Greetings Joyce, Evelyn, John
(I've infoed a number of people that are closely involved in Grail dynamics, earth grids, transformational action in some form or another.)
There appears to be a situation that may involve you or at least one that you might wish to be aware of. I'm informing you as folks that love Rosslyn and are there on the scene. The
"situation" has surfaced and is interpreted via dreams, Joans' and mine, so may be pretty open ended and multi level. I am using common sense with a scoosh bit of intuition in doing
the interpretation and looking at the patterns. No heavy duty psychic input. You are aware people and can see whatever needs to be seen, if anything.
Last night I awakened with a strong awareness of Staffa Island and Lucifer. There wasn't a large charge to it, just a detached observation kind of feel to it. As I was sorting my wits out
Joan started yelling in a nightmare. I won't go into the details of the nightmare since it would be getting into personal aspects however there seemed to be connections with current
activities in the Grail related action in Great Britain. Before defining the situation as I see it I need to review the energetic/grid situation there in the Edinburgh Matrix in which Rosslyn
is the Resh or "Chief Head Stone", controller.
A few years ago when I was first developing the Reshel grids used in the Edinburgh Matrix I was also going through personal light body work under Thoth's supervision. He connected
the two: the grid and my own process. He noted that the grid had been used before by one of Columba's monks (the monk placed the crucified Christ over the grid) and pointed out that
there is a STAFF OF LONGINUS dynamic working there. I had already found the line between Holy Island (Lindisfarne) and Iona through Edinburgh however Thoth expanded on that
to identify it as the "Spear." Also, he said that the major three time implosions: Lucifer's Fall, the Crucifixion, and the Ourhura (Bimini) implosion (all linked with the ripple effect of
all the implosions: a "Time Tsunami") involvement had literally crucified me to the Tsunami and the soul was going down due to it... were consolidated into one great vortex
which had anchored in Staffa Island. The Spear's dynamic tied to that.
I did my own contemplation of the suggested scenario. I decided that the Spear's action was one of  high spiritual alchemy not just a coup de grace but a device for transmission of the
Christic Blood and Water into the land (at Holyrood/Arthur's Seat where the Spear goes through) thus regenerating the Land/Planet through the action of the Reshel and the Edinburgh
Matrix. Further, I personally correlate the Reshel/Arieopax with the Grail archetype and with its "Real" Metatronic essence. My simplistic view of the Grail is that it is a device as well
as a state of Being. Its' mechanisms are designed to transfer divine Life from Source into cosmos and also translate the grail experential field back into divine levels as wisdom. As the
"Reshel" (Ps 118:19-23) ...which recall is the geometry, one of them, that gives us Rosslyns' two planes: vertical and horizontal and integrates them in with the human chakra
system... the grail has always been available to humanity as being one jump ahead of the Race in its evolution. The Reshel/grail most importantly has a strong dynamic in it that
connects and grounds the Metatronic Grid used by the real continua, so it has always contained the potential for groups and individuals to find the True (Metatronic) Grail within it.
However the working grail/Resh or Christic "Chief Head Stone" has been an interface system with whatever state of evolution the Race or individual was in at any time. It kept pace
with and was a bit ahead of the evolutionary curve. NOW it has been introduced in its first stage of full potency and Presence leading into the New Earth Star or our new destiny hard
upon us right now. 
The new insertion of the potential full Grial dynamic in Europe is not presently open for my commentary since I am not in a leadership position with authority to address it, but it will
probably be opened to the public soon. I will simply say that Rosslyn and Glastonbury Tor are major poles in one aspect of the system. 
Last year at this time four of us covered 3000 miles in Alba-On (GB) in what we considered to be a mission to "Walk the Grail Path" effectively rewiring a Grail core generator
stretching between Thurso and San Sebastian, Spain (Tav'hara Line) but mainly using Edinburgh and Glastonbury as generating poles. The mission was without Thoth's approval but
he did later provide names for the three main points I identified as Grail "capstones": Holy Island (Angelsey): "Crux Arvata"; Stainforth north of Doncaster: "Virmaghan"; central point
on the Tav'hara Line north of Liverpool: "Abers'k." His naming the points don't necessarily indicate his approval of the mission but it does at least suggest a certain validity in the grid
...relevant to this paper.
An important part of our mission a year ago involved the Spear and the position in that dynamic held by Clan MacLean at their clan home site at Duart Castle, Isle of Mull. Joan is a
MacLean and has a very strong connection with that site, even having what amounts to a mystical experience there several years back. Her channeled input prior to our mission was
that Duart Castle had a function as "Guardian" in the Spear format, that it protected all concerned as well as the dynamic itself from incursions and that it synthesized the actions as part
of that function ...that we should clear our intent and presence through that point as part of our mission. Which we did through simple processing there, certainly not involving Lady
MacLean who still lives there or any other MacLean for that matter.
Joan's information further commented on two previous attempts by Templars to shift the Grail from France to Scotland but that Catholics at Winchester stopped the two efforts. The
"Grail Essence" was still fixed in a cave in southern France and would eventually need to be moved. As it turned out over the next several months, after our trip, it appeared that
Morgen in Colorado Springs (who participated in the mission) and our synergic group here in Crestone ...who works on a free flow basis... were both working on progressively
accessing and releasing a thrice sealed electric blue essence from a cave. I later came to connect that with the Grail Essence. I also think, now, that the cave site was the cave under
Montsegur that has a cup engraved on its wall. I believe that the Essence was successfully moved.
Regarding Staffa, my theory is that Iona and Staffa are a complementary couplet. The original situation related to the Fall had two Stargates regulating cosmos: the Christos and Lucifer
Gates. It was probably a set-up, I'm not sure, but it seems that a sub order of the Melchizedek tried to directly access Stargate power and effectively shot Lucifer out of the saddle: Bang!
the Fall. Michael stepped in to administer the Gate while Lucifer is temporarily occupied in the fallen continuum; the Michael Mandate under the Seraphic Ennead has been working in
the absolution, resolution, and evolution project which includes the redemption of Lucifer and the Fallen Angels as well as the rest of us. Thus I view the two islands as harmonics of
the two Stargates: Iona as the Christic and Staffa as the Luciferic. "Fingal's Cave" in Staffa would reasonably represent the Clan Fingal who is empowered with the Olgive (Christic
mysteries) originally given Kaffa (Petros) ...the other line of the Olgive was passed to Jachannan (John) and Nathaniel, now surfaced in Clan Sinclair.  Fingal's Cave would
conceivably anchor the Christ's redemptive Presence within the Luciferic vortex. My idea, then, is that Duart Castle synthesizes the two poles and passes their dynamic back and forth
to Holy Island (Lindisfarne) via Holyrood in Edinburgh where it is all processed. The "rood" screen in a temple conditions the main temple axis' consciousness and energetics and this is
ostensibly the same action at Edinburgh's Holy-Rood. This dynamic of the Blood and Water alchemy ...the Grail's Host and regenerative function... is thus passed (1) through Arthur's
Seat, (2) through Rosslyn for further conditioning and then down the Tav'hara Line (Line of Destiny) to polarize with Glastonbury Tor and its Matrix in forming Grail Core Generators.
This format uses a couplet of Bethlehem Triangles which I also see as the generators used by the Reshel's Resh poles as well as the Glory Poles which create the whole system using
the Golden Ratio formats. This same "core" gives us the Arieopax.
That brings us to the present situation. Vital and critically potent energies are installed relative to the Grail which, among other poles, include Rosslyn and Glastonbury. Ostensibly,
the Spear of Longinus dynamic must keep pace with the rapidly expanding demands for a clear creation field, the needed redemption possible through Grace. As this scenario works out
via key human players, groups, into the many levels of the Racial Mind, many karmic chords are struck particularly with genetic AND paragenetic Sinclairs, Fingals and MacLeans
having soul charges in the peculiar involvement suggested above. Of course, many thousands will have demands placed on them to rise to the best within themselves however for now
I'm focusing on the Rosslyn and related Spear formats. It would appear that Joan's MacLean connection is pushing her pretty hard. That's good. But it all has to funnel through Rosslyn
and there you folks are physically connected.
My reason for writing, then, is to alert you to a possible peak in hairy situations demanding radical release and formation of new paradigms not only in the Rosslyn site but in all
Sinclair/Fingal/MacLean paragenetically connected action lines. Physical persons, aware of what's coming down and spiritually capable of "Walking the Path" for the Whole can
exercise great power and effectiveness in keeping the flow moving. Be alert for situations involving "absolution, resolution of the redeemed aspects, and evolutionary tracks resulting."
You might do your inner work assuming that you are also setting a resonant field into the Racial Soul that will assist others connected with the larger project as well as removing
obsolete lumps or "blivots" (Navy definition of a blivot is 10 lbs of BS in a 5 lb bag) from the Racial Mind. There are thousands of paragenetic (soul charged) connections; your name
doesn't have to be "Sinclair, Fingal" or whatever to be in the movement.
Of course I can be all wet and off base with this whole idea ...I've not asked Thoth about any of this, Maia is not feeling well... however in view of the timing and large issues
involved I think its better to err on the side of caution and right action than to wring my hands and worry about being either right or wrong. This is simply a "Heads-up."
Blessings Be... Have a nice day!
"Uamau ke ea o ka aina i ka pono."  ...The life of the land is perpetuated in Righteousness.
(Hawaii State Motto)