Subj: Clan Sinclair composite Bird-Serpent Staff of Aesculpius. Labeled
"Shamir Staff" for now.

from William Buehler

In answer to the questions about my latest descriptions of the "Sinclair
Staff", as it were, I will go into a bit more detail. I'll now give it the
label: "SHAMIR STAFF." This is actually a grid system found by combining two
Sinclair Arms: that of the Clan and of Henry Sinclair.

Why does anything "Sinclair" apply to you? If it does its probably because
you are likely to be a "paragenetic" Sinclair, that is, a soul that carries
the Christic Olgive charge that Yeshu passed to the three disciples:
Yachannan (John)/Nathaniel and Kaffa (Peter). The Nathaniel strain surfaced
in Clan Sinclair in the 13th Century CE. The Olgive charge is to guardian
the Christic mysteries or essentially the Grail formats and applications.
The other realm of "Why you?" is that a Metatronic grid system was
established in Europe, specifically Scotland to Spain, that duplicates the
Staff of Moses/Yeshua/Aesculpius (Greek god of healing). This system of
Metatronic Reshel grids is ancient, perhaps about 15,000 years old as far as
this time-line is concerned, but was designed for this present phase of
evolution of this fallen Universe back into the real, Ranna Time Wave.

I'm going to call this Staff the "Shamir Staff" to move the name out of the
Sinclair naming mode but I believe that the Clan Sinclair created (or
rebooted) the grid under the authority of the Christ via the Olgive Charge.
Obviously for the benefit of all Humanity as well as the angelic and
elemental souls involved in the Ascension. Further, it is significant that
it has been rediscovered now in this crucial phase of the LP-40 Ascension
back into our full light spectrum continuum (refer KOALA pamphlet), to
reempower it within the collective Racial Mind/Soul.


Usually this is only seen as the Serpent Staff associated with Moses' Staff
...which Yeshu also says in John 3:14-15 correlates with Him. Quoted: "And
as Moses lifted up the Serpent in the wilderness (RE the brazen serpent on a
staff, which healed the Tribes. WSB) even so must the Son of Man be lifted
up that whosoever believes in Him will have everlasting life." The Serpent
Staff (of Aesculapius, Greek god of healing, taught by Chiron) is associated
with healing and rebirth, the basic function of the Grail except that here
we have a Staff or pillar/tube. Sometimes this bird-serpent staff is shown
as the Caduceus or the Staff of Thoth/Hermes. Actually, the Grail also has a
Pillar associated with it and is generally correlated with the Layooesh
Pillar that can bridge between this fallen Oritronic continuum and the real,
Metatronic Ranna Wave continua.

This Staff shows up in the Hathor Temple at Dendera, in the famous
astrological ceiling. There are two angles associated with it: 17 and 26.3
degrees (Bethlehem Angle). The Staff goes through Rigel in Orion, the only
star identifiable in the design and according to Thoth/Maia: the mother star
of Earth and Venus to which we will return. The Staff proceeds into Scorpio
which is transformed into the Solarian Eagle or "Starr.Eagle." This is the
Bird of the Staff, ie the Divine Principle, and the Staff itself is the

Some astrologers think that the Staff of Aesculapius is the 13th zodiacal
sign but Thoth does not conur. He says that the successful mastery and
application of the Staff LEADS to the activation of the 13th Sign which he
says is the Cetacean or Delphinus in Capricorn. Many see the bird and
serpent as the "Winged Serpent" but Thoth/Maia insists that the bird and
serpent functions are separate. The bird can carry the serpent but is not
the serpent.

In the protosiniatic Hebrew alphabet glyphs the letter nuwn (#50) was drawn
as a serpent. Nuwn means eternally regenerating life (in cycles because of
the serpent's shedding of its skin as it grows). The Genesis Serpent
associates with the Tree(s) of Life and Raa/Towb. Where is the bird in
Genesis? Its hidden in Gen 1:1 ..."Bara-shyt Bara Elohim, etc." which is a
Yahway format for creative process. The word "abara" in Hebrew means
"pinion, wing, bird, flight" and spelled in its alternate: "conjunction and
crossing over point." There are two letters in Hebrew that key-in the
Sacred: Aleph (#1/1000) drawn as a Taurus sign, and Ayin (#70) drawn as an
eye: a vesica with a dot in the center. We are expected to insert these two
letters alternately into the "bara" to obtain the two versions of abara to
install the divine principle into the normal creation process (bara means to
create, etc. as well as beloved, Emptiness and purity). Solarians are
Wingmakers (refer to ELISA EXCHANGE form of conjunction, communication
between universes, et al).

Thus the Bird-Serpent Staff correlates with healing or more profoundly, with
rebirth/regeneration. In the larger picture this relates to the rebirth of
this whole Time Continuum... all the visible Universe.. and all souls within
it. This involves working in nonlinear Time via efficient Time Gates (NOT
the Montauk Project abomination!) The Reshel system includes these features
in a Metatronic system that can also adjust to the fallen Oritronic realm
without blowing up either. The serpent-staff in the Reshel is the Layooesh
Pillar, the primary bracketed by two outer pillars/time gates. The bird is
the penta-star formed by the two golden ratio spirals generating from the
apex of the Gt. Pyramid dynamic.


GENERAL: Two Metatronic grids in the many working in Europe are the URMAGA
(a pentagonal seed format) and the ASTARA (Flower of Life star tetrahedron:
cycles new life/systems pulses into GAIA via Europe, Gaia's right
forebrain). The Urmaga provides the Staff and Bird, linked with the Shamir,
and the Astara contains the L-Grid which is the higher harmonic of the Staff
(Layooesh Pillar and two supporting Pillars of the Temple).

The Urmaga (Star of the Magi) contains a huge Bethlehem Angle rhombic shape

having the function of two grails: male and female. The base line for this,
synthesizing both grails as one extends between Edinburgh and Glastonbury
Tor. The apex (Resh or Chief Head Stone pole) of the western system is the
Holy Head, Anglesey, which is a head shaped land area having an outstretched
arm with an open hand, thumb down. Mt. Snowdon is the Heart. Cardigan Bay,
under the hand, also uses the Bethlehem angle "grail" vesica as its shape
(between Mt. Snowdon and St. David Head). This same "grail" geometry is
found in the Sinclair engrailed cross as well as all the Reshel grids. It is
the cup in the Ptah Hold description of the Reshel/Techad. When we describe
Great Britain as the "Sceptered Isle", the axis of this grid is the Scepter.
I'm calling it the Shamir Staff.

STAFF: The Staff is an energetic ley line between Thurso, Scotland, and San
Sebastian, Spain. San Sebastian appears to be a complex matrix which
includes Hendaye nearby, over the border in France. The line is called the
TAVHARA Line by Thoth/Maia. The energetic heart of the line/staff is a point
north of Liverpool, called the ABERS'K by Thoth/Maia. This point synthesizes
the two grails as one as well as the two generating poles: the Edinburgh
Reshel Matrix and the Glastonbury Sun Wheel/temple centered by the Tor.
According to Thoth Raismes the original Grail is interred in the Tor.
Surrounding the Tor were once 7 islands each having a different school for
the Grail Kings (the 7 correlated with Ursa Major, the Tor as the Pole

SERPENT: The serpent is the Shamir, for our purposes. Andrew Sinclair in his
THE SWORD AND THE GRAIL (Crown Publishers, New York, NY, 1992) speaks of the
Shamir. He describes it in terms of the 8 serpents at the base of the
"Apprentice" Pillar (Tree of Life/Raa and Towb in the format I use) and says
"...By Rabbinic and Arabic legend, King Solomon built his Temple by means of
the Shamir, a worm or serpent of wisdom whose touch split and shaped stone."
(Pgs 5-6)

Thoth/Maia says "(Shamir)...the worm will bore into the center of the Tree
of Life, and Light will pour out as if from a golden wound into the center
of every heart."

In Genesis the serpent is the interface mechanism/dynamic between the Tree
of Life and Eve (Chavah), using the Fruit of the Tree as the transfer
vehicle. Thus there are 3 levels of LIFE being linked: (1) The Tree of Life
in the center of Eden (foundation, strength: basis of a foundation of a
pillar or building, socket... this version is spelled with the aleph); Eden
generates 5 rivers/lands which describe the basic 5-point seed format for
Creation; (2) the serpent/shamir which in Hebrew is the letter nuwn (#50)
meaning eternally regenerating live (in cycles)... #50 also being the
capstone of the Pyramid whose 4 sockets form the cosmic life support dynamic
equivalent to humans' 4 biorhythms and the Circadian Rhythm; and (3) Chavah
which also means life-giver, to live.

At this point I wish to blast the bottom out of the notion that women are
subordinate and basically evil... an ignorant theory most often heard in
Christian churches, God help us... much of which is said to come from the
Genesis story. Nobody has really bothered to translate Genesis with any
background of metaphysical education. An example: the famous "rib" of Adam
uses the word "tselah" which has the same sound as Selah, clearly
correlative, where Selah as the suspension aspect in the resting fulcrum of
the scales and the silence between the musical tones is the description of
the Most High, Unnamed God. If Adam is the vehicle for the tselah/selah, the
essence is of the Supreme, Absolute source of Life. The male provides the
Seed, but the female creates the form. MOST OF SCRIPTURE is thus given over
to the study and explanation of the FEMININE formats, NOT THE MALE!. Where
the male is most often a single pole of insemination whereas the female is
the SHEEBA (shakti) or complete (female) form of Seven. The
Church-collective gets very high marks in the quality of Love but is
abysmally ignorant where creative process is described in its own

A large book could be written about the Genesis matrix, basically a
Cabalist's Tree in the first 9 chapters. The Shamir/serpent in and as the
Tree/Pillar-Staff is literally central to the HOLOS or seed format in every
created form. (Anyone studying this subject further should also correlate
the 5-breath format of Maitre Upanishad 2.6 where Prajapati's Pillar is the
correspondent with the Serpent. The two vehicles bracketing the agni-fire of
life should be correlated with the DIONE COUPLET.)

THE SERPENT IN THE GRID: Henry Sinclair of the 15th Century, a Master
Templar (psychic source) mounted out a Grail expedition to Nova Scotia in
1398 CE, to create a Grail colony and reboot massive Earth Grids in the
Americas... using the Reshel format found in the same temples and earth
grids in Europe. (Refer Peter Champoux's THE GAIA MATRIX.). His Arms show a
very large serpent/shamir with a dog-like head. Some say that this is a
sea-serpent, or a camel. Both correct. (The "camel" is gamel in the Hebrew
alphabet, #3, drawn as a golden ratio L or time gate... the alphabet appears
to be a basic description of the Reshel system, thus, I believe, it was used
as the Templar's principle code along with much of the J-C scriptures in
their real, creation formats. I also think that the "G" in the Masons' logo
is the Gamel or Chief Foundation Stone (resh) but in the gamel format of the
90 degree L-shift. The Masons apparently don't see it that way or if they
do, are not saying.)

This large Shamir in the crest of the Arms is supported by the Helmet which
is above the shield. The shield is canted at (what I say is) a 26.3
Bethlehem Angle. The field is silver-blue (a teleplane) and the design in
the field is a black engrailed Latin cross. The "engrailed" aspect is from
the cup like indentations in the cross. These "cups" are formed (I believe)
in the vesica made by the Bethlehem Angle. (The BA is the basic cup or
crescent in the Reshel mechanism surmounted by the penta star: Islam's logo
at this time, the Reshel ironically exalting the feminine divine principle
as the Goddess and using the same crescent-star logo. I think that Islam and
the Reshel come out of the same "Old Woman" basis, the Reshel or "Techad"
being of the highest archangel Metatron.)

This design of the Shield then is describing the basic Great Dark or
black/void of the Unnamed/Unmanifest God. To create the temporal state: the
silver-blue teleplane, the interface device is the Bethlehem Angle vesica or
Reshel system (refer PTAH HOLD). In effect this interface is the Grail. I
have (on my own) adjusted the cant of the Shield a few degrees to make the
BA and to bring it into Henry's grid alignment that overlays Scotland. I've
also used the Shield as it appears on the main boss in Rosslyn and have
adjusted the Shields' proportions to the golden ratio.

We therefore create the TAVHARA line by starting at the Shamir's eye and
drop a vertical line south through the center of the Shield's upper edge.
This point is the St. Mary's Chapel (ruin) in the center of the 40 mile
diameter Edinburgh Matrix. The axis of the Shield, at a BA offset of 26.3 or
technically 26 degrees, 18' 9.7", projects NW through Fortingall (refer
ACADEMY OF CHRIST educating/prepping the Christos prior to incarnation) and
now on up to the Planetary Christic Alpha Pole at Mt. Schiehallion. Relative
to the Helmet, Fortingall is in the ajna (brow) chakra and Schiehallion in
the "Shambala Gate" above the ajna, which accesses the Atassic Universe
(contains all Universes) via the Golden Star Mazuriel (not in this
continuum: too holy to fall) which was used by the Templars in their work in
the three continua.

This Tavhara line then continues south through Glastonbury Tor, Guernsey in
the Channel Islands, and on to the San Sebastian/Hendaye matrix.

The 90 degree bend in the Helm where it collocates with the Shield's upper
edge links with the original Templar installation at Balantrodoch, from the
St. Mary's Chapel center. The Tavhara Line comes through Arthur's Seat in
Edinburgh which is the Reshel's tsadey pole (Glory Pole) in the Pyramid's
apex that then generates the whole grid. Rosslyn is in the Line south of
Arthur's Seat and is the Resh (Chief Head Stone) pole of the grid, thus
controls the whole system complementing the Tor.

Arthur's Seat is in Holyrood Sanctuary, a large park in the city. This
Holy-Rood correlates with the rood screen in a temple, on its main axis. The
rood screen holds a program inserted into the temple's main action line, at
the point of the rood. If the Shamir Grid is likened to a temple, which it
is, then its main Rood Screen is the Sanctuary area with its important ruins
and buildings, principally Arthur's Seat. The "Seat" is the archetype of the
Destiny Stone often carved as a throne whereon the monarch is coronated.
This coronation engrams the Stone's charge into the monarch and that charge
is one of the whole Kingdom to be administered, complete with its strengths
and illness. Scotland's government links by Reshel leys into the Seat, as
well as other formats.

The best example of this Throne is the one at Rennes Les Bains in the Rennes
le Chateau matrix... polarized with Edinburgh in the Astara's L-grid system.
The throne or coronation stone should have a live pool by it... reason why
temples are in line-of-sight with a body of water capable of "reservoiring"
energies. This stone and pool matrix also includes a stream which is often
below ground but not always; sometimes there are both. (I note that Crestone
has drained its pool as being a useless extravagance... another case of
spiritual ignorance and false economy where it's important. But then,
Glastonbury drained its lake also. Still, Glastonbury has its Red and White
stream(s) coming out of the Tor feeding the Well. The Tor is the "Seat"
corresponding to Arthur's Seat controlled by Rosslyn.)

I've gone into more detail in these aspects since they impact directly on
the nature and function of the Tavhara line and Shamir Staff.

THE BIRD: The Solarians use the Bird as a primary logo (also a Bee) where
the bird is a composite of all the sacred birds. The 3 at the top of the
list are the Eagle, Swan and Dove. The Dove overlays the pentagonal star,
called the "Penta Dove." The Dove, as Grace, is also the second Breastplate
of Metatron: the "Johanous" or "Dove Star Formation." It descends into the
Atoma (spiritual center) of the Earth to quicken the resurrection/ascension
of the planetary consciousness. The Dove is also the Word or the harmonic of
the Risen World, the "New Earth Star."

The most complete version of the Penta-Dove is the Urmaga pentagonal grid
which uses the baseline between Santiago de Compostela in Spain and Stes.
Maries de la Mer in France. The San Sebastian matrix is the "Shiyn pole" ie
the center of the base line. The Tavhara Line is the altitude of the

But the Sinclair system has a built in Bird: (1) as the Chanta-Claire cock
in the Sinclair Arms (which uses the same engrailed cross noted above); and
(2) found in the sound: Lin/linne/lyn which means lion, body of water, steam
or waterfall, brood hen, brood of 12. The BROOD HEN OF 12 corresponds with
the zodiacal temple found in Glastonbury but is a line of 12. The 12 eggs
are fertilized by the cock in the Arms supported by the creation field of
the shield. The Line-of-12 is the Tavhara Line. The 12 poles need not be on
the line itself for the line to carry their charges. Each can project its
codes via an L-shift or what Thoth calls the "Chaka" action laterally into
the line. (This is the main method of creating a power-staff from a wide
spread field and to project power points from the staff.)


I have not decided just which poles are the Broods' 12 for the Tavhara. I'd
certainly include as my own present best estimate:

1. Thurso which is the shiyn pole for the Orkney Reshel Matrix, with Noss
Head and Sinclair installations as the Pool of the Moon/Life in the Orkney
system. The Ruta line into Eynhallow in Orkney includes the CALLANISH
STANDING STONES on Lewis, Hebrides.

2. Mt. Schiehallion including Fortingall, linked in function.

3. Edinburgh's whole Reshel Matrix at the St. Mary's Chapel Center.

4. The Abers'k Grail center north of Liverpool. This includes the other two
E-W apex poles in the Reshel system of grails.

5. The Wash NE of London. This pivots the large RHUN HABAR grid with KING'S
LYNN as the functional controller ashore. This grid duplicates but mirrors
the same 17 and 26.3 degrees 3-axis system at Dendera, extending south into
France and the Med. Includes Malta.

6. Isle of Man at the point holding the Destiny Stone fragment once under
Arthur's Roundtable at the main Camelot site; this stone originated as the
obelisk capstone at the Rutan Temple of the Sun, transported and fragmented
to Alba-On, one fragment as the Scot's destiny stone. This holds the central
charge of the huge ARIAT Grid encompassing all of the British Isles
including Eire. It spins to create the main Metatronic Round Table
(telespinner) using the physical Roundtable as the control site... now only
the stone. The grid center is slightly offshore.

7. Glastonbury Sun Wheel centered in the Tor, with zodiacal temple described
by Mary Caine in her GLASTONBURY ZODIAC. Brow chakra in the Metatronic
Ascension Grid.

8. Guernsey Island in the Channels.

9. La Rochelle in France, center of the large TITAN OCEANUS grid and the
main Templar seaport. La Rochelle is the center of the Reshel female grid
system in Titan Oceanus.

10. San Sebastian matrix, including the Santiago de Compostela and Stes.
Maries de la Mer poles with other important links.

(Line extended:)

11. Tarragona linking to Montserrat basilica and Christic Omega Pole.
Includes the Sintra, Portugal, and Rome poles in the Astara base line,
Tarragona in the center.

12. Rennes le Chateau Matrix, includes the Bornholm connection as well as
Edinburgh in the L-Grid. 2nd Chakra in the Metatronic Ascension Grid.

13. Uishneach (ooshna) in Ireland and Center. I've selected this as the all
inclusive 13th aspect since it is on the ICARUS grid axis from Sligo Bay to
Mts. Sinai and Katherine. This axis joins Gaias' two forebrains and is
locked in by the cross axis of Rennes le Chateau to Bornholm. Europe is the
right forebrain and the Mideast is the left. The line is the main connector.
My proposed Brood -of-12 is for Europe only and only Metatronic systems.

OTHER CANDIDATES: There are 6 Holy Islands, one being primary but I've
forgotten which; Barry Dunford would know. There is the composite of Iona
and Staffa linked with Holy Island (Lindisfarne) and its ley through
Edinburgh (Spear of Longinus). There is the Barbury Castle Grid in southern
England centered by Avebury with Stonehenge as the shiyn pole, Glastonbury
as the SW Beth pole. (Avebury would be the point of transfer carrying all
the others.) Master dowser Glenn Broughton discovered the Barbury Castle


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