Why Fractal Charge Compression (& Then Hyper-efficient + Faster Than Light Charge Propagation)
- is both the CAUSE and the RESULT of:
a) Human Attention, b) Gravity , and c) Electrical Nourishment of DNA.
"..In other words: Charge fractality IS THE SECRET OF LIFE ITSELF."

...a breath of hope as the Isreali / US machine empire bombers prepare to end the world as we know it..

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We showed that human attention is perfected into bliss / and peak experience - when EEG harmonics reach Golden Ratio. ref: goldenmean.info/clinicalintro (Ending Attention Deficit + Addiction?). Originally this was Dr. Korotkov's Russian study - leading to our successful BlissTuner. This is rather strong initial evidence that the compression perfected by GOLDEN RATIO physics - is the primary essence of human attention. This would make sense in that the ability to fuse waves of charge (compress them) would be the essence of bringing their information to focus. This also correlates to the role of Golden Ratio self-similarity in measuring HRV success in the heart: COHERENCE - AND Harmonic Inclusion- together predict not just the end of disease ( ref: goldenmean.info/heartmathmistake ) - but also may predict COMPASSION ! (=successful compression).

Bill Tiller's latest book CONSCIOUS ACTS OF CREATION (see our review: goldenmean.info/makingwaves) - provides a whole book full of measure- that in fact HUMAN ATTENTION PRODUCES measureable charge compression. (the electrical principle of creation). 10,000 google hits on Golden Mean in Physics- Implosion Group is 4th.

We showed that Phi Golden Ratio is the symmetry of Gravity Creation- ref: goldenmean.info/gravitycode - experimental aspect: goldenmean.info/gravitycause The Einstein / Poincare electrical symmetry of gravity is the Golden Ratio stellated Dodec. This strongly supports our compelling hypothesis that perfected charge compression and collapse by Golden Ratio optimized SELF SIMILARITY is the CAUSE of gravity. (Charge phase velocities heterodyne constructively turning charge compression into acceleration - gravity. For example : DNA making gravity when excited to BLISS).

The solar system then uses Golden Ratio as the RESULT (/cause?) of gravity, as suggested by spirasolaris.ca


That DNA (example:seed germination) is most nourished in - AND THEN PRODUCES - the environment of charge fractality is suggested at goldenmean.info/germination. This is further developed as we discover that the electric field of LIVING OR ORGANIC materials (defining ability to nourish DNA in architecture) is their ability to PHASE CONJUGATE ( using self similarity). ref: goldenmean.info/healingphase . We call this: SWITCHING ON DNA RADIO. ( see also radio communication with the dead: worlditc.com )

This then leads to mine and Dr. Pat Flanagan's compelling hypothesis that the REASON Vincent's REDOX POTENTIAL and Carey Reams - BIOLOGICAL IONIZATION POTENTIAL , electrically measure the ability of any liquid to support LIFE (+ end virtually all disease) - is that they are measures of ELECTRICAL FRACTALITY. The ability of a free electron to enter new reaction is simply how efficient is the local geometry of charge conductivity / distribution - which is directly and only perfected in fractal geometry. This is because fractal compression - produces both perfect infinite charge COMPACTION and THEREBY perfect efficient -and superluminal - charge distribution. ( goldenmean.info/superDNA/superDNA.html , see also measures of superluminal DNA - and measures of DNA making BLACK HOLES). ... In other words: Charge fractality IS THE SECRET OF LIFE ITSELF.

 From Dr.Pat Flanagan ( phisciences.com ) Subject: ORP -Blood Redox Potential..and Fractality
Dear Dan, It is interesting that Dr. Richard Cutler, the NIH [National Institutes if Health] expert on longevity said: "The amount of antioxidants that you maintain in your body is directly proportional to how long you will live."

And the ORP or redox potential of your blood and bodily fluids is directly proportional to the quantity of antioxidants in your body! Therefore, I do safely conclude that fractality is responsible to the ORP measure and the length of life. The ladder of DNA is made up of hydrogen atoms and DNA repair requires potential [ORP] i.e. negative hydrogen atoms for repair.

There is a whole class of medicine called REDOX SIGNALING in which negative redox potential is responsible for signaling cellular repair or anabolic cellular function. If the charge compression is not there, catabolic or destructive cellular function is triggered = death of cells = apoptosis. We could so a cell test where we measure charge compression with the heart coherence device in a cell culture that has H- ions added vs an oxidized cell culture. It is well known that cellular death = oxidation = rusting of cells = loss of cellular polarization. Cells are biological capacitors with a charge polarity. Loss of charge = oxidation = cellular death.

Our preliminary studies have shown that when redox potential is lost (fractality?), the body accepts bacteria and begins to decompose. As long as the redox potential is negative, the cells are able to resist bacteria decomposition....Patrick

So it is simple- if you relax after yoga - and eating live food / happy DNA - and you are in nature (an electrosmog free - fractal / or charge compressed - call 'sacred' - electrically phase conjugate environment) your body compacts its electrical core into best fractality - you spit out mucous, you pee.. then you tingle ( charge radiate - blue apples...UV donuts..) - then you get immortal. Disease ends. You discover you begin remembering your dreams - predicting your ability to survive death by COHERENCE - your KA.

Implosion Group suggests making use of this info to:

a) completely start over to create curriculum in all architecture / agriculture schools.

b) complete start over - to reinvent government (the body of polis origin of politic- defined by how coherent is the bio charge field created)- for its only biologically sustainable purpose - the creation of immune system making, and biologically immortalizing human BLISS.

c) eliminate religion - (remove the disempowering poison of personality and miracle worship) the real cause of virtually all war- and deceitful governments like George Bush- and replace them with the Science of Bliss - which is the final, complete and ultimate form of human education - because it is how DNA absorbs information (charge).

If anyone asks how I learned the above- tell them it was BLISS.

------Dan Winter.

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