Dear Shakura Rei, Dan,

Responding to your questions re Metatronic/Oritronic/Solarians I don't know
if anything here will be helpful at all but you asked for it....

INFO SOURCE: My information is mainly from Thoth Raismes of Aphra. "Thoth"
is a title, not a name. Raismes is the gent that supervised building the
Solomon's Temple as the Hirim Abiff (another title), etc. This is via Revs
Maia/Simeon Nartoomid, Church: "Johannine Grove of the Machenaim"
views do not necessarily reflect their own nor does my basing my work on
theirs imply that they agree with my comments. I am not "psychic" but do
have above average (?) clairsentience, not enough for spontaneous channeling
or "Source Translation." Thoth via Maia/Simeon covers a wide range from
cosmic poetry to cosmic physics. Having worked with many excellent sources
for 25 years I'm focusing on Thoth's presentation because it is in closest
resonance with my own. That's two-way. My cosmology is consistent with
dozens of professional level channels over the 25 years, with their own
spins of course. The basic story tracks. I am also quite aware that that is
proof of nothing but then I'm not trying to prove anything.

BASIC COSMOLOGY: There is a long installed system: energy grid(s) and
consciousness that does a number of things leading with (1) maintaining
clear and detailed communications between three time continua; (2)
maintaining a format that always keeps a few jumps ahead of human
evolution/return/mastery/ascension by providing a multi level vector of
Metatronic aspect. This aspect ...the "Metatron" is named after the angelic
Presence with that name ...both in energy and being: consciousness or
"sat-chit-ananda." This quality of divine Presence best describes the basic
nature of the temporal state in the "Ranna Time Wave" which I understand to
be the main sustaining wave out of the "Atassic Universe" ...a creation
realm that contains all other universes, continua or reality frames. A
continuum with all its dimensions is a function of both energy and

The energy system, for my own specialty, is called the "Templa Mar"
..."Temples of the Emerald Mar"... the "Mar" being the time model (mar
meaning sea, in Hebrew it is the Mari or "vision, double vision, mirror"
which is an excellent description of a "teleplane" or continuum frame). The
continua being connected are three: (1) the one we were blown (imploded) out
of (vastly oversimplified remark) with the induced collapse of the Lucifer
Stargate working in conjunction with the Christic Stargate, induced by a
Melchizedec sub-order (Decan), which blew up and created, with the
Crucifixion, the mother of uncontrolled time implosions. The effect was to
create a (2) fallen, half light spectrum, continuum of light called
"Oritronic." This huge implosion linked in time with the Montauk
abominations in a ripple effect and there are other huge implosions in the
composite heterodyned wave. This created the "Kali Rift", a tear or wound in
a previously already reduced frequency separate continuum (a long story).
This 2nd, fallen continuum originally had and still has very significant
objectives in its intended creation, it isn't just a bad dream although
that's one good description of it. One objective is to combine the wisdom
gained from this 2nd continuum with that of the 1st (all exist at once in
no-time) to create (3) the third which is back again in the Metatronic
range. That is occurring now.

The disrupted Lucifer gate was taken over by archangel Michael who also
picked up the chore of orchestrating all programs for the redemption of
Lucifer, fallen angels, all involved in the Fall including the reality
continua associated with the whole thing. This comes under the "Michael
Mandate." This "Mandate of the Violet Flame" is interesting and important so
I'll quote a simplified version (from Thoth via Maia):

"Established by the AMETHYST THRONE (high level of Archangelic Hierarchy)
under the authority of the Archangel Michael to proclaim and govern the
development of Light Redemption within the Oritronic Universe. Its main
tenet for Earth is the unification of the Nephilim and Solarian Light races
through the redemption of the Nephilim 'Fallen Factor.' Since all human
races on Earth contain the genetics of both these supra-tribal
consciousness', this principle of solvency must occur beginning at the DNA
level on the planet. The Nature Races (Devas, animals) are also involved in
the synergy of Light Forms toward development of full Light Metatronic
receipt. All beings on Earth share in this program of Light Redemption."
Running the show is a Seraphic group called the ENNEAD ("9"). This gets into
deeper matrices of consciousness/energy exchange called the ELISA EXCHANGE
often found in cells of five or nine which represent seed formats in each
realm: "5" seeds the Oritron from Metatron, "9" responds in the ascending
vector. (Examples of the "5": 5 rivers/lands in Eden which means controlling
foundation, or 5 breaths in the Maitri Upanishad, 2.6).

Templa Mar, as a system, uses a specific grid format. Metatron has a
breastplate having 24 matrices of which the "Reshel" is one. Resh-El
translates as the "Chief Head Stone of God (as El)." The Reshel has an
upgraded version called the "Arieopax." The system incorporates the Gizeh
Pyramid format, star tetrahedron, pentagram function, ennead function,
Bethlehem Triangle/pyramid (Grail) core function, teleplane building and
other dynamics. It is designed to integrate the female "Shekinah" or Goddess
with the Christic polarities in many variable creation frames. It also links
with the "flashing universe" dynamic in integrating divine Grace into the
creation sequencing unifying angelic, human and devic agencies. The Reshel
matrix also includes time gate golden ratio structures to enhance
no-time/Christic merkabas. All this mechanical stuff does not do the human's
(or the angels') work for them but does what any tool does, maybe more
efficiently than most. The Reshel is found throughout history. I've found it
now in vast Earth grids, specific temples including the Hathor Temple at
Denderah (astrological ceiling). St. Columba and then the Templars used it
extensively in more recent times. This is based on observed precision in
complex geometry. Columba left us a message encoded in Hebrew as 9 Celtic
knots in a pattern: 2-4-2-1 that translates "Chief Gate" in the Lindisfarne
Gospels, first page with the illumined letter L ...which is the shorthand
version of the Templa Mar time gate. He also encoded the Eden Serpent-Bird
Staff of healing linked with the Cetacean 13th zodiacal ray. As well as a
complex geometry used to work it. His statement integrated mechanics with
the Grace aspect and how it works in higher mind (the "chit" in

THE "TRON": "Meta" is "above and beyond or after" the tron. The Greek
translation of meta also means "in the midst of" so we have a holy or
separate ("nazir") condition of being separate from a matrix or "tron" but
also in the midst of it. This is a precise description of the holy
Void/Selah or Unmanifest God permeating all of form but being not of form.
"Or"-itron would describe the golden, white light or "aur" (fire, lightning,
light, prosperity in Hebrew) in the tron. In Oritronic or fallen half-light
terms there is a very high order of wisdom to be refined from the ascension
path knowledge learned in this continuum that can integrate with Metatronic
dynamics. Trying to sort out what is old baggage, even in the "highest"
systems we've learned, is the problem. Much of it was of extreme importance
but in the formats of redemption, resolution and evolution in a continuum
that is being rapidly OBE'd. We are in a peculiar situation of having work
to do in three continua. So the old systems can't be trashed, they still
have use but now under very specific restrictions. Briefly put there is no
more time for karmic wheeling and dealing, the way through is by Grace.
Dans' geometric expressions are outstanding Metatronically aligned formats
for enhancing processes working in a Grace state of Being. Short name: the

What is the "tron?" I asked Thoth this finally when we were involved in
processing at the Montserrat basilica in Catalunya, Spain. The Church
clearly understands the Reshel grid and what it does including earth grid
connections. They know the time gate functions of it. (That scares me
somewhat since they are consciously integrating political agendas
...Catalunian independence... into a highly spiritual, Metatronic system,
with their Oritronic objectives.) The main control point in the Reshel is
the "resh" pole (Christ being equated with the Resh or Chief Stone that
becomes the corner or "L" and can not be ignored). That point is the Black
Madonna there (and other key temples) which is called the "Tron" in the
Church literature. He said simply that we can relate to the tron as "pulsing

Since he generally intends us to do our own stubby pencil work I
personally relate to the Tron as a system that will adjust intention as
consciousness and the appropriate harmonics of the intent with the "Divine
Harmonic of Universal Accord." The pulse rate would phase in with the
Flashing Universe mode. There are three modalities in the cycling universe:
(1) compression which uses the Platonic grids, etc.; (2) extension which
pulls the compression sphere inside out to create a torus format ...causal
in relation to the compression of form... and (2) "Neutra" universe which is
the unmoving Void where one cycles into the other, neither touching as an
implosive bang, but all working as a functional synergism. The "Meta"tron
would best be represented by this system while the "Aur"itron would
represent the wisdom output and environment. In this approach "Oritronic"
stuff is not trash, it is knowledge that represents refined wisdom but in my
cosmology it is gained by going through the ascension, redemption oriented
path and complemented by the Metatronic or path of Spirit that can coexist
in temporal cycling within and outside the "Tron" dance. Metatron describes
being able to become separate or move into the Void/Silence/Selah or
Unmanifest divine source of Life beyond the Light et al, but also to coexist
"in the midst" of the AUR or light and fire. The usual problem is that
phenomena becomes an entrapment and "Oritronic" becomes a term for a less
than satisfactory situation. I'd rather take the more positive view that it
describes a process of gaining wisdom even if through experience in a
half-light matrix and its required "absolution, resolution, evolution."

THE SOLARIANS: This group is human which also includes all the stellar
races. The group would include representation in all the races. That is,
entities with souls. Most Kumir or "Greys" do not have heart chakras or
souls ...some have gone the human path and adjusted their DNA and occult
anatomy to become ensouled. The Solarians use the bird as a symbol, a
composite of all the holy birds with the dove, eagle, swan as primary in the
symbolism. They are the "Shepherds" and generate the messiahs, avatars and
their supporting programs needed to implement the Michael Mandate noted
above. They are also called the "Starr.Eagles." Many Earth humans have
Solarian origins, which is not to downgrade other origins at all. Solarians
have to incarnate and become part of the process at all levels in many
systems ...collectively in all of them.

All stellar agencies that have valid business with us will check their
project through the Solarian office. This is not just a human bureaucracy
in the sky, it links angelic, devic, hierarchical orders as an interface
group. Its main HQ is in the Golden Star Mazuriel which did not fall but is
still central to all Templa Mar activity, that is, in No-time, All-time. The
star's future/past position is in the area of Denebola in Leo. Reshel
technicians know this and this position is worked into significant systems.


One dramatic example is the Virgo pattern formed by the Marian cathedrals in
Europe. Mont St. Michel plots in the Denebola (Mazuriel) position. This is
part of a large "L-Gate" grid between Rosslyn Chapel in the Edinburgh Matrix
south to Mont St Michel, east to St Sulpice Chapel in Paris, south to Rennes
le Chateau (Magdelene Tower). This effectively activates the Gaia mind via
the right forebrain of the planet (Europe). It assists in bringing the
Gaia/human collective Mind into a no-time mode provided the supporting
Reshel grids are properly activated with a high Grace factor, clarity and
intent. These grids were intended mainly for this transitional time now.
Mont St Michel will input Mazuriel/Solarian codes in conjunction with the
Virgo/Goddess dynamic processing through the Marian cathedrals with Chartres
being the main transfer and control pole. The Solarians also have a
planetary main temple and base in the distant future.

ORION NOTES: We have cosmic bums working out of all the star systems; this
system of ours has its own share of low vibe obstructionists. So do the
others. There are more in the areas that have powerful spiritual centers,
Orion being one of the major ones. Orion is special in that it appears that
the Luciferic stargate blew through this area so the karmic activity in and
from that area is intense. Draco guards the vital North Gate for the system
(ecliptic center) ...another major area of intense dispute. Thoth has said
that Rigel in Orion is our home star and that we (Earth and Venus) will
return to it in the new continuum. This is a large clue as to the reason and
importance of the combined Earth/Venus function. The Dendera ceiling matrix
grounds the Serpent-Bird Staff in Osiris/Orion's heel, that is Rigel. The
other end is in the Scorpio-Eagle dynamic. This forms one of the three main
axes in the cosmology, the one requiring first mastery before the rest can
kick in.

Stonehenge and the other NE oriented temples (provides the archetypal
"X-Cross") use Ursa Major as its NE spiritual pivot. The "dipper" can be
seen as a grail cup emptying three drops on the HEEL STONE (Reshel or Templa
Mar NE pole). When the date-time is correct and the grail is emptying
("Druid" means to empty the last drop, also this is an Elisa Exchange symbol
for communications or other interaction between times and dimensions), Orion
is in the opposite or SW pole. This is the Templa Mar pole of the "Solarian
Pillar" or the system in a Solarian valence that will process the incoming
codes from Where-ever, When-ever. The throned Queen: Cassiopeia is in the
"Path of the Mother" NW pole. We could interpret this as being the Grails'
codes in terms of a triunity baptism inseminating the Heel Stone which would
activate and pass on the codes via the rising sun's alignment into the
Solarian pole processor: Orion before all others. The Goddess enthroned
becomes the (north)western actualization dynamic for the system. This
pattern is duplicated in Montserrat, Chartres and Rosslyn. The Dendera
ceiling uses the same format but different zodiacal signs where Orion is the
NE Heel Stone function.

SUMMARY REMARKS FOR DAN: I am not recommending that we become heavily
involved in cosmic politics although a sense of where we've been and where
we're going is useful in prioritizing our perceptions and work load. My
POSSIBLE criticism of your work (responding to your question) would be that
there is more emphasis on OBE'd history of who did what to who. However I
can't be a judge of its importance in your program, even though it is mostly
Oritronic as far as the "Dracos" (bad guys) go and associated interests,
still it provides you with a working cosmology and seems fine from my
viewpoint as long as you keep it balanced by also looking at the good guy
activity, why it is and what it does related to transitional needs. I THINK
you're doing this for the most part but I find it hard to track your story
line, like coming in in the middle of the show. Same problem people have in
trying to figure out what I'm talking about. Dozens of terms need

I see no harm in your use of the old histories as long as they don't pull
persons off onto unproductive tracks. They make good stories for
interest but I'd recommend not trying to link them to transformational
dynamics unless you present the good guys' efforts and then make your point
regarding personal application or meaning. I think that many of your readers
will recognize the great Truth in your cosmetric work and then automatically
link the not so useful histories/dramas with your really great material as
an act of faith in your personal judgement as a cutting edge teacher. I am
not saying you are wrong in that emphasis, just that I have my own
reservations regarding their application. For myself I am swamped in Thoth's
large input on the "Fall and Rise of Planet Earth, from an Angel's Eye." So
I am just trying to understand what I need to do my own work re the
spiritual dynamics his main effort is bringing forward. By the way Johgrove
has just produced the most comprehensive work on the Grail that you can
imagine! The latest issue of their TEMPLE DOORS Doctrine of Sacred
Mysteries, Vol 98, (143 pages) is a remarkable pub and I recommend you get
it. Their email is It is packed with history and
correlative systems and situations relevant now.

Your geometry is brilliant and strongly grail related both in energetics and
the consciousness: its heart effects. Thoth has observed that your graphic
of the golden ratio spin is the best picture of the Grail we have. Also,
your approach with the Flame Letters is outstanding but I see no need to
connect them with Hebrew block letters. The Hebrew alphabet is an important
format but you could easily put it into new Metatronic formats including the
Hebrew alphabet which is Metatronic, correlate your new glyphs with the
actual "CRP" or "Critical Rotational Position" associated with the dynamic
it represents and not connect it with any alphabet even if there is a
resonant connection. The work would be your own and no one could squawk
about it. This would take your already valid work into a new level of a
familiar path. You could also correlate musical toning with it if the
archetype is far enough in the future not to be outdated tomorrow. The new
Zodiac would provide an excellent frame for new work along that line. As far
as "who invented it first" Thoth has already (years ago) identified that
ancient procedure (CRP) via Maia. She would probably thank you for doing
something with it. We use it all the time in group work ...actually the
innerplanes mentor do, we only use the simplest alignments and geometric
format for a base pivotal reference to depart from or return to

Please don't view these remarks in any way as a negative criticism, the bit
about questionable history is very minor in the larger context you're
working in. If you are comfortable with the cosmology your'e using and feel
that it serves a purpose than you are the best judge. Although it might be
slightly jarring to me this is not a judgemental observation in either
direction. Your cosmetrics are the best I can even conceive of and miles
ahead of everyone I know of and in the most relevant areas. Of course in all
honesty I don't really know that much about what people are doing. I do
intuit that you have opened a number of doors with your advanced cosmetrics
that only you can investigate and you might have had to put more time into
mundane court time or related stress and may be a bit behind your own
program ...if there is in fact such a schedule. I believe there is,
particularly now that the Pyramid is blown. Again, in that context the big
emphasis is in presenting programs that facilitate human transformation
ASAP. We're teetering on LP-40, the actual transition. Your work will on one
hand expedite the rushing but at the same time move more people. This is a
constant bivalent trade off needing fairly good coordination with the
agencies monitoring the Transition.

Blessings Be...

William Buehler


"A mama ua noa." "Let the rain of blessings fall." (So be it, it is so.)