Awareness, Self-Organization and LIFE Permeate
Where Charge Compression and Distribution are Perfected by Biologic Capacitive Fractality / Self-Similarity.

 The Golden Ratio -

below: The 'black-hole' effect ( naively called KHEM / alCHEMy / CHEMistry ):

The Black Hole Effect, Did Lazarus Laze Us Into Remembering/.. ode to "The Lazarus Effect" by Frank Herbert, in which teaching one to string 'embed' memory thru the death wormhole, primes the pump for the whole genepool to ...immortalize?

Solar Shamans Announce: The Lazarus Effect (book in the Dune Series)- Piloting a Collective BLUE uv KA CHARGE cocoon thru the SUN... , is simple. If you LAZE are US, you can prime the pump thru the death compression worm, by LAZING THE HEART...

MAGDALA'S GREEN STONE: PART II ­­ THE GALACTIC CONNECTION, .. The household was run by older brother Lazarus. Lazarus was a bit...over-imbued with his new role as "head of house- ...

Pure Principle is a Richer Name than God or Good or Evil... Remember how the stage felt in the last Dune series "Lazarus Effect". then a great split on the planet politically, just after it was first noticed the BIOMASS WAS BECOMING SELF-AWARE!...

Honey of the Queens.. Solar Shamans Announce: Lazarus Effect- Piloting a Collective BLUE FIRE

Alphabet of the Heart, orig,Did you know that when Lazarus (at the time of Jesus) came out of the tomb-after having. experienced death, he had changed from an old man into a boy of

TaleEating:Lightspeed Ensoulment-dna squirts woim toining into face... sister of Martha and Lazarus, called the Magdalene. Their marriage sealed a dynastic arrangement within the house of David and their son would have ...

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Naively called 'spirit', 'grace' , 'chi', 'orgone', 'barrakah', 'chakti' -because physics was too arrogant + self-destructively stupid to recognize it: above: - the only angle / symmetry recipe (self-similar -implosive - gravity making -recursion) at which capacitively coupled CHARGE - could FEED DNA - enough to ignite it - toward sustainability / immortality ( see electric definition of BLISS / creativity ). Hence - the only way to design an environment ( formerly called 'sacred' ) for agriculture / architecture - pregnant enough ( successful in charge / compression + therefore distribution ) for DNA to become electrically CONSCIOUS and SELF-AWARE (gravity making and implosive ). See photomicrographs below ( knotslipping ) of DNA becoming toroidal ( en'soul'ed ) during sex/bliss/death/kundalini/menopause.
Implosion Group- newsletter April 05 - from Dan Winter's correspondance -at - -main index-

Noting the profound and civilization poisoning confusion caused by Einstein's Relativity - discussed below - Implosion Group below suggests a life creating replacement - -

first - news about -
HeartTuner / BlissTuner Special Offer for Researchers / Teachers and Wholistic Healers Extended:
Major - New: HeartTuner BlissTuner -Users Manual Released:

Noting the profound and civilization poisoning confusion caused by Einstein's Relativity - discussed below - Implosion Group suggests a life creating replacement - -

Dan Winter's PHIRICAIS theory ( ref 1: , ref 2: ) predicts:

1. That Self-Similarity is the CAUSE of Gravity - because only this symmetry invites the implosive collapse of charge which turns compression in to acceleration (gravity). Self similarity moreover optimized by Golden Ratio is the cause of gravity - since only this proportion among waves of charge CONSTRUCTIVELY recursively heterodynes (adds and multiplies) their phase VELOCITIES - which connects the COMPRESSION of charge (making matter from light) to the ACCELERATION of charge (gravity). ( experiment outlines also at )


Below 3 images - IS THE AMOUNT OF GRAVITY (Fractal Collapse?) CREATED BY AN ATOM -

2. "Sucked DOWN THE DRAIN?" - New information for physics: things fall to the ground because self-similarity makes a drainhole for charge out thru the speed of light. (Einstein WAS right that the symmetry of infinite non-destructive compression was the key to the continuum of electric charge to gravity - he was wrong not to see this demonstrated in the symmetry of every plant phylotaxis. )

2. Einstein's theory that accelerating charge thru the speed of light requires infinite energy - is proven wrong by every living protein. Living and fractal structures like pine cones, and the self-similar electrical fibres where the heart gets voltage from gravity to fire (perkinjole), and the self similar branches (alveoli) of the lung - create life because they implosively attract (capacitive couple) charge (from the gravity field).

3. Therefore we add - that self-similarity in biologic capacitance - is the CAUSE and maintainer of life- because this creates perfected charge distribution (earlier called the 'breath of life' or spirit). Logically extending the Vedic notion that the ability to self-refer defines consciousness, we now see that it is moreover - perfected (fractal) compression of charge which creates the perfected distribution of charge - which defines conscousness itself. (explaining for example why conductivity measureably improves when impressed with human 'intention' in Bill Tiller's latest book).

3. That DNA becomes stronger every time it enters biologically fractal (successful charge compressing ) environments - and weaker (dies a little) - every time it enters fractionating (non-fractal ) charge environment. In practice this means sacred space - caves, stone circles, labyrinths - enable life by compressing charge (biologic information) successfully into DNA. And the opposite is true - that persons who persistently inhabit bleeding capacitors ( metal buildings, capacitive charge depleted air {air'conditioning'} etc., non-fractal electrosmog) will electrically shorten the life /implosion of their DNA.

4. That DNA - in the necessary and survival required process of becoming electrically sustainable - must become a source of gravity. DNA becomes biology's most efficient charge implosive fractal. This is particularly true after the 7th recursive braid operation (en'soul'ment) which turns it into a gravity making implosive DONUT - most commonly observeable during sex, tantra, kundalini, bliss and death. ( + ) The blue ultraviolet- FLASH ( moving toward faster than C lightspeed) observeable often at these times (sex-tantra-kundalini-death - and we may add menopause ) from healthy cells - is evidence of DNA's success in getting thru the otherwise mortal condition of being stuck below the speed of light.
Ill-advised genetic engineers continue to propagate the same dolly the sheep stupidity that Enki/EA('s earth)/abRAham started this Nephalim - fallen genetic wrong turn with. By not recognizing that DNA MUST have the (fractal) environment of genetic diversity and freedom of choice - in order to become nourished / implosive / self-steering ( just like your kids). Anything else just makes DNA as stupid (& deadly) as the genetic engineers who insult their own genes.

5. That all systems which become self-aware and thereby apparently self organizing do so specificially by arranging themselves into the optimized charge distribution which results from Golden Ratio fractal compression - accounting for Golden Ratio in phylotaxis, in every (Pent) living protein, and the (Golden) spiral nature of star systems, galaxies and time itself. (aka Carolan book: 'SPIRAL CALENDAR' )

6. That apparent synchronicity, and the inhabiting of time ( a measure of relative rotation) is only sustainable when time (the symmetry of event histories in time) is also Golden Ratio and fractal.

7. That all parts of life which do not ultimately obey this simple law - get charge fractal or die ( - like most poisonously metal - refrigerators, buildings, cities, and bioregions on Earth today - ) will die sooner rather than later. ( list of materials that create fractal and therefore sacred charge space for architecture- and all life - - see : )

-Tests to be done to confirm this new theory of gravity and consciousness based on self-similar enabled charge collapse / fusion / implosion / compression :

1. Confirm that assembling capacitors in nested pent spiral symmetry - on the 60 degree implosion cone down the throat of stellated interdigitated dodeca - (pic below) - optimizes the already measured phenomenon ( ) - that capacitors in a cone MAKE GRAVITY. The theory predicts what has already been confirmed by many - that the microgravity created by these circuits begins with a very pronounced perceiveable NEGATIVE ION WIND. ( Note well: the theory also predicts the already often observed phenomena that capacitors making implosion in a fractal WITHOUT biologic intent / biologic sourced material - DOES CREATE NAUSEA - as all DNA is poisoned when the radio station of its charge communion is polluted - see also - WHY FREE ENERGY IS NOT FREE : and WHY THE TECHNOLOGY versus THE BIOLOGY of IMPLOSION - CAN BE SICKENING - at )

Frank van den Bovenkamp (Heart Coherence team: ) suggests adding here: In relation to the material on fundamental tetra / 7 spin symmetries vs. the 'Anu' & hydrogen ( as introduced at ) - Frank's original animations at - , leading up to his recent: , and what he adds here: --An expansion of the classical physics model , (brief exerpt here)- * The natural relation between "charge" and gravity / inertia is a logarithmic function. * The natural relation between "charge" and time / space is a hyperbolic function.
Consequently, the all-over natural shape of (cognitive / material) creation is a logaritmic / hyperbolic fractal. This is also known as
Global Scaling Theory. Hence, charge, and thus matter and energy distribution in the natural, living universe is essentially fractal....(another exerpt)- * The number Phi (Golden Mean) is found to appear as the optimised mathematical scaling and matching factor for causal factor migrating inbetween the causal and cognitive-material planes, and therefore the key controller of fractal distribution and of ...oscillatory modes.

2. Confirm that the capacitive field coupled charge harmonics coming off the tip of such pine cones of capacitance - CONTAIN CHARGE MOVING IN MULTIPLES OF GOLDEN MEAN TIMES THE SPEED OF LIGHT.

3. Confirm that material chosen for the mirror material in phase conjugate mirror optics - is optimized by charge fractality. ( Nuclear, electron, and molecular symmetries all self similar- as in biology's best: DNA ).

4. Confirm that arrays of paramagnetic stone (granite / basalt / lime) - create measureable microgravity changes - particularly when arranged like a 10 spiral pine cone- top down view of DNA (in addition to creating measureable seed germination improvement - - and improved electrically successful human death - ). This is similar to..

 Bill Witherspoon's Sri Yantra in the Desert Modifies Fertility, Climate..... and Gravity??
-also see the parallel anthropological evidence- lack of permission to touch / lack of contact permissive symmetry in cultural laws CREATES DESERTS:DESERTIFICATION, Patriarchy and "Hard-Making Power"-Politics that Prevent Touch - Prevent RAIN!

The PHIRICAIS Theory hypothesizes that long paramagnetic structures properly embedded in the land will not only affect fertility, climate, and consciousness - (witness the next article here- Giant Paramagnetic SRI YANTRA transforms desert? ) - but also - STABILITZE GRAVITY and ATMOSPHERE - by installing the charge symmetry of implosive compression. ( Microgravity site measurements are called for. )

Self organization from the projective geometry of CHARGE = emergence = immanence = flow of similitude.

More on HOW the Sri Yantra = the charge shadow of 9 concentric THREE DIMENSIONAL Golden Ratio tetra forms the slip knot for the heart, hydrogen, & Sun - at - 3D Sri Yantra of Embedded Golden Triangles holds Slip Knot Seed for perfect Anu/Heart/Sun Coeur?

below is a limited exerpt from Bill Witherspoon's ( , ) -SRI YANTRA IN THE DESERT - "Art as Technology" paper:
(in the below - highly alkaline soils are likely hi in paramagnetic limestone based material)

see SRI YANTRA rt of bottom center

III 1990: Oregon Desert Sri Yantra (Fig. 3-6)

In the summer of 1990, a group of friends, one of my sons and I went to a remote alkali lake bed in the high desert of southeast Oregon to inscribe a large Sri Yantra in the earth. It was to contain a central point large enough to live in. The site was chosen because of its beauty and remoteness. Almost no one, except a few ranchers, ever went there. Inscribing lines in the alkali surface would not disturb any vegetation and it would be a transitory event, eventually disappearing back into the surface through the natural action of wind and the occasional water that floods the lake bed every few years.

The design was made without machines or modern tools except binoculars and a simple hand plow. We used only ancient principles of geometry and long wires and sharpened poles as tools. When completed it was 1/4 mile across, covered over forty acres and contained over thirteen miles of lines. The lines, plowed with an old fashioned garden cultivator pulled by three crew members and steered by the fourth, were about four inches deep with the hard alkali crusted dirt cast to both sides of the furrow.

During construction, we were careful to minimize the disturbances to the land. We chose to walk several miles daily from camp to the site rather than use vehicles, and refrained from using other motorized devices such as a tiller. We did not want to leave tracks or other marks, not to preserve anonymity but out of respect for the purity of the process.

Construction of the Sri Yantra took ten days to complete. As soon as the last line of the design was plowed, heavy clouds began to collect in the south. Within an hour, our valley was filled with high winds, intense lightning strikes and about 1/2 inch of rain. The result of this storm was that all traces and tracks from our working were dissolved. Like a finished painting, it was as if the surface had been varnished. Remarkably, the lightning and the rain were limited only to the small valley where we were working, a fact that was the source of much speculation by a nearby rancher who wanted the rain on his land.

In the three weeks that followed, I lived in the nine-foot central circle of the Sri Yantra. During that period and on several occasions during the following years, other people and I observed remarkable changes in the workings of Nature within the design and in the valley where it was situated.

One of the more interesting subjective changes was a modification of the "feeling" within the valley. While a difficult parameter to describe or measure, this change in feeling was noted by ranchers and other people who have known the area for a long time. People reported experiencing qualities of energetic peacefulness, harmony with nature and enhanced intuition when they were in the design and valley. Another influence was a radical change in the quality of meditation that would repeatedly occur if individuals moved a few feet out of the central circle into the innermost triangle of the design or vice versa.

Changes in the environment were also observed. Within the design, which had been inscribed in highly alkaline silt, incapable of supporting any kind of vegetation, there were remarkable changes in the direction of increased fertility.

Two years after construction, even though the lines were disappearing, the structure of the soil had changed from a highly compacted mixture of silt and salts to a loose, crumbly soil that smelled and tasted more like normal soil. The surface of the soil was also significantly changed. Instead of the flat, layered and often cracked surface that had characterized the lake bed before inscribing the Sri Yantra, the surface became "rumpled;" formed into a three dimensional configuration of regular ridges and valleys that arranged themselves in the pattern of hexagonal close packing, much like an egg carton. The pattern was caused by modification of the surface soil into a physically expanded, more adhesive and resilient material.

Both of the soil changes were due to an extraordinary proliferation of soil microorganisms and the resulting increase in soil organic matter. The soil changes were limited to the forty or so acres of the design and were most pronounced in its center.

In other respects, the entire fifty square mile valley was different. The ranchers noticed a continued increase in the valley's rainfall. This was accompanied by increased vegetative growth, as well as increased populations of several plants and three animals species that were not previously common in the valley.

Because of these observations, I began to speculate about possible mechanisms by which the geometric structures might bring about change. The most interesting observation was that there appeared to be an inverse correlation between the gradual disappearance of the design as it melted back into the lakebed and the increase in the presence or influence of the enlivened laws of Nature. Other analogous situations seem to exist as in Homeopathy, where increasing levels of dilution are said to represent or impart increasing levels of strength. An even more striking parallel may exist with the principal of Sangyama. Sangyama, as described by the Indian Rishi, Patanjali, is a process in which the mind generates an impulse at the deepest level of consciousness and then allows that impulse to settle back into the field of pure undifferentiated consciousness from which it had been drawn. The result of this process is the appearance of a new impulse that has enormous power and direct support of fundamental forces of Nature.

The construction of the Sri Yantra was also accompanied by other events that gave rise to new understandings about how Nature might operate. Going into the valley for the first time, I was driving the converted bus and towing a pickup truck. We stopped and I got out to open a barbed wire gate. Sitting on the gatepost was an adult golden eagle. The eagle looked at me squarely, swished its tail back and forth several times, dropped a tail feather and flew off. In the next several weeks, I had occasion to go through the same gate many times and there was no eagle. Then, on my homeward trip, as I passed through the gate for the last time, a golden eagle was sitting on the same gatepost. It waited for me to get out of the bus, looked at me squarely, swished its tail, dropped another feather and flew off.

Back home, several weeks later, the National Guard discovered the Sri Yantra and the media, not knowing its origins or implications, created a greatly exaggerated hoopla. I was in a position of deciding to speak publicly about the project or remain anonymous. In order to clarify the rapidly growing misunderstandings, I decided to speak publicly. Immediately upon making that decision, I walked outside my rural Iowa home and looked up into the sky. Directly above the house were fourteen circling bald eagles.

A year later, I had occasion to tell this story to a Vedic scholar. He told me of a traditional yagya, or ceremony, infrequently performed in India to honor the Divine Mother, which is considered to have been successful only if it results in the appearance of an eagle. Finally, these events, related to several Native American elders and medicine people, elicited in-depth explanations of the ways Nature communicates. - end exerpt quote from Bill Witherspoon

related reading:

a) Dynamical Symmetries: Autopoietic Architecture- The Areas of Mathematical Synthesis Between Complexity, (edge of) Chaos Theory , Fractal Geometry and the Golden Mean: leading to an argument for an Autocatalytic Architectural approach based on emergent Self-Organised Criticality, by Nigel Reading - Dynamical Symmetries, Symmetries , originally -

b) "Unified Field" Physics? based on Golden Mean Ratio by Alex Kaivarainen -"It appears, that Golden Mean plays a crucial role in matter (rest mass) and elementary charge origination.

c) arXiv:hep-th/0004152 v5 18 Aug 2000 (thanks to - for pointing to this)
Scale Relativity in Cantorian E(1) Space and Average Dimensions of Our World
by Carlos Castro Alex GranikÝ M.S.El Naschie, Abstract:
Cantorian fractal spacetime, a family member of von Neumann's noncommutative geometry, is introduced as a geometry underlying a new relativity theory which is similar to the relation between general relativity and Riemannian geometry. Based on this model and the new relativity theory an ensemble distribution of all the dimensions of quantum spacetime is derived with the help of Fermat last theorem.
The calculated average dimension is very close to the value of 4+ PHI^3 (where PHI is the golden mean) obtained by El Naschie on the basis of a different approach. It is shown that within the framework of the new relativity the cosmological constant problem is nonexistent, since the Universe self-organizes and self-tunes according to the renormalization group (RG) flow with respect to a local scaling microscopic arrow of time. This implies that the world emerged as a result of a non- equilibrium process of self-organized critical phenomena launched by vacuum fluctuations in Cantorian fractal spacetime E°¤. It is shown that we are living in a metastable vacuum and are moving towards a fixed point ( Dav = 4 + 3) of the RG. After reaching this point, a new phase transition will drive the universe to a quasi-crystal phase of the lower average dimension of PHI^3.

references for Nashie above: The Cantorian Superfluid Vortex Hypothesis... Castro, C., A. Granik, & M. El Naschie, "Scale relativity in Cantorian. space," arXiv:hep-th/0004152 (2000). 4. Castro, C. & A. Granik, ...

A Cantorian Superfluid Vortex and the Quantization of Planetary Motion , Castro, C., et al., "Scale relativity in Cantorian space," (2000). 9. Castro, C. & A. Granik, "Scale relativity in Cantorian ...

Comments on the Riemann conjecture and index theory on ...... spectral dimensions of fractal branes living in Cantorian-fractal space-time,.. MS El Naschie:"Why we live in 3 + 1 dimensions", hep-th/0004152 v.4. ... citations?

The status and programs of scale relativity theory, Chaos ...Comments on the Riemann conjecture and index theory on Cantorian fractal space ...
... Available from: hep-th/0004152; Castro, C., Found. ... Full Text; Castro C, Mahecha J. journal=09600779&issue=v12i0009&article=...

Cantorian-Fractal Spacetime model developed by Mohammed El Naschie [6]. ...A; El Naschie, MS "Why we live in 3 + 1 Dimensions" hep-th/0004152. ...

Here we add more on the profound and civilization poisoning confusion of Einstein's Relativity...

 exerpt quote from Joseph Cater - book: "The Awesome Force" - more at
( Mr Cater is perhaps about as diplomatic with conventional physics thinking as is Mr Winter.)

CHAPTER 2.. Although the facts revealed in the previous chapter have shattered the theory of relativity, they are still not likely to convince the more ardent Einstein worshipers and zealots. This fallacy has become so deeply rooted in the consciousness of scientists and the rest of the world in general that it will not be easily disposed of, despite the fact it can be readily refuted from many different aspects. This concept has gained such a foothold, and become so much a part of modern physical theory, a mere demolition job on it will be inadequate. It must be completely pulverized from every conceivable angle. This will be accomplished in the following pages. Any reader who digests this chapter and remains an Einstein admirer should put this book aside and not read any further.

Before the advent of Einstein and the theory of relativity, the transverse wave theory of light was universally accepted. Waves cannot exist without a medium to transmit them, or in other words, a medium which vibrates in some manner. Thereforé, physicists postulated the existence of a subtle medium which permeates all space. They called it the ether. It follows that if light is a result of transverse waves transmitted through an ether, then, since the earth travels through this ether in its path about the sun, an ether drift should be detected. It's a situation analogous to sound waves being transmitted through a stationary atmosphere, and an observer moving through or relative to this atmosphere. His motion relative to the atmosphere would result in a wind, or atmosphere drift, according to his observations. Similarly, the earth's motion through the ether should produce an ether wind. Experiments were devised to detect this ether wind, or drift, and its velocity. They are known as the MichelsonMorely experiments. A light ray was split into two parts, each traveled different but identical length paths, and then they recombined. The apparatus was mounted on a platform that could be rotated in any direction. It was correctly reasoned that if light were transmitted in the assumed manner, then at the point the rays were recombined interference fringes should be observed. Negative results were always obtained, to the consternation and amazement of the physicists.

Some explained away such results by assuming the earth carried some of the ether along with it. If such were the case, it could certainly account for the negative results of the experiments. It was accepted by some of the famous physicists of the day but was rejected by the majority, a!though no sound arguments against it were proposed. Evidently, they all failed to realize the idea was contradictory. They were all aware of the fact that a body can travel through free space at a constant velocity and encounter no resistance. This means matter has no measurable attraction or affinity for this hypothetical ether. Light couldn't be transmitted through this medium in the manner assumed, without interactions taking place within the ether. It follows that no part of the ether can be displaced from the rest of it without encountering resistance. Therefore, the earth could not carry ether along with it, and not experience the same kind of resistance. This would deaccelerate the earth, and bring it to a stop. Likewise, no material body could travel through free space without requiring a steady application of force to counteract this resistance. Consequently, the orbiting of planets and other bodies would be an impossibility. Evidently, none of the scientists involved recognized this serious flaw in the above idea. One might have expected more from such a collection of distinguished intellects. It is not surprising in view of subsequent mental lapses concerning the interpretation of the experiment.

The Michelson-Morely experiments actually proved that the assumption that light is propagated as transverse waves through an all prevading medium is not valid. He would, therefore, have concluded the transverse wave concept is not necessary to account for the diffraction and interference effects of light. The physicists were unable to reject the transverse wave concept. Therefore, the only way out of the dilemma created by the results of the Michelson-Morely experiments was the absurd conclusion that the observed velocity of light was independent of the velocity of the source or that of the observer. In other words, the velocity of light is a universal constant. This idea, of course, violates the principle of relative velocities encountered in all of our experiences. This is clearly a case of doublethink.

+With this as a starting point, the physicist H. A. Lorentz derived a set of equations bearing his name. As expected, they predicted an assortment of ridiculous phenomena such as:

(I) Time slows down on a moving system. In other words, if two systems are moving relative to each other, an observer on each one will note that the clock on the other system is ticking off the seconds more slowly than his clock.

(2) A body will shorten in the direction of motion and the dimension will approach zero, as its velocity approaches that of light.

(3) The mass of a body increases with its velocity and approaches infinity as the velocity approaches that of light.

In 1903, a physicist derived the famous equation E = mc2 from the lorentz equations. This was two years before Einstein was heard of. Most of the physicists considered the conclusion derived from the Lorentz equations little more than mathematical oddities, since they were somewhat unpalatable and difficult to believe.

This was the state of the art when Einstein got into the act in 1905. He proceeded to compound the original error. He devised new interpretations for the Lorentz equations by transforming them into something that was supposed to have physical reality. Physicists were still in a daze over the results of the Michelson-Morely experiments, and apparently their mental state made them vulnerable to any idea, regardless of how illogical it might be. Consequently, Einstein's ideas were readily accepted, and he was hailed as the man who saved physics. He was also given credit for the equation E = mc2. It will be proven in Part II this equation is meaningless and represents only a minute part of the physical energy contained in any given mass. This monstrosity that Einstein put the finishing touches on became known as the special theory of relativity.

If the mathematics used to develop a theory are valid but the basic premise is wrong, the final conclusion will also be wrong. It is simply a cause and effect relationship. The conclusions will reflect the characteristics of the original assumption. The algebra of the special theory is valid, therefore, the conclusions are necessarily as vacuous as the original assumption. A review of the conclusions just mentioned is in order.

A body is supposed to shorten in the direction of motion, and this dimension will approach zero as its velocity nears that of light. With this conclusion, two mutually contradictory statements emerge. Since one of the dimensions of a body tends to vanish, the body itself will tend to disappear, yet according to a conclusion mentioned earlier, its mass becomes infinite!
     Incontrovertible Flaws in the Theory of Relalivity - end exerpt quote from Joseph Cater - book: "The Awesome Force" - more at     

 In the below paper by Santilli-
PHIRICAIS - asks: Could A Fractal and Self-Similar CHARGE SYMMETRY - BE the solution to 'isogravitation' -
( See the stellated dodeca symmetries of hydrogen, DNA, Earth Grid and Zodiac - models at )


Below exerpted -from - Ruggero Maria Santilli, Institute for Basic Research, P. O. Box 1577, Palm Harbor, FL 34682, U.S.A.,


Abstract: In preceding works we pointed out serious axiomatic inconsistencies of grand
unied theories when gravitation is included in its conventional Riemannian formu-
lation. In this note we present a number of additional inconsistencies of general
relativity and show that they ultimately originate from the the Riemannian curva-
ture. In fact, the latter implies a noncanonical structure at the classical level and a
nonunitary structure at the operator level, with consequential structural problems
at both classical and operator levels, such as the lack of invariance in time of basic
units. In turn the latter features imply the lack of well dened invariance (rather
than the customary covariance), with consequential lack of invariance in time of
numerical predictions. These problematic aspects suggest the construction of a new
theory of gravitation based on the conditions of admitting a universal symmetry
without curvature. The compatibility of gravitation with special relativity then
uniquely identies the needed invariance as a symmetry isomorphic to the Poincar¶e
symmetry. It is shown that the latter conditions do not admit a solution within the
context of the conventional Lie theory and its underlying mathematics. It is shown
that the use instead of the novel isomathematics for matter and its isodual for anti-
matter, the related Lie-Santilli isotheory and its isodual and the resulting isotopies
and isodualities of the Poincar¶e symmetry allow a geometric unication of general
and special relativity via the axioms of the special, in which case gravitation does
indeed emerge as possessing a universal symmetry without curvature. We indicate
the apparent resolution of the inconsistencies of general relativity permitted by its
isotopic reformulation, we point out some intriguing cosmological implications, and
we show that the new invariant isogravitation is a concrete and explicit realization of
the theory of \hidden variables", with a natural, axiomatically consistent operator
1. Introduction
As it is well known, electroweak theories have an outstanding scientic consistency (see,
e.g., Refs. [1]), while the achievement of a grand unication with the inclusion of gravity
as represented by general relativity [2] has remained elusive despite attempts dating back
to Einstein.
In preceding works [3], we have pointed out a number of axiomatic inconsistencies
of grand unications in the representation of matter as well as of antimatter whenever
gravity is represented via curvature in a Riemannian space, such as:
1) The admission by electroweak interactions of the fundamental Poincar¶e symmetry
compared to the absence of a symmetry for any Riemannian treatment of gravitation in
favor of the well known covariance;
2) The essentially °at, thus canonical structure of electroweak interactions compared
to the curved, thus noncanonical structure of Riemannian gravitation, with consequential
nonunitary character of quantum gravity and related well known problems of consistency;
3) The admission by electroweak interactions of negative-energy solutions for antimat-
ter as compared to the strict absence of negative energies for any Riemannian treatment
of gravitation.

The GRAVITY of the situation: Without ELECTRICAL CHARGE Hygiene to Create LIFE FORCE-GENEPOOL Ends Soon.

Why ignoring the ELECTRICAL HYGIENE necessary to maintain LIFE will cause the end of the human genepool within 10 years.

Originally from Dan Winter - 10/14/03 ( Aboard LanChile from Santiago to Sao Paulo). -

 Summary of the principle new insights offered from Dan Winter's writing - by Implosion Group:
1. When waves of electrical charge are arranged in self-similar or fractal (pine cone like) geometry optimized by Golden Ratio - recursive constructive interference (heterodyning) turns compression in to acceleration. (because Golden Ratio allows the wave VELOCITIES as well as the wave lengths to recursive add/multiply). This solves Einstein's dilemna and the unified field- because this (like the simple plant phylotaxis that explains how plant LIFE FORCE is a way to get voltage from gravity) IS the geometry of INFINITE NON-DESTRUCTIVE COMPRESSION (the geometric key to relating gravity to electromagnetism). This also explains why capacitors in a cone MAKE GRAVITY ( ).

In this article - Winter deals with the danger of turning this insight (Winter call's PhiRICAIS - Phi Recursion Induced Charge Implosion Solution - ) into the obvious mechanical electrical implosion device which ends fossil fuel dependancy. This is because of fact that nature designed it that only structures which embed biological intent should accelerate charge thru the speed of light (producing gravity from voltage and the inverse) - since this is the radio station which determines the successful holy communion / information sharing / compression summation / pure intention testing - at the coeur of all DNA. (Why non-linear - formerly erroneously called 'FREE'- energy devices make sensitive people sick.) Winter contends that the dozens of these devices which have already been suppressed by the American military - cannot be used responsibly until a massive re-education about human bliss can show us the only sustainable biological access to this energy source.(See curriculum - showing that since BLISS/ enlightenment/measureable charge density in biology - is the ultimate form of education and the only source of immune system / ensoulment / and biological immortality/sustainability - and therefore the only agreeable purpose to having government - and finally articulates a scientific hygiene to make bliss sustainable - which replaces the disempowering personality/miracle worship of religion ).

Gradually, Winter predicts - we will take responsibility for the fact that DNA's PHI based fractality - explains that successful genes are a device designed to MAKE GRAVITY (by successful compression that becomes acceleration). And that this ability is key to creating an electrical hygiene (environment) for successful dying. (no discontinuity of memory / the projective geometry of charge). see

Also see in this article, Winter - redefines the meaning of success in architecture - by stating how life force in a building can be built and measured.

Also - below thanks to Frank, Heart Coherence Team - from -- Mathematical Proof of 'Phi' base of Coherence / Still Point / Perfect Implosion etc.

Due to life threatening stupidity - all of western technology currently absolutely ignores the fact that LIFE and the conditions than maintain life are absolutely limited to fractal and self centering (& bliss enabling) ELECTRICAL (charge) ENVIRONMENTS. This simple fact is so appalling, and disgusting to me personally - it urges me to present evidence here - that the human genepool on Earth will absolutelty be terminated within about 10 years unless this ignorant arrogance is quickly fixed.

In continous global lecture tours (in the last 3 months- Turku,Helsinki,Stockholm,Oslo,Cancun, Cuzco - next 4 months: SaoPaulo,Auckland,Sydney,Byron,Perth,Zurich,Lindau,Lisbon,Turin,St.Tropez..Come see )..

we have successfully presented evidence that LIFE FORCE (ability to attract and self organize electrical charge defined & measured capacitively) MUST BE MEASURED in order to learn HOW to SUSTAIN IT:

more info at:
Below- update July 3,2003 - Team from organic college in Witzenhausen Germany - found that straw or peak around the sensor spherical capacitor gold coated egg provided good isolation from ambient electrical noise..
here we successfully measure the difference in life force between an onion JUST picked from the beautiful mountain garden versus a store bought older onion..

See how this redefines what an ARCHITECT IS (?!) - and whether his building serves life at-

exerpt here- Architecture of Sacred Space- becomes SCIENCE instead of myth because LIFE FORCE can be measured and defined electrically.

If Life Force Equals the Ability to Attract and Self-Organize Capacitive Charge - It Now Becomes Possible to Outline the Function of Architecture.

SACRED is a name for the place where waves of charge can agree to meet.

The function of MIND among waves is to produce this agreement and therefore the centering force called gravity. We give you as evidence the elimination of gravity stability in each culture or planet where DNA and people were not allowed to become self-organizing/ FREE !

Because ARCHITECTURE like all other disciplines must serve life or die - until they (the architects) know how to make life - out of the electrical compression of the capacitance of their buildings - it is appropriate that capacitance abomination metal buildings continue to cause the architects who build them to die quickly so that biofeedback can leave only architects who build life.

(One could use such laws of nature for example to hope for the quick death of the Pope - whose anti-contraceptive policy alone costs the misery of billions- BUT since both the Bible Code and Fatima with track record accuracy predict that this is the LAST pope - and that his ROME is destroyed by the nuclear cloud when Jerusalem gets it - maybe we should hope for a few more months for the old guy). (inset here - a recommended procedure to bring lawsuit against your local church building - the same way you prove to your government that the microwave tower they just installed is poisoning the land. YOU MEASURE THE INCREASE IN SOIL COMPACTION AROUND THE CHURCH or the microwave tower. You can then easily prove that the massive die-off of healthy soil micro-organisms (which causes soil compaction) is DIRECTLY CAUSED BY THE CHURCH - or the microwave tower. The reason is that the sharp steeple is a death making bleed for the capacitive charge of the land. Hint - now understand the principle why the Eastern church less sharp more onion shaped steeple is less of a bleeding parasite. Fortuneately it looks like the parasitic-God is outside you- Western church structure will soon serve the genepool by destroying itself with it's own pediphilia)

One reason architecture should look like biology is that biological structures have discovered thru evolution the materials and shapes which allow the electrical fields we call LIFE to converge into self-organization and self-awareness. The ability to self-organize and "FUSE" charge into living form is the appropriate goal for architecture because it is the only way to achieve the electrical sustainability as wave which is a scientific definition of immortality.

For example, biology never uses a sharp corner because it would bleed electrical force. You have never seen a Van De Graaph Generator with a corner, it is very rounded. Biology never uses sharp edges except exactly where charge NEEDS to be projected.

Architecture for healing - measuring the person to adjust the architecture to intensify the healing process. Embedding . Paramagnetic stone would allow building to respond to the quality of the human being - by embedding the person in the self-similarity (compressibility and holy communion of biological capacitive charge. (formerly called orgone, barrakah, chi, shaktipat, blessing..). Symbiotic - self-aware and alive.

Healing temple - would not look like a temple as we know it. But is a biological structure.

'The bee hive and the pine cone are excellent examples of sacred architecture because as biological capacitors they implode charge making life and bliss possible and sustainable. They are made of biologic dialectric (self-similar at atomic and molecular symmetry levels)- what Reich used to call organic orgone material- really names for fractal capacitive dialectric. Dialectric is a name of the quality of the insulator spark cap where capacitors catch the memory of stars.
The metal building ...or the western idea of what is a refrigerator - with sharp edges and bad air in urban areas are examples of structures which make only death and prevent bliss because they are bleeding capacitors and therefore the opposite of sacred architecture.

Chi is a name for a capacitance, When you arrange a capacitor.. in a fractal you get gravity. Sacred Geometry is a symmetry map of the geometry of pressure called the unified field. When the Mind pulls in charge as light and sound, a short wave is embedded in a long wave and the sacred geometry of a fractal attractor is born. Memory makes gravity.. the wind to center of implosion. Self-similarity perfected by Golden Mean ratio (think of pine cone type symmetry) - turns (charge) compression in to acceleration - the only SOURCE of gravity - the only self centering force.

Earlier we presented a list of questions - which illustrate the life threatening arrogance Western Science displays by refusing to define and understand LIFE electrically. For example we now have data which is difficult to ignore - that the process of dying successfully - (maintaining the COHERENCE of biological memory) - can absolutely be understood as the electrical hygiene to prepare a fractal and compressible (sacred) death bed - with emotions & genes which compress into the shareable. (self-similarity turns wave/charge compression in to the acceleration called both gravity and sustainability/immortality. more info at ).

Another example: when your waitress at McDonalds unconsciously tells you to ENJOY YOUR HAMBURGER - here is how she really intends that you COULD serve your genepool by EATING that hamburger-

Human Enjoyment is a name for that fact that proper nutrition actually has the possibility of permitting your biomass (body) to radiate an increasingly coherent electrical capacitance field. This is sometimes called - Chi / Aura / Orgone / ShaktiPat / Eck / Barrakah / etc.. these confusing words were each invented by people who sadly did not know what a capacitor is, or the fact that it's electrical field of charge could measureably propagate faster than the speed of light . (pic above illustrates) . This describes the physics of the Kirlian Photo, the Immoto water pics, and Sensitive Crystallization experiments of Steiners students . Life force AND the ultimate form of all biological education IS the shape and info content of this charge field - because this is what steers and orients every molecule into the geometric change from liquid to liquid-crystal called biology. This is why generating human bliss (charge density) replaces and makes obsolete any other form of human education. (Read: the environmental function of human bliss - chapters- Dan Winter's new book Implosion's Fractal Attractor - online in full color printable pdf - at ) The purpose of this discussion is to further illustrate the biological service to environment possible when you acheive the CHARGE RADIANCE your McDonald's waitress referred to as HAMBURGER en-JOY-ment.

This also accounts nicely for the physics of astrology - once you understand that gravity and turning gravity into voltage (formerly and incorrectly called "FREE" energy) is simply the presence of waves of charge measureable in cheap capacitors caused to turn compression in to acceleration because of (PHI based) self similarity.

The TURNING POINT- where Einstein is replaced -

Einstein (roughly translated from the German means: ONE STONE.. above pic: how a stone becomes ONE ) correctly guessed that the symmetry which would allow ELECTRICAL CHARGE to be infinitely non-destructively compressed - would be the correct symmetry to fabricate gravity from electrical circuits alone. He simply failed to visualize the symmetry solution: that in Golden Mean ratio, recursive heterodyning or wave adding and multiplying constructively - wave fronts of capacitive charge would CONSTRUCTIVELY also add their wave VELOCITIES (in addition to wave-LENGTHS). This turns compression in to acceleration - (acceleration is the only definition or measure we have for gravity). (recursive adding IS multiplying- only Golden Ratio allows both- permitting wave interference to be recursively CONSTRUCTIVE). This is why self-similarity perfected by Golden Ratio is the key to producing gravity from charge. This simple statement - is the correct solution to the unified field problem. (and ends fossil fuel dependancy -and rocketry as we know it- BUT must be done with responsibility to the gravity bloodstream of Earth - see below)



Non Linear and Zero Point or "Free" Energy Technologies Revisited-

Cohering the Vacuum

is the Vacuous term used by current physics to understand the process of creating implosive charge suction thru light speed to fabricate voltage from the ether..

sometimes called "Zero Point" energy, or even more inappropriately: "Free Energy"

Also sometimes labeled Scalar or Torsional field, notably emphasizing physics rather pathetic lack of terminology to describe coherent electrical inertia moving BETWEEN frequencies like a 'chirp' or 'heterodyne'.

The dangerous aspect, is that as more and more of these 'scalar' energy devices are discovered.. our sad inability to properly understand our relationship to the source of energy in principle - creates extreme ecologic danger..

As we have discussed at: NOT FREE - "FREE" Energy Announced- Earth Immediately ENDANGERED!! ( )(april 2002)

and at

Research proposal- Producing Aerodynamic Thrust using Conic (Recursive) ( and IMPLOSIVE) arrays of capacitors ( )(july 2003)

Most of these devices - (T Henry Moray, Trombley and Tewari Faraday Disk, Neuman, Pod Mod, and others) - somewhat consciously invoke the principle of optimzed electrical self similarity (fractality) perfected by Golden Mean ratio. There are of course a wide variety of ways to arrange the charge flux of circuitry to initiate implosion by self similar recursive - often feedback like - embedding..

Universe Is Dodecahedral! Makes Headlines.. Nature Magazine etc., ..BUT - no one even NOTICED that this is the only 3D geometry (based) on Golden Mean - whose stellation precisely allows infinite non-destructive collpase - the compression that PRODUCES acceleration (gravity). Summary - the very dodeca symmetry of the universe PROVES that self-similarity produces gravity. ref: fusion , collapse , thrust


Leonardo da Vinci had the right idea

Fig. 3.- Spherical pentagons and dodecahedra fit snugly, unlike their Euclidean counter-
parts. a) Twelve spherical pentagons tile the surface of an ordinary sphere. They fit together
snugly because their corner angles are exactly 120·. Note that each spherical pentagon is
just a pentagonal piece of a sphere. b) One hundred twenty spherical dodecahedra tile the
surface of a hypersphere. A hypersphere is the 3-dimensional surface of a 4-dimensional
ball. Note that each spherical dodecahedron is just a dodecahedral piece of a hypersphere.
The spherical dodecahedra fit together snugly because their edge angles are exactly 120·.
In the construction of the Poincar´e dodecahedral space the dodecahedron's 30 edges come
together in ten groups of three edges each, forcing the dihedral angles to be 120· and re-
quiring a spherical dodecahedron rather than a Euclidean one. Software for visualising
spherical dodecahedra and the Poincar´e dodecahedral space is available for free download

Is the universe a dodecahedron? (ref: ) , 8 October 2003

The standard model of cosmology predicts that the universe is infinite and flat. However, cosmologists in France and the US are now suggesting that space could be finite and shaped like a dodecahedron instead. They claim that a universe with the same shape as the twelve-sided polygon can explain measurements of the cosmic microwave background - the radiation left over from the big bang - that spaces with more mundane shapes cannot (J-P Luminet et al. 2003 Nature 425 593).

The cosmic microwave background provides a picture of the universe as it was some 400 000 years after the big bang. By this time the universe had cooled down enough for atoms to form, which meant that there were no longer any free electrons to scatter the photons produced in the early universe. Any variations or anisotropy in the temperature of the background radiation therefore reflect variations in the density of the universe at this time.

These temperature fluctuations can be expressed as a sum of spherical harmonics, and astrophysicists plot the relative strength of these harmonics as a function of angle. The height and positions of the peaks in this so-called 'power spectrum' are related to basic astrophysical properties of the universe.

Click to enlarge
Figure 1

Data from the first year of the WMAP satellite - unveiled in February - agreed with the predictions of the standard big bang plus inflation model of cosmology for regions of space separated by small angles. However, on larger angular scales - greater than 60 - the WMAP observations were significantly lower than this model predicted (figure 1).
Click to enlarge
Figure 2

Jean-Pierre Luminet of the Observatoire de Paris and colleagues believe that the finite size of the universe itself is responsible for this behaviour. Moreover, they show that the predictions of a model in which space consists of 12 curved pentagons joined together in a sphere agrees with the WMAP observations (figure 2). Their 'small', closed universe should be about 30 billion light years across.

"Our work really addresses this ancient question of whether the universe is finite or infinite," team member Jeff Weeks, a freelance mathematician based in New York, told PhysicsWeb. "The exciting point is that this is no longer pure speculation - we now have real data."

The team says that its result, if confirmed, will have implications for theories and models of quantum gravity, inflation and the big bang itself. However, the model needs to be tested further by studying the microwave background at larger angles using more data from WMAP and the Planck Surveyor, which is due to be launched later this decade.

Belle Dumé is Science Writer at PhysicsWeb

related:: Dodecahedral space topology as an explanation for weak wide-angle temperature correlations in the cosmic microwave background, by JEAN-PIERRE LUMINET1, JEFFREY R. WEEKS2, ALAIN RIAZUELO3, ROLAND LEHOUCQ1,3 & JEAN-PHILIPPE UZAN4, J.R.W. ( Article appeared in the 9 October issue of Nature (2003). The Nature version is available from



Specifically - the danger is that we: 1 - fail to understand that the source of the electrical inertia is directly debited from the coherence of the local gravity field .. and 2 - fail to understand how mechanically tapping this wormhole thru to the superluminal implosively - radically causes nausea and penalty to the local EMOTIONAL FIELD.

It is these aspects we discuss in this article.

As more and more of these devices are invented - the American lead CIA cartel to hide them under the sick cloak of national security becomes visibly absurd, feeble and misguided. In the same way the US Feds wasted countless billions of US Funds creating schizophrenia in the US populace by hiding the Extra Terrestrial Presence (the NSA Budget) - now the fear mongers in Washington will soon lose the stupid battle to make secret the non-linear energy technologies as other governments get involved.

I thought it was particularly hilarous (funny) the day the FBI came to put Adam Trombley in prison for threatening national security by releasing his oversimple faraday disk - Depalma - like non-linear Energy Device (crude as it was). The funny sick pie that hit the US Feds in the face - was he was able to prove he got an INTERNATIONAL PATENT the day before the US fear monger feds declared his (rather feeble - because incomplete) invention a top military secret and threat to national security. This is typical of the intelligence of the US state. So Adam was spared prison - for working to invent a solution to energy crises. (Too bad the microwave scanning 3D interface to bodily map metabolic rate - one of the most dramatic medical diagnostic tools to be invented in decades - met with the US Fed nation security secrecy abomination before he could do the same. Appears the CIA doesn't WANT you to know which {ATP} microwave frequencies it uses to control people).

The issue ultimately is that powerful tools cannot be hidden from the children - the ONLY possible course is to properly EDUCATE the children to use them. Using the gravity field of the Earth as a SOURCE of electrical energy poses HUGE risks. (Take Atlantis sinking for example) - BUT the only thing we can do is create education.

THAT is the purpose of this article.


Let us review the PRINCIPLES in essence:

1. What does it mean to COHERE the VACUUM ('Zero Point' energy access)?

A: When circuits are arranged in proper feedback to recursion - a self-similar acceleration path for charge thru the speed of light- creates a wormhole in the vacuum - literally like pulling the plug in a bathtub to allow a way out (thru light speed) for charge. The resultant wind of charge is the compression of charge thus turned in to ACCELERATION OF CHARGE - is called gravity.. (and explains why self-similarity is the predictor of gravity stability- something new to physics). If the symmetry is sustainable ( perfected by Golden Ratio) - the sustained attraction of charge thru that wormhole creates LIFE FORCE ( ) and simultaneous a potentially huge SOURCE OF ENERGY - (NOT infinite tho- because limited by the COHERENCE of the gravity field itself! ) .

2. Great - so than why not go ahead a build huge numbers of these implosion generators and elminate fossil fuels and become the master (borg?) race?

A: This is the tricky part - Do you remember the TV commercial where they said: "It's not NICE to fool Mother Nature!"

It turns out that all of biology was built to harness this energy cascade thru light speed we call life force - and doing it with only mechanical machines poses REAL AND IMMEDIATE HAZARDS.

3. Explain these hazards in simple terms:

A: First - let's state the evidence - as a speaker at dozens of international conferences on non-linear energy technologies - I can state with confidence... that each of these example devices..

a) the simple caddeceus coils..

b) the Neuman device

c) the "Pod Mod"

d) T Henry Moray - crystal oscillator etc..

and surely many others ..

would EACH as they began to begin producing electricity from gravity - ALSO dramatically produce of strong feeling a nausea and illness - in people around (particularly anyone with shamanic skills).


The reason that purely mechanical implosion / gravity energy devices sicken people with senstive DNA is very instructive to study. Remember DNA was designed as a compression / acceleration device for charge - thus permitting the information holy communion we call DEATH and dreaming. DNA accomplishes this by self-similarity in design to perfect the compression of charge in to acceleration .. This accounts for one of the main functions of DNA in the metabolism among stars - that is - the fabrication of gravity. (6 pics)

ABOVE-and BELOW - DNA's PHI / Dodeca top down view..

So the genes are always in the process of sliding biological charge down this superluminal holy communioning tornado where only the shareable survive. (Note that the path is an "L" shape - why those able are called "The "El's".) This is how DNA so efficiently compresses and summarizes survival wisdom over millions of years ( and why death is the immortalizing process of sorting which memories are able to compress / accelerate and therefore ABLE TO BE SHARED / able to be immortal.)

SOUL IS SPIN DENSITY. Those who by stubbornly choosing electrical emotions which are in fact NOT SHAREABLE - gradually lose their souls (this compression tornado thru light speed up DNA's central zipper). The mechanical ways in which this loss of ensoulment (called NEPHILIM - means 'fallen' or DNA not able to implode/ or absorb PASSION) is measured include:

a) loss of UltraViolet coherent light radiance around healthy DNA

b) loss of ability to lucid dream

c) loss of ability to bring memory thru death

d) inability to time travel without embarassing heavy metal craft

e) loss of the ability to radiate thymus charge to initiate immune system health in babies


Now - let us get back to WHY the zero point or implosion energy devices causes en-souled or simply passionate - kinds of people to feel emotionally sick .

Le us deal with the danger of turning this insight (Winter call's PhiRICAIS - Phi Recursion Induced Charge Implosion Solution - ) into the obvious mechanical electrical implosion device which ends fossil fuel dependancy. This is because of fact that nature designed it that only structures which embed biological intent should accelerate charge thru the speed of light (producing gravity from voltage and the inverse) - since this is the radio station which determines the successful holy communion / information sharing / compression summation / pure intention testing - at the coeur of all DNA. (Why non-linear - formerly erroneously called 'FREE'- energy devices make sensitive people sick.) Winter contends that the dozens of these devices which have already been suppressed by the American military - cannot be used responsibly until a massive re-education about human bliss can show us the only sustainable biological access to this energy source.(See curriculum - showing that since BLISS/ enlightenment/measureable charge density in biology - is the ultimate form of education and the only source of immune system / ensoulment / and biological immortality/sustainability - and therefore the only agreeable purpose to having government - and finally articulates a scientific hygiene to make bliss sustainable- which replaces the disempowering personality/miracle worship of religion).

Gradually, Winter predicts - we will take responsibility for the fact that DNA's PHI based fractality - explains that successful genes are a device designed to MAKE GRAVITY (by successful compression that becomes acceleration). And that this ability is key to creating an electrical hygiene (environment) for successful dying. (no discontinuity of memory / the projective geometry of charge). see

Below thanks to Frank, Heart Coherence Team - from -- Preliminary (related to earlier: heterofi, Heterodyning and Powers of Phi ,Rick Anderson )

(PHI / Golden Ratio produces - compression among waves) Mathematical Proof of Coherence / Still Point / Perfect Implosion etc.

The ONLY way waves can fit together without cancelling eachother out, AND
yet create a Still Point ("low entropy", least energy leak - a Yogi would say, the
three guna's are perfectly balanced) together is through perfect heterodyning,
meaning: PERFECT Phase Criterium, plus PERFECT wave ratio by Golden Mean.
This is NOT "like a laser beam" and also it has NOTHING to do with "resonance"
or "interference". Moreover, these waves are not interacting whatsoever, rather
selected to take part in the Cosmic drama, if they find a way to live among one
another, by perfectly embedding / implying eachother.

Below a - very preliminairy - computer example showing three times exactly
the same experiment: 12 waves heterodyning (mathematically done by multiplying
amplitudes, is standard procedure e.g. in radio technology, for creating so called
"side-bands"). The only difference is the geometric ratio, (i.e. not arithmetic)
creating a series, in this example a cascade of 12 waves.

The red plots are simply all the "parent" waves together, the grey plots above
show for each set the composed heterodyne. The scale and everything else in the
plots is the same. The Golden Mean heterodyne shows an amazingly flat signal.
The ratios in the upper and lower figures are only plus or minus .1 different from
Golden Mean, resulting in a visibly higher entropy in the composed heterodyne.
Including more (higher) harmonics is expected to render a perfectly flat heterodyne.

[above graphs are slighly obsolete, as probably the scaling was tweaked - however the packing of wave power in
single spikes is clearly seen (more below)]


Heart Coherence Team
Jan. 15, 2003


Phi - The Creative Ratio

A heterodyne composed of 7 waves, having a choosen harmonic (geometric) ratio, was sampled over a total of 3000 samples. To obtain a fair result, the sample lenght << shortest wave and total duration >> longest wave. This was repeated for 200 different ratio's, varying from 1.518 to 1.718. The plot shows for each ratio the integral, preserved wave power of the resulting heterodyne, by a vertical blue line (by taking the sumtotal of the absolute value of all samples at a certain ratio). The scale is relative and linear. It is seen that the Golden Mean Ratio is the only place in the entire harmonic spectrum with an increased wave power preservation. Also outside this small range, this minute peak is nevermore repeated (apart from it's inverse), showing that the Golden Mean Ratio is naturally the optimal ratio for least-destructive heterodyning.

Below example employs the proper phase discipline:

If a random phase-offset is applied to the composing waves, this does not affect the result throughout the spectrum, but surprisingly the range around Golden Mean Ratio is disturbed, possibly even into increased destructive heterodying. In below examples and inserts, a phase- offset for every wave is applied already before the sampling, so that it is the same for all ratio's:

Heart Coherence Team Feb. 16, 2003


Phi Harmonics - packing wave power in spikes

Golden Mean heterodyning compresses the resulting wave power in single spikes, leaving the rest of the heterodyne relatively still. Below example includes only 11 harmonics. More and more lower and higher harmonics may only result in excessively higher spikes, ultimately resulting in one single Dirac pulse. Golden Mean heterodyning forms the only harmonic / recursive set creating, or respectively contained inside, a single pulse. At the same time, the traditional spectral decomposition of the Dirac pulse renders all possible frequencies together, meaning the entire Universe is theoretically described by one single Golden Mean harmonic set.

At Phi ratio - wave power increasingly contained inside single spikes, leaving the rest of the signal relatively still. The heterodyne (grey) is the 1:1 result of the set below (red), though the scaling was adjusted.


Slightly off-Phi, the wave power gets quickly distributed in time.


Heart Coherence Team Feb. 16, 2003



Arithmetic waves adding up

perfect cascade, the peeks occur at the same rate as the ground wave


same set, but slightly off-arihmatic, the peak strength rapidly decreases


if the two lower waves are taken out, still the higher frequencies add up to
form the low-rate peak. note that the HT spectrum indeed does not show
the lower two frequencies, but this may result from the FFT algorithm

compare Heart Tuner samples below




Heart Tuner samples showing smooth frequency distribution.

This result was obtained by measuring during deep breath retaining, in
and out respectively.



Fourier decomposition of heterodyned harmonics
It is seen that the arithmetic (power) definition of the composed wave is altogether different from the
heterodyned original, in most cases containing a far greater number of sine waves (see table below):

Fourier analysis of Phi-harmonic heterodyne

number of harmonics

number of arithmetics


















± 72


± 116


± 188


± 308


± 496

Note - some inaccuracy due to software fft. The linear Fourier
of a perfect golden mean heterodyne shows that the total number
of linear waves increases by Phi ratio per single added harmonic
(notably unlike example using wrong phase discipline..). Is this a clue
to biology's phylotaxis (branching algoritm)? - or generally, WHY
golden mean ratio propagates into linear physics?