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Hi Dan, I forgot the other thing I want to mention.

When I read the article about the Merkaba Tilt, I couldn't believe it! For
the past couple of years, sometimes when I have gone into meditation, I
begin to feel like I am total Light and then my physical heads automatically
tilts back to the same position talked about in the article in the link
below. I never knew what that was all about and at first I thought that
maybe I was passing out, however it didn't feel like I was. Now I know why
my head tilts back. It actually feels more comfortable in this position and
it becomes somewhat locked in place, just like a key fitting perfectly into a
lock. It just FITS!.

If you have any comments about all or any of this, I would be more than
happy to hear what you would have to say.

Love and Light
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From: HEISLER.LM@ISP5611.OAS@BC, on 2000-06-08 8:23 AM:

Dear Dan


You have just provided me with the answers I have been seeking.

The Angel Trumpets are the SAME trumpets that I have been working with since
April, 2000 although I called them funnels and really did not understand
their full purpose.

The first time I activated a funnel or Angel Trumpet was when I was in the
process of "Creating a Sacred Place" on top of my favourite mountain where I
go hiking and do my physical training on. As I am at work right now and my
write up on this is on my computer as home, I will send you my write up when
I get home. This Angel Funnel was to act as a receiver funnel for the Divine
Feminine Energies and to assist in the unification of opposites, the Black
Goddess and the White Goddess.

Then on this past Tues 6 June, my Twin Ray Mirandi (not incarnate at this
time) and myself were doing some grid work and energy clearing in the areas
of Isreal, Lebannon, Syria and Jordan (btw I live in Victoria BC Canada).
Before Mirandi and I layed the grid/ley lines to draw down and release the
old energies from these areas (the energy being released was actually from
the 4th Domain or in more simplistic terms, the 4th Universe), we first did
the set up work which was to place and activate two funnels or Angel
Trumpets, one in each pole of Gaia. The wider end of the funnels facing
outward and the narrow ends touched eachother at the very Heart or core
centre of Gaia. Then the energy of the south pole funnel actually began to
implode from the outside to the inside and straight up the centre of the
funnels and out of the north pole funnel. The energy movement was constant
and remained in place while we layed the grid lines from Isreal straight down
to the centre core of Gaia and the centre point of the funnels where the two
funnels come together. We then layed grid lines from the other three areas
and tied them into the Isreal grid/ley line. As the imploding continued, it
created a pull or drag like sucking on a straw, the straw being the grid/ley
lines that we layed. The drag/sucking action pulled all the old Viriens /
Wariens energy belonging to the 4th Domain, out of these four areas and
released and directed the energy straight out of our Universe through a
portal at the very outer edges of our Universe and back into the 4th Universe
from wherest it had come.

As Mirandi and I had set the calibration on the grid/ley lines to correspond
with this specific type of energy, the Funnels / Angel Trumpets dragged on
only this energy and leaving all other energies in place.

After this energy was completely drawn down and released, I saw people in
these areas kind of shake their heads as if awaking from a trance or dream or
hypnosis of some kind. It will be interesting to watch and see what happens
in these areas now that this energy has been released.

When all was complete the south pole funnel / Angel Trumpet stopped
imploding and resumed its original state. Both the funnels / Angel Trumpets
as I tune in right now are active, however the energy is very soft flowing
and is flowing in a clock wise direction (clockwise if you were to stand in
the centre of the funnel. If standing in the south pole funnel, the north
pole funnels' energy flow would appear opposite, however and the flow in each
moves clockwise. This creates a balance and holds the centre at zero point.

Then this morning I open your email and followed some of the links and came
across the Angel Trumpets. Now I know what the funnels were. Thank You!!!

I just thought you might be interested in all this.

Lots of Love
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From: dan winter <>
Subject: global master source for sacred geometry links/resources
Date: June 7, 2000 12:21 AM

Leetle Newsletter Update-

Do you have an unquenchable hunger to see thru to the pure principles
(sacred geometry) in order to EMBED inside (feel compassion for)

New ...

Sacred Geometry global master links directory..
most in depth link and resource directory for sacred geometry on the

(also some great new pics from Jonathan Quintin.. prints coming!)

next time you feel like surfing after you discover that 'trivial
pursuits' is the opposite of focus..

& focus only happens where all waves (we) agree -same as where they
(we) embed...

And having looked at the PURE PRINCIPLE for turning inside out ness
heart of the sun /ANU heart
perfect slip knot for phire..

we might say of hearts the same thing metatron said about the electron:
there is only one... it just gets around.

Hopefully this little enzyme of the pure principle (sacred geometry of
perfect nesting)
of what makes..
many into one...
does .. get to this..
heart of the matter.


lo phi and glad we are here for each other

(let me know what to add.../fix please!)

dan winter