Subject: Rosslyn overlay, Famous Templar Chapel Design Geometrics
Mon, 6 Mar 2000 09:35:29 -0700
"William Buehler" <>
"Niven Sinclair" <>


(I put the info addees in the CC rather than Bcc since I'm making an important note re Rosslyn geometry, might save some forwarding for people.
Also, I'm not agreeing with Lomas and Knight.)

You noted: "With regards to the geographic layout of Rosslyn Chapel, I'd be delighted to obtain a copy of your book which I will gladly pay for if you
let me know where to get it and the relevant ISBN number to facilitate this. It is said that the Chapel (Like the Temple of Solomon) was never meant to
be finished but I have my doubt about this. No doubt you have read "The Hiram Key" by Knight and Lomas. I'm copying this e-mail to Tim Wallace
Murphy as he may wish to comment directly on your findings."

I concur with your intuitive guess re Rosslyn's original plan. As she stands now the plan is impeccable where the Reshel geometry is concerned. The
elevation geometry is also amazingly precise even correlating the main poles directly to the human chakra system. The elevation contains the same
Reshel format but does not exactly overlay the plan as it does in Chartres. I'm quite certain this is due to the extremely important scale that permits the
human operators to directly integrate into and as the Chapel itself via the geometric connections proportional to the human. But not the physical
human other than for relevant chakra points. The chakras here include those above the head. People are now to the point of working with 5 over the
head but there appears to be more in the Reshel elevation ...hard to tell. In terms of physical distance they extend to twice the height of the human.
This include those under the feet... twice the distance. I have not seen this (yet) anywhere else but that is probably only due to my specialization and
not being a professional geomancer or architect. The smaller size of the Chapel permits this very important integration of the human as a physical
person, in size, with the temple. Chartres does this but in its overall plan ...the human is as long as the cathedral. This works as a harmonic but with
Rosslyn its a direct "plug in."

As exact as Rosslyn is in both plan and elevation, it still could do the same and MORE if it were a full cathedral in the Marian Reshel format, as with
Chartres. Chartres and Rosslyn both use the same L-Gate with its Chief Head Stone (Resh pole, non physical) on the main axis and in the control point
of the "L" however I find that Rosslyn's is better integrated (re the study done in investigating the "Bleeding Angel"). Its function, nevertheless, is quite
adequate ...size is less important than efficiency. "More is better" only if the efficiency can be maintained. Little Rosslyn, however, has a greater task
than Chartres and Chartres is the main "off-on" controller for all the Marians and all of Europe in combination with Lourdes and Montserrat. ...A
3-fold Resh in keeping with core grail geometry. But Rosslyn is the controlling pole in the Edinburgh Matrix (40 mile diameter, not 28 as I've
incorrectly noted ...the 28 relating to another measurement of importance but not the diameter) and this Matrix is key to all the Reshel earth grids in
Europe/GB including the new one ...and the primary one... just discovered (called the Ariat Grid, centered on Isle of Man/Anglesey Man).

Regarding overlaying the Solomon Temple with Rosslyn I'd be very careful with that. I couldn't do it as shown in the book. Nor could I jack it around
and still have it functional with any efficiency in the higher harmonics. In the physical context perhaps it can be done but I couldn't. The Reshel
"Temple Vault" mode does fit over it in a 3 to 1 ratio where the two pentagonal triangles slightly overlap in the center thus creating a small dual
5-point star in a spinner field. This is a seed format and is important. (It is also the main idea in the new grid I've found however it has a larger central
5-point spinner. In the earth grid, which covers all of GB the inner spinner is 70 miles in diameter around the Isle of Man.) With Rosslyn, the Reshel
pentagonal triangles have the "Christos" half mostly out of the main building but with two key points in the lower chapel. This is typical with earth
grids also. The theory and practice is that if one can't get the female (Shekinah) part clear and functional, the Christic half won't cut in. A safety

The way the elevation is apparently used both in Chratres and Rosslyn (and others) would have the operator (priest/priestess) "program" their light
bodies with the codes in the elevation schema. Then as they progress via the specific "Stations" (not necessarily the usual 14 in the Catholic format) and
other energy points and associated tasks in the temple's horizontal plan, they "key in" the vertical codes by using an "L-shift" at the poles. This would
be done at any sacred site but it is particularly potent where (1) Reshel codes are used, and (2) where the energetics are directly in proportion to the
human chakra system. (The "chakras" or "wheels" are energy and consciousness vortices in the human (and group, temple) form, the light bodies.
These amount to a power pack, wiring, band-pass transformers, amplifiers, transmitters, perception and sorting out system. This system is the key
format in the "NAVIGATOR'S LINE" in the Zeno Chart from the upper Monestary of St Tomas, down through the 7 islands, then through the 9th and
lower island (ie 9 chakras: 7 with a higher and lower grouping) and then into the dual Ruta and Earth Center points. This "Line" must be mastered by
the Templar Navigators to activeate the grail geometry: same as in all Reshel systems.)

The Reshel format is important in that we're told that it is the energy-consciousness geometry for Metatronic applications in now and in the future. The
past installations were helpful and two jumps ahead of the average human evolutionary status, but now the same sites are being upgraded in efficiency
(same geometry) and being brought online. Part of my work is to reidentify them and try and figure out the difference between a bell and whistle and
then what does one do with either one? So far, our group application here in Crestone is producing amazing results but we're still only in "on the job
training" in the project. Our work has helped me find the "new" grid and this one seems to be the one powering up the others.

This new "Ariat" grid goes back to the Rutans but the last big user may have been the Arthurian group ...although it is hard to imagine the Templars
not having found it. Particularly the Sinclairs since this one seems to be the prime source of Sinclair power/wisdom. The Ariat is, bottom line, the Grail
and Round Table model on a large scale and it uses the Bethlehem Angle vesica as used in the engrailed cross including Henrys' Arms overlay. I have
yet to find time to try and correlate Mt. Aararat and the whole Ark, Noach scenario. Its a primary creation sequence and may give us more insight into
Clan Sinclair inner Templar objectives. However the Noach matrix will first have to be decoded. I already know somewhat about it, enough to get a
running start.

I'd appreciate your keeping me infoed on any developments regarding Rosslyn geometry if possible.