PART ONE: Summary and note to Niven. Part Two, Henry Interview highlights .


(see Sinclair role in Holy Grail books)

Mail to Colemans, Dunfords, Phyllis McCoy, Bill Torvund, Stanley Messenger

FOR INFO ADDEES: This started as a thank-you letter to Niven and now has
more details in it than he'll thank me for ...or you either. So this first
part is a summary of sorts. You will not have seen the KIRKWALL SCROLL
(Masonic) or the chart from the ZENO NARRATIVE (describes the 1398 Sinclair
expedition); I'll not try to describe them but will only touch on the
larger ideas therein. Morgen and I recently did a 2nd "interview" with
Henry Sinclair (via Phyllis McCoy). I'll include a few summary remarks in
the 2nd section. THIS IS NOT A "SEANCE!"

CONTEXT: Why all the Crusader Zeal about an obscure Scot expedition 100
years before Columbus? This whole universe is finally, now, expanding into
a new Grail format ...those Scots, all the inner Templar groups... had the
format for the new Grail even though it had not been fully activated on a
large scale. It was in the major temples and huge Earth Grids as well as
the smaller. It organizes this hemisphere (I don't know about the other one
yet) and the Egyptians even used it to organize the whole stellar field.
Even so, this is a format FOR NOW! The players are back on the scene,
"Walking the Path."

Dear Friend Niven,

I'm especially pleased with the video of your presentation at the Symposium!

In the NATO Fleet our Brit Navy buddies always had a scriptural verse for
everything ...generally regarding divine forgiveness of incredible
stupidity (much of that at in naval maneuvers of all navies) and
promiscuity (much of that ashore)... so they came prepared for joint ops
with the Yanks. In the spirit of rapport I have a verse for the Symposium
but in a more serious vein as it also seems to apply to the cross Atlantic
1398 cruise and fleet formations: Matt: 27-28 ..."For as the Lightning
flashes from the East and shines as far as the West so will be the Presence
of the Son of Man. Wherever the body is, there the Eagles will gather."

I like to think of "Henry's" mission more as the gathering of Eagles: as
with the Symposium, with the "body" being the synergic unity of Eagles and
their own lower forms ...magna or over souls and our bodies. This body of
souls on both sides of the Atlantic are the Unity and there is a
west-to-east lightning flash that responds to the Christic east-to-west.
Clearly the 1398 Expedition ...East to West... matched by the reciprocal flow.

I believe that this came together in your symposium again after all these
centuries. This bridging of the Grail-across the Atlantic, a two-way thing,
was formally established by the 1398 mission and your symposium provided
the anchoring for the same to be extended into this uniquely critical time
in our overall evolution. A "new" Grail is being installed but using the
format that has always been with us and is still found in Great Britain as
well as the Americas.

I believe that we teamed up (again) to "Walk the Path" for all, as the
saying goes. It is everyone's project and always has been but there has to
be physical people to ground the process and engram it into the planetary
and human collective soul, each person and group according to their
specialties. The Sinclairs (including the paragenetic Sinclairs by whatever
physical name and age) have a remarkable charge to do this. I think that
you first recentered your own continuitity in your own life when you often
stood in the "foundation" of the beginning Sinclair's "house" or

Thoth has remarked on the Sinclair "charge" carried in the higher levels.
Its a "Solarian" (Eagle) thing projected via the incarnated Messiah.
Clearly the Christ abides in all souls by whatever name and all have their
unique soul missions, however this particular charge was given John and
Nathaniel in one polarity and Peter in a complementary polarity, both poles
as one commission to carry forward within the "True Vine" line of
the fibers in the composite Vine expressing later in the Merovingians and
also the Templars (Masons). Mari Migdal's son by Yeshu (after His
ascension, an "immaculate" conception in the ancient manner), John
Martinus, established what came to be the Templar stream which eventually
came up from France and rerooted via the Sinclairs in William's time.
(William was an incarnation of Nathaniel, by the way, no accident.) The
John (Grace) and Nathaniel (the divine connective or pillar) polarity is
the Sinclair charge and Peter's line is in the Clan Fingal but the Templars
did not recognize the Fingal charge for whatever reason I do not know, so
it faded out of sight. The cave at Staffa would be an important energetic
point for that line and Staffa is a critical twin to Iona ...both combine
in a single redemptive dynamic called the "Spear of Longinus" that is
resolved in the Edinburgh Matrix controlled by Rosslyn.

This special charge was to carry forward the Christic mysteries as
guardians and stewards (Stewarts in the clan team ...believe it or not the
Scots are a team though it is often hard to imagine ...sour grapes) thus to
anchor them and reboot them in key ages and in their upgraded formats
appropriate to the imminent age. The charge is called the "Olgive" in
innerplanes-speak. The 1398 project did this big-time in the
creation of the New World (whole planet) and the transition of the
Europeans into the Americas. The first mission rebooted the grids already
ancient in America, their first big effect being to influence the
establishment of the Iroquois Confederacy and the precepts that later went
into the US Bill of Rights and Constitution via the Masons. I strongly
suspect collaboration between the US founders and Sinclairs of the 1700's
and I think you commented on this when referring to the Thurso and
Washington DC connection. I further believe that Bacon and the 1500
Sinclairs as well as others were setting seeds in place for the American
push. Native families in the New England, Nova Scotia area would also be
going through major shifts although I don't have information about this.
(Nova Scotia is the primary energy core for the continental Reshel grids,
picking up the action from the Yucatan and still offbalanced Bimini area.)

Therefore I see your pivotal symposium and our own Grail rewiring
immediately after as a direct extension of the 1398 event. Recall that the
Grail format has always been in Great Britain with the Sinclairs firmly
controlling the northern half of the grid's format. Their poles are: (1)
Orkney islands, the transfer matrix via Eynhallow island of the Rutan
Hebridian temple matrix, thus transferred to Thurso in fixing the N-S Grail
axis down into San Sebastian, Spain. This line is the Tav'hara Line (Line
of Destiny, as with the same in the palm) as the axis of a pentagonal
Urmaga (Star of the Magi) grid with base line from Santiago de Campostela
to Stes. Maries de la Mer in France, centered by San Sebastian. (2) the
Edinburgh Reshel matrix, Rosslyn Chapel as the controller, Holyrood
Sanctuary (Arthur's Seat) as the generator. This connects with the
Essential pole of Fortingal (Academy of Christ) and its resonant
correspondent: Holy Island (Angelsey). There are many sub structures. The
other main Grail generator with Edinburgh is Glastonbury Tor which also
transfers the action planetwide on the Hemptaha Line (Uncoling Serpent)
including the Michael-Mari portion in GB. Our party of myself and Joan,
Morgen Grey and Lewisa Goggin, proceeded to reinstall the main Grail Grid
immediately following the symposium. Joan and I integrated the symposium
event with Lewisa and Morgen's interface: the ascension of Diana/Theresa
event, all during the month of Virgo (September).

Blessings, and thanks again,


by specific items surfaced in the video and other symposium presentations.
These are the summarized points that may interest you all:

1. THE NUMBER 2618. The number appears in two situations: phi squared
(golden ratio) or 2.618+ and also the Bethlehem Angle (BA): 26 degrees 18+
minutes. The BA gives us the best geometric for the core Grail that I've
found yet. It is the overwhelmingly predominant angle in the vast Alba-On
(Great Britain) Grail grid. Many examples in art and architecture. In the
Reshel it is the angle from the "Threshold of Sythia" to the controlling
Resh pole. It is also apparently found in the Glory (Shekinah, female, and
Christos, male) poles that generate the golden spirals. Reshel also
contains the 2.618 as the "Kronos" (time: eternal duration; constant
consumption and reproduction in cycles) point where the Reshel's Eye of Ra
(time gate, rhombus) apex is located.

Relevant to the symposium: the Bethlehem Angle is the key to laying out the
chart in the Zeno Narrative. Two major Grail systems are found by using it;
the "bench mark" is the small rhombus of 28 points stuck out in the ocean.
We also find it in the Kirkwall Scroll. (Comments below.)

THE NEW GRAIL, or more exactly the "upgraded" Grail for the new continuum
will use the Bethlehem triangle format as its core.

2. THE KIRKWALL SCROLL: In viewing the center of the scroll I see the "dual
dipole" format, ie the same as that used in the Grail core geometry, except
that one side uses the 30 degree format and the other uses the 26-18 degree
format. We find this combination in Chartres within the main door carving:
"The Christ of the Apocalypse" where He is seated inside a 30 degree vesica
pisces but all the geometry inside that uses the 26-18 grail format. In
effect we have the "two fish" and five loaves used in important creative
actions interpreted in Greek language and mathmatics however we also have
the two vesicas of 30 (60) degrees and the Grail vesica of the 28.3 degrees
inside it. Thus the two 30 degree vesicas each contain a Grail and we have
the male and female Grails being created. (I'm setting aside the large
CHARTRES commentary for another paper.)

So what? The templars/masons knew of the two vesicas ("Two Fish") and how
to integrate the metaphysics of the two. This has been very important to me
in trying to figure out both Chartres and Rosslyn and how to use the basic
procedure common to both ...both using the Reshel stuff. In effect, this
procedure seems to be appropriate whenever going into a holy situation
where one intends to activate the Grail.

Another remark regarding the Scroll: the "G" you saw and commented on would
be the Hebrew letter "gamel", #3, which was drawn as an "L" glyph in the
protosinatic alphabet. This is the main L-Gate letter of several in that
alphabet. Relative to the scrolls' metaphysics, it would be saying that the
use of the 8-point wheel should be at a "No-Time" level in other words the
Grail application of the whole design would be within a TEMPLA MAR mode.
This L format was so important that the whole of Washington DC uses it as
its main format within the 4-square of the city limits. It is formed by the
main executive, legislative buildings and Washington Monument (oblisk). Its
controlling pole, the "resh" is labeled "Zero Mile Marker" in the original
plan. Very appropriate.

3. ZENO NARRATIVE: As I suggested before, the chart is a physical chart
OVERLAYED BY A "CONSCIOUSNESS" CHART, just as the narrative is the same as
a typical mystery writing. One has to be able to discern the one from the
other then unify them to make it work. The chart is the subject of much
more than simple trade routes or political colonies. It is the method and
main factors needed to create a "Grail across the Atlantic" in the real
sense of the word. Henry says that there are very important artifacts
transferred to Nova Scotia, but these are just part of the larger picture.
That picture is relevant for right now. The etheric, spiritual form of the
artifact package is the Reshel dynamic being used now.

What I call the "Navigators' Line" is from the St. Tomas Monestary
(Essential chakra over the head) through the "non-existant" 7 islands (main
7 chakras), through the island Grilada (Earth chakra balancing the
Essential chakra). The message is that the NAVIGATOR must first master both
the individual's chakras and also the correlating chakras of the system
(the GAIA) he is working in and as. The Navigators' Line projects to the
"N" in "Frisland" which then projects two Grail grids' main axes: one Grail
spanning the Atlantic (this is actualized in the same formats established
both In Great Britain and the Americas), the other projects to Diuten in
Norway with the center point being the Bench Mark. These reference lines
then build the two Bethlehem Triangle Grail cores. There are quite a few
cross checks in the geometry and these are also encoded spiritual messages.
Understanding this chart would also explain much of the Narrative's coded
spiritual aspect.

I don't have the time to completely decode either the Chart or the
Narrative but I've very definately my mind... established that they
are not only mystery writings but are relevant to the present time in that
the "New Grail" found in the Reshel is used.

The BENCH MARK is a rhombus, probably using the golden ratio if it were
large enough to check, but clearly both the center of the Grail core (which
it should be) as well as a time gate. It is on the golden ratio mark on the
line from Flogafcer to Sorudra (?). If we multiply its 28 marks by 1.618 we
get 45.3 which I knew to be a latitude. When I asked Bill Mann what it
meant to him he connected it to the Green Oaks point on Nova Scotia. I've
loaned Bill's book to Morgen so I'm going on memory; I think I remember
this point being involved in another Bethlehem Triangle (?). In any event
the point is very probably the key "bench mark" for the Nova Scotia major
gate matrix. Emphasize: this is a TIME gate, not simply a dimensional gate,
further it is a time gate that transcends THIS FALLEN CONTINUUM! This is
extremely important in defining the present and future great destiny of the
Micmac land relative to the whole hemisphere!! Chief Kerry Prosper might
wish to check the area out with his Medicine people. Any investigations by
anyone, however, would have to be tuned to Metatronic frequencies to work
the gate and translate what comes through. This is probably the single most
important function of not only the 1398 expedition but this whole age in
its push to discover the NEW Grail.

Also, the "28" marks of the Bench Mark will relate to the outer "merkaba"
or Metatronic containment TEMPLE housing the Gate. A 28 pole Wheel gives us
the zodiacal temple with a saltire or "X" cross interposed (spirit's
software downloaded into the temple). Also, in Hebrew it is the word
"koach" which means "to produce a large and mighty lizard/serpent"; this
might relate to the "Hemptaha" (Uncoiling Serpent) Line around the planet
which goes through Nova Scotia as well as Ruta which is symbolically the
center of the Atlantic and Great Britain grail matrix. The Line comes
ashore in Cornwall and (on the Bethlenem angle) transits England as the
Michael-Mari Line. The equivalent Gate on this line in England is at
Men-an-Tol which controls a large L-Gate that uses the Line itself as part
of the "L." It might be that the Green Oaks gate works in the same way.
This should be investigated.


END SUMMARY, Part Two sent separately. ------------


PART TWO; This is a more detailed treatment of a few specific items re the
recent symposium. Also the Henry interview.
HENRY INTERVIEW, SUMMARY: Reviewing the process: Henry's Magna (High) Soul
is contacted. This level holds the wisdom of all that souls' incarnations
including those cases where the soul has had several lives concurrently and
also the situations of "co-hosting" or "layered" souls where 3, 5, or 7
different souls form a synergic unity as one soul. When a specific
historic individual is requested the Magna Soul simply takes on that
persona for the event. The difference being that the higher akashic is
involved and the Magna Soul can also access other sources at that higher
level. There are certain ethical/karmic problems that are eliminated when
the inquiry is one's own soul dynamic.

Henry began with a general address about the voyage. Those with special
interest may request a tape copy of the opening remarks from me. Here are a
few impressions of specific items (from notes/memory) ...I've added a few
comments in explanation and amplification:

1. The Templars had the knowledge of the Reshel grid (ref; Rosslyn
geometry, Sinclair Shield, Henrys' Arms, Westford Knight) however we
presently have a much more refined understanding of it than they did. This
also applies to the Zeno Narrative. He concurred with the connection
between the bench mark on the chart (rhombus with 28 points) and the Green
Oaks Point at Nova Scotia but pointed out that it involved multi
dimensional, No-Time matrices impossible to explain. The idea that it is a
"door with two sides" is correct, that it creates and links resonant
realities: the Grail as a dynamic linked with the Planet, Europe and the
New World.

2. There is an extremely important collection of artifacts encased in metal
(for protection and alchemic process through the metal working) buried in
Nova Scotia that must remain in place as the core of the grid energetics.
It may be recovered in the distant future, not this lifetime. Nor would he
give a general location except to say that my rationale behind the Oak
Island shaft and also the Green Oaks point is sound. He did not imply
however that either of these were valid sites of the buried container.

3. The expedition covered the whole East Coast including Block Island and
Montauk Point. There was much division in the group when the expedition
started but it came together during the time of exploration. I didn't ask
how far inland they went nor about the specific arguments or political

4. The fleet of 13 Temple Ships did not physically exist however there was
a fleet of "phantom" ships augmenting the physicals. (This would concur
with the idea of the Zeno Narrative being a mystery writing, that is,
describing the combined physical and nonphysical unity as an integrated
reality.) They used 5 physical Temple Ships with three as primary. There
were logistic ships but I did not ask how many. The formation used in the
Ruta position (49N 29W) was the Flag ship ahead with two ships astern: one
close aboard to ladeboard (port), 3/4 ship's length distance broad on the
quarter, and the other one was two ship's length distance slightly to
steerboard, fine on the stern. The other two trailed astern in line abreast
to form, with the three as a collective apex, a pentagonal triangle. This
group was the center while the phantoms formed the ring around them as I've
described in earlier commentaries.

Using this formation the three ships form the rune "Laguz" (flow: water,
sea, fertility source) which is also the same form using the Bethlehem
Angle from Thurso to Edinburgh Matrix (Mt. Lothian Chapel ruin) to
Fortingall (Academy of Christ) and the expanded form from Thurso to
Glastonbury Tor to Holy Island (Angelsey). The "rune" is designed into
Henry's Arms (Orkney) and is the core geometry for the Grail. The rune
hooks to the right while the formation hooks to the left. This duplicates
the same format used to complete the larger Grail Grid in Alba-On, part of
the Urmaga (Fiery light of the Magi) Grid stretching from Thurso to San
Sebastian, Spain ...a pentagonal or Life-seed grid. The two vessels astearn
would duplicate the Santiago de Compostela and Stes. Maries de la Mer
points in the Urmaga Grid. The flag ship becomes the Edinburgh Matrix apex
with the ladeboard vessel as Holy Island and the trailing vessel as
Glastonbury. The three masts of the flag ship are Seafield Tower (fore
mast, northern pole), Mt Lothian Chapel (main mast and center), Dryhope
Tower (mizzen mast and southern pole). Thus the formation completes the
Grail vector by transmitting the Fortingall "rune" to Holy Island and
Glastonbury within the larger Urmaga Grid and the 12 "phantom" ships become
the 12 Grail Hierarchy merkabas in the temple wheel. I had almost
completely missed this amazing correlation by trying to jamb physical ships
into a heavenly formation. Of course the "phantoms" can "maneuver" in the
same formations I was previously picking up, to fit various temple
functions. The formation described by Henry would be entirely appropriate
in cruising over Ruta and triggering the vast Grail harmonics in the
planetary hemisphere, and in triggering the time gates to do it. For it to
work the Christic crucifixion and Spear of Longinus dynamic working through
the Edinburgh Matrix focused in Rosslyn would have had to be realized, the Christ resurrected. It all occurs in the same instant in
No-time. This is a vast and very humbling concept!

The "phantoms" are not a "Flying Dutchman" type of ghost ships, they are
what we presently call "merkabahs" or united energetic consciousness
fields. These would resemble the 12 unit Grail Hierarchy for example. The
point was stressed that we are all working in a No-Time mode where the 1398
expedition basically "wired" the system and even though the 5-Nation
Confederation and then European influx into the Americas has already
occurred, the grids already working due to the expedition, in effect they
are not yet actually activated in the No-Time context. Niven's symposium,
the follow on Grail set up throughout Alba-On, and all the resonant actions
by many others, particularly involving Grail dynamics, are all part of a
single action occurring simultaneously. He did encourage me by saying I am
personally ahead of my schedule (whatever that is!).

5. He has invited further discussions but is also stressing the need for
continued individual intuitive action. He has said that he is part of a
group connected with the larger project mentioned above. It would be that
group that he would be representing however I gather that other persons in
the present physical matrix could talk with their own Magna Souls in
whatever persona is relevant for whatever phase of "the project" that seems
important to them. I did not ask for a name or symbol of the group, might
be a good idea.

6. There is a Gunn knight buried in connection with the Westford Stone but
his wishes were to be buried without identification. (Note: the design in
the stone is not necessarily his or his Clans' arms (identity) although
there are some similarities. It is a grid schematic.) It would not be
appropriate to exhume him. My own impression is that his relics are an
important part of the continental energy matrix in keeping with Templar
alchemy involving use of human remains, relics. (See paragraph 8 below.)

7. He stressed that any excavation under Rosslyn Chapel would seriously
damage the energetic matrix but it can be done if the procedure allows for
needed precautions and done in conscious knowledge of the bypass methods.
The wards (seals) must be opened with precision and right action. My own
view here is that any damage would not simply destroy Rosslyn but would
have serious impact on the Planetary grids throughout time. This is a very
serious situation, not an idle pastime for some academic! I also believe
that electronic incursions can also disrupt the matrix if they are
incorrectly resonant, disharmonious.

8. He did not assist in creating the sentient, holographic Knight Manduk.
Manduk was already in place. (I didn't ask whether he had anything to do
with it as William, his grandfather.) Manduk was rebooted when I started
working on the Westford Knight and Rosslyn geometry concurrently several
years ago. He then downloaded (twice) via Maia who is also a paragenetic
Sinclair. We found out about him from Thoth when we compared notes. Manduk
is a form of living (but not ensouled) library of the Christic, Templar,
Olgive mysteries passed to the Clan Sinclair and is also a Clan guardian.
He was created by Templar spiritual alchemy, a fairly often used technology
in the distant past ...very popular in Egypt... could also be used in black
alchemy for evil intent as well as Christic (obviously not the same
beings). Manduk is relevant if we consider that the Westford Knight carries
that charge and is the Eastern generating pole (Boston) for the whole
Arkhom Grid covering New England, the module for programming this
hemisphere using Nova Scotia as the power pack and connective with Europes'
Reshel grids. Further, Henry used the Manduk Sword in the Westford Knight
as the Sword TITAN included in his ship's alchemical programming. His
"ship" (three masted with square courses on each) ORPHEUS was primarily
programed as a Feathered Serpent. The Sword (Heb 4:12-13) is the main
transporting dynamic of the Grail/Christic/Metatronic grids from Europe to
America. The Westford Knight's symbolism is an excellent consciousness
schematic for the programming going into the Americas. The Stone and
relics, including the anonymous Gunn knight under it, is a vital energy
anchor and programmer for this time and should not be disrupted by digging.
The ceremonies there this year is an important part of its upgrading even
though the participants will not know it (the magna souls do).

9. On the Micmac side, some souls specifically incarnated to make the
European link. (Personal information not available.)
may appeal to Reshel technicians. The Templars were technicians par

I have yet to write my report of the Grail Grid project. Hope to next week;
it seems that I am still learning about it. Which brings me back to your
video. I have a few remarks inspired by reliving the symposium through
hearing you again. Most of it is in the summary above.

1. THE KIRKWALL SCROLL: I missed your kickoff reception because Joan and I
had to essentially regenerate the SOUTHERN pole of the Edinburgh matrix at
Dryhope while you all were at Rosslyn (area control center) and then your
doing the same at the NORTHERN pole in Orkney. The video shows the Micmac
connection via the 8-point wheel and 7-point wheel. (Note in the above
summary that the 8 and 7 point wheels work together in Chartres. they
probably do in Rosslyn also but I have yet to fine the 7-point. Although
these two points are one of the Grail formats' dual dipole sides they are
also the Nova Scotia side of the Atlantic Grail. The Grail we all worked
was represented in the scroll by the Anchor and Triangle dipole on the
opposite side. Just as we went west in 1398 (at some deal of
inconvenience), the west joined us (Micmacs essentially as well as the
other players: Colemans, Bill Mann, Cummings', Jim Whittal, ourselves,
Morgen Grey, Lewisa Goggin, etc.) in this phase. My comment is about that
section of the scroll.

It is in the section including the Tabernacle; below the Tabernacle we see
four points with a fifth center design. These 5 designs are the Grail
format which is actually a cosmic dynamic. We find the higher geometry and
consciousness in what Thoth has been calling the Reshel (Chief Head Stone
.."the same is become the head of the corner") and its advanced form as the
Arieopax. This system grounds the Metatron which is now and fast becoming
the basis for the new continuum. This is NOT simply another new age but is
a wholly new CONTINUUM! Thus, the Grail is NEW even though it is framed in
ancient geometry. Much of this is found in this section of the scroll
however it is hard for me to decode it on the fuzzy TV duplication.

First understand that the Reshel includes several critical geometries, all
complementary. The whole Reshel is a 9-system formed by two pentagons: one
the Shekinah and the other the Christos identical systems constantly
interpenetrating and pulling apart via a "neutra" phase (all this reflects
what we call the "Flashing Universe). The core of the two pentagons, the
two "Glory" poles, contain two poles each that generate golden ratio
spirals which then form the pentagons and their 9 poles. The 9 poles are a
combination of systems that use the numbers: 3+4=7, the 8th pole apex, and
then the 9th pole synthesizing all of them the resh. Rosslyn is the Resh in
the Edinburgh matrix which is formed by the two pentagons. Dryhope Tower is
the Southern "8th" pole and Seafield Tower is the north pole. The Mt.
Lothian Chapel (remains) marks the Center which links with Fortingal.

When the two generators, the Glory poles, both merge in the center ie the
Christ conjugation with the Shekinah (Mari Migdal, the Tower) we have the
creation of the Arieopax and thus what we are calling the Grail. Each Glory
pole has three points: the two golden ratio spiral generators which create
the system and infuse it with Life from Source, and the 3rd synthesis point
which I call the Cap(head) Stone because it correlates with the peak of the
Great Pyramid pentahedron which is one of the Reshel systems. The Great
Pyramid is the Chief Temple for the planet which transfers the Christos
from Bethlehem via the "Bethlehem Angle" of 26 degrees, 18 seconds. PLEASE
NOTE: this angle: 26-18 derives its power to ABSOLVE, RESOLVE, EVOLVE via
the 2.618 golden ratio dynamic!! 2.618 is 1.618 squared. 2618 equals 17
which is 16 plus the Holy One (Selah/fulcrum or the divine void: Life
Source). 16 correlates with the 16 Grail Kings (Arthur being the last in
that sequence), the cells of the morula fetus when it emerges after three
days into the womb, the 16 poles needed to activate the Arieopax (Grail) of
the Metatron composite "Breastplate." This potent merging of the dual
dipoles generates the Life from Source by using the golden ratio formats
principally through the pentagon geometry. (Readers might also remember the
ELISA EXCHANGE that uses the 5-9 ratio and the dropped feather and emptied
cup as main symbols._

The Celts (and earlier cultures going back to the Atlan and maybe farther)
saw the Grail as a life restoring "cauldron" which would also heal in
addition to restoring life. This grail action in the Judeo Christian is the
"dowd" or David which means "love, cauldron." The 6-pointed KEY OF DAVID is
found in the Hebrew alphabet as the letter vau, #6, which was drawn
(protosiniatic glyphs) as a sphere or circle with a line from it, that is
the classic grail and its attached column or pillar/tube. In the composite
Olgive charge Nathaniel and Yachannen (the Sinclair half) forms the "pillar
of Grace" component and Kaffa (Peter) forms the cup or crescent. (The
letter Kaph, the hollow stone, #20, was drawn as a crescent with two
vertical parallel lines within the cup. These lines represent the
pillar-tube within the grail; the whole design of the kaph: cresent/tube
also represents the ideo of the closed fist and right hand/left brain. It's
a bit more complicated but this is only supposed to be a letter commentary,
not a book

When the two Glory poles flash through each other they go through the phase
where the two capstone points merge as one. This generates the composite,
androgynous Grail which we find in the scroll as the central matrix
pictured as the Ark of the Covenant and surrounded by the Six crenellations
in a ring or wheel (spinner field). This is supposed to be the letter vau
or ring that creates the pillar. Mystics know this as the "Layooesh Pillar"
described in James Hurtak's book THE KEYS OF ENOCH. Vau represents the star
tetrahedron needed to get off the ground using this pillar-tube. Several
sequential forms are then needed: an ennead (9) transitional shift, then
into a star pentahedron (dual Pyramids) and then into the 12-format.

The scroll shows this phase. Also note that the GB Grail format we
reactivated, which the Sinclairs clearly knew about and also activated,
also found in Bill Mann's geometry for Nova Scotia, also found in the
"Consciousness" chart overlaying the physical chart in the Zeno Chart (two
grails) ...and in quite a lot of art objects in Malta, Germany, Celtic art,
etc. ...these examples ALL use the BETHLEHEM ANGLE/TRIANGLE. ALL the
Urmaga grail points use the Bethlehem Angle, many of them including the two
source lines: the Hemptaha Serpent line coming ashore in Cornwall to form
the Michael-Mari line, and the line from Ruta into the Hebrides and Orkney.

This angle appears (on my fuzzy TV picture) to be from the center of the
ANCHOR circle in the upper right (dipole) while the 30 degree angle is from
the 8-point spinner wheel in the upper left (dipole). Why two angles making
an eccentric design? This is because the right side (as we view it) is the
male (plus) dipole which is causal. That is, it uses the 2618 dynamic to
transfer Life into form or the angle 26 deg 18' when expressed as an angled
action line relative to the planetary grid or other index such as the
Tav'hara N-S line (off 3 degrees for the Selah factor). "Life" in this case
is symbolized by the anchor. An "anchor" is a crescent (Reshel symbol with
a star, as the Islamic logo and also the Templar logo) which represents the
bulls' horns (letter aleph) or divine creation field. It is also the
Grail's crescent. The shank (vertical part) is the pillar connecting the
grail and the stock (cross piece) is the generating axis of the TAU CROSS
thus formed. The anchor is the grounded component of the Temple (ship) and
the ground taykle, the cable, is the connective layooesh pillar function.
The Templars considered the ship to be a temple when properly built using
Templar alchemy. The sea's surface or "mar" (as in mari the two sided
mirror) is a teleplane or time continuum. The bottom of the sea is the
"other" side of the teleplane, there always being two sides: the "Real" and
the alternate reality we wish to create. The anchor connecting the UNSEEN
REFERENCE PLANE (ie the Real or Attasic Universe containing all realities,
or whatever our reference continuum may be) to the surface is the divine
connection. The surface, that which is visible, is the relevant reality or
teleplane we are experiencing. We then build our "merkabah" (Hebrew word
for chariot)as the ship or time-temple (connect with the TEMPLA MAR network
of temples in all relevant continua). This is the CHEVAL DE DIEU (Horse of
God) or Knight's Move that is the L-Gate. Rosslyn and Chartres are classic
time-temples that use the L-gate, the lower crypt in Rosslyn and St. Piat's
Chapel in Chartres are the common L-form augmenting the double L in the
Reshel which is the geometry in each. This "horse" is shown in Celtic art,
quite correctly.

The "G" found in the 8-point wheel that you observed is the "horse" L-gate.
It is Hebrew, the letter "gimal" which is the CAMEL, the mideast version of
the Horse. Note that the letter glyph in protosiniatic Hebrew was drawn as
an L ...the "camel through the eye of the needle." The reason it is found
in the center of the wheel is that every form builder, which is the
Provence of the 4-Square (8-point wheel), requires a connective pillar-tube
to access the system and more importantly to escape it. The ability to
connect and escape all forms, the higher pillar dynamic, is the L-Gate
shift. The Horse of God is used in No-Time state as a portal marker and
guardian; it was also observed by the Montauk people in performing their
abominations within this continuum. I therefore suspect that the Horse is
an innertemporal channel while the channel to escape or access the REAL
continua, the one we dropped out of and are presently building in company
with the original, I think is represented by the WINGED SCARAB or KEPHERAH.
When encountering the Winged Kepherah the "mud ball" at its head would be
the Central Sun and the sphere at its lower feet would be a black sphere
representing the Selah Divine Essence or the Real.

So, why the 30 degrees in complementing the 26-18? The 30 degrees angle
connects the left side or form relative to cause on the right side, the
Christic Anchor. 2618 relates to Life and seed formats while the 30 is the
angle (half of 60) found in the Vesica Piscis. Of course, the 26-18 also is
found in a more narrow Vesica however this only shows the geometric
sequence and complementary nature of both. When we "L-Shift" the Vesica we
have the same Vesica on an E-W axis crossing the N-S original Vesica. This
permits us to form the squared-circle which is the Unity of All (circle)
and its relevant 4-Square Vault/Ark/Arc. Continuing the spin will add the
Saltire or X-Cross, the causal "software" which works through the Greek or
"Plus" Cross. It is remarkable that the square in the scroll is the Saltire
version and that the star format it uses creates the 8-pole spinner.

Below the 8-point Spinner we have the other part of the dipole: the 7-point
Star with its own spinner inside. These two poles also represent the two
brain functions: the form or objective 8-point is the left brain and the
causal, subjective right brain is the 7-point. Usually the 7 is the
complete SHEEBA or female shakti in the Judeo Christian schema. This 7
requires an 8th aspect somewhere (in this case the Anchor) as the male
inseminator. Usually the 7 is thought to be the absolute Holy (as form) in
that it can not be constructed or applied according to geometers. This is a
half truth, I think, but the true part of it is that it would relate to the
Unmanifest/Manifest or Preform condition in the Goddess pole ...often
represented by the Black Virgin or Mari or ISIS, whatever.

The 7-point star spins to create four 7's making a wheel of 28 points or
the KAF spelled as cheth (8) and kaf (20). This form of the primary
letter-word kaf (assonant with Kaffa as in Peter: kaffa) means "purity, to
cover, increase, veil, act secretly." There are also 28 poles in the
European "FLOWER OF LIFE" or ASTARA Grid formed by the large triangle
between Cintra, Rosslyn, and Rome. The 28 pole wheel is formed by the
Sacred Chord dynamic where the wheel is cut by the axis of the planetary
frontal grid anchored in Mt Sinai, bracketed in place by Rennes le Chateau
and Bornholm.

This 28 pole wheel is the outer form of the causal 7-point spinner. Note
that Europe's overall vibration is 7 (according to Thoth); thus as the
planet's right forebrain Europe projects the causal-7 into all its forms.
Was it Don Julien that noted the 7 Micmac political organizations in
Canada? The main temple that is created by the 28 poles contains the 12
classic Temple aspects arranged in four groups of three. Each of the 12
aspects is represented by a circle. There are 28 "gaps" in the wheel
(between the poles) and each circle uses 2 gaps as its radii. Thus we use 7
poles or 6 gaps in each group of three circles. This leaves 4 gap spaces in
a saltire X separating the 4 groups of three. These 4 gaps are the causal
void spaces. So it is that Peter, actually Kafa the hollow fist or hollow
stone, represents the Temple in its form aspect.

The Scroll's special 5 design application is unusual; none of the art
examples I've found has the same. These examples have two triangles base to
base. These two triangular apices are merged in the center with the
Scroll's version. This means that the Scroll is showing a single
androgynous grail rather than two as male and female. The Arc of the
Covenant in the center is the Templar's idea of the nature of the Grail
relating to the Holy of Holies in Solomon's Temple.

THE ZENO CHART: Nothing to add to the summary comments in Part One. It is
too complicated to describe in detail. As I've said I view it as a mystery
writing and the chart as a chart of physical reality overlaid by a chart of
consciousness. The Narrative is the same.