Rosslyn's violation?
Wed, 8 Mar 2000 11:53:29 -0700
"William Buehler" <>
"John Ritchie" ..., "Niven Sinclair" .....

(I'm putting the info addees in CC rather than BCC to save others having to relay this. Thank's for sending it to most people in your note to me. The
violation of Rosslyn is at the top of my list of my concerns and I think the others should know what's afoot. My main email list is lost somewhere in
cyberville so I hope that others will weigh in and pass the word. I feel that the Clan Chief should also be included as first priority and I'm pleased that
he's on the list already.)
Chief Malcolm, John, Niven: Greetings in the One Heart...

John wrote: "Could you please circulate the attached .Tif file to all concerned. It is is a copy of the Trusts newsletter. It would appear that the trust
mean to open up the crypt under the heading of "restoration". I have no problem if this is done in the public eye with the approval of Historic
Scotland, but, I fear that it may be done in private and we are all aware of what that could mean."Fools blunder in where angels fear to tread". My only
interest this work should be done honestly and with care for the future of Rosslyn. Thank you William. Quaere Verum. Regards, John Ritchie"

I can't open your attachment, John. Is it feasible to copy it and just put it in your main message? I concur completely with your comment and would
take it much further. (Being 90% 7th Fleet sailor and 8% priest I've had to rewrite this a few times ...scrub a skosh bit of the salt out of it.)

I'm VERY concerned about mashers-and-bashers violating the very intricate energy installation of Rosslyn! Particularly the knight's crypt under the
lower chapel. This is the main energy ground transferring from the Schiehallion/Fortingall Christos ALPHA pole for the Planet! Further, Rosslyn as an
exact, balanced whole is the main controller for the main matrix (Edinburgh's 40 mile grid) for ALL the Reshel grids in Europe in place for the
present main Transformation of humanity!! I simply can not put into words the huge importance of Rosslyn and its energetics. It is VITAL to maintain
its integrity.

Thoth has said that it is possible to excavate IF the seals can remain intact. However who is there that is now capable of determining WHERE each
sealed energy site is and WHAT it is and HOW to either properly open it with angelic, Hierarchical, and devic (Sidhe and Tuatha Da Dannan)
concurrence and instruction ...or to bypass it correctly?!

The place is so vital to the present major movement in the whole cosmic scene ...a CONTINUUM shift not done before, not simply a new age... that I
would strongly suspect skullduggery (a good word) by the O.W.L., ie dark forces' manipulation that have already interfered on the critical Gizeh
plateau with premature seal openings. They find uninformed humans with great zeal for digging ...more ego than brains or spiritual insight, no heart...
then jack them around to either go after known sealed items or else destroy them through their damned (the word is applied with care) shortcomings
and supreme ignorance!

Any excavators MUST have a careful psychic survey to work form and a full description of the energy matrix of the whole Chapel. This does not
much involved dowsing... a useful skill and one needed by the crew, but this demands several intuitives that can "Open the Scrolls" in cooperation with
Hierarchical agencies with Metatronic capability. All action must be solidly under the Michael Mandate which orchestrates the whole Transformation
and Return program. This requires the capability of the Templars who originally installed the seals OVER THE ORIGINAL layers of seals going back
probably about 15,000 years to the Rutan priests who orchestrated the whole European, Middle East grid inserts. There are 3 levels of major time
temples in the Rosslyn matrix. This is not a bed-room-slipper psychic thing for an off the wall clumsy violation amounting to catastrophic rape! This
demands top talent and very careful effort involving geomancers with strong Metatronic capability. I know of no persons capable of that range
however there are some who can work with the correct Hierarchical agencies that do have that access and can span the 3 continua. For the sake of all
humanity, this thing should either be killed or better, go ahead but being certain the project is in resonance with the Divine Harmonic of Universal

I'm shooting my mouth here without having seen your attachment so perhaps I'm out of line? It's just that "excavation of Rosslyn" are fighting words
for me! We put those seals in ourselves over the eons, at great pain and expense in many dimensions. There's holy blood and bone in it and I CAN
NOT suffer fools gladly here. There's no room for slack. Those people with large picks and mauls, etherically speaking, had better know what in
Heaven, and Hell, they are doing BEFORE they do it!

It is quite possible that some of those seals are scheduled to be opened at this time or near future. Things are moving very rapidly. There is a schedule
overseen by the Hierarchy and we are well-told that we had better be in right action and know which are to be opened and how to go about it, in any
event. I also see a need to back-track the line of influence in this project and see where the line of physical and inner planes initiation is coming from.
Credentials please, people, and pure intention! Has even ONE prayer gone into this project so far?

There must be many well intentioned and large hearted persons involved however this thing is not at all in the MUNDANE archeological ball park, it
is a spiritual scenario demanding the highest intention and skills in that area which THEN can use archeologists for manual work in their field. But
only if qualified intuitives are AHEAD of the digging. Someone with the awareness and capability of a Master Templar should head up the project,
aware of every action at every level in advance of it.

Concerned and twitchy about it all,