crucial role of Golden mean in Nature.

Friendly greetings
and Good Luck.

Alex Kaivarainen

Notes: Alex Project to evaluate phase coherence, light scattering, and effects of weak magnetic charge on WATER - using spectrum analysis could prove to be the solution to - measuring water life force -light scattering , AND measuring DNA coherence - which we believe will prove physics of loss of genetic vitality due to genetic engineering.

please review his (Alex K.) "CAMP" Proposal:

Analyzer of Matter Properties (CAMP)

1., alexKCAMP.pdf

2., alexcamp2.pdf

New paper, attached, may be of interest for you. DOWNLOAD NEW - OCT 2002 file here : Italy-t16-9.pdf
It is devoted to water and its role in evolution of biosystems and their function.

It contains also the development of new approach to Quantum Psi problem,
based on my Unified model. The Harmonization force (HaF) of Bivacuum, as a
base of Golden Mean, and its asymmetric properties looks to be a driving
force not only in evolution of matter itself (including water), but also
in Mind - Matter and Mind - Mind interaction.
The quantum teleportation is a part of proposed mechanism of Psi phenomena.

Good luck in all kinds of your activity.Alex Kaivarainen,

Alex K <H2o@karelia.ru>  
To : 
Subject : 
Hi from Santa-Claus  
Date : 
Fri, 14 Dec 2001 18:12:36 +0200  

Dear Dan,

I just finished the next hierarchical stage of my UNIFIED MODEL.
(see above paper)

On line it is located at http://arXiv.org/abs/physics/0112027

The practical recommendations of this theory are that:
a) we have to be sensitive enough to feel the Harmonization force of the
b) we have to be wise enough to follow this force to achieve a Golden
Mean in our Mind-Body Interaction.

Be healthy and happy.

Alex Kaivarainen

This paper includes basic information about why Golden Mean Wave ratios create a mathmatical model of gravitation (as recursion optimized?). Also a nice pictorial on Sri Yantra as true vortex (wormhole/"gate"?) mechanic.

(More on the Sri Yantra in true 3D: also at Sri Yantra and Hydrogen: 3D PHI? (3D Drawing Instructions for Sri Yantra ) , Virtual Walkthru: Sacred Geometry vrml (requires VRML Virtual 3d PlugIn like Cosmo) 3D Virtual Walkthru of the Sri Yantra )

Dr. Alex Kaivarainen Affiliation: Petrozavodsk State University, Department of Applied Mathematics and Cybernetics ,<h2o@karelia.ru> or <alexk@kftt.karelia.ru , Leading Scientist, Ph.D., D. Sc. (Physics & Biophysics); Adjunct Professor of University of Miami, Chem. Dept. (USA)

Broad experience in quantum theory of condensed matter and biophysics. Author of five books and more than 100 scientific publications. The new book: "Hierarchic Theory of Matter and Field. Water & biosystems, Vacuum & duality" - is under preparation. The Hierarchic theory of matter, the first one general for liquids and solids, is verified quantitatively using new computer program (copyright 1997, Kaivarainen) on examples of water and ice. The evidence of existence of high-temperature molecular Bose condensation in composition of solids & liquids is one of the important results of new theory. Four innovations, including original optoacoustic device: Comprehensive Analyzer of Matter Properties (CAMP), based on our theory and computer program, has been proposed. CAMP is enable to evaluate more than 300 parameters of any condensed matter. Most of them are inaccessible for direct experiment.

paper linked below, exerpts:

Hidden Parameters, Golden Mean, Eigenmoments, Weak and Strong Interaction
Alex Kaivarainen , Materials, presented in this original article are based on [1]. Kaivarainen A. Part II of book: Hierarchic Concept of Matter and Field. Water, biosystems and elementary particles. New York, NY, 1995 and
new version of this book
. (see URL: http://www.karelia.ru/~alexk [Book prospect and New articles]);
[2]. Kaivarainen A. Dynamic model of wave-particle duality:
Introduction, Role of Vacuum in transitions between Corpuscular and Wave phase.
(see "New articles" in URL: http://www.karelia.ru/~alexk)
Contents of article:
1. External and internal (hidden) parameters of de Broglie wave
1.1.Relations between real and "mirror" corpuscular masses, internal and
external group and phase velocities
.2 Golden Mean quantum roots or Hidden Harmony.
The mystery of Sri Yantra diagram... " continued in complete reprint below..

complete paper: (from Alex in Mother Russia)

Golden Mean Physics (pdf Adobe Acrobat Format)

followed by: The extended Summary to Part II of book:
"Hierarchic Theory of Matter and Field. Water & biosystems, Vacuum & duality"
by: Alex Kaivarainen http://www.karelia.ru/~alexk H2o@karelia.ru


excerpt:"The new fundamental principle of self-assembly of "simple" systems physical systems, like elementary particles, atoms, molecules, self-organization of complex open systems, like condensed matter, star systems, galactics and evolution of very complex systems like biopolymers (proteins, DNA, microtubules), cells, organisms
- can be formulated as: "The different selected systems on each level of temporal and spatial hierarchy are tending spontaneously to condition of Hidden Harmony (equality of most important internal and external parameters of de Broglie waves), which determines the Golden Mean". If we define the system as beautiful, when it follows the Golden mean rule, then the formulated principle of evolution is a "driving force (hidden will)", leading our World to Hierarchical Beauty.
The influence of Golden mean - based three dimensional rigid geometrical structures, termed "Harmonizator" on surrounding medium.
To explain this effect, we assume that 3D structures, like cross, pyramids, double cones,
etc. with proportions, following Golden mean (GM) rule works as effective generator of
virtual image in bi
-vacuum, i.e. provide the ordering action on virtual quanta."

about the above, from the author: Alex Kaivarainen <h2o@karelia.ru> Wed, 07 Jul 1999 13:49:39 +0400

Hi Dan, Thanks a lot for interest to my work and putting it to your website.
I recommend my last paper :

It is shown, that not only electron, but also the hydrogen atom follows the Golden mean rule.
You know more, than I the systems, following the same principle.

It makes it possible to put forward a hypothesis, that the driving force of the self-organization and evolution on all hierarchical scales is the spontaneous tending of systems to condition of Hidden harmony (equality of internal (hidden) and external velocities and impulses of de Broglie waves) as a quantum root of Golden mean. We have to keep in mind, that our World is composed from de Broglie waves... ..Kind Regard...Alex

important note in Articles by Alex Kaivarainen
Series of papers, based on new  Hierarchic Theory of Condensed Matter

physics of gravity as GOLDEN MEAN recursion based, see: DYNAMIC MODEL OF WAVE-PARTICLE DUALITY: Electromagnetism, Gravitation and Golden Mean Roots at http://www.karelia.ru/~alexk/new_articles/index.html Exerpt from the above "This means that equalities (3.25) can be considered as the Golden
Mean Roots or the Rules of Hidden Harmony - equality of hidden and external velocities of de Broglie wave.
The value of internal-hidden and external, measurable group velocities þvgr in = vgr ext ¦
in (3.29) is equal to:
þvgr in = vgr ext ¦ Ø vgr S = S 6 c = ð0.618Þ 1/2 6 c = 0.786 6 c 3.30
For internal and external phase velocities at conditions of Hidden Harmony
we havev ph
in = v ph
ext ¦ Ø v ph
S = vgr S
S = c
= 0.786 6 c
0.618 = 1.2718 6 c 3.31
The product of (3.30) and (3.31), like for any other values of group and phase
velocities of wave B is equal to that of light velocity squared
vgr S 6 v ph
S = c 2 3.32
It is very fascinating and important fact that our intuitive perception of beauty and harmony, reflected by Golden Mean, has so deep quantum roots-Hidden Harmony. It points that the similar roots are involved in principles of our consciousness also." end quote ... I particularly like the implication that PHASE VELOCITIES RECUR IN GOLDEN RATIO.. (SUPERLUMINAL PENETRANCE??)

Hello from Alex K.. Sun, 26 Sep 1999 , From: Alex Kaivarainen <h2o@karelia.ru>
Dear Dan,

I am mailing you the new version of my Summary to Part II of my new book: "Hierarchic theory of matter and field: water & biosystems, vacuum
and duality", which is still under preparation.
Among lot of stuff, related to superunification, it contains new ideas, concerning the role of Golden mean in some phenomena.
For example, I suppose, that the mechanism of influence of rigid structures with geometry, following Golden mean (I termed them "Harmonizators"), on different systems is mediated by special reorganization of fractal bi-vacuum properties. This reorganization corresponds to tending of vacuum to conditions of Hidden harmony (equality of some important internal and external parameters of de Broglie waves) and is a consequence of my dynamic model of wave-particle
duality, including nonlocal informational phenomena (see details in my article).
In turn, such perturbed bi-vacuum - affect the properties of any kind of matter, surrounding Harmonizator, stimulating their evolving to Hidden harmony, as a background of Golden mean.

I am very grateful, that you refer my materials in you web site. Please replace the old version of Extended Summary to Part II in your site to this new one. (done)

Will you, please, provide me with as much examples of realization of Golden mean, as you collect already during your long term study of this, possibly most important phenomena in Nature. Thank you very much for cooperation., Kind Regards Alex Kaivarainen http://www.karelia.ru/~alexk
http://camp.karelia.ru e-mail: h2o@karelia.ru

to Dan from Alex:

Congratulations with the great reborned  "Golden Site" .
Very impressive and comprehensive...

Obviously you don't  got my last paper:
"Virtual Replica of Matter in Bivacuum & Possible Mechanism of Distant
Mind - Matter and Mind - Mind Interaction", placed at the archives  of
Los-Alamos: http://arXiv.org/abs/physics/0103031

The physical nature of "Harmonization Force (HF)" of Bivacuum,  driving of
matter on each hierarchic level (from elementary particles to galactics) to
Golden mean condition, has been discussed in this paper.
It looks that just Harmonization Force is responsible for self-organization of
inorganic, organic and biological systems as a part of evolution of the
Universe as a whole.
It is important, that the final Golden mean state of the Evolution (i.e. it
goal), predicted by theory, differs from that, corresponding to maximum of
entropy and "Thermal Death".

In accordance to my theory of Mind-Matter and Mind-Mind interaction (Quantum
PSI theory) this interaction is most effective, if carrying frequency of
[corpuscle - wave] transitions of elementary particles of "SENDER" and
"RECEIVER" is close to each other and to Golden mean frequency: [product of
particle's rest mass and light velocity squared, divided to Plank constant].

Synchronization of peoples heart beats could be a macroscopic precondition of
quantum entanglement between synchronized brains/minds/microtubules.

The series of my papers, accessible via Internet is located at: http://arXiv.org/find/physics/1/au:+Kaivarainen_A/0/1/0/all/0/1

Have a nice weekend.
Yours sincerely.

Alex Kaivarainen, Dr. (physics & biophysics)
Department of Applied Physics,
University of Turku, FIN-20500, Turku,

from: http://listserv.arizona.edu/lsv/www/quantum-mind.html

Date: Sun, 31 Oct 1999 05:04:53 EST
Reply-To: Quantum Approaches to Consciousness

From Alex Kaivarainen <h2o@karelia.ru>
Subject: response to roundtable question

My version of response to this round table question is based on
convergence of basically new "Dynamic model of wave-particle duality and
Superunification" (The extended summary of this work is available in
[pdf] format) and the Hierarchic model of consciousness (see abstract
[32] of Quantum Mind conference at Flagstaff, AZ, August 1999). The
dynamic model of duality use the notion of internal hidden parameters,
interrelated, however, in certain way with external, measurable ones.


My approach points to possible relationship between mind and brain as a
result of combined effect of HIERARCHICAL LEVELS of interaction between
microtubules of tuned neurons, between ensembles of neurons, between
head-spine brain and peripheries nerve system. The most important final
stage is the interaction between all the complex of orchestrated nerve
cells of living organism and its hypothetic Informational Replica (IR),
generated by microtubules (MTs)of this complex. It may be achieved by
exchange of nonlocal Vacuum Amplitude Waves, introduced in our model.


The interaction between MTs may be both: distant and nonlocal.

My Hierarchical model of consciousness do not contradict the
Hameroff-Penrose mechanism of nonlocality. However, I think that the
increasing of the fraction of primary librational effectons (terminology
of Hierarchic theory of matter), forming at ambient temperature
molecular Bose condensate from water molecules in the interacting MTs,
is more probable explanation for overcoming the gravitational
threshold, necessary for wave function collapsing, than conformational
changes of MTs. The reorientation of tubulins as a result of
piezoelectric effect in a course of membranes depolarization may only
stimulate the Bose condensation of water molecules.

The virtual Informational replica, generated by living organism, in
accordance to my duality model, may be formed in bi-vacuum (two
interacting "oceans" of virtual quanta of positive and negative energy)
as a result of interference of special kind of standing virtual waves,
modulated and unified by nonlocal bi-vacuum excitations (see article,

This dynamic pattern may be considered as a part of Bohmian
HOLOMOVEMENT. Corresponding virtual waves are excited as a result of
[corpuscle - wave] pulsations of elementary particles, forming the
internal water of microtubules, highly ordered and very sensitive to
nerve excitation.

In more concrete form these ideas are presented in the abstract below
and the attached article in [pdf]-format. In addition to current round
table question, it contains the hypothesis, like "soul",
"Superconsciousness" emergency and their evolution.

The possible way to verify the role of microtubules in
brain-mind-informational replica] interaction is to build up
Audio-Video Skin Transmitter, described briefly at proceedings of
conference: A.Kaivarainen. Neural Correlates of Consciousness, Bremen,
Germany, p. 49, June, 1988.

It is predictable, that if my hypothesis is right, the strong
correlation should exist between the effect of AV-Transmitter on small
group of selected acupuncture points on human body and Kirlian radiation
change from lot of others.

Another more direct test to perturbation of virtual Informational
replica around human body under the influence of AV-Transmitter or in a
course of deep meditation is a possible change of Cazimir effect,
related to change of zero-point fluctuations between two conducting
plates, influencing their attraction.



Alex Kaivarainen , Department of Physical Chemistry, Abo Akademi, University of Finland
http://www.karelia.ru/~alexk , h2o@karelia.ru

The Dynamic model of wave-particle duality proposed, is devoted to
analysis of the internal (hidden) parameters of elementary de Broglie
waves (waves B) and their interrelation with external, observable ones.
Dynamic model is based on assumption of alternative pulsation of
sub-elementary particles, between the corpuscular [C] and wave [W]
phase, each of them representing corresponding semiperiod of wave B. The
triplets of sub-elementary particles form the elementary particles. The
energy and impulse of two sub-elementary particles compensate each
other. The resulting properties of each triplet: mass, spin, charge is
determined by uncompensated sub-elementary particle.


The model considers the positive and negative vacuum as two 'oceans' of
superfluid quantum liquid, composed from virtual quanta of opposite
energies. This interacting positive and negative vacuum, termed
BI-VACUUM, is an infinitive source of bi-vacuum bosons (BVB). The
spatial image of BVB is a pair of [rotor + antirotor] of opposite
direction of rotation in the energetic planes of positive and negative
vacuum with the radius, close to Compton radius of the electron, muon or
tau-electron, depending on the resonant energetic slit value of
bi-vacuum. The nonlocal properties of BVB are the consequence of their
zero resulting impulse, responsible for their infinitive virtual wave B
length and corresponding scale of PRIMORDIAL bi-vacuum Bose
condensation. In SECONDARY vacuum, with symmetry, perturbed by presence
of matter, the impulse of BVB becomes non zero. As a result, the
infinitive virtual Bose condensate 'dissociate' to huge superfluid
bi-vacuum domains. The gradient of difference of concentration of rotors
and antirotors with opposite direction of rotation (virtual spin
equilibrium shift), originated under the influence of rotating atoms,
molecules or macroscopic bodies - is responsible for TORSION field.


The transmission of signal in form of energetic slit oscillation of
bi-vacuum, representing the vacuum amplitude waves (VAW) without
mentioned above equilibrium shift in the membrane of bi-vacuum Bose
condensate is instant. It is not related with energy-impulse


The Corpuscular and Wave phase of particles are considered in our
model as two alternative phase of wave B, which are in dynamic
equilibrium. The wave [W]- PHASE in form of cumulative virtual cloud
(CVC) originates as a result of quantum beats between real and mirror
states of corpuscular [C] phase of sub-elementary particles, composing
elementary particles. It is shown that CVC has a spatial image of half
of parted (two-cavity) hyperboloid. This half is in realm of positive or
negative vacuum for sub-particles and sub-antiparticles,
correspondingly. The CVC is composed from virtual density waves (VDW),
responsible for electric component of resulting electromagnetic charge
and from virtual symmetry waves (VSW), related to magnetic component of
resulting charge. The product of two components is equal to resulting
charge squared.


The VAW interference with standing VDW and VSW (scalar waves), excited
by symmetric pairs of sub-particles and sub-antiparticles may be
responsible for Informational field origination.


It leads from the equations obtained, that small part of CVC energy
determined by fine structure constant is responsible for
electromagnetism and even much smaller part of CVC - for gravitation.
Our model unifies electromagnetism and gravitation in clear and natural


The restoration of [C]-PHASE in form of [real+mirror] mass-dipole is a
result of binding of CVC to BVB, accompanied by excitation of BVB. The
spatial image of sub-particle in [C]-phase is a correlated pair [mirror
rotor + real vortex]. The energies of both phase [C] and [W] are equal.
Propagation of fermion in bi-vacuum is a jump-way process, because the
[W] is luminal in contrast to [C] phase. The frequency of [C-W]
pulsation is equal to frequency of quantum beats between real and mirror
corpuscular states.


Our dynamic duality model elucidates the quantum background of
non-locality, principle of least action and Golden mean, unifies the
quantum and relativist theories. Tending of open systems to conditions
of Golden mean is supposed to be a driving force of their
It is shown also that the pace of time - changes with
opposite sign with pace of kinetic energy for each selected closed
system. It leads from formulae obtained, that pace of time is
interrelated with electromagnetic and gravitational energy change. The
notions of TEMPORAL field and waves may be introduced, which are
correlated with electromagnetic and gravitational ones.


In any living organism: from microbe to elephant the more ordered
quasi-crystalline and sensitive structure - is a fraction of internal
water in hollow core of MTs with diameter of about 140A. The bigger is
number of MTs of coherently interacting (tuned) cells, the bigger is
corresponding fraction of ordered water, very sensitive to nerve
excitation. The spatial and dynamic properties of MTs and internal water
structure follow the Golden mean rule. I have developed the Hierarchic
model of consciousness, related to properties of MTs and molecular Bose
condensation of internal water (see: www.karelia.ru/~alexk) [Abstracts
and New articles].


Just this fraction of virtual waves (VAW, VDW and VSW), excited by
ordered water in MTs, may be responsible , for special virtual
Informational field [IF], characterizing the individuality as a product
of head, spine brain and peripheral nerve system activity.
In some cases, when corresponding [IF] forms a complex system of
virtual standing waves with properties, close to conditions of Hidden
harmony, leading to Golden mean realization, the [IF] may remain stable
even after the real source (living organism) becomes destroyed or dead.
The Hidden harmony conditions mean the equality of important internal
and external parameters: the internal (hidden) and external group
velocities; the internal (hidden) and external phase velocities.


This hypothesis, based on our theory, points to possibility of
existence of 'SOUL'. Some of corresponding systems of such virtual
Informational replica of living organism really may be more or less
stable, depending on their properties as a systems of standing waves.


During the life of animal, plant or human being, the direct and back
reaction should exist between 'soul' and organism, generating this soul.
This interaction may have a character of quantum beats. If so, the
important part of consciousness includes the acts of interaction between


Just this interaction may be resulted in MIND activity. Each individual
soul is formed by interference of nonlocal Vacuum Amplitude Waves (VAW)
with standing vacuum density and vacuum symmetry waves (VDW and VSW) of
the all nerve cells of living organism. The nonlocal character of each
individual soul makes it possible their interaction and even
unification. The idea of collective informational soul is close to idea
of NOOSPHERE, proposed by Vernadsky in Russia at the beginning of this


If we make one more step ahead, we can suppose that unification of all
souls of human beings, animals, plants of all planets with any forms of
life over the Universe may form virtual dynamic Super-Consciousness.


Due to mentioned above feedback reaction, the evolving of Super -
Consciousness should be dependent on evolution of the intelligent part
of biosphere of the Universe and vice verse.


(*) The extended summary of "Dynamic model of wave-corpuscle duality"
is available in [pdf] format.