New 11/97 Pictorial Review of Sacred Geometrics

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also see: Occult CHEMISTRY- periodic table seen clairvoyantly:

Atomic Table as Recursion Among Domains (5/7 Gold Valence=Fractality/Scale Invariance)

and to see this sub atomic world clairvoyantly is to confirm it's platonic embedding laws..

from "Occult Chemistry" by Leadbeater & Bsant in Theosophy


Above: The Photon Travels as a toroidal donut, when the donut photon encounters the focus of a prism, it is as if there is a traffic jam down to one lane, there the only donuts which can pass are the ones that can share space in that narrowed one lane.. when the chips are down and only the shareable survive, it is the spin tilt angles of the 7 symmetry spins of the tetra, which sort the donut photons into the seven colors of the rainbow... the cone of the eye measures the phase or tilt angle of the incoming photon, and we call that color...


stellated icos to dodec to icos.. all adjacent edges are golden mean..



Tetra Vortex Light Cones/


Zometool Dodec Soap Bubble, insert straw, suck, scale changes ratio does not..

scale invariance=implosion=gravity=self embedded=self aware..


dodec icos earth grid..

zometool dodec icos dodec.. greater maze.. star mother..


braid on braid (ratio powers of two here.. incubation).. non implosive dna.. un ensouled..


Can you visualize how the spin paths of the earth plane, solar plane, and galactic plane might converge with varying angles of relative tilt between them?

Approx 2000AD their relative perpendicular converging flux lines in sun trigger burp: solar implosion, time wave zero.. (A crude intro to Nick Fiorenza's paper: "Erection of the Holy Cross").. the point is implosive flux spin pressurizes emoto gravitic paths on near planets, forcing dissolution of the unshareable (unimplosive and unensouled DNA perishes.. as do unshareable (non symmetric) thoughts.. Practically, non scale invariant spin systems explode while scale invariant ones implode.. examples of scale invariant would be a small town properly dotted with stone circles, labyrinths and fractal zodiac geomancy.(also cf "arkhom"). non scale invariant would be an unplanned magnetic city whose magnetic inner fabric looks like dizzy tangle.. expect total loss.

Orion is galactic region implosive time wormhole outa here, due to implosion (dodec)relative angle..

Functions like Tail Bone of spine as locus where creative juices have opportunity to turn inside out (tail bone sucks)(Tantra/kundalini)..

Cf Orion StarGate article on this site, pointers on Giza Plateau..

Sun heart, 5/7 Spin Group.. Angel Trumpet.. Test For Pure Intention by Implosion.. Heart of Sun Acts as Filter For Shaman Trying to Wormhole SlingShot Out of Solar System..


Can you visualize That Each Frequency Harmonic Contained in the Earth's natural magnetic Schumann Resonance, (it's a complex series and NOT a single simple frequency), represents a donut inside a donut of the Earths magnetic auric sheathing. When these schuman frequencies become a harmonic series based on PHI the golden mean, then these donuts around the earth become self embeddable.. when the earths fields become self similar or scale invariant in this way, then Earth's gravity is stabilized, her climate emerges better from chaos, and she becomes by this definition quite literally self-aware. (Grid engineering on a global scale, saves planets.)

Can You Visualize Where the Octa Nests by Half Edge Where Two Tetras Collide?

Star of David in 3D.. True Yod is Vortex One Way, He Fills it, then Vau Goes other Way.. The Phono Plicative Leaving the Aural cavity when you Properly Say YodHeVauHe creates the birth of these opposing light cones..


and in a properly assembled earth grid magnetic the flow cross points flower and recur, here the 15 great circles, 3 spins per 5 cubes in dodec..

this earth grid would stabilize gravity, hold atmosphere, and fertilize the birth of charge aware humans..


arranging vortex into cube from hex view... metatrons cube.. a not dissimilar inspired view is in Gareleo Pedroza's work.. This one is an original rendering from an equation in super 3D..

5 cubes in dodec centering force implodes..

Rotate Sine Waves into PHI Ratios =Phi'sRay..Fire. Permits InPHIknit pattern to nest.. so mind inhabits this fire..


Dodec Sphere Packing..

When Earth Grid is Embeddable (dodec). a morphic (fractal) spin path exists to zodiac spaces.. our collective genetic memories can unfold by this recursion into stars, birthing angelic magnetic bodies which do not bleed. . (Note the microwave emissions from ATP are directly conducted by earth Grid..).




speaking of nesting the 12 faced dodeca zodiac outside,

dodec earth grid in between, and dodec wratchet Dna in center..

and the "Star Mother" model, same dodec-icos-dodec, in D'Stix..