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Your note is very interesting and intriguing. I am passing it to the larger list hoping that there are some that may have insights
that can help us out. I'm mystified also. (Your note is below and I've put the questions first):


1 - Does the line really pass through St. Michael's Island (Azores)?

COMMENT: I can't say for sure, my charts are too inaccurate; several large area atlas great circle charts don't agree but they do
indicate that it is a good probability. If I knew great circle navigation maybe I could do it. But I don't, sorry. Logically it
would, not just due to having the same name: Michael and also due to the function of the Line being within the Michael
Mandate. The Azores are the highest and most extensive part of Atlantis still above water; the mountain there must have been
the most massive in Atlantis considering that the Rutan islands on the same chain (Atlantic Ridge) are a few miles(?) under.

The Rutans worked to relocate the Atlan power system into Europe with the temple techad grids, systems mainly in GB and
there mainly in Orkney/Hebrides however, still, well spread out. There must have been, and still would be, a very powerful site at
St. Michael's Island linking into the Michael/Mari line. This would effectively tie the Azores Line into the Hemptaha or
planetary "Uncoiling Serpent Line" which regulates all planetary grids according to Thoth. So it seems quite likely that there is
a ley line as you describe certainly is close according to my Mickey Mouse charts (my better ones were in the Great Flood
here a few months ago).

1.1 - If it does, what does this add to the study the of grids you've
been talking about?

COMMENT: If it does, as I noted above it would tie a probable main pole in Atlantis to the Alba-On (GB) relocated grid
centers as well as to the then still existing Holy Isle of Ruta. It links into the planetary Hemptaha Line but also let us suppose
that whatever power/consciousness pole is at St. Michael, it can transpose this charge to Avebury which is the center of the
Barbury Castle Ring (Glenn Borough's name for it) ...a HOLOS 5-point seed pentagram... and center of the large grid over
southern England which correlates with the Barbury Castle crop circle. This then ties into Edinburgh/Rosslyn via its SW (left
brain) function at Glastonbury and the Zodiac, Sun Circle there. Thus to all the Reshel Grids of which Sintra is a major site.

I don't have access to Thoth but you might ask these questions of Thoth if you lined up for a reading from Maia. Whatever is
there in the Azores must be quite significant.

1.2 - And what could this represent to the Knights Templar project?

COMMENT: I suppose that there are several "eras" re the Templars. (This is just logical, off the wall brainstorming.) Thoth's
mentioned that the first Templar was Yeshu's son: John Martinus, by Mari Migdal(ene) in a post ascension "immaculate
conception" insemination more in the manner of those humans in the "real" Ranna Wave continua (non physical insemination/
conception). The son, John, incorporated the divine line of the 3 realms: angelic-human via Yeshu and human-elemental via
Mari. Thus a human template directly from the perfect Adam Kadman, 9-layered soul of Yeshu, was born as John Martinus.
This is extremely complex but I am assuming that this "True Vine" carrying the Adam Kadman, 3-realm charge within John
and his progeny is the basis of the Templar charge: (1) Fostering within themselves and other Orders the True Vine Template.
In our fallen continuum the creation of the hybrid race involves combining the Fallen Angels redeemed as the Phree-Nephilim,
humans of all stellar races (Solarians for our purposes here), and elementals (probably in the higher ranges of the Sidhe and
Tuatha Da Dannen, loosely stated). (2) The carrying out of general projects under the Michael Mandate including the creation
and maintenance of Templa Mar dynamic ..."time" temples and earth grids in the Templa Mar system. The building of the
Marian Cathedral matrix is one of the projects. (3) Facilitation of the return of this continuum back into the Metatronic Ranna
Wave ...LP-40 event is the imminent shift.

The Azores matrix would probably be carrying the primary Atlan temple charge with the science matrix at Ourhura (Bimini
"Triangle" area, quite large time anomaly now), under the Holy Isle of Ruta. The Ourhura point is still fouled up but is being
worked on, Ruta is ostensibly back in the etheric in 1995 when the Metatronic Ascension Grid was put in place and could
support the return. So logically it would seem that the Azores matrix would also be coming back on line.

We have around 7 inches of history from Thoth... grail races and cultures coming our of the Steiermark Mountain area in
Austria, the original Grail Kings and their later parallels of which Arthur is one (of 16), fallen empires and the numerous levels
of the Fall, nature of cosmos and the Reasons for it All, as it were. It all demands a comprehensive synopsis and my memory
barely skims the surface. That kind of synopsis would probably answer your question.

I believe that the Templars are a Solarian Wingmakers' project which was effectively free of the graft and other failings of the
Roman Church, the Templars' work was too important and hooked to a time schedule to allow for continued failure. As the
working agency filling in for the Grail King matrix, still alive in the Etheric, they were the archetypal Warrior-Priest group
which created (through an almost immediate miracle in European economic reform) the major Reshel earth grids over the old
original Rutan grids which had been frequently upgraded but now in the 1400's the final push had started for LP-40 (now!).
The required cathedrals were built, a fleet established, specific sacred sites (for the grids) were activated either by taking the
place or clandestine service beyond the view of the Church and Kings (Christian and Muslim). I suppose that most Templars
did not know of the Solarian mission (Michael Mandate).

When the Order had to go underground in the Roman Church controlled areas and move into GB with principal focus in the
Orkney to Edinburgh area (refer to the Christic Olgive surfaced in Clans Sinclair and Fingal), there were efforts to continue but
none that could be sustained. There were probably two reasons: (1) contamination through entropy, failure in spiritual clarity
plus nobody knew the Solarian cause anymore, and (2) a probable Solarian requirement to crash the program for a restart. I
think that a "maintenance crew" was put in place, the Masons, to continue working certain levels of the grids keeping the
installed machine ticking over during this last phase leading to LP-40 up to the present time (about 1972/87) when the
Mandate, Solarian push, Techad technology was reinserted into the Racial Mind principally through Hawaii in its initial reboot.

So in partial answer to the question, I think that the Azores connection was working to strengthen the Templar grids and
programs, still working after the Templar move out of France, then put in a holding mode with the rest of the Grid and
Solarian/Templar program until now when it should be coming back up to speed. I suspect that the Azores' connection in the
Templar era was energetically linked to La Rochelle (Reshel Titan Oceanus Grid center), Sintra, probably the seaport
Edinburgh, sea/island areas of Hebrides and Orkneys, Nova Scotia, Bornholm ...all in a vast sea matrix supporting the land
grids. If this is true, then the Azores would have been the only physical main temple in the original Atlan system ...also an
intermediate site into the Americas to be. (Ruta had placed the Bakhira Grid there from North Dakota into the South Atlantic/
Western Europe to Eastern Pacific.

I also wish to point out that the cetaceans' minds are greater than ours, with higher spiritual intelligence and function. We're in a
water planet. The sea kingdoms may be more potent but it seems that they support us. Also recall that the Cetacean Ray/Sign is
the 13th zodiacal sign and the reason St. Columba combined the whale and bird in his Lindisfarne L (see the forthcoming
report on the Hendaye L Grid). Perhaps with Ruta not here for so long that the Azores became the one last functional sea
castle/temple for this side of the Planet, Hawaii for the other.

The Sinclair 1398 CE expedition to Nova Scotia (power center containing interred/living original Grail King) went the northern
route via Ruta's position in lieu of using the Azores which was still under Rome. The technology existed to link the fleet with
Ruta and this cross time connection was/is vital to the whole "Grail Across the Sea" project (something I'm looking at now,
including St. Brendan's cruise in apparently the same project, during Columba's era). The Azores should have had a very strong
energy bang in 1398, from the Ruta connection, and then accelerated from that time. All the Templar core groups would have
had the same pulse world wide on up to this time whatever names... with a brief drop due to the upgrade gap.

I realize that this does not answer your questions. I'm only making some guesses here, for what they're worth.

(From Gustavo:)

Is it just a coincidence that by extending Michael's Ley Line
(Avebury, Glastonbury's Tor, Burrowbridge Mump, St Michael's
Mount, etc.) to SouthWest into the Atlantic Ocean, it passes over
St Michael's Island in the Azores? (see picture)

I haven't yet confirmed this with a good map study, but it seems
that this ley line in fact touches the island (could you help me
check this?). Local tradition is based on the Feast of the
Coronation of the Emperor of the Holy Spirit, which has its roots in
the Order of Christ. This feast is also commemorated in Brazil, at
Sintra (!) and Tomar (the Portuguese city of the Order of Christ).
This seems to be a clear connection between these places and,
above all, with the the Michael Mandate.

For more info about the Feast, please have a look at:

Nazare is also related to the Templars. Also, a few miles South,
Obidos was the place in Portugal where they first disembarked
after escaping from France. The others, as you know, went North
to the British Isles. Obidos is also on the Sintra-Rosslyn-Rome
triangle. But now we have the island connecting all this. I'm afraid
we have another piece of the puzzle here...

More info latter.




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