ElDorado & The Re-Penting of America:

Pictorial Map to America's Geomantic Global Role

Is the 'Fountain of Youth' the sustainable charge envelope of embedding.. inhabited by ONLY the Shareable?

Meaning of El Dorado: El=Phase Shift from circle to line.. matter(matrix) to energy, Dor=Doorway.. El Dorado - Doorway into Gold - which is Door to Perfect Fractal Embedding.

Main: Dan Winter- Implosion Group EARTH GRID ENGINEERING ARTICLE INDEX: goldenmean.info/sbgrid1.html

2015 update: goldenmean.info/temple

Starmap Europe: www.goldenmean.info/portugal

Also- key index- The TEMPLAR INDEX- of grid engineering- with William Buehler: www.goldenmean.info/buehler

Grid dynamics of the US- recommend Peter Champoux www.geometryofplace.com

Compare Classic - DODEC/ICOS- Earth Grid physics- as FRACTAL CONJUGATOR to the Fractal Conjugate- 'Fullerene' geometry of MONOATOMICS: new article- fractalfield.com/coldplasma ... original index of Golde Powder articles: www.goldenmean.info/goldpowder

The CORE PRINCIPLE- is the NEGENTROPIC PUMP WAVE- frequency signature of the SCHUMANN HARMONICS which make GAIA- negentropic - the exact frequencies of the perfect implosive phase conjugate waveform - COMPARED to the SCHUMANN HARMONICS- see - the cover on Dan Winter's new book www.fractalfield.com/fractalspacetime

These are the exact measured frequency harmonics of the
Earth’s SCHUMANN RESONANCE (ignore Greg Braden’s confusion)- ALMOST an exact negentropic phase conjugate pump wave- SO - CAN YOU GUESS WHAT NEEDS TO BE DONE now to make GAIA emerge from chaos????????
Hint- fix the music, fix the grid- it can be proven to eliminate pollution and more..!

This article begins with several purposes:

1- To be an intro to an exciting film:

"Mystic Destiny of the Americas: The True Nature of the Legend of El Dorado".

being digitally edited by Golden Ratio Productions in conjunction with Ron Pastore's El Dorado Mapping.

2- To be a visual confirmation/tour to the 'pent embedding' conceptual heart of America's spiritual origins as discussed in our original article:

The Archeo-Geometry of America's Spiritual Destiny The author suggests this article as background reading here..

3- To suggest a larger MEANING TO WHY this same PENT based (Phi Optimized Embedding) structure (STRIKINGLY recurrent from Mars, to Rennes, to DC, to El Dorado... ) WAS REQUIRED to become IMMORTAL & Sustain SELF-Awareness.. 'To Recur is to EMBED is to SURVIVE is to become DISTRIBUTABLE"


thanks to Steve McIntosh, Now & Zen, Golden Ratio Measuring Tool & Book, Boulder. Now & Zen products can be purchased directly from the company by calling: (800)
779-6383, visiting the website at http://www.now-zen.com

Executive summary: Not only do long PENT recursive magnetic structures tell us where our countries power sites and politics originated, THEY ABSOLUTELY INDICATE WHERE WE MAY EMBED OURSELVES MAGNETICALLY IN OUR LANDSCAPE IN ORDER TO BECOME PROJECTIVE. That is to say - become scale invariant - non/resistive to compression... quite literally... ABLE TO SURVIVE THE SUN BURST/MAGNETIC STORM OTHERWISE KNOWN AS 'RAPTURE'. (detailed discussion on the practical aspects of using this principle geomantically and glandularly to survive the solar magnetic wind/compression/ "Ur Na Sha" genetic imprinting.. even as it applies to the powerful Aug 11,99 event- at ../eclipse )

Cross referencing the new information about America's dramatically PHI- PENT interior (pictures below) with stunning parallels to Gothic/Grail AND Giza AND Martian Cydonia landscapes, suggests a theme thru geologic time too compelling to ignore. At the end of the article we ask specifically- what should we do now that we know WHICH MAGNETIC STRUCTURES CAN SURVIVE.. is based literally on embedability.

In order to present the intro links to the "RE-PENTING" of America... this section is (also) exerpted from(the same /eclipse link) : Solar Eclipse 99: Grid Magnetics go to Zero, Time for Heart's Re-Pent? (please do see the complete article).. quoting here: " there are cities/bioregions which look magnetically from the sky like living biological structures.. Do you remember in Peter Russell's film "The Global Brain" where the zoom out from the unplanned city was visually indistinguishable from CANCER (see geometry of cancer cell) tissue vs. geomantically planned/embedable landscape architecture which from the sky looked LIVING? The principle IS survival related.. A magnetically COMPRESSING Earth will perceive the geomagnetic non-compression magnetic/emotion indigestion/pollution clouds above cities as bleeding sores that will not heal. Her response will be to slough them off like a scab that itches. The natural sollution to pollution is to create a wetland. Roughly 60% of the planet population is within 300ft of sea level. That which does not 'pay it's debt to gravity' (become long wave lo-phi embedable) is pushed down.

- See Eagle in Pennsylvania (head of appalachian "spine"),

- The pent Zodiac Landscape Map Exquisitely Around Rennes Les Chateaux in S.France was the STARTING PLACE of "Holy Blood Holy Grail. related to:Templar

Rennes Southern France Geometric: Precedent for the Templar Re-Pent Agenda?

In 'The Builder's of Chartres' book, Bernard of Clairveaux & Templar crew admit to hearing the whispered instructions (in lucid dreams) of THE MARY telling them how and WHERE to site the gothic cathedrals for decades... then centuries later we step back a few hundred miles.. and we notice she has created a PENT FRACTAL PROJECTIVE STAR MAP OF VIRGO .. (This image from 'The Mysteries of Chartres" by Charpentier I believe). The star navigating Magdalen needed a magneto lens to carry glandular ecstacy to the stars.. in order to re-join the body of her tantric partner Jesus (see the "Tantric Swoon" of Magdalen in the book "Magdalen Mystery" by Kent of Sante Fe..). Nice story about this in my complete pictorial book chapter (pdf acrobat files) at www.../magdalen

- Buehler's Reshel Grid Templar maps..

- the Pent Fractal Masonic Outline of the Washington DC grid, or

ARKHOM- Project - Star Maps on New England and elsewehere Peter Champoux and Friends (book) "The Gaia Matrix." See www.geometryofplace.com- Arkhom across NewEngland, A Millenium Monument Project! Many important links here, face of Geometry right across New England, Tree of Life Map of Africa, Tetra Planetary and Star Geometrics

- Trinity Point Project Geomancy Across the Face of Virgina..

- Ophanim Valnaapa in Flinders Range Australia,

- offset PENT on MARS face Cydonia GEOMETRIC(from enterprisemission.com )

We also suggest the book "Two Third's" by David Mayers/David Percy, the Arcturian/Essene view of the geometrics necessary to 'planet tame': specifically that is the skill to place paramagnetic lenses/tuning weights dolmen like Giza/Cydonia at tetrahedral latitude spin grab points... in order to adjust improve the phase lock embedding of planetary spin into zodiacal spin... This improved charge recursion stabilizes gravity and therefore atmosphere retention.. also setting up the capacitive embedding conditions in the long wave context necessary to fertilize the evolution of SELF-awareness in the inhabiting genepool. When Lovelock of the "Gaia Hypothesis" wrote the software in the computer game SimEarth which emulated the function of dolmen placement on planetary metabolism he correctly guessed that the speeded up evolution of the inhabiting & steering genepool while potent did risk premature burn of planet eco-resource before the genepool reached true star metabolism.. This requires inhabiting/embedding gravity bodies of stars glandularly & metabolizing symbiotically gravity fields directly into energy sources. ref: 'zero point enery' in 'physics of phi article' and Metabolizing Starlight Directly - film we made. More specifically then what the Arcturian's (whose Essene's also became the Arthurian myth) really meant then by 'Planet Taming' was teasing with myth mirth & seeds of symmetry (crop circles whose shapes taught glands like heart cavities to shape themselves into proper gravity thrusters - hat of osiris vs. pericardium - attacked by designer genes.. notes at ../america . Dave's dissappearance into the fractal Dolmen in the movie '2001' only to appear later in '2010' /then he was well distributed / is instructive.).. until planets whose inhabiting genepools finally learned to contribute to the real estate value of their stellar neighborhoods gravity smells, something sweet. (ONLY 'coherent emotion feeds the Earth' - Gurdjieff). This becomes the Ophanim agenda behind Templar. A planetary neighborhood can be as touchably magnetically braided as a home wherein love abides.. 'the sustance of we feeling'. Recursion adds the glue, without the compassionate skill to embed, tectonics and timelines bleed.

Visit my (Dan Winter's) analysis of the Golden Spiral on the Giza Plateau Pointing to its same star map on Orion..

Dolmen structures like Giza's pyramids (massive tuning symmetry with respect to oribital mechanics AND charge embedding) modulate planetary spin to stabilize them thru gravity effects like planet lineups, and such things as ".. severe orbital problem due to a glancing blow from a passing meteorite. This resulted in a rapidly decaying orbit..." see the ET Origin? of THE EXPERIMENT in Interplanetary Stabilization.. (Includes more on Thoth's role.)

To Visit Daniel Perez's work superposing the clear Washington DC Pent/stellation structure on the Martian Cydonia click on image below..

Michael Morton's Relating Washington, D.C. Structures to Cydonia(grid pt.analysis) (Thanks to Michaell Morton for adding corrections here 7/17/99).. The templar masonic myth (acknowledgement to Steve Nelson here.. ) is that after the Jefferson/Washington/Franklin team installed the pent stellation in the DC design.. the final keystone (Washington Monument?) trigger crystal was NOT COMPLETED.. Because we did not have a leadership WHOSE EMOTIONS WERE SO RADIANT/SHAREABLE/PURE as to be able to inhabit the grid (LITERALLY CREATING A BODY POLIS) from such a perfect seed fractal. We await the time....

- John Michell's book "Simulacra": Faces on the Land... etc.. etc..

Review of Links of Earth Grid Geometrics Maps around the Web..Linear, Geometric and Zodiacal Maps

Oh, and did we mention the starmaps in Japan! (note added 2/20/00):Astronomy in Japan:Yowatashi Boshi
Passing the Winter Nights with Japanese Star Lore of Orion

NOTE: FOR AN IMPORTANT OVERALL REVIEW OF THE IMPLICATIONS OF SUCH 'TEMPLAR' ZODIAC LANDSCAPE TEMPLE LAYOUTS ON THE SPIRITUAL ORIGINS AND DESTINY OF THE AMERICAS INCLUDING THE BRUTON VAULT/FRANKLIN STORY AND THE 'Destiny Door of the Americas: El-Dorado, Cibola & the Trinidad Codex..' (a film we are making now) Insert Note: Film: Spiritual Destiny of the America's NOW AVAILABLE - .. (again) please see ../america

Linear, Geometric and Zodiacal Maps... another major list of Sacred Geo Earth / Zodiacal Maps

The main impetus for this article is the new image possibilities from Ron Pastore... which are animated in the new film being edited now.. so we begin with these...

Below (Ron Pastore) by carefully taking a map of the numerous most major Native American MOUND sites, and noting wherever AT LEAST SEVEN of them fall on ONE line... (indicating major long wave magnetic alignment).. we get the following picture which is a STARTLING CONFIRMATION of the global/DC/Rennes/Giza/Cydonia PENT geometric! (Here in the sacred belly of Native America)

the Pent star points to El Dorado Kansas with a center point near..the towns named "Center" & "CenterVille", Tennessee.

Then noting all the TOWNS IN THE UNITED STATES NAMED 'EL DORADO' Ron got the following also PENT!

This then becomes the centerpiece of the cave wall carving (see cave pict below) "Trinidad Codex" here:

which becomes the theme of the film... which is RELATED to the continent map OF ALL THE PLACES NAMED TRINIDAD! (below):

inset note here, correction added by Ron Pastore:"The Trinidad matrix points to the same area that the El Dorado matrix
points to which is an area of oklahoma called Mounds, OK. This is what
lead my to investigate the mounds of N. America where I mapped 160 mounds to
date. ..

Also, the point should be made that this is all done by dead reconning
and I still require all the actual Long/Lat coordinates in order to
purify the data and fit the precise center point. The purpose of all
this I believe is to lead us to the inner earth citadels which contain
the answers to ancient mysteries and help us fullfill our cosmic destiny."

All of which point to The EL DORADO complex in Kansas which was called CIBOLA ('layered onion'? recursion map?) which (Fountain of Youth.. burning charge font of life force by successful embedding) Ponce DeLeon sought between ElDorado Kansas (Cuivera country) and 'Leon' Kansas, near an actual cave nested in an actual pent layout with an actual spring where Ron actually got younger..! Please stay tuned to obtain the film being produced by Golden Ratio Productions friends in NC in collaboration with Ron Pastore.

Compare to federal underground caves/tunnels/bases maps:




All of which is dramatic NEW evidence that A Mere I go (America means 'to mother/mater/matrix/embed I go) was long in the Ophanic angelic magnetic template to evolve a genepool THAT COULD BY FRACTALITY SQUIRT IT'S GENES & GLAND MAGNETICS INTO STARS. This was long before Bacon after writing Hamlet to find out if Queen Elizabeth (Merovingian Magdalen blood) was REALLY his mother, sketched on his dinner napkin the PENT fabric of what was to become Jefferson/Franklin/Washington's design layout for AMERICA. (see Bruton Vault /quest of the ages/ 'women in the wilderness' /PHI-LO-D'el-PHI-A). Mag's meaning as the (the female warriors of) the Orion Queen s became the term AMYGdala-the fractality of the ALMOND GOLDEN NUT-brain, which Amydala was the name of the journal on fractals, which became Magdala which means TOWER (in the sense the this PENT MAGnetic recursion launches PHI magnetic harmonics OUT of the PLANE).. which was the dynastic MAGdalen whose tantric son Jon (Scion-to branch by Phyllotaxes) by Jesus became the "Genesis of the Grail Kings".

(as per Steve Nelson film..Washington DC is EXACTLY on the dodeca's node..)

From"GenIsis" the solution to nest the recursion/embedding self-aware PENT into the fixing/hive mind/borg/in-cube-ating HEXwas the key to the Cathedral complex of Rennes Le Chateaux & THE HOLY GRAIL..(also "Poisson's Secret")

The Merkabbah Meditator's Question:Connection to PHI? Please refer here to the extensively illustrated "Hex Healing into Pent" conversation about the real star-tetra Merkabbah fire breath meditation at ../merkabbah

Below exerpts from the wonderful work of William Buehler: showing the pent recursion Templar 'ReShel' 'repair the fabric of time' maps in Europe:





fabric of time, is just a phrase for places where magnetics get launched thru light speed
by phi embedding, neat thing is, this is also where dna gets 'ensouled'

one of the great storals to the mory of the
voyagers book by anna hayes
much larger context than gardner or sitchen
is the parasitic greys, dracs, zetas
who abducted our genepool
is the compassion we feel for them (who like we are about to//)
for how they zapped their eco-system to terminate its life support..
(sitchen says, the gold was to repair the fabric of their home planet..'s atmosphere
he got such a tiny but symbolic piece of the real puzzle..
consider how perfect fractal embedding in gold - vein deposit..
only happens where mag lines cross in fractal nesting...
apply this to atmosphere maintenance...)
discussed at
gold mines occur where magnetics are sacred BECAUSE.. memory embedding is golden...
so how did they LOSE their atmosphere as INDEPENDANTLY reported by
and now

they did not understand how long magnetic lines re-penting created rifts in the
"fabric of time"
projective magnetic worms..

shall we take a lesson, here's a hint..


I forgot one thing: The url for
detailed information and pictures
for the Regaleira Farm is:

Sun, 5 Sep 1999 16:05:51 -0600
"William Stuart Buehler" <roslinne@fone.net>
"dan winter" <winter@primeline.com>
Dan,..Thanks for cutting me in, its important!
Dear Gustavo,

Dan Winter sent me a copy of your letter (added as an attachment for the
other addees). Dan would have to answer your question about the pent
connection. In my work Sintra is linked with Rosslyn Chapel in a Reshel or
pentagonal grid of major importance. The grid system is Metatronic and
designed to facilitate the transition of this whole continuum, not just
another "new age." Sintra is a sister to Rosslyn as major time gate sites
working in conjunction.

Sintra was the site of a major time implosion initiated by Luciferic forces
long ago which effectively destroyed Sintra's gate function. Its inter-time
"beacon" is a Tree; when the gate was defiled the Tree became blasted and
dead. Now the site is being regenerated and the Tree brought back to life.
Rosslyn is therefore also being regenerated. Perhaps the activity there that
you mention is releasing trapped codes in the earth and caverns related to
the gate.

There is a large triangle called a "Haepathia" in the Reshel grid. Rosslyn
and Sintra are corners along with Rome. Sintra to Rome is the base line and
Rosslyn is the apex. Tarragona is the center of the line synthesizing Sintra
and Rome under Rosslyn. Montserrat basilica near Barcelona powers up
Tarragona, site of the Christic Omega (updwelling) planetary pole. This
large triangle is called the "Flower of Life" or "Astara" grid. It is in the
GAIA (Planetary) right forebrain area of the planet and it cyclically
infuses new life forces and supporting systems into Europe within the Reshel
or Metatronic system designed for the new continuum.

The Templars knew all this and they taught their stone workers (Masons) some
of it, enough to build the temples efficiently using spiritual alchemy.

I'm interested to know if the Japanese seem to know anything of this, have
you heard of any clues?

Rennes le Chateau is also directly connected with this large grid system,
involving time gates in a cosmic context.

Thank you for sharing your vital information with us. Do you wish to be
included on my email list? I sometimes do commentaries about these grids and
related ideas. (I live in Crestone, Colorado, USA)

Blessings Be...

William Buehler
william, I forwared your email to gustavo in portugal
he is associated with a university there, and has offered sponsorship..

so glad you are there bill,

lo phi much

dan winter
sintra the star gate...

I would really like to have your opinion about the time gates described
in the book
by'anna hayes
seems she uses your language
might as well keep you on your reading list..

for those who want to graduate to something less parochial to our planet than sitchen,
the new
'one foot in atlantis'
by william henry
from wonderful
nick begich group
earthpulse press
888 690 1277

..while enlil was busy as yalweh telling abraham to murder the psychoactive son...
brother enki had actually arranged the geomantic magnetics to the DNA experiments
here particularly to provide a squirt gun to save and re star insert
the genepool fried at tiamat..

providing soul harvest hygiene for whole genepools
was an angelic agenda behind the HIGH side of the interventionist
sirian annunaki represented by enki...

what it takes to get whole soul groups genetically back into stars
is very much discussed in both of these books (hayes and henry)

GOOD reading..

the really deep occult side of FDR vs Hitler just provides the local soap opera
to keep you interested in the pure principle... in
One Foot in Atlantis..

atlatal is the projectile thrown..
is our magnetics projective?

atlantis returns.. the paper by bacon...

FWD: A Prediction Re: Orientation of Your Regular Pentagram ..
Sun, 27 Feb 2000 13:51:24 EST
To: Dan ....
I thought you'd find this very interesting ... and, of course, I'm thinking
that William Buehler would like this !!
-- Michael
To : Greg Rigby .. author of the book, "On Earth As It Is In Heaven" (1996),
Rhaedus Publications .... ISBN 1 900706 00 8. {Highly Recommended}.

Greg ...
I have a prediction for the azimuth-of-orientation ... of your
regular pentagram in northern France ... the perimeter-of-which includes
'The Plow' (Ursa Major; The Big Dipper). Also, I have a tie-in with your
of Rennes-le-Chateau correlating to the position of Polaris.

I predict that the azimuth-of-orientation of that regular pentagram will be
found to be ... "13.15947253" arc-degrees off True North.
This would match the azimuth of a line from the apex of 'The D&M Pyramid'
at Cydonia on Mars .. to the 'nose' of 'The Face' at Cydonia. This would also
be a decimal harmonic match of what I predict will be (found to be) the Polar
circumference of Mars in Statute Miles ... "13159.47253" statute miles.
Note: this is also a decimal harmonic of the following :
1) The Grid POINT Value ('archaeomatrix code') of the SE corner-point of
"Miami Square" ... "1.315947253" (Morton, 1999).
2) The Grid LONG of the 'hover-spot' of The PHOENIX UFO of March 13, 1997 ..
"1315.947253" W.Giza (Morton, 1998) .. at the center of the
intersection of
Indian School Road and Seventh Avenue in Phoenix, Az.
3) The Grid LONG of both The White House and The Jefferson Memorial, in
Washington, D.C. .. "13159.47253" W.Giza (Morton, 1998).
4) The Grid POINT Value of The Cholula Pyramid of Mexico ...
"13.15947253" (Munck, 1993).

You mention in your book, "On Earth As It Is In Heaven" (1996) that
Chateau is positionally correlative to the current Pole Star ... Polaris.
My work has shown that Polaris has a "Sky Matrix" Grid POINT Value
{http://www.farshore.force9.co.uk/skymat_1.htm} ... of .. "21.6" (Morton,
This, of course, is a decimal harmonic of the Polar circumference of Earth in
nautical miles ... 21,600.

My work has also shown a Grid POINT Value for the church at Rennes-le-Chateau
of ... "2Pi" (Morton, 1998). I think your positional correlation of
to Polaris makes very good sense, in terms of geometry ... because ...
21.6 / 2Pi = 3.437746771 ... a decimal harmonic of the Polar radius of
Earth in
nautical miles ... "3437.746771".

In an earlier article, which I sent to the "ETHRN@euroknightstemplar.org"
site ...
I showed how I've figured the circumference of 'The Circle of Churches' as
97,200 regular Feet. I also noted that because the church at
is on that Circle, at a Grid POINT Value of "2Pi" ... that we are being
to a "description" of the formula ... (2Pi) X Radian (deg) = 360 (deg).
Or ... 97,200 / 2Pi = radius of 'Circle of Churches' = 15469.86047
regular Feet.
Then I also showed how I've proposed a 'regular-inches' length for The Royal
of .. "20.62648063". This means the radius of 'The Circle of Churches' is
exactly ..
9000 Royal Cubits. Yes; this *does* imply a use of Pi and The Radian (deg) to
*precise tolerances* ... not to mention a use of the 360 arc-degree system.

If we multiply the "3.437746771" figure by my predicted "13.15947253"
azimuth for the orientation of your regular pentagram, we get "45.23893421"
or precisely "(14.4 X Pi)". This is a decimal harmonic of the Grid LAT of
'The Face'
at Cydonia on Mars (Munck, 1992) ... "(1440 Pi)" ... or .. 4523.893421 North
= 41 (deg) X 11 (min) X 10.03080581 (sec) North.

So ... there's a significant correlation, here (to say the least), to both
'The Face'
and 'The D&M Pyramid' on Mars.

-- Michael Lawrence Morton


Fitting The Fractal:
Washington DC Exactly Fits The Dodeca Earth Grid

return to Sacred Geometry master index ../sitemap.html

Washington DC and the Pentagon were clearly and exquisitely designed to fit the perfect dodeca fractal Earth grid. Multiplying the edge lengths of the pentagon lands star extensions on the White House, and onto the dodeca Planet. Potentially emotion/ and geomantic magnetic governing force could literally inhabit the Earth from there. This is how planetary metabolism is regulated when coherent emotion radiates fractally creating true geomantic "body" politic. Then Camelot has orderly weather..and tectonic life.

Guest speaker astrologer, mythologist, and sacred geometry researcher from Charlotte, N.C., Steve Nelson reveals some of the secret sacred intention in the original layout of the City of Washington, D.C. In a fascinating description of Washington's heredity, he interweaves the amazing, little known communion of the European and Native American esoteric wisdom and traditions. An axample is the illustration that the current coming of the white buffalo portends "the union of the four races" in America.

Centered on the Mall in D.C., is a great Medicine Wheel, a cross of the four elements formed by the Capitol, the White House, and the most important national monuments. Here the stage has been set for an American initiated global renaissance uniting the peoples of the four corners of the world for "the new song that all will sing" .

Steve explains that due to a harmonic series relationship based on the Golden Mean, a surprising mathematical configuration nests the Pentagon into the fractal dodeca ratio in precise distances to the major power points of Washington, relating the White House to the whole Earth grid. The intention of the Masonic design of this layout is to radiate emotion and magnetism fractally to the whole Earth at some future time. The apex above the pyramid on the U.S. Great Seal signifies that a future generation, this generation , will complete the formation of America.

"America never was America to me, but this I believe is true, America will be." -Langston Huges

The potential to serve the grid as a nation will emerge as the fractal meaning of Washington's magnetic geometry to radiate emotion/information is understood.

VIDEO #T033: A 3 tape (6hr) set produced Fall '94

with Steve Nelson, by Dan Winter:





The Archeo-Geometry of America's Spiritual Destiny

and see the recent:

Washington Pent grid mapped to cydonia/mars and interpretations..