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(note this guide was originally published with "Squeezing the Truth Out- Principle of Sorting by Implosion" - Implosion Group, June 29, 05 - Newsletter - )


1. Which disk do I use to install which software?

A: The new HeartTunerPro04 software can be installed from the CD included in your shipment, OR downloaded from the user-only web link you received when you ordered your system OR from the special most recent CD as part of your 15 disk training set ( currently: "HeartTunerApril05 CD").

2. After the installer ran - I see no launch icon?? (Same as- why do I seem to need to have the installer CD in the computer to click on the program?)

A: The installer puts the folder Heart Coherence Team inside your C: drive - PROGRAM FILES folder. Go in there and right click on HeartTunerPro04 (red valentine shaped) icon - and MAKE ALIAS or SHORTCUT. Drag that shortcut to your desktop. In the next release we plan that the installer WILL put a shortcut on the desktop.

3. The HeartTuner - comes up with one screen (for example) like the power spectra - shows NO DATA>. just empty..??

A: At the top LEFT hand corner of each of the moveable scaleable data display windows - like POWER SPECTRA and COHERENCE and TIME HISTORY, there is a little button to CLICK IT ON AND OFF!! (Switches data into the window). The HeartTuner remembers how the screens were switched last time used, so maybe the window switched off - was a left over from last use. There are 2 issues: one is that the main control menu has switches to show and hide each DATA SCREEN, and SEPARATELY - each data screen has a click button - top left - to switch the data processing inside that screen on and off.


4. I need a dummies guide - what do I do first.. after boot up?

A: Start with HeartTuner EKG. - (click on 2 hearts picture to start inputting data on the Data Input Window - top right usually- remember if you have not gotten your activation code emailed yet- this is the place to generate the serial seed to send off and request activation..)

a) make sure the raw data lines on the input screen look like a decent EKG - not too squiggly - noisy - if needed - tighten straps - moisen skin - ask the subject to keep their wrists more still (movement causes noise which continues for 10 seconds or so till stillness). Also check that the device and cables are moved away from power wires and transformers etc..

b) you can learn about the Power Spectrum screen later -(just replace missing harmonics in cascade kind of stuff)
- so FIRST for the fun - focus on the COHERENCE (cepstrum) window..
1 - learn to look at the FIRST and Highest PEAK on the left side - THAT IS COHERENCE. Note > DOES THAT PEAK GET HIGHER WHEN YOU RELAX AND FEEL LOVE /PASSION - something TRUE AND REAL.., (teaches REAL MEASUREABLE EMOTIONAL COHERENCE.. later see the HISTORY CURVE FOR THAT ). This is actually a RUSH IN THE HEART - a psychological FEELING - which is now MEASUREABLE. We are sharing a NEW CONCEPT as well as a new measurement.
2 - look at the right left movement of that peak. When you change emotions - does that (heart rate linked) change. Are you stuck?
3 - Can you make that LINK or LINE UP with another person - EMPATHY - ENERGY LINK. , (teaches healers and counselors to link hearts).
4 - Some ( James, myself and others) firmly believe (global scaling kinds of reasons) that when that
(heart rate musical key) peak is nearer 1.0 - emotions are more likely CONCEPTUAL - and when that peak is nearer .62 - emotions are more likely TOUCHY /FEELY or Heart Centered.. -SEE IF YOU AGREE?? Can you USE THIS TO TEACH moving from head to heart centered emoting? (more advanced users - see: discussions elsewhere about converting the non-sacred second to globally scaled plank time, suggesting this may fit nature AND ratio).


5. I am confused - Do I still need the old version of the Software - if so - Where is it, how do I install etc..

A: The original HeartTuner software is still fun and useful. Particularly until the new HRV (the'breath' curver) display is released in the new Pro04 version. (the HRV display is the lo frequency .1 to .5 hz heart harmonics - often used by doctors and the only data display on the HeartMath FreezeFramer). The installer CD for the Original HeartTuner software is labeled ORIGINAL HEART TUNER. The program is HeartTunerPro - has no 04 in the name. That CD has the installer PLUS nice training films. The installer creates the folder 'HeartTuner' in PROGRAM FILES on C: drive. Note also - PortSelector is a little routine in old software folder, usually set to USB if you have the USB adapter plugged in -- OR if you are running the NEW hardware which is of course, USB only. ( Serial port only operation is rather obsolete now - and only possible with both old hardware and software).

6. I am confused about OLD HARDWARE versus NEW HARDWARE - for HeartTuner - what's the difference - in features and operation?

A. The Old Hardware ( mostly pre 2005) is slightly smaller, and always has a simple SERIAL plug type cable coming out - with an OPTIONAL separate little USB adapter cable. The NEW hardware - ( all mostly 2005 and up) is a slightly bigger box and has ONLY a USB wire coming out. - Pics at . The difference: actually you can functionally do most everything with both. The NEW box has slight differences tho:
a) it is EU and UL certified (old is UL not EU), b) higher resolution analog to digital converter and new drivers-most users won't know the difference, c) new one can use 4 or 5 lead two channel EEG hookup, old box requires the 5th lead extra ground clip on ear for Two Channel EEG blisstuner (minor )., d) new box cannot run serial port ONLY usb (obviously).

6 b. During install - how do I sort Old Drivers vs New Drivers - for the Old versus the New Hardware AND Software???

A: The new software ('04') default installs drivers for new hardware. If you have the old hardware - put the drivers from
into (replacing) the new folder "Heart Coherence Team'.

The OLD software default installs the drivers for the old hardware. To run the NEW hardware with the old (not 04) software - (remember HRV still useful- above) - DOWNLOAD THE NEW SET drivers from - and put them in the original HeartTuner software folder HeartTuner (in C:Program Files) - a replace- operation.

7: For the blisstuner is it required to use the conductance paste on both the ears and the scalp?

A: EKG sol (electrode gel or paste - any good drug store - near a hospital is usually good) is ONLY required for BlissTuner not HeartTuner (EEG yes / EKG no). This is because we find clean nice smooth data for EEG (1 millionth of a volt) is far more often possible this way. YES - put just a bit of paste of the surface of the electrode (silver coated face) for the Ear clips ALSO. For good results (brainwaves only issue) - note here, ear clips right on the skin require only a hint of gel, the button touching right on the skull in back - opposite to eyes - however... IF there is a lot of hair - really sort thru the hair a bit - to the skin - and be SURE there is enough gel to get a liquid connection to the skin surface.

8. I want to run the HeartTuner / BlissTuner on a second computer: do I need to apply for another serial number / activation key?

A: Yes. The activation key is good for unlimited upgrades etc. but only on ONE computer. Remember you need to RUN the software on the second machine, then click "Select" on the INPUT DATA window (on the 2 hearts pic etc) - to get the screen where it generates the SERIAL SEED - email THAT number to (or if you purchased your system from Dan - ) . This is the only way to get a second activation key.

9. I am confused about 1 channel versus 2 Brainwaves.. Tell me more about brainwave work.. ( other than )

A: The new hardware / software oriented to display 2 channel CROSS HEMISPHERIC coherence - is not designed to do 1 channel brainwave (this is due to the simplifying way we eliminated the need for the 5th wire, by crossing the grounds of both channels in to each channels full 3 wire full differential hi gain pre amp). Click on the one brain pic with 2 hemispheres in the new software.

The standard 2 channel 4 wire hookup .. Channel A/1 - White Positive to one eyeball in back of head, Black or Whiter NEGATIVE clip to ear , Channel B/2- White Positive to the other eyeball place in the back of the head, the GREEN ground clip to the corresponding earlobe. (Remember touch the skull thru the hair on the head one and use gel).

More about brainwave work:
a) expect to wait for 1 to 2 minutes of total stillness after any move before data settles to smooth and useful ,
b) expect that in many rather electrical environments - cleaner better data is possible on battery powered portable -unplugged.,
c) you must go to advanced settings and set Input Sound MIDI - ON - usually "Microsoft Midi" is the input and set Instrument recommend start with "PAN FLUTE"- do this before you set SOUND ON toggle - and Switch WHICH SOUNDS - Alpha / Beta at the top of the running EEG POWER SPECTRA screen. Recommend set all (alpha / beta / and Golden Ratio) - sounds ON to start.. , later play with just making ALPHA. Note that these sounds are actually harmonics changing with ACTUAL BRAINWAVE FREQUENCIES.. (REAL feedback).

d) remember - the green ALPHA ball (circle) and stick will be always together at ACTUAL MEASURED (7-13hz) ALPHA. Goal here is to get large alpha peak stable AND LINED UP FROM RIGHT TO LEFT HEMISPHERE. THIS IS HOW YOU TEACH CROSS HEMISPHERIC COHERENCE.. literally the REAL HEMISYNC. Second - the PURPLE / BETA (higher frequency) BALL (circle) is your MEASURED BETA. The Purple STICK is your goal - Computer calculates 1.618 Golden Ratio TIMES you moving measured ALPHA frequency to plot this moving goal for you. IF YOU GET THE (purple) BALL ON THE STICK - THEN YOU GET BLISS or CREATIVITY - because THAT is HOW your brain attracts charge ( see caducceus).

e) sometimes you will see this BETA peak form - as an OCTAVE (multiplied by 2 ) instead of golden ratio - times the Alpha (8-12hz) frequency peak. We are beginning to believe this may be a consistent indicator of Channelling or telepathy or other more more link up less individuating states.. more soon ( see ). In the future display - we may offer a 'switchable' line at octave AND golden ratio dynamically in the Beta - so you can choose - since these brainwave states are so archtypal / characteristic of unique psychology (Golden Mean - individuates / attracts creativity/ bliss VS. Octave - holds charge wtihin - sets up 'hive mind' non-individuating - good for channelling?)

f) the COHERENCE or cepstrum display is currently set OFF in the new software during EEG / blisstuner. This will soon be fixed.. since indeed the COHERENCE here is set to be our new PRIME addition to the literature on HOW TO TREAT ADDICTION / A.D.D. (Simply teach to complete the cascade.) .

g) again - we acknowledge the many years of work in analyzing brainwaves with the MIND MIRROR - and recommend their interpretations, merely noting that our display is far better (includes time history) and includes more (coherence ) etc. - A good link to begin recognizing the SHAPE of the cascade of EEG harmonics shown on the BlissTuner - (the Mind Mirror displays brain hemisphere frequencies vertically as well, just without the time history cascade) is at

10. What about analyzing Heart and Brain at the same time ? (measure link up and coherence of HEART VERSUS BRAIN)

A: In the new software this capability is being tested .. in the old software it was well tested and functional - note in that case (hooking EKG and EEG to the original software environment) - always connect EEG to B channel RED - adjust RELATIVE GAIN slider far to the right carefully.. leave the input settings click knob set for ekg not eeg down below.

11. When will the new HRV and ADDICTION / ATTENTION DEFICIT software parts be ready?

A: Remember HRV display is largely functional in the old software. In the new software there will be radically improved display options for HRV since so many medical professionals use this so intensely. This will probably take a few more months in software development- and will include the most contemporary HRV statistical data.

- As far as ADDICTION / ATTENTION DEFICIT training.. here are some considerations:

a) The definition of addiction and A.D.D. neurofeedback training - 70% broad documented clinical success in the US - may be simply summarized as- CREATE BALANCE IN THE CASCADE - ALL HARMONICS PRESENT - NONE MISSING! ( please read more at 'REPLACING THE SOUL KILLER -RITALIN '- , etc.) . Once you understand this you can look at a reasonably stable and quiet and replicable EEG trace on the BLISSTUNER and do that work beautifully. Most of the time of the current expensive - A.D.D. feedback is consumed as the therapist struggles to guess which harmonic to provide a feedback reward cue to reinforce. We firmly believe this arduous process will be made FAR MORE ELEGANT when neurofeedback people LEARN TO USE Winter's CEPSTRUM COHERENCE MEASURE (for EEG) . Meantime - you can do much. Teach people to cross hemispherically LINK right and left hemisphere ( usually starting with their alpha). Then look at the picture of the perfect brainwave cascade (similar to Mind Mirror's pic at ) - and teach people to REPLACE THE MISSING HARMONIC IN THEIR CHART. What will be added to this - with the professional neurofeedback version in process - is the ability to provide a gently adjustable reward threshold tuneable cue to provide a little reward each moment you get closer to your goal. This sounds simple - yet the experience itself is so profound : SHIFTING GEARS IN YOUR BRAINWAVES - that it requires great personal responsibility to use this well.

How long till this - adjustable reward part is released? We expect the software to be released in stages at the sophistication level evolves in our ability to incorporate the mathematics into the existing BlissTuner internal data framework - over the next year or so.


12. How do I add my question to this list?

A: Email: