SUBJECT: The number "2618" as the phi-squared (2.618) and Bethlehem Angle:
26 deg, 18'. Also some ideas re Henry Sinclair's ship formation and his
armorial "rune" format. Comments re Metatronic Reshel grid format. In
response to Bill Mann's letter re Henry.

A few people will not have any of the background needed to understand much
of this letter. If any subject seems to possibly be of interest, ask and
I'll fill you in.

REQUESTING: Any info regarding the 2618 numeric from anyone.

(also see
Greetings Bill,

Thanks for your latest ideas re Henry Sinclair's "monk" persona. I have
quite a bit in that area of interest at the causal, soul level of evolution
if you are interested in that realm. I don't have anything of a gemetria

My computer crashed and burned so these last several weeks I've been down.
I've had to replace the hard disk so I lost many files ...should have
backed them up but was lazy and didn't. Therefore I won't be able to send
you the files you asked for. I might find some really old ones however.

As I noted in a previous letter, we had a second "conversation" with Henry
via Phyllis McCoy who can tune-in at a "magna-soul" (high-soul or
over-soul) level ...NOT a "seance." He commented on the ship formation at
the Ruta position (49N, 29W), and that my idea that there was a "Temple
Formation" of 13 ships is not quite correct. He said that there were that
number of ships but that they were "phantom" ships, ie interdimensional
merkabahs in the modern parlance. So there was the formation I was sensing
however not physical. They had five physical "Temple" rigged ships and in
that formation there was one on the left side (ladeboard/larboard/port)
close aboard at 2/3rds a ship length and another aft at three lengths (as I
remember). The other two were well aft forming a triangle with the three in
the apex. He did not go into "why" that formation although I think I know
what it was.

It forms Henry's armorial crest: the dragon/orme and helm at a Bethlehem
Angle (26 deg 18') with the engrailed cross shield (when correctly aligned
...the present rather sloppy rendition has it a few degrees off and is a
clumsy copy of the shield). It is the laguz rune (ship formation: reversed)
when the angle is projected up from the shield relative to the main
vertical axis. This angle/rune is the Thurso to the center of the Edinburgh
Matrix at the Mt Lothian Chapel ruin, thence to Fortingall. This is the
identical "formation" or rune from Thurso to Glastonbury Tor to Holy Island
(Anglesey) (the point of the "serpent" crest on the head's helmet, the head
formed by the Island). These duplicate angles or triangles form the Grail
Triangle. I've been finding this triangle in GB in many places, usually
associated with a 26-18 vesica in combination with the usual 30 degree
vesica. This combination is found dramatically in the Kirkwall Scroll, in
Chartres ("Christ of the Apocalypse" over the main door), the vault of the
crypt under the Lady Chapel at Glastonbury Abbey, etc.

I think that he used that formation, the Grail trigger, in a reverse mode
to complement the orientation as used in his arms and also that actually
used in the land (Edinburgh Matrix including the Academy of Christ at
Fortingall). The group could trigger Ruta via the time gate action, the key
agency that installed the European Grail grids, Reshel formats et al. This
no-time mode with Ruta linkage would then moderate the GAIA right brain
Grail upgrade in Europe (right forebrain) and the Americas (right brain).
The pentagonal "spear" or triangle using the other two ships, the Bethlehem
Angle at the apex, would form a HOLOS or SEED format for the whole. This
pattern also appears in the European Graid as the URMAGA (Star of the Magi)
Grid along the baseline: Santiago de Compostela -San Sebastian -Stes Maries
de la Mer using the altitude line (TAVHARA Line or "Line of Destiny") from
San Sebastian -Guernsey Island -Glastonbury Tor -Edinburgh Matrix -Thurso.
The Tavhara Line then gives us the Bethlehem Grail format in Alba-On ie
Great Britain. Thus the Seed format uses the essential 2618 dynamic as its
apex duplicating the European grid.

The numeric: 2618 also gives us phi squared: 2.618. This also connects with
the L-Gate ratio or time gate we find in both "add-on" chapels at Rosslyn
and Chartres (lower crypt and St. Piat's Chapel respectively) where the
"Resh" (Chief Head Stone) pole in each is on the main temple axis, external
to the main building ...literally the "Head Stone" for each.

I've back tracked the Angle to the Hathor Temple at Dendera and its famous
astrological ceiling. The angle is between the Temple axis (into Galactic
Center) and the Staff Of Aesculapius axis through Rigel in Orion. The third
axis is North-South and uses the Reshel (Crescent-Star) system to organize
the stellar field.

SO WHAT IS IT ABOUT? It appears that the Golden Ratio (Phi Squared) and the
Angle both connect with the primary 1) Absolution, 2) Resolution, 3)
Evolution dynamic relating to our whole continuum and its imminent shift
("LP-40"). Further, this dynamic (2618) would seem to relate to major
controlling LIFE SUPPORT AND REGENERATION systems, ie the GRAIL. The
Triangle appears in the Reshel system twice: the Resh pole (9th point and
the controller) relative to the base line, and the Tsaddey pole (Glory
Pole) that generates the golden ratio spirals that create the whole
pentagonal system as well as a few other systems. One of the "systems"
correlates with the four base, "socket" vibrations in the Great Pyramid
described by the depth of the carved rectangles in the bed rock. These
ostensibly closely connect with the four human biorhythms (23, 28, 33, 40
days) however they appear to form a more accurate sequential rhythm: SW
corner: -23"; SE corner: -39.9" (change: -16.9"); NE corner: -28.5"
(change: +11.4"); NW corner: -32.8" (change -4.3"); SW corner: -23" (change
+9.8"). Thoth has commented that the sockets represent a cosmic
communications harmonic (also remarked on by other interdimensional mentors
in our group work) as well as a cosmic rhythm. He also noted that the
capstone/apex uses a 50-vibration of synthesis. I have noted that the main
FLOWER OF LIFE or ASTARA Grid in Europe creates a 25+25=50 ring enclosing
all of Europe. This is formed by the triangle: Edinburgh Matrix controlled
by Rosslyn, Cintra near Lisbon, Rome. The Astara Grid is cut by a sacred
chord formed from the intersection of the ICARIUS Grid axis from Ireland
through Mt Sinai, locked in place by the normal line from Rennes le Chateau
in the Languedoc (southern France) to Bornholm in the Baltic. The Astara
Grid (according to Thoth) cyclically renews life pulses into GAIA via the
European Right forebrain and also life supporting systems resonant with the
new life pulsing. All this is built into the Reshel system(s) via the 2618

booklet in 1973. He gave permission to duplicate portions but asked that
the material be considered in a scientific context, not mystical. His
material describes the socket rhythm noted above. I will quote from his
booklet re the cycle-graph he plots as Figure 30: "Idealized representation
of the 'free-running' cycle of activity of a plant or animal (organism)
left in continous darkness. In the absence of the light 'trigger' of the
sun, the plant or organism will take up a rhythm uniquely its own. We
suggest that the period that is a mean between all the extremes for all
plants and animals will approximate to the cosmic day of 24 hours, 20
minutes, and 36 seconds. The biologist has been caused to adopt the term
'circadian' meaning 'round about a day' because of an ignorance of the real
and constant base of the time unit. The biological and other physical
rhythms do vary in response to the lunar position and its correlate with
the solar position. But underneath the PHENOMENAL manifestation of rhythms
which precess and retard in periodicity, there shall be found the cosmic
base of 24 hours, 20 minutes and 36 seconds." He also plots the cycle as an
idealized Tidal cycle, "never attained in fact ...the departure is the
significant value."

I do not have Thoth's comments relative to any of this. My own feeling is
that the above modified or ideal "circadian" cycle is a cosmic life pulse
that the Reshel system engrams into the specific reality frame or continuum
it creates as a temple, earth grid or group format. The Great Pyramid does
the same and is found in the Reshel grid. The energetic provides the
correct base for the Selah factor or Unmanifest God as LIFE. The four
factors above create the correct "4-SQUARE" for translating the divine LIFE
into resonant systems. Remember that the Reshel/Arieopax is the grounding
system for the METATRONIC energy and consciousness base for the new
continuum. I also believe that this system, generated by the 2618 numeric,
is the key to the Grail format primary to all other Grail subformats
supporting this fast failing continuum but also in the new, as the Arieopax
system. The 4-Square, as noted, would then support the 13 pole Temple, 72
petaled Rose Mystica with its Pillar or "Layooesh" connective. This would
give us a working construct for the Metatronic Grail. This is only a very
rough theory of my own at this point. Thoth is presently presenting more
detailed information via the MAZZAROTH ON NATHAI Mystery School here in
Crestone and I hope to eventually figure out more about this from his

The present name of the game seems to be to identify key systems of the
past, probably only to redefine history, actually remake it from a no-time
mode via the TEMPLA MAR network of which Rosslyn is a vital site. The
remake of historical situations critical to getting more people throuth the
LP-40 event (transition) will probably also give us usuable vectors
appropriate in the new Metatronic frame of reference which is already with
us. I strongly suspect that the GREEN OAKS SITE is another time gate, based
on finding the 28-pole rhombus stuck in the Zeno Narrative Chart. (28 poles
times 1.618 ie the golden ratio = 45 degrees 18' ...the longitude
connection is one of my own very few "psychic" hits... which would appear
to be resonant with the Green Oaks point: 45 deg 15'. This would be within
03' or 3 miles. I suspect that the actual time gate will be found within
this radius by using dowsing/psychic investigation of the telluric
environment on-site. As "GATE KEEPERS", the MICMAC might wish to check it
out by their medicine people. I've loaned your book to Morgen Grey so I
can't do more with it now.

RE the Micmac flag: George/Templar Cross with Crescent and Star (red on
white), I think that the Crescent and Star, the Reshel system code, will
provide a key geometry that should supplement what you have already found.
We would probably wish to look for the 26-18 angle. Henry tells us that we
now know more about this than they did at that time however they had the

BOTTOM LINE: FOR ALL ADDEES: I would really appreciate any insights you all
might have re the 2618 numeric ...the phi squared, 2.618/1.618 Golden ratio
in life supporting systems, or the 26 degree, 18' Bethlehem Angle dynamic.

Blessings Be...