Sinclair Castle and the Orkney's

by William Buehler, 4/2/99


SUMMARY THIS MEMO: I believe that we've found a key grid format in Orkney.
The Orkneys are located immediately north of Scotland and have long been a
group highly prized by the Clan Sinclair. My new look at them was prompted
by Nivens' remarks re Clan history. He noted: "..The other important island
in the Orkney Group, namely: Egilsay where there was a Cistercian monastery:
at least, the abbot from Egilsay was promoted to be abbot of Melrose which
was the main Cistercian monastery in Scotland and, from this, one could
deduce that Egilsay was only second to Melrose in importance just as York is
second to Canterbury. "Some where, I read that there was a 'direct link'
between Egilsay and Bornholm but, with the muddled state of my files (and my
senses) I cannot put my hand on it at the moment. ...The Sinclairs were
always determined (to the point of insanity) to control the Northern Islands
because, as Lord Henry Sinclair wrote to King John of Denmark on 12th July,
1507 '......even in relation to the Earldom of Orkney and Hietland which
lands were alienated heritably to my progenitors since before the birth of

Please note that last: "...before the birth of Christ." How did he KNOW
that! Spiritually we can track that; did he do the same? and would he have
put that kind of thing in writing...they were big on witchcraft then,
enjoyed burning them or worse, Scots leading the "up tight" list. The
Sinclairs still had the Reshel knowledge going back to at least the 1300s,
this comment based on their building the Castle noted below incrementally in
the 14-1600s CE.

I've summarized with the remarks below:

1. Anticipating the Atlan continent's last subsiding, and also the eventual
redemption and Translation of the continuum (now begun), the priests of Ruta
relocated their temple dynamics into Alba-On (GB) specifically the Hebrides,
Orkneys, probably the Shetlands. Their energy line used the Bethlehem Angle
dynamic to link with those Islands. This is the key generating dynamic of
the Reshel and apparently the Great Pyramid. It is also the mechanism and
state of consciousness needed for the actual Translation ("LP-40").

2. I believe that the Rutan Line's terminal point, as in a battery terminal,
is Eynhallow Island in Orkney. They would have had to install a grid to
process and download into the Orkney area, making it a Ruta copy as much as
possible. They apparently used a Bethlehem Triangle employing the site now
containing St. Magnus' Church. There is an unnamed monastery on Eynhallow
but I think "the Cave" is the main connection point. The Triangle's main
baseline is between the Stennis Stone ring and a place called "Sheep Fort."

3. Further it appears to have a 90 degree L-gate included within the same
Triangle, just as St Columba did the same in his coded "Lindisfarne L" found
on the 1st page of the Lindisfarne Gospels. The L shows signs of having the
normal golden ratio connection but farther along the line we find the
Sinclair and Girnigoe Castle(s) tying in the mainland to the Eynhallow-St
Magnus L.

4. There also appears to be a SECOND Bethlehem Triangle extremely close to
the one above, there being only 300 yards between the apices. The apex of
the above noted system is the Cave in Eynhallow and the second one is the
chambered cairn and the "Knowe of Rowiegar." The COMPOSITE POLE of the two
systems is only a 150 yard radius circle split by a shallow bit of water. I
suspect that this 2nd system was the original and the one noted above
created to incorporate the L with the Sinclair Castle Line.

"WHAT'S IT IN AID OF?" (So What?!) commentary at the end.

Dear Niven,

I concur in the importance of Egilsay; I'm assuming the main energy is at St
Magnus Church. I also assume that the main Ruta line coming up through the
Hebrides and into Orkney anchors at EYNHALLOW island probably in the cave at
OS #6 355 295. "Eyn" is the Hebrew "Ain" or the divine "Nothing." "Hallowed"
means the divine "separate" or holy. As the "Separate Nothing" we have the
primary point along the whole line and probably the main terminal point
reaching out from Ruta at 49N 29W. "Eyn" in Dwelly's seems to be "aon" or
"one, alone, only." Not quite the same but close.

SIDE NOTE: I've noticed that the Templars and earlier primary players used
Hebrew as a main "code." This was probably not so much a code any more than
we find in the language anyway, but they could assume that it would outlast
any other language Judeo Christians would be using. The Jews stubbornly
resist any change to the language or scripture. They had to go to block
letters to modernize, and the modern letters do carry the charge, however we
can learn much more by using the protosiniatic glyphs for the letters.
These go back to around 1500 BCE. Furthermore the alphabet contains the
Reshel formats which they clearly thought to be paramount in coding the
grids we (again) know about thanks to Thoth. At the time he gave it to us he
did not mention anything about Templars or anything else except that it was
quite important in restoring the fallen female pillar/dynamic. Which as it
turns out was also the Templars' objective. This was the first time Thoth
had given us anything in Hebrew including its energy poles so designated
using letters.

Continuing with my assumption that Eynhallow is the main terminal
connection. Like a pole on a battery or the "tholos" for the whole major
line that effectively transfers all of the codes from the most holy island
in the world (Ruta) into Alba On (GB), Eynhallow would then have to organize
the download point. Much was done in the Hebrides at the Callanish Stone
Circle, for the Hebrides, but now we are considering the whole Line. The
other Ruta line coming into Alba On is the Michael-Mari at the other end of
the large island group (GB). This is the main Hemtaha or Uncoiling Serpent
Line around the Planet. Th large triangle: Ruta at the apex and GB as the
base line, is almost a pentagonal seed format. My rough great circle plot
shows the Ruta apex straddling Land's End to Orkney as 30 degrees. It is
probable that the Shetland group is part of the terminal matrix. Right now
I'm considering the core terminal organization around Eynhallow. I don't
have the required charts for a detailed expanded view.

The first thing I notice is a Bethlehem Triangle ...recalling that the
Bethlehem Angle (26-18) is the one from Ruta... with Eynhallow as the apex,
"Sheep Fort" at 352 512 as one apex, and the Stones of Stenness (linked with
the Ring of Brodgar) at 311 126 as the other. This line goes through St
Magnus' Church on Egilsay. The next thing to notice is the 90 deg angle
formed from St Magnus Church to Eynhallow cave, then to the Magnus'
counterpoint on the main line (Stenness Stones to Sheep Fort): the Verigens
lakes on top of Mt. Rowamo (360 178). I recall the St. Columba in his
Lindisfarne L used the 45 deg system in his L-gate format so I looked for
that along with the golden ratio (1.618) point right above it.

We are now working on the 90 "L" from St Magnus, to Eynhallow cave, then 90
deg to the equidistant right triangle point at the Verigens lakes. This last
line, which I now name the "Sinclair Line" continues south to lock onto the
Sinclair Castle at Caithness, Sinclair Bay, Noss Head. As this line proceeds
south past the Verigens lakes point the 1.618 point is just 800 yards south
of the "Chambered Cairn" at 365 127, the main point being at 362 103. The
Cairn point is probably the working L gate point taking into account the
probable telluric node there.

There is a monastery on Eynhallow just SE of the Cave. According to my
theory, this unnamed monastery would be the most important in Orkney. A huge
"L" (not golden ratio) then exists between the Sinclair Castle, the
Monastery/Cave and St Magnus' Church. The large L is further enhanced by the
Grail geometry in the Bethlehem Triangle. This structure duplicates the St.
Columba Lindisfarne L. Columba knew well about the main line from Ruta to
Eynhallow: he build a chapel on the line where it intersects the Edinburgh
Matrix to Fortingall line (extended to Columba's church on Lewis). It would
be interesting to check out the Eynhallow monastery.

THE "OTHER" BETH. TRIANGLE SYSTEM: What I believe to be the primary and
initial system, still effectively using Eynhallow but in an apex-circle of
150 yds. radius rather than just the cave. The base line of this one is
between the RING OF BRODGAR (and Meteor Stone) to a point on EDAY Island at
330 565. This is an area of Chambered Cairns, a standing stone still there,
and a Burnt Mound. Of course these would be recent but most sites have
around three layers dating back to Ruta. The Brodgar Ring may be original.

It is highly likely that the Island of Gairsay is the central "Shiyn" pole
for all systems. It is off the base lines to the south. Its central hill
with a cairn on top is only 300 yards from the Shiyn pole of the Initial
System. It should also be known that the shiyn poles for the two triangles
are both at sea and Gairsay is the almost ideal offset POINT OF COHERENCE
used in the expanded version of the Arieopax's center or "Ulta Point." IF
this is a valid assumption, then Gairsay is the most holy point in Orkney!
IF THIS IS THEN valid, then we have a more advanced version of the whole
thing, duplicating the larger version of the same between the Edinburgh
Matrix and Glastonbury having the Angelsey "Head" in the Resh or Chief Head
Stone point where we find the Eynhallow pole in Orkney. Furthermore there is
a complementary pole to Eynhallow, in the area of the Chambered Cairn on
Helliar Holm, Shapinsay Island at 154 484.

I believe that all the above is valid and this further supports the thought
that the more expanded version is original. In keeping with this the
Edinburgh-Glastonbury system uses the primary mid, altitude line in the
URMAGA Grid, that is the Line from Thurso to San Sebastian, Spain. Since
Thurso is picking up the Orkney download, and since Edinburgh (via the
center at Mt. Lothian Chapel ruin) is picking up the Hebrides download via
Fortingall, all still on the same main Line (called the Tavhara Line or
"Line of Destiny"), then the Orkney Initial System provides the codes for
the larger pattern including most of GB. Describing this whole think in
detail would be a huge task.

WHAT'S THIS ALL IN AID OF? We must look at these Reshel grids as a system
that cross connects three time continua. There are poles and functions of
the grids, areas in the Earth or temples that are not greatly charged in
this continuum however when the operators can come up to Metatronic function
the grids are lifted beyond simply this one fallen realm. NOW we are already
close to the low end of the Metatronic. Low, but remarkably higher
frequencies than ever before and certainly a vastly different consciousness
associated with the grids. The Reshel or "Techad" (Arieopax) is THE
mechanism for the Transformation but it has always been with us much as a

The "Korbolans" (Solarians) of the distant future put programs in place, and
are maintaining them throughout the time continua for keeping the whole
system of three continua glued together and the project viable. One great
organization is called "Wingmakers." One example. The Rutan priests had the
long vision and effectively transferred the best of Atlantis (1) into the
future (now) ensuring that the codes would be released (already started),
and (2) into Alba On in the Hebrides and Orkneys. As the "codes" of ancient
wisdom and transformation are progressively activated the Techad system has
been in place to process them and humanity concurrently. This also being a
matter of human free will.


There are "shorthand" versions of the two main systems in the Techad: the
Bethlehem Triangle for the main grid or "ISIS Eye" and the L-Gate for the
living sub system within the Techad: the golden ratio rhombus called the
"Eye of Ra." It is hugely significant that both these systems are found in
one related grid in Orkney, although they are forming two systems overlaid.
They clearly work together. The L system projects south into Scotland to
pivot in the Sinclair Castle on Noss Head, Sinclair Bay. One "reality frame"
of the "L" is held by St Magnus Church while the temporal frame is held by
the Sinclairs at the Castle.

This composite system then, its single apex at Eynhallow (the Separate, Holy
Nothing ie the Selah pole), must act in concert with other points, The
Callanish Stones on Lewis being a major pole. However the OTHER Bethlehem
dual system (triangles base to base) also uses the Eynhallow pole but one
expanded slightly to form a circle of only 150 yds. radius. This Initial
System uses the hugely powerful Ring of Brodgar, only 600 yards up the road
from the Stones of Stenness. When our small task group "rewired" the Alba On
Grail, the dual Bethlehem Triangles and Spear of Longinus through Edinburgh,
we were guided to both Orkney Rings for the activation. This was immediately
after the Henry Symposium, for good reasons.

Our joint recognition has an effect of "warming up" the old codes for the
main GB Techad systems. Almost all of GB is a "Golden Taya" area, that is it
is high enough in Metatronic charge to transition directly into the 3rd
Continuum. I believe that we are now beginning to turn on the larger
mechanical drivers that will help to stabilize the process. Remember that
Europe is in the GAIA right forebrain so the larger effect spreads to the
whole Planet via Greece, then Hawaii, then all the Gaia grids through that
Roil/Royale pole.

Blessings Be...
PLEASE NOTE: I have changed to "", Last notice.


"You that come to birth and bring the mysteries,
Your voice thunder makes us very happy,
Roar, lion of the heart And tear me open."