Have you any information regarding.....Thoth Counterpart Sheshet?
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Dear Good Dr Dan,
Bruce Mace sends his best.
I would like to ask you if you have any information about
the female counterpart of THOTH.
Her name is SESHET, and she was the scribe of humanity as opposed to being
the scribe of the gods.
There is also a reference to the PICATRIX. Her writings.
Have you ever heard of either of these names, or have you any sources for
information about these?
One last thing.
In the reconstruction of the 'TEMPLE', whare are the "GATES"
I really appreciate the work you do and hope that ALL is
frac-tastic in your world.
We will be thankful for any LIGHT that you can shed here.
Your good friend in COLO.
Thank-you Dr DAN.
I am,
Dr J


Sheshet; Part 1 of 3
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(I'm including the others on my list. Here we are tracking the woman's role as priest, the Reshel, and the Thothian Stream. I also
include the Nartoomids who are mentioned briefly; I have included credit to them in the last section of this Part. Parts 2 and 3
are mainly graphics.)

This is a general answer to your general question about the goddess Sesheta's meaning (Sesheta is the female with Thoth as
complementary male). As the female with Thoth in an equal duality one would have to do a deep study of Thoth. This might
be started by looking at Revs. Maia and Simeon Nartoomid's site: Thoth is
otherwise too large a subject to go into here.

I don't know much re Sesheta although I wish that I did. I am using her in my "meditation" (tongue-in-cheek since I am the
world's worst meditator) in its present version of the "Dione Couplet" format. In this I am using Thoth and Sheshet both as a
couplet at the foot-end end of my "creation field" and Yeshu and Mari Migdal(ene) at the head-end. Its a dual di-pole set up in
the model of the I Am That I Am (Ehye Asher Ehey) formula. I'll expand on this subject with the graphics in the next two

So I have had to do my own interpretation of what Sheshet is about. If Thoth is the noumenal "Right brain" of the couplet, she
is the phenomenal "Left brain" pole. So "DrJ's" view as stated is quite good I think, as far as it goes. ("Her name is SESHET, and
she was the scribe of humanity as opposed to being the scribe of the gods.") In many ways Maia appears to be fulfilling that
function in her present role, that is, in translating the higher akashic or Thothian Stream into something understandable.
Simeon works with her, as a couplet, appears to be the kind of resonant harmonic I'm viewing as Thoth and Sheshet in the
higher harmonic. Just a rough comparison but it works for me as a way to describe the action. (They describe the Dione
Couplet in TEMPLE DOORS 3/4-94 however I have taken it a bit farther in its application.)

Her name: Sesheta is more complete as Sefkhet-aabut. Her crown-glyph is inverted horns containing a 7-petaled flower on a
staff from her head. The name noted above means roughly "She who has inverted her horns" or "she who is provided with
seven horns." The Hebrew has some interesting connections but this may be too wide for answering your question.

I would interpret her crown in my own terms using the Reshel, as this: the horns generate a creation field. This field originates
from a single point (shiyn) in two curves to two points (teyth and dallet) the way, these Hebrew designators are from
Thoth in his original description of the Reshel; I'm giving my own interpretation of the mechanics. The two points are on the
rim of a cup made by the two horns spinning. The center between the two points is the "resh" pole or "Chief Head Stone" which
synthesizes all the action of the complete form, as the 9th pole of the nine poles of formation. (The Messiah Yeshua has been
likened to the Chief Head Stone, therefore the Christic state of being is required to operate this system. This is also the dynamic
in Ps 118:18-24.)

In Sesheta's inverted horns, this means that the Spirit-to-Matter male vector is working. Her own Essential chakra (over the
head) is the shiyn pole generating lower form and is in a Reshel format that we can understand (somewhat). Her Essential
chakra should correlate with Thoth's in a synergic duality with her bringing it into form through the mechanism of the "Seven"
working through the 8th aspect or the Female aspect of the basic male Pillar (we've been calling this the Arienrhod vs the male
Arronrod). The Female Pillar would be in the upward vector and here I believe that we are seeing the two as a unity over her

The center of the 7-point lotus is the resh pole between the inverted horns. We know that the tips of the horns (teyth and dallet)
are the center poles of two Eyes of Ra (L-gates, etc.) or "Pillars of the Abode" which stabilize the center Pillar (Layooesh), here
represented by the single staff descending from the 7-point lotus.

I will add here that in the use of the Hebrew shiyn pole (generating the horns/cup/grail) we are apparently duplicating Thoth's
own personal logo seen as a curved "W" shape or MacDonald "M" with the middle point longer and forming a variable triangle
with the outer points. (He calls this the "trident" or "lotus.") I use the Bethlehem Angle as the primary triangle for the shiyn
which gives us the Reshel's main seed format both in the shiyn and "tsadey" or Glory pole which generates the two golden ratio
spirals that form the whole thing and specifically the pentagram or "Penta-Dove" of the Christos and HOLOS basic seed
function. This "trident", which signifies "mastery of the seas (of time)" own interpretation.. can adjust its triangle to any
needed in the Reshel. We now know of 7 primary triangles in the Reshel format, so far. The Bethlehem Angle gives us the Resh
pole which is the one we are looking at with Sesheta's lotus center. And, its the main one for the grail or cup of the horns.

The "7" or "sheeba" in Hebrew is the female shakti or total frequency in her completion (shesh is six). HOWEVER the 7, as
the complete woman, requires a male pole or the "8th aspect" relative to her 7. Here, if she is the 7-pole lotus, then the shiyn or
trident of Thoth is the male's 8th pole and primary seed for the matrix of 7. The obvious 8th aspect of the staff or tube/pillar
coming out of the lotus might be seen as the male aspect and it would be as a male sub-pole within the androgynous format,
but the pillar here has to be viewed as the female pillar (overall perspective) relative to Thoth as the overall male pole in the
couplet. This polarity thing can get tricky and its not very smart to become bogged down in it. My main point is that since her
primary glyph is a "7" in a grail, generating the gate system, then there must be a male 8th pole somewhere important and its
not the female pillar (although its a harmonic). I view that pole as the shiyn-seed generating the horns which themselves
represent a male-female field.

Another way of viewing the cup shaped by the spinning horns would be to call it the male grail with the female "host" or body
within it. (There is another opposite and complementary grail system: the female grail with male host within it. There can't be
the one without the other.)

Probably if I had to bring Sesheta's function down to a bottom line I would guess that her role is to "translate the higher
'X-Grams' or 'cosmetrics' into 'geometrics' that will manifest in this continuum." We do this same thing in our light group
processes. In effect we are living crop circles only we are better at transferring and creating X-grams since we are ensouled
beings and can instantly respond to each x-gram ("Ohlman" or crop circle) and process a great many. A more complete
description of this process is found in

In reading Thoth's crop circle information, mentally adjust the ideas to a bio-empathetic or "human" ensouled system rather
than the ohlman (crop circle) system; the light group format does the same but is functional in the bio-field. I think that
Sesheta creates in this same manner only in a more expanded, flexible, and controlled a procedure.

THE X-GRAM: It is my view that Seshet "downloads" fire-codes via Thoth. These codes become complex thought forms
called "X-grams." In a practical application we would find this information coming into our standard 8-point wheel in the
X-Cross via the Heel Stone format in the NE. (Chartres, for example, is oriented NE as an X-Cross or X-gram processor for all
the Marian cathedrals.) Sesheta "Opens the Scroll" as it were, being the translator and reader of the "higher book" or high
akashic. In understanding her download and translation into X-grams it might be useful to look at more of what Thoth (via
Maia) has said about the CRP and x-grams. (Remember that a light group is reproducing the X-gram dynamic ...a living crop
circle... including shifting CRPs to fit the specific download process. This may occur instantly and quite often.) This is from
THE SOURCE: #3-81:

"One of the most essential branches of Human/Earth sciences, and certainly one of the most complex, is 'geo-cerebral
alignment'. This is the function of the brain in which it is attuned to a particular amplitude of the Earth's geo-dynamic register
through the rotation of the cerebral matter of the brain within its liquid-cushioned cavity, to a 'critical rotational position' (CRP)
in synch with a particular geo-register.

"From the center of the Earth's inner sun is emanated a pulse which in turn is emitted as a frequency up and down the polar
'spine' of Earth---that polarized field between the poles, running through the planet. This frequency is radiated through the
inner and outer ecospheres of Earth by the inner and outer resonant cavities. The inner resonant cavity (ecosphere of the
hollow Earth) charges the surface crystallex grid of the planet, which interchanges frequencies with the outer resonant cavity
between the Earth's surface and the ionosphere. The entire process brings about a holistic media of attunement through which
all life becomes the sensor system of the planet.

"In order for biological species ---human, animal and vegetal to maintain the life-wave energies they must focus their
neuro-sensors upon various frequency amplitudes on the geo-dynamic spectrum. This spectrum is a complex, computer-like
scale registering codes or packages of cognitive directives created through the assimilation of various earth/solar/stellar
processes. These code-packages are 'x-grams'. They are like energy programs for the Earth's ether computer printouts, giving
the exact vibratory patterns of the many different parallaxes in which the neuro-activity of a brain/mind complex can align
itself by cerebral rotation.

"The inner world inhabitants can, through a series of tonal frequencies and/or light patterns, command brain alignment to
whatever geo-dynamic parallax chosen upon the spectrum. As an example: should there be presented to a subterranean
physician a patient whose left arm was paralyzed as a result of an accident, the physician would treat the patient by submitting
him to a tonal/optic computer which would locate the geo-dynamic parallax needed to restore the neural control of the left arm
of this individual. Then, through tonal and/or optical stimulus the patient's CRP for that particular amplitude on the
geo-dynamic scale would be activated. This treatment could almost certainly recover the complete use of the once paralyzed
arm. However it is not as simple as it sounds. Were the programs or x-grams easy to decode our brain centers would be
accidentally stimulated into major CRPs by a succession of honking horns or Beethoven's Fifth. In order to protect our
brain/mind centers from violation of their own genetic response codes (which, when triggered fit like keys into the 'locks' of the
x-grams), the programs of the Earth's ether computer are complex and require intricate maneuvering of vibratory frequencies
to elicit a major CRP.

"Minor CRPs are constantly being stimulated in our brain by sunlight, inaudible and audible sound waves, the motion of the
Earth and other sense factions of our world. These minor or lesser CRPs are critical in the creation of our reality. The major or
greater CRPs are intended to serve as major adjustments for our sensors when our bio-systems become radically out of step with
the geo-dynamic spectrum in some respect. The activation of major CRPs perform much the same function as a circuit
breaker's in recharging deactivated neuro-pulses and reestablishing the proper circadian rhythms erratically cycled
neuro-pulses within our body's schematic. this process is also evidenced in the vegetal world.

"The CRPs of plants have been radionically detected. In 'The Secret Life of Plants' this movement is stated as: 'apparently
established by the earth's magnetic field as the seed sprouts out of the ground (...If the seedling is transplanted in such a way
that it continues to grow in its CRP it will thrive better than plants which have been transplanted out of that orientation)
...because of this apparent relationship with the geomagnetic field, a plant has a pattern of radiation around it. Node points
within this pattern or web which seem to concentrate the field of radiation can be located by a portable detector with a probe
and a rubbing plate similar to that on their radionics device.'

"Like plants, animals and humans also radiate a pattern about them. Through sophisticated plasma-based computers,
innerterrestrial technicians can locate not only the node points within the pattern but their coded message, giving them the CRPs
connected to the body's acupoints." (Thoth via Maia, 1981, in response to a question re the nature of crop circles and related
synergic light group activity.)

In short, I think that "The Sesheta" as representing the Goddess' function relative to the God's inseminating process, does the
above. She's the living mechanism and process for manifestation and transmutation of form within the Thothian Stream. Trying
to describe the Thothian Stream is too large a project, as I've said. A short (and incomprehensible) description of Thoth's
function relative to the above might be found in the action of the ULTA POINT as the primal transference from "the divine" to
form. In our Reshel format we are calling this point the "Aleph" pole which then feeds into the "Shiyn" pole noted above. This
is from Thoth (via Maia):

"...Between the two major guiding power realms is a point of balance called by the Inner Earth Illuminaries, the ULTA. The
Ulta, in more scientific terms is known as the pyra-radical gate...the mechanism which encodes the pyra-conic Light
frequencies (emitted by the 'Living Lights') into spectra color/sonic bands. These bands are filtered down through the pyramid
or spiral acting on and reacting with all levels of Integration until it reaches our human condition, at which point these bands
are synchro-radiated to the bio-chronic field of the brain/mind complex. The pitch and meter of synthesis resulting from the
matching of brain waves to the x-grams or program codes of Morphionic (divine) Light, determines the time ratio of our field
of consciousness. What all of this essentially means is that the 'gate' controls our perception of reality and since 'reality' is
nothing more than perception itself, the Ulta feeds us our reality in a frame of limited quanta release..." (Thoth via Maia.)

(End of Part 1, of 3. The next two parts will amplify on the Dione Couplet with graphics.)

CREDIT: Source: The basic info I use is from Thoth Raismes via Revs. Simeon and Maia Nartoomid of the Church of the
Johannine Grove. For reference evaluation of her info one might scan the subjects of past issue TEMPLE DOORS. See I have greatly expanded on these basics in the realm of grids
and group formats. My use of their basic info, its being quite advanced in the mystic community, should not imply that either
they or Thoth would necessarily agree with my interpretative applications.

pt 2 or 3:

This is to be used with Part 3 graphic. I have placed Thoth in Nephthy's pole and Sesheta in Isis' pole. I believe that the name of
God: Ehye Asher Ehye is a creation formula using the Dione Complet dynamic. The letter "he" is apparently the magna soul in
the alphabet code (pictured as a seated human with hands raised in two "L" forms). The two "souls" are linked by a yud which is
an L format identical to that used in joining the two figures in the temple mural (shown in Part 3 graphic). The aleph is a
creation field using the same structure as the horns in Sesheta's crown. (When using Hebrew use both aleph and ayin spellings.)

pt 3:

This shows a "dual di-pole" Dione Couplet format using a key mural at the Hathor Temple at Dendera. I also show the I AM
THAT I AM (Ehye Asher Ehye) creation formula using protosiniatic glyphs for the Hebrew alphabet. This holographic format
is the upper portion of the Great Pyramid master temple (bottom part not shown). This is the holographic seed structure for a
circular temple. It uses the Techad (Reshel) formats with the L-Gates (Eye of Ra). The sacred chords and resulting wheels are
shown but not labeled to save space. The upper Bennu (Seshet's crown glyph) is descended here to create an Arieopax at the
Capstone's apex.

The left and right pillars would be represented by wands or staffs held by the horizontal Heru Ur figure. The basic sphere is
created by the Tree or "Asher." There are many other configurations based on this one mural.

This format could also be used in group and other applications including the alchemical format in building a "temple" ship as
used in the Sinclair Expedition of 1398 CE.

The divine input goes "down" via the Bennu seed sphere (capstone) and main Tree or Pillar, then an L-shift out to the two
points: North beyond North and the South beyond South. The North Pole will become the central pole in a larger temple wheel