As noted before, the subject of the "Silence" or Essence of God is basic to
all spiritual work, ie every action, but with emphasis in prayer,
interpretation, healing, manifestation and transmutation, prophecy,
meditation, applied sacred geometry, et al. The Silence (Selah) is the
divine Source that validates, vivifies any action and state of being.
Nothing else does. Marcia asked me to put together notes on the subject for
her group's perusal so this covers a wide range from quite technical to
easy applications (end of paper).
This file contains a draft synergy manual subject: The Selah:

SELAH: THE GOD ESSENCE: When we were first being instructed in the
DECALOGUE and Light group energetics we were told that the word "Selah"
being used by the Mentors referred to the Unnamed, Ineffable God. Later
research in Hebrew shows the meaning of selah: "the suspension point as the
fulcrum for scales or the silence between musical notes." This is the
essence of God beyond all names, the angels, light. Other terms that
relate: the Silence, Void, Rest, Great Dark, No-thing. Clearly the Selah
state transcends time continua and all phenomena. That leaves simply: Life
or Being. It is the "sat" in sat-chit-ananda. Since it is impossible to use
No-thing in creative process except as an unconscious state (but totally
aware) ...this being the main state of meditation... a "preform" condition
is used, that is, partly nothing and partly something. It is impossible to
write a word meaning "pure void" since the letters themselves will have
phenomenal meaning. So will symbols such as an empty circle. Hebrew for
No-thing is "ayn" or for the Silent Rest: "Noach" as used incorrectly in
scripture as "Noah." In group work we usually use the infinite night sky as
the working symbol for the Selah.

The Selah aspect is critically important in every creation and related
action. It is the God Source that provides Life for the system. This
translates as viability, validity, divine resonance. Grace follows the God
WORK. Individual merging in and as the Silence is vital in being able to
shed irrelevant static or dynamic thought forms, things that accumulate
rapidly in high energy situations that emphasize use of phenomenal
energetics., Light work. This is the practical effect of daily
meditation in the Silence and then keying into that ability during group

A convenient phrase is used in our group work, picked up from Thoth: "Empty
the Cup." This is complete disempowerment prior to downloading whatever
Spirit would reempower us with for the job at hand. Its standard procedure,
well understood. The EMPTY CUP is also a symbol for the ELISAPHANE EXCHANGE
and is the meaning for DRUIDH ...two more complicated stories for another

Unfortunately, the modern Christian Church generally interprets the Silence
as a void in which Satan will fill, that meditation must be thought. This
particular form of insanity is clearly encouraged by the Anti-Christ since
"thought" is the main block to knowing or experiencing the divine One
beyond false forms. "Thought" is not to be confused with "knowing."

MOVING SELAH: The ability to use the "Moving Selah" is critical to advanced
light-work. The following notes contain contexts relevant to methods and
problems in group work in which the Moving Selah would relate. The quotes
are those of Thoth Raismes of Aphra (via Maia Nartoomid) critiquing our
earlier Light groups which were then putting too much emphasis on more
complex forms:

"Group formats have taken on too many aspects, scattering some of the
general field resonance by grounding key logos-gematria (ie: group
configurations) in the matter realm. Christine's (Maia's) favorite axiom
borrowed from Elvis, 'Angels can fly because they take themselves so
lightly' applies in this context."

"The procedures given in the Wheel format are intricate and precise.
Williams' theories are basically correct. The problem lies in their
irresolute nature. While the science is intact it has created the box
within a box within a box, adinfinitum reaction. Working in the current
modem is analogous to counting all the stars in heaven one-by-one. This is
not meant as a discouragement, for all the intrinsic value of this work is
accurate; indeed, it is some of the most astute cosmetric synergy currently
being worked with by outer groups on the planet. It is simply a matter of
reducing the numerical manifest to a more open-ended geometrics and
focusing on the zero-factor as a window of mutability with all desired
outcomes. Thus far you have used the zero as Selah. But the Stillpoint can
be opened to motion. In creating a moving center fewer configurations need
to be set into operation around it and thus less energy is distracted from
the key thresholds. When working with the Zarathustrian Lords, this process
of the moving centerpoint is essential." (Note: the groups were then
working with the Zarathustrian Lords however the use of the Moving Selah
relates to application in any complex cosmetric.)

The following remarks are extracted from the HAWK (special group
configuration) entry which would be useful to review relative to the Moving
Selah, again quoting Thoth Raismes:

"Moving to the diagram of the Hawk, we would call this the HOR-EM-HA. These
are the three vocables of harmonic accent which activate the inner heart
chamber in the TEMPLE OF THE LION (Giza). The Hawk format is aligned to the
central axis of the Great Pyramid. Here is found the 'moving center' or
ABHARU. The inner-workings of the HOREMHA should be designated as pure
symbols, those that radiate full-scale gematria, to specific points in the
configuration. These pure-symbols ('pure' meaning directly channeling full
logos input) would thus contain whole texts of numeric formulas, but these
would be hidden within the symbol, provided the symbol was in the correct
position in the HOREMHA or whatever format with which you were working.
Thus the human minds doing the translocating of this intricate energy would
not be loaded with too much 'circuitry', and by concentrating on the moving
center, less actual configuration would be necessary..."

"Dimensionalize the 'Stillpoint' to the 'Moving point': This does not do
away with the Stillpoint. It instead 'open-ends' it ---somewhat like a
black hole only this hole moves both ways ---what could be called a 'white'
hole ---like the vortex in the center of the central sun atoma. The whole
(group Matrix) has become too fixed. Movement is needed yet stillness
separates one movement from another; so both must be accessible. Reference
previous explanation of 'Vault' which is the moving point of the HOREMHA.
It is also the 'heart.' The above-heart in the center of the five-point
star is the still touchpoint. the Vault-heart is its interdimensionality.
Thus the two combined need to be viewed as a falling or rushing quantum.
Whatever is focused in the center of the star is given its motion-power
through the Vault."

(The VAULT is defined: "Infinity contained in an atom. That which is
eternal yet able to define space. It's infinity lies within the continuum
of inward volution. the "Vault of Heaven' contains the infinity of stars,
yet this can be defined as an infinite value only through the inward fall
of consciousness we perceive what is within the Vault and how we
work with and through this 'space' to define our reality.")


SIEGEL (SEED) FIELD: It appears that there is a spinning field wherein the
divine center or Ulta Point projects a holographic 5-aspect seed format
into all points within its creation-field. The spinner seems to be a band
of the Selah Essence which is a carrier for the seed's signature: keys and
codes. It is quite likely that this is what has been called the "Moving
Selah." This is what Thoth has said about the spinning spoke:

"That axis which is in constant rotation form "x" to "+" (note: these are
the two crosses in an 8-point wheel; WSB) and back again. This IS THE
Sais, where Osiris was manifest, this 'Siegel Zone' was called the ATAPTAH.
It is the 'Path of the Spinner" for it keeps the universe dynamic by a
constant rotation of the axis at the center of the universe's atomic being."

In the above statement of Thoth's the Greek (+) cross would relate to
matter while the saltire (X) cross would be anti-matter or Spirit. The
Selah can interact with both since it is Void with no charge.

We find this "Selah-spoke" often in geometry. An example is the zodiacal
temple as described by the sequence in Nu 1:20-23 where the 12 Tribes were
counted. The census numbers of each tribe or "house" of the zodiac are the
sines of the circular arc for the houses (not the standard 30 degrees). Leo
or Judah is the exception, a special house of the 12, and it requires the
cosine to compute the sector. The total degrees do not add to exactly 360
degrees, there is an overage of 3 minutes of arc. This represents the "out
of time" factor or the Selah spoke. Since "the scepter remains in Judah" it
is likely that the Yud or Selah spoke is found in that house.

Although this example used an overage, many circles have a small shortage
in closure. The effect is the same in defining the spoke however it
becomes a philosophical question: how can you either add or subtract the
divine Nothing. We can guess that the Selah can be added (in the case of
the gap) where the creating agency "objectifies" the Nothing by inserting a
specific holy (set apart, nazir) object or process. In the case of the
overage it is already included somewhere in the known aspects. Try and find

CHARTRES: An example of the holy gap is the Labyrinth at Chartres. There
are 12 concentric rings in it or 13 by counting the unseen ring in the
center. The outer ring has 113 marks in the circumference. The "gap" is the
gate and pathway which has one unseen mark, ie the Selah spoke in the
Siegel field. Chartres is remarkable for many reasons, the most important
is that it forms the saltire "X" cross in the Marian matrix of cathedrals.
It is itself the manifested anti-matter saltire of Spirit. The basic
problem in entering the labyrinth which is the Holy of Holies, the Goddess'
womb, is for the priests and priestesses to BECOME THE SELAH and fill the
gap. They then complete the ring with 114 points.

I presently believe that the 114 is a fundamental or "string" used to
establish the tones and chords of the rings and sections of rings. Further
it is the same as the Druid's Cord of 12 knots found in the Lindisfarne L
or L-Gate where the circumference of the prime holy circle equals the
altitude of the L when stretched into a line. The 13th knot is made when
the two ends of the cord are tied together making the circle. If we stretch
out the Labyrinth's circumference it extends from the middle of the towers'
center reference line and the Reshel's grid for the Labyrinth and entry
Solarian Pillar to the zayin point of the Reshel which is somewhere near
the Summer Solstice mark on the floor that is lighted by the Sun on St.
John's day. I do not have plans of the Cathedral so I am guessing based on
rough computer graphics.

If we divide 114 by 12 we have 9.5, a complete or whole number but if we
divide 113 by 12 we have 9.41666+ which keeps dividing forever but is
locked into a 6 vibration. Restated: When the Unmanifest God expresses as
the Manifest God ...that is, the unseen mark is filled by a human who is
consciously in the Selah, the divine human... each house of the zodiacal
ring has nine and a half marks. The "half" of a mark's space includes the
Selah gap for the house and the house is expressing in the Manifest mode.
The "gap" for Chartres would be 9.5 (Manifest mode) minus 9.4166(gap)
(Unmanifest mode) which would be .0834(gap). In other words if we add the
Selah Factor of .0834(gap) to 9.416(gap) we effectively have a 9.5 rational
number or a manifested zodiac. To refine these ideas any more would
require a music theory expert, which I am not.

Parenthetical note re Chartres: It should be added here that the opening
spot for the Labyrinth contains the Tsadey or Glory Pole of the Shekinah
Reshel system. This coincides with the Shiyn pole ring for the main
cathedral Reshel system. This means that the whole cathedral is constantly
renewing its information and energetics by spinning through the Solarian
Reshel's main generating pole. The Solarian system is the one created at
the main, SW entrance between the Towers. An L-shift transfers the vertical
Reshel onto the horizontal component of the same system. Effectively, the
operating priests and priestesses at the opening of the Labyrinth not only
become most holy by consciously unifying with the Selah but also
consciously become Solarian ...the unity then charges the whole cathedral
and only then qualifies them to enter the Labyrinth. Probably with smoke
coming out of their ears. These comments would be relevant to the state of
being needed to fill the Selah gate to the Labyrinth.

I will do a complete CHARTRES summary since a number of people have asked.

the logos of God is alive, powerful and sharper than a two-mouthed sword
which divides the soul and spirit, etc.. The sword is so sharp that there
is no edge, its a mouth. The "mouth" is the empty Selah that separates the
soul and body, that is it is a gate. The gate also then opens into the
"logos" which is loosely translated as the "word, thought, reasoning,
motive, topic, measurement, works." As thought and measurement the logos
also moves into the realm of math and music. In other words the logos of
god is the Manifest God or God's creation function. "Mouth" in Hebrew (peh,
#80) was drawn as a L-tube in the protosiniatic and also meant "to blow
sound into 4 corners", ie the basic creation function again but also
introducing the L-Gate relating to the 8-series in that alphabet
(manifesting wheel).

The irrational number is one that goes on forever for example
37/22=1.6181818... this being the golden ratio which is a major system for
supporting life from Source. It locks onto the "18" in an infinite series.
("18" or "chay" in Hebrew means "fresh, strong life.") The point where the
progression "disappears" from our system is the effective Selah gate, more
a "preform" state than a pure void. As the human, angel or group evolves
and can assimilate more of the refined number the Selah or "fulcrum" as
some call it will be in a more subtle state. The transcendental irrational
number is the same infinite progression where a pattern does not develop.
An example is Pi or 1.1416... These numbers exist in our continuum but only
when we "fill the Selah" at their effective end in our relative system. The
idea with the sword is that the edge must be there but it is too sharp to
exist except in the infinite microcosm. The same is true for the ever
increasing-decreasing or "refining number" as it progresses forever. Many
would say that the number does not exist in this continuum because you
can't arrive at its ending, thus the term "transcendental." According to
my more practical qualification, all irrational numbers would be
transcendental since I am connecting them with a Selah function. The
Hebrews' reference would be a good correlative study of the function of
transcendental (irrational) numbers. Include the references to the "rest"
when reading the scripture ...the REST is of course the Selah.


1. Individual members of a Light group must meditate in/as the Selah or
"Silence." This is to flush out static thought forms induced by high energy
phenomena. Meditation should be with intent to stabilize and perpetuate
needed forms. Objective is to eliminate delusion, reinforce life support
systems. A competent group, when unified, can enter the Selah as One;
usually called The Stillpoint Group. It holds the Point for the matrix of

2. Group process uses the Moving Selah to connect all points, times,
dimensions, agencies needed for the process. The field is too complex to
consciously link with separate aspects and functions.

3. Create a Selah field in any mental form or situation that is
questionable, shows possibilities for unwanted connection or influence, or
is so holy that one wishes to minimize interference by the group's
presence. Project into the field as a group, there to investigate or
experience the outer field without attachment in either direction. This is
variable in that the Selah field must be pure or there will be a certain
amount of attachment according to the degree of lack of clarity.

4. A "beam" or line of Selah can be created to make a transition more
efficient from one point to another. A good image is a tube seen as a ring
of light filled with the "night sky" or Selah and centered by a point of
light located where needed by the group. Link this with the created Selah
field in the target.

5. Create a teleplane by making a 4-Square or Vault (rectangle or box)
filled with the Selah. This can be a circular field or even spherical.

6. Actually, the Void can not be experienced since it is Not. However a
preform state is used: part nothing and part something. This preform state
is the quality the group uses to reproduce fields and points of the Selah.
Group members should practice splitting awareness and maintaining a Selah
awareness constantly if possible, called the "Observer Self" by many or
"The Witness."