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Greetings Niven,

Nothing heard from Laura Zola so I'll send you these remarks and you can pass them to her if you see her and if it seems to be appropriate. I've
outlined the main (esoteric) story of Henry's expedition objectives and a few details as I've put it together from a number of unorthodox sources for
what its worth. I believe it. There's nothing in this for Ms. Zola to do but if she could transit the Ruta general position with some form of observance it
would be an important part of her voyage. Knowing some of the larger story might add to the meaning of it.

Other than to transit the Ruta position and possibly do a simple process: prayer or wreath type of thing (the wreath for new life, not in remembrance of
old), I don't know what else she'd be able to do without considerable prior work. Also there is a public image to consider. So the intention of offering
the below information is to provide her another view of the event not found elsewhere. Just the transit only would be worthwhile with the intention of
retracing his track.




In Henry's time this information was most secret however the seals are opened due to humanity's present critical state of evolution. The Templars
established, or rather "upgraded" more ancient earth grids and also designed the Marian Cathedrals with a specific pattern called the "Reshel" (Chief
Head Stone of God). Your being a seawoman I will put this in nautical terms. You sail a sloop, a specific design with balanced rig: center of effort, etc.,
for a specific fetch of sea, et al. Not the same as a brigantine or other. The Reshel is a temple design and a temple is a ship (nave). A ship, spiritually
crafted is alive. All vessels are to some degree since there is life in elemental forms. So are temples. So is the Earth: GAIA. The Reshel is a geometric
design for both energy and consciousness. It integrates the human, angelic, elementals into a unity or "ship" designed to "sail" the "Mar"... the mar
being a "teleplane" or time continuum. In short: the Templars upgraded ancient huge Earth Grids over Europe and the Americas basically "rigging"
the land mass as a time-ship. Its wind is spirit, buoyancy is Grace, course and track is the Plan for Human redemption and restoration to the "mars" of
real time, not this fallen place of rocks and shoals.

Before the Earth went through its last major change involving the creation and destruction of whole continents, a very holy group of Atlan priests of
the "Holy Isle of Ruta" planned ahead to the present time, came here to survey their "future" ...time is nonlinear... and establish grids to assist humanity
in their evolution through the last 15,000 years (more or less) up to this time of evolutionary jump. Then they, and others, reincarnated to make things
happen ...thousands of these souls under the "Michael Mandate", a very large program to redeem humanity, Lucifer, fallen angels and many other
complex projects. It involves all realms: angelic, human and devic (elemental). Henry Sinclair was/is one of these souls and Clan Sinclair (with others)
are specialists across time coming to do necessary work usually associated with "Grail" dynamics as we would now view these projects.

The 1398 expedition was part of a vast program linked with the building of the cathedrals, European grids, et al. Henry's group were to establish a grail
colony in Nova Scotia, reboot the ancient Rutan grids in Americas (the ones similar to those in Europe), establish a unified matrix with the European
system ...a grail system but on a huge scale. Sacred geometry can be set up in stone circles, cathedrals, groves of trees, etc. which then can organize
both energy and consciousness formats to assist persons and groups as part of the collective Racial Mind/Soul. That is, if the persons come under Grace
and MAAT (right action) ...or resonance with the Divine Harmonic of Universal Accord. This is the objective of the many religions across time. Its a
voyage from one "real" continuum (in the "Ranna Time Wave"), across the Fallen continuum, and back to home-port in the Ranna Wave ("future")
...however all three continua are in nonlinear time and all exist now. But they may be changed.


The basic (etheric) structure and nervous system for the planet may be described as grid forms resembling the 5 Platonic solids: cube, penta
dodecahedron, etc. There are others but these are basic. These create energy nodes on the planet's surface. In addition to these regular forms there are
irregular telluric lines or "Dragon Lines" which are natural energy paths following combinations of hills, stones, chemical matrices, rivers (including
underground), special types and forms of crystal and earth combinations. These effectively link the Platonic nodes as "nerves." The 3 kingdoms:
angelic, human and devic (elemental) also create specialized "artifact" grids for specific projects they have in mind which will (or should) perfectly
complement the natural grid system. The "Reshel" (Chief Head Stone of God) is an artifact grid that is ancient but intended for this era and the future.
It is one of Metatrons' (the highest archangel) 24 "breastplates" or grid systems. The Reshel has been used by the Templars and Masons most recently
but are very old, about 15,000 years. The geometry is in Rosslyn, Chartres, etc. including the Zeno Chart.

There is an irregular circle of energy and consciousness around the Planet called the Hemtaha or "Uncoling Serpent" Line which regulates all grids. It
comes up from the Yucatan, up the East Coast of the US, then Nova Scotia and then across through Ruta's position, then to GB where it crosses
England as the Michael-Mari Line, then on. Undesirable forces have tapped into this line at a critical point on the Line which controls time gates:
Montauk Point. Two other control points complement Montauk: the power switch: Block Island, and the wisdom cache: Newport Island where Henry
built the still existing Tower. (Henry knew of these poles.)

The Rutans installed the huge Reshel earth grids across Europe and the Americas. These grids are the best formats for the grail that I know of. They
already existed, inactively, in the New World but anticipating the need for the Iroquois Confederation and the imminent European influx it was
necessary to reinitiate the activation of the American Reshel grids (Refer ARKHOM grid; THE GAIA MATRIX by Peter Champoux). The linking with
the original Rutans, past and future, was necessary for the correct activation of the whole system then and also now. The same persons have
reincarnated in the correct situations to carry on the project into this critical era.


The long standing work is to establish the "Grail State of Being" under the universal Christ, Yeshua being that manifestation of the Messiah. Henry's
work, still ongoing, used the Reshel format in most things including design and actual vitalization of his ships. He had 5 specially crafted "temple"
ships, themselves and crews with the abilty to virtually be fish in the sea, guided by the sea elementals, able to follow ley lines at sea, and all manners of
skills dating back to the Atlans, a sea culture.

His flag ship was named ORPHEUS and was created as a bird-serpent in function, also duplicating the great bird-serpent Staffs of Aesculpius (Greek
god of healing), the caduceus, Staff of Moses and the Christ, Feathered Serpent and other examples. This staff is part of the Grail function in
regenerating life. The still singing Head (Resh) of Orpheus parallels the Anglesey Head and Isle of Man matrix in England and the Irish Sea, center of
the Arthurian Round Table and Grail. This is in the center of a "Round Table" covering most of GB. It uses the Reshel. Henry not only linked with this
"Head" of huge importance but set the harmonic with Orpheus which is doing the same thing relative to a line spanning Europe and the Mid East
through Mt. Sinai. Greece is its Center and Orpheus on the Island of Lesbos links the harmonics with the line: the axis of the ICARIUS Grid. "Icarius"
is important due to its showing up in the Zeno Chart as the Isle of ICARIA.

The Solarian "bird" of his Templar alchemy was the SWAN in keeping with the Orpheus/Swan association with the Anglesey Head correspondence with
the Orpheus Head. The constellation CYGNUS's star configuration roughly corresponds with the Reshel polar schematic. Our understanding of the
Cygnus function in the heavens is that it is the "Resh" pole for the controlling of the celestial energetics relating to the Metatronic system. (The Resh in
the Hebrew alphabet is the Chief Head Stone, correlating with the Christos.)

Henry and his priest-warriors created a winged, singing sword over the ship named TITAN (OCEANUS). This sword is basically the Sword of God
described in Heb. 4:11-16. But it also included the qualities of a huge Reshel grid (centered at La Rochelle) covering Europe and extending to the old
site of Ruta as its spiritual alignment and pivot. The grid is named Titan Oceanus (Da Vinci designed it, the Titan is the spread eagled man in a ring. A
"Titan" is defined: one who spreads his hands to the wheel). The sword did other tasks but those are the most important.

Henry used his 5 primary ships in specific temple formations for important projects. He had many auxillary ships for stores, passengers, etc. There
were 12 "Ghost Ships", as he describes them, around his fleet. These were Merkabas (spiritual vehicles or angelic fields of being) seen as lights. They
were for protection and assistance in transiting time fields. Very comforting to the people!


I wish to paint his ship so I arranged for an interview with Henry ...not a seance, but communication with the high soul having knowledge of all
Henrys' lives, at the level capable of reading the Akashic record in its higher level, or the "Book of Life." A friend: Phyllis McCoy, has the ability to
tune to that situation. The ship had three masts, square rigged on each (no lateen). It had a fore and aft forestaysail. It was the size of a larger knorr
with rounded fore and after castles. The square courses used a beitass or luff-spar for close hauling. The bowsprit was part of a crescent stem. The
garboard strake was heavy and decorated with green rectangles. He said "The green of the heartland, dark but with life, evergreen but not the lightest."
From these cryptic remarks I think he was referring to alchemic process that created a strong energy or "Life-line" through the strakes with golden
ratio rectangles and the insertion of artifacts from the homeland. The hull was blue ...he said "Remember the Blue of Coventry!" A Templar greeting of
recognition. Coventry taps into the Icarius Line, important in the Zeno chart.

The mainsail had a large Maltese cross of the templars, gold of a master templar. He reminded me to paint the sails a light yellow due to the use of flax
in their sail cloth. (Much later the Americans would use cotton which would make white canvas.) His personal flag was a burgee (swallow tail), blue
with a gold ring having 8 crenellations inside the ring; an "inverted grail" design.


The Province of Ruta was a group of islands north of Atlantis. They are now the Faraday Seamounts on the Atlantic Ridge north of the Azores. The
general position of the Holy Isle of Ruta is 49N, 29W. Its on a rough great circle track from GB to Nova Scotia. Its also on a planet circling energy line
called the Hemtaha or Uncoiling Serpent. This dynamic regulates all grids on the Planet; the Michael-Mari line across England is part of it coming
from the Ruta position. This line comes up the American coast from the Yucatan, through the Statue of Liberty (Rutans called her the Lady of
Light...they built her by reincarnating as the builders), up through Montauk Point, Block Island, Newport Island, Nova Scotia, across through Ruta.

Ruta was too holy to fall with the rest of the continuum and ended up in another creation realm called the Heliomar (Continuum of the Sun) however
returned in the etheric in 1995 when Earths' frequencies and Grace Factor raised high enough to support its return. It is out over 49-29 now and is the
functional center for all the Reshel systems on the Planet including those Henry rebooted in 1398. Its operation is extremely important in the present
evolutionary vector humanity has been striving for these past 15,000 years, orchestrated by organizations under the Michael Mandate. The advent of
the Christ as the Chief Corner Stone for this present event was put in place in 2028 BCE and has progressed to this time. Humanity MUST come under
Grace now!

The reactivation of the Reshel grids, designed for this time in their optimum configuration, was the major objective of Henry's project ...the dynamics
for all this comes under the Grail programs. The KEY ACTION of Henry's 5 primary ships was to transit the position of Ruta and effectively link with
Ruta and for a few moments recreate Ruta in this time open time gates of unusual spiritual power and intensity beyond imagination. The purpose
was to create a spiritual "Pivot" or reference point in 3 time continua and a state of spiritual being/presence that could support AND COORDINATE the
project across time(s) including now. This effectively became the 2nd Coming of Christ for a few moments, the Christ being the Chief Corner Stone in
the Reshel dynamic and structures. The installation of new Reshel temples and recreation of ancient sites in Europe and Americas all depended on the
central linking with the main power and switching matrix with/as Ruta in a synergic unity.


When opening and installing major time grids and gates, the weather is affected radically. Major storms are the result. We installed grids in Rennes le
Chateau, which uses Reshels as its basic format, under Hierarchical supervision. The reconfiguring of the time fields generated major storms across
southern France for 3 days prior to our arrival and installation. Henry's transiting of Ruta's position and its link generated 8 days of great storms
occasioned by the radical steps needed by the Hierarchy to set up the time fields for him. The "Ghost Squadron" stabilized the fleet's time field, their
main mission, I believe.

Henry put his 5 ships into a Bethlehem Angle formation duplicating the pattern in his Arms and the earth grid in grail core configuration: Thurso to
Edinburgh, to Fortingall. This is a harmonic of Thurso to Glastonbury to the Anglesey Head: the primary Grail vesica/triangle for all of Europe and
probably the Planet. The ships were very near each other, mere ship lengths, to facilitate verbal communications: prayers, procedural instructions.


There is a geometric overlay to the actual physical chart, below. This overlay inserts "fictional" places but they are really spiritual dynamics so the chart
is actually plotting spiritual processes as well as linking them to physical and nonphysical places. I will describe the overlay dynamics but I expect they
will be almost incomprehensible.

NAVIGATOR'S LINE: Templars required extensive spiritual training, very similar to that of today and throughout time. This involves the clearing and
upgrading of the system of chakras which are common to all humans however with different degrees of efficiency. The NAVIGATOR'S LINE (as I've
named it) is a line connecting 9 distinct islands including the Monastery of St. Tomas. My position is that this line represents: (1) those chakras
conditioned by Templar use to permit efficient operation of Temple Ships in spiritual operations; (2) a geometric association with two grail-core
schematics (also part of the Reshel system) which could be reproduced as part of the voyagers' preparations and operations at sea much as a Light
Group would do so today.

The graphic shows green line from the Monastery through some islands to a point on the chart at the "N" in Frisland. This intercepts another line, the
axis of a rhombus which is the "Grail across the Atlantic" bridging Europe with Nova Scotia. The point of interception represents Ruta at about 49N,
29W. The position is not due south of Iceland but the chart has changed it to represent a geometric reality. The Navigator's Line is the main
consciousness organization in terms of human chakras (energy and consciousness systems) needed to be activated by Templars qualifying them to
make the voyage and "become" the Grail. The Line also represents an interface condition with the larger grail dynamics as grids. The Line is not the
standard process of chakra activation used in the East but does reflect Judeo-Christian formats which are more action oriented and not given to simply
illumination. Further, it represents a more advanced condition more suited to now and in our future.

There are two main Bethlehem Angle triangles or rhombic (red and blue elongated diamond) forms. This is the core geometry for the grail dynamics
included in the Reshel. One (red) triangle spans the Atlantic with its main line going south from Iceland (Islanda) to the center of Frisland. The main
horizontal axis goes from Nova Scotia (Estotiland) to Estland. This is the "Grail across the Atlantic." The center, in Frisland (positioned on the "N" in
Frisland) represents Ruta as the Grail Center of the whole.

This main triangle has two points on each of its legs: the Isle of ICARIA opposite to a rhombus shape having 28 spots in it. These are also on the
golden ratio, which is used throughout the overlay. This indicates that it is a life supporting system, ie the Reshel or grail core. The ICARIA dynamic
links with the Icarius myth and also with the major earth grid across GB, Europe and the Mid East, also linked to the myth. The 28-pole rhombus
shape says that the ICARIA dynamic depends on the Reshel system to manifest and that these two complementary dynamics generate the Grail Across
the Atlantic. This major system also resonates with the Icarius Grid and has an effect on the whole Planet via that grid.

There are many geometric associations of technical interest however the above commentary will provide a sample of the degree of precision used in
the spiritual overlay of the Chart.


William Buehler