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Now available
83kB only
fully TETRA registered Flameletter.

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THE ultimate 3D Playing and Learning Tool for Teaching the pure
principle of Alphabet.

Four white arrows plus three colored ones' pure math easily maps the
alphabet creating symmetry views / spin oriëntations of waves creating
all you know.

DO note to first eliminate perspective with CTRL + drag UP the picture,
(otherwise you can't get square...).

HIDE symmetry arrows and Tetra by ALT + drag (mouse right) DOWN,
to show the beauty of the pure 3D alphabet.

SHOW the actual spinning and accurate spin centre with SHIFT + drag
from left to right.

Play with the SCALE with SHIFT + drag up/down.

3D animation for WEB created by Ted Small

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"...The twenty-two letters of the alphabet descended from the crown of God
wheron they where engraved with a pen of flaming fire.
They gathered around about God and one after another spoke,
each one, that the world be created through him..."

from: The Zohar, the Book of Splendour by Moses the Leon, 13th century


The Hebrew "flame" letter alphabet forms the set of symmetry views of the only pathway for waves
moving from the Cosm into the "still-point", forming the heart of all life and matter. Here is a unique
presentation of the flame-letter shape in 3D interactive. Move and click your mouse on the picture to
create all the letters of the flame-alphabet yourself (see instructions below, note: browser menu shortcuts
may not be available - use menu itself to refresh etc.):
instructions for 3D animation:
rotate object: move on picture and click left
zoom in / out: move up/down and SHIFT click right
adjust depth : move up/down and CTRL click right
trace items: move up/down and ALT click right
rotate l/r: move left/right and SHIFT click right
(note: Refresh with F5 may not function, use menu)
(if Netscape doesn't like this on Mac, try Internet Explorer)


"Walking" over the flame-letter, while looking into the direction of the centre, we see a sequence
of the following shapes as the viewpoint changes:



These are the letters from the first word of Genesis: BEREASHITH (here from left to right),
meaning "at first, in principle", popolarly translated as: "In the beginning..."

The origin of "THINGNESS" (creation of matter out of light occurs when charge inertia learns the symmetry path to turn inside out and TIE A SLIPNOT- see ANU) are the sequence of (7) TURNS (of mind) necessary to turn inside out - on the surface of a donut.

For More Detail see : Alphabet of the Heart , & Alphabet of the EartHeart ,

Hints of the Roots of Sanskrit - to compare..

When Innana / Ninhursag angry at her half brother (Enki / Ra / abRAham ) cavalier genetic engineering & nuclear disaster against Yalweh/Enlil (melted glass in Sinai) - went to the Orient to settle.. she took with her the memory of the shape of the mouth of the VELOCIRAPTOR (see also"Guardians of the Grail" by Morningsky) - which was the root of her Draco tongue. (No SSSpit - no POWER)..

Take the bar cross off the Sanskrit-- the remainder is pure IBI-URU..

(later her Mongolian ASHOKA- ASHKANAZI descendants became the Bank of England and usurped the Sephartic Jews... Enki / Ra's real blood. Enki / Ra remnant family became Benjamin tribe - called "Kallisto" and ARrr- cade.. (Greece) - labeled "Et in AR-CAdia Ego" in the Holy Grail).-- from the Sumerian -KA - meaning COHERENCE OF CHARGE FIELD In Which Biology Can Travel (MerkKA+=)


The PLACE in the mouth where the letter H - HE- as in Yod-HE-vau-HE, is properly the deep throat...etc..


Orion Queen References: , , , , , , ,

Hello Dan,

Introductions are funny but here it goes anyways - I go
by the name of Prash Trivedi and I am currently living
in London.

I am writing to let you know that I have throughly
enjoyed going through your work. I find that the more
the West gets its eyes and mind open the closer it gets
to the Vedic way. Right now the minds in the west have
gone up to Sumeria and have unearthed quite a bit of
the real history on our planet. However, they would
need to go one step further to the Vedic civilization
in India to get the complete picture. For example only
Vedic Puranas (historical texts) can tell in detail
about the Orion queens. Orion is the home of the
original prajapati ( progentitor ), known as Daksha.
His 60 daughters are the Orion queens. Most of the
living beings in our galaxy ( gods, demons, serpents
etc.) have been birthed through these daughters of
Daksha. Human beings however are born through a
different route. Manu and Shatarupa are responsible for
creation of humans. Manu is a direct mindborn son of
Brahma (the creator among the trinity) and is not
related to the Orion queens. One can easily notice the
corelation between Manu and Anu ( Anunaki ). The
appearance of human beings in the galaxy caused
controversy and outrage amongst other beings (demons,
gods etc.) only because humans were made in the perfect
image of the creator (Brahma), a feat done by Manu upon
Brahma's wishes. No one has our DNA in the galaxy !!
There is a strange pun in the word - Manu-facture - in
this regard.

I am very happy about the fact that you have been able
to show the workings of the Universe on the phi-si-c-al
plane. Having a strong background in science I can
appreciate the simplification which you have achieved
through your scholarship. My thoughts were on teh same
wavelength even when I was a kid and we were tuaght the
bogus phi-sics at school. However it is important to
remember that these functionings are but a reflection
of the functionings of astral and causal planes.

You are right on target about the twinkling eye
lifestyle as an evolutionary accelerator. But there are
many more better, faster, blitzkrieg sort of methods
which the vedic paradigm encapsulates. More about that

Am attaching your Vedic Chart along with this email.
Just made it as you happened to mention your birth data
on an article. Jyotish ( Ancient Vedic Astrology ) is
still the most shall we say embedded, type of astrology
on the planet. You would not understand what the chart
says but I thought I would just let you have the chart
to sort of turn your attention towards this wonderful
science. You have just entered your Saturn period after
a 16 year Jupiter period. This period lasts for around
19 years and would bring lots of changes to your life,
mind etc. in comparision to your existence for the last
16 years.

My webpages can be found at -

May be our paths will cross if you happen to visit UK.
Have just came back from a trip to the Avebury area.
4 new circles formed the night we slept there. This
leyline crossroad is getting more an more alive with
each passing year (in prep. for 2012 it seems).

Looking forward to hearing from you.

In love and Light,