Much of the info here is based on Thoth Hermes' material source-translated
via Revs. Maia and Simeon Nartoomid, Church of the Johannine Grove. My use
of it does not imply that they agree with my interpretations or applications
of the info.
This note comments on suggested grid connections and functions for
Stonehenge in the imminent Metatronic shift. For Paraclete organization:
this is not an IRIS or Paraclete related message under that authority.
Dear John,

Sorry for the delay in answering, I've been out of the State. I don't have
very much regarding Stonehenge but what's here you will not have heard

Marcus Mason in Exeter is an expert on the area, has found planetary orbits
around it extending into France. There is logically a huge zodiacal pattern
around it also but I've not heard of its discovery.

I note that it uses the Reshel grid I am specializing in. That grid is
pentagonal basically and has 9 poles in it; there are two pentagonal
triangles that interpenetrate and pull apart cyclically, probably synching
with the "Flashing Universe" (another large story). The two triangles are
male and female: Shekinah and Christos. The Shekinah side substitutes with
Lucifer when anyone uses the system in redemption projects (not recommended
except with very clear innerplanes, angelic assistance). The system is also
geared for time gating, blood transformation/cleansing,
manifesting/transmutation, ascension with pillar formats, et. al. has
a Metatronic upgrade called an Arieopax which uses six consciousness modes
however I don't know yet what they are. Early days.

The grid was given our groups about 10 years ago to (1) even out time
glitches we were getting through inefficient energy configuration, (2) to
reinsert the Goddess dynamic at more of its original level by re-erecting
the "fallen Shekinah Pillar" ...Reshel's basic symbol is the Crescent and
Star (ironic that Islam's symbol relates to the Goddess presence/power
although that's how they started). The pentagonal triangle is generated at
the "Glory pole" (designated "tsadey" using the Hebrew alphabet) which uses
three points: two generate two golden ratio spirals which create the
triangle, and the third is the capstone of the Gizeh Pyramid in the
geometry. This generating, Glory Pole uses the Bethlehem Triangle (26 deg,
18 min) which I'm finding to relate to Grail geometry. The apex or capstone
point in this generating triangle projects to the base line of the grid
(Event Horizon) which is the base line of the pentagonal triangle extended
...each pentagonal triangle has a base line but there is a central Event
Horizon and central "Ulta" pole or "Point of Coherence" which centers the
spinning and interchanging triangles. The capstone, using Great Pyramid
angles, establishes the Pyramids' corner socket points on the base line.
These are called the "Thresholds of Sythia" by Thoth ...I've no idea what
that means.

The system spins and the rotating Glory pole(s) creates a "Solar.IS" ring
which overlays Stonehenge's Sarcen circle. The spinning Threshold poles or
pyramid sockets, which I call the "Earth Ring" since the Pyramid sets its
base "4-Square" there, corresponds with Stonehenge's Bluestone circle. These
two rings establish the Reshel grid with the other systems used at the
Henge. The Reshel/Arieopax provide what is probably the main Metatronic
harmonic for the whole and this is the basis of the new time continuum we
are now beginning to move into. Thus its extreme importance.

Tracking back, I found that there is a major Grail grid in Great Britain
using all Bethlehem triangles. There is a Beth. angle from the island of
Bara in the Hebrides to Stonehenge. Thoth says that this connection was last
used when Atlantis terminated. There was a province called Ruta in Atlantis,
now the Farraday Seamounts north of the Azores, which had one island: the
Holy Isle of Ruta as the most holy place in the Atlan matrix, probably on
the planet. The priests of Ruta knew the place was going down and relocated
their temple matrix to the Hebrides and Orkneys. They installed many Reshel
systems in Europe and the Americas anticipating this time in our evolution
back into the main Metatronic "Ranna Time Wave" occuring... when
these grids would facilitate the transition. I believe that they also
condition the other planetary grids and will adjust the Racial Mind, et al,
into the new continuum system.

Ruta was too holy to fall and projected to a system called the
"Telos.Aarkhara" which is a kind of governor and quarantine interface into
this fallen, half light continuum. Thus in effect Ruta has been representing
fallen humanity and its redemption by virtue that it has been hanging out in
the right place to do that. Logically. Ruta returned into the etheric in
1995 after installation of the Ascension Grid. This is a Metatronic grid
system using planetary sites as chakras.

Ruta projected one line into both the Hebrides and Orkney sites, also the
planet-circling Serpent Line ("Hemtapha") into Land's End (at a Beth. angle)
to become the Michael-Mari Line. Another line from BARA (Hebrew means the
seed, Emptiness and purity, creation, etc.) to the Stonehenge "shen" pole
(basic Reshel anchoring pole) in a large grid resembling exactly the Barbury
Castle crop circle, essentially the Haepathia or equilateral triangle part
of the Reshel. The baseline of this triangle is between Glastonbury Tor and
Winchester Cathedral with Avebury in the center of the triangle (Glenn
Broughton of Exeter and his group discovered this grid when the crop circle
appeared. Glenn also discovered a 5-point ring around Avebury which is a
seed format obviously supporting the Bar-bary (name corresponds with Bara or
base word bar-bar) Grid; he named the ring the "Barbury Castle Ring").
Glastonbury Tor then ties into the GB Grail Grid which uses the Edenburgh
Reshel grid (28 miles diameter) as its complementary pole.

I'm quite certain that the Rutan priests set up the Stonehenge pole as the
main point of synthesis and function anchoring the whole system outside the
main grail axis or "Tavhara" Line from Thurso to San Sebastian, Spain. This
line holds Edenburgh (Arthur's Seat tsadey pole, Rosslyn Chapel resh pole)
and its matrix ...the Line also being the main axis of the Edenburgh
Matrix... then to Glastonbury Tor having passed through the Grail Center
north of Liverpool, then to Guernsey and San Sebastian. The Edenburgh Matrix
is powered up by the ACADEMY OF CHRIST in the Fortingall/Mt. Schiehallion
area in which Thoth and his task group recently installed the main "Alpha"
pole or Christic indwelling pole. The Academy trained the Nathan soul in
that area for about 1000 years before it was able to host the Arhiel
Archangel/Christ. That pole uses the Beth. angle to link with the Edenburgh
center at Mt. Lothian Chapel (ruins) south of Rosslyn. I think that the
Fortingall area was the main Christic power pole for GB and Europe outside
of the Hebrides/Orkney matrix at that time and now again. Using that
assumption, then Stonehenge, also a direct projection from the south pole of
Hebrides (opens the devic, lower heavens) or BARA, became the main system
generator (shen pole) providing a seed format and star tetrahedron harmonic
into the planetary star tetra ...Barbury Castle Reshel system... for the
Planetary Grail.

The whole BAR.SHEEBA composite system of Reshel grids in Europe is fairly
complicated but I hope to get up a website to make it all clear (!?).

Mitchell ("New Light on Glastonbury") has overlaid St. Mary's Chapel
(Glastonbury) with Stonehenge in a very important connection where it fits
in with the Trihelion system. The East wall of the Chapel (main, altar end)
bridges the NE opening of the Trihelion "cup." Our task group recently did a
remarkable process in the Chapel using that wall and the altar there ...the
vault uses the Beth. triangle in a number of ways. I think that Stonehenges'
main stellar symbols are Ursa Major as a cup emptying 3 drops onto the
Heelstone. In that configuration Orion is in the Solarian SW pole. Cassiopea
is in the NW "Path of the Mother" pole. I don't know what is supposed to be
in the SE "Tree of Knowledge" pole but the others are very much attuned to
the whole evolutionary movement of our system from the beginning to the
future continuum. Rigel in Orion is our star of particular interest. It was
Rigel we connected with in our Chapel process, inserting a "kobol sphere" or
seed sphere into the planet there; this was part of the Christic grid
upgrade a few months ago. If you are interested in that it is described in
the latest issue of TEMPLE DOORS, published by the Johannine Grove Church
(email is

I believe that the Trihelion cup as well as the associated bluestone cup
duplicate the Grail dynamic but in more precise terms create a circular
"teleplane" or base for a reality frame across the opening of the
cup/Trihelions that connects the "North Gate" archetype (Ecliptic center
expressing in the variable Pole Star) into the Henge's heelstone (Templa Mar
format uses the NE pole as the "Heelstone") with a constantly up/down
charge. This charge grounds in and as the Orion Connection which processes
the Solarian projects in redemption, resolution, evolution of this system
eventually unifying it with Rigel the star of origin. This evolutionary
vector is vastly complicated but is simplified by calling it the "Grail."
last TEMPLE DOORS goes very deeply into Grail dynamics not heard before,
worth getting.

SUMMARY: Stonehenge appears to be the "shen" pole or basic foundational
reference for the system. The system here is best described by the Barbury
Castle format (crop circle or "ohlman"), this being an "x-gram" or software
program input into GAIA and Racial Mind. The format is really a large earth
grid and is a classic Reshel sub-format. Here the internal circles or
spheres in the ohlman are 3 levels of "kobol" sphere (each a holographic
seed matrix). Since it is using a Reshel organization it will have a strong
or total Metatronic vector. The "Barbury Castle Ring" of 5 poles that Glenn
located and defined will probably be the actual physical interface and
expansion into form for the kobol spheres, created recently by the insertion
of the 5th point. This ring uses Morgan's Hill and Merlin's Hill as the two
wing poles in the pentagram seed. Therefore there it is highly likely that
the seed is formatted in the Grail King dynamics, Arthur being the last
(16th) Grail King. In this it would represent the climax of all Grail
Kings/Queens or the fulfillment of the "Red/Blood Path" ...simply stated as
the completion of the karmic road of Absolution, Resolution, Evolution. This
then opens to the "White Path" whereby Spirit, through Grace, inserts a
clear Presence without distortion. I am guessing that this is occurring or
about to, big time, via the Alba-On/European matrices. Stonehenge then will
be the organizing reference pole or "shen."

If all this is true (?) then it will be pacing the main Grail Line system
itself boosted by the recent insertion of the Alpha and Omega poles in GB
and Catalonia in Spain. These poles then project into the system via Rosslyn
Chapel and Glastonbury Tor/Well/Chapel. Note that the Ursa Major connection
ostensibly from Stonehenge shows up at Glastonbury with the "7 Star Islands
of Avalon" around Glastonbury which correlated with the 7 stars of Ursa
Major. Also note that "druidh" means "to empty the cup" ...something called
an "Elisa Exchange" in establishing communications across continua... which
clearly relates to the symbolism noted above. I also note that laying a line
from Mazuriel (Denebola in Leo) to Ecliptic Center crosses Rigel at the
golden ratio point. If I remember correctly (needs to be checked) that
former star/mystery school used the heron as its logo, a good connection
with Thoth's ibis. It would have been Cathada: Isle of the Heron, Chapel of
the Wood; present location is Martinsea. It carries the main Christos'
redemption charge of the 7. Mizar is one of the 3 drops being dropped on the

The Barbury Castle triangle has a spiral of 6 "L-gates" in its right brain
corner (SE). These suggest action in No-time ie across time continua and
also radical reality shifts with each L. The other, left brain side (SW) is
not programmed. Used in the grid this corner is Glastonbury. It is a
zodiacal temple contained within a Sun Ring or "Kyoptos" (Anubis Ring)
centered on the Tor. I suggest that the 6 L's: (1) upgrade the zodiac to 72
"petals" of the Grail's Rose Mystica, ie a 6-harmonic zodiac; (2) expand the
Mazzarothic zodiacal function to the Metatronic Mazzalothic realm. This last
might include the 6 consciousness aspects of the Reshel's upgrade as the
Arieopax. At this point this would be a move executed at LP-40 (the actual
shift) but now would include many preparatory actions in setting the stage.
Stonehenge would hold the main keys and codes as the shen pole. This of
course puts an impressive spiritual load on Winchester Cathedral, assuming
that is the seat of the potential Metatronic left brain action. Questionable
in my mind but God can do anything. For me the best part of the Cathedral is
the statue in the Crypt. Somewhere in that town there has to be a really hot
Light Group.


Regarding large distribution of this material:


If you pass any of this on to others I'd prefer that you not downgrade the
spiritual references since it is the spiritual basis that drives the whole.
Its better in my view that the greater Truth be told than worry about
offense. If people have the eyes to see the information they should also be
able to see the larger spiritual environment supporting it without becoming
unglued over it. Anything they can be given that explains the cause and
effect links from Spirit to Matter and back again could be quite helpful.
Thoth tends to give out information in smaller dollops making the point that
many persons' emotional bodies can't process the jolts, which is probably
what you are saying in the same sense. I would compromise and not let the
info out if it seems too far afield for the audience rather than water it
down. Its always a judgement call and that's why we are who we are. My rule
of thumb is that if Thoth has released it in Temple Doors I run with it.
Also I lean on the side of giving people more than less, feeling that a few
persons who use it is worth the over exposure. Also I don't push this stuff
to really large audiences unless they purposely seek it but that's your

Blessings Be...
"Uamau ke ea o ka aina i ka pono." ...The life of the land is perpetuated
in Righteousness.
(Hawaii State Motto)