I've looked at the reference and have the strong feeling that the whole
context is relating to the fallen Oritronic time line but with flashes of
overlapping insight anticipating the REAL Metatronic NEW time line. However
the whole thrust of the commentary is basically only relating to this fast
dissolving continuum and not worth the time of going more deeply into it.

I suspect, from the comments, that the "alternate time lines" are just
parallel realities in this fallen continuum. The "28th century" is likely
to be a reading on one of the stronger "shards of the broken mirror" or
temporary false realities after LP-40. My understanding of the eventual
residual Oritronic continuum, after the false realities have dissolved, is
that we will be back in the stone age in a completely new re-start at next
to rock bottom ...closest thing to Hell as most picture it. No space ships
obvious but the greys will still be there with the same agenda they always
have had. "Stone age" also refers to other fallen star systems.

A big program of the Kumir (greys) is to perpetuate the idea that there is
a future of high technology, etc. and to get enough people to put the focus
and energy into creating it that the evolutionary jump at LP-40 will be
blocked ...BUMMER!! I believe that it is our responsibility to wholly focus
on our destiny of evolution, in Grace, and to introduce that novel concept
to as many as possible. Not a popular program I admit, people seem to
prefer spacewars and associated bullshit ..its the American thing to do.
Its harder to be holy, right?

The "spacecops" are the Solarians and Sholamite angelic order who network
via the Metatronic Templa Mar, going hither and yon between the 3 continua
in trouble shooting, usually in the context of the messianic and avatar
valence. Free will is not violated and if we insist on spacewars, that's
what the Hell we'll get, damn sraight (adjectives carefuly selected).
Gentle persuasion and assistance when requested is the norm. We've had 19
major civilization crashes, Atlantis marking the end of the last, going
back about 500,000 years of present time and we are now beginning the 20th
and the last. The projection is, IF the planned LP-40 goes as scheduled,
that probably 60% of humanity including stellar races and those in the
outer planes will revert to the last fallen Oritronic continuum.

This does not condemn anyone arbitrarily, individuals can still ascend from
there/then but how many stone age Neandrathals reach illumination? The most
important phase of human evolution is right now and I do not believe that
the reference commentary is tuned into that. Where the "main time line" is
being discussed it seems to be in the Metaronic context however I do not
think that it really is. Still, there is that flavor to it and I suspect
that the author is intuitively feeling the higher path.

Bottom line: I would not only consider its continued study as "wasted time"
but actually consider it as dangerous if many do focus on it. I strongly
suggest offering the better alternative that Thoth (via Maia) is talking

Regards and success in your presentation...