The "EL"-'Crossing Over' - THOSE WHO COULD MAKE THE PHASE SHIFT - PASSION in the Reptilian Gene

The original Orion Wars, whose divisions ended up separating Enki from Enlil - Adonai from Yalweh, Arab from Hiburu..

may have been in part a battle between Self Aware MACHINE based cultures versus Glandular Bliss Based Civilization? (Trons and the Borgs)..

Battle E-Liz-a- beth (from lizard born) you Colonies.. Today we call the conflict of individual passion versus 'the collective' - the NEW WORLD ORDER...

The implosion of the Reptile Gene CROSSED OVER with the Bird/Dog 'sapien' DNA could result in something stellar, if the fallout doesn't melt us. Today, the experiment to CROSS OVER those genes from one to the other, may mean a TECHNO empowered Genepool, could STILL retain the Glandular Bliss Enabling them to INHABIT STARS and Travel thru Light Speed into Time. ("Hello Computer....")

Canst thou bind the sweet influences of Pleiades, or loose the bands of Orion? (Job 38:31)

Devil or Angel...Or BOTH?

Are all the Reptilian "Aliens" EVIL?
Or is the DEVIL (Anti-Life trait) in all Conscious Beings?
And within ALL of the "Alien" Species (including Humans). (see Tal's quote below)

Hebrew -from - Hevree- "Crossing Over" - People of the Crossing Over..

"The word Nubiru, (H'Iburu?) in the ancient Sumerican language, means "between two peoples". So...Both Sapien and Serpent"

from Dan Winter, 4/27/2000, url: ../crossingover , - (including Thoth Addend - bottom) closely related:Thoth Identity Links Annunaki to Orion/Rigel..Keys to Sovereignty Amid Nephi/Drac ET Parasites..His Relatives?

other articles: ../sitemap.html

"Draco forms the North Pole (a leverage pole?) With Respect to the Solar Equator: It's star map in the Heavens is in the shape of the Arabic "L",

and may be part of the origin of the term ELohim... (EL: those who could make the spin EL or phase shift allowing DNA to squirt rotational inertia into linear inertia, thru the speed of light - to inhabit suns)." from Dialog new: Solar Wars & Amenti's Halls: DNA Imploding/Ensouling as Political Key to Who Steers the Sun's 'Streaming Media'

Were the Draco's (Naga's or Targ..s) one part of what was "crossed over" into the Niburu Hebrew Annuaki Blood?

"The question I raise regarding the Nagas or Targzissians is
what role did they play in the Sumerian myths translated by
Zecharia Sitchin? Even Susan Ferguson relates, in her story
about Inanna, how Enki mated with Id, a female Nagas, to
produce Marduk. Marduk, according to information given by
Inanna, became in essence the epitomy of Satan on Earth in
his belligerent and defiant actions against the Council. If the
female terracotta effigy shows Id and her son Marduk, one can
clearly see how he acquired those distinguishing
characteristics which we humans associate with the devil. But what bothers me is the
genetic compatibility of a blue-skinned Pleiadian and a creature such as a Nagas or Targ
(if they are the same). Personally, I think Enki and Id could not have produced a viable
offspring unless they were very close genetically, much closer than mythology depicts.
Perhaps the Anunnaki were a mixed group of collaborating ET races, and they referred to
each other as half-breeds or cousins in an attempt to convey to humans socially familiar
relationships (al. loyalties).

We know that the Targs (also called Dracos by humans) can create telepathic illusions and
appear to shape shift. I wonder if the real Enki was in fact a Nagas or Targ who wanted to
appear to humans as a human-like Pleiadian. We also have Sumerian myths tell how Enki
"mated" with many human females in an attempt to produce male offspring, but he had
little success. Enki was a biologist and genetic engineer, among other talents. The women
only produced females, which a Sumerian cuneiform text says (according to Sitchin) was
an attempt to increase the female population of hybrids (Nefilim). Nice explanation so as
not to lose face. The dominance of females could be explained genetically if there was
sexual incompatibility (no human male Y chromosome) and if Enki's genetic experiment at
producing hybrids was only partially successful. " source:

More Info on Draco / 'Targs",Nagas or Targzissians from Bruce

Image below is adapted from Anna Hayes, Voyagers - Amenti, of Intruder/Interventionists, on the left is Sirian Annunaki (An?), on the right is Draco - see morph above to Sumerian/An lineage.. (An=Annu in Akkadian/societe Akhaldan)

(morph and article on Annunaki / Drac / Orion 'Queen")

& also Reptilian Origins Research Library:

El-ohim, Neph-EL-im... why did we need a serpent worming in our DNA? You must admit that at the moment the magnetic worm becomes implosively superluminal in the DNA core, it probably does look like a serpent evolving an eye in order to steer.

To make this kind of STAR crossing, was of old described as the EL, or THOSE WHO COULD MAKE THE PHASE SHIFT.

:'the only way-out or in'

(see also:"Optimized Translation of Vorticity on the Surface of a Torus:Hydrodynamic Origin-Fine Structure Constant at-../predictions )

Now - if you had identified (eye-DENT-eye-PHIed) yourself with light going in a circle, this puts you at a wave NODE - called matter. To 'get up off the cross and follow me' you would need the 'yellow brick road' (golden spiral) to carry YOU as wave pattern FROM THE CIRCLE BACK TO THE LINE. - 'translate your vorticity non-destructively'. Light in a circle stores inertia so it is called "Mass". Yet the ritual of "Mass" if you unpack it as a symmetry path traces you back into the Light in a (blood) Line, which we call "Energy". To get your attention unpacked from it's habit of foci at the wave nodes (mass), requires this EL skill.

It takes a certain BRAID symmetry discipline hygiene to hold enough spin density in GENES to get them thru the necessary faster than light SQUEEZIN. This became apparent to the ancients, among those who could step upon the light accelerating tuned quartz crystal cube "MAXIN LIGHT" and APPEAR TO VAPORIZE, and yet make the EL or phase shift 'into the next dimension'. The NEXT DIMENSION here was merely a name for the ability to superpose another axis of spin into the DNA braid, which showed up as a PHI harmonic (boson 7) genetic 'signature'. This CROSSING OVER was called an EL, because if you mapped the resultant change in direction of the flow you were eyeDENTeyePHIing with, as you moved your awareness (charge recursion -assemblage point), FROM THE CIRCLE TO THE LINE, ultimately this would look like a 90 degree phase shift or EL. The problem was that if you tried to do this all at once, the sharp right angle crossing of spin would destroy all pattern along the way. So instead, you track your awareness move along a Golden Spiral, (ORIgen of Alphabets /charge compressing for this reason) and each interfering NODE of information can cascade WITH YOU non-destructively along the way:

Every time light bounces making an ANGLE (EL), that angle recurs inPHIknitly all the way into the fractal heart. Since the first bounce angle is stored and retained all the way, each interfering node reference PATTERN IS STORED / conserved-as-in-form-ation... making it all the way from very BIG THINGS (more STRAIGHT lines..) to very LITTLE THINGS (perfect FRACTAL data compression optimized, enCIRCLED - well EMBEDDED). This process of carrying PATTERN DENSITY from the very large, to the very small and back, is called EMBEDABILITY / NON-DESTUCTIVE COMPRESSION / PERFECT PACKING-UNPACKING / PERFECT BRANCHING .. etc..ref: grail, embedability, philotactics, physics of phi etc.

This skill to have genetic and gland magnetics refined (arranged in the discipline of embedability) enough to sustain this "worm-holing", entitled certain beings to be called EL, as in EL-ohim. And MICH-a-EL. etc...

This became a parallel of terms like SOL-AR-i-AN, which named those who could use this skill to sustainably enter and leave stars like our SUN thru its' and their Hearts, like sling shots. At first this skill manifests as a SHEM-AN-ic ability to lucid dream thru planets into star hearts, but later (as at Vairachoca sun temple and Montauk) entire DNA embodiments can be squirted in this way. (See animation of the Dodeca Vehicle in the Movie Contact, compressing non-destructively into the PHI worms - DNA top down view- at ../philotactics/index.html )

Yet in all of these descriptions of how to get your DNA magnetism launched - tantric- and enabled, there is one consistent feature. Either you use a mechanical means to create implosive magnetic environment - (Examples: SHEM or Highward Fire Stone, Gold Powder, Dodeca-Capacitors 'Deca Delta' at Montauk, etc.)

and/ OR conjointly, you find a way to use your own GLANDULAR juices to get your DNA so excited as to begin squirting the UV blue fire thru light speed NATURALLY. (Tantra, kundalini, ecstatic dance, ritual etc..). This latter category (not necessarily excluding technologic contribution simulaneously), is called 'FOLLOWING YOUR BLISS'.


Successful "Crossing Over" - which may include the concept of crossing over the DNA braid with BLISS to implode ENSOULMENT, may be more about incorporating the PASSION of the Reptilian brain stem, than 'conquering' it. This is why below, in this article we discuss the contribution made to our genepool by the desires and passions of the Reptilian spine brain stem, and it's juices.

Remember the Buddha saying ELIMINATE DESIRE..

Yet Gurdjieff said: "Charge the Battery of YEARNING"..

Even tho Buddhism de-emphasized desire, as the battery for firing the genetics into Bliss - it may well be irreplaceable in getting Genetic Magnetism squirting faster than light, into Star-Hearts.


Is this an example of a desire that came with us (Adam-a) as a package: (Sex?)

from: (This could be a useful hint to the urges which came with the genetics of our ancestors. )

"The chief deity, Anu, is disappointed that the hybrid humans (Igigi? - A-dama) have not progressed very far from their animal
origins. He is particularly upset that the humans seem to want to mate all the time. He even is quoted as
saying that the noise of their copulations kept him (Anu) awake at night, atop his ziggurat (step pyramid).
There is talk among the godhead of what to do with the humans that were created, and some suggestions are
considered. For a while, humans are deprived of food, at which point they are said to have resorted to
cannibalism. Other extinction methods are tried until finally Anu announces that a "final solution" has been
found.... (Here the Author described Niburu's close passage floods Earth - Noah survives.. / yet what is really the FINAL solution?) "

Our species, as a primitive ADAMA- crossed over genetics intuitively knew:

that not only was a profound excitation of the faster than light braid enabled DNA - key to juicy SEX ...


This was a DESIRE which was APPROPRIATE to 'charge' the battery of......YEARNING.

The Sufi saying "From Length (origin of feeling separate) is LONGING Born". If you couldn't feel separate -YOU COULD NOT YEARN. (And this is the juice to take you thru the Sun). Once that yearning to re-embed in the star fires gets charged, ... Start birth from DNA making Gravity (charge implosion) is immanent.

Magdalen spent 300 years narrating to the Templar builders to complete the Gothic Cathedral - Virgo Starmap layout as Squirtgun for DNA - so she could get back into the (star) body of her Tantric lover (Jesus) - NOW THAT IS YEARNING!

Yet could you do all this without a good juicy Reptilian Spinal Stem:-

Addended to ../kundalini 4/22/2000 (In which a Reptilian worming urge in the Spine is rewarded with Sweetness...)

(also part of: )

Vestigial Horse Hair's in the Tail Bone Gather the Blue Fire/Blue Dish UV Juices Up the Spine.. from the Prostate/ Ovaries? - Feeding the Heart sonics Sacro-Cranial Pumping.. - A CHARMED SNAKE?.. Spitting sweet dripping nectar Bliss from the Flowering MOUTH (of the reptile brain) at the Amyg-dala (means TOWER or To TOWER.. as in SHEM).

> I was recently reading in a book that when men become adept at working
> with K energies that their semen is reabsorbed into their bodies.
> Now I was wondering: what happens to women's eggs/bodies when they do
> the same thing?
> Sincerely,
> Rhonda in Canada

(from Dan Winter:)

The white haploidal sperm genetics get a spin path up the spine juice core...
Critical to opening this path include.. (organ kundabuffer)
initially the ability to hold a higher than normal content of cellular UV /microwave 'tantrically' in the 'blue dish' at the spine base..(pressurizing the path opening)

The actual opening I originally thought was a tube which opened slowly in the tail bone, today I believe it has more to do with the microwave and UV absorbing/conductive vestigial 'horse hairs' of the tail bone ('sting'er?) wrapped around the prostate (in the male)

The drastic taste of sweetness in the high brain accompanied
by release of clear sticky prostatic emission out the penis
MINUS white milky sperm, is common in my experience..

Evacuation (and colonic wash) of lower intestine,
as well as pelvic rocking / pelvic tilt
(unwrapping tail coil, scorpoio wise)
facilitate this absorption,

which is then phonon peristasic pumped up the spine (sacro cranial)
by coherent breath timed
HRV ekg sonic..

since the electrically converging -charge densifying nature of this
process is by definition a yang and seed making urge,

it has different plumbing than in the female..

In the male, the health issue is the locus of the 'radioactive' haploidal DNA..
(looks like single helix lightning)
It is explosively destructive wherever it is stored. IF it is stuck in the
scrotum / prostate... cancer results. Here the physics of
why urge to touch HAS to turn to anger when frustrated... is illustrated...
Destructive wave interference is needed to dissipate stored touch urge..
Bliss distribute or die is the cellular mandate...

If if is always ejaculated freely,
lo bliss pressure, and chi result (the AIDS leaky membrane phenomenon)..

If it is alternately released and then conserved under pressure, some healthy
chi muscles can evolve. (Reich did not understand the spine bliss pump when he
wrote 'the function of the orgasm', his only note was cancer was reduced by
orgasm... failing to conceive of a spiritual alternative... -tantra/kundalini-
spirit being a charge conserving or 'pumping' - 'adiabatic'..)

In the male, frequent pumping up the spine canal to the high brain of
the DNA lightning will ignite the high glands. The danger here is if there
is no chi outlet for the brilliance, (including environmental psyychokinesis -weather effects etc.)
the kundalini will be
diagnosed as schizophrenia ( see 'great masts of God' in "stalking the wild
pendulum" ). Also over exitation of the glands can result in an unsustainably
fiery metabolic rate..

The flo of this chi is among other spectra, trackable in the microwave...
the CIA, the dowsers, and the insects, tract the same bloodstream...

In the female, a slightly different dynamic occurs in the gathering of the
cellular UV/microwave blue fire sweetness.. With the fundamental urge of egg
(versus seed) making being yin or unpacking,

there is less 'poison pellet' (origins of football -pigskin poison needs pushing out -
see balinese cockfight ANALysis - Jung). Instead, the unpacking dynamic
can have outlet in:
1. Virgin birth.. (egg split / dimpled by charge lightning..) documented personally to me , and by Lee Sannella (MD) work..

2. Extreme charging of the mela-sera/tonin menstrual blood implosiveness.. (Vestal messeh..)

3. Bliss juice from the lower sex organs can reach out, touch the Earth, and produce
Shamanic vision in direct contact with Earth (particularly in Sacred/magnetically symmetric
embeddable - spaces).. (Sitting with naked pelvic tilt petals open contact with wet earth in sacred space, bliss juice pumping, tantric communion with Earth Gaia mind, was the consistent /preferred ecstatic process of one woman I met... something much less facile for the male..)

Altho there is still report of the burning like a hot coal in the pineal, from the
vestigial UV triggering horse hair pumping - in women... I speculate the phenomenon
is often less radical and life threatening as in the male
(I consider my double scorpio case to be extreme)

Again my guess would be in the female, the yin or distribute attention urge, can
result in an un-grounding if there is no phase lock with the culture in the distribution
of the resultant CHI/information/touch.

While the direct cell feeding bliss juice urge.. is satisfied by the kundalini bliss,
(better than conventional orgasm). the fundamental need for tantric
communion versus lonliness may get only stronger..

dan winter

Also from the Kundalini Egroup:

Is this another example of INCUBEATION in the AURA with incomplete IMPLOSION (re-penting), leaving you open to parasitism (as in a Tetra-Merkabbah Meditation WITHOUT the 32 degree Dodeca Chin Tilt.. Bliss Completion discussed at ../merkabbah ) This is the most vivd note I have seen of what Michael Heleus called the tendancy for religious bliss without true self-empowering hygiene.. (does not go to completion / implosion) RESULTING IN WHAT HE CALLED: THE ASRAL MILKHOUSE..

This re-affirms the critical nature of the PERSONAL need to be able to indivdually excite BLISS in your own genes for yourself. Group ritual can be the beginning but not the END of getting DNA into Stars. Lo-Grade DNA (Ne-Phite reptilian) cannot abduct SELF-Imploding Genetic Bliss. (Because the phire would melt them, like the Sun's fire does a vampire).

"Hi list members,
My name is Jane and I have just joined this list.
I have never had a kundalini experience but have a great interest in the
subject. I found this list while researching monatomic elements. While I
will not take the powder form due to reports of heavy metal toxicity and
eventual adverse spiritual reactions if not taken with correct intent,
visualizations etc., I began taking monatomic homeopathic products a week
ago. I am hoping not only to improve my very poor physical health but over
time raise my kundalini safely and naturally.
I was interested to read Hudsons posting regarding Summit Lighthouses violet
flame decrees. I myself was deeply involved with them for over 7 years. For
a period of about 3 years I was actually decreeing for about 3-4 hours a
day. I was very dedicated and believed in what I was doing. A remarkable
series of ongoing ' misfortunes' began to affect our family (myself,
husband, 3 children), accompanied by phenonema. Even our cats were affected.
I wont go into details, but this was serious and traumatic stuff. Now I
understand that when you start raising this kind of energy you run into
opposition, but in the end even the good folks at Summit didn't know what
was going on. We even had an 'exorcism' performed by one of them which
mainly involved a lot of decreeing and only made it worse afterwards.I
persevered for a long time, hoping also for healing, but in the end my
health worsened radically and I made the decision to stop decreeing all
together. That was about 7 years ago and I felt guilty for a long time, as
I firmly believed I was doing the world the only service I could, not being
well enough to work.
The misfortune lessened considerably, although it didn't go away. This was
not a situation solved by positive thinking. A year and a half ago I
realised I was dying, despite all my long and weary attempts with diet,
herbs etc. You name it, I tried it because I never give up. Finally an
acupuncturist saved my life, but could never restore my health beyond a
certain point.
I had suspected for a long time that I had 'something' attached to me, and
several psychics and healers confirmed it and could do nothing.
I finally
found (Goddess bless her) a wonderful Inkan shaman who helped me. She
removed a curse, implants and an entity that were all firmly attached to my
heart chakra, since childhood. Unfortunately, it was, as I suspected, a
family member who had caused this, and my health had been poor since
childhood due to this. It has only been a few weeks but I am beginning to
improve for the first time in years. It would very definitely have killed me
if left much longer.
Unfortunately, what happens is this: The energy raised by prayer, meditation
and particularly the more active energy of decrees is (d.w. insert CAN BE?) literally sucked up by
any entity (and far more people have them than is realised) and used for its
own 'growth' as food.
It will also sap any physical energy that should be
used towards healing. So anyone decreeing who has health, pschological or
possible entity or implant problems please beware and have yourself checked
out before continuing. I too was laughed at, Hudson, and also heard much
whispering etc., and although I have no experience with kundalini, I doubt
the laughter you heard was due to that, so please take care.
Sorry it's such a long posting, Bright Blessings to all,
Jane Tripp

>From: "Big Brother"
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>Subject: About the violet flame (was Re: [K-list] prana dots) >Date: Thu, 27 Apr 2000 00:49:43 -0400
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>From: "Mystress Angelique Serpent"
>To: <> >Sent: Wednesday, April 26, 2000 12:18 AM
>Subject: Re: [K-list] prana dots
>> Use the violet flame to clear out your third eye.. the golden glow will return.
> Blessings!
>-----> I have tried using violet flame visualization recently (in fact,
>I did that before going to bed last night), and my jaws opened against
>my will,
then closed. . . as if to draw something in to my body or
>something. That was followed by seemingly endless laughter, and luckily
>it was at the volume of a whisper. This has been going on for the last
>six months or so. It's impossible to focus when this occurs. I'm
>starting to suspect that I'm the target of "black magic". I've heard
>(can't remember where) that energy can be "transmuted" into negative
>energy and sent back to its source. I could be overreacting, but then
>again, all this could be plain resistance.
>My first tries with the violet flame work happened several years ago,
>and even then it wasn't a picnic. I used the so-called violet flame
>"decrees" that can be found in Summit Lighthouse publications, which, by
>the way, can found in major bookstores. Anyways, I used them for a
>while, but it didn't change me much at all. I stopped using those
>almost seven years ago because of what an inner voice told me (I don't
>remember what it was, though).
>I don't know if it's me, or the "Great White Brotherhood" (more
>specifically, St. Germain) that's causing the problems. I really do
>need to concentrate. Can someone make sense of this situation? (NOTE:
>I was going to elaborate more on this, but I will wait until detailed
>questions are asked. ..."
>- Hudson

The feeling that our origins in Reptilian Juices may overtake us, has been with us for a long time. (../america, ../blood, ../origins etc. )

TAL continues:

"V": The Final Battle [ REPTILIAN Aliens Invade Earth.]

Under the guise of friendship, REPTILIAN Aliens, from outer space, invade the Earth to conquer humanity and steal one of its most precious commodities --
Water. While most of the world remains unaware of their motives, a handful of people begin a resistance movement to oppose the aliens.

Mike Donovan (MARC SINGER), a freelance cameraman, becomes suspicious and investigates. He uncovers a plot whereby the aliens are planning to take over the Earth. Donovan has learned the Visitors' motives and their true Reptilian nature.
* In addition, they plan to take as many humans as
possible back with them to use as slaves, soldiers and FOOD!
Image :

....explore the secrets of the Visitors. They are RETURNING !
Disc Caft :

* Two actual "V" props from the show. Click HERE to see
the Mother Ship and the Skyfighter!

"V" CONVENTION UPDATE Finally! "V": The Convention will be held Saturday & Sunday, September 16th & 17th, 2000 at The Hyatt Regency in Downtown Los Angeles. "V" is a trademark of Warner Bros.

The "V" Home Page :

"V" Photo Gallery :
* Reptilian Image :

REPTILIAN sirians :
* The Sirians were originally a peaceful people flourishing in the lush environment of their world. Sirian society was divided into tribal elements......
* Eventually the planet's tribes combined into two main groups. The House of Raman included of the military leaders, while the House of XON consisted of the scientific peoples.
* A bloody civil war ensued, but the House of Raman was eventually victorious. The Sirian military became the dominant class in Sirian society.
* The teachings of the 'mystical' Book of ZON ("religion") are forbidden among the Visitors.
* The REPTILIAN followers of "ZON" (Fifth Column) are loyal to non-Interventionism and believe
that America should be allowed to maintain its Constitutional "Independence".

Learn more about the real REPTILIANS :

Thanks to Tal here...:

Devil or Angel...Or BOTH?

Are all the Reptilian "Aliens" EVIL?
Or is the DEVIL (Anti-Life trait) in all Conscious Beings?
And within ALL of the "Alien" Species (including Humans).

Origins of the each and every one of us.

"There were giants upon the earth," other translations have left the term "nefilim" intact. The Hebrew origins (N.F.L) of this word mean, literally, "to be cast down."

The truth about the nefilim :
The leaders and rulers of men were described as being in intimate contact with the "gods," who were collectively known as Anunaki.
* The ancient "gods" took their name from "Anu," meaning heaven, and "KI," which
means earth. Literally, they were "those who came from heaven to earth."
* The Anunaki came from a planet, called Nibiru.
* Planet Nibiru....The crossroads of heaven and earth.
The word "Nibiru" literally translated as "place of the crossing".
The planet is apparently suffering from some atmospheric degeneration and has sent a team of explorers to Earth in search of a particular metal -- gold. The gold is mined by
the "Igigi" who are lower forms of the Anunaki.
* When the Igigi asked for relief from their work the leaders of the expedition, "AN" (the father figure and ultimate leader), and his two sons, Enki and Enlil, held a counsel meeting.
* Creating an altered hybrid by using material from one of the Anunaki and of an earth "beast," primitive man. The Anunaki now had an intelligent worker to do their mining.
Hu-mans or "Animal-Men". ("A-dam") * "ANU-Dam"...Mine & Garden workers.

Our traditional image of the horned, winged demon comes from the
Sumerian Myth of "ZU" and focuses on the two brother-gods, Enki, who
seems to have sympathy for the humans, and Enlil, who is a strict
adherent to Anu's orders.
[NOTE : This "tribe" was called Nubiru. The word Nubiru, in the ancient Sumerican language, means "between two peoples". So...Both Sapien and Serpent
Man Bloodlines TRIBES were on/in/above the Earth. Then they had a DISPUTE over the Hybrid salve Labor HU-MEN ("half-breeds").
The ELDERS and REPTILIAN fought. The EL's won...BUT, The "Reptilian Military" DRACs are returning to Earth.
* "ZON" suggests that the WAR be called off and that we ALL work together, AGAIN...As it was in the Ancient "GOLDEN" Age. There are segments of the
Telosians/"ZONs"/Aghartians (Hollow Earth-"Sanctuary") and the "Reptoid" Beings (The Fifth Column) that are loyal to non-Interventionism and who believe that the Earth should be allowed to maintain its "Independence". And "INDIVIDUAL FREEDOMS"!
"Free SOULS, now!" "J.B.III" ]

* Enlil's astrological symbol is the star group of the Pleiades. ELDER RACE bloodline.
* The tribes of ENKI = REPTILIAN RACE bloodline.
["ZU" means "IN, "INSIDE", and the Heart of the Matter.]
* The Merovingians are genetically connected to the Amphibious Reptilians.
* Note : The Serpent PROTECTED the TREE of Life.
* The reptilian race, which
the Bible refers to as the "serpent race". Serpent men. They are still here, and
they can,t stand the radiation of the sun. They haven,t been able to live on the
surface of the planet since the last major war that occurred.
BUT...Remember to be DISCERNING of the REPTILIANS as well as the EL's.
The Children of the Reptile have also left their tracks on Mankind's history. Also, the Reptilians seeking to emerge into the World of the
Sun(surface of the Earth), they feed upon the Fire
of others..Never forget this! Keep your fire (Passion /Emotions) under your control.
Beware of those who seek your passion...your spirit...or your soul.
"TAL" reports :
So...."Quinotaur" is the legendary creature who climbed out of the sea to found the Merovingian dynasty back in the 5th century.

I'm certainly surprised that many of the anti-Reptilian folks are the same ones that support the Merovingian/Chirst connection rap.
Amphibious Reptilians are manipulating human culture. And they USE those who claim to hate them, to gain control of Society.

The "Quinotaur" is an Amphibious Reptilian of the group also known as OANNES (ENKI)[EA].
They are the ATL (means WATER). QuetzalcoATL = Osiris. And the "Priest Kings" are returning again August 1999 - 2012.

(comment from Dan W.: - Origins of ATL-AN-tis - see Enki as founder..-Thule..)

Secrets about this are connected to the OMPHALOS SITES (Oracle Centres) and the Legends of ARGO/Jason/ARGOnauts. [And the Egyptian
Magurru Boat (Magan).]

Ursa Major means great bear. Scholars believe that the Greeks may have mistaken the Persian word Dob (Hebrew Dowb),
which means Bear, for Dubeh, (the name of the brightest star), which means A Herd, A Flock. The Herd, or Flock is the meaning of this constellation. Other stars
bear this out: Merak, Flock in Hebrew, or Purchased in Arabic; Phad, Guarded or Numbered; and Megrez means Separated (as a flock in a fold). All these go toward the
idea of assembling the once-scattered flock.

ARGO. In mythology, this is the ship that carried Jason and his companions in their search for the Golden Fleece. It is a Company of Travelers, a prophetic illustration of the secure arrival of God's people back to the land of blessing.
The lead star is CANOPUS, The Possession of Him Who Comes. The Desired. Canopus = "Rudder"(that which directs or guides).

ARGO directs the JASONS (MAJI-12).....The Interface organization, with the "Aliens"(Reptilians). (inset:Michael Heleus says "Arrr" means artificial planet used for political genetic missions..)

Huang-ti : Extraterrestrial Emperor?
The "Sons of Heaven" :
The ancient Chinese records mention amazing, wise and humane
(humane, not human-P.S.) BEINGS, the" Sons of Heaven" (this term
became emperors' title much later), who had done so much for the then
savage dwellers of the Huang He RIVER valley. Before the "Sons of
Heaven" appeared on Earth, familiar celestial phenomena preceded all
such appearances. Before Huang-ti was born there occurred " a radiance
from the great star Chi and the Dipper Constellation (Ursa Major - the
Great Bear.)."
[These Amphibious Reptilians like to be in the WATER.]

The Mysteries of Sirius The Dogon tribe in Mali "are cultural, and probably also physical,
descendants of Lemnian Greeks who claimed descent 'from the Argonauts', went to Libya, migrated westwards as
Garamantians (who were described to Herodotus), were driven south, and after many, many
centuries reached the RIVER Niger in Mali and intermarried with local Negroes.
"The Dogon preserve as their most sacred mystery tradition one which was brought from pre-dynastic Egypt by 'Dannaos' to the Greeks.'"
- Robert Temple, The Sirius Mystery

(comment from Dan W.: D'An means From AN as in Tuethe De Daanan.. People of the Gods - Celt)

(graphic on the 60 degree implosion charge cone relationship between ORION versus Sirius and Pleaides - pics at ../orion/orionheart.html )

"The predynastic Egyptians worshipped the feminine principle, the great mother goddess [Tuart] represented by the seven stars of Ursa Major and her child Sirius the dog star, or Set. Sirius was also represented by the same symbol as his mother, whom he is supposed to have fecundated."
- Peter Tompkins, The Magic of Obelisks

"Sirius is the one consecrated to Isis, for it brings the WATER."
- Plutarch

"...To ancient initiates Isis was a symbol of Sirius and Osiris a symbol of the Dark Companion of Sirius; but he is not aware of Crowley's and Levi's insistence that the traditional secret revealed in the Eleusian Mysteries was that 'Osiris is a black god!'"
"... The familiar symbol of Isis, with a star above her and one of her feet in water and the other on land, is a symbol of the Sirius connection..." (Atu XVII of the Tarot - The Star)
"Temple also demonstrates that the whole Egyptian calendar revolved around the movements of Sirius - the year began with the 'dog days' when Sirius started to
rise behind the sun (JULY 23 in our calendar) ...that the earliest hieroglyphic for Osiris (the God of Resurrection and of Eternal Life) was an eye plus a throne; and that the most secret of the rituals of Osiris, the 'black rite,' is described on one Hermetic text as being so cryptic in its total meaning that men will only understand it fully when they pursue the stars 'unto the height'..."

"In the north at the approximate time of the pyramid's construction in 2700 BC, the Pole was occupied by Alpha Draconis, the star around which turned the
Circumpolars - called the 'Indestructibles' since they never disappear below the horizon. Thus they were the symbol of immortality. The King then, triumphant over the trials of terrestrial life, will ascend imperishable in the northern sky.
...........Osiris (Orion) and Isis-Sothis (Sirius), symbols of yearly renewal, of the regeneration of the Nile, of cyclic death and rebirth."
- Lucy Lamie, Egyptian Mysteries

So....SIRIUS RISING is the "KEY" Time period to watch out for.

Are YOU ready for the EVENTS? ALT - "TAL"
Where is the devil? It is inside every human, waiting to impose
self-interests and attend to our animal psyche.

So where is the devil while all of this is going on?
Lilith: the First Eve. Historical and Psychological Aspects of the Dark Feminine,"
by Siegmund Hurwitz, 1992, p.49. He in turn quotes S.N. Kramer.
"Because during that time, a DRAGON had built its nest at the foot of the TREE, the ZU-bird was
raising its young in the crown, and the demon Lilith had built her house in
the middle. But Gilgamesh, who had heard of Inanna's plight, came to her
rescue. He took his heavy shield, killed the dragon with his gigantic bronze
axe, which weighed seven talents and seven minas. Then the ZU-bird flew
into the mountains with its young, while Lilith, petrified with fear, tore
down her house and fled into the wilderness."
Excerpted from :
A mythological creature which at times wrought mischief. ZU is a storm-bird that was
depicted as half-man, half-fish. [Some say half-man, half-Reptilian/Amphibian.]
Lapis laZUli
The following is Excerpted from :

A comment on Reptile-loathing from Antares in Malaysia

...a PROVOCATIVE posting! From my personal perspective, what David Icke and John F. Winston
report about reptilians running the show is pretty much indisputable. However, those of us who
remember our ID/ENKI lineage feel it's unfair to lump all REPTOID entities in the same Fear & Loathing
category. I've seen myself turn into a lizard-like entity several times in my life, and there are moments
when I find myself amazed at how cold & unfeeling I can be.

I surmised, then, that we aren't just reptiles or mammals or Grey-hybrids or humans or cetaceans or
whatever ~ most of us are a COMPLEX BLEND OF
MULTIPLE GENETIC LINEAGES. That's what makes this planet such an incredible bio-lab &
nursery of new life forms - her allowance for

I've always felt great empathy for the Serpent in the Garden of Eden story. When I learned that
another manifestation of Solar Christ Consciousness was actually called the "Plumed Serpent" or
Quetzalcoatl/Kukulcan, imagine how vindicated I felt. A long time ago an Indian astrologer told me I
was protected by Nagas and would be safe wherever there were snakes!

Now this interchangeability of Dragon & Snake symbolism is of deep interest. The Orang Asli tell me
the Snake is the 3D projection of the 4D Dragon (not in these words, of course, but they said, "The
dragon is not of this world of flesh & blood." They believed that Snake Guardians that had served
their time at sacred interdimensional portals eventually graduate to full Dragonhood.)

Naturally, whenever I hear talk of "slaying the Dragon (of Carnal Desire)" and references to the Evil
Legions of the Draco Constellation, I'm a bit miffed. The worse Snake/Dragon Fearers/Haters are
Christians - those who are closely descended from Enlil's bloodline. Remember Enlil's family emblem
is the Eagle - and in Mexico, you find an Eagle clutching a Serpent in its claws on the national flag,
symbolizing the Spanish Catholic colonization of the native Aztec-Maya cultures.

The bad blood between Enlilites & Enkiites has devolved down the aeons into Serpent-loathing & a
general dislike of Reptiles!

During peak experiences when I've felt completely reintegrated & attuned to all life, I've always been a
dynamic fusion of Eagle & Serpent. Hence, the Plumed Serpent! I feel that Reptile-loathing leads
nowhere but to a bland & sterile world view where any quality diametrically opposed to our own
programming is regarded as "Shaitan" (Satan, Nemesis, Enemy) and rejected outright.

In September 1996 I wrote an essay titled "Song of the Dragon" - a study of the interchangeability of
Snake, Dragon, & Rainbow symbols in folk mythology. A "channeled" passage came through which I
later edited out, because I felt the magazine's readership wouldn't be able to relate to the material.
Luckily, I saved that paragraph in my Archive folder. Now is as good a time as any to retrieve it as a
contribution to this very stimulating discussion Susan has initiated. Here goes...



Antares' channeling:
The Dragon is part of Earth's evolutionary program. For Intellect to function under harsh climatic
conditions, one requirement is protective armoring. We were stranded in the constellation Draco after
the First War in Heaven, when one third of the Archangelic Host decided to volunteer for a dangerous
and unprecedented experiment in the Use of Free Will.

Slowly we mutated (or stepped down our sub-atomic frequencies) into dense physical forms based
on the most rudimentary principles: Input/Output - with a hole at either end of a semi flexible tube,
which results in your basic worm-snake-fish-bird-mammal metamorphic sequence.

In the early stages we were mere strands of living protein, bacilli. Once we graduated to proper
Wormhood, we were well on our way to full-fledged Serpenthood and, eventually, we attained
archetypal Dragonhood. We grew into a very large family called the Reptiles and our survival program
was eat-or-be-eaten. Over great geological ages, we acquired strategy and sophistication.

We began projecting our individualized Wills into other parts of the Galaxy and
became a source of disharmony.

During the Second War in Heaven (when Hell literally broke loose!), the Elohim made an attempt to
eradicate us from the Matter Universe. They did not entirely succeed, for we became a survival
program hardwired into every life form on Earth. Your scientific researchers call this the hypothalamus
or Reptilian brain - and even the most "denatured" Sirian-Nibiruan-Simian genetic lineage has Dragon
Blood at its deepest molecular levels.

There is no way you can eliminate the Serpent without destroying your own survival instinct. The
limbic or mammal brain developed when the experience of death led to emotional trauma and fear of
loss. As metaphorical thinking evolved, the neocortex grew and self-awareness appeared. The "fourth
brain" can be described as "bionic" or cybernetic, incorporating artificial intelligence and
nanotechnology. Your "World Wide Web" is an early manifestation of this phenomenon.

In terms of the Earth's mineral memory banks and her magnetic fields, we of the Dragon lineage have a
very vital role to play. We have been here since the earliest phases of starseeding, and our
evolutionary destiny is intimately linked with that of Gaia.

On the 4th dimensional level our hologram forms are perceived by those with active pineal glands as
various phenomena, e.g., rainbow serpents, sundogs, aurora effects, UFO activity, and so on. We are
pure energy beings, beyond archaic notions of Good and Evil, converting electricity into magnetism
and vice versa.

OK, that's my say ~ Rainbows all the way!

dan winter wrote:

> could this be horus entering from eye of sun
> HOR eye ZON

Could this be the HORus EYE ZONe.. (Pic from Tal)

(? inner Earth MAGnetic ZONe / Zon / Agartha... Sipapu / Kiva Magnetic Brewing Space for the Inside-Outness required to ENSOUL genetic branching..)

Tal wrote: Well.... Horus Returns : Note patch above pocket and helmet design.
* The attached is a Photo shop "adjusted" Image,
of the Cover Art, to a January 1974 Issue of
ANALOG (a Science Fiction Story Magazine)

* The ART is for the story, "The HORUS Errand".

Sun: Hebrew "ZON" or "ZAWON", to
"encircle" becomes in Chaldee DON or dawon.
In early Chaldean, Shemesh, meaning "the servant". The name
Tor, "the revolver", in reference to the sun is a synonym
of the Greek "ZEN" or "ZAN" applied to Jupiter which
signifies "the encircler" or "encompasser". Origin of the
word SUN. In Anglo-Saxon, sunna, and in Egypt the term
snnus refers to the sun,s orbit.

Hor-I-Zon-Tal = horizontal
There are segments of Telosian / "ZON" /Aghartian (Hollow
Earth-"Sanctuary") / "Reptoids" intelligence (Fifth Column) that
are loyal to non-Interventionism and who believe that the Earth should be allowed to maintain its "Independence". And "INDIVIDUAL FREEDOMS"!
"Free SOULS, now!"


dan winter wrote:

> would you say more about the term zon

Tal: Walter Bartoo and The TRONs (They may be related to "ZON".)
["ON" = Ra = Sun/Solar ]
"ZON" = The Integration of "the SQUARE, the CROSS and the CIRCLE".
Related to :
The "Circle-Cross" view of DNA.......BALANCE in Nature. (from Dan: How to CROSS OVER?)

more from TAL:

Revealing your two selves.
-- each of us is really two people.
We are literally two thinking beings residing in
the same body.
* There appear to be two modes of
thinking, Verbal and Nonverbal.
* Each side of the
brain had a characteristic way that it both
"Interprets" the world and "Reacts" to it.

It is an over simplification to identify
"Left brain" types as very analytical and orderly.
And "Right brain" types as
the artistic, unpredictable and creative. But....

Experiments show that most children rank
Highly Creative (right brain) before entering
school. Because our educational systems place
a higher value on left brain skills such as
mathematics, logic and language than it does
on Drawing or using our "Imagination", only ten
percent of these same children will rank
highly creative by age 7. By the time we are
adults, high creativity remains in only 2
percent of the population.
...ONLY 2% of the population! Are YOU one of them?
Left Brain : Right Brain

Our conscious mind can only focus on data
from one brain at a time. We can switch from
one side to the other very quickly (with our
corpus collosum intact) but that's not always
the most efficient way to act and eventually
ultimate authority to enter consciousness is
delegated to one brain or the other. In our
modern world, this battle is almost always
won by the left brain.
* The REPTOIDS want us to be more "Right Brained". "J.B.III"
MOST Adult Humans and "The ELDER RACE" of Aliens are functioning as
Left brain dominate.
1. identifies Words (Is Verbal)
2. assigns meaning
3. follows rules and schedules
4. interprets
5. factual and detailed
6. emotionally positive
7. analyzes
8. uses symbols & ideas for sensations
9. orderly
10. critical
11. anxious
12. methodical
13. classifies and judges
15. Linear
16. objectifies
Most Reptilians and Creative/Artistic Humans seems to be MORE
Right brain dominate.
1. identifies "PATTERNS" (Is Nonverbal)
2. assigns value
3. follows Daydreams and Impulses
4. Imagines
5. VISUAL and Conceptual
6. emotionally negative
7. Synthesizes
8. Values Sensation for itself.
9. Spontaneous
10. Dreamy
11. suspicious
12. random
13. plays and responds
15. Meandering
16. animates
Now if you go here :
YOU will learn something very Important about Yourself and others. (end exerpts from Tal here, thanks Tal..)

The below materials are exerpted from recent additions to the

../thoth article

mostly in care of Simeon and Maia (gratitude to: Simeon and Maia's detailed "Temple Doors" websites on Thoth, etc. , and (exerpted variously here...)

and via Raphiem..

Note the references to the SOLAR HEART as the Lion's portal, and the GATE OF THE SUN, hint to further Angelic background on the CROSS OVER breeding program, which underlie Earth's present genepool:

Date: Sun, 23 Apr 2000 ,From:
"Raphiem" <>
Dan, this is quiet heavy, again courtesy of Rami Sadji ... there is more
.. but i've only pieced together, pertaining stuff re: Thoth. This information
i believe is sourced mostly from Maia & Simeon.


Atlantis. Thoth came to Earth from the Blue Star Rigel in Orion with
an energetic patterning called the Enochian Table, which is mathematically
encoded into the plan of the Great Pyramid as blueprint to the Enochian
Table. However the name Thoth became associated also with Hermes, the
Greek God of Mercury (spiritualized mind), and Trismesgistus (meaning
thrice great). Thoth is also associated with a combination of other souls
as some known historical figures as Amenophis; Imenhotep; Hiram Abiff;
Merlin; Enoch (Idres in Arabic) and John the Beloved/Divine.

Thoth Adam Kadmon: Lord Melchizedek, who descended to Earth from Venus
in the Lemurian period; Enoch; Thoth or Thoth; Imenhotep; architect of
King Zoser; King David; Zachariah, father of John the Baptist; St. John
the Beloved.

Solomon Adam Kadmon: Noah, King Zoser of Egypt; Zarathustra; Samuel,
a prophet and judge of Israel; the Melchizedek King of Salem, Salem is
the old city of Ur Salem (Capitolas), today (Beit Ras / Irbed), King
Solomon, son of David, Yeshua ben Josef (from the age of 12 to the Baptism.)

Thoth also tells us that the star Sirius holds the key for transmutation
of galactic karma. In fact, one of its ancient names in Lemuria was Magha.
This is a word-form of the archetype Magda; as on Mary Magda-lene, who
as we know represents the fallen galactic level within the fallen (Oritronic-Luciferic)
universe. So here we can now begin to see the inter-relationship of galactic
karma and the two key points on the Earth: Jerusalem and Mecca. They
are the key geographical points which translate galactic level karma
into our Earthen reality.

Thoth reveals the deeper nature of this Jerusalem-Mecca / Sirius A &
B dynamic:

Thoth: The 'Heart of the Lion' is formed by Jerusalem and Mecca thus
(see Figure 1): The DARK cube (Ka'bba) aligns with Mecca, and the
STAR cube (Ormid) aligns with Jerusalem. The lemniscate (infinity
eight loop) between the two is the 'field of the heart,' with the centre
point being the actual 'Heart of the Lion.' This centre point is geographically
located near Al Wadjih, Saudi Arabia. Here, buried beneath the sand is
the ancient city of Merazhadec - the 'Lion of Melchizedek' or the 'Lion
of Al-Khidr.' This city was also known in later times (but still very
ancient by our standards) as Jiddi. The current city 'Jiddi' or 'Judah'
next to Mecca was named after the more ancient Merazhadec / Jiddi that
was located near Al Wadjih. The centre point at Al Wadjih represents
Sirius C, a hidden star of Sirius, thus creating a trinity the ancients
called 'Hebola': the name of the power triangle formed in Sirius by these
3 stars. In most ancient Egypt this Sirian trinity was also represented
by the Royal Family of Osiris (Father-God: Sirius A), Isis (Mother-Goddess:

Sirius B) and Horus (Son-Christ:Sirius C).

So to summarize the main points which we have covered so far in this
article: the Black Cube Ka'bba in Mecca holds the defiled 666 (Dark Cube)
link to Sirius, which in turn holds a link to the transmutation of galactic

Jerusalem holds the 999 (cube of Stars - Ormid) link to Sirius. The two
energetics of Jerusalem and Mecca must converge through the 'gate' at
the centre of the lemniscate (or figure eight infinity loop) near El
Wadjih, thereby allowing the dynamic of the Metatronic Fulcrum to come
into play which will initiate the inversion of the 666 to the 999, freeing
bondage in matter and taking the complete 'Heart of the Lion' dynamic
into the realms of the higher evolutionary worlds Mazaloth; thereby transcending
our lesser solar cosmology.


The three Crown Archetypes of Nature are Isis, Serapis and Orpheus. These
three form the Triune for the planetary mutability of Earth. All other
Earth archetypes interrelate through these. Most archetypes of this sphere
were originally begun through a living experience. There was, for instance,
a living man, Serapis, whose life design became so interpolated with
the principles of mind governing Earth, that a consequent archetypical
crystal of consciousness was built upon the single altar stone of his
life. This same soul which began the Serapis morphia was also incarnate
as the great Thoth Hermes Trismegestus, who in turn initiated the Hermetic
archetype. Thus the Hermetic archetype is a transmutation of the Serapis
in that the alchemical Hermes is a "mutable" of Serapis.

Serapis governs the law of division from immutable to mutable, from non-polar
to polarized, from neutronic to electronic-protonic. Hermes is the archetype
of purification through transmutation. In order that an element be transmuted,
it must change form through division and reunion. The Serapis and Hermetic
archetypes are then "mutables" or symbiotic designs of law.

These archetypes, with the exception of SET, were all Light-embued in
that they addressed spiritual values and universal codes of Divine Order.
SET was a natural reflection of all darkness or embalance, and was thus
not created by the Aton Priesthood, but through entropy or chaos. The
Dark Priesthood of the Amun, who sought to destroy the enlightened framework
in that age, did employ SET as their destructive vehicle.


The correlation between the greater template the Mazzaroth represents,
and the re-development of he 12 strand DNA. Thoth tells us that the etheric
counterpart for that 12 strand DNA will form, then the physical components
will begin formation, and then finally humanity will begin to assimilate
the consciousness it represents. One this process is complete, the souls
of our humanity who have been a part of this greater process through
proper spiritual preparation, will then be able to move into the more
complex consciousness expression of the higher worlds of the Mazaloth.


There is many families living in the area of Jordan, Palestine, Israel,
Syria and Lebanon are currently "Grail Barers" holding the genetic codes
of the 30 Spirit Races, originally infused through a mixture of five
'tribes' (Lemurian, Atlantean, Noahcain, Davidic and Canian). The human
race has 38 genetics stands holding stellar information within the human
etheric genetics or paragenetics. Only 30 of these strands have nested
in the descended Earth through the 30 Spirit Tribes. The remaining 8
strands compose the stellar configuration of soul frequency bandwidth
involved in the higher evolution of this planet, which continue to exist
in advanced DNA templates of the Adam Kadmon. Such beings as Jesus ''Yeshua''.

In transference of waves of divine codings from the KABBA (inverted)
to ORMID (out-raying) universe fields.

Thoth: What keeps this world's inhabitants within such small circles
of evolution and beings is the very nature of opposition. This is not
to say that polarity does not serve essential purposes, for indeed it
does; but beyond this garden of Adam/Eve compliance, lies the Field of
Ardath, therein the Heart of the Lion (666) and the Heart of the Lamb
(999) are At-One.

Orion is the main node of the Star-Trinity, the two being the Pleiades
and Sirius in Canis Major.

Orion is divided into three zones. The upper zone is ruled by the star
Betelguese. Here are the Councils of Light. The lower zone is controlled
by the Rigel and is the home of the Lords. In the central portion of
Orion is a Zone of Overlap. This area could be referred to as the Great
Light for it represents the sacred, alchemical union of dark and light
into One. Betelguese is on their right path (male polarity). Rigel is
of the left path (feminine polarity). As stars of the Living Lights (Angelic
Domion). Beteluguese contains the raw energy, somewhat like a divine
battery, while Rigel transforms that energy into the sublime substance
of Divine Reason.


Thoth: Archetypically, the Gate of the Sun refers to the passage of the
human soul into Solar
initiation. In other words, the soul receives an initiation of Divine
FIre through their solar plexus chakra directly from the Great Central
Sun: the Kolob. Historically however, the Gate of the Sun refers to specific
formats and / or planetary acu-points upon which solar initiations take
place. Sometimes such sacred Solar passage are held for entire cultures
as they seek renewal of their Race Spirit within the greater tide of
the universal solar sea.

The 'Gate of the Sun' is actually comprised of specific acu-points on
the Earth, which are part of the greater Solarian Tabla (Solar Table)
on Earth, which is comprised of All the points where the pure Solar Tribal
insertions have been made upon the Earth. The specific acu-points which
comprise the 'Gate of the Sun' from the main 'meridian' of the Solaris
Tabla. There are certain determining factors as to why some of these
were chosen to be on the 'main meridian,' and others were not. This was
primarily dependant upon the knowledge forms these tribes carried in
their para-genetic and genetic coding. Each of the many grid lines in
the Solaria Tabla is an insertion meridian for specific knowledge forms
which direct and calibrate the spiritual evolutionary path of the Earth
and its souls through time and space. The specific knowledge forms these
tribes carry, are themselves not anything which can be defined clearly
to the human perspective. However, they come together to create the ideologies
and religions which have represented them to the world experience throughout
the ages.

The Records of Thoth have revealed that there were originally two genetic
strains on this planet. The first originated from the Adam Kadmon template.
Thoth refers to this strain as the Solarian and also the Family of Shepherd
or more simply the Shepherd Race. The second strain came into physical
embodiment on this planet at a later time in a separate merkabah or Eden.
This is the Nephilimic strain also known as the Fallen Lords of Lucifer.

Thoth explains the angelic connection in the descendants of Adam Kadmon:
"The angelic Seraphs or Seraphim orchestrated the descent into matter
for the Solomon, or the first Solarians who descended to Earth. At
that time the Solomon were highly evolved souls who chose to take matter
forms. The Nephilim were once angelic beings who had broken with the
Divine, and thus were unraveled from the Metatronic Great Inscription
of Light, into an Oritronic (half-Light) threshold. Trapped in an imperfect
form, they sought a means of escape, and thus began to manipulate the
genetics of the Solomons, many of whom were vulnerable tothis unjust
cause because of their own path of separation from Source. In order to
aid the Solomons and stave off the fate of their annihilation, the Seraphim
began to selectively interbreed with them. Understand that angels are
very high Light Beings, and as such they can move through the Great Inscription
of Light into a form that is contained within matter sufficiently for
reproduction. Offspring of such a union contained genetic codes that
allowed the Solomon-Solarians to become Nathana-Solarians, and survive
for the time being as a Light Source.

"On rare occasion, angelic beings were produced from among the offspring
of Seraphim and Solomon, and later also Nathana humans. These children
were not on the level of the Seraphim, but neither were they mortal by
the standard of the Solomon or even Nathana-Solarians. They were a hybrid
we call the Helioseraphis.

"During the Hyperborean Epoch, the Nephilim began their manipulation,
which continued through the fall of the two Edens (Solarian and Nephilim).
It was also in this Epoch that the the Seraphim began their intercession
through breeding with the Solomons. The Helioseraphis only bred among
themselves (and very rarely then), since genetically they would have
mutated the Solomon and Nathan lines in a manner that would have been
counter-productive for the Light Races. Although they had certain angelic
powers, they were grounded to the Earth plane in that period until the
fall of the Epoch, which released them from their near mortals forms.
They could not move into the lower dimension with the Earth as she plummeted
and migrated outside her Sun at the end of the Hyperborean Epoch. The
Helioseraphis now continue their angelic tribe in a greater Light presence
than when they were trapped in the Earth plane.

"We wish to differentiate between the genetic manipulation of the Nephilim
and the interbreeding of the Seraphim with the Solomons. The entered
the Solomon gene pool solely with the agenda of their own liberation.
They are still continuing this long term project through the thought-form
hybrid creatures they have created such as the Greys and Lizzies. They
are solely a logistic of mind and body, with no emotional nor heart involvement.

"The Seraphim entered into a holy sacrament with Earth's kind, through
which they communed at the deepest levels of heart resonance with the
Solomon-Solarian. Therefore their breeding was done in sacred act through
spiritual intercourse, which was a far more Light-engendered process
in that age than it is currently on the surface of the Earth. In the
greater sense of its meaning, they engaged in an Immaculate Conception
with the earthen ones, and in that gesture of compassion for their plight,
created a grail nesting in the heart of the Solarians that is still present
in the blueprint of human design, albeit seldom evident in the manifest
human condition at this time."

John Michell makes another interesting observation. He writes: 'Watkins
compared the straight track leading to the Greek cities with the leys
of Britain, and found in both cases an association with Hermes, known
to the Egyptian as Thoth, to the Gauls [Celts] as Theutates, the name
surviving in the numerous Tot or Toot hills all over England.'

This comment brings many things into focus. Hermes is the Greek god of
fertility &shyp; he is responsible for making the corn grow &shyp; and
is credited with inventing animal sacrifice, another basic part of the
Druidic ritual. He is the god of roads, and heaps of stones were raised
at crossroads in his honour. In Egypt he was Thoth, the god of learning,
who later became transformed into Hermes Trismegistos. * Taken from the
book "Mysteries", by Colin Wilson.

Date: Sun, 23 Apr 2000 11:11:19 +0000
From: "Raphiem" <>

Dan, again, accolades the same as previous posts ... I share this information,
inthe hope that Maia & Simeon wish it also to be shared by all.

Maybe our friend Commander Capra, was right in that, perhaps, the stuff
is not addictive.??? Perhaps not to the creator of the substance (thoth)??

[snip]Thoth has indicated an etheric molecule present in the natural
powder called "iropiya", and that it probably cannot be detected at this
time by the scientific community. The small amounts of rhodium and iridium
[Raphiem: Starwars - looking for Iridium/Gold in Blood/Darth Vader] are
in the exact proportion needed to bridge to the etheric molecule iropiya,
thus activating its potential within the individual's auric field.[snip]


Prima Matra is an ancient alchemical term that means prime unviolated
first matter, and covers any forms of matter that is resonate with the
original first matter. According to Thoth originally this planet was
entirely a spiritual creation without a matter counterpart, in other
words it was pure energy with Divine patternings. As it began to slow
down its vibrational frequency, matter began to coalesce from the pure
energy patternings. The feeling as we know it today. This first matter
was called Prima Matra by the ancients.

The forms of Prima Matra we have existent today are less in vibrational
frequency than the original Prima Matra, but powerful nonetheless for
spiritual transformation and physical healing. As an example you could
see the Original Prima Matra as light just beyond the ultraviolate end
of the visible spectrum of the rainbow (high frequency), and the forms
of Prima Matra with us today as the visible colours of the rainbow (gradients
less in frequency, but all still light). This is a very simplified analogy,
but it will suffice to explain the main point here.

They are a powdered substance occurring naturally in the Earth. Thoth
refers to these powders as a gradient of Prima Matra, or the first unviolate
matter. As the Earth condensed from a pure spiritual state into the first
stages of Matter Prima Matra formed from the ether. Since that time there
have been inner planes orders that have ensured there would be a certain
amount of some form of this Prima Matra present within this dimension
in order to maintain the bridge from this reality back to our true spiritual
heritage. This substance is being revealed at this time to the planet
to assist humanity with the transformational process.

The powder helps the cellular consciousness to assimilate and reorients
to the Grace Factor. It is not however a cure-all. Thoth has impressed
upon that we simply cannot comprehend just how sacred this substance
truly is.

On a more scientific and technical note, the natural powder relates spiritually
to a grouping of substances coming forth at this time referred to as
monoatomics. Monoatomics have been exhibiting the properties of superconductors
at normal temperatures. The principle behind a superconductor is that
is able to carry electrical energy without any resistance present, thus
exhibiting a zero loss in the conduction of that energy. In addition,
the process involves the conversion of electrons into a light frequency
as they pair off within the super conductive medium. One of the keys
in these monoatomic superconductors is the presence of exotic single
atom materials such as rhodium and iridium in the high spin state.


Thoth has indicated an etheric molecule present in the natural powder
called "iropiya", and that it probably cannot be detected at this time
by the scientific community. The small amounts of rhodium and iridium
[Raphiem: Starwars - looking for Iridium/Gold in Blood/Darth Vader] are
in the exact proportion needed to bridge to the etheric molecule iropiya,
thus activating its potential within the individual's auric field.

========SuperConductivity and The Anointing Oil ===============

The Balsam plant, grows naturally in Hawaii, Polynesia, Malaysia, Australia,
India and the Red Sea Rift Valley. It grows upon a type of evergreen
that can be anything from a small bush to a tree. They have a VERY pungent
odor and unpleasant flavour when ripe, making them nearly impossible
to consume for all but the most courageous of souls that have acclimated
to the unpleasantness. The Balsam plant is also commonly known as pain
killer tree among the nomads.

The Balsam plant have been used by traditional healers for a very long
time. It has been known to be medicinal, and was revered for its unusual
healing properties. Some plant chemistry has shown the Balsam plant to
exhibit the following healing activities: anti-bacterial, anti inflammatory,
analgesic, anti congestive, hypotensive, cancer inhibiting.

Thoth tells us that the Balsam plant is a form of Prima Matra. As such,
this substance is affected by consciousness vibrations to a much higher
degree than other non-Prima Matra substances.

Thoth: "The Balsam plant originated in Lemuria, of which Hawaii and Polynesian
Islands are remnants. It is a Prima Matra or 'First Matter' consciousness
plant, and one of the few on the Earth today which began its existence
during a very early stage of Earth's decent into matter. This was the
period prior to the Race of Adam. While the Balsam plant has changed
in some ways since that time, considering the eons of time which have
passed since the Earth's early stages of descent into matter, it has
remained remarkably similar to that of its original form.

"The Balsam plant has understandably had many names in the past. The
Lemurians called it 'Halipai', and the Atlanteans referred to it as 'Miama'(
That were the world Manna started). Both these names mean essentially,
'the dew'. Its foul smell and taste was not present until Atlantean horticulturists
altered this plant. They did so in an attempt to make it more hardy in
hopes that it would be able to withstand the increasing fluctuations
in the etheric and magnetic currents during the last stage of Atlantis'
existence. The horticulturists were successful in their alterations and
the Balsam plant survived even the Atlantean Deluge and the major time
distortions which ensued during the final cataclysms that eventually
sunk the great continent under the ocean.

"Noah, famed for his voyage with the Ark biblically, was actually carrying
genetic strains of different plant species aboard the Ark as well as
animal life. The Balsam plant was one of the plants carried on the Ark
of Noah which explain how it got to Jericho from Ararat in Turkey, and
therefore was transported into the Assyrian lands where his Ark finally
came to rest after the Great Flood. That was in a period when the region
was far more humid and sub-tropical, however.

"The Dew Plant (Balsam Plant) was grown in the Gardens of Jershoeb in
the Assyrian lands in ancient days. These gardens contained all
the most sacred plants and herbs that had survived the Atlantean Deluge
(Great Flood). These plants and herbs were of a very high vibration,
and there were certain times when auric lights could be seen in and
over the Gardens of Jershoeb. In those days, the Dew Fruit was especially
prized for aiding the body in maintaining longevity, since life spans
were beginning to shorten dramatically, and ways were being sought to
rectify that situation.

"Due to some very complex dynamics which involved the previously mentioned
time distortions, Noah and his Ark actually sailed through a time
portal, thus he set sail in 9,019 B.C., but landed in the Assyrian lands
in 2,343 B.C. He effectively intercepted the time line at a different
point from whence he had left it, all of this made possibly by the fractured
and confused time fields which ensued after Atlantis' final destructive

"As a result, while the Dew Plant had been introduced directly from Atlantis
into Egypt and some
areas of Asia and South America long before the Deluge, it did not make
its way into the Assyrian experience until Noah finally arrived with
it much later. It actually did not grow very well in most places outside
Lemuria and Atlantis however, and when regions such as the Assyrian Lands
and Egypt became more arid the plant became extinct in those regions.


Diodorus Sciulus, around 310 B.C has mentioned the Nabataeans and Balsam

"Another Nabataean product of significance to religious rites Balsam,
was also described by Diodorus. He spoke of balsam as vital medicament
needed by all physicians, which does not grow anywhere else in the
world, therefore it is the source of an immense income for the Nabataeans.
The value of this commodity caused Cleopatra to seek control of its

"As to its value in healing (as Anointing oil) and balancing the body,
we will say that it remains an excellent source for cytometic renewal.
Cytometic (Cytology: a branch of biology dealing with cells) is a term
we use here to refer to the ability of a substance to open pathways for
Source-to-Matra Light transmissions at the cellular level. In other words,
it has the potential to restore the consciousness of the cells to their
original full-Light forms."

Prima Matra is an ancient alchemical term that means prime unviolated
first matter, and covers any forms of matter that is resonate with the
original first matter. According to Thoth originally this planet was
entirely a spiritual creation without a matter counterpart, in other
words it was pure energy with Divine patternings. As it began to slow
down its vibrational frequency, matter began to coalesce from the pure
energy patternings. The feeling as we know it today. This first matter
was called Prima Matra by the ancients.

The forms of Prima Matra we have existent today are less in vibrational
frequency than the original Prima Matra, but powerful nonetheless for
spiritual transformation and physical healing. As an example you could
see the Original Prima Matra as light just beyond the ultraviolate end
of the visible spectrum of the rainbow (high frequency), and the forms
of Prima Matra with us today as the visible colours of the rainbow (gradients
less in frequency, but all still light). This is a very simplified analogy,
but it will suffice to explain the main point here.

Superconductivity and the Anointing Mysteries:
As some of the forms of Prima Matra are the currently available are exhibiting
the properties of a spiritual superconductor as a result of the presence
of monoatomic elements. Super conductivity had ben thought by the scientific
community until late, to be only possible at temperature near absolute
zero. To understand the reason for this we must look at what happens
in superconduction. Ordinarily, when an electrical current is travelling
along a conductor, such as a copper wire, there is a certain amount off
resistance inherent in the conductor to the passage of the electrical
energy. This resistance is caused by the vibratory action of the atoms
of the conductor causing the electrons of the electrical energy to encounter
unpredictable moving obstacles. As these electrons encounter these obstacles
a certain number of them are lost in the collision that result.

This loss of electrons is commonly referred to as a voltage drop across
the conductor. As the vibratory rate of the atoms conductor varies with
temperature, so does the number of collisions between the electrons and
those atoms. The colder the temperature of the conductor, the less vibratory
action between the atoms of the conductor in materials that exhibit superconductive
properties, and therefore the electrical energy passes through it unobstructed
with no voltage drop, or loss of electrons at all. This would be an ideal
set of circumstances as electrical energy could be sent over great distances
without any loss, or very powerful and highly sensitive magnetic devises
could be built, as examples of some practical applications. The hitch
has been that it take tremendous energy to cool a conductor down to absolute
zero, and so there is no true energy gain forthcoming from this approach
to superconductivity. In actuality there is far more going on than the
simple passing of an electron through matter without resistance, as also
the electrons pair off in another phenomena called 'Copper pairing'.
It has been stated that when this occurs the electron pairs are converted
to a photon, pure light.

There has been a search on for some time in the community for materials
that exhibit superconductivity at normal room temperatures. Until the
recent discoveries of the monoatomic states of certain elements, the
results of this search have not produced a substance that has truly exhibited
these properties at or near normal room temperatures (there have been
numerous compounds that have been discovered to exhibit these properties
at temperatures considerably higher than absolute zero however).

Another property of a superconductor is the way in which they respond
to magnetic fields, they are said to be diamagnetic, that is they expel
a magnetic field from entering their atoms. A material in a superconducting
state is extremely sensitive to very minute magnetic fields, even those
as weak as the human auric field. This property of a superconductor is
called the Meissner Effect. The Meissner effect is prominent in Type
I superconductors such as monoatomics. The Meissner effect can be total
or partial depending on whether the superconducting material is able
to completely expel the magnetic force from its atoms.

Science is discovering that the human has superconducting properties.
It has been shown that the cells of the body communicate with each other
as do superconductors, even through the mechanism of the superconductivity
has remained a mystery. Superconductors are able to transfer energy to
each other irrelevant of distance if their Meissner fields are in resonance.
If we assume that the human aura is a Meissner field resulting from the
superconductive state of the millions of cells in the body, then we have
the perfect scientific explanation for telepathy and why they were so
much obsession into the Anointings.

With this in mind we can easily see how raising the percentage of superconductivity
within our bodies can easily bring about some spiritual / psychic changes
and the ability to achieve what have been considered supernatural phenomena.

(Thanks here again to Simeon and Maia - link above for these exerpts from Thoth)

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