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ET Ships Gone Bye Bye
Fri, 13 Nov 1998 22:05:15 -0700
Roger Kerr <>
Elora Gabriel <>




Hi Everyone,

Well, some more strange and incredible happenings today. Interesting
since it was Friday the 13th, and also 13 Lamat on Skywa Moon's Mayan Earth
Count Calendar, which just happened to be the last day of the Cib or
Warrior Energy Wave. All the more interesting since last Wednesday was
11/11 and also 11 Cimi on the Mayan Calendar, so 11-11-11. Cimi is 'World
Bridger' and 'Transformation', and I had some interesting experiences that
day, which seemed to set the stage for today. Anyway, last night for some
reason I was drawn to check out the following web site: in which Richard Hoagland
discussed the significance of the timing of some of NASA's manned space
launches, including the recent one where John Glenn returned to space. He
also talked about the SOHO satellite's mysterious black-out period.
Anyway, he related all of this to relative positions of the constellations
Orion, Taurus and also Sirius and also the Taurid meteor 'belt'. Then he
pointed out all of this related to the Egyptian legends of Osiris, Horus
and Set. He also talked about the space 'signal' that had been picked up
recently coming from the direction of Pegasus, and of course he figured
that it was coming from an ET ship. There were also references to the
Greys. He related all of this to the 'return' or 'Ascension' of Osiris.
Anyway it is a most fascinating web site, one that I would highly recommend.

So I am pondering all of this in light of all the recent events and the
psychic attacks I have been experiencing from the Orion Reptilians. The
first thing I realized is that Set was symbolic of the Orion Reptilians,
and of course Osiris would be related to the Sirius A Group, the Aryans.
Hoagland talked about how Taurus represented Set, the Dark Side, and how
the Taurid meteor belt that we have now entered gets its name because it
comes from the direction of Taurus. Earlier I had the sense that the Orion
Reptilians were on their way here. Jack O'Brien and myself have done some
work to turn them away, but I wasn't convinced that all of them had been
turned back, and had the sense that one of their ships could be 'cloaked'
so no one would 'see' it. But I could sense it was there. So when he
mentioned the possibility of this signal coming from a ship, at first I
thought it was the Reptilians. But he said that signal came from Pegasus,
which is symbolic of a horse with wings, and is related to the return of
Osiris. So this had me confused. But he also talked about the connections
of the Masonic order and NASA. Well I have read that the Masons are also
connected to the New World Order, or the Ayran domination of the world. So
then it finally hit me, that there are not one, but two ET ships. The one
from Pegasus was the Sirians, along with some Greys. I know not many
people would agree with me, but a year ago I got the information, and it
came through again, that the Greys are actually connected with the Aryan
Sirians and not the other Reptilian races. It's like they are a
Sirian-Reptilian Hybrid race, who are under the control of the Sirians.
Believe it or not, but that is what I get. So I tuned into that ship and I
did sense both Aryan Sirians and Greys on it. The other ship is the Orion
Reptilians and is hiding inside the Taurid meteor 'belt'. So I tuned into
them as well, and could sort of see them as well.

So from this I am thinking that they are both coming here to establish
their own control and dominance over the Earth. For whatever reason,
unlike most people, I have never trusted the Sirians, and have always
sensed a hidden agenda with them. Then I thought about the Stargate that
is to be opened on Dec. 20th. This Stargate is referred to as the
Jerusalem Stargate, but when I tuned into it a week ago, I realized that it
is actually at ARMAGEDDON. So then it hit me that the real 'Battle of
Armageddon' would not be fought down here on the physical Earth, but in the
4th dimension, and it would be between the Sirians and the Orion
Reptilians, the 'Light' versus the 'Dark'. So now I am thinking that
somehow we have to turn both of these ships around, or literally, all hell
could break loose here on Earth.

Then this morning I woke up feeling totally shut down and disoriented,
and smudged myself and then started my clearing meditation. I could
faintly hear my Guide telling me to clear my Chakras starting at the 14th
level, so I did. After I cleared the 9th, I mentally went to the Great
Pyramid, and then my Guide took me to the Andromeda Galaxy and to what I
call the Home World and the Large Pyramid there. I was taken into a
chamber directly below the Blue Crystal Portal. I connected to the Blue
Crystal and just allowed the energy to flow through me, and it totally
cleared out the rest of my Chakras. I also had the sense that I was
receiving some 'programming' for what I was to do in the near future. When
I got back to the room, the thought occurred to me that Elora needed to go
out to the Portal near where she lives, and we needed to do some work
today. So I called her and we arranged a time so that I could tune into
her. So I prepared the portal in my home, laying out my crystals and
stones that I always use in these type of ceremonies, and cleared myself
once again. I had no idea of what we were to do or what to expect.

So at the appointed time, I tuned in and my Guide once again took me to
that chamber in Andromeda, beneath the Blue Crystal. I allowed the energy
to flow into me, and then I connected to Elora, and we merged our Energies.
It was like I was at three places at once. I was sitting here in my chair
and part of me was in Andromeda and part of me was there with Elora. The
advantages of being an open portal I guess. Then I could feel the Energy
from the Blue Crystal flowing through me to Elora and down into the Portal
where she was at. It was like I followed the energy and I was there with
her. I could feel some negative energy being cleared and then the beam of
Energy went down into the center of the Earth and filled the Star
Tetrahedron that I had seen formed there a couple of weeks ago. Then I
went down into the center of the Earth's Tetrahedron, and could sense it
being filled with Blue Light. Once it was completely charged, I thought
about the Great Pyramid Stargate, and I sensed a beam of this Blue Light
going up from the center of the Earth to the Portal Crystal in the Pyramid.
Then I followed it up and came into the Portal Chamber. I told Elora that
she needed to join me there and she did. I had the sense that we needed to
realign the Stargate.

We allowed the Portal Crystal to be completely charged with the Blue
Light, then we each followed the same procedure as we had done last
December. As we realigned the Stargate, I had the sense that we were going
to be sending this Energy out to those two ET ships, and I was right. Once
it was pointed in the right direction, my Guide told me that she would
count down from 3 and then I was to push a red button on the panel in front
of me. So I did and felt a surge of Energy going out and sensed it was
directed at the Sirian ship. I could sense their panic and fear and felt
some large energy releases. Then the ship just disappeared. I asked about
it and got that it had been sent to another space and time. Then I was
told to mentally tune into the Reptilian ship since it was cloaked and they
could not lock onto it. So I did, and then I realigned the Stargate
accordingly. This time I was told to push a blue button at the count of 3,
so I did. I felt another surge of Energy and sensed the panic and fear of
the Reptilians, and then their ship too disappeared. Gone to another space
and time.

Then we were directed to realign the Stargate one more time. This time I
had the sense that we were pointing it at the Sun and the Wormhole within
it. When the alignment was complete, I was told that Elora and I were each
to press a white button in the center of our panels at the same time, again
at the count of 3. There was another surge of energy, but this time there
was no negative reaction, only a sensation of Light and powerful Energy
flow, and my whole body tingled. Later Elora told me that she felt a
strong swirl of Energy around the Portal at that time. I did not have any
sense as to what the effect of this was. I was then told that we were
done, that the Stargate would be left in this position. So what happens
next? Who knows? But anyway the ET ships are Gone, Bye, Bye to
Never-never-land. After we were finished with the Stargate, I was taken
back to Andromeda, and I was allowed to look through the Blue Crystal and
it was like a clear crystal ball and I could see the Sirians. They were
totally confused and trying to figure out where they were and what the hell
had just happened. So one more setback for ET's with their own agendas for
the Earth. I did have the sense that the Earth may have experienced
another shift in timelines, but I am not sure about that. I am getting
that the pending 'Battle of Armageddon' may have been defused, but it is
not totally certain yet. I think all that can really be said at this time
is that the future probabilities just shifted in our favor.

Love and Peace,
Roger and Elora

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Wed, 11 Nov 1998 22:55:17 -0500
Elora Gabriel <>
Tides of Life




Feedback anyone?


Re: Roger
Wed, 11 Nov 1998 23:34:29 -0400



Dear Elora
Lovely to talk with you. Two things for you. First while in ceremony Sat.
night I checked out what seemed to be the ship we talked about and it
appears to me that it is back on coarse. What coarse at this time I don't
know and hope to do some more work on the situation. I was also asked while
in ceremony late monday night to be a witness to a great catastrophy in the
cosmos. After feeling enormous grief and pain I was made aware of a
disaster of a planet that was obliterated with huge loss of human life.
Total loss, as if the whole planet was blown away as in a great wind. As
many friends over the weekend felt sad, depressed, feelings of grief and
loss I believe my awareness to be correct. I'd be interested in any other
information. Regards to Dan and best wishes for you.
Owen James

Thu, 05 Nov 1998 12:41:33 -0500
Elora Gabriel <>
Tides of Life




Hi Dan,

This is exciting. . .

Now. Dale says (Mac says):

>He said it was more of a moon
size... like Phobos????

That resonates with how I've always thought about Nibiru. AND, you know
that Kent Steadman

has been saying that some type of (radio?) signal has been received from
an object that he describes as an "oncoming behemoth". Quite a little
furor around this in some circles. Could this have been a signal from
the Nibiruan ship? If anyone has the time, please keep checking his
page and see whether these mysterious signals turn out to have
mysteriously disappeared.



Turning Point for Earth
Sat, 31 Oct 1998 02:15:08 -0700
Roger Kerr <>
Sue Potter <>
Bob Love <>, Bob Schlein <>,
Carol Hathor <>, Claire Watson <>,
Dan Winter <>, Elora Gabriel <>,
"Jack O'Brien" <>, John Armitage/Mahatma <>,
Karen Langdon <>, Mark Fisher <>,
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Shakura Rei <>, Toraya Ayres <>, WU e-mail group:;,
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Dale Mullins <>, Linda Holt <>, Marita Graves <>,
Marjorie Bair <>, Laurie <>




Hi Everyone,

Over the last several days, some major events have transpired on the
Higher Planes which culminated on Sunday, October 25 with a major shift in
the Earth's timeline. Jack O'Brien and myself worked together and were
Guided through some important steps that lead up to the events of Sunday.
On October 21st I had done a meditation where I asked for Guidance to know
my Soul's desires for the next phase of my Path. A short while later I
found myself being prepared for another major interdimensional battle with
the Beings from what I call the Dark Universe. This is a parallel Universe
where the Reptilian Beings and others of the 'Dark' Consciousness reign
supreme. Last September I had gotten the message that I had completed my
Mission here, so it seems that was a bit premature.

Over the last couple of weeks many Beings from the Dark Universe had been
coming to me to be escorted to another Star System with one or more planets
somewhere in our Galaxy that has been especially prepared for these and
other Reptilian Beings. I do not know where it is located, but it is a
place where they will be able to evolve their own Consciousness and learn
to live in Peace and Harmony. I have been working with a Being known as
the 'Galaxy Being' who is a very high level Being that basically contains
the Collective Consciousness of the entire Milky Way Galaxy. I ask the
Galaxy Being to send them the gift of Unconditional Love and the Spark of
Divine Awareness, then transport them to their new home.

So the next morning, the 22nd, the battle began. I had been given my
Light Sword back and used it to reflect all their negative energies back at
them. I allowed the energy of Source to come through me and asked that the
Divine Will be done. As a consequence many of these Beings were destroyed.
After the first battle, the hostile Dark Beings came to tell me that if I
didn't stop helping these other Beings they would launch an all out attack
against me. So I was advised by my associates to stop this 'service', at
least temporarily .

Later that day Jack relayed a message to me, giving me some important
information concerning the events that were developing. It turns out that
both Jack and I have Higher Aspects who are members of a Galactic High
Council of 12, which was where the message he received had come from. The
most important part of the message was that there was a problem with some
'water pipes', and it had something to do with me. I realized that 'water'
was symbolic of Consciousness, and 'pipes' were conduits. So I interpreted
this to mean 'conduits' to a particular Earth Portal, the name of which
Jack had also mentioned. I have particularly strong connections to this
Portal and there is a portal in my home that is connected to it. I asked
Jack to confirm this, and he did. So I knew that something had to be done
concerning this Portal, and I suspected that the Dark Beings had somehow
tapped into it.

The next day I received an email that contained a recent message from
Alex Collier. In that message the Andromedans had said that the Anunnaki,
one of the Reptilian races, were on their way to Earth in their ship
'Niburu' to restake their claim to the Earth. Since I have some rather
high level connections to the Anunnaki, I made mental contact with the
Commander of their ship and asked him if he knew who I was. He said he
did, so I talked with him and tried to convince him to turn their ship
around. He said they would take my message under advisement. I had the
sense that it was very important that the Anunnaki be turned back, and
mentioned this to Jack.

On Saturday the 24th, I had been feeling lots of negative energy all day,
and that night felt the presence of the hostile Dark Beings again. So I
sat in my portal and connected to the Great Pyramid and then to the Blue
Crystal Portal in the Andromeda Galaxy, which is a connecting point to
Source for me. I connected to Source and asked that these Beings be
cleared out, and that the Divine Will be done. They were removed and my
thoughts shifted to the 'conduit' between the Wormhole to the Dark Universe
and the one here which exists within our Sun, and happens to be called
'Deep Space Nine'. This 'conduit' had been formed in a ceremony performed
on the Solstice last June. I realized that this was one of the 'conduits'
that Jack's message was referring to. So I spiraled the Divine Energy into
this 'conduit' to clear it out. Then I was directed to send this Energy
into the Wormhole itself. So I asked permission from the Wormhole
Guardians and sensed this Divine Energy filling the Wormhole. Next I
spiraled the Divine Energy into the particular Earth Portal that I had
connections to and cleared it and all of its 'conduits' as well.

Then just before going to sleep I focused on the Core of my Being and
breathed in the Divine Energy several times. All night as I was sleeping I
had the sense of Light and Energy flowing all around me and through me.
But yet when I woke up on Sunday morning, the 25th, my ears were ringing
very loudly, which is always a sign to me that there are Dark Beings
present, and I sensed it was the Anunnaki. So I did a short clearing
meditation and asked to be taken to the Great Pyramid again and made my
connection to Source. Then, since the Anunnaki were already connected to
me, I merely focused on their ship, 'Niburu'. I asked that the Divine Will
be done, and just allowed the Divine Energy to flow through me into their
ship. I sensed that their computers and navigational equipment were
malfunctioning. Then all of a sudden the ship just disappeared, it was
gone. I sensed that it may have gone into some kind of time warp. I
called on the Andromedans and asked if they could confirm this. They told
me the ship had indeed vanished, but did not know why.

Then when I got up and checked my email, there was a message from Jack
telling me he had contacted the Anunnaki ship and had used his own power
and Divine connections to stop the ship. He had sensed 'a lot of things
coming loose inside the ship'. He said he asked All That Is to send them
the gift of Unconditional Love, and that they had received it. Then he
sensed that the ship was leaving. When he got my message he tuned in and
realized that indeed they had gone into some kind of time warp. Apparently
with both of us working on them at nearly the same time, it was sort of a
double whammy. The amazing thing is that neither of us knew that the other
one was doing anything. So he asked All That Is if he could, and should
bring them back to this reality. He got a yes and was able to bring them
out of the time warp. He said that they were pretty shook up, but were
insistent on continuing on to Earth. He said he got the message that they
would no longer be allowed to come to Earth for any reason. So he told
them they had to turn around. When they refused, he used his powers to
begin heating up their ship. When they realized what he was doing they
panicked and agreed to reverse course. The drive on their ship had been
damaged, so the Galaxy Being was called in to escort them to their new home
with the other Reptilian Beings.

Meanwhile, right after I had seen the Anunnaki ship disappear, I was told
to connect to the Dark Universe Wormhole. I did and sensed a huge wave of
Divine Energy entering the Dark Universe. Then I sensed I was to do one
more thing. So I just allowed the Energy to come through and asked that
the Divine Will be done again. I sensed a beam of energy going down into
the Earth. I wasn't sure what the significance of this was, but last
December when Elora and I were doing our Great Pyramid Stargate work, I had
gotten the message that when the time was right that the Earth would
receive a signal from Source that would tell her when to proceed with her
Ascension. I had the sense that this might be that signal. Then I got the
message that Anunnaki were definitely not going to be returning to Earth,
and that the whole planet had just shifted onto a new timeline. I also got
that the Earth's Ascension was definitely back on track, and may begin very

The rest of that day and all day Monday, swarms of Dark Beings came to me
to be escorted to their new home, and the Galaxy Being was busy shuttling
back and forth. I got that nearly 4 million of them had been transported
on those two days alone. Then late Monday night, another large group
showed up, only they had not come for help. I sensed that they were
hostile and instinctively prepared myself for an attack. I asked to be
taken to the Great Pyramid and to be connected to the Blue Crystal Portal
and to Source. I also called in the two Beings who had agreed to help me
in all of this, and who prefer to remain anonymous. Well, the attack soon
began. I had taken out my Light Sword and asked that it be fully charged.
I warned all of them that I had the power to destroy them, and asked them
to leave peacefully. But they declined, and some of them attacked. So, I
reflected all their negative energies back at them. The other two Beings
protected my back side. I sensed that most of them had been killed. Then
I sensed another wave was about to attack, so I asked that the Divine Will
Be Done to serve the Highest Good, and just allowed the Divine Energy to
flow through me. I placed a 'force field of Light' around me and charged
the Light Sword to reflect all of their energies back at them. So this
wave of attackers was also destroyed. Then another wave came at me, then
another. I kept allowing the Divine Power to work through me. Finally
after the 5th wave, I was losing energy and called on Archangel Michael and
Jack's Guardian Angel and asked that the Warrior Angels assist me. They
showed up and the 6th wave was also destroyed.

After this attack, I heard a voice ask me to connect to the 'conduit' to
the Dark Universe Wormhole, so I did. I felt a wave of Energy going into
that conduit clearing it out once again. They asked me to connect to the
Wormhole, so I asked permission from the Guardians and then made the
connections. I felt more Energy going into the Wormhole, and then got the
message that the Wormhole had been closed and sealed on this end, so that
no more Dark Beings could come through. I also got the message that all
rips or tears between our two Universes had all been mended and sealed.
Then things got pretty quiet. I got that this Dark Universe Wormhole will
remain closed until most Beings of our Galaxy and Universe have made their
Ascension. I asked how many of these Dark Universe Beings had been killed,
and got about 125,000. I asked that their Souls be guided into the Light
and returned to Source. And yes Virginia, they did have Souls. I had
tears running down my face as I thought about all those who had died so

I then realized that when the Divine Energy was sent into the Dark
Universe Sunday morning, a message had been sent that the Wormhole was
going to be closed, and any Beings who desired to have an opportunity to
continue their evolution and to eventually make their own Ascension into
the future Universe, should leave there at once, and ask to be taken to
their new home. So that would explain the huge influx of Beings coming
here for assistance. The next three days the Galaxy Being was running a
continuous escort service, so all total I would say that about 7.5 million
of them have now been transported to their new home. Many of them were
thanking me for helping them, and they are all very grateful for this
opportunity and are looking forward to their new lives. Some of them had
been in the battle Monday night, and apologized for the attacks on me.
They were also sorry that many of their comrades had decided not to join
them. I really felt a lot of compassion for them and told them to 'live
long and prosper'.

Finally, on Wednesday morning, the 28th, I did a meditation where I
connected some key Earth Portals and they formed a Double Star Tetrahedron.
Then I saw the Soul of the Earth moving into this Tetrahedron. I was
directed to connect to the Sun and it was like the Earth and the Sun joined
together as Mother and Father. Next I connected to the 'Deep Space Nine'
Wormhole that resides within the Sun, and it opened. I saw several Beings
come through and took the Earth's Soul and this Star Tetrahedron through
the Wormhole and it integrated into the 5D Earth on the Other Side,
connecting with all the portals that had been formed there during my
Stargate work back in September at the Equinox. The sense I had was that
the Earth's Soul had now incarnated into her 5D body. I was not given any
specific time frame, but sensed that the Ascension was not far off.

Love and Peace,
Roger and Jack

Attached Messages: 15-17
Mon, 2 Nov 1998 16:29:12 -0700
Roger Kerr <>
Dale Mullins <>
Dan Winter <>




HI Dale,

These messages concern events between the Equinox and May of '98, and
involve the Reptilian Beings from Alcyone and the Dark Universe.

Recent Dark Energies and Psychic Attacks, Mar. 26, '98

Greetings Everyone,

I have some news that is rather sobering to say the least. On Sunday
night, March 22, just after the Equinox, I experienced a very strong
pyschic attack. All the next day I was being bombarded by this real heavy,
Dark negative energy. At first I wasn't sure what was going on, then I
realized that there had been another Stargate opening on the Equinox. So I
went to the ELM web site and sure enough, they had opened the Stargate at
Machu Picchu. I got a reading that there were some Reptilian Beings from
Alycone of the Pleiades, or at least their energies, who had come through
this Stargate. I know that most people believe that the Alcyone Pleiadians
are wonderful Beings of the Light. I am sure that there are many Light
Beings from Alcyone, but I know that there are also these very Dark
Reptilian Beings from there also. These Beings are very mean and nasty,
possibly the worst that I have yet encountered, and I have dealt with the
Draco, the Anunnaki, the Zeta's, the Greys, and the Sirian and Orion
Reptilians. Both Elora and myself have been seriously affected by these
energies. Then, I began hearing reports that many other people were
experiencing similar negative psychic attacks. So this is very real

I will describe my own experiences with these Beings and these Dark
Energies, and some things Elora and I have done about it. So please bear
with me. On Monday night, Elora and I were getting ready to do a
meditation and we started clearing our Chakras in preparation. All of a
sudden both of were being attacked by these Beings. Elora could see one,
and said that it was very black and had fangs. We managed to fend it off,
and then connected to our Guides, and called in the Archangels and several
other Beings to assist us. We all linked together and sent a blast of
Light and Love out to these Beings to send them a message that we were not
going to submit to their fear tactics. Well, to make a long story short,
we got their attention. One of them came forward and wanted to negotiate.
He told us, yes, they were from Alcyone. They were aware of what we had
done with the Great Pyramid Stargate, and were trying to figure out how to
reverse it, because they felt that it threatened their future existence.
Also they had been observing what was going on here on Earth with the
Ascension process, and they wanted stop it. So they had come through the
Machu Picchu Stargate enmasse. Well, I told them that the Pyramid Stargate
could no longer be changed, only by God/Goddess and the Divine Oneness.
Elora and I conversed with this Being, and worked with him to show him the
Light within himself and pledged to help him more in the future. So he
finally left and we felt pretty encouraged about the whole situation.

Ever since the Stargate opening, Elora's and my 8th Dimensional Spirit
Guides had been gone most of the time, trying to figure out what was going
on. Occasionally they would check in with us. Tuesday morning, Pi (my
Guide) showed up with some very disturbing news. She expressed some
serious concerns about the future of this planet. She said that we have
been dealt a serious setback in our Ascension plans. These Dark Energies
are very strong and are keeping anyone from Ascending right now. They did
not understand why this was happening or where all this Dark Energy was
coming from. She said that there was more Dark Energy on Earth now, than
there was before the Stargate opened. She said that this should not be
happening, and they did not understand it, and were worried about our
future. This was extremely unusual for Pi, I had never heard anything but
positive, uplifting words from her before. So indeed this was very

Before I go on, I want to make sure that everyone knows that I do not
place any blame for all of this on Chandara and her group. They are doing
what Spirit has guided them to do, and I honor them for that. But
something has happened that was totally unexpected. Even Pi has told me
that this should not be happening. For any of you who are connected with
Chandara, you might ask her to consider delaying any further work with
other Stargates until this is all resolved. Pi said that they have noticed
that over the past year, that each time a Stargate was opened that a lot of
Light Energy would come through, but that then the Dark Energy that
followed would be stronger than the Light Energy. Up until now we have
been able to deal with these Dark Energies and have been able to transmute
them. This was the Plan, the intention of these Stargates, to allow us to
integrate the Light and the Dark Energies. But this time the Dark Energy
was so overpowering that it actually affected the entire planet. They were
baffled by it. I know that Chandara's work is important, but what is
happening now is very serious. We may need to reconsider the impacts this
is having. I only ask that everyone tune into their hearts and their
Guidance, and you will know what to do.

So, on Tuesday night, Elora and I did another meditation. Elora had the
thought that maybe this Dark Energy was coming from outside of this
Universe, that maybe there was a rift somewhere where this Energy was
bleeding through. We wondered if it were possible for us to go out and see
where this rift was. So we tried an experiment. We linked our energies
and our Astral Bodies together. My Astral Body, for some reason, has been
programmed to search out many different Dark Beings for me to integrate
with. So I asked my Astral Body to go out searching for anything unusual.
So we headed out to Alcyone, and soon discovered that Alcyone was not the
source of this unusual Dark Energy. But we sensed that the Reptilians
there were being affected by it. Elora picked up an odor, an energy
signature, so I had my Astral Body follow it. It did not lead to another
Star system, but out to the edge of our Galaxy. Then all of a sudden I
sensed that my Astral Body had stopped, it saw something very unusual. It
was an impenetrable black object, like a 'cloaked' ship of some kind. I
felt a wave of fear come over me, so we were a little leary and backed off
a bit and asked for additional protection. We were unsure of what to make
of it. Then all of a sudden I saw this horrendous looking solid black
Being, with huge fangs, sort of like in the movie 'Alien', or in the Star
Trek Voyager episode about the 'Northwest Passage, where these Reptilian
Beings were destroying the Borg ships. Very similar. Well,that scared the
hell out of me, and we beat a hasty retreat back home. We could feel that
it had attached to us, and we immediately began clearing our Chakras and
Auric layers. I could see this very Dark energy cord attached to my 4th
Chakra, and called in Archangel Michael and God/Goddess to sever this cord,
and clear all the residual energies. This energy was very Dark, some of
the worst I have ever felt. This was all pretty scary, but we managed to
clear ourselves. So I don't know if we were very brave to go looking for
it, or just very stupid. But anyway, we found the source of this energy,
and yes, it had originated outside of this Universe. It was like it came
from a parallel Universe of Pure Dark Energy. I know that there is
parallel Universe of Light Energy, so it makes sense that there would be
one of Dark Energy. Anyway, our Guides thanked us, because now they had
something to go on, and the next morning Pi came to me and told me that
they had a handle on it now, and were formulating a plan to combat it.

Yesterday, at the request of Pi, I went out to a nearby Earth portal, and
did a ceremony where I called in all the Spirits and Beings that I could
think of. I called in God/Goddess, all of the Archangels, Lucifer and all
of my Draco and other Reptilian Selves, also several members of our Council
of Six. First we all sent Love down into the Center of the Earth, then our
Council members went with me down into the Center of the Earth to form a
Star Tetrahedron, while the Archangels formed a Star Tetrahedron
surrounding the Earth. We filled our Tetrahedrons with Unconditional Love,
and I asked that all of this Dark energy be released from the Earth, and
sent it through the Blue Crystal back to God/Goddess and to Source. Then I
asked that the Collective Sub-Conscious also be cleared of this Dark Energy
and sent it back to Source. Then we all held the Energy of Unconditional
Love, and perfectly Balanced Light and Dark Energies. We allowed it to
build up and then I focused it on Alcyone. I could see a very Dark Energy
beam, like a huge tentacle, coming from there. But as our energy went out,
I could see it retreating. Then when our energy beam reached Alcyone, I
could see it just Light up. I also sent out a message with this that we of
the Earth would not submit to these Dark energy forms, that we were every
bit as powerful as they were, and that we would hold our Light Energies,
and not be intimidated by them. I could sense that all the Reptilian
Beings there could feel it, and were a bit humbled by it. It was like it
ignited the spark of Divine Light within them. I did not send this out to
that Dark 'ship', as I was guided not to, just to clear the Alcyone planets
and Beings of this Alien Energy. Then I called in some Angelic Beings and
kept focusing their Love on Alycone. When I was done with the ceremony
there was an incredible peace and calm present, unlike anything I have ever
experienced. So I would guess that my message got through. Pi was
uncertain as to the overall affect this had, but could see that the
probabilities were shifting back to our favor. Of course, a couple of
hours later I felt some more very strong energy attacks. I guess they got
my message and were retaliating. So I had to clear once more.

Finally, last night a friend of ours came to visit and we did some more
work. We got the message that the Christ Consciousness Grid was really
weakened by all this Dark Energy that came through the Machu Picchu
Stargate. Because it had been weakened it could no longer hold out all of
the Dark Energies. So we joined together and sent a blast of Love and
Light to recharge it. Again, Pi told me that we had a very positive
affect. But the fact is that there is still more Dark Energy on this
planet now, than there was before the Stargate opening. We all really
need to focus our Love and Light Energies on the Earth and all of humanity
now, to Balance this Dark Energy. Also, focus on sending Love and Light to
the Christ Consciousness Grid. The more the better. We all have the power
within us to Balance these Dark Energies with Love and Light. If we let
the Fear overcome us, they will win the war. But if we band together and
stay focused on Love, and find our True Power, then no Dark Being in any
Universe can stop us. But we all have to work together on this! We DO
have the Power to get things back on track. We only have to KNOW that the
Power is Within us, and then get off our butts and USE IT! Maybe this is
only a test, but it's the most serious test we have yet faced.

Thank you all for listening, and thank you for all your Love and support.
I know that we can do this. Please share this with all your friends, the
more support we can get the better. Thank you.

Love and Peace,

Ceremony to Balance Dark Energies, Mar. 28, '98

Hi Everyone,

Thursday night the Dark Energies were real strong for me, and part of me
just wanted to give up. But Friday morning I went through a long clearing
meditation, and then I read the messages of support that so many of you
sent me. I thank all of you for sharing your viewpoints, I found them all
to be very encouraging and some were quite uplifting. Thank you.

Friday afternoon, Elora and I were guided to go out to the portal near
here to perform a Ceremony. When we got there we were greeted by the
Taygettan Pleiadians, and many other Beings. As we approached the portal
to begin the ceremony, the Alcyone Reptilians and these Dark Alien Beings
came forward. I asked them who they were and where they had come from, and
how they got here. They had indeed come from a parallel Dark Universe, and
said they came in through a 'worm-hole'. It turns out that some of the
Alcyone Reptilian High Priests had felt threatened by all the Light they
saw coming onto Earth, and had called in these Dark Beings from this other
Universe. We asked them why they had come, and what they wanted. They
told Elora that there was a sweet substance, or energy here that did not
exist in their Universe, and they wanted it. They saw this energy in human
hearts and wanted to devour it, to devour our hearts. That sweet
substance was Love. They said that there was no Love in their Universe. I
explained to them that as this was a Free Will Universe, that they could
not just come in and take what they wanted. That Beings here were free to
give their Love to whomever they chose, but it could not just be taken, it
could not be consumed. They said that theirs was not a Free Will Universe,
it was one of survival of the strongest and most powerful, and you just
took what you needed from others. Since this Love energy did not exist
there, they wanted to come in and take over this Universe, so that they
could have it. Perhaps they had observed the power of Love, and thought
they could just consume it to achieve greater power. We told them that we
would share our Love and Light with them, but that they could not take it
from us. They could destroy our bodies, but could never capture our Souls.
I told them that if they would allow it that we would send them some Love
and Light in our Ceremony. They said that they would.

Then we began the Ceremony, and we asked that the Higher Selves of the
members of our Council of Six join us. We also called in the Devas, Nature
Spirits and Animal Spirits, all of our Spirit Guides, the Anasazi Elders
and Asket, Arunzhia and God/Goddess of the DAL Universe, many Angelic
Beings, Michael and his Archangels, Lucifer and a few other Beings. Then I
asked if any other Beings wished to join us in Peace and Love, and Sananda,
Ashtar, Athena and Mother Mary joined us. Then I laid out 12 quartz
crystals (6 masculine and 6 feminine) around the center of the portal, and
asked permission to enter.

At first we just connected to the Energies of the portal, and to each
other. We of the Council of Six formed a Star Tetrhedron, and I asked
Lucifer, Michael and two Anasazi to join us. The rest of the Archangels
formed a Star Tetrahedron surrounding the Earth. We sent the Earth our
Love and our 'Star' group went down through the portal to the Center of the
Earth. We filled our Tetrahedron with Unconditional Love, and perfectly
Balanced Light and Dark,and Male and Female Energies, and the Archangels
did the same. I asked these Dark Alien and Alcyone Beings surrounding the
portal, if they would be willing to receive our Love. They said yes, so we
sent it out to them. Elora could see them change and become lighter. Then
we recharged our 'Star', and I focused the Love and Energy on Alcyone and
all Beings of that star system. We just let the energy flow for a bit.
Then I asked the Alien Beings in the black ship if they would be willing to
receive this Love and Energy. They said they would, so we filled our
'Star' with Love and Compassion, and the Balanced Energy. I told them that
all Beings in all of Creation had a spark of Divine Light within them, and
that they were no exception. I told them to just open their hearts as best
they could and just allow this Energy to integrate into the Core of their
Beings, so that this Spark would grow into a flame. Then we blew it out to
them very gently, so they would not feel threatened. Again we could feel
the energy as it flowed outward, and Elora could see that the ship and the
Beings became less Dark, and more Grayish. Then I disconnected from
Alcyone, and their ship, and our group returned to the surface.

Next we were Guided to connect to the Blue Crystal in the portal to the
DAL Universe (a parallel Universe of Light). I asked Asket and Arunzhia to
join me at the center of our Star Tetrahedron, and we linked the portals
together. Then I asked permission from God/Goddess to open the Blue
Crystal portal. It was granted and I opened the portal and I could feel a
tremendous flow of Light Energy and sensed many Light Beings coming through
the portal. The Energy was really strong, and both of us could feel our
feet really tingling, like they had 'gone to sleep'. These Beings were
coming into our Universe to bring in enough Light Energy to restore the
Balance of Light and Dark Energies here. Then I closed the portal, and
thanked God/Goddess and the Great Spirit for this wonderful Blessing and
for answering our prayers. Elora could see two of these Beings, a male and
a female, standing next to us. They said that they wished to merge with
us, to provide us with some protection. We did, and just allowed the energy
to flow for a while. We thanked them all for coming to assist the people
of Earth and all Beings of our Universe. Later, we got that 525,000 Light
Beings had come through into this Universe, about 150,000 here on Earth.
That ought to even up the odds a bit.

Next we turned out attention on the portal and Stargate at Machu Picchu.
I talked to the Reptilians and Dark Beings and asked that they return to
Alcyone and their ship. I told them that I would continue to send them
Love and Light. After some assurances, they all agreed to leave, and I
could sense them going back through the Stargate. There was quite a number
of them. Then our Council group went down to the Center of the Earth and
out to Machu Picchu. Elora could see that the energy in the portal was
very unstable, and I sensed a lot of Dark Energy. So we released all the
Dark Energies up to the Blue Crystal. There were also many Dark Entities in
the portal. So I honored them for playing the role that they did. Then I
asked them to release the Dark Energy that they were attached to, and to
return to a state of Pure Consciousness, and to return to Source. They
did, and we blew Love out to them as they left. Then we turned our
attention to the Stargate, and the Portal Crystal. Again the energies in
the Crystal were very unbalanced. So 3 of us connected to our Selves who
had been portal operators in another life. We connected to the Blue
Crystal in Andromeda, and allowed this energy to flow into this Crystal.
We held the thought of Unconditional Love, and Perfect Balanced Light and
Dark, and Male and Female Energies. This energy ran for a while, and I
could feel some strong releases of negative energy. Elora visualized a
stable Tetrahedron matrix, and anchored this into the Stargate. When we
were finished the energy in the Stargate felt very Balanced, and shone
bright with Love. I sensed that the energy was much clearer beneath Machu
Picchu now. Then we ended the Ceremony, and sent our Love and Gratitude to
all the Beings and Spirits who held the energy and helped us perform this
Ceremony. They honored us as well for doing this work. Afterwards there
was a great feeling of Peace and Love.

Love and Peace,
Roger and Elora

Another Battle and Resulting Challenge, April 30, '98

Hi Everyone,

Last Sunday, April 26th, Elora and I had done a meditation and I sort of
tapped into something, like another higher dimensional battle between the
Light and Dark Forces again. Only this time I got the sense that the
'good' guys took a beating. Then the next morning when I woke up I again
had the sense that something pretty horrendous had happened Sunday night.
I had the feeling that the Light Forces lost a major battle. I got the
message that the Taygettan Pleiadians took major casualities, also the
Capellans. I even had images of people running around on ships, of ships
exploding, etc. I had the sense that the Pleiadians may have even left the
Earth for now, in retreat. I think the Andromedans are still here, but may
have pulled back.

Later that evening Elora and I were going to do another mediation
session. I had felt relatively clear, but felt I needed to clear some more.
So I started clearing and there was an incredible amount of negative energy
and Dark Entities, or Reptilian Beings present. I believe that it is the
same Reptilian Beings, from that parallel Dark Universe who showed up at
the Equinox. It took a real long time to clear, and I had to literally
blast them with Light, and did everything I could think of. After
expending a tremendous amount of energy, I was finally able to clear a
little bit of space and blast a clear channel through to Pi. She had been
totally blocked from me earlier. Basically she confirmed the battle that I
had sensed earlier, and said that 'yes' it was a major defeat for them.
They were just totally overpowered. She confirmed that the Pleiadians are
gone, and that the Andromedans have pulled back. They don't seem to be
able to cope with this Alien Energy, it is extremely powerful. She said
these Beings are projecting their Dark energies onto the Earth, and are
penetrating into peoples' sub-consciousness, and the Light Forces don't
know how to counter it. She says they had not anticipated how powerful
these Beings could really be, it just wasn't expected.

This new wave of Dark Energy has been very strong ever since Sunday, at
least for me anyway. These Beings from this Dark Universe pose a whole new
challenge to us here on Earth. Their energies are much more subtle or
finer than anything that I have experienced before. I seem to feel pretty
good, but then I clear myself just as a good measure, and wow! These
Entities or Dark Beings are just all over me. I get some major releases of
Dark Energy. So these guys are being very tricky right now. They don't
always hit you full blast, but rather are subtly affecting our energy
fields and consciousness with their negative energies. At least that is
how I perceive it right now. I guess that makes them all the more
dangerous, as it is not as obvious what they are doing. When I sense them
and start clearing their energies, then I feel very strong attacks from
them. I have had to resort to literally blasting them with Light in order
to reclaim my space. Of course, for me, that is not an easy task as my
'space' extends so far out. I have told these Beings over and over that
they are not the Dark Energy that they identify with, but rather they are
Beings of Love and of Pure Consciousness. That they only need to release
all of the Dark Emotional Energy of Fear, Hate and Anger in order to
realize this. But it seems that I have to blast them with Light first in
order to get their attention, then I send them Love, Light and Forgiveness.
It seems to hold them for a while.

Once I am able to clear out a path of clear space, I can see that there
is a very huge Dark Negative Thought-Form at the root of these Dark Beings.
It is not an Entity, but it has assumed the form of one, and I believe that
these Reptilian Beings look to this thought-form as their 'god'. This
thought-form originates in that parallel Dark Universe. Lately I have
tried focusing Love and Light onto that thought-form in order to dissolve
some of it. I have had encouraging results. I have also focused Love and
Light into the portal between the Universes where they come through. Since
I seem to have a lot of power when it comes to portals, I had the thought
to try and close this one. But I got a 'No' when I asked about that.
Better to send in Love and perfectly Balanced Light and Dark Energy, like
Elora and I did with the Great Pyramid Stargate back in December.

Then this morning, 4/29, before I began my usual clearing, I went into
that quiet space deep within my own Being, to that 'Pool of the Quiet
Deep'. Here I meet my Soul Self, and can really feel Her Love. This
morning I did that, and she took me into the Pool to wash away all of the
Darkness that surrounded me. Then I just basked in Her Love for a few
minutes. Then I began doing my usual clearing of my Chakras. Every
morning when I wake up, I feel very disoriented, and my ears are always
buzzing, and sometimes I feel a bit sick to my stomach. So I know that I
have taken on a lot of Dark Energy and Entities overnight. I always clear
this by doing an Entity release, and then commanding that this Dark Energy
be released from each Chakra, one at a time. Well, this morning, as I
began this process, it occurred to me to not release the Dark Energy, but
rather bring in more Light Energy to restore the Balance of Dark and Light.
Once I felt that the Energies were in Balance, I released all of the Dark
Emotional Energies of Fear, Anger, Hate, etc., and asked that it be
transmuted and sent up through the Blue Crystal Portal. Then I would fill
the Chakra with the Love from my Soul in the Core of my Being, and I would
wrap this Love around both the Light and the Dark Energies. It took me a
couple of hours to clear all the Chakras, but it felt much more powerful,
and I really felt much better than normal.

Afterwards, I realized that by not just releasing the Dark Energies, but
calling in more Light Energy to Balance it, that I was really growing as a
Being. I was really growing in Conscious Awareness, in Love. Then I also
realized that the more Dark Energy we can hold and bring into Balance with
the Light, the greater Beings we become. We begin to regain more of our
True Natural Power. Also, the fact that these current Dark Energies are
much finer, and of a higher frequency than what we have dealt with before
presents us with a greater challenge. If we can rise to the challenge and
integrate and Balance these higher frequency Dark Energies with higher
frequency Light Energies, then we will truly raise our overall vibration
level to a much Higher level. We can truly expand and raise our levels of
Consciousness, we can 'Ascend' to Higher Levels. So the real challenge
here is to stay out of fear of these powerful Dark Energies. They can seem
very threatening, and definitely trigger a lot of our past fears. In my
case, the past terror of my abductions, and of some very traumatic past
life experiences and deaths. It is very easy to fall back into that fear,
and feel the urge to fight back with all the strength that you have.
Perhaps it is necessary to fight back enough to get their attention, and to
clear some space. But then there comes the choice where you decide, do you
continue to attack in the hopes of destroying these Beings, or do you
integrate their energies, and send them Love and Compassion. If you choose
the former, then you will have one heck of a fight on your hands, and the
rewards or outcome would be questionable. If you choose the latter, then
the rewards would be much greater, and the outcome could be beyond anything
that you can imagine.

Love and Peace,

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Mon, 2 Nov 1998 16:28:49 -0700
Roger Kerr <>
Dale Mullins <>
Dan Winter <>




HI Dale,

Sorry to overload you, but here are the last messages that I posted to the
web site. These involve what happened in March '98, and may be of use to
Max, in understanding all that he is experiencing.

Anunnaki and Reptilian Connections, Mar 13, '98

Hi Everyone,

This message is an account of my work and connections with the Anunnaki
and Reptilians (the Orion Group, etc). I am being guided to share this on
this web site, however I must ask that this message not be copied or sent
out to any e-mail lists. It contains information that many may not be
ready to hear yet. It is here for those who have been guided to it, for it
is only those who will be ready to hear this message. I am told that there
could be some negative consequences of openly distributing this to certain
Lists. You may share about this web site in general, but please do not
share the contents of this message. Simply allow others to be guided to it
when they are ready to receive it in their hearts, without judgement.
Thank you for honoring this request.

Since you obviously were led to this message for your own growth, please
read on. I also remind you that this message contains my Truths as I know
them now. I cannot confirm or prove any of what I write here. I only ask
that you read this with an open heart and mind, and allow these thoughts to
stimulate your own thoughts, to assist you in finding your own Truths. I
honor you and your Path, I only ask that you honor mine.

Last December (1997) Elora and I did some work with the Stargate at the
Great Pyramid in Egypt. Since then I have been bombarded with psychic
energy attacks from a group of ET's, called the Anunnaki. If you are not
familiar with the Anunnaki, they are the ones referred to in Zecharia
Sitchin's 'The 12th Planet'. They are a reptilian race, and I believe they
are also the Zeta Reticulans (note that these are not the Greys, but a
different Reptilian race), at least that's the message that I keep getting.
Anu, a Creator God and most prominent of the Sumerian gods, is the Supreme
Commander of the Anunnaki. He is to the Anunnaki as Lucifer is to the
Draco. Anyway, they were most upset with the work that Elora and I did on
the Stargate, and on several key Earth portals, Stonehenge in particular.
In early January of 1998, I was visiting Elora, and the Anunnaki approached
us and channeled a message to me through Elora. They asked me to help them
as I had done with the Draco. They had looked at some probable futures for
their race, and didn't like what they saw. What they saw was that they
would no longer have access to the Great Pyramid Stargate, and would not be
able to pass through it into the next level of Creation. Unless they could
change their way of being, to come into Balance with the Light, they would
be in danger of annihilating themselves, and they knew this. Therefore,
they wanted me to help them make the necessary adjustments so that at least
a few of them could eventually go through the Stargate. I thought 'Oh no!',
but yet I felt a great amount of compassion for them, and told them that I
would help them. I guess I knew that even had I said 'No', that they would
continue to harass me. So I thought I might as well try to help them. It
seemed like the only way to end their attacks on me.

Thus, I began to be more receptive to their energies, and tried not to
react in fear and anger. Not an easy thing for me to do. But I sent them
Love and Light, and worked directly with a few of them to activate the
Spark of Light within them. I soon came to realize that I had many past
life connections to them. Not a big surprise considering my connections to
the Dark Aspects of Being, to the Draco and Reptilians. But yet, even as I
worked with them, they would continue to attack me, to try to take from me
what they thought they needed. This is the Reptilian way, to take what you
want from anyone else. They hold the belief that this Light Energy only
exists outside of themselves. They know that they are a very ancient race,
but do not know where they really came from. They do not know how they
came into Being, they do not know or remember their Source. But they think
that I have the answers that they need, and they continue to try to probe
my Consciousness, so that they can take that information from me. So it
has been a tough time for me.

In early February, I took a course taught by Bob Love. He was giving us
an introduction to his Spiritual Mastery Course, which he hopes to offer in
Denver this April or May. He is a Shaman at the 7th Initiate level, and
has the most wonderful presence about him, and he truly walks his talk. He
taught me a technique to transmute the Dark Energy to Love, and to send it
out to heal myself and others. It really works! I have used his
techniques over and over to clear myself of all the Dark, negative energies
of the Anunnaki and from other people that I continue to take on. I simply
wrap all of this pain and fear in Love, transmute it and then send it out
to the Anunnaki, the Draco, to friends and family, and to all the people of
the Earth. I also have often used the WU language that I had learned from
Skywa Moon last fall. With all of these wonderful tools, I have had some
remarkable success in dealing with the Anunnaki, and in transmuting their
Fear and Hate Energy and sending them Love and Light.

If you are interested in learning more about what Bob Love offers, he can
be reached by e-mail at: < >. The WU language is an
ancient language that was channeled to Skywa Moon (Carla Pedersen). It is
a very powerful tool for working with Spiritual Energies. Elora and I have
been using this in our work since mid-October. To learn more about it, you
can reach Skywa through e-mail at: < >.

A few weeks ago, Carol Hathor ( did
a channeling for me from her Guide, Morasin. I was told about a 24th
dimensional Aspect of myself, who was a Creator God. Part of my task in
this life was to transmute his rather massive Ego. The name I got for this
24th dimensional Self was AN (pronounced Ahn). A little later I came to
realize that Anu, the Sumerian God and Supreme Commander of the Anunnaki,
was a lower dimensional (possibly 13th) Aspect of AN. So once again, I
find that I have Soul connections to these Reptilian Creator Gods. For a
while there was some disbelief and denial, but somewhere deep inside me, I
knew it was true. I went back and read some parts of 'The 12th Planet' and
I just knew. Just like I had known of my connections to Lucifer and the
Draco. So this didn't come as nearly as great a shock as when I first
learned of my Draco Selves. So as I continued to heal myself, wrapping my
pain, fears, anger and resentments in Love and removing this transmuted
energy and sending it out to others, I began to focus on Anu and sent him
my Love.

In late February of 1998, I had the pleasure of meeting Shakura Rei
(,, who is an
excellent psychic healer, in person. I have had some wonderful healing
sessions with her from a distance, and this time she did some hands-on work
with me, bringing my Astral and Mental Bodies back into alignment and
reconnecting them to my physical body. She had realized that these Bodies
were very fragmented, which is why I am so open to these psychic attacks. I
felt great after her healing, but later that night I felt the presence of
the Orion Reptilians, and asked Shakura if she could see what was going on.
She realized that my Astral Body was responding to their attempts to
connect to me. It was like it was programmed to always answer the call,
and allow the energy of these other Beings to permeate my energy field. I
guess I need an Astral Body answering machine: 'Please leave a message, and
I'll get back to you'. Just knowing this helped me understand what was
happening to me. I just knew that every morning when I woke up, I would
feel all 'buzzing', like there was all this energy in me that didn't belong
there. When I tested I would always get that it was the Anunnaki or one of
the Reptilian groups. Once I would go through my clearing ritual, I would
be fine. So I was freaking out a bit, and dealing with it in the best way
I knew how. But up until that night, I had no idea what was really
happening, or why.

Later, I did a meditation and asked why this was happening. The answer
had to do with AN, and his plan to bring his entire consciousness fully
into 3D conscious awareness through one physical body, namely me. I had
already made my peace with my Draco Selves and had integrated their
Energies. Now I was making peace with Anu and my other Anunnaki Selves,
and integrating their Energies. I came to understand that AN is one of 3
Beings who chose to go into the Darkness and to hold the Dark Energy. The
name I got for the 2nd Being is Ayrthamu. I got the message that Lucifer
is the 9th Dimensional Aspect of Ayrthamu. The name I got for the 3rd
Being was Asarutyzon (A-Sa-Ru-Ty-Zon), I call him Asaru for short. Later I
came to understand that Beezelbub is the 13th dimensional Aspect of Asaru.
Basically, these 3 Beings were Creator Gods, and created 3 different
Reptilian races: the Anunnaki, the Draconians, and what I call the
Reptilians for lack of better term. The latter group are the Orion Group,
the Sirius B group, and also a certain group of Pleiadians. So these 3
Beings created many Aspects of themselves and took turns supporting each
other. I know that I have had lives as Draco and Anunnaki, and some were
rather high ranking positions. My Draco Soluruous Selves (Supreme
Commanders of the Draco) served directly under Lucifer. I am just now
tapping into my Reptilian past, and know that I have played some important
roles with them as well. I have just recently discovered a Reptilian life,
where I was a High Priest under Asaru. I get that an Aspect of Lucifer was
Enlil, under Anu, and so it went.

All of this information helped me make a little more sense about what has
been going on with me lately. The Anunnaki would connect to my Astral
Body, and were literally trying to integrate their energies with mine.
They actually told Shakura this in one session with me. I would feel this
as a psychic attack, and seemed to be powerless to stop it. Well, it was
all part of the programming, AN's plan. I basically told AN that all of
this integrating was slowly destroying my physical body, to say nothing of
my Astral and Mental Bodies. I told him that this body could not handle
all of this energy. Basically he agreed with me that this experiment
wasn't working, and said he would help me. So things let up for a few
days, and I was feeling pretty good.

Then on Friday, February 27, 1998, the day after the solar eclispe, I had
to make several phone calls, and picked up a lot of negative energy from
all those people. When I started clearing their energy, I just cried
because it felt like each time that this happened, they were tearing a
piece right out of my heart. I truly didn't know how much longer I could
keep this up. Then as I cleared this energy, I felt some very Dark energy
in my Solar Plexus. I used Bob's technique to wrap it in Love, and when I
pulled it out, I realized that it was Anu's energy. So I held him in Love,
and then sent this Love out to all the Anunnaki. Then I felt more Dark
energy just below my heart. Again, it was Anu's energy, and this time,
after I transmuted it to Love, I sent it out to all the people of the

I began to feel a warm loving energy come over me. I could see Anu
standing there, and he just started to glow inside. Then he shed his
Reptilian skin, which looked like a metal mesh, similar to what medieval
knights used to wear under their armor. I thought this was interesting
since in Barbara Hand Clow's 'Pleiadian Agenda', she said that the Anunnaki
were metallic based, as opposed to carbon or silicon based. Anyway, he
just stood there with that skin wrapped around his feet, and he was this
Being of Light. It was like he didn't believe it himself. Then Lucifer,
who had already Ascended to the Light, and Archangel Michael appeared, and
they took Anu off into the Light. This seemed so unbelievable that I had
to check with my Guides to ask if that really happened, and they confirmed
it. So it looks like Anu has finally Ascended to the Light. I felt this
warm glow inside me, and felt like a huge weight had just been lifted off
of my shoulders. Then I thought, "2 down, 1 to go" (the Ascension of the
major Aspects of the 3 Dark Beings).

That night I felt totally energized, and felt great. But the next
morning, all the confusing, buzzing energy was back again. I asked who it
was this time and got that it was the Reptilians. Sure enough, now they
wanted me to help them like I did with Lucifer and the Draco, and with Anu
and the Anunnaki. I checked with my Guides, and was told that they would
like for me to help them. So, one more time, I agreed. I feel a bit like
Jeremiah Johnson, "You skin this Grizz, Pilgrim, and I'll go fetch you
another one!" I guess I have one more Grizz to skin. The process has
already begun, and it doesn't appear to be any easier than dealing with the
Anunnaki, just slightly different. A lot of stuff related to the
Reptilians came up on Tuesday, March 3, and it was pretty rough. I
realized that I had been abducted by them at an age of 18 months, and much
of what was coming up now was the terror,fear and pain from that
experience. But this time I had the feeling that the healing and
integration would go much quicker than before. It took 8 or 9 months
working with the Draco, and 2 months with the Anunnaki. So maybe this one
would be over in a month or so.

I might add that as of this writing, two weeks later, I have not had any
attacks or even felt the presence of the Anunnaki. So obviously, the
Ascension of Anu has had a tremendous impact on them, and on me.

To Be Continued ....

Love and Peace,

Connecting With My Reptilian Selves, Mar. 15, '98

Hi Everyone,

This is a continuation of my healing and integration work with the
Reptilians. As with the previous message, please do not copy this or post
it to any of the e-mail Lists. Allow people to discover this for
themselves. I thank you. Again, I remind you that this message contains
my Truths as I know them now. I cannot confirm or prove any of what I
write here. I only ask that you read this with an open heart and mind, and
allow these thoughts to stimulate your own thoughts, to assist you in
finding your own Truths. I honor you and your Path, I only ask that you
honor mine.

My work with the Anunnaki appears to be complete, as I have not had any
contact with them since Anu ascended. But my work with Asarutyzon, Asaru
for short (pronounced Ah-Sah-Ru), and the Reptlians began to pick up in
intensity. I continued to work with them to the best of my ability. Their
energy was somewhat different than the Anunnaki. There seemed to be a lot
of Fear associated with them, but I did not feel like they were attacking
me. I never felt like I had been blasted with psychic thought-forms like I
had with the Anunnaki. Any time I would feel the pain, fear, anger, etc. I
would wrap it in Love and send it out to Asaru and the Reptilians. I soon
came to realize that I had been abducted by the Reptilians at the very
early age of 18 months. Then later, I realized that they had gotten to me
shortly after birth. Whenever the presence of the Reptilians triggered my
fears, it seemed to be related to one of these two times in my life, or it
took me back to a past life where I had connections to them, and I know
that there were many.

It is interesting that I have been abducted by each of these 3 races.
The Anunnaki had abducted me at ages of 3 1/2, 6, 11, and 28 years. The
Draco had gotten to me at the age of 8 years. I guess I had to be reminded
of my connections to them, and of the work that I had to do. Some of them
were pretty terrifying, and I still have no actual memory of what they
actually did to me. But any time I would feel the presence of their
energies, it would trigger tremendous fear and terror in me. I know that
there were many etheric implants placed in my body and in my mind that have
caused me considerable pain and anguish. To date, I have had literally
hundreds of etheric implants removed from many different areas of my body.
But I realize now that it was all necessary for me to remember and to
complete what I had come to Earth in this life to do.

Elora and I did a meditation together on March 7th, 1998, using the WU
language taught by Skywa Moon. We opened an 'insertion window' to state our
intent for the meditation. We intended to connect with our Guides and have
them take us into the Void, or wherever,and to just allow ourselves to
receive the Energy that would flow to us. However, almost immediately, I
sensed the presence of a lot of Reptilians all around us, and Elora saw a
Dark Being there. When I tuned into him, I knew it was Asaru. He came to
us wanting to know if we could see any Light in him beneath his Dark
Reptilian skin. I could only see him very vaguely, but I saw him as almost
Ebony Black. Elora saw him as a huge and awesome Being. He certainly had
an awesome and magnificent presence about him.

Elora could hear him very clearly and she channeled him to me. He
wondered if he was a Light Being like Anu and Lucifer. I told him that he
was, and Elora told him that she could see this bright Blue-White Light in
his heart. We both sent him Love and Light. I just placed my hand over
his heart and sent as much Love and Light as I could. I would take the
breath that Bob Love taught me and wrap all his Dark energy in Love and
gently send it back to him. He said he wanted to feel Love and to be able
to Love. He said that all he ever felt from people was their hate, anger
and blame. He said that Anu was respected as a god, and that people seemed
to know that Lucifer was really a Light Being, but he had only ever been
thought of as Evil. He felt guilty and responsible for all of the
destruction that had taken place over the aeons. He felt that he could
never be forgiven for everything that he had done. I told him that
God/Goddess and the Great Spirit forgave all of us, that they had only Love
and Respect for him, for all of us. I told him that God/Goddess had asked
the 3 of them to take on this role for the entire Collective Consciousness,
so how could they not forgive him for what happened. I personally forgave
him for all the harm he and the Reptilians had done to me, in this or any
other lifetime. I forgave them for what happened during the abductions.
Then Lucifer and Anu joined us, and put a white robe around him to let him
see his own inner purity. Elora also mirrored back to Asaru his own light
and amplified it so that he could see it and could see who he really is.

We conversed for quite a while, and we each sent him Love all the while.
I honored him for having had the courage to take on this role of holding
all this Dark Energy. I told him that I too had gone into the Darkness and
had agreed to take on all of this Dark energy. But of course, he knew
that. I told him that I could relate to what he was feeling, and shared
his pain, guilt and blame. But I reminded him that it was something that
we had to do in order to descend into the density of the physical realms,
that every Being had agreed to this when they incarnated into this
existence. I told him to release the guilt and to honor himself for the
magnificent Being he truly is. I gave my word of honor that I would help
him and all the Reptilians.

Before he departed, Asaru removed an implant from my heart as a gesture
of gratitude for my Love and Compassion for him and the Reptilians. I
thanked him and told him that I would continue sending out Love and Light
to them. When he finally left, we each could see the Light growing within
him. Each breath of Love I sent to him seemed to fan the flame burning
within him. Elora could see that he had a huge heart and sensed it being
very passionate and fiery. In his innermost Self, we sensed a Being of
intense purity and Love. We each felt that it would not be long before he
too would shed his Dark skin and Ascend to the Light to join Lucifer and

Then on March 10th, I had a session with a friend of Elora's who is a
hynotherapist. I will call her Joan (not her real name). This was my third
session with her. A day or so before the session, I received the message
from my Guides that Joan and I had some past life connections that needed
to be addressed and resolved. So my Guide, Pi, helped us tune into the
appropriate lifetime, and of course, it was one where I was Reptilian and a
High Priest under Asaru. I had placed a curse on Joan that affected her
psychic ability to see clearly. There was a net or a veil placed over her
head. Elora was there with me, and could see that Joan had tried to rebel
against the Priesthood, and was caught and imprisoned in a totally dark
room and tortured. Joan said she felt Fear, and that this was very unusual
for her in these type of regressions. Then I sensed that Asaru was there
with us, and that he was the head of the cult or Priesthood. Joan tuned
into him almost immediately. She had been female and had been in a
relationship with Asaru. She felt that she had loved him deeply, but that
he had really betrayed her. She said that what the Priesthood was doing
was putting some form of mind control over the people of that world. I got
that this was a world in a different Galaxy. We were blocking their
psychic abilities, their abilities to clearly see the Truth of who they
were. In a sense, we were placing the Veils of Illusion over them. Joan
had been horrified that we were doing this and had tried to stop us. She
felt betrayed and was very angry with Asaru and myself. So the two of us
had placed a curse on her to block her ability to see. I saw that there
were many, many layers to this curse. She said 'one for every life she has
ever had.'

Asaru asked Joan for her forgiveness, and told her that he loved her, and
that he forgave her for what she had tried to do. Elora then saw that he
was offering her a deep red rose as a symbol of his love for her. Joan
forgave him and told him how much she loved him. She saw him as a truly
magnificent Being, with so much love to give. She just couldn't understand
at the time why he would do this to people. But now she realized that he
had to do it, that it was all part of the Divine Plan. As she was saying
all of this, I too knew that it was what we all had agreed to. I had
played a major role in it as well. Elora saw that Joan had a black box
around her pineal gland. Then Joan realized that what we were doing in
this Priesthood was placing these boxes around the pineal gland of everyone
on the planet, blocking their psychic abilities to clearly see, and to know
the Truth.

Asaru agreed to remove this curse from Joan, so I called in the
God/Goddess of the DAL Universe and the Great Spirit to give him the power
to remove it. They had given him the power to place it in the first place,
and now gave him the power to remove it. He removed the box from her and
handed it to me to pass up to Archangel Michael, and then on up to the Blue
Crystal and through to God/Goddess and the Divine Oneness. I told Joan to
focus her love on it to release it. Then she and I and Asaru all connected
to each other and then focused our Love and Energies on the box to pass it
through the Blue Crystal. I could feel it when it left. I got the message
that all the layers of this curse would slowly spiral off of her now.

Then I realized that I too had placed many curses on Joan in that life
and the many other lifetimes I had known her. I had to make sure that the
curse kept carrying over from one life to the next. I asked her to forgive
me, and I forgave her, and sent her my Love. Then I asked God/Goddess to
give me the power to remove all of my curses from her. They were like
wraps of dark cloth over her, wound up layer after layer. She said that
all of this made so much sense, since she was very clairvoyant but had to
spend so much of her energy to see around this blockage. I removed them
and sent her my love, and again asked for her forgiveness, which she
granted me.

Then Elora sensed that Joan had placed a curse on me as well, so that I
would feel all the pain and anguish that all those people had experienced
as a result of what we had done to them. The curse was such that I would
always be open to feeling the Dark energies, the fears, the anger, etc. of
everyone. This is exactly what has been happening with me over the last
several years. I have become more and more sensitive to all the pain and
fear that everyone feels. So again, it all made perfect sense. I forgave
her for this and told her that I loved her, and she removed the curse.
Then Elora saw that another part of the curse was that Joan had bound me to
the Earth, so that I couldn't leave. I could not be protected from feeling
the pain, and I couldn't leave. There were shackles on my ankles and
wrists that had cables anchored in the Earth, literally tying me down to
keep me here. This is interesting because in our previous session, Joan
was convinced that I needed to stay here to be a healer and to help people.
She even admitted that she had her own agenda concerning me. So she
released these bonds and set me free, so that I can leave whenever I am
ready. Tears trickled down my cheeks pretty much during the whole session,
but they really flowed at this point.

I felt so much at peace then. Joan, Elora and I told Asaru that we would
continue to work with him and continue sending him Love. During the
session, Joan got that all the people from that planet in that other Galaxy
were here on Earth now. That this was how the Veils had been placed on
everyone, so that we could Descend into Density. That if everyone had
remembered and could have seen themselves as the Light Beings that we were,
that we would not have been able to descend as we did. We could not have
come down to this 3rd dimension to experience this physical world. I
related how we, the 3 Dark Beings, had volunteered to assist all Beings to
descend into the denser, physical realms. This was how we chose to do
that, causing all this fear and confusion. We knew that the emotional
turmoil that would result would spiral us down into the lower dimensions.
But we also knew that there would come a time when this downward spiral
would have to be reversed. That there was a point of 'No Return', that if
we continued downward into the Darkness from there that we would be unable
to return to the Light. That point is here on Earth, Now. The 3 of us had
taken all the blame for the 'Fall' from Conscious Awareness. We took the
brunt of all the people's anger at God and themselves, all of their
resentments and fears. They had all forgotten that we all agreed to this
in the Beginning, that it was all part of the Plan to come down to
experience the beauty of the physical Universe. I also pointed out that it
was the technology of the Reptilian races that allowed us to spread across
the Universe, to travel from one Galaxy to another, and finally here to
this most beautiful planet Earth.

I had been programmed to remember this, with a lot of help from all the
abductions. I had to remember my connections to the various Reptilian
Beings, to remember my role in it. I was then able to re-connect with and
re-mind Lucifer and Anu that they were Beings of Light. They then knew it
was time to return to the Light, and have done so. Now I have re-connected
to Asaru, and am re-minding him of the Magnificent Being of Light that he
truly is. As Elora, Joan and I were sending Asaru our Love, I just knew
that when Asaru finally returns to Source he would pull off the Veils of
Illusion from everyone as he Ascends, and people would finally begin to see
and know who they truly are. These 3 Beings, Asaru, Anu, and Lucifer, led
the way into the Darkness, and now they will be the ones who will lead the
way back to the Light as they themselves ascend.

To Be Continued.....

Love, Joy and Peace to All,
Roger and Elora

Insights on Light and Dark, Mar. 17, '98

Hi Everyone,

My work with Asaru and the Reptilians has continued. Since I had pledged
to continue to send Asaru and all the Reptilians Light and Love, he has
come to me several times to receive Love and Healing. On March 12, 1998,
the day of the lunar eclipse, Elora and I were going to do another
meditation when I felt a tremendous amount of fear come over me. We used
the WU language and stated our intentions to release this fear. Then Asaru
joined us. I released my fear and called in God/Goddess and began feeling
Light and Love flow through me. Then Asaru asked me to help him release
his own fear, so I did. Elora and I both surrounded this fear energy with
Love and gently sent it back to him. I could feel his energy, his fears,
flowing through me and out to the Blue Crystal and back to God/Goddess and
the Divine Oneness. Then I realized that the most primal and overpowering
fear of all was the fear of returning to Source. It was the fear that if
we returned to Source that we would lose our individual identity, that we
would just meld back into the whole. That we would lose our Individual
Consciousness, and be gone forever. The Ego Consciousness believes that it
would be annihilated if the Spirit returned to Source. That it would cease
to exist at all.

I connected to God/Goddess and let the energy flow for a few minutes.
Then came a deep sense of knowing that we are each a Cell of Consciousness
within the Greater ONE Consciousness. This Cell of Consciousness is our
Soul. By returning to Source, we would recognize this, and know that we
are all truly just a Cell of Pure Consciousness that transcends both Light
and Dark Energies. We will know that we are connected to all the other
Cells, but that each Cell retains its own Consciousness, its own True
Identity. Just like within our physical bodies, each cell has its own
Consciousness, but yet works for the good of the whole body and allows
every other cell to do their work. I began to realize that what we had
done when we became Incarnate Beings was to impart our Cells of
Consciousness onto the Light and Dark Energies of the Universe, and then to
integrate them into our Being. We attached a level of consciousness to
both the Light Energy and the Dark Energy , and thus created what we call
the Higher or Light Consciousness and the Ego or Dark Consciousness. But
True Consciousness transcends both Light and Dark Energies, and there is
really only One Consciousness. The existence of two separate levels of
Consciousness is just an Illusion. Therefore if we were to return to
Source, our Ego Consciousness would not cease to exist, because it was
never a separate Consciousness in the first place. Returning to Source,
merely means that our Consciousness, our Soul, releases itself from its
attachment to both the Light and the Dark Energies. It releases both the
physical body (Dark) and the Spirit or Astral body (Light). It returns to
Pure Consciousness. Then when our Cell of Consciousness, our Soul, chooses
to incarnate once again, it re-attaches itself to the Light and Dark
Energies, and creates the same Cells of Higher and Ego Consciousness,
because it is the Consciousness that determines, creates, the personality,
not the Light and Dark Energies.

In order to descend into the denser realms of 3 dimensional reality, we
had to lower the vibrational rate of our Beings, to match those of the
physical world that we descended to. It is our Emotional Energies (Energy
in Motion) that determines the vibrational levels of our bodies. These
Emotional Energies are stored in the Spirit or Astral Body. So to become
denser, to lower our vibration rate, we had to create and hold on to
negative energies or negative Emotions. We chose to descend further and
further into density, so we chose not to return to Source after each life.
We did not want to release our Astral bodies and the energetic state of our
Emotions. After each life, after each death, we chose to hold onto our
Astral or Spirit bodies, to hold on to our past Emotional Energies from
lifetime to lifetime. The only problem was that we began to identify with
the Emotional Energies from our past experiences instead of the
Consciousness that created them in the first place. We began to think of
ourselves as our Spirit, our Astral Body, instead of our Soul, our True
Cell of Consciousness. We soon forgot who or what we really were, and we
became caught up in our Emotional Identity. Since we began to believe that
we were this Emotional Being, we kept re-creating the same emotional
experiences over and over, to re-inforce this Belief System that this is
who we really were. The more we identified with our Emotional Selves, the
more we forgot that we were the Consciousness that created these emotional
experiences. We lost our awareness of our True Conscious Selves, we lost
our Conscious Awareness. Soon we began to fear the negative emotional
experiences that we kept re-creating for ourselves. Then as we descended
even more into density, we began to believe that we were our Egos, our Dark
Side of Consciousness. Belief Systems were created by the Conscious Mind,
the Intellect, the Ego, to offer an explanation for things that we had
forgotten, and feared because we did not know, or could not remember. But
the fear itself distorted the Belief Systems. We began to live totally
from our Fears, our fears of our past experiences. It became a vicious
circle and we spiraled down into lower and lower vibrational states. These
fears kept us from re-connecting to our True Consciousness. In order to
end this downward spiral, we must let go of our fears, and begin to
remember that we are the Consciousness that created the experience, we are
not the experience.

Then out of all the Belief Systems that we had adopted in place of True
Knowing and Remembering, a great division of Consciousness took place.
Some began to believe that they were the Dark or Ego Consciousness. Some
began to believe that they were the Light or 'Higher' Consciousness. Each
side began to fear the other, because the two viewpoints seemed so
diametrically opposed. Those operating from their Egos seemed to only
focus on themselves and what they needed, and took from others as they saw
fit. So those of the Light Consciousness began to think of the Dark
Consciousness as 'Evil'. Both sides fell into Judgement of the other, and
those of the Light became 'Evil' to those of the Dark. Fear began to
become dominant in our thinking, on both sides. We began to think of
anything of the Light as 'Good' and anything of the Dark as 'Evil'. Those
who stood in judgement of the Dark Side of Consciousness became very
Self-Righteous, and created all sorts of religions, and placed the blame
for all that was wrong, all that was Bad and Evil on those of the Dark
Consciousness. But what they failed to realize was that everyone had
aspects of both the Light and the Dark within their Being. We had created
ourselves that way. But people did not recognize the Truth of who we were,
and so we became very unbalanced in our thinking and in our way of Being.
In Truth, all Beings are responsible for the state of Being, the state of
the world that now exists, not just those 'Dark' Beings. Many religious
people and many 'New Age' Lightworkers have the Belief that we are all
Light Beings. But that is still not the Truth. We are not Light Beings or
Beings of Light Consciousness, and we are not Dark Beings or Beings of Dark
Consciousness. No Being is! We are all Pure Consciousness, that
transcends both Light and Dark. We are neither Light nor Dark, we are the
Consciousness that Created Both.

In order to return to Consciousness, we must heal and release all of
our stored emotional energies from our past experiences. We must release
our hatred and our anger, our guilt and the blame. We must relinquish the
need to place blame on any Being for what we judge to be bad or evil. We
must relinquish our need for judgement. We must recognize and honor those
Dark Beings and Dark Aspects of ourselves who helped make it possible for
us to descend into the Darkness of the Physical Realms. The 3 Dark Beings,
Asaru, An and Ayrthamu (Lucifer), all agreed to perform this role for all
of the Collective Consciousness. They led the way down into Density, and
now they will lead the way back to the Source of Pure Consciousness. When
these 3 Beings began this process of descension, they knew that there would
come a point of 'No Return', and the Descent into Darkness would have be
halted and turned around. If we continued to descend beyond that point, we
would not be able to return to that state of Pure Consciousness. We would
slowly find ourselves being pulled into a 'Black Hole', into an Eternal
Sleep, awaiting the next Creation. Since my Cell of Consciousness, or
Soul, had incarnated as AN to help begin the descent, it also incarnated in
many lives that all had played a role in a Plan to end the descent. This
was the Mission of our Council of Six, to help implement that Plan. I, or
at least an Aspect of myself, recruited the members, and together we
devised a plan where we would all experience all Aspects of the Duality of
this Creation. We would have to work together, to learn and experience all
that would be necessary for us to attain the wisdom to know what had to be
done, and to hone the abilities to do what we would have to do to halt and
reverse the Descent.

Well, over the last year, everything fell into place. Elora and I
re-connected and together we began to remember our Mission and our roles in
the Council of Six, and that the Time was NOW, that we had to act NOW. We
were programmed at the Soul level to set all of the triggers into place, to
help us remember. I had to experience several abductions, at least one
with each of the 3 Reptilian races. I had to begin to remember many of my
past lives, and my connections to the Draco, the Anunnaki and the
Reptilians. I had to become seriously ill, to be shaken out of the daily
routine of how I had been living my life. I had to go into deep meditation
to re-connect to my True Self. I had to get on the Internet to re-connect
to all those people who were there to help me remember, and I thank and
acknowledge all of you. (You know who you are.) I had to finally
re-connect with Lucifer, Anu, and Asaru, to remind them that now was the
time for our Return, our Ascension to Consciousness. We had to perform the
work we did on the Great Pyramid Stargate. All was according to the Plan.
Our Mission is very nearly at its final completion, and the Veils of
Illusion will soon be lifted from everyone on this planet.

[Elora] "Roger suggested that I might add a few words here. I think
that most everything has been said. I am honored to have been part of the
Council and this mission. My own path did not involve going so deeply into
the darkness, though I had my share in different ways. Part of my role was
to know and remember who all these beings were, those who took on dark
personas so to speak, so that I could help them come back into awareness of
their true nature. It was important for me to hold this vision, and to
reflect back to Lucifer, Sansiruous, Asaru, and others, the magnificent and
loving beings that they truly are. At times, I have also needed to do this
for Roger. So allow me to conclude by saying that that this one, whom we
have known as Roger Kerr, is one of the most vast, beautiful, courageous,
and dedicated Beings I have ever encountered, anywhere, and that he has
laid down his life over and over in Love and sacrifice for this Creation.
Honor and respect are due for this sacrifice, and now freedom, as we move
into the completion of our task."

So I now ask you all to honor and acknowledge the Reptilian Races, the
Draco, the Anunnaki, and the Reptilians for all that they have done to help
us descend into the Density of this beautiful planet Earth. I ask you to
honor and acknowledge Lucifer, An, and Asaru. Embrace them all and send
them your Love and your Forgiveness. Acknowledge and honor that Reptilian
Aspect of your Self, and send yourself Love and Forgiveness. Know that all
was according to Divine Plan, and that the ultimate outcome is assured.
The Descent into Darkness will be, already has been, halted and reversed.
Let go of any judgements and Belief Systems that only serve to hold you
back. Know that it is OK to return to Source. Know that when you return
to Source, the only thing that really dies is your Belief System. Once you
re-connect with All That Is, there is no need for Belief Systems, because
then you will just KNOW. As you dive back into the Sea of Oneness, the
Emotional Energies will be washed away, cleansed, and released. Along with
them go the Belief Systems that arose out of your Fears about those
Emotional Energies from your past experiences. So in Truth there is
nothing to Lose, only everything to gain, by returning to the Source of
Creation, the Source of All That Is, to Pure Consciousness, to
Unconditional Love. So what's to fear?

Getting back to the meditation and our work with Asaru, I relayed all of
this wisdom to him, and asked him if he understood. He said he did. We
again sent him our Love, and then we closed the meditation. I just felt
totally energized, like every cell in my body was tingling with this Love
Energy. I felt a little dizzy from all the energy that was flowing. Once
I regained some composure, I went outside to enjoy the beautiful day, and
to reconnect with the Earth. It was cold but the sky was totally clear and
shone a deep radiant blue. I hugged a few trees and thanked them. Then I
stood by a small stream and just watched the water cascading down over the
rocks. This truly is a beautiful and lovely planet. I just stood there
watching the water flow on by and thought how it had just barely begun its
long journey to the Sea. But we have dammed up all the rivers to try to
stop the water from ever reaching the Sea, just like we have dammed up our
own Emotions and have prevented Our Selves from ever reaching the Sea of
Oneness. What we have failed to realize is that we are just like these
water droplets that reach the Sea and then evaporate and fall back to Earth
as rain, to begin the cycle all over again. The cycle never ends! Just
because we return to that Sea of Oneness doesn't mean that we will never
return to the physical world. Our cycle never ends either. Thank you
Mother Earth, for this beautiful lesson. Thank you for allowing us to grow
and learn. I Love You. I also thank all the people of the Earth for all
that you have done to help make all of this possible. I Love All of You.

Love and Joy, Peace and Harmony,

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Mon, 2 Nov 1998 16:28:21 -0700
Roger Kerr <>
Dale Mullins <>
Dan Winter <>




Hi Dale,

Here's the rest of our messages on our Stargate work:

Part 2: Work With the Sirians, Dec. 22, '97

Greetings Everyone,

As Elora and I continued our preparation for the Stargate work, we had
some more interesting experiences. Shortly after Demphisyruous' death,
Elora made contact with a Sirian woman named Malatron, and describes this
encounter as follows.

Elora: "I would like to preface my experiences with the Sirians with a
few remarks. The Draconians have held the Dark pole of the spectrum in
terms of the ET races and as such they have been hated and feared by many.
Like all Dark beings, they have been the focus of much projection and
misinterpretation. These are only my perceptions, but based on my recent
experiences with a few of them, the Sirians seem to hold the far Light end
of the spectrum. They always seem to be surrounded with a great deal of
brilliant white light. What I have noticed most about them is that they
have very powerful intellects, and the 3rd eye chakra appears highly
developed and predominant. But it seems as if the heart chakra is shut down
, or at least not in balance. This may explain why both Roger and I have
sensed that they perceive the Draconians as being almost demonic, and have
a great fear and hatred of them. They seem to hold the belief that it was
their God-given duty to annihilate all Dark beings such as the Dracos, and
have no compassion for them. But recently I had the insight that
originally, the Sirians and the Dracos split from the same genetic stock.
The Sirians went into the far Light end of the spectrum, and the Dracos
into the Dark end. But it is as if they are different sides of the same
coin. Thus, the reconciliation between the Sirians and the Dracos is a
crucial element in working towards Galactic peace.

In our many incarnations, Roger has been Draconian many times, and I
have been Sirian many times. As a result, Roger has been able to relate to
the Draco and work with them. I can better relate to the Sirians, and they
seem to place a certain trust in me. So together we have been working with
both of them to help them understand the need for peace and harmony amongst
all Beings, and that Love is the key to resolving and healing all
differences between them. This can only happen if the heart chakras are
open and activated. Roger has helped many of the Draco re-discover and
open their hearts. Recently we have been working with the Sirians to open
theirs as well.

When I connected to Malatron of the Sirians, she was tall, with an
elongated head, and no hair. She said that she is part of a group of
Sirians on Bellatrix in Orion. I sensed that they are a splinter group of
the Sirius A group and are in league with a couple other ET groups, but are
not part of the Sirian High Command. She introduced me to Rai, a
technician who could assist us with what needs to be done on the portal.
She did reiterate that they want to work with us, and said that they know
of our work and honor us. Roger had warned me that the Sirians were
masters at deception, and I felt just a little wary of her somehow. At the
end she showed me a ship that a bunch of them were working on. They were
dissassembling it to get at the magnetic conductor or crystalline device
that enables a ship to lock onto the signal of a portal and pass through
it. This Sirian group is trying to find out how these devices work in the
hopes that this could enable them to stop the fleet that is gathering from
passing through the various portals, probably starting with their own."

Roger: When Elora first told me all of this, my first reaction was one of
distrust, and that we should not allow them to help us in our portal work.
My Guides confirmed this to me. So Elora called in Malatron and we both
looked into her eyes, and I could tell there was a hidden agenda. Elora
could see this as well. When we confronted her on this, she admitted that
they did have a certain vested interest concerning the Stargate. They know
that Earth is a critically important point and their hope has been to
secure a foothold for their own interests on Earth. I told Malatron that
we would only work with Beings who were willing to serve the greatest good
of all Beings of all races.

We communicated to Malatron the importance of coming from the heart and
not the intellect in the work that we were doing, and that we placed no
judgement on her, but could assist her if she was willing. She then gave
us permission to work on her. We stood together placing our hands on her
heart, sending her Love. Then, we connected the heart to the other
chakras. When we reached the 3rd eye, which is the predominant chakra used
by the Sirians, we had to go back and re-energize the heart to keep them in
balance. Then we worked on the 2nd Chakra and the Core Star and finally
the root chakra, grounding all this energy into her planet. Elora could
see Malatron having a profound experience, and her aura, which had been
pure white, was now pulsing with rainbow colors. The other Sirians and
ET's were gathered around in awe of what was happening. By the time we
were done, Malatron was opening to a whole new understanding, which we
asked her to share with her group.

Two days later we connected with one of the Sirian A, High Command, a man
named Xarentron. He and Elora had been mates in a former life. It was
this strong personal connection between them that made this contact
possible. Since the Sirians are from the Light end of the spectrum, we
called in Archangel Michael to assist us and to make him feel more
comfortable. The Sirians have a tremendous fear of Lucifer, and the Draco
in general. So Xarentron was a little apprehensive about me as well, since
I have such strong Draco connections. But we got past all of that and
performed the same type of Energy work on him as we had done with Malatron.
Xarentron responded even more powerfully than she did. When we got to the
point of grounding all this energy into his home planet in Sirius, Elora
saw his body was convulsing with energy. He became so bright that she
couldn't even see his body, just this huge light. But he stayed centered
in his heart and in Love.

After we did this work on him, I gave him a message to take back to his
superiors. I told them about how if the Earth was destroyed that it would
result in their own destruction as well. I also told him that the Draco
have understood this as well, and I told him about the Draco's Statements
of Intent to choose Peace and Life. I told him that they would no longer
attack any Sirian world, but that they would continue to defend themselves
against any attack from the Sirians. I told him that the Draco have made a
serious commitment to negotiating a peace settlement with the Sirians, and
all races in this Galaxy. He said that he would relay the message.

But even with this work and agreement from some of the Sirians, the
psychic attacks on me continued. After my merger with Demphi, my Guides
told me that I was entering the final phase of my Mission, and things would
get even more difficult. Again I found out they weren't joking. One day I
was being bombarded with a lot of negative energies, and a lot of suicidal
thoughts kept going through my head. I have had many past lives where I
had committed suicide. Then all of a sudden I could see these 6 Aryan
Sirians sitting in a circle sending me all these negative thoughts. So I
just focused as hard as I could on reflecting these thoughts back to them,
only I magnified them about 10 times. I felt some screams of pain from
them, and the attack stopped and all of those suicidal thoughts simply
vanished. Later, I asked them to forgive me, sent them forgiveness and
Love, to heal any damage that had been done to them.

Many of the psychic attacks came from the Greys, who were really feeling
threatened by our work. I got the message that they had no interest in a
peace settlement, because they could get everything that they needed by
helping the Sirians. Their race was dying, and what they needed was an
unlimited and 'free' supply of human genetics in order to survive. The
Sirians had promised them this if they would just help them in their plans
for the Earth. So the Greys had little incentive to do anything other than
help the Sirians. I tried to convince them that any Galactic peace
settlement would take their needs into account as well. Also that there
were other ways of them getting the genetic material they needed without
forcefully abducting unwilling people. But they had little interest in
listening to me, just a determination to stop me from completing my work.

In spite of all the attacks, Elora and I kept doing the work that was
asked of us. It was also interesting that some of our work involved
healing a couple of past life experiences that involved myself, Elora and
John. Both life times had to do with the Sirians, and in both Elora was
Sirian or had strong Sirian connections. John and myself were both on the
opposite side in these confrontations. There had been some black magic
curses involved that had to be released and healed. All of this work was
part of setting the stage for our work with the Pyramid Portal, and the


To Be Continued...

Love and Peace,
Roger and Elora

Part 3: Earth Portal Cleansing, Dec. 22, '97

Hello Everyone,

This is a continuation of Elora's and my work in preparing for the
Stargate opening. After our work with the Sirians, we were guided that we
needed to connect our energies to John, who is a member of our Council of
Six, to form the link that would be needed to perform our work. So on
Friday, Dec. 12, we had an incredible session where we were guided by Asket
of the DAL Universe. She began connecting each of our Chakras to the
energy of the DAL Universe and to the God/Goddess energies. We were told
to 'remember the Love, remember the Love '. Elora saw a spinning vortex of
golden Light. I could feel the Love and Light going through each Chakra,
and felt some incredible energy releases. It was an amazing and wonderful
experience. Then she opened our root Chakras and I could feel a beam of
energy go down into the heart of the Earth, and then it came back up
through me. Interestingly, at this time Elora felt the energy come down
through her Crown Chakra. But then in these experiences I have always been
the female, and Elora was always the male. Then I felt the energy come up
from the Earth and down from the Blue Crystal through the Crown Chakra, and
they met in the Solar Plexus. It felt very Loving and Peaceful, and my
whole body was tingling.

Then our Guides called in John's Soul Self, and then we all connected
all of our Chakras to each other and formed a triangle energy pattern at
each level. Once we were completely connected, I heard John say that 'they
were going to take us for a spin'. We entered the Great Void, the place
where all future possibilities exist as pure potential. We were directed
to focus our thoughts on Love, Joy, Peace, Harmony and Thrival for All
Beings. We also held thoughts of perfect Balance of Light and Dark, and
Male and Female Energies. We anchored these thoughts into our
consciousness and this energy into our hearts. Next we were connected to
the Great Spirit and Divine Oneness, and could feel the flow of pure,
Unconditional Love. We were told that we held the energy of the Mother
(myself), the Father (Elora), and the Child (John). So the three of us
represented the Trinity.

Then we went down into the center of the Earth, and connected to several
major Earth Portals. There were two sets of portals that formed a
triangular grid pattern, one here in the U.S., and one that spanned 3
continents, South America, Eastern Asia, and Europe. (I am being guided
not to discuss the actual locations of these portals.) We sent this Energy
out through each portal to clear out any Dark, negative energies, and to
fill the portal with this Divine Energy of Love and Perfect Harmony. Each
time we would go up into the center of the portal, and then return to the
center of the Earth. The most significant, and the most blocked of these
portals was the one at Stonehenge. Each of us saw that a lot of blood had
seeped into the portal from all of the human sacrifices that had occurred
there. Elora also saw that many ET's, Sirian, Draco, Greys and Reptilians
had used and abused this portal over and over again. I saw a HUGE black
plug blocking the portal, and with a lot of help from my Spirit friends, we
removed it. There were also lots of Dark Force entities associated with
it. The next day I was absolutely bombarded with psychic attacks from the
ET's and Dark Forces associated with this portal. Anyway, once the Dark
Plug was removed, we saw a blast of Light Energy going out of Stonehenge
from the Center of the Earth, out into the Cosmos. It reached the Stars of
all the races that had used this portal, and it reached back to Lyra. Then
I saw the Love of the original Lyran race, and the planet MU herself
pouring back into the Stonehenge Portal. It was pretty incredible. Elora
saw the Archangels and many ET's forming a circle and watching all that was
happening, all smiling I am sure.

To Be Continued....

Love and Peace
Roger and Elora

Part 4: The Ascension of Lucifer

Hello Again,

The Stargate work continues. On Tuesday Dec. 16, Elora and I had another
rather lengthy session, having to do with the Great Pyramid Portal and the
Sirians. Again we anchored in the Love and Energy of the DAL Universe and
the Great Spirit/Divine Oneness, and again held in our consciousness
thoughts of Love, Joy, Peace, Harmony and Thrival for All Beings, and the
perfect Balance of Light and Dark, and Male and Female Energies. Then our
Guides took us to the base of the Great Pyramid. Again, there was a large
Dark Energy Blockage in this portal. Again it felt like the energy
associated with Sirians, the Draco, the Greys, and the Reptilians. We
focused this Divine Energy on this blockage and it was released and cleared
from the portal. Any time we do this kind of work, I always feel the Dark
energy go through me and up through the Central Blue Crystal. I felt some
major releases this time, I felt a lot of hate and anger associated with
this energy. Then we called in the Archangels and Light Technicians to
complete the cleansing and healing of this portal.

Then we focused this Divine Energy on the portal 'Crystal'. In case
you're wondering, I think this 'crystal' only exists in the higher
dimensions. I could see streams of Light and Dark Energy swirling around
in a clockwise manner, and it was completely surrounded in Unconditional
Love. Once the 'Crystal' was completely charged, it released a large Beam
of this Loving Energy out of the portal. We could feel this energy pulsing
like a heart beat. I sensed it being directed at Sirius, and could see
their home planet being surrounded in this Divine Energy. We wondered how
the Sirians were reacting to this. Then Elora made contact with Malatron
and Xarentron, the Sirians whom we had worked with earlier. I could sense
them receiving this energy in their hearts and consciousness. Elora sensed
that most of the Sirians were frightened and confused by it, and didn't
understand what was happening. So we had a long session with them,
explaining to them what this energy was all about. I had a vision of a
white dove carrying an olive branch to them as a peace offering.

Then the Sirian High Commander, Kreiatron, stepped forward. Elora
explained to him what had happened. I explained to him that the Draco have
made a commitment to peace, and that many groups of ET's have joined us,
forming an Alliance for Peace and Harmony. He was pretty leery at first,
so I continued to assure him that the Draco and the others were sincere in
our offer, and I and all of the Draco who were present lay down all of our
daggers and weapons. I repeated the message about the possible destruction
of the entire Galaxy, and projected a 'vision' of this to him so he could
see for himself. I also asked him to acknowledge that recently, the Draco
had not attacked them, except in defense. It was extremely difficult for
them to accept, let alone embrace the Draco. He asked, "Have we been wrong
all this time?" We told them there is no right or wrong, just distortion
and confusion. We pointed out that they have been on the far end of the
Light spectrum, and were very much out of balance with the Dark Beings,
such as the Draco, but that it was now time for integration. After a
while, he finally agreed and accepted the olive branch of peace. Then
Elora presented him with a white rose as another symbol of peace. Then I
presented him with a black rose, as a symbol of the Draco's peace offering.
He considered this for several moments, but finally accepted it. He turned
and said to his troops "Isn't it fitting that the Draco would make the
first offer of peace and not us. There is a lesson in this for us." I
could sense that they were finally coming around in their attitude.

Then Elora could see a pretty large Sirian splinter group, about 25% of
the Sirians, that were very militant and angry. She felt moved to address
this group, and simply held up a mirror so that they could all see that
beneath this militant attitude was their own fear. This mirror reflected
back their own fears, anger and resentment, and it affected them deeply.
She removed the mirror and we sent them gentle love and healing energy.
Then we both sensed a shift in their attitude, towards integration.

I then held out my hand to Kreiatron, on behalf of the Draco. Again,
there was a long hesitation, but he finally took my hand. Then Elora and I
did some 'Light Work' on him, like we had done to the other two earlier.
We opened up his heart Chakra, and as we worked, I kept sending him love,
compassion and forgiveness. I asked him to forgive me and all of the Draco
as well. I asked him to release all of his fear, anger, hatred and
resentment, and could feel him release it. I asked that it be sent up to
God/Goddess to be transmuted with Unconditional Love. Then I opened up his
Second Chakra and sent him the Love and Female energy of the Divine Mother,
to bring his sexual energies into perfect balance. I asked him to accept
and to fully acknowledge the role of Females in this Creation. Then we
connected his heart and second Chakras to his 3rd Eye Chakra, which was
highly developed. He has tremendous psychic powers, but was not in touch
with his heart center. As we opened up his Chakras and filled it with
Unconditional Love, Elora sensed him experiencing Cosmic Consciousness, and
could see him crying.

Then Lucifer came forward. He bowed his head in respect, offered his
hand to Kreiatron, and said he offered this in Peace and Forgiveness.
Kreiatron was very fearful of Lucifer at first, but he eventually accepted
the offer and took his hand. They fully acknowledged each other and then
they actually embraced each other. Then Elora and I joined them. Lucifer
was on my left, Kreiatron on my right, and Elora across from me. We all
placed our hands over the hearts of the person on each side of us. We sent
each other Love, and Elora began to see a misty light energy forming in the
center of our circle. Then all of the Draco High Command gathered around
us on one side. They all reached their arms out over us and joined their
hands in the center in a salute to Peace. I placed my hand on theirs, and
asked all of the Sirian High Command to join us. They did, then all the
other races from the 'Peace Alliance' joined in, and I asked all Sirian
Allies to join us as well. All of our arms were like the spokes of a
wheel, with many different colors and textures. Elora saw this Light
growing bigger and brighter, and it lifted up over our heads and showered
all of us with the Light of Love and Divine Perfection. Elora sensed that
this was like a seed of a new star that would be born. She heard the
words, "Behold, I bring you tidings of great joy. And there shall no more
be anything accursed. I am the Gateway. I am the Doorway through which
all beings must pass, and I will remain open until the last one has passed
through. I am the Way, and all Stargates shall be connected to me. I am
the Sacred Place of the Most High." This 'Star' was the 'Gateway' to the
Future of Peace and Harmony and Thrival for All Beings.

When we returned to the Earth, we anchored this Divine Energy into her
core. Then I could hear God/Goddess giving the Earth a message to be
patient in her Birthing process. That more work needed to be done before
All Beings were ready for this shift into this Higher Dimension of
Consciousness. She would receive a signal from the Creator/Divine Oneness
when the time was right. She would recognize the signal and would know
when the time was right. She said she understood and would wait for the
proper time. We sent Her our Love and then returned home.

Later that night, my Guides showed up, along with Lucifer and Ankraruous.
Lucifer took me on board one of the Draco ships, and we made a 'hyperspace'
jump. I am not very visual, but the inside of their ship was most
impressive, very technologically advanced. We came out of 'warp' and
landed on their planet. There was a huge raised platform, and there was a
huge crowd of Dracos gathered together for a gigantic celebration and
ceremony. Then I realized that the Andromedans were there as well. They
gave me the message that the Sirians had signed a Peace Accord to end the
war with the Draco, and they had now joined the Galactic Peace Council.
They also promised to work with the Greys and Reptilians to free them from
their control and to invite them to join the Peace Council as well.

I climbed to the top of the platform, and could see thousands of Draco.
I saluted and honored them all for having the courage to take the first
step towards Peace, and thanked them for having placed their trust in me.
They all saluted and honored me in return, and tears just rolled down my
cheeks. Elora was also there, and they acknowledged and saluted her as
well. Then Ankraruous and Lucifer came forward, and presented me with
their highest medal of honor. Then Lucifer said he had something for me
that he had kept for a long, long time. It was a necklace with alternating
pendants of gold hearts and blue crystals. I had given it to him when I
first met him in that first Council of 6 life, as a female, many millions
of years ago. This was my promise to him that I would one day return to
help him out of this Darkness he had so fully embraced. When he placed
this around my neck, I just cried, because I finally realized that I had
accomplished what I had set out to do so long ago. We embraced each other
and I told him that I loved him.

Then all of a sudden I could see him just Light up inside, and he was
glowing. He was still very black, but it was a radiant black. Then he
just shed his black Draco skin, and became a Brilliant Being of Light. All
of the Draco were awed and stunned by this. Then Archangel Michael
appeared. They looked like Twins, perhaps they really were. Then they
embraced and went off together, floating up a beam of Light, up through the
Blue Crystal. Lucifer had finally Ascended!!! He had truly returned from
the Darkness, and had gone into the Light. Later, I realized that it had
been Lucifer who had led us in our Descent into physicality, into the
Darkness. So it was only fitting that he be the one to lead us in our
Ascension back into the Light of Unity, into the Future of ONENESS.

To Be Continued....

Love, Joy, Peace and Harmony,
Roger and Elora

Part 5: Final Preparation for the Stargate, Dec. 22, '97

Hello Everyone,

Elora and I had one last ceremony to perform as final preparation for
the work we were to perform on the Stargate. As we entered these last few
days before the Stargate, it became real obvious how much the Sirians and
their cohorts feared what we were doing, as the attacks intensified. I
would try to reason with them, and would tell them that what I was doing
would benefit all races, including themselves. I told them that I really
wanted to help them too. They weren't buying it. Why? Fear! At least
Kreiatron, Xarentron and their group of Sirians came to assist me a couple
of times. So not all Sirians were involved in these attacks, just the
rebels I would guess. I dealt with this in different ways, and there were
times when I just lashed back at them with whatever means were at my
disposal. I didn't like to have to fight back, but some times that was the
only thing that affected them. Usually I would just imagine that I was a
huge mirror and reflected all their negative thought-forms back at them,
only I would magnify them 10 or 20 times. It seemed to work. Sometimes
you have to hit the mule over the head to get his attention.

On Dec. 18th, Elora and I had a session where she went out to the local
Earth portal where she lives, to have her energy integrated and anchored
into this portal. We had received directions for our work during a phone
session just before she left to go to the portal. While she was at the
portal, I sat in a circle of Quartz Crystals in the portal area of my home,
and tuned into her. We were joined by many Beings, Michael and all of the
Archangels, Lucifer in his ascended Light-form, Asket and the God/Goddess
of the DAL Universe ( a parallel Universe for those unfamiliar with it).
John's Anasazi Guide, Wottanna and an Anasazi woman also joined us. (See
John's Web site for channelings from Wottanna: .)
Elora was to perform a Native American Medicine Wheel Ceremony, using
crystals and stones to hold the energy around the portal.

Elora describes her experience as follows:

I placed six crystals, 3 male and 3 female, in a Star of David pattern,
around the portal. I stood in the center of the Star of David and allowed
myself to integrate with the energies present. I could see that the portal was
wide open, like a huge glowing shaft going down into the earth and could see
the blue and gold colors that it was radiating. There still seemed to be a
bit of residual Dark energy, from when it had been previously blocked, that
needed to be cleared. I asked that it be removed and felt this occurring.

Next I called in Lucifer, now transformed and ascended, along with all of
the Archangels. They assumed a star formation around me. Lucifer,
Michael, and I stood together around the portal forming a triangle. Energy
was funneled through the three of us and through me into the portal area. I
could also see what looked like an ascending and descending spiral of many
angels coming and going. I was not sure what the purpose of this was, but
it seemed that towards the end of this part, each angel was giving and
receiving blessing from Lucifer. Blessing for his task and the integration
which he had achieved. I integrated the angelic energy and anchored it
into the portal.

Next I called in Wottanna and the other Anasazi. Starting from this point
the energy was quite strong and took some doing to anchor and integrate
through myself and into the portal. I was guided to walk three times
clockwise around the center stones but inside the Star of David pattern.
Then the three Sirians, Malatron, Xarentron, and Kreiatron whom Roger and I
had recently worked with, were called in. There was a little work that had
to be done with each of them personally first. Again the energy was very
strong and took some time to integrate and blend. Following the Sirians
were Asket and Arunzhia (Guardians of the DAL universe) were called in, and
their energy was also anchored into the portal.

Lastly, I called in the energy of Divine Oneness, Great Spirit: divine
unconditional love, to integrate into and bind into perfect wholeness all
the beings and all the energies present in the circle and into the portal.
To anchor unconditional love into the portal. The whole ceremony was one
massive integration of seemingly very disparate energies, yet all was
ultimately bound into wholeness. I spent quite a bit of time on my hands
and knees, crying with the deep emotions I felt and thanking God/Goddess
for allowing me to complete my task and for the opportunity to have served
Creation in this way. When the last portion was finished, I went to each
crystal in turn and energized it with the harmonized forces that were
present in my body from all the work that we had done. These crystals
would be used in our work with the Stargate on the 20th.

The rest is from Roger's perspective:

From my viewpoint, I could see the Archangels form a circle around Elora,
then Michael and Lucifer stood with her. Together they formed a 'Star
Tetrahedron' of energy. Then the two Anasazi joined her, and I sensed some
energy adjustments. After this, the Sirians came forward, and I asked them
to let go of any Ego attachments and agendas. I felt them release these
thoughts and energies, and saw them join with Elora. Then Wottanna asked
me to join them and I did. I merged my energies with Elora's, and then I
felt Asket connect this Circle of Energy and Beings with the Love and
Energy of the DAL Universe. Then I felt the Unconditional Love of the
Divine Oneness completely surround us. I experienced more energy shifts
and felt this Divine Energy flowing through us down into the Earth.

I separated from Elora and went down into the Center of the Earth.
There, I anchored this Energy of Unconditional Love, of perfectly Balanced
Light and Dark, and Male and Female Energies into the Core of the Earth.
Then, as we had done in the previous session, I connected to 7 other major
Earth portals, and sent this energy through each of those portals. Again,
there were two major triangular grids formed. Basically I saw all the
Light Grids around the Great Pyramid being activated. At this time I
sensed that the Archangels left Elora's circle and went out to surround the
entire Earth with their Love and Energy. I then felt this 'Star
Tetrhedron' energy expand outward to encompass the entire Solar System, and
then all of the stars: Sirius, Pleiades, Arcturus, Lyra, Orion and all the
others. It eventually encompassed the entire Milky Way Galaxy.

Then I returned to the surface, and Elora and I connected with the other
members of our Council of 6. Elora went around and thanked each one for
the role that they had played in making all of this possible. She
acknowledged each one, and gave them her Love. Then I did the same. Then
an additional healing was performed on both Elora and myself. I heard the
message that 'It Is Done', and we ended our session.

To Be Continued ....

Love and Peace,
Roger and Elora

Part 6: Final Stargate Ceremony

Hello Everyone.

This is the conclusion of Elora's and my series on the Stargate work.
THE DAY had finally arrived. I was most curious to find out what we would
actually be doing, as neither of us had any idea of what to expect. Each
of us laid out a circle of crystals in a Star of David pattern. Elora used
the same crystals that had been charged at the portal 2 days earlier. We
began our session a little before 1:00 pm Eastern Time, which would have
been about 8 pm at the Great Pyramid. We each smudged ourselves and our
Crystal Circles. First we had to clear some Dark Entities from Elora, and
also myself in the process. According to the Mayan Calendar (Skywa Moon's
version) this day was '10 Ahau'. It was the last of the Core Days, the
last day before 'stepping into the future'. The description of the energy
for this day are: union, wholeness, ascension, unconditional love, solar
mastery, Christ Consciousness, language of light, ecstasy, and limitless
bliss. Most appropriate considering the work that we were about to perform.

We each mentally placed 3 circles of golden energy around our circle of
crystals. Both of us connected to our Higher Selves and called in all of
our Spirit Guides, Asket, Arunzhia (Asket's mate), Michael and all the
Archangels, and Lucifer. We then connected to the Love and Energies of
God/Goddess and the Divine Oneness, and just allowed these energies to flow
through us. We merged our energies together, then called in John's Higher
Self, and he merged with us. We connected all of our Chakras to each
other, forming the energy triangles between the three of us. After this we
allowed God/Goddess to run energy through us. Next Asket and Arunzhia
connected us with the DAL Universe energies. Then we all were connected to
the Unconditional Love and perfectly balanced energies of the Great Spirit
and Divine Oneness. Once again, we held the thoughts of Love, Joy, Peace,
Harmony and Thrival for all Beings of the Entire Universe, and a perfect
Balance of Light and Dark, of Male and Female Energies.

Then we all went down into the Center of the Earth. I went down into the
portal at Mesa Verde, here in Colorado, Elora went down throught the portal
near her, and John went down through Stonehenge. We were joined by the
Higher Selves of the remaining Council of 6 members. Then two Anasazi,
Wottanna and Alisbeddescha, also joined us, and we anchored in the energies
of the Anasazi. The Anasazi have held the balanced energy of the Light and
the Dark, as they were genetic hybrids of the Draco and the 'Aryans'. Then
Michael and Lucifer joined us, and then the other Archangels joined as
well. At times I could feel some negative energy and my Ego creeping in,
and tried to shut it out. I was told to just relax and allow these
energies to integrate with the others. After all I have been a holder of
the Dark Energy. Then we all took up the positions to form a 'Star
Tetrahedron'. I was at the top, Wottanna at the bottom, Elora and another
member of our Council and Alisbeddescha formed a triangle at the middle,
while John, Michael and Lucifer joined in the center. Those of us on the
perimeter all connected to each other, then we all connected to John in the
Center. John connected all of us to Michael and Lucifer. The Energy just
flowed and built up inside our 'Star'. The other Archangels took up a
'Star Tetrahedron' formation surrrounding the Earth.

Once our 'Star Tetrahedron' was completely charged with all of our
energies, I directed this energy out through all of the main Earth portals
as we had done earlier. Each time, the energy would go out through the
portal and intersect with the Archangels' 'Star Tetrahedron', and then go
out through the Cosmos. We added one new set of portals, again forming a
triangle. As we focused on each portal, I thanked and honored the Beings
who were the Guardians of the Portal. Several of these, particularly the
new ones, had some major Dark Energy blockages that were removed. At one
point I thanked and honored the Anasazi for having held the Balanced Energy
for all these thousands of years. There was a lot of Dark Energy
associated with the Aztecs, and all of the human sacrifices that had to be
released and healed. Also, the Dark Energies associated with the Spanish
Conquest of Central and South America, and the American conquest of the
Native peoples of the United States were cleared and healed. We focused
Love and Compassion on all of the Native People of the Americas. They still
were holding a lot of grief, hatred, anger and resentment at the way their
people were tortured, abused and systematically eliminated by the White
Race. We asked that all of this be healed. I became even more aware of my
close connections to the Native American people, and realized that my
psychic sponge tendancies have not just been limited to this life. I knew
that I had had a life in Peru, as a Native Priestess, at the time of the
Conquest, and there were others. I had taken on all of their grief, anger
and pain, so we had to do a short healing on myself to release all of this
energy, and to heal my own heart. I had some tremendously healing energy
releases. When we were finished I sensed that all of these Spirits were at
last set free, and returned to Source. When we focused on the Asian
portal, we had to do a similar healing for the Asian people to release and
heal all of their pain, grief, anger and resentment. Again these Spirits
were set free and returned to Source.

Each of these portals that we focused on represented one of the Chakras
of the Earth. We connected to the First through Sixth Chakras, and a few
others and cleansed and healed these with this Divine Energy. There were
essentially three sets of portals that were connected in a triangle. Then
there were two 'mountain' portals that act as beacons at the geometric
center of two of the Triangles. One here in the Rockies, and one in the
Alps. When these were activated, I could see them rise up and form the
apex of two large Pyramid energetic structures. These 'Pyramids' then were
filled with this Divine Energy. Then the two 'beacon' portals were
connected to each other.

Stonehenge was associated with the 6th Chakra. When the Energy was sent
out through this portal, it went out to the Collective Consciousness of
Humanity, to assist in lifting the veils so that all Beings would now see
the Truth, and the need for Balance, for Love and Joy, Peace and Harmony
among all peoples of all races. Then we watched as all of the Light Grids
connecting all of these portals were set in place and activated. Many
other Earth portals and Light Grids were also activated and filled with
Divine Love. Elora also saw the Christ Consciousness Grid surrounding the
Earth also being activated.

Then we finally turned our attention to the Great Pyramid in Egypt. This
represents the Core Star Chakra (12th) of the Earth. There was some more
Dark Energy and Elora saw 54 Dark Entities still blocking this portal. We
asked for assistance from the Archangels and God/Goddess to release the
Entities and clear the Dark Energies. These Entities had been anchored to
the Center of the Earth, and they also were connected to a Huge Dark Entity
located at the base of the Pyramid. I called in Shasha, who is like an
Over Soul to these Dark Entities, and we also asked Lucifer to assist us.
We asked Mother Earth and this large Entity to release these Dark Entities
from their 'contract'. Mother Earth agreed to release them, but Dark
Entity told us that it did not think that the Collective Human
Consciousness was ready for this change yet. It was not expecting this
energy shift to happen for another 15 years. I was given the message to
relay to them that things had been accelerated from the Original Plan.
That it was necessary to begin the Ascension process now, so that within
the next 15 years all Beings on Earth could Ascend, that no one was to be
left behind. I asked them to look into my eyes so that they could see that
I spoke the Truth. They could see this, so I asked Shasha and Lucifer to
give them their blessings and to release them from their obligations. We
thanked and honored them for the role that they had performed for the Earth
and all of us. Elora told them that they would be free to move on to the
next stage in their evolution. Finally the large Dark Entity agreed to
release them. We could see them all exiting in pairs, through a door of
some kind.

Then we turned our attention to the large Dark Entity, and I could see
several Goddesses, including Isis, joining us. They all spoke to the
Enitity to assure it that it was OK to leave now. We again asked it leave
and to Transmute to Love and return to its Source. It finally departed,
and I could see it going out through the portal. It stopped at the edge of
the Christ Consciousness Grid, looked back, thanked us and then left.

Now that the Portal was completely clear, we turned our attention to the
Blue Portal Crystal beneath the Pyramid. Elora, John and myself all moved
up to the Crystal. We each held a Blue Crystal Key that allowed us to
access a control panel on the side of the Crystal. We each knew a personal
secret sequence code that had to be entered into this panel. Actually it
was some 'past Selves' who knew the codes, we just had to connect to them
and bring them into our Consciousness. We had all been involved with this
portal in another time. The three of us took turns, John went first, then
Elora. But before I took my turn, we all connected to each other. I asked
God/Goddess for permission to enter the final sequence code to activate the
Blue Crystal. I was given permission, and I entered the sequence code. I
could feel a huge surge of energy as the Crystal was activated and began
charging with this Divine Energy of Unconditional Love, and Perfect Balance
of Light, Dark, Male and Female Energies. The Energy built up and a beam
of energy was sent out to the Crystal in the Portal Chamber above. We each
linked our energies together again, and held our right hands on the
Crystal, and our left hands on each others hearts. We could feel the
energy pulsing and building up inside this Crystal. Then once I knew that
it was fully charged, we all released our hands simultaneously and this
Energy was discharged out through the Portal. The Stargate and the Entire
Earth Grid was completely filled with Unconditional Love and perfectly
Balanced Energy. I saw a beautiful purple and violet Light, which felt
very peaceful and calm and full of Love. It radiated outwards for some
time. I could sense it going out to Sirius, the Pleiades and all the other
Star Systems of this entire Galaxy.

Then Elora got the message that we needed to align the Portal with the
'Gateway' Stargate that we had seen form several days earlier. We called
in the Andromedans and the Taygettan Pleiadians to help us with this
alignment. Again each of us had to enter a secret sequence code. John
went first, and Elora followed. Then I was given a special 'diamond' key
to open another panel to align the 3rd axis. Again we linked our energies
and I asked for permission to enter the final sequence code. When I
finished I could feel a very powerful surge of Energy, as the Portal was
activated. I got the message that all Beings who were ready to Ascend and
enter this Future of Love, Joy, Peace, Harmony and Thrival would come
through this Portal and enter through this 'Gateway' Stargate, even Beings
from other worlds. I also got the message that now, for any ET Beings to
come through this Portal, that they would have to adjust their own
Frequencies to match those within this Portal and Stargate. In the past,
the Portal Frequencies would be adjusted to match those of whatever Beings
were coming through. This would no longer be the case, and they would have
to adjust to the Divine Frequency that is now anchored into this Portal and
Stargate, or they would be reflected away.

Then we ended our session with a little ceremony involving the members of
our Original Council of 6. We were joined by Michael and Lucifer, who had
been our Guides throughout our journey. We all acknowledged each other,
and gave each other our Love. I told Lucifer that I thought that he was
the most courageous and magnificent Being in the entire Universe. He had
the most difficult role to play, and had performed it admirably. I told
him that I loved him very much. He told all of us that he loved us, and
thanked us all for fulfilling our obligations. Our Mission was essentially
complete. We thanked and acknowledged all of our Guides and all the Beings
who had taken part in this magnificent ceremony. We sent them our Love,
and then we ended our session with the statement 'So let it be Written, So
let it be Done!'

Love, Joy, Peace, Harmony and Thrival to All,
Roger and Elora



Since Elora's and my encounter with Lucifer, I have continued to
experience some encounters with some more of my Draconian Soluruous Selves.
I eventually came to realize that in six of my Draco lives I had been a
Soluruous, which is the highest position among the Draco hierarchy. I would
eventually meet all six of them, and finally come to accept all of them for
who they were. There was much anger, pain and suffering connected to these
existences that had to be resolved, and healed. Often times when my Draco
Selves first appear I would experience a sense of being attacked. It's like
they would merge with me, and I would feel a lot of anger and rage. This
has happened many times over the last several months. Once I realize that
it is one of my Draco Selves, I try to talk to them. I ask them what they
want, and why they are so angry, etc. The responses vary. Sometimes all I
get is their anger, other times they will actually listen to me and talk to
me. Through these experiences I have come to a level of understanding and
acceptance of the role that the Draconians have played in this Creation.

The following is a description of an encounter with one of my Soluruous
Selves. Shortly after Elora and I had met Lucifer, I had been thinking of
the Draco hierarchy and how Lucifer was like their 'god', and the Soluruous
was next in command, followed by the rest of the 12 High Command. I began
to realize that I had not actually met the 'current' Soluruous, and I was
wondering who he was. All of a sudden I knew that he was one of my Other
Selves. Then it occurred to me that my Soul had essentially incarnated as
'twin' selves in this life time, myself and this Draco Soluruous, who was
called Demphisyruous. We both existed in the same time, just in different
dimensions. So in effect my Soul was experiencing both Aspects of the
Duality, the Light and the Dark, simultaneously. Then I also realized that
as I transmuted my fears, anger and resentment with Love and Light, I was
healing both him and myself at the same time. In effect I was bringing the
two of us together as the ONE Being that we are, I was bringing this Dark
Aspect of me into Balance with the Light Aspect of me.

The next morning I felt a lot of Draco energy, and felt like I was being
attacked again. There was a lot of anger present, and I had a very
difficult time with my clearing meditation. Then Elora called and we were
going to do a healing on her. But I felt like I was still being attacked. I
knew it was Demphisyruous, so we decided we needed to look at what this was
all about before we worked on her. So I asked him to join us, and he did.
Elora channeled him for me, to make it easier for me to really hear him. He
was very angry with me. He knew that we were both part of the same Soul,
that we were like twins. He told me that he felt that the two of us could
not possibly exist together, because he was of the Dark and I was of the
Light. He thought that I had wanted to destroy him, so he wanted to kill me
before I could kill him, he felt it was either him or me.

I wasn't sure what to make of this at first, but I finally told him that
there was another way, that we didn't have to try to kill each other, that
we could live in peace and harmony with one another. I assured him that I
did not want to destroy him, because I knew that he was me. If I killed
him, I would be killing part of myself. I apologized to him and asked him
to forgive me, because yes, there had been times not so long ago when I was
terribly afraid of the Dracos, and yes I had wanted them all to be
destroyed. I also apologized to him for all of the other Beings of the
Light who wanted to destroy and annihilate the Dracos and all other Beings
of the Dark Consciousness. I told him that I knew that this was not part of
the Great Plan, for either the Light or the Dark to destroy the other. Now
I recognized what truly magnificent Beings they were. I told him that I had
the utmost respect for their intelligence and knowledge, that I marveled at
the technology that they had created, that no other Beings in this Universe
could match. I honored them for that, and for the courageous warriors that
they are. But I also told him that our two species needed to find a
peaceful resolution to all of our differences, that we had to end all of
the hatred and destruction. I wanted to work with them to help achieve
that. I told him that I forgave him for his anger with me, and for his
attacks on me. I then laid down my Light Sword at his feet, and told him
that I placed my life in his hands. This confused him at first, but he
could see my peaceful intent.

I told him that he had the same Light within him that I had within me,
that he too was a Being of Light. He didn't understand how this could be,
it was so totally contrary to everything that he had ever been taught or
believed in. I told him to speak to Lucifer if he doubted that what I told
him was the Truth. Lucifer then came forward and assured Demphisyruous that
I spoke the truth. Lucifer told him that I could be trusted and that I was
a bridge between the Light and the Dark. Lucifer asked Demphisyruous to
hold his ring, with the red stone, that he wore on his finger, to know that
he spoke the truth. Then Demphisyruous fell to his knees, screaming in pain
and anguish, releasing the rage, the anger, and all the darkness he carried
within him. He released his pain and guilt for all the men, women and
children that he had tortured or killed. We all witnessed this with silent
respect. When he had finished he stood again, with his head bowed and tears
running down his face. He said that he would do whatever Lucifer asked of
him, since he was his 'Lord'. But Lucifer told him that, no, he had to
agree of his own free will, that nothing would be forced on him.

He eventually accepted me for who I am, and that I had been speaking the
truth. He asked me to forgive him, and I did. I again asked him to forgive
me, and he did. I told him that I knew and felt his pain, that I had been
like him in other lives, that I too had been Draco and a Soluruous. I
called in Sansiruous, Huitzilopochtli and my other Draco Selves, and I
asked them to show him who they were as Draconians, then to show him the
Light within them, so that he could see who they really were. I told him
that all of them were Aspects of myself and him. He said he recognized
Sansiruous, that he had acted as one of his guides. Sansiruous stepped
forward and thanked Demphisyruous for his courage and acknowledged him. I
told him that this current life of mine has enabled me to see that I was
both Light and Dark, and that all of us, Draco and Human, were the same
Being on a Soul level. He began to know and to accept this. Then I placed
my hand over Demphisyruous' heart, and told him that I loved him. Then
Lucifer placed his right hand over Demphisyruous' heart, and his left hand
over my heart. The three of us stood there for a moment sharing this Love

Then the 12 members of the Draconian High Command joined Demphisyruous
forming a circle around a large fire. I entered the circle and stood on the
opposite side of the fire from Demphisyruous. There was to be a gift
exchange, but at first I didn't know what I could offer him. Then I
remembered that the night before, Pi (my Spirit Guide) had presented me
with a Double 'Star' Tetrahedron, with a heart in the center, on a chain
and had placed it around my neck. This was to be my gift to him. Then both
of us stepped into the fire, and he offered his Black Dagger as his gift to
me. All of the Draco high command wear these as a mark of rank and also as
a bond to Lucifer. The hilt of the dagger is fashioned with a serpent
coiling around it. The eyes of the serpent are made from the same red stone
that is in Lucifer's ring. Then he unbuckled the black belt and scabbard
that he wore and handed it to me. He told me that by accepting this dagger
and scabbard, that I would be known and recognized to the Draconians as one
of them. I told him I understood this, and I accepted it with honor,
respect and gratefulness, thanking him for such a magnificent gift. I told
him that I would be honored to wear it. Then as I had been instructed by
Lucifer, I moved the Light Sword sheath to my right side and I strapped on
the black belt and scabbard and placed the Black Dagger in its sheath on my
left side.

Then I held out the Star Tetrahedron with the heart in it to give it to
him, as a symbol of the heart that he had somehow lost. He told us that all
Draco held the belief that their hearts were stolen from them shortly after
birth. Because they had no heart they could not feel the pain that they
often inflicted on other Beings, nor could they feel any compassion for
them. He said that he really preferred to have his own heart back, and not
just a symbol of his heart. Then Pi told me that the heart inside the
Tetrahedron really was his heart. So he agreed to accept it, and then knew
that indeed it was his own heart. I then reached into his 4th Chakra and
placed this 'Diamond Heart' inside of his heart. I then held my hands over
the front and back of his 4th Chakra as the love energy was fully
integrated into his entire Being. He could now feel love and compassion for
the first time and he had tears running down his face. We embraced as the
brothers that we were, and I told him that I loved him.

I then pledged my word of honor to spread the word among the Light Forces
and to all of humanity and to ask them to relinquish their hatred and fear
of the Dracos and other Beings of the Dark Consciousness. I said I would
work to bring Peace and Harmony between the Draco and humankind here on
Earth, and to the entire Galaxy and Universe. I would be the Bridge between
the Light and the Dark. Then Demphisyruous said that he would act as the
Bridge from the Dark Side, to help bring other Draconians and Reptilians
into this understanding, to bring them into acceptance of Peace. He also
offered me his protection, and asked me to help them find and retrieve the
hearts of all Draconians. I said that I would do this.

Then we witnessed a ceremony in which Lucifer was honored for the
incredible sacrifice that he has made embracing the Dark Side of
Consciousness. First, a fragrant wreath of flowers was placed around his
neck. Then Pi placed a chain of many 'medals of honor' around his neck, and
placed a Diamond Crown on his head, which is the highest honor that can be
given to any Being.

Next, I was directed to hold the Black Dagger in my left hand, and the
Light sword in my right hand, and to hold them over my head. I held the
tips of the blades together, allowing the Light and Dark energies to
integrate. Then Lucifer raised his shiny Black Sword and touched the tip of
its blade to mine. Then Archangel Michael raised his blue white sword, and
Elora raised hers. Then all the Dracos raised their black daggers, and we
all formed a wheel with the blades of our swords and daggers like the

Then I sensed a blue light coming down from over my head. We felt the
presence of a God/Goddess Being from the DAL Universe, a parallel Universe.
The God/Goddess Being told us that this Universe of ours was but a Shadow
of their Universe, the Shadow of Illusion. They asked us who we were, and
in whose name did we open this pathway between our universes. Elora and I
answered, giving our 9th Dimensional Being Names. We were all asked if we
were now ready to accept the Union of the Light and the Dark into total
Unity and Oneness. Elora and I, along with Archangel Michael and Lucifer,
all responded "Yes, this is our desire and our intent." Then God/Goddess
told us "It is Done". Then, we could feel the Light and Dark Energies
beginning to merge in an awesome process. Elora had visions of rapidly
alternating polarities, male/female, Light/Dark, and so on.

Then as one final celebration, Sananda now stood before us all and
received his Diamond Crown from the God/Goddess of the DAL Universe, to
honor him for his role and for his great love and compassion for all Beings
of the Universe. Sananda said that he had waited a long time for this
moment, and that he had not thought it possible that it would happen so
soon. He thanked both of us, and he thanked Lucifer and the other
Draconians for their part in making this happen. He then joined with
Lucifer and they embraced with great love and joy, as the brothers that
they were. Lucifer then thanked all the beings who had aided him in his
journey and his monumental task. He held out his arms to Elora and myself,
and the three of us embraced.

Love and Peace,
Roger and Elora

Part 5: A HEALING FOR THE EARTH, Oct. 18, '97

Saturday, October 18 was a very powerful day in terms of the Mayan
Calendar. So my wife and I joined Skywa Moon and some of her friends who
were gathering at one of their homes to 'run' the WU language. This is an
ancient language which allows very powerful access to Spiritual Energies.
Anyone who wants to learn more about Skywa and the WU language, you can
reach her at:

Saturday was Caban or Red Earth Day on the Mayan Calendar, and the Guiding
Energy was Muluc or the Moon. This day was also a 'Teyolia' day, or 'in the
heart of the mountain'. Plus, it was a portal day. (Note that this is based
on the original interpretation of the Calendar, not some of the recent
ones.) So to start the meditation session, Skywa told us that each of us
would have a particular mountain that we would have a special connection
with, such as Mt. Shasta or Pikes Peak near Colorado Springs. These
mountains would help connect us to a certain mountain in Peru, in the
Andes. So each of us in the group (there were 8 of us in all) thought about
which mountain had special significance to us. The first one I thought of
was Pikes Peak, since on my first trip to see Skywa I had realized it was a
giant Earth Portal and also a 'Beacon' of sorts. I had pointed my Light
Sword (which I had just received in an Astral journey) at Pikes Peak and
asked the Mother Earth to activate the portal there, and to send out her
Love through this Beacon. I muscle tested on lots of other favorite
mountains of mine, but Pikes Peak seemed to be the one for me. Next we all
followed Skywa's lead and said the WU words and opened an insertion window,
in which I placed all of my anger and fears. As we ran the words, I could
feel some pain in my liver and in the rib cage around it, as this energy
was being released. I held my amethyst crystal over the liver and sent it
Love and Light. My liver had still been healing from the many implants that
had recently been removed.

Then we did a meditation where we each connected to our mountain, we
opened up all of our Chakras, and I actually went down inside Pikes Peak.
We greeted the mountain, and we connected our heart Chakra to the mountain
and to the heart Chakra of the Earth. Skywa was channeling to us, talking
about how water is the blood of the Earth. We were told that we each
represented a certain sector of the Collective Consciousness, and as we
shed our own tears for the pain and abuse the Earth has received from
humanity, we would also shed tears for the Collective. We were to allow our
tears to fall to the Earth, to fall on our mountain and let them run down
its sides. I could see Pikes Peak itself crying its own tears of pain and
sorrow. These tears, were the healing waters of the Earth, that would bring
her the healing that she now needed. Then I realized that the part of the
Collective that I represented was the Draconians, and all Reptilians. Skywa
was asking the Earth for forgiveness for all of humanity, so I asked the
Mother Earth to also forgive all the Draconians and Reptilians for all of
the damage and abuse that they had caused over the last 12,000 years. She
forgave them, and I sent this forgiveness out to all of them. I also asked
forgiveness for them for the destruction of Maldek. I sent out forgiveness,
love and compassion to all the Draco and all the Reptilians and the Greys.
I could see the Draco and the Reptilians gathering around me. I called to
Sansiruous, one of my Soluruous Selves and all of the others and
acknowledged and honored them for the magnificent beings that they are.
They began to truly understand the messages that I had been trying to send
them over the last couple of weeks. They finally understood how important
it was to end the destruction of this planet and all others. They
apologized to me for all of the pain and suffering they had caused me. They
asked me for forgiveness. I forgave them for myself and for the Earth. I
started crying and held out my arm, with my hand up and palm forward, to
salute them and to welcome them in peace. I cried their tears for them, for
all the pain and destruction they had caused, and sent these tears to Pikes
Peak and the Earth.

At this point Skywa played a tape of some music, and one of the songs was
'Amazing Grace'. As this song was playing, I saw many, many Draco filing
past me, one at a time, and they all laid down their Black Daggers at my
feet, as a gesture that they were ready to embrace peace. They all formed a
circle around me, and I could see them kneeling and bowing their heads to
honor me. I guess they finally realized my true intentions and commitment
to them. I accepted their daggers, and saluted and honored them. Then
another group of Reptilians approached the circle, and their leader asked
permission to enter. I gave my permission, it was the Sirians (B). I
forgave and honored them as well. He said that they were ready to accept
the peace, and then all of them filed past me one at a time, laying down
their Daggers and saluting me. They too apologized for all of the attacks
on me, and for all of the daggers that I had been stabbed with. They said
they now understood what I had been trying to do for all of these Draco
lifetimes. I could see a huge pile of daggers all around me. I held out my
hand again, palm forward to salute and honor them all. I thanked them all
for having the courage to actually lay down their daggers. I could see all
of them all around me bowing their heads in acceptance of me for who I was,
and to honor me for what I had done.

Then I saw Lucifer coming forward and joining us. I saluted him, and held
out my palm to him. He held out his palm, touching mine and saluted and
honored me and thanked me for all that I had done to make this happen. I
then bowed my head to him, and honored him. Then he placed something on my
head, and touched my shoulders with his Black Dagger, and then he laid it
at my feet, saying that he too now fully embraced the Peace as leader of
all Draconian races. Then I realized that he had given me his crown, the
one that the God/Goddess of the DAL Universe had presented to him. I told
him that I couldn't possibly take this from him, but he insisted. He said
that he was unworthy of it, that I had earned it with all of the work that
I had done. It was his gift to me. So I accepted it with honor and thanked
him. He knelt before me and I placed my hand on top of his head and asked
God/Goddess to forgive him and all of the Draconians. Then he stood and we
placed our hands over each other's heart. At one point I could hear all the
Dracos saying something in unison in their own language. I understood it as
their way of honoring me, and asking me to lead them in reaching a peaceful
Agreement with all other Races.

Then I called to the Light Beings, the Andromedans and the Pleiadians,
etc. I told them that if the Dracos were willing to lay down their Daggers,
then they should also lay down their Light Swords. They did. The
Andromedans and the Pleiadians came first, laying their Swords on top of
the pile of Daggers. Then more and more Light Warriors came forward. I
could see them shaking hands with some of the Draco, and then they embraced
each other. Once again, I knew what the purpose had been for all of my
Draco and Soluruous incarnations. The Star of David came to mind and I was
at the center and my six Soluruous Selves were the six points of the Star.
Each one represented a different faction or sector of the Draconian
contingent. The others were at the next level out. I told them to send this
energy of forgiveness, love and compassion out to all Draconians and
Reptilians everywhere. I now more fully understood my role with them, and I
could finally be at peace with all of them.

Love and Peace,

Part 1: Pyramid Stargate and the Sirians, Dec. 22, '97

Greetings Everyone,

I have had numerous profound experiences over the last month or so and I
feel it is important that I share some of them with you now. These
experiences were all related to the Stargate Opening at the Great Pyramid
in Egypt, that happened on December 20th, 1997. Please read this with an
open mind and an open heart. Some of my perceptions of what has happened
may not sit well with some of you. I only ask you to consider it without
judgement, and to look within to know your own Truth concerning these

About mid November, during a meditation I was shown a past life scenario
where the Draconians took advantage of a Stargate opening of the Main
Pyramid Portal of a particular planet in the Andromeda Galaxy. I was one
of the Commanders of a huge Draco fleet. This portal was very similar to
the portal at the Great Pyramid here on Earth. In that other space and
time, when the Stargate opened, the Draco swooped in enmasse and conquered
the planet.

Then I was shown another past life where I was one of a group of people
who had knowledge about the workings of the portal at the Great Pyramid in
Egypt. We knew how to 'tune' the frequency of the portal to the frequency
of the Beings coming through. So I knew that it was possible that the
portal could be somehow be 'tuned' in such a way as to prevent any kind of
invasion from the Draco, the Reptilians or whoever. I also knew that this
was something that had to be done at the time of the Stargate opening at
the Great Pyramid. I was told that Elora, myself and John, another member
of our original Council of 6, would be able to do this. I just didn't know
what it was we had to do, only that it needed to be done shortly after the
Stargate opening. I was also warned by my Guides that things would become
very difficult for me. I soon found out that they weren't kidding.

Lately, I have had a lot of trouble with being a psychic sponge, picking
up lots of negative energy when I am around other people. One day I had
gone to a store, and felt the usual psychic energies. But as I began my
clearing process I realized that this was not the usual psychic attack. I
began to realize that I had literally been blasted with some kind of
'energy beam', like a 'disruptor' beam. I was feeling very weak and was
starting to lose it. My Spirit Guides came to my rescue and I could see
myself being carried off on a stretcher. They took me up through the 'Blue
Crystal' to the Higher Realm, and some Angelic Beings began working on me.
I really wasn't sure I was going to make it, but they told me that it was
not my time yet, and I managed to pull myself out of it. After I recovered
a bit, I called Elora, and had her 'look' at my Aura, and she saw that
there was a hole in my outer Auric layers that still needed more healing.
So we called in the Archangels and Light Technicians to complete the

Later, I asked who had attacked me? The answer that I got was the Aryan
Sirians, from Sirius A. Or at least they were behind it. Then it occurred
to me that it was the Sirians who were planning on coming through the
upcoming Stargate, not the Draco. This should come as no big surprise
since it is well known, at least in some circles, that the Sirians have a
close connection to Egypt and the Great Pyramid. I started getting
information that the Aryan Sirians control certain groups of the Reptilians
and the Greys, or at least have a very strong Alliance with them. Many of
you may dispute this, but that is the message that I got. It should be
pointed out here that not all Reptilian species are aligned or even
associated with the Draco. I am finding out that this is particularly true
of the Greys. So I began to suspect that the Aryan Sirians were planning
an invasion of some kind to take control of the Earth. As Elora can attest
to, when we have dealt with other Beings in our sessions, I seem to have
the ability to see right through any deceptions. I can look into their
eyes and know if there is an honest intent or a hidden agenda. So with the
Sirians, I did not sense an honest intent here. Whether this was just my
own paranoia, I don't know for sure. But the more I focused on these
thoughts of the Sirian involvement and the thoughts of working with the
portal at the time of the Stargate opening, the more frequent the attacks
on me became.

After one particular attack from the Sirian Reptilians, I just gave up
trying to fight back, and lay on the floor and told them that if they
wanted to kill me, then fine, go ahead. But I gave them the same message I
had given the Draco earlier. That if they insist on this destructive path
of conquest and end up destroying the Earth, that it would be the beginning
of the end of life in this entire Galaxy. Lately, I had been given the
message that if the Earth was destroyed like Maldek was, that it would
implode and create a black hole that would eventually suck in the entire
Galaxy. I told them this, and then told them to look into my eyes, to know
that this was true. I told them that the Draco had come to realize this,
and had decided to give up their own plans of conquest. I told them that I
would work with them and the Draco to forge a peaceful agreement that would
benefit both sides. I said that if they chose death for me, then in effect
they chose death for themselves and their entire race as well. I told them
the choice was theirs. What would they choose, Life or Death? They backed
off and stopped the attack.

I then called in the Sirian Supreme Commander and the Reptilian leader
as well. I told them that I would no longer fight them, and I took off my
Dagger and Light Sword and laid them down, one more time. I asked them to
lay down their Swords, to end the war with the Draco and to accept peace.
I called in Demphisyruous, my 'Twin Self' who is the Draco Soluruous, and
told the Sirians that he would also lay down his dagger if they would lay
their Swords down first, as an act of faith and trust. They finally agreed
and laid them down, and then Demphi laid down his dagger. Then Lucifer and
Ankraruous, Demphi's First Officer, joined us, as did Ashtar and Sananda.
All of us joined hands and made a statement of intent to choose Peace and
Life. The Andromedans then joined us and pledged to act as the neutral
arbitrator to work out the Peace Agreement. They would create a special
'Neutral Zone' specifically for the Sirians and the Draconians, who I have
come to realize have been mortal enemies for eons.

Then, appropriately enough, on December 7, I felt another major psychic
attack. The 'peace' I thought we had attained obviously didn't last. But
this time I realized that it wasn't really me that was being attacked. It
was Demphisyruous who had been attacked, and I was just picking up on it.
He had been wounded by some 'disruptor beams' from the Sirians. Later I
found out that it had been the Greys, who were working for the Sirians. I
guess he hadn't considered them as much of a threat, and they caught him
off guard. I could feel a sharp pain just below and to the left of the
heart. I joked with him that they were pretty poor marksmen, since they
had missed his heart. He said that 'the Sirians couldn't hit the broad side
of the barn from the inside'. We laughed together, and I told him that the
Sirians had no sense of honor, as he had just laid down his dagger in a
gesture of peace two days before. But then I felt a strong pain in my
heart, actually it was his heart, from another energy blast, and I knew he
was in trouble. I could sense him slipping away, and I reminded him how
tough and strong he was, that he could make it through this. Then I heard
Pi, my Guide, say 'get him up here'. They took him up through the same
Blue Crystal like they always did with me, and began working on him. I was
right there at his side the whole time. I told him how much I honored and
respected him, and how much I loved him. But I could feel that he was
dying, and finally I saw his Spirit leave his body. I asked Pi if he had
just died. She said 'yes, that there was nothing that they could do.' I
just cried and cried, it was like I had just lost my closest friend and

As a point of clarification, initially I only knew that the Beings
attacking me and Demphi were from Sirius A. I didn't know whether Ashtar
or Sananda were related to this or not, or if they are even Sirian or not.
I have now received the message that Ashtar and Sananda are not connected
to these particular Sirians. Bear in mind not all Sirians are truly
Spiritually evolved, they just have very evolved psychic abilities. Ashtar
and Sananda may well have very pure intents, but they are obviously not in
control of all factions of Sirius A.

Later, I was transported to a Draco world and I could see his body up on
a very high funeral bier. I could see all the Draco High Command and many
others coming by, paying their respects and honoring him for his courage,
his honor and integrity, his dignity and pride. He had given his life for
the cause of Galactic peace. In an earlier astral ceremony, Lucifer had
presented me with a ring like his, with a red stone and a serpent wrapped
around it. I now knew that it had been Demphisyruous' ring that he had
given me. When I later called Elora to tell her the news, she visited this
place herself. She told me that Lucifer was not really grieving as much as
she would have expected. He told her that he and Demphi had known that
this was going to happen, and that was why he had given me the ring. So
now I effectively became the leader of the Draco, that with this ring, I
would command the respect that I would need from them. I told Ankraruous
that we needed to call a meeting of all the Soluruouses and their High
Command Officers as soon as possible.

The next morning all of the Draco High Command were here for our meeting.
There were six groups, each consisting of a Soluruous and his 12 High
Command. They came from various Star Systems: Auriga, Capella, Rigel, and
three others that I wasn't familiar with. We all agreed to a Statement of
Intent to work for Peace and Harmony, towards reaching a Peaceful Agreement
with the Sirians and their Allies. I commanded them to fight only in
self-defense of their people and of their worlds, that they would no longer
take the offensive. I told them to 'speak any concerns now, or to forever
hold their peace'. Only one group had any concerns, and they were quickly
dispelled. Each of them was then asked to state his intent, and each chose
Life and Peace.

Immediately after Demphi's death, I got the message that I would have to
allow Demphi's Spirit to merge with my own, it was all part of my Mission.
This was pretty scary for me, but yet I knew it had to be done. Three days
were allowed for grieving, and also to give his Spirit time to adjust.
During these three days my Guides did a lot of work on me to prepare my
body and to open my Chakras to receive his energy. Then on the fourth day,
I performed a ceremony where his Spirit merged with me, and we truly became
the One Being that we were. This was a most interesting experience, one
that I cannot begin to describe. The energy shifts that I felt were
incredible, and it was a little frightening at first, but I soon became
totally at peace with it, and with him.


To Be Continued......

Love and Peace,


Dan, I am also sending you this full set of messages. I know I already
sent you some of these. But I have decided to send both of you the entire
set of messages that I have posted to that web site. Feel free to add
whichever ones that seem appropriate to your web site. They do sort of
follow in order, and to only use selected ones may lose some of the story.
Since you were asking for an update, I will also write up all that has
transpired since May. There is one piece leading up to what happened at
Jack's that I feel is important and I will write that up also. It may take
me a little while to put all that together. So bear with me.

I hope these are useful in some way.

Love and Peace,

Part 1: Some INCREDIBLE Happenings, Sept. 27, 1997:

Hello Everyone,

I have some news that is truly mind boggling. Some truly incredible things
have happened on a Galactic Level on the Interdimensional planes in the
last couple of days (September 24-26,1997). Also, I have experienced some
incredible healing experiences myself which I will share with all of you
now. Much of what I am going to say will seem utterly impossible to some of
you. You just have to know in your hearts that it is true, there will be
few other ways for you to confirm what I have to say.

A little over a month ago I connected to a lady by the name of Elora
Gabriel, through e-mail, or rather she connected to me. Together we
discovered some very strong Soul level connections, and have done some
incredible healings on each other, to help us each Remember Who We ARE, and
Why We are Here. We have journeyed to connect to our 9th Dimensional
Selves, and have come to realize what our Mission here on Earth truly is.
Simply stated that Mission was to Bridge the gap between the Light and the
Dark Spheres of Consciousness. We were to play an instrumental role in the
Balancing of the Light and the Dark Energies, and to bring the Male and
Female Energies back together in Love and Harmony. To help us understand
how we had planned to accomplish this, we each connected to some important
Past or Other Dimensional Selves. For me, my Path was to emmerse myself
into the Draco existence, to go into the heart of the Dark Sphere of
Consciousness, to become the Dark, but all the while knowing at some very
deep level, that I was truly an Incredible Being of Light. Ultimately, I
became 'Soluruous' or the Draco 'Sun God'. The best way that I can describe
this type of being is that a 'Soluruous' is the first in the Draco
Heirarchy, directly under Lucifer's command.

So finally a couple of days ago, the Female Warrior Aspect of Elora, and
the Male Warrior Aspect of myself (Huitzilopochtli of Aztec fame) merged
together to become One Being. In that moment I knew that there was no match
in the entire Universe for the Power of the Combined Male and Female
Warrior Energies. Even the Draco could not match that Power, because they
had lost their connections to the Female Energies. This all happened on
Sept. 24.

That night I did some meditative healings on myself and it literally
opened the floodgates of my Awareness. I reconnected to that Soluruous
Self, his name was Sansiruous. He had lived in a different Galaxy, the
Draco Home Galaxy. I had 2 other lives as part of the 12 High Command under
other Soluruouses. I also recognized that these 'Soluruous' Aspects of
myself were also Tremendous Beings of Light underneath all of that anger,
rage and hate. I saw a pattern of terrible destruction, but I also saw that
what was happening was that partly through me, the Draco were slowly being
drawn here to Earth. My 9th Dimensional Self knew that this would be the
final battleground, the last stand of the Light Forces against the Forces
of the Dark. It had all been part of the Plan to bring the Light and Dark
Energies back into Balance. There was a terrible fear in me that if we
failed to accomplish our goal here, that the Earth could be destroyed in
another terrible war. But we knew that it all had to be done. At one point
Sansiruous and the others 'shed' their reptilian skins, and came into the
Light. Then I heard this voice say 'Good God, Roger'. Later I realized that
it was the Capellan Draco. They are the moderates who recognize the need
for resolution of all the differences between the Draco and the Humans.
Through all of this I felt a tremendous pain in my heart for all of the
destruction and deaths that we had caused, and I asked God and all of the
Angelic Beings to remove it and send me Light and Love to heal this pain
from all of these Draco lives.

Then the next morning, the 25th, the Capellans were back and told me that
they would fight for me against the Alpha Dracos. It turns out that they,
or at least their ancestors, had served under Sansiruous. Apparently they
were unsure about committing themselves to fight the Alpha Draco, but once
they recognized that this is who I was, they were willing to do so to
'serve' me. When they told me this I just cried. So a little while later, I
felt all of this negative bombardment by the Dracos. I was thinking that
there was some fighting going on somewhere, because I could feel it, it was
like people were being killed. Then I was directed to sit in my 'portal'
area and meditate. As I did, Morenae, the Andromedan told me that the War
with the Draco had begun. At one point I could feel a whole ship being
destroyed, and I felt this tremendous feeling of grief, and again I cried.
It felt like I was there with them. These were our 'people' and I
immediately took all those Souls into the Light. A little while later
Morenae came back and told me that the first battle was over, that the
Light forces which was comprised mostly of the Taygettan PLeiadians and the
Capellans, had succeeded in turning the Dracos back. The Andromedans had
remained in the rear as 'commanders'. My Pleiadian contact said they did
take some heavy casulties, about 350 Capellans and 150 Pleiadians had died.
They said they destroyed about 15 Draco ships. But what really got to me
was that they said that if the Capellans hadn't decided to join in the
fight, that they didn't think that they could have turned the Alpha Draco
back, and that they would not have joined in if not for what I had done the
night before. As it is they said that the Draco are in full retreat right
now. I really believe this, because I did not feel their energies all the
rest of the day. Also they said that because of what happened with me last
night, that the Rigelans had decided to stay out of the fight. They would
have been expected to side with the Alphas against us. So all of that
healing and re-connecting last night apparently made a huge difference in
the outcome of the battle. Nice to know I can have that kind of effect on
these things. But they also told me that they expect the Draco to regroup
and come at us full force at the next Stargate opening in December. I asked
if the Stargate opening could be stopped, and was told it's all part of the

Then something truly incredible happened yesterday, the 26th. In the
afternoon, Elora and I had another one of our sessions together, and we
connected with Sansiruous. Well, to make a long story short, we healed all
of his pain, and released all of his anger, rage and hatred to God and to
the Light. There had been this incredible dark black core in the center of
my heart, from the Sansiruous life. This was removed and the hole was
filled with Light. Then we had an incredible 'merging' ceremony on the 9th
Dimensional Level. Elora and I and my Spiritual 'Parents' all merged our
Energies together. It was an incredible feeling.

A little while after our session, Sir Henry, the Deva, was here to tell
me that there were a few thousand more Spirits for me to take to the Light.
He apologized, but told me that I was about the only one with the ability
to do this. So I said OK. I went to my portal and talked with the Spirits,
and opened the portal for them. It wasn't until they started going through
me into the Light that I realized that these Spirits were the Dracos who
had died in the battle yesterday. There were over 2000 of them. I forgave
them and told them to release their anger and their hatred through me. I
told them that God, the Great Spirit forgave them. Then I showed them that
I was the same Being as Sansiruous. Then Sansiruous 'shed' his dark,
reptilian skin, so that they could see the Light within him. So that they
would know that if a Soluruous was a Being of Light, that they were as
well. They were still very angry and confused over what had happened. Then
I felt them release all of their pain and anguish, and felt them go through
me into the Light. Then I asked them to make one more sacrifice. I asked
them to return, as Spirits, to their Comrades who were now massing and
planning for another assault on the Earth. I asked them to use all of their
strength, courage and Light to try to reach their Comrades, to appeal to
them to end this senseless killing and destruction.

Then I got the message from the Andromedans that their 'Secret Weapon'
had not been a weapon at all. It had been a Light Shield that had deflected
away the particle beam weapons of the Draco. It not only deflected it, but
also redirected it and focused it on another Draco ship. So in effect, they
had destroyed their own ships, about 15 of them. This was also meant to
send a message to the Draco, that through these kind of actions of theirs,
that they would end up destroying themselves, along with everything else.
It seems to have been quite effective. They were very confused right now,
and didn't understand what had just happened, and are trying to figure it
out. They saw what was happening, but somehow couldn't stop themselves,
even though they knew they were killing their own comrades, until many of
their own ships were destroyed. My Pleiadian contact told me that the Draco
shields were not configured to deflect their own particle beams.

When I had released these Spirits, I felt a lot of love and compassion
for these Beings. Even the Pleiadians told me that they admired my deep
compassion for such mortal enemies. I got the message from my Higher Self
that I should send Light and Love to the rest of the Draco now so that they
would begin to Know the Light within themselves. Then things got real
strange. I just walked over to my portal altar where I had lit several
candles and have 6 quartz crystals, 3 feminine and 3 masculine, laid out on
a cloth medicine wheel, with some other stones with the colors of the 4
directions. I put my hands over the candles and the crystals. Then it was
like Saniruous (the Soluruous Aspect that we had just healed) just took
over and came through me. I connected to the Draco, to Ankraruous in
particular. I had met him last spring. Sansiruous had known him, and I
guess he also knew that he is the 1st Officer under the current Soluruous.
I sent him Love and Light, and my heart was filled with compassion for the
thousands of them who had been killed. I told him that he was a magnificent
being, and that I honored and respected who he was. I admired his courage,
and I told him that he had the same Light deep within him as I did. I then
showed him the Light that was within myself, I showed him who I Truly WAS.
I told him that he was every bit as magnificent a Being of Light that I
was. I told him that I forgave him for all that he had done to me, I told
him that God forgave him. I then asked him to end all of this senseless
killing and destruction, to give up their relentless need for control, to
recognize that they were indeed slowly destroying themselves. I told him
that there was another way, that we could all live in peace and truly work
together in harmony. I told him that there were many humans who would be
willing to help them. I then asked him to release all of his rage, anger
and hatred, that he could release this through me. He did, and I felt all
of his rage, the hate, the anger, like I had felt earlier that afternoon
from Sansiruous. As this energy moved through me I connected to a Blue
Crystal at the 9th Dimensional level and released all of this energy
through this Crystal to God, and the Divine Oneness. Then I just sort of
collapsed and laid on the floor. I could feel this tremendous pain in my
heart, and I was in a daze. I was conscious the whole time, but felt real
strange. Then I heard Pi( my Spirit Guide) say 'get him up here now'. So
next thing I knew I was under this giant Blue Crystal, and I could feel
this Blue Light coming down to me. Then it was like the Crystal came right
down into my heart. Then I felt them take me through the Crystal Portal to
God. I asked Sananda and God to release this pain from my heart. Then I
felt Sananda put his hand over my heart and felt his tremendous love. Pi
was asking me why I did it, that it wasn't necessary for me to make this
great of a sacrifice. But yet I Knew that I DID have to do it. That was why
I was here. Sansiruous knew that Ankraruous was in a vulnerable state
because he had lost the battle. This was the first major loss the Draco had
ever suffered, they had never before lost a war. So Sansiruous knew that
this was the time to get through to him. If I/he had waited any longer, the
anger and rage would control Ankraruous once again, and he would plot his
revenge and the moment would be lost. I could feel all the Angelic Beings
working on me. It was like they were the paramedics scrambling to save my
life. I heard Pi say to call Marney (my wife) and Elora to call me back, to
know that I was still needed here, that they both loved me, and still
needed me. But all this time, I couldn't figure out what the fuss was all
about. I knew that I would be all right, and would come back like I always
did. I guess I was a lot closer to dying than my Consciousness recognized.
It was like I had complete and total Trust in God, that they would heal me
and I would be OK. I just knew that I wasn't in any danger of dying. Later,
Pi told me that it was only this total faith in God that had saved me. I
had no idea. This was all so strange to me, because until just recently I
did not have total faith in God. That faith was only returned to me through
all of the healing work I had done with Elora.

So once I came back to the room, I wasn't really sure what the impact had
been of what I had done. I kept hearing the Andromedans and the Pleiadians
saying 'My God, what did you just do???' I could sense a lot of excitement
and some confusion, like they were really scrambling around. Then Morenae
told me that the Draco had contacted them and had agreed to attend the
Peace talks and were sending 2 representatives to the Galactic Peace
Council. Then a little later I got the message that the Dracos stationed
here on Earth were being called back and were beginning to leave the
planet. I sensed some of the ones under the Great Pyramid leaving in their
ships. They were to be given safe passage. Still later, I became aware that
someone else was here. It was another Andromedan, but not one of Morenae's
people, it was some other Being. He told me that the peace talks were now
under way, and he thanked me for what I had done. None of them had dreamed
that this would even be possible so soon. So I am getting that the
probabilities for the success of our Mission just changed to as high as
99%. I also got the message that the Dark Forces are also backing off now.
Now we can finish the process of healing the Earth and ourselves.

At first this all just seemed so incredibly impossible. But this same
message has been pouring in from many sources. Even the Capellans were here
thanking me, that their people were grateful to know that their sacrifice
had really been worth it. The day after the battle I had seen myself
standing in front of all of the Capellans who had fought for the Light that
day. I honored them and acknowledged their efforts, and their sacrifices. I
told them that all those who had died had been taken to the Light, that
they would no longer have to return to the Dark World. I told them that I
was honored that they would have the courage to fight against those of
their own race. Interestingly, I got the information that most of their
warriors were female. So indeed the Alpha Draco had been caught off guard.
I also fully acknowledged the Pleiadians, and thanked them for making that
kind of sacrifice for the people of the Earth. Later I heard from
Ankraruous and he told me that they would negotiate in good faith. Morenae
confirmed this, and said that they would as well. I have received several
messages since then that the negotiations are going well.

Today, Saturday the 27th, I felt the presence of some more Dracos. It was
the Rigelans. They were wanting to know what was going on. I talked with
them, and asked them to also release their hate and anger through me, and
again I asked God to forgive them and to remove this pain from my heart.
This was done. Then I invited them to join the Peace Council. I realized
that one of my other 'Soluruous' Selves had connections to them. Even
Ankraruous was appealing to them to give up the fight, and to join in the
Peace talks. Eventually they agreed to send 2 of their own representatives
to the Council. Morenae welcomed them. Then a little later, some more Draco
showed up. These were from another nearby Galaxy. The energy vibrations of
what had happened here were rippling across the entire Universe. Again, I
went through the same process with them, and again Ankraruous urged them to
join him in negotiating a peace settlement. They too agreed.

Last night, after everything had settled down a bit, I lit several
candles all around the room, and turned out all the lights, and just sat in
front of my 'altar' with the candles and crystals. I could really feel the
Love flowing into my heart. I sensed I had many Angels and Light Beings all
around me sending me their Love. It felt soooo good! Then I took a long hot
bath in sea salt, and I could hear this voice talking to me. He was telling
me to share all of this with the world. I finally asked who He was, and
basically I got 'God'. He said to tell people to KNOW that all of this was
TRUE, to know it in their hearts. He asked that we fully Embrace this Truth
and not allow our doubts to allow the Dark Forces back into our
Consciousness. Then I was told to open the 'portal', that many peoples Soul
Selves were going to come down through this portal to merge with their
physical Selves. They would come through me so that I could feel them, to
feel their Love, so that I would know that this was True. The
Ascension/Descension process has truly begun. There is still much work and
much healing to be done here. But now much of the negative influences have
been removed, so there is much less resistance holding us back. So I would
like to encourage all of you to keep up the good work that you are doing. I
would also like to acknowledge and thank each and every one of you, for
your work, for your part in making all of this possible. Many of you have
touched my heart and given me so much Love and Light to help me through
some very difficult times over the last 7 or 8 months. I thank you all from
the bottom of my heart. So I now invite all Lightworkers to join in the
Celebration and in the Joy of this wonderful moment, to know in your hearts
that the time for the completion of all of our Missions is close at hand.

Please feel free to share this message with others. You have my blessing.

LOVE and JOY to ALL of YOU,
Roger Kerr

Part 2: Draco Counterattack, Oct. 1, '97

Hello Everyone,

This message is a continuation of the 'Incredible Happenings' message.
On October 1, five days after the Draco had agreed to attend the Peace
Conference, I felt a tremendous amount of negative energy. At one point I
felt a psychic attack that literally caused me to collapse on the ground in
my backyard. After a bit I realized that this attack was actually coming
from two of my other Draco Soluruous Selves. It seemed as if Lucifer had
ordered them to attack me. Lucifer is the Supreme Commander of all the
Draco forces. The Soluruouses are the first level of the High Command,
reporting directly to Lucifer, and in a sense are his right hand men. Each
Soluruous has a Council of 12 Commanders reporting to them. So to deal
with this attack, I called in Sansiruous, another of my Soluruous Selves,
and Huitzilopochtli, another Draco Self. I have made my peace with each of
them, and they have each helped me often. We all talked to them and told
them that all of us shared the same Soul, that we were all the same Being.
I asked them why they would want to attack their own Self. They were just
very angry with me. Sansiruous, Huitzi and myself each showed them that we
were Beings of Light, and told them that if we were Beings of Light, then
so were they. I sent them Light and Love, and finally the attack ceased
and I began to feel much better.

Then later that night, Elora called me to tell me that my Guide, Pi, had
come to her to tell her that more of the Draco were going to be coming
after me. Talk about going into fear, I just cried. Then Pi came to me
and told me that she and my other Guides were going to place a layer of
protection, a shroud, around me for a few days to prevent them from being
able to locate me. It seemed like a layer of very dark energy, so that my
Light would not shine through to give me away. The next morning I could
sense several of the Draco around me, trying to figure out what was going
on, probing trying to find me. It was if they knew I was there, but
couldn't see me. I didn't react and after a bit they left.

Later, I got the message that many factions in the Draco military did not
want peace, and that Ankraruous (the current 1st Officer) had begun to
waver from his position of negotiating a peace. They had launched a
counterattack, bombarding the Earth with large amounts of negative psychic
energy. I received confirmation from the Andromedans that another attack
had indeed begun. It soon became apparent that any lasting Peace would have
to be negotiated directly with Lucifer himself. Since Ankraruous was only
First Commander under the Soluruous, he was unable to convince his
superiors of the need for Peace, and thus the war was not over.

One of the ways the Draco use to attack me, or anyone else for that
matter, is through pyschic or etheric implants. These are various assorted
high-tech devices that are planted in the Etheric bodies, usually during
abductions in this life or in past lives. They can be activated to cause
all sorts of physical pain and emotional and mental anxiety, turmoil and
confusion. Obviously I have had many of these devices planted in me over
many, many lifetimes, including this one. Unless they are removed they
remain intact from one lifetime to the next. Elora also has had many
implants. So, much of our time has been spent on doing sessions where we
would call in our Guides, the Archangels, and some Light Technicians, for
lack of a better term, to help us locate and remove these many implants
from each of us. Some of these were potentially lethal. Many were very
intricately connected and had to be removed with great care and caution,
and in a very precise and sequential manner to avoid accidentally
triggering them during the removal process. Over the past few weeks, we
have had well over a hundred of them removed between the two of us. I had
many implants in my lower back, causing me a lot of problems with vertebrae
slipping out of place. I had them in my neck, in my upper and lower jaws
(I have had a lot of dental problems), and many in the brain, designed to
cause a massive stroke. There were also several in the heart and chest
area, which could be activated to cause a heart attack. So when these
implants are activated they create a tremendous fear response, and could
possibly even result in death. I now realized that it was because of all
of these implants in my brain and heart that I had nearly died a week ago,
when I had allowed Ankraruous' energy to be released through me. Too soon
old, too late smart!

But with each series of removals came deeper levels of awareness, as to
the purpose of these implants in the first place. They were all necessary
to trigger certain experiences and reactions in these many lifetimes which
helped us learn our true roles in the Divine Plan. They brought us to the
awareness that we have today, about the need to restore the Balance of the
Light and the Dark. These implants, although negative and harmful on one
level, were literally leading us on a path of discovery of true awareness
of Who We Are, and what we came here to do.

It soon became obvious that my wife, Marney, was implanted as well. The
Dracos apparently felt that I, and anyone close to me, was a threat to
their plans of domination and conquest. One day I became aware of an
implant in the Central Core of my Auric Energy Field. With the help of
Sansiruous and the Archangels, this one was deactivated and removed. Then I
received a phone call telling me that Marney was feeling great pain, and
was having difficulty breathing. I knew immediately that the Draco were
attacking her through her implants. So I got on the phone with her, and
told her that I suspected it was implants. Then Sansiruous worked on her
to deactivate some of the implants that were working on her. She recovered
enough to make the drive home, and then I worked on her to remove the
negative energy that surrounded her. Sansiruous was unable to remove the
implants without some assistance, so I called Elora and asked for her help.
The three of us got on the phone together and we called in the help of many
Light Beings. Marney had many implants around her chest and some connected
to her heart. In the very delicate process of removing these implants, we
became aware that I also had some implants in my heart that were
etherically connected to Marney's. These devices could potentially have
triggered a fatal heart attack in her, which would in turn have triggered a
fatal heart attack in me. After a rather lengthy session, with much help
from Sansiruous and many Higher Light Beings, these implants were
successfully deactivated and removed.

As part of the removal process, the implants are always handed to
Archangel Michael to be transformed with his Blue and White Light. Then
they are sent through a giant Blue Crystal in the center of a portal which
connects this realm of the Universe to the Creation Realm of God and the
Divine Oneness. In this particular instance, Marney's and my heart implants
were placed in two separate boxes, one Silver and one Gold. These boxes
then merged together as one ball of Light and were handed up, in relay
fashion, to many Light Beings until it was just below the Blue Crystal.
Then Marney and I had to each focus our Love and Light on this 'box' to
send it through the portal. In doing so we each felt a level of Love that
we had never experienced before. Then Marney and Elora connected to each
other, and I connected to each of them. It was like a triangle with me at
the apex and Marney and Elora at the base. Following this we were joined by
another member of the Council of Six, who connected with the three of us.
This person completed the base of a 3-sided pyramid, a tetrahedron. Two
other members of the Council subsequently joined us, with one forming the
opposite point of a double or Star Tetrahedron, and one being in the center
of the 'Star'. We all connected with each other with Love and Light and
merged the energies of our chakras. Then we all focused our Light and Love
on the person at the Center, and our 'Star' literally lit up. I felt the
Blue Light coming down from the Blue Crystal above us. This Blue Light
completely filled our 'Star', and we received the message to send this
Light down into the Earth.

In the last few weeks Elora and I have had several astral journeys
together to other realms of this Universe, and we would anchor the Light
and the Energy of Unconditional Love into our Beings. Each time when we
returned to Earth, we would surround the Earth in Love and Light and then a
beam of Light from the Blue Crystal would be sent down through the Earth's
Heart Chakra into the Center of the Earth. After the latest of these
experiences each of us had felt the Pulse of the Earth's Heart come alive.
But this time I knew that we were to send the beam of Light down into the
'Core Star' of the Earth through the Great Pyramid in Egypt. We could see
ourselves directly above the top of the Pyramid and as our Double Star
Tetrahedron filled with Light, it discharged a beam of Blue Light down
through the top of the Pyramid and straight down into the Center of the
Earth. We saw the Earth fill with Light and there was an explosion of Light
out from Her Center. The Archangels had taken up the positions of the Star
Tetrahedron around the Earth and it filled with this Light and Love. All
of the Earth grids lit up and then this Light surged out to all the other
planets of the Solar System. The Archangels then formed a Double Star
Tetrahedron around the Sun and the entire Solar System, with Archangel
Michael at the Center. Then we were all told to focus our Light and Love on
Michael. As we did so, this Solar System Star Tetrahedron filled with Love
and Light and exploded in a flash of Light, sending this Love Energy out
across the Milky Way Galaxy and out into the far reaches of the Universe.

So in effect the Draco's attack on Marney had culminated in our not only
removing the implants and healing her and myself, but resulted in a
connection between the six of us that sent an explosion of Light out across
the Universe that even the Draco had to feel. This healing we performed
that day had an impact, the proportion of which none of us can even begin
to comprehend. Elora received the message later that this type of
connection would not have been possible without all three of us connecting
as we did on the phone. Without this seemingly insidious attack from the
Draco on Marney, none of this would have happened. The message: Everything,
even our suffering, has its purpose in the Divine Plan. Without suffering
there would be no need for Healing. Without Healing, the Balance of Light
and Dark could not be restored.

Love and Peace,
Roger and Elora

Part 3: THE HEALING OF LUCIFER, Oct. 7, '97

This is a continuation of the saga of Elora and Roger as they continue
the work on their Mission which had originated with the Council of Six, and
draws ever closer to its conclusion. Again, we ask all of you to read this
from your heart, and to look to your heart to know the Truth of what we
share here.

Elora: On the evening of October 4, 1997, after the session described in
Part 2, Roger became aware of several more implants in his liver. The two
of us therefore began a session on Saturday, Oct. 5 with some work on
removing these implants. There were some simple ones but underneath we
discovered another high-tech, Draconian device. As we worked to dismantle
this one, we found that it led to yet another cloaked device in the
core-star area (below the solar plexus). This one had sent out tendrils
that enwrapped all of the organs in the lower abdomen, and connected to
several other implants including the one in the liver. Would all of this
ever end? After about an hour, we had made progress, but the process was
tricky and slow. Roger called in eight of his Draco Selves, three of whom
were Soluruouses. He placed his complete Trust in them, as it took all
eight of them to 'punch' in the proper sequence codes to deactivate this
Core implant. As they worked, the implant began retreating into what
appeared to be a 'black hole'. They were able to keep ahead of it and
deactivate it. As they were working on it, we both became aware that it was
like a bomb that could literally explode at any time. There was a huge sigh
of relief from everyone once this one was deactivated and removed.

Roger's account: After this, Elora saw something almost microscopic at a
much deeper level. I asked God/Goddess to magnify this region so that we
could see what it was. Once magnified we could see a very tiny Dark Entity.
I knew it was one of the Dark Forces, and called upon the powers that
control them to have it removed. All of a sudden I realized that this was
the 'connection' to the Dark Side and that Lucifer was standing on the
'other side' of this connection. I could see the Entity looking back at
Lucifer and hear it asking Him, "What is your command, my Lord?" I then
asked Lucifer to give his permission to allow the Entity to leave. There
was a sense of uncertainty and hesitation on His part. At this time Elora
saw a large 'control' tower that was the control center for all of the
implants. Then I knew that they had the power to detonate the remaining
implants any time they wanted. At this point, I simply surrendered and told
Lucifer and Ankraruous: "I lay down my Light Sword as a gesture of peace
and I place my life in your hands." (The Light Sword had been presented to
me on one of our recent astral journeys.) I had known that this moment of
facing Lucifer would come at some point following the initial confrontation
with Ankraruous after the battle, but I had no idea of how or when it would
happen. The moment of Truth was now at hand.

Elora: We feel that it is now important to direct our attention to
understanding who and what Lucifer is. As a vast multidimensional being,
Lucifer is undoubtedly many things. Among these, he is the head or God, if
you will, of the Draconian collective. It is no accident that he and his
companions have always been portrayed as reptilian beings. The Dracos have
held the Dark pole, and Lucifer is their leader. In a broader sense,
Lucifer himself holds the Dark polarity for all of creation. Here we would
like to quote from Solara's book "Star-Borne". She is writing of what we
have long termed "The Fall", or the descent into matter.

"Being the brightest of the Angels, [Lucifer] volunteered to take on the
most difficult of tasks. This was the transmutation of the darkest energy,
that which was the most separate from God. First, Lucifer served as the
instrument to send our starseeds deep within the third dimensional density.
This was experienced by us as a lethal blow, like a leaden dagger to the
back of the neck, quite unexpected by us. When this happened, it caused us
to feel the emotions of shock, betrayal abandonment, deep sorrow, anger and
finally, guilt, for the very first time . . . At the moment when we
descended fully into matter, we directed much of our new negative energy
towards Lucifer, for was he not the one who had caused us to suffer so!
This, too, was part of the perfection of the Divine Plan, for our combined
negative feelings served as the method of propulsion to thrust Lucifer into
the very heart of the density. This is where he had volunteered to serve
with his Heavenly Legions who are now referred to as the Fallen Angels . .
. Eventually, if we achieve our chosen task on planet Earth to transmute
duality into Oneness, then Lucifer, too, with his fallen Angels, must rise
up into the Light to once again sit at the right hand of God as one of the
brightest of the Angels."

Elora: With that understanding, we now resume the description of our
meeting with Lucifer. We were both standing facing Lucifer, and I was on
Roger's right. Roger asked Lucifer to help us remove these implants from
his body. To show his faith and trust, he removed the Light Sword that he
wears, and placed it on the ground as a token of peace. I was a bit shocked
at all of this, but had learned throughout our work together that Roger
knows exactly what he is doing. So I kept my faith and continued to hold
the energy as these two beings faced one another.

Roger: I stated that I honored and respected Lucifer and all the Draconians
for the magnificent beings that they were. That they had intellectual
powers and technological developments that other races could only marvel
at. I made it clear that our intention was not to destroy or to annihilate
the Draconians, but to bring things back into balance and peace, to fully
integrate the Light Energies with the Dark. I explained to them that life
in the Universe could not exist without both polarities. That for the Dark
Beings to destroy the Light Beings, or for the Light Beings to destroy the
Dark, would only result in the destruction of all Life in this Universe. I
asked them to recognize that during the previous battle that it had been
their own means of destruction that was merely reflected back at them, to
get them to realize that they were going to ultimately destroy themselves.
I told them that the Light that they had felt the day before was the Energy
of Love and Compassion, not of hate and anger. I said that I had total
confidence in Lucifer, and that I placed my complete trust in him. I told
Lucifer that I knew him to be a Being of Light. That I understood Lucifer's
task and why he had taken on this great journey into the Darkness. That I
myself had also taken on the role to go into the heart of the Darkness as
Soluruous in several lifetimes. I told Lucifer that I respected and loved
him for who he was, and thanked him for his incredible sacrifice.

Elora: "I could see Lucifer, as a huge figure who appeared all black. But
as Roger spoke, I saw tears begin to run down Lucifer's face. He appeared
like a figure made out of pure crystal gold that was covered in blackness.
And as his tears ran down, they began to wash away the sooty blackness that
completely enveloped him. Bit by bit, the clear gold began to shine
through. Lucifer began to speak. He said:

'You think that you are weary. Do you know what it has been like, to bear
the total weight of all darkness in this universe, ever since the Division
began? Can you imagine how weary I am, and how much I have suffered, to go
into the very Heart of Darkness, and to hold this position without rest and
without relief, for all these vast eons of time?'

Elora continues: Roger looked straight back at Lucifer and said, "I
understand." In those quiet words lay a volume of truth and authority.
Roger does understand, for he too went deeply into Darkness for a very long
time. Lucifer then knew that he had been truly seen for who he was and what
he had done. Perhaps this is the greatest gift that we can ever give
another being.

By now, we had also been joined by the current reigning Soluruous and the
other members of the 12 High Command of the Draco Forces. The energy of
acceptance we had brought had created a space of neutrality, and they were
not menacing to us. In that moment we each knew and experienced that by its
inherent nature, Dark is not necessarily evil or impure, any more than the
starry night is less beautiful than the noonday.

Elora: I then spoke to Lucifer and to these beings. I told them that I now
recognized for the first time that it has not only been the Dark side that
has created the great split in Duality. We blame the Dark for being evil,
violent, and terrifying. But we of the Light side must bear an equal
responsibility. Every time we deny a piece of darkness in ourselves, or
something that we do not like, and project it outwards onto the Dark
forces, we are widening the gap. Every time we take our own hate, fear, or
anger, and project it in this manner, we are pushing the Dark side deeper
into extreme darkness. We create monsters, bogeymen, devils. And in some
sense, they become real, and we trap these beings into carrying out the
role of evil and violence. In that moment I pledged myself to stop my own
projecting, to catch myself when I start to do it again, and to do my best
to help others understand this reality. Looking into the eyes of the
Lucifer Group, I stated that I saw them not as evil, dark, scary, or bad,
but simply different. Different beings. That is all.

Roger: Meanwhile, I had again repeated my request to Lucifer for assistance
with the array of implants that I still carried in my body. Elora could see
that somewhere in the Draco world there is a huge, steely black tower. In
this tower there is the circuitry that connects and activates all such
implants. To inactive them, so that they can be safely removed, is a simple
matter of throwing a switch. Lucifer gave his permission, and the switch
was thrown. All of my implants were de-activated at that moment. Then the
Dark Force Entity also left the Core Star area. I returned the Entity to
the Mother of the Dark Forces, and again pledged to always uphold the
agreement that I had made with them earlier. Once the Entity left, I could
see a 'white hole' with Light streaming into the Core area. Then I thanked
Lucifer, and once again expressed my love, trust, and gratitude for what he
had done for me just now. I also honored him and thanked him for taking on
the most difficult task of all in this universe.

I then spoke to the Soluruous Group about accepting females of all races
as equals, and accepting their own female energy as important parts of
themselves. They were not ready to do so yet, but said that they would
consider it. As an offer of their goodwill towards females, they released
Elora from their hold on her in all ways, and also deactivated her

Elora: We thanked them for this and once again pledged our solemn word of
honor to help end their entrapment in the extreme Dark end of the spectrum,
to work to achieve the Peace and Harmony that the whole Universe has longed
for. I then turned to Lucifer and gave him a gift. It was a shining star
tetrahedron in the form of a necklace that I wore. It contained some of my
own heart essence, to help heal and awaken Love in him once again. But as I
handed it to him, I realized that it also contained a piece of Lucifer's
own heart essence. He had given it to me for safe-keeping before his
descent into darkness. I told Lucifer that I had kept it safe for him all
this time. And that I had always held for him the Immaculate Concept, the
knowledge of who he was, and the reality that one day he would return fully
to the Light. In fact, he will be a thousand times more brilliant than
before, from the great sacrifice he had made, and his passage into

Roger: As Elora was talking to Lucifer, I held out my right arm with the
palm raised in a gesture of peace. Lucifer placed his palm against mine. I
could feel the Reptilian texture of the skin and see the sharp claws on his
fingers. Then I closed my fingers around Lucifer's and sent him love as one
brother to another. He acknowledged me as his brother as well.

As the two of us prepared to depart, we realized that we needed to do one
more thing. We needed to extend this space of acceptance, of neutrality,
into a kind of Neutral Zone where any being could go and exist in a place
beyond projections and belief systems. This would be a place where Dark
beings could come and rest and heal, and where Light beings could also
learn how to drop their projections and denials. We obtained agreement from
Lucifer and his Group. We then called upon the devic and elemental forces,
the Builders of the universe, and with their assistance created a spacious
place where beings could enjoy neutrality. In the center of this they
placed a beautiful lake for healing, and for the relief from the weariness
that comes from bearing darkness and density for so long. Roger then took
the Star Tetrahedron he held in his heart and placed it on an island in the
middle of the lake. This Star Tetrahedron contained the energies of both
the Light and the Dark, and was symbolic of the two energies merging
together as ONE. This was his pledge to honor this Agreement with his

We all realized that not all beings of the Dark, nor all of those of the
Light would be able to drop their projections or belief systems, or be able
to let go of the fear, the hatred and the anger for those beings of the
opposite polarity right away. That many on both sides were not ready for
this kind of Peace just yet. For this reason, we then created two viewing
areas (one from the Light and one from the Dark side) where anyone could go
and learn about the Neutral Zone, and witness the process of creating the
peace and harmony between the Light and the Dark going on there. Each
viewing area has a guardian, so that only beings with clear intent, who
sincerely wish to come and learn, may enter. We invite all of you who
travel interdimensionally, and even those who think you cannot, to avail
yourselves of the opportunity to visit these new areas in Creation. Outside
of the Neutral Zone, however, for the present the polarities will remain
separated. We believe that eventually the safety and detachment that
prevails in this Zone will extend throughout the universe, but this has not
yet occurred.

We took our leave of all beings from the Dark side and returned to Earth.
We entered into the Earth herself through her heart Chakra portal, and
brought to her the healing energy that we had experienced, and the Light
and Love from the Blue Crystal. There, bathed in golden light at the center
of our beautiful planet, we could feel the heart beat of our Mother Earth.
We were each given star tetrahedrons in the root, heart, and 3rd eye
chakras. We called upon the universal energy to enter these star
tetrahedrons and to focus the Light on each remaining implant and to
dissolve it. First all of Roger's deactivated implants were dissolved and
then all of Elora's.

Finally there was yet one more task to perform. We both wear around our
necks etheric blue crystal pendants that also act as keys. In the very core
of the Earth was a kind of capsule bearing the energies of the male and
female polarities, one at each end. We knew that we had to open these
polarities with our keys to release a new energy. We linked our heart and
second chakras so that we were acting as One, and simultaneously used our
keys to open the capsule. We were directed to make four one quarter turns
with our keys, and each one released a great and wonderful explosion of
energy out through the planet. The last one was the biggest and reminded
us, in a positive way, of what happens in Star Trek when the blue pulsing
Core in the center of one of the ships breaches and explodes outwards. The
last surge of light exploded out, filling the whole planet. It lit up the
grids inside the earth, those outside the earth, and those which are now
connecting the entire solar system. We could see all of the archangels
holding positions in a star tetrahedron around the planet. Finally the
energy calmed down and stabilized into a steady, glowing white light inside
the earth's core. When this light had fully stabilized within the core and
the inner earth grids, we removed our keys together and traveled back to
the surface of the Earth. There we gave thanks for this wonderful journey
and for being allowed to serve in such a wonderful and magnificent way.

Elora concludes: After our session I took a long hot bath. Later on, to my
surprise Lucifer showed up again. Initially, I was slightly apprehensive,
since Roger was not with me. But I remembered that I had promised to give
up my fear and my projections. So I welcomed Lucifer. I told him that I
trusted him, that I had no fear of him, and that I loved him. We went to
the Neutral Zone together and spent time by the lake. As time passed,
Lucifer began to appear more and more human. He shed his Draconian
appearance and began to look like a tall, handsome man. Lucifer also became
more gentle during this experience. He told me that he does not want to be
seen as a monstrous, towering, Satanic being. He wants to be seen and
accepted as simply another Being, on an equal basis. He asked me to give
all of you this message. I hope that I can reproduce the spirit of his
words accurately:

'It is time for me to be released from the role that I have played for so
long. I ask all of you for your understanding and compassion, and to cease
your hate and fear and anger towards me and all that I represent. I need to
be free of this burden. I long for release, so that I can move back into my
Original Nature. Every time you place your blame and your hate upon me,
every time you fear me and see me as a monster, it burdens my Heart and
causes me suffering. I wish to love and be loved again. I ask each one of
you to have the greatness, the wisdom, and the courage to assist me in my


Love and Light,
Elora and Roger