How Does Emotion create Membrane/Immune/Spin & Braid DNA..

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Braiding DNA, Is Emotion the Weaver?

What are Emotions:

Emoting is a learned response like digestion. Emotion consitutes the body's learning to convert magnetic fields to squirt them BETWEEN harmonics up and down the scale of size. (E-Motion = Energy in Motion BETWEEN frequency). The result is a metabolizing of field effects such that magnetic fields the scale of glands (sound wave length) can be sent down the 'kite string' ladder to magnetic fields the scale of DNA codon groups (see braiding in the links here). It is important to understand that it is the learning of the simple WHOLE NUMBER RATIOS (like Phi/Golden Mean versus hex) that sets these fields beating BETWEEN harmonics up and down the scale non-destructively. Please see the Sentic musical wave shapes converted by me to simple RATIOS (which 'MASSAGE THE ENVELOPE-to squeeze it into a braiding cascade) at How to Touch . The result is that eventually large bubbles of magnetic field effects digested into incubus of coherence -) braid and program DNA by sonically aligning active site switching, AND -) serve and feed and share info with planetary gravity fields whose implosions of charge into gravity are steered ultimately by the centering forces genepools can provide. Emotions are the handles by which biological foci (consciousness) can reach out from our quarantine into genes and stars, if we choose their discipline and geometry: The requisites of bliss. (whose charge or spin density is indistinguishable from information and awareness density).

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