THIS LETTER is basically a statement of intent but I've decided to do the
cosmic thing by email since a number of you will be interested in the
mechanics of the grids involved and some of the cosmology. Events in
southern England directly affect Edinburgh and Rosslyn Chapel, thus the
Clan Sinclair raison d'etre. There is a strong indicator that the Edinburgh
dynamic of the Resurrected Christ ...or Staff of Aesculapius... is being
upgraded and the 13th Sign is cutting in. This means that Rosslyn Chapel
and all the Grail related grids are upgraded in turn or will be shortly.
This also appears to be linked with the imminent Henry Sinclair 600th
Anniversary programs in Nova Scotia and the East Coast. The Friends of
Rosslyn might also look at this closely as well as the Micmac stewards of
the Gate.

OVERVIEW: I will be visiting sacred sites connected with both the Crestone
area and the SERAPHA earth grid in England. The SERAPHA is essentially the
tetrahedron system in the Reshel Grid; it showed up as the BARBURY CASTLE
ohlman (crop circle) a number of years ago. Glenn Broughton of Exeter found
that it is also the same template covering much of England and is centered
in the Avebury area. It appears to be organized to boost the Glastonbury
zodiacal temple by a factor of 6 to create the 72 petal lotus or Rose
Mystica of the archetypal Grail, however it's the "new" Grail of the
Metatronic continuum. This boosting system shows up in the SE or right
brain pole of the triangle where there is a spiral with 6 L-Gates in it.
These gates tell us that there is a coordinated linking of continuum
points/places/events that work in a resonant harmonic when any one gate
operates. I am quite sure that the Green Oaks Gate in Nova Scotia is one of
the harmonic six. We've seen this dynamic in a group process where we
duplicated the Serpaha format as a group and did an Eye of Ra L-Gate

The present locked-in Serapha orientation, using Avebury as the "ULTA POLE"
or system's center, locates its SW or left brain pole on Glastonbury Tor
which is colocated on the MICHAEL-MARI Line (a section of the planetary
HEMPTAHA or Uncoiling Serpent Line) and on the TAV'HARA Line from Thurso to
San Sebastian, Spain. This line is the altitude of a pentagonal grid called
the URMAGA (Fiery Light of the Magi) Grid which is a major Reshel grid for
Europe and thus the GAIA right forebrain. The Tav'hara Line is quite
important because it contains the major Grail core system for Europe which
uses the EDINBURGH MATRIX and GLASTONBURY TEMPLE as generating poles. Two
grails are formed, Christic and Shekinah, as well as a 3rd, composite. The
SERAPHA Grid is thus the primary actualization grid for the Glastonbury
half of the Grail, the temple-half. Edinburgh (Rosslyn Chapel controlling)
is the causal, Christic pole driving the ABSOLUTION, RESOLUTION, EVOLUTION
function within the Messiah's crucifixion and resurrection dynamic.

The intention of my seminar on Tuesday, 24 March, is to open the SERAPHA
via a SEA GATE represented by Colbone and Porlock on the Bristol Channel
south shore. The axis will be from Torlock through Avebury. This vector
should enhance the zodiacal temple's Cetacean or 13th sign. I also expect a
Rutan input backing the cetacean system. (The Holy Isle of Ruta is back in
place over the Faraday Seamounts as of July, 1995. Ruta originally
generated the Alba-On grids prior to Atlantis' last break up.)

By "officially" setting the intention now I expect that Spirit will
encourage the necessary persons to show up or cancel out. I find that it is
also necessary to be more exact in stating the intention complete with the
grid axis and definition of my perception of the grid and its place in the
scheme of things. This opens the space for Spirit to make adjustments (in)
"a head of time" as it were (a little Reshel humor? ...I must be over the
Hill to think that's funny).

TECHICNAL COMMENTARY: The SERAPHA is in a Reshel mode which creates the
dual tetrahedron base system for the Grail's Pillar or "layooesh" but is
actually one mode in a very much larger Reshel system or grid. I am calling
the whole grid the SERAPHA Grid based on Thoth's name for the ohlman when
it appeared. This whole grid is a SPINNER FIELD which can also align in
many axes or "CRP's ...Critical Rotational Positions... for different

The group process will expand the tetrahedron version (called the Haepathia
sub system in the Reshel) to a full Shekinah Reshel working on 9 poles. The
axis will be spun to about 075 degrees True, from Porlock through Avebury.
This will use Porlock as the "shiyn" pole or primary womb pole of
quint-essence synthesizing the whole deal on its female teleplane. This
teleplane (interesting to me) is locked into EXETER in one of the Pools of
Life set by the termination of one of the golden ratio spirals. (We will be
doing the seminar in Exeter.) The sea-gate will be in the Porlock area.

Note: "Porlock" in the Scot version of Gaelic would probably mean: "por:
seed, grain, crop" and "loc or loch: arm of the sea, lake, place." I've no
idea what the version would be in the local area but if it resembles the
Scot it would be very appropriate both to the grid function as well as the

THE CETACEAN SIGN: We first heard that the 13th sign is the Cetacean, was
25 years ago in Hawaii as part of the group training. It has come up a
number of times since then. When I was studying the astrological ceiling of
the Hathor Temple at Dendera Thoth via Maia remarked that the mastery of
the Staff of Aesculapius would open the 13th sign of the cetacean
represented by DELPHINUS in Capricorn (the SOLARIANS are working out of the
primary TEMPLA MAR in the "Capricornian Future"). The 13th sign is the
capstone of the 12, vitalizing and upgrading all signs including itself.
The Staff of Aesculapius is one of the three special axes in the ceiling
format. The Dendera format uses the Reshel to organize the universe on its
North axis.

The whales generally carry the planetary/racial memory while the dolphins
are the communicators. The ORCA's are the high end of the whales' system.
It appears that most inter dimensional communications would be using the
dolphin internet as the main interface system. The "blues" are at this
physical level while the gold dolphins are the next stage up. We've notices
that there is a top (?) level seen as a crystaline being.

Our information so far (via Anrahyah) is that the cetaceans are terminating
their direct role in about 10 years, having by then turned it over to
specially trained land humans. I would expect that this would be
anticipating the LP-40 transition which will be almost immediately after
that (2015-2025 CE). Our group process appears to be one of the steps in
the turn over procedure as well as opening the Alba-On grail grids to
expanded function via the Serapha. This will also have a direct impact on
the related Crestone keys and codes.

GLASTONBURY'S SPECIAL ROLE: Glastonbury is the ajna (brow) in the Ascension
Grid, with Crestone as crown. Thus, Glastonbury brings in divine input and
converts it via the fluctuating chakra in the center of the head to the
crown via an L-shift. At alta major chakra at the top of the spine pulls
the ajna vector through. However there is also another vector that most do
not know of, the "Royale" function. (Hawaii does this for the planetary
"head", while Rennes le Chateau replaces Hawaii when working in the
future.) The Royale vector pulls in a golden wisdom flow from the Attasic
universe ...the Attasic contains all universes... which grounds in the back
of the head at the "Roil/Royale" point. This vector is not part of the
chakra system but in a vital complement to it that directly affects the
ajna input as a harmonic.

Therefore, if Glastonbury is the ajna chakra for the Metatronic Ascension
Grid, then it must be supplemented by the Royale vector. Where does this
appear? The Sun is the relay system in the linkage from the "Divine Heart"
symbolized by the Solar Circle, through the Central Sun which is Mazuriel
in the future (now) and Alcyone in this continuum. There is a mechanism
both in the Dendera format as well as Glastonbury. Each has a special
triangle that locks on the Sun and tracks it eternally. In Glastonbury that
triangle uses the Tor as the apex and the nose of the dog (annubis) and
Cadbury Hill as the base line. The triangle's altitude line is the Sun Line
for the system. The annubis runs CW around the Tor dragging the triangle
and leading the Sun in a circle around the Tor. This circle is the KYOPTOS
or the Annubis Ring in that the annubis establishes 12 annubis' daily in
the ring. The ring contains the zodiacal temple shown by Mary Caine in THE
GLASTONBURY ZODIAC. Thus the Kyoptos provides a constant Royale vector as
well as a potent ring-pass-not and containment field. That is, if the
consciousness in the system is up to it. At Dendera the two Boats of Ra
provide the base line in the "Starwalker" ring. This ring is the Kyoptos
equivalent. I believe that this system is vital to all zodiacal temples.

FOR GLENN: You might wish to video record the seminar; the above
information does not exist in any known writing and it will be too much to
try and take notes. If people try taking notes they'll be hopelessly lost .
They can try certainly, and use cassettes, but there will be many
transparancies and the information will be coming too fast to be writing.
The information should be basic enough however there is a lot of it.
People will be better off by just relaxing and letting it soak in. Visuals
are quite important and notes become distracting to the person.

Doing an advanced process as described above with "new" people will take
some fancy foot work but Naomi will be there to help. Nobody will be burned
by excessive energy, it hasn't happened in 25 years, but trying to
stabilize a high energy vortex will take some doing. Spirit putting the
right people on the scene is a key move. Overall I'm quite optimistic.
Predictions are very favorable.

People will not have to be specially trained or have to remember anything;
I'll do a prebrief and then guide the process. All they will have to do is
sit quietly and share whatever comes up for them. The process must move
quickly; there won't be any guided meditation as often occurs in many
groups. I'll critique the process afterward, not during.

I'm told that our deciding on the process plus the special orientation and
expansion of the Serapha format will have a notable impact on who shows up
or cancels. Don't try and "sell" the program, just flow with it. It's ok
with me if you invite some non-paying folks. My personal objective is to
increase awareness of the Metatronic (Reshel, Grail) grids in Great Britain
and to do the specific process. I'll have great fun with it if my voice
holds out.

Oh, is there a specific phone number I can call at Heathrow if a problem

See you shortly,