Sol-URU, Council of Six: A Personal History of the Draco

by Roger Kerr & Elora, Intro from Dan Winter

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"An was what was considered to be a 'Sun God', meaning that he had the
ability and the power to open and close and transit the interdimensional
Wormholes and Portals that exist within many Stars or Suns. I had several
lives as a Draco 'Sun God', or 'Soluruous', which was the Draco name for
them. "

Haunting isn't it. Try to imagine what it must feel like inside your own glands and emotion, to be able to steer enough magnetism of feeling, 'kunda'-'buffer', to open and close the wormhole eye of the sun! ( ) Shades of Muab Dib, Flight of the Navigator & Dream Weaver roled into ONE.


Often we choose to believe that ET politics are remote melo-drama's not as important as checking CNN to see whether the democrats got more campaign millions than George Bush in the CIA blood line.

There are times in history when larger struggles wash over local ones, giving a radical sense of needing to steer your surf board with a longer wave in mind. If dozens of predictors are true, from the perspective of a galactic politic, Earth's magneto winds of 2000-2017 are CLEARLY such a time. By enjoying Roger Kerr's detailed galactic history of the Draco's and Reptilian politics affecting our planet, from his VERY personal and romantic perspective, we may steer our dreams a little more into the currents of greater winds upon us.

Some of the more open minded among us may even find it convincing that even tho the major threads of the galactic battles overlay Anna Hayes: Voyagers/Amenti book, Roger when he wrote this had clearly not seen that work.


compare: Sirian Annunaki reference to Anna Hayes, Voyagers:Amenti

compare: fierce & aggressive survival racial description of Draco & Reptilian to "Warf" in Star Trek,

compare: 2012 vs 2017 critical dates for imploding "Rana" time waves, local implosion, "Amenti Halls" soul harvest geometric opening to : Anna Hayes work, William Buehler 'Metatronic vs Oritronic', & Mayan Calendric Timings//

compare: Asaru : to the word origins history of the Orion Queen culture in Robert Morningsky: 'Guardians of the Grail'. As-URU? The Sister's velociraptor paralyzing sss-pit.

compare: Draco Royal line blood referenced as SolURUous: Draco Sun God to Uru/hibURU (Hebrew), IlURU story at


" Each of these Reptilian races had a Supreme Ruler that I have come to
call the Six Lords of Darkness, or 'Dark Lords'. These six are Lucifer,
who is Lord over the Draco; Asaru, Lord of the Orions; An, Lord of the
Sirius B Anunnaki, Damsowzulvitz (Damsow for short), Lord of the Alcyones;
the "Bull" (I do not know his name, just that he was the 'Bull') Lord of
the Taurians; and Sulzekiwuztuplep (Sulzek for short), Lord of the
Triangulums. ..........

These six 'Dark Lords' were to play an important role in the Descension process. I have come to realize that these Beings knew, or at least my Dark Lord Self did,
that a time would come when we would reach a point of 'No Return',
regarding the descension into density. The Descension had to be reversed
at that time, or we would continue to Descend into the darkness until we
had completely destroyed ourselves, possibly by causing this rift between
the matter and anti-matter Universes. We think that the projected time of
this event is in our near future, possibly sometime between now and 2012."


Subject: Council of Six Story, Sun, 3 Oct 1999 , From: Roger Kerr <>
Hi Dan,

I don't know if you did anything with the Council of Six History that I
sent you last summer. But I have done some editing on it. Some new
information came through regarding Belsazar, and a friend of mine made
several editing suggestions that I felt were warranted. I also added some
clarification at certain places. So if you put this story up on your site,
could you please replace it with this edited version? I would appreciate
it. Thanks. Even if it was for your own info, here is the latest and
greatest version.


by Roger Kerr and Elora Gabriel

This story is about a group of Souls who began an adventure into the
Universe of Duality a long, long time ago, in a distant Galaxy, far, far
away. No, this is not 'Star Wars', although that might not be such a bad
comparison. It is the story of Remembering the distant past, of
Remembering the Beginning of a journey that would ultimately affect
countless billions of other Souls. It is a story of six Souls who formed a
'Council of Six' to fulfill a Mission that was formulated at the Highest
Realms of Creation. It is also a story of how two of those Souls, Roger
Kerr and Elora Gabriel began to open their awareness and reach back into
the depths of their Consciousness to discover their Beginnings. It began
taking shape when Elora and Roger first came into email contact with each
other in August of 1997. Elora had already gotten some information on this
Council of Six in some earlier past life regression sessions. Bits and
pieces of information have been coming into our awareness little by little
over the many months since that time. This information was obtained from
connecting with our Higher Selves and our Spirit Guides, who helped us
connect to many of our past/alternate Selves. Many lifetimes have come
into our awareness, but this story is about the most pivotal life of our
long journey. It obviously contains many gaps, and in some portions,
educated guesses. So what follows is the best compilation of information
as of June 1999. Is this story of our journey true? Well, it is our
truth, and we invite you to come along and judge for yourself, to see if
our story may mirror your own truths, or at least help you to find your own
deeper truths.

We live in a Universe of Duality, particularly here in the 3rd dimension.
Our whole world is based on duality: Light/Dark, Love/Fear, Good/Evil,
Male/Female, Higher Consciousness and Lower Ego Consciousness. But
probably the most important aspect of this Duality is the existence of the
Humanoid and Reptilian races of Beings. It is this aspect of the Duality
that is the focus of the story of the Council of Six. There are many races
of Reptilian Beings in this Universe, whom many people would consider as
being 'Dark'. Because we have been immersed in this Duality so long we
have lost the distinction between Energy and Consciousness. In my way of
thinking there are only three things that exist in this Universe: Light
energy, Dark energy and Pure Consciousness. Many people think that the
Ascension process is about becoming or returning to Beings of Light, but we
were never truly 'Light' in the first place. We must come to the
awareness, and truly REMEMBER that we are neither Light nor Dark, but
Beings of Pure Spirit and Consciousness who inhabit bodies composed of both
Light and Dark Energies. There is a huge distinction here. Of course
Beings that exist in the higher dimensions have bodies that contain more
Light energy than those such as ourselves in the lower dimensions. As our
Spirits Descended into the lower dimensions and denser realms of the
Universe, our Spiritual or Etheric bodies had to take on more and more Dark
energy in order to lower our vibration rate so that we could incarnate into
these physical bodies. The lower the dimension we descended to, the more
Dark energy we had to take on. How did we take on that Dark energy?
Through our emotions of fear, hate, anger, grief, guilt, etc. So as we
took on more and more Dark energy, we began to identify ourselves with the
different levels of Light and Dark energies. We forgot that we were the
Beings of Consciousness who merely embodied those different levels of Light
and Dark energies. It would appear that those Dark energies we took on
through our emotions merely clouded, or veiled our Conscious awareness of
who we truly were. So while it is true that in order to Ascend back to the
higher dimensions we have to release these 'Dark' emotions and allow more
Light energy into our Beings, we must not confuse Light with Consciousness.

So in this respect, since the Reptilians exist in a higher dimension than
we do, they would not be as 'Dark' as we are. The Reptilians just have a
different way of being, a different state of Consciousness than we have.
But Consciousness is neither 'Light' nor 'Dark', there are just different
levels of awareness, some higher than others. The Ego Consciousness or
Intellect tends to block the Higher Consciousness from coming through, and
as a result causes us to hold on to more of the 'Dark' emotional energies.
So in this sense, the Ego blocks the flow of the Light Energies in our
bodies. The Ego Consciousness may affect energy but it is not energy, so
it is not 'Dark'. It is merely a lower level of Consciousness. The
Reptilians seem to be completely immersed in their Ego Consciousness, the
Intellect. But does that make them 'Dark' or 'Evil'? Who are we to judge
them? There are just as many Humanoids who are totally immersed in their
Egos, and they can be just as 'Dark' and 'Evil' as the Reptilians. So
being 'Dark' or 'Evil' has little to do with whether you are Reptilian or
Humanoid. But the Reptilians are masters at survival, and they are some of
the oldest races in this Universe. They are very aggressive, fierce and
determined warriors, and can be very intimidating to say the least, of that
you can be sure.

Roger began having psychic contacts with members of the race known as
Draconians in late March of 1997. He also began experiencing some rather
unpleasant psychic attacks about the same time, as they tried to control
him through these fear tactics. He attempted to communicate and work with
them for much of that year. Later he began having contact with the Sirius
B Anunnaki Reptilians, then with the Orion Reptilians, and finally with
another race from Alcyone in the Pleiades. The various Reptilian races are
very wide-spread throughout this and other Galaxies. The group which he
became most familiar with are the Draconians from Auriga. He has only had
limited contact with the Greys, and he suspects that they are a hybrid
race, part Sirian Humanoid, part Reptilian. There are also many other
Humanoid races such as the Sirians and the Taygettan Pleiadians. Roger has
had several telepathic contacts with some of the Pleiadians, and Elora had
some connections with a group of Sirians. But for the most part, the story
of the Council of Six seemed to revolve around the Reptilians.

Recently, Roger realized that several different meditation experiences
he has had over the last two years all seemed to fit together, and were
important parts of the story of the Council of Six. So the following is
his account of how things all came together.

Two years ago, in January 1997, I met my Twin Flame Soul Mate through
email. The Love and energy rushes I felt when we first connected was
unlike anything I had ever felt before. I will call her Sarah, although
that is not her real name. Shortly after we connected I was taken on an
Astral journey back to the Andromeda Galaxy, to what I began to call the
'Home World'. I saw the two of us in a wedding ceremony where we each
pledged our eternal Love to one another. We were presented with a small
Blue Crystal and we anchored the Love that we had for each other into that
crystal. Next I saw the two of us in what I would call a briefing meeting.
The man leading the meeting asked for volunteers for a very dangerous
mission. Many people raised their arms, as did Sarah and myself. We
looked at each other and gave each other that look that said "we can do
this". Slowly everyone else in the room put their arms down, except for the
two of us. We were then taken into a private room where we were told what
we would have to do. I was not given all the details in the meditation,
but I knew that my part of the mission was to go down into the very depths
of the 'Dark' World, the World of the Reptilian Beings. I would be like an
Eagle, I would have the ability to dive down into the depths of Darkness,
but yet be able to come back out to return to the Light and be able to soar
to Spiritual heights. Sarah would be there for me to give me the Love and
support I would need to help pull me out of the Darkness. After receiving
our instructions for this Mission, we went inside of a huge pyramid and
were led to a chamber where there was a gigantic Blue Crystal. We took our
personal crystal and again pledged our Love to each other into it, and then
I placed it in a small receptacle in the huge Blue Portal Crystal. The
sense I had was that this crystal contained the programming for every life
that we would experience. In each life, one of us would be given a crystal
that would contain the program for what needed to be done in that
particular life. This Crystal was the power source for a huge
interdimensional portal or energy vortex. After placing our personal
crystal inside the huge Blue Portal Crystal, I saw myself incarnating into
a physical body on a different planet in a different Galaxy.

When Elora and I connected in August of 1997, she told me that she had
become aware of a life a long time ago, in which she was a member of a
Council of Six, and the events and ensuing Karma that she took on from that
life had been paramount to her whole existence. In reading her story about
that life, I became aware of one of my own past lives that I had been
unaware of. I was a female by the name of Shandrasi, and I too was a
member of the same Council of Six along with Elora. When I tuned into this
life, I realized that it occurred on a planet in another neighboring
Galaxy, probably two or three hundred million years ago in Earth's time
frame. My sense is that this was one of the Local Cluster of Galaxies, but
it was a different Galaxy than either Andromeda or the Milky Way. I
recently was taken on a journey to that Galaxy, which confirmed this. It
seemed as if this was one of my first 'physical' incarnations, although I
think it was at a much higher dimensional level than this 3rd Dimensional
existence we now know.

Then in November of 1998 I had a meditation where I was shown another
life I had that occurred in the Andromeda Galaxy, on the Home World. I was
female, and I was one of a group of Beings that have become known as the
Golden Ones. I had been one of the portal 'operators' of the Blue Crystal
Portal. Again, this would have been probably hundreds of millions of years
ago in Earth's time frame. The sense I had was that this life was just
prior to Shandrasi's life and the Council of Six, and seemed like a higher
dimensional level than the Council World. Everything seemed to be still
pretty much in Balance, and I had the impression that this was just before
the Beings of the Light and Dark Consciousness really began to separate.
Or, in other words, before we began incarnating as separate Reptilian and
Humanoid Beings.

In late 1997, Elora had a meditation where she saw the two of us as these
huge Beings. She said that things seemed pretty stagnated, not much
spiritual growth or excitement. She and I had been part of a group of
Beings that also included Lucifer. He had left us and had Descended into a
lower dimension to experience life in a different world on a different
planet. He had planned to incarnate as one of the Reptilian Beings and
then return. But when he didn't come back as planned, the rest of us
became pretty concerned. Apparently, we started looking at possible future
timelines and saw some rather disturbing developments, as the worlds of
Light and Dark Consciousness, of Humanoid and Reptilian grew further and
further apart. We saw a lot of chaos and destruction, with the Reptilian
Beings conquering world after world, and many wars with the Humanoid
Beings. So we decided that some of us would have to go down after Lucifer
and bring him back, and try to bring things back into Balance. A master
plan was drawn up to accomplish that. So it would seem that this was the
purpose of the Mission Briefing I had been shown earlier, and this was what
Sarah and I had volunteered for. Elora was also to play a key role in the
plan. I now know that this was the same life that I had been shown a year
later, as the Golden Ones. So it was really here, prior to the Council of
Six life, that we began our journey into the 'Darkness' of Forgetfulness
and Separation, into the separate worlds of Humanoid and Reptilian Beings.
It was as a result of what happened in Shandrasi's life that we began to
forget who we truly were, and began believing that we were all separate
Beings, and that we were separate from God/Goddess and Great Spirit. We
fell into judgement of other races of Beings and of each other, believing
that one was 'Good' and one was 'Evil'.

So after placing the programming for my part of the Mission into my
personal Crystal and then into the Central Blue Crystal, I too descended
down into that lower dimension and incarnated as a humanoid female. I
sense that we were not human as we know it today, but similar. I am not
sure what dimensional level this was. My guess is that it was on the 11th
Dimension, but my understanding and awareness of the different dimensional
levels is not very clear. I get that this was in a different Galaxy. So
thus begins the story of my life as Shandrasi and the Council of Six.

When I, as Shandrasi, was six years old I was playing with my sister and
my boy friend, who it so happens had been my mate in the previous Golden
Life. In fact I had just met this person, again through email, only a
couple weeks before I had the meditation about the Golden Ones. This was
not Sarah as she had chosen to remain at the higher dimensional level as an
Observer and a Guide to me. Anyway, somehow I was knocked unconscious and
remained in a comatose state for 3 days. During this time I was shown a
vision of how life in this Universe of Duality would unfold. So I was
shown or re-minded in a 'physical' Conscious sense all the future
probabilities that we, as the Golden Ones, had foreseen. Also, it turns
out that Sue Potter had been my sister in that life. She was 2 years older
than me, and she too had been shown a vision when she was 6. It turns out
that the age of 6 would be critical times for both of us in many of our
subsequent lives. We each had been shown different aspects of the
'Descension' Plan, and the roles that each of us were to play in it,
including what we would have to do to end the Descension process and begin
our Ascension. I do not know all the details of what Shandrasi was shown
in that vision, but the essence of it was that there was going to be a time
in the very distant future, on a planet in another Galaxy that would prove
to be a critical turning point, a point of 'No Return', for all Beings who
chose to experience this particular timeline. To make a very long story
short, that time is NOW, in the Milky Way Galaxy, right here on Earth.

Part of what Shandrasi had seen in her vision was a scenario of wars and
destruction involving several Reptilian races. When Lucifer had left our
group of Golden Ones, he had gone into the 'World' of the Reptilians, in a
different Galaxy, and had become the leader of one of the races that we now
know as the Draconians. They currently reside mostly in the constellation
Auriga. These are not the Orion Reptilians, who are a separate race. I
have become aware of six major Reptilian races, which include the Draco,
the Orions and the Sirius B Anunnaki. These six races have fought against
each other, and against various Humanoid races for aeons. The infamous
Orion Wars was only one example of this long history of battling for
ultimate control. I have had the sense now for about a year and a half,
that Shandrasi also saw the Earth being destroyed somehow, and that it
involved the Reptilians. Somehow a rift or Black Hole would be opened
between this Universe and a Parallel Anti-Matter Universe and the Earth
would be totally annihilated when it encountered her Anti-Matter
counterpart. This enormous explosion would rip through the space-time
fabric ultimately consuming the entire solar system and surrounding star
systems in a gigantic series of explosions of matter and anti-matter,
annihilating everything in its path. Eventually the entire Galaxy would be
destroyed. Apparently she was also shown the cause of this rift being
opened in the first place, and it had to do with all the wars and use of
nuclear weapons, and the higher dimensional wars being waged by many other
ET races who were fighting for control of the Earth. In early January 1999
I became aware of the fact that a tremendous amount of Anti-Matter Energy
and the Consciousness and Astral Bodies of many Beings from the Parallel
Anti-Matter Universe were coming through into our world through a Stargate
Portal at Mt. Kenya in Africa. I and a very psychic and spiritual young
lady whom I had met a couple months earlier, did a meditation where we
connected to the Blue Crystal Portal in Andromeda and were Guided to do
some things that placed a protective seal around that Stargate to prevent
any further merging of the Anti-Matter Energies. But recently, as I write
this, I have sensed that barrier breaking down again. Since that time I
have become aware of some other smaller portals where similar Anti-Matter
Universe Energies were coming through. My friend did some work to seal up
one of those here in Denver, Colorado. So what Shandrasi had seen in her
vision is becoming a possible, and certainly a more probable, reality. So
this is indeed a critical time.

So when I/Shandrasi regained consciousness I shared my vision with the
local shaman or holy man. The result of that was that I swore an oath of
some kind to take a course of action that would lead me on a journey to
begin the fulfillment of my part of the Master Plan that the Golden Ones
had designed. It would ultimately put all of us who took part in this
Mission in a position, with all the knowledge and wisdom that would be
needed, to help prevent that future possibility of annihilation from
happening. Part of that plan was the formation of the Council of Six.
There were actually seven of us who had volunteered for this particular
Mission, but Sarah, my Twin Soul, did not incarnate with us in that life.
She would act as a spiritual Observer and Guide for us, particularly for
me, to help me through the rough times that would lie ahead. She would
also have an important role to play in subsequent lives, in the fulfillment
of this Mission. The 6 of us who had agreed at that Mission Briefing
Meeting to be a member of the Council of Six were: myself, as Shandrasi;
Elora, who was a male by the name of Deidriel, and would become my mate;
Elora's Twin Soul, who I will call Andre (not his real name), was her
sister; John Armitage, who was female in that life and was one of my
sisters; the 5th member is a male acquaintance of Elora's, who I will call
David (also not his real name) and was also male in the Council life; and
the 6th member is a woman whom I will call Teresa (again not her real
name), who was male in the Council life and the brother of David. It is
interesting that all of us except David were the opposite sex in the
Council life as we are now. Later in that life the six of us also paired
up as mates: Elora and myself, John and Teresa, and Andre and David. Each
couple had two children, who would also play important roles in this

Sue Potter, one of my sisters, was involved in the same Mission Plan, but
was not a member of the Council of Six, as she had died at a very early age
in that life. She had been killed in the same accident in which I was
knocked unconscious. She was to play a critical role in the overall plan,
and had to re-incarnate into a different life, as one of the Reptilian
Beings, whom I would meet later in that life. It is interesting that
Shandrasi actually had 6 other sisters. Out of the 7 of us, there were 3
sets of twins. With each pair of twins, one went into the 'Light' and one
went into the 'Dark'. Sue and I were two of those who went into the
'Dark'. The third sister who went into the 'Dark' is someone that Sue
knows very well. It turns out that my twin who went into the 'Light' was
Sananda, Sue's twin was Ashtar, and John, who was one of the third set of
twins, was Melchizedek. The seventh sister, who was the oldest of all of
us, was Athena. So is it possible that we were the original 'Seven

I also find it most interesting that either Elora or I have met each of
the other Council members either directly or indirectly. Elora met her
Twin Soul, Andre, several years ago. She also met David in person, and
talked to Teresa over the phone through her business. I had the great
pleasure of meeting John in June of 1997, and met my Twin Soul, Sarah,
through email. I have also met Sue in person and three of the children
from that life, two of whom were Elora's and my children, a son and
daughter. The third one is a wonderful woman whom I know very well and
will call Mary (again, not her real name). She was male in that life and
the son of David and Andre. She was to play a critical role in what
transpired. Of course it is not coincidence that all of us would incarnate
here on Earth at this critical time and be drawn together in the way that
we were. We had an important mission to complete. I do not mean to imply
that our group were any more significant or important than anyone else, as
there were many, many Beings who also came into this physical Universe on
similar missions to help restore the Balance and to bring people's
awareness back to Love and Divine Consciousness. I only know that we were
chosen for a very important mission, and this is a small but significant
part of our story.

During Elora's and my work in mid-September of 1997, we were taken on an
Astral journey back to the Council World. We saw ourselves and the other
members of the Council sitting around a circle of stones with a fire
blazing in the middle. It was night time, and I, as leader of the Council,
was leading a ceremony in which we each pledged our allegiance to each
other and said some vows dedicating ourselves to this Mission, that we had
all agreed to participate in. I thanked and honored each member of the
group for taking part in this Mission. Each of us had our own secret
covenant with 'God/Goddess' that none of the other five knew about. This
was necessary because certain actions that had to be taken would impact the
others in what would appear to be a negative way. But it was all a
necessary part of the plan. Before incarnating into these Council lives,
each of us had our entire 'program' for our particular roles for each
lifetime for the entire Plan placed into a kind of "Soul Capsule". This is
what I had done in the ceremony at the Blue Crystal Portal. In fact these
Capsules were sealed and stored in a vault inside the Pyramid that
contained the Blue Crystal. Each of us was sub-consciously linked to our
Soul Capsule, so that we would each know what had to be done, whether it
was Consciously or Un-Consciously, to complete our entire Mission. Part of
the programming was that this Capsule would be Consciously accessed just
before the final stages of the Plan. Elora was Guided to have a shaman
retrieve her Capsule in January of '97. Synchronistically, at about the
same time that I really started becoming aware of my own role in this
Mission. She was the first of the group to have her Capsule retrieved, and
then in September of '97, she helped me retrieve my Capsule. In fact we
did this just moments before we were taken on this Astral journey to the
Council Fire Ceremony.

Our Council of Six became one of the higher orders of the governing body
for the entire planet. At some point the following scenario began to
unfold. There was another person involved, a man that Elora has met in this
life, whom we will call Sam. He was male in that lifetime. Apparently
Lucifer and the Draconians had made their way into our planetary system.
The Dracos had very high levels of technology and we believe that Sam had
made a business deal with them to acquire some of that technology. The
Dracos most likely offered many inducements in exchange for their highly
evolved technology, but we suspect that their real agenda was the complete
conquest of our planet. Apparently Sam got David, a member of our Council,
involved in this deal, and David tried to convince the rest of us to agree
to their plan. We think that the majority of our Council decided it was
not a good idea, but David secretly went in on the deal without our
approval. Mary, who was then a young man and David's son, also got involved
in it. What we suspect is that David and Mary may not have been aware of
the real motive of the Dracos until it was too late. So this deal gave the
Dracos an opportunity to come onto our planet. Of course, they tried to
take complete control of the planet, and eventually a war broke out. Most
of the planet was destroyed and nearly half of the population, about 60
million people, were killed. Most of us and our families survived the war,
but our lives would be drastically changed, and the foundations laid for
the remainder of our life journeys.

We suspect that David left the planet once the war broke out. Anyway, the
responsibility for settling a peace treaty fell on Deidriel (Elora), as the
Dracos, who are a male dominated race, would not deal with me as the leader
of the Council because I was female. So the burden fell on Deidriel as he
was second in command. As part of the settlement, the Dracos demanded that
they be given many female captives, or they would destroy the rest of the
planet. So given that choice, Deidriel agreed to their terms. Ultimately,
the three females (myself, John and Andre) were all taken captive by the
Dracos and taken back to their home world. I believe that we may have
sacrificed ourselves in order to save our children and some of the others.
I'm not sure how many females were taken in all, but it would make sense
that many were. Deidriel (Elora) shouldered all of the blame for us being
taken prisoner, when in fact it was not solely his decision, and there was
no other acceptable choice. It turns out that because of his overpowering
feelings of guilt and remorse for having to make that decision to sacrifice
those that he loved to the Draco in order to save the planet, Deidriel
(Elora) took his own life. That guilt has weighed heavy on Elora's Soul
ever since. She has spent much of her current life releasing this guilt
and healing all of the Karma that she took on as a result of what happened
in that life.

The females who were taken captive were used as breeding stock for the
Draco's genetic experiments. There was much sexual abuse and torture. And
I am sure that there was a lot of resentment on our part towards the men of
the group, Elora, David and Mary amongst others. But the message that I got
was that the 'cross-breed' offspring from these forced matings between
ourselves and the Draco were the ancestors of the Anasazi or Native
American race. When I was in Mesa Verde in June of 1997, some of the
Anasazi began 'talking' to me, and told me that the Dracos and the Anasazi
had common ancestors. They also told me of my own Anasazi connections. I
had known that I had connections to the Native Americans, but had not
realized that this included the Anasazi. Thus, many of the pieces to this
gigantic puzzle began falling into place. So when I became aware of
Shandrasi's fate at the hands of the Draco, I began to understand the
reasons behind it all. This was all part of the Divine Plan to bring the
Light and the Dark Sides of Consciousness, the Humanoid and Reptiloid Races
into Balance and Peace and Harmony with one another. So creating a race
that was part Reptilian and part Humanoid was part of the Plan. It is not
coincidence that the Native American people have held that energy of
Balance here on the Earth for many thousands of years.

I have the impression that this captivity lasted many years, and during
that time I get that the three of us, me, John and Bill, had placed many
curses on some of our captors as well as those whom we felt had betrayed
us. Prior to the Draco take-over, Elora and I (Deidriel and Shandrasi) had
been schooled in the shamanic arts. I have come to realize that I had
become quite adept at Black Magic and was a master at placing curses. This
too had been part of the overall Plan, as it served the purpose of placing
the 'Veils' on people's psychic awareness, so that they would forget their
true origins, which again was all part of the Descension Plan. I have had
many curses placed on me throughout my incarnational history. So curses
and implants were used by many Beings as tools of the process of Descension
into denser and denser realms. Finally, after many years of torture and
abuse, Mary made another deal with the Draco to have me released into 'his'
custody. But by that time I was totally beaten down, literally. I get
that I suffered more sexual abuse at his hands, and I too finally took my
own life. So this very critical life set the stage for all that was to
follow in our many incarnations since that time.

Elora agreed to take on the Karma of all those people of that planet who
died in the war with the Draco. As such she would have many difficult and
painful lives. For the most part Elora's and my Paths followed different
courses, but we did cross paths on several critical occasions. She had
many, many lives here on Earth from the beginning of civilization on this
planet. We believe that David followed a similar path as Elora.

During her captivity, Shandrasi had met Lucifer and the reincarnation of
her sister, Sue, who had died at an early age, and had subsequently
incarnated as one of the Draco. My Mission was to also follow Lucifer's
Path and go into the world of the Reptilian races and to become one of
them. I just recently got the message that Lucifer had been my Father in
my first Draco life. Thus began a long string of incarnations as
Draconians and several other Reptilian races. I have come to realize that
I had about 140 lifetimes after Shandrasi's life prior to coming into this
Galaxy and all of them were as various races of Reptilians. Although there
were many different races of Reptilians, there were six predominant races
that seemed to dominate all the others. I had lives as all six of these
different races. In a recent meditation I was shown that each of these
races originated in a different Galaxy within the Local Cluster of
Galaxies, of which there are at least 28 separate Galaxies. It turns out
that I played a role in bringing each of these races into our Milky Way
Galaxy, as it was all part of the Divine Plan that the many different
Reptilian and Humanoid races of this sector of the Universe be brought
together. After all, part of our lesson is to recognize that we are all
One Great Big Family. I will try to identify the six races according to
the Constellation they currently reside in. There has been much confusion
as to their identity and the name Draconian has been used for all the
different races. However, I classify the Draconians as just one of these
races, the ones who now reside in the constellation Auriga and the Capella
Star System. There is another race who reside in several star systems in
Orion. A different race currently resides near Alcyone of the Pleiades,
another in the Taurus star system, and another in the Triangulum system.
Finally there are those from Sirius B, who I believe are Zecharia Sitchin's
Anunnaki. Each of these races are a distinct race, with strikingly
different appearances. Also, none of these races are the Greys. From the
information that I have been able to get, the Greys are a hybrid race who
were 'created' by the Aryan Sirians to be used as 'combat drones' against
these other Reptilian races. They are part Humaniod, part Reptilian and
part Insectoid, who are another entirely distinct race of Beings.

Each of these Reptilian races had a Supreme Ruler that I have come to
call the Six Lords of Darkness, or 'Dark Lords'. These six are Lucifer,
who is Lord over the Draco; Asaru, Lord of the Orions; An, Lord of the
Sirius B Anunnaki, Damsowzulvitz (Damsow for short), Lord of the Alcyones;
the "Bull" (I do not know his name, just that he was the 'Bull') Lord of
the Taurians; and Sulzekiwuztuplep (Sulzek for short), Lord of the
Triangulums. Sue and I each worked our way up into the Elite and became
one of these six Dark Lords. Sue was the "Bull", and I was An. Actually
An was a lower Aspect of a much more powerful Dark Lord by the name of
Belsazar. He had become the Supreme Ruler or Emperor of all the 6
Reptilian races and formed a huge inter-galactic empire. These six 'Dark
Lords' were to play an important role in the Descension process. I have
come to realize that these Beings knew, or at least my Dark Lord Self did,
that a time would come when we would reach a point of 'No Return',
regarding the descension into density. The Descension had to be reversed
at that time, or we would continue to Descend into the darkness until we
had completely destroyed ourselves, possibly by causing this rift between
the matter and anti-matter Universes. We think that the projected time of
this event is in our near future, possibly sometime between now and 2012.

An was what was considered to be a 'Sun God', meaning that he had the
ability and the power to open and close and transit the interdimensional
Wormholes and Portals that exist within many Stars or Suns. I had several
lives as a Draco 'Sun God', or 'Soluruous', which was the Draco name for
them. I also played the 'Sun God' role for each of the other four races.
Except for An, these 'Sun Gods' served directly under one of the other Dark
Lords, as the Commander in Chief of each particular race. Each of them had
12 'Officers' who made up the High Command. My first few Reptilian lives
were as Draco Sun Gods, and I kept going further and further into the
'Dark' realms. Finally I became Belsazar, who was like the ultimate Dark
Lord. He had somehow brought all six Reptilian races under his control and
became an Emperor of all Reptilian races. He was much like the Emperor in
the Star Wars movies. It was under his rule that the combined Reptilian
forces began invading many different Star Systems and also spreading
throughout many of the Local Galaxies. He unleashed a brutal 'Reign of
Terror', and created a Reptilian Empire that eventually spread from one
Galaxy to another. It was through my many 'Sun God' roles that I helped
lead each of these six races from one Star System to the next, and from one
Galaxy to another. They waged all-out war on all Humanoid and many other
races. But yet this was all part of the Divine Plan to Descend into the
denser and denser realms of the Universe. The message that I get is that
when my Soul agreed to play this role, the Collective Consciousness wanted
to experience the emotions of fear, terror and hate. So Belsazar
definitely struck fear and terror into everyone's hearts and he gave all
Beings someone to REALLY Hate. But it was something that all Souls had
agreed to, everyone just forgot. I had gotten the message that Belsazar's
title as Emperor was "NATAS". Reverse the spelling on that and you get
"SATAN". So it was Belsazar who became the model for the 'Satan' or the
'Devil'. The Humanoid races were looking for a central figure on whom to
place all the blame for all that had gone 'wrong' and at the time of the
Empire, he certainly fit the bill. So this got passed down through all the
religions, and the entire Reptilian race soon became the symbol for all
that was considered 'Evil'.

But even though all the Reptilian races had been brought under one
Supreme Commander, there was an ongoing struggle amongst them for power.
So these six races waged almost constant war on each other and on many
Humanoid races. They went on to conquer many, many worlds in many
different Galaxies. Two years ago, I had an Astral journey where I was
shown many different worlds that had been conquered by the Reptilians, and
the different ways in which they accomplished it. Of course at that time,
I hadn't realized that I had been directly involved in many of those
conquests. At the end of my journey I asked how many worlds were there
that had been taken over by the Reptilians. The answer I got was millions.
Then I asked how many worlds were there that were still free from their
control, and got hundreds. In that Astral journey I was shown that they
eventually made their way to the Andromeda Galaxy where they conquered the
Home World and took control of the Blue Crystal Portal, which is a major
intergalactic portal, and went through it to come here to the Milky Way
Galaxy. I was one of the Draco High Command who was involved in that
conquest and then led them from Andromeda into this Galaxy. I get that
they first came to Lyra through a major portal there. But they did not
remain there and moved on to Capella, in the constellation Auriga where
they still reside. I get that the Draco were the first of the Reptilian
races to enter the Milky Way Galaxy, soon to be followed by the Orions,
Anunnaki, the Alcyones and other races.

When I first arrived in this Galaxy, I continued my role as a Draco Sun
God. But now would come a critical turning point for me. One of my most
important Draco Sun God or Soluruous Selves was known as Sansiruous. He
could see where all this war and destruction was going to lead, and he
began slowly departing from the traditional Draco ways. He was the first
to empower the females of his race as Warriors. He also planted the seeds
for what would later become a Draco Rebellion against the rest of the
Empire. Sansisruous would also play a major role in my current life, in
helping remove many etheric implants from me and Elora, and in making some
critical connections with some of the Draco. His Capellan female Warriors
would also play a critical role in the events that took place in the Fall
of 1997.

I had a later Draco Soluruous life, when the Rebellion took full force
and became an open Civil War between the various Reptilian races, and of
course I was one of the instigators behind it. This Civil War eventually
spread throughout this entire sector of the Galaxy and involved many
Humanoid races as well, and eventually became known as the Orion Wars.
Most people have considered the Orion Wars as the beginning of the control
of the Orion Reptilians in this sector of the Galaxy. But in truth, it
represented the beginning of the break-up of the Reptilian Empire. Again,
it was all part of the Great Plan to begin the slow process of restoring
the Balance of Power, and to bring the Reptilian and Humanoid races back
together in Peace and Harmony. Of course we haven't reached that point
yet, but that was the Mission of our Council of Six. You have to
understand that this whole process had been evolving for hundreds of
millions of years just to get to the point of the Orion Wars. So it is not
surprising that it would take a long time for the process to resolve
itself. How long ago were the Orion Wars? I really don't know for sure,
but probably hundreds of thousands or possibly several million years ago in
Earth's time frame. But what is important to understand is that this
process of the races coming back together IS happening.

It was after my life as Sansiruous that I began a series of incarnations
in Human form. Part of my Mission was that I had to form a 'Bridge'
between the Reptilians and the Humanoids, to bring them back together in
Peace and Harmony. I had to remind both races of our true origins as ONE
FAMILY, ONE BEING. As such I needed to experience both forms of life, and
so I began alternating between Reptilian and Humanoid form. But most of my
lives after this point were as Humans. I had been fully immersed in the
Reptilian way of Being, now I had to become Human and to embrace that way
of Being as well. But in doing so, I entered a sort of no man's land, as
the Humanoid Beings still sensed my Reptilian energies, at least on a
sub-conscious level, and they judged me as being 'Dark' and 'Evil'.
Starting with Sansiruous's life, the Reptilians began to see me as a threat
to them, and they considered me a traitor to their cause. Now when they
saw me as Human, I really became a threat to them. So I began to be
attacked from both sides. But this was all necessary to attempt to bring
things back into Balance and Peace and Harmony. But this would prove to be
a most difficult, and nearly impossible task.

My first 'Human' incarnation was in the Lyra Star System on a planet we
called MU. This was the original Lemurian civilization. There were at
least two other planets in that system that were inhabited. The original
Atlantean civilization had been established on one of these worlds long
before some of their members came here to Earth. I had several lives on
MU, and at some point the Atlantean and Lemurian civilizations went to war
with each other. The Beings from the third planet were Changelings, like
in the TV show "Star Trek, Deep Space Nine". They could shape-shift into
any form that they chose and they manipulated both sides in this war. I
have had some recent experiences with these Beings and they are still
trying to control and manipulate things here on Earth. The Reptilians were
also involved in this war. Finally a huge 'comet' or more accurately a
brown dwarf, or burnt out 'Dark' Star came into this planetary system. The
Changeling Beings were able to use their powers to 'steer' this Dark Star
into a collision course with MU. My sense is that they saw that the
Reptilians were about to take over MU and they chose to destroy the planet
rather than surrender it to the Reptilians.

A few years ago I had several vivid dreams about my last life on MU. I
have also had a couple of past life regressions to this same life and
learned more about it. I had been a scientist and we knew that this Dark
Star was going to collide with our planet. I had lived on the shore of one
of the oceans and huge tidal waves came ashore as this Dark Star approached
due to its gravitational effects. Since we knew of the impending disaster
well ahead of time, a group of explorers were sent into interstellar space
to find another planet that we could inhabit. They found a suitable planet
in the Sirius Star System, and many of us evacuated the planet. However,
most people refused to believe that this Dark Star would really destroy the
planet. Perhaps they believed that God would not allow it to be destroyed.
But the Dark Star did indeed collide with MU and it was destroyed. The
'Atlantean' Planet was not destroyed, but it was thrown into a different
orbit and it too had to be evacuated. Close to two billion people died in
that catastrophe. MU was indeed a beautiful planet, a paradise. I suspect
that this is where the legend of the 'Garden of Eden' originated, and the
belief system set in place that God punished us and threw us out of the
Garden of Eden. But once again this was all part of the plan, for the
Human and Reptilian races to spread out throughout this sector of our

My next 'Human' lives were on a planet I call Senayaga in the Sirius B
Star System. Again I had several lives there, and after a time of relative
peace, another war broke out. I believe that this war was a separate
conflict from the 'Orion Wars', but may have been a result of it, as I get
that it involved the Orion Reptilians, the Draco and the Anunnaki, and that
they were all fighting for control of this planet. I had been a military
commander and was involved in this war. This war also involved a planet in
our Solar System that many people know as Maldek or as I prefer to call it,
Malona. I ended up being injured and captured and was held prisoner on
Malona. I have gotten the message that the Sirians ended up losing that
war, and that the Anunnaki Reptilians took over Senayaga, and that planet
later became known as Nibiru.

I had several lives on Malona or Maldek and some of them were as
Reptilians again. Then one more time a major interplanetary war broke out.
This war was between the 'Lemurian' descendants from MU who had settled on
Malona, and the Atlantean descendents who had settled on Earth. The
Reptilians and the Sirius A Humanoids were also involved in this war. I
was was a male by the name of Gustav, and I was one of the Anasazi race of
mixed Humanoid and Reptilian genetics. This particular life was a very
important life for me, and I have been reminded of it many times through
past life regressions and past emotional 'memories'. I had left my native
people and had gone off to again study the sciences and was involved in a
battle in this war at the age of 18. Later, a close friend of mine had a
vision of the whole planet of Malona being blown apart, as a result of this
war. So once again we made our plans to evacuate and to come to Earth. We
had realized that Ashtar and the Sirians had planted crystals all over the
planet and had planned to set up some kind of energy grid or shield. Once
again, a Reptilian take-over of the planet appeared imminent, and the
Sirian Humanoids were attempting to make the planet uninhabitable for them.
Whether or not they truly intended to destroy the planet I do not know, but
I would like to think not. I had had considerable spiritual powers in that
life, and I believe that I had attempted to intervene in their plans to try
and save the planet. So I attempted to re-program these crystals to try
and deflect the energy back to the Sirian ships to destroy them, but was
not successful, and may have inadvertantly contributed to the problem.
Because when the Atlanteans and Sirians energized these crystals with some
kind of high energy beam, the energy was too strong and it destabilized the
planets energy grids and it was completely blown apart, and again a couple
billion people died in that explosion. The remnants of Malona or Maldek
formed what is now known as the Asteroid Belt.

But before Malona exploded, a group of us had evacuated and came to
Earth. I had met Elora at some point and she was part of our group. As
far as a time frame for these events goes, my sense is that Malona was
destroyed about 13,000 years ago. I was made aware of the fact that when
we left Malona to come to Earth we had done some time traveling. First we
went about 8500 years into the future to about 4500 years ago. We brought
several of the 'Anasazi' tribes with us and dropped them off at various
sites in North and South America. One of these sites was at Mesa Verde in
southwestern Colorado. Then we went through the Portal at the Great
Pyramid and went back in time to about 389,000 years ago. There was
another very important phase of our Mission that had to be accomplished.

According to Semjase of the Pleiadians, in her contacts with Billy Meier
in Switzerland in the mid-70's, the Lyrans had first come to Earth about 20
million years ago. Over time they had made many trips to Earth and had
attempted to establish many different colonies. Elora had been one of the
original Lyrans that first came here, and had many incarnations on Earth
over a long period of time. She knew that there had been a time when the
Anunnaki Reptilians came to Earth and began a series of human genetic
alterations that would have serious consequences for the future of the
entire Human race. So part of our Plan was to go back in time to 389,000
years ago, before those genetic experiments began so that we could try to
stop it, or at least prevent the effects from becoming irreversible. In a
later life, we were both involved in a Mission to accomplish that. To do
what had to be done required an 'inside' job, so I had to become one of the
Anunnaki Reptilians again. I incarnated as one of them and managed to
become one of the leaders of their team of geneticists. My sense is that
it was the Orions who were in charge of the whole operation. We knew that
we could not stop the experiment entirely. But my 'team' had determined a
critical point where we could convince the Orions that we had achieved
their objective, but yet stop the genetic alterations at a point where
there was still a possibility of a recovery for the Human race. I managed
to convince the Orions that we had indeed achieved their goal. Then Elora
and others of our team blew up the laboratory, destroying all the records
so that they could not know what we had done and were not able to continue
the experiment. Of course they figured out that I had been part of the
sabotage efforts and tortured me trying to get me to tell them what I had
done. But I never revealed my secret and was slowly tortured to death. I
guess whether or not we really stopped the experiment in time remains to be

So we each had many more incarnations here on Earth. But the life on
Malona as Gustav was a pivotal one for me. I have often gotten the message
that I have now come full circle, as this was the life where I first came
to Earth to begin the final phase of my Mission. Now we are at that
critical time for which we of the Council of Six had prepared for.
Everything that had happened was building up for the events that were about
to happen in our lives now. Elora and I have each realized how the many
things that have happened to us in our current lives have been leading us
down a certain path and have been slowly preparing us for what was to

Elora has been compelled to work on herself for her whole life. She has
done a great deal of exploration in the psychic and energy healing realms
and has developed some pretty strong clairvoyant abilities. This was all
necessary to prepare her to carry out the last part of her mission in her
work with me. She was faced with many challenges and had some very
traumatic and emotional experiences. She has also been dealing with some
chronic health problems. In fact, by the spring of 1997 she had reached a
point where she could no longer connect with a reason for being on the
planet. Then after a period of seeming inactivity, in late August of 1997
Elora responded to a message that I had been guided to post to one of the
email lists. After that, events began moving with blinding speed, probably
because we were behind schedule. Within a few days we began to remember
our joint history. Soon we became aware that needed to pool our energies
and talents in order to complete this mission together. During the first 6
months after our reunion, we had many profound experiences, also some very
painful experiences. But with the assistance of our Guides, we covered an
incredible amount of territory in a very short time, and did an incredible
amount of healing. We removed lots of curses and the corresponding etheric
implants we had placed on each other, as part of our Descension process.
Also, with lots of help from our Guides, the Archangels and other Light
Beings, some of the Pleiadians, and even Sansiruous, my Draco Sun God Self,
we removed many implants from both of us. I had close to a hundred etheric
implants from my various Reptilian lives and from the abductions in this
life. All of these energy blockages had to be removed and healed to
prepare us for some extremely important work.

Over the last several years I have had lots of chronic low back
problems, and I suffered from mercury and aluminum toxicity due to my
dental fillings. As a result I have had a lot of holistic healing work
done on me, both physical and energetic. With the help of my Spirit
Guides, I have done lots of meditative and energetic work on myself, slowly
clearing all my Chakras and Auric layers. But I soon discovered that this
was a dual edged sword, as I found myself being wide open to other people's
energies and to psychic attacks. A psychic I had consulted one time told
me that I should stop doing what I was doing because I could not be
protected. But this was the Path that my Guides and Higher Self were
leading me down, so I continued. Quite a bit later, and after lots of help
from several spiritual healers, I finally realized that as a result of the
many abductions I experienced as a young child, my Auric protective layer
was somehow ripped away. So my energy field is wide open and there are no
boundaries to it. Also, my 10th Chakra is like an interdimensional portal
that other Beings and Entities can seemingly access at will. This
condition leaves me wide open to psychic attacks from many different
Beings, both Reptilian and Humanoid, and I have been affected by Dark
Entities almost continually for the past 2 years or more. But this
condition also gives me the ability and the power to access and do energy
work on any portal or energy vortex on the Earth, just by my conscious
intent. I have come to realize that this is the same ability my Reptilian
'Sun God' Selves had. I had used those powers in those lives to help
facilitate the Descension into density. Now I was learning to use those
same powers to end the Descension and to help start the Ascension process.
This was my gift from the Creator, from Great Spirit, that has been both a
curse and a blessing, truly the Duality in action. The work that Elora and
I had been doing was all part of the process of learning to access and
develop those powers. Little did we know at that time what we were being
prepared for, and how those powers were to be used.

The first major event occurred in late September of 1997, shortly after
the Stargate opening at the Fall Equinox. We had done some important work
with a couple of our Past Selves, in particular our Warrior Aspects. One
day, I did a meditation where I called in the Female Warrior Aspect of
Elora, and one of my own Warrior Selves. I allowed both of their energies
to merge with my own. This was symbolic of Balancing the Male and the
Female Warrior energies. Then that night I was shown brief scenes from
several of my Draco lives. It was like everything was being shown to me in
'fast-forward' motion, one after the other, all connected in a string of
important events. It basically had to do with me leading the Draco to this
Solar System and to the Earth. I was shown some of the destruction that
resulted along that Path, including Maldek or Malona. But the message was
clear that this had all been part of the Plan, that many different races
had to be drawn here to the Earth for a 'showdown' of sorts. Of course the
intention of that showdown was to be able to restore the Balance between
the Humanoids and the Reptilians. As this was all being shown to me, I
heard a voice say, "Oh my God, Roger." Then the next morning, September
25th, I got the message that the Capellan Draco had finally realized that I
was Sansiruous, one of their Sun Gods, and had finally realized the truth
of this whole Plan. So it was they who had been tuned into me the night
before during my past life review. Because of what they had seen, they
told me that they would be willing to fight for me and our cause.

Then a little later I tapped into a major higher dimensional battle that
was taking place between a hostile group of Draco from Auriga and the
Taygettan Pleiadians and the Andromedans. I had sensed some ships being
blown up and many Beings being killed. When I asked about what was
happening, the Andromedans told me that the war with the Draco had begun.
I got the message that the Capellan Draco, whose Warriors were mostly
female, had decided to join the Pleiadians and the Andromedans in the fight
against members of their own race. Later I was told that the Draco had
suffered a major defeat, one of the first they had ever experienced, and
they had retreated. I got the message that it was the Capellans who had
turned the tides in this battle. So the realization by the Capellans the
night before that I was Sansiruous had been very important in the outcome
of this battle.

The next day, the 26th, Elora and I did some major healing work on me and
the issue that came up involved Sansiruous, one of my pivotal Draco
'Soluruous' Selves. We released and healed a lot of his hate and anger.
Then later that day, I was asked to escort the Spirits of the many Beings
who had died in that battle up to the higher Astral realms. I had done a
lot of this kind of Spirit 'Escort' service most of that year. When I
tuned into them, I realized that many of them were the Draco. Then when I
finished doing this, Sansiruous just took over me and made contact with the
leader of the hostile group of Draco. He knew that they were in a
vulnerable state after losing the battle, and he wanted to take advantage
of it to get a message through to them. He told their leader to let go of
his own rage and anger and to see the truth of the situation. The energy
that was released from this nearly blew me away, literally. I collapsed on
the floor and my Guides had to rush to my aid to clear my energy and bring
me out of it. Just a short while later, I got the message that this Draco
leader had approached the Andromedans and had offered to negotiate a peace
settlement. The previous June I had been given the message that part of my
Mission was to get the Draco to come to the Galactic Peace Conference that
was going on, and I thought "how in the world am I supposed to do that?"
So a major part of my Mission had been completed in a flash, literally,
without any prior planning, it just happened.

But the real climax of our work was still to come. In mid November of
'97, I was taken on another Astral journey where they showed me how I, as
one of the Draco High Command, had been involved in the conquest of the
Home World in the Andromeda Galaxy. There was a huge Pyramid on the
planet, that contained a huge interstellar and intergalactic portal or
Stargate. This was the Blue Crystal Portal that I had been shown earlier.
The Draco sent telepathic messages to someone on the planet who was in
charge of the operation of the Stargate. They had convinced this person
that they were 'God' or Angelic Light Beings coming to help the people of
the planet. They directed this person to open the Stargate to allow them
to come onto the planet. When the Stargate was opened their fleet of ships
swarmed through, overpowered the defenses of the planet, and took control.
They then used this portal to come here to the Milky Way Galaxy. So again
it had all been part of the Plan. But my Guides sent me a strong message
that now the same thing was about to happen again with the Great Pyramid
Stargate at Giza in Egypt. This Stargate was scheduled to be opened by a
group under the leadership of Chandara on December 20, and the Draco and
the other Reptilian races were preparing themselves for another major
assault on the Earth. They were planning to come through the Pyramid
Stargate to completely take control of the planet.

So for the next month, Elora and I ended up doing a lot more work with
Lucifer and the Draco, and also with the Aryan Sirians, who played a major
role in all that was going on at the time. As a result of this work we
were able to bring the Sirians and the Draco together to come to their own
peace agreement. Also one of the most important things that resulted from
all of our work, was that Lucifer finally made his Ascension. I had been
invited on an Astral journey to the Draco Home World for a celebration of
the new Peace agreement. They were acknowledging and honoring me for the
work I had done to make this possible. Lucifer presented me with a special
gift, a necklace with several small Blue Crystals and some kind of medalion
on it. Shandrasi had given it to Lucifer when she first met him in that
Council life. It was her promise to him that one day she would return to
bring him back out of the Darkness. Now he was returning it to me as that
promise had been fulfilled. Then I watched him shed his Dark Reptilian
skin and he transformed into a Golden Angelic Being. Archangel Michael
joined him and they looked like twins. Then I saw Michael lead him up a
Golden beam of Light back to the Higher Realms of Creation.

We were also Guided to do some clearing work on several major Earth
Portals, releasing and tranforming Dark Entities that were blocking the
flow of energy. We also had a couple of meditation sessions where we
connected to John Armitage, one of our Council members, as he too was to be
involved in this Pyramid Stargate work. All this preparation culminated in
our work on the Great Pyramid Stargate Portal a few hours after Chandara
opened it. We released many Dark Entities from the Portal and balanced its
energies. I had come to realize that I had been a portal operator at the
Great Pyramid in a life many thousands of years ago, when it was first
built. Elora and John had also been portal operators in that life. These
operators would 'tune' the frequency of the Portal to match the frequency
of the Beings wishing to access it to come through into this world. So we
called on those Other Selves and they showed us what to do to 're-tune' the
Stargate. We 'tuned' the frequency of the Portal to the frequency of
Unconditional Love and Pure Divine Consciousness. This would preclude any
hostile ET's, the Reptilians or the Sirians, from being able to access the
Great Pyramid Stargate, which is the most important of all the Earth's
Stargates. Detailed write-ups of all of this work and all of the
happenings from the September battle to our final Stargate work are
available on the following web site:

After the Pyramid Stargate work we turned our attention inward to
complete the healing on ourselves. Then in March of 1998, Elora and I did
a meditation where we called in all the Council members. I honored each
one for their role in this Mission and thanked them and sent them my Love.
Then I released them all from any further obligations and oaths that they
had taken. I stated that we had completed what we had come here to do and
I officially disbanded the Council. So we thought that our Mission was
really complete. However some events occurred a bit later as a result of
the Machu Picchu Stargate opening at the Spring Equinox that was to change
all of that.

There was some unexpected interference from some very 'Dark' Beings who
came through the Stargate that had just been opened at Machu Picchu. Elora
and I both experienced a pretty horrific psychic attack from these Beings.
So once we were able to clear their energies, we did a meditation where we
went looking for the source of this interference, as even our Guides did
not know what was going on. We were able to tune into their energy
signature and trace it back to its origins. Our journey led us to Alcyone,
and then out to the edge of the Galaxy. Then all of a sudden I could sense
my Astral body stopping. There was a strange totally Black object, sort of
like a cloaked ship. We started getting a nervous feeling and then all of
a sudden a very black horrific looking Being appeared to me from inside
this ship. It was a Reptilian-like Being, but one that I had never
encountered before. It gave us a pretty good scare, so we high-tailed it
out of there. Later we got the message that some of the High Priests of
the Alcyone Reptilians had opened a 'Wormhole' to a Parallel Universe and
allowed these very 'Dark' Beings to come through to this Universe. So that
event set the stage for some major interdimensional battles with these
Beings, that Jack would soon be involved in and has described in some of
his messages.

I had some difficult times with Dark Entities attacking me, and finally
in early May of '98, one of these Parallel Universe Beings attached itself
to me and just sort of took me over. I had called Shakura Rei
(, a spiritual/psychic healer who has done
much work with me and has helped me considerably, to have her remove it.
She called in Archangel Michael to remove it, but was told that it could
not be removed. So I lived with this Entity or Being attached to me for
over a week. I tried to work with this Being, trying to educate it about
human life. But it was slowly draining my energy and I was beginning to
weaken. One day I felt a major attack from these Beings and I just got
very angry and decided to blast them with every ounce of energy that I had
left. I had blasted a few of these Beings and had followed them back to
one of their ships and was going to blast the whole ship. But my Guides
told me to take it easy, and to back off, as I was about to get in over my
head. Then about an hour later, Elora called to tell me that Carol Hathor,
( who also does a lot of spiritual/psychic
healing work and Entity removal, had just called her. She said that my
Higher Self had come to her asking for her help in removing this Being that
was attached to me. I could feel the difference after its removal almost

I had been living in North Carolina temporarily, not far from Elora at
the time, but had been planning on returning home to Colorado at the end of
May. But Shakura had gotten the message from Archangel Michael that I
needed to leave right away. Michael had told her that that something would
happen on my way home, that they had a major surprise for these 'Dark'
Universe Beings, as I began to call them. But I could not be told what
would happen or when or where it would occur. I was told to just follow my
Guidance and my instincts, to do whatever occurred to me. So I packed up
and started my journey home. I was led to several major Earth portals
along the way that I cleared of Dark Entities and re-tuned their energies
to resonate with Divine Consciousness and Unconditional Love. One of these
was a major connecting point or hub for many different Earth portals and
ley lines. This site was fairly close to New Madrid, Missouri, the site of
the infamous 1812 earthquake. I had planned to stop and visit Jack
O'Brien, who lived in northwestern Arkansas, since I had gotten the message
that I needed to clear the portal on the mountain where he lived. I had
met Jack in the summer of '97 and had corresponded with him quite a bit
regarding some of his and my work. It was while I was at Jack's that the
'surprise' took place.

I had gotten the message that I needed to clear the portal there on a
particular day. It seemed strange that it would be that particular day, as
I follow the Mayan calendar and according to it, the following day was a
much better day energetically to be doing portal work. Well that morning I
had another attack from these 'Dark Universe' Beings, as they were trying
to prevent me from clearing this portal. I called Shakura to have her
clear me and asked her about doing the portal work that day, and she got
the message that I should do it the next day. Then later that afternoon a
major higher dimensional battle took place between the 'Light' Forces and
these 'Dark' Universe Beings. This battle is described in detail in the
message "Roger and Jack's Last Stand" on Jack O'Brien's web site: After the battle was over, Jack and I
both got the message that these Beings had been soundly defeated and had
retreated. Several days earlier, six of the Draco High Command that I had
worked with back in December had paid me a visit. They told me that they
would help fight to protect the Earth against these 'Dark Universe' Beings.
Well, I got the message that the Draco had indeed played a major role in
this battle, as they had fought side by side with the Taygettan Pleiadians
and the Andromedans. So I thanked them and honored them for being willing
to sacrifice themselves to help the Earth people. They had told me earlier
that Earth Humans were not exactly their favorite race, but they knew how
important this battle was for the future of the entire Galaxy. So all of
my work with them had truly paid off, and I was one step closer to seeing
my Mission come to its final completion.

So our path has not been an easy one. We started out together, and then
we separated. I went deep into the world of the Reptilians, and became one
of the Initiators of this Descension process as one of the 'Dark' Lords.
Elora went into the world of the Humanoids, and played a role in it as
well. In the recesses of her mind she would always remember the horrors of
the war with the Draco, the sacrifices she had to make and the Love that
she lost as a result. Our paths crossed many times, and with each
crossing, on some level we would recognize each other and be reminded of
what we had set out to do in that Council life. Elora always seemed to
have Love and Compassion for the Reptilian Being that I was, as she
remembered who I really was beneath that Reptilian skin. That helped me
remember that I had to make my way out of the Reptilian worlds and return
to the world of the Humanoids. Each time we were brought together we would
be reminded of our true Mission, which was to bridge the gap between the
Reptilians and the Humanoids, and slowly bring them back together to be
able to live in Peace and Harmony. We knew that someday we would be able
to finally put it all into perspective. Well that someday is NOW. Our
reconnecting triggered these memories and helped us remember what we had
set out to do so long ago, to remember our real purpose for being here now.


But to me, one of the most important things that came out of all this was
what we learned from all these experiences. The most important thing we
learned was what happens when you live totally from the Ego or Shadow side
of Consciousness, without connecting at all to the Higher Consciousness,
and without expressing any Love or compassion for any other Being, not even
yourself. We learned about the effects of standing in judgement of other
races, and of living in fear of them and hating them instead of honoring,
respecting and Loving them as our brothers and sisters, which they truly
are. We learned about sexual abuse and what happens when one sex tries to
dominate the other. We learned about the fear that this creates and just
how destructive this way of being really is. But the most important thing
that I began to realize is that it doesn't have to be that way. There is
another way, one of Peace and Harmony, of Love and Joy and Thrival for ALL
Beings, not just a few. I believe that our true mission here is to help
restore the balance between the Humanoids and the Reptilians, and between
the Males and Females of all races, to step out of Fear and into Love of
all Beings. This has certainly been my Mission anyway, and after all the
work of the Council of Six members, Jack and Sue and many others, we are
certainly much closer to that realization than at any other time in our
long history.

So it has been a long, difficult and most interesting journey, and we
have learned many lessons. It still continues to be difficult for Elora
and myself, as we are both continuing the seemingly never ending process of
healing all the wounds and emotional scars from all these experiences. But
we have had many wonderful experiences during our work together and we are
most grateful for those. Some of our Astral experiences together were
truly amazing, and the infinite Love and Divine Energies that we felt were
beyond description. We both feel very blessed to have connected with one
another and for having had the opportunity to do the work that we have done
to assist in the Ascension process of this planet. We have shared our
story with you in the hope that it will trigger your own remembrances of
the journey that you have taken through this Universe of Duality. We hope
that you too will remember your own Mission and purpose for being here at
this time. Perhaps you too came here to help restore the Balance, and to
help create a world of Peace and Harmony amongst all races, and one of Love
and Joy for ALL Beings, to help everyone remember the Divine Beings who we
all truly are.

Love and Peace,
Roger and Elora