Nova Scotia Sacred Space notes by William Buehler



Good Friends,

Nova Scotia is surfacing now with increasing relevance to several grids,
projects. I thought you all might be interested in this extract from some of
Thoth's recent comments. It is quite different from anything you've ever
read I'm sure. I have lifted it from Maia's rough draft (with her
permission) sort of in "mid sentence" as it were. Thoth very often goes into
deep unwritten history where the story connects with the "Fall and Rise of
Planet Earth" as he once put it. His constant thread is our present
evolutionary vector, how it came about, where its going and what we can do
with it all.

For those who wish more of this kind of information it is available in the
periodicals: TEMPLE DOORS published by Revs. Maia and Simeon Nartoomid,
Church of the Johannine Grove of the Machenaim. Contact them on if interested.

I've added a few comments of my own. Even though my own work is based on
Thoth's material this does not mean that johgrove or Thoth necessarily
agrees with my interpretations or applications of it.


"As I continued in the article, Thoth gave me information on these
people, who later were called 'the Celts,' as they had later mixed
with certain other races to become the Celts. He states that these
'30 Spirit Tribes' were the Mazur Grail Family, descendants of
Hyperborean Atlanteans.

"As nomadic people, the Mazur eventually wind up in Steiermark, Austria
(according to the Records of Thoth). You may read about this on page
14 of this same 'Temple Doors' article. After they are run out of this
Austrian region around the time of the (true) birth of Jesus Christ,
some settled in the Rennes Le Chateau region of France.

INSERT WSB COMMENT: The Steiermark area is interesting to me, grid wise,
when I put my favorite "grail core" geometry over Europe. That is, the
double Bethlehem Triangles, base to base, as I did in GB. In GB I used
Edenburgh and Glastonbury as the common base line for the triangles while in
Europe I used the enigmatic line between Rennes le Chateau and Bornholm
...this line effectively locking in the very long "Icarius Grid" axis from
Sligo Bay in Ireland, through Mt. Sinai, and down the Red Sea. This grid is
the Planetary forebrain system while Europe is the right forebrain tied into
it. Greece is the center. Using the line put one apex in the Steiermark
general area (its quite large) and the other very near "Roeselare", Belgium.
The apices represent the manifesting poles in their resonance with the
capstones of Gizeh style pyramids: two grails: male and female. END COMMENT

"For those of you not familiar with the Oak Island Mystery and its
alleged 'Money Pit,' I offer the following brief summary:

"There are two 'Oak Islands,' each in Nova Scotia and both figure into
the bigger picture of the mystery, but the one we are now discussing
is the famous 'treasure' island in Mahone Bay, seventy kilometers from

"In 1795 three teenage boys exploring the island came across signs that
perhaps something was buried at a certain location on the Oak Island
of Mahone Bay. They began to dig and found a large and complex pit,
now known as the 'Money Pit.' Since that day in 1795, people are
still digging in the pit, trying to get into the interior chambers
which have been proven to exist (nowadays through exploratory borehole
camera devises) and which undoubtedly contain something that was of
great importance to whomever constructed not only the pit, but the
complex network of flood tunnels which have prevented anyone from
getting inside the interior in all these centuries.

"There are many theories as to who created this maze and as to what is
inside the interior chambers. I will not even attempt to discuss most
of these theories, some of which are close to the mark and most which
are not, according to Thoth. But none of these theories (which I have
read in several books on the subject through the years) gives the full
picture that Thoth is now revealing to me and guiding me to research
in the Akashic Records.

"While the Fanthropes, who have also written on the mystery of Rennes
Le Chateau, are seeking to find a connection between Rennes and Oak
Island, they do not approach any real conclusions in their book, 'The
Oak Island Mystery.' They do 'hint' that the Emerald Tablets of Thoth
might be the treasure beneath Oak Island.

"From the Akashic Records of Thoth:

"In the ancient days of the Mazur, after the death of Atlantis, these
people came to the region of North America that is now Nova Scotia.
They brought with them the 'Green Sea' Stone, one of two of the
original 'Right to Rule' stones which had been given to their first
generation by Melchizedek in Lemuria and brought with the Grail Family
from there into Atlantis. The other half of the stone, the Emerald
Table, was by then in the keeping of Thoth Raismes (an incarnation of
Melchizedek). This latter would eventually be placed upon the vault
of Osiris beneath the Temple of the Risen One (Giza) in Egypt. (Note:
these two stone slabs are not to be confused with other ancient Right
to Rule stones, such as the 'Stone of Destiny'.)

"The Mazur were led by their Wise Man or Seer to an entrance which led
into the recesses of the Earth, wherein were located a large labyrinth
of natural caverns. It was in these caverns that the Mazur placed the
sacred things which they had managed to salvage from the Deluge,
including the Green Sea Table of Melchizedek. After awhile, the Mazur
left this location after having sealed away most of their sacred
relics and tools of power within the caverns. Before they crossed the
sea into Great Britain and eventually the European continent, they set
up an 'initiatory entry field' upon a hill over a tunnel into one of
the sealed caverns. This hill would later become an island -- Oak
Island in Mahone Bay. The Oak Island pit and lesser, man-made
labyrinth was never intended for physical entry. It was put into
place as a passage of Spirit Initiation. When the initiate 'passed
the tests,' he would be given the knowledge as to the location and
means to access the actual physical entrance to the sealed caverns
below. This physical entrance is not on the island, but some miles
away, on the mainland of Nova Scotia. Since that time, several
different peoples with partial knowledge concerning the sealed caverns
of the Mazur have reinforced and added to the original design of the
'initiatory field' on Oak Island. More on this later.

"Thus it was that the Mazur sailed from the shores of North America to
the Temples of Hibernia (Scotland). While they left most of their
treasures in the sealed caverns of Nova Scotia, they took with them
the 'Stone of God.' Yet those among them who were the 'Keepers of the
Stone' did not stay long in Hibernia. They traveled extensively,
finally arriving in Egypt, where they were given access by Thoth to a
catacomb into which they could place their precious stone. This
catacomb was near 'Sarek' in the 'Valley of Hebron' beneath the
Pyriethum Labyrinth. Underneath the Labyrinth which Thoth constructed
near Sarek, is a vast network of caverns, not dissimilar to the ones
beneath Oak Island. It was in one of these caverns that Thoth
instructed the Mazur to place the Green Sea half of the Melchizedek
Stone, but not before Thoth performed a powerful ritual, bringing the
two halves of the Melchizedek Stone together in a chamber beneath the
Temple of the Risen One (Great Pyramid at Giza). The whole Giza
complex of underground chambers, vaults and passages is connected to
the Pyriethum, and thus to the caverns beneath this Labyrinth.

"When the 'Chief' of the Mazur was ready to place his form into
suspension, as was also the custom of the Hyperboreans, he and his two
sub-kings, entered 'memata,' or the deep state. Understand that there
are many bodies around the world in memata, holding the grid for the
spiritual evolution of the planet. Others, like Thoth, entered
'agriha,' which is a suspension lasting a shorter period of time, in
which the body is prepared to move into a higher frequency of
subtle-physical -- some like Osiris and Horus in agriha, being
returned in energy-form into the heart of the Blue Star (Rigel in
Orion - although, as Thoth has stated, these two beings still work
directly with the Earth's planetary evolution, as does he).
Upon the sarcophagus of the 'Great King' of the Mazur, so the Green
Sea Stone was placed, and there it remained, as the Mazur dispersed
into many regions of the world. The central core group eventually
came to Austria and then finally, into Southern France at Rennes Le
Chateau. (By 'central core,' it is meant the Mazur who best kept the
bloodline and practices of the Mazur as 'Pure Born' apostles of the

"At this point the story changes. The core group of the Mazur came to
the Rennes region of France in the year 25 A.D. They left the Murz
Valley of Steiermark in 15 B.C.. -- the year Jesus was actually born
according to the Records of Thoth. In 425 A.D. they had been given
the 'sign' from their visionaries that the suspended bodies of their
three Kings and the Green Sea Melchizedek Stone should no longer
remain beneath the Labyrinth near Sarek. At first, they thought that
the bodies of their Kings and the Stone should be brought into a new
sanctuary within the caverns of the Rennes region, which are extensive
and well-concealed. However, it was soon revealed to them that the
Kings and the Stone were to be taken once again across the sea to lie
within the original crypts in Nova Scotia.

"In the year 483 A.D. they so accomplished this task. Those who
accompanied the bodies and the stone were in number 24 persons. Two
of these men returned (along with the sailors of the ship) in order to
inform the European core group of the Mazur that the task had been
completed The remaining 22 souls stayed in Nova Scotia as guardians
of the sealed caverns, intermarrying with the Natives of that region
and passing certain knowledge along to their descendants.
There are several questions that arise concerning this story:

"1) How did the Mazur manage to carry around what must have been a
large slab of stone, back and forth across the Atlantic Ocean and
through many countries; and then in addition take three 'suspended'
bodies from Egypt with the stone, across the Ocean to Nova Scotia?

"2) For what purpose?

"In regard to the transporting of the stone, the weight of this object
was gravitationally altered for the journeys, so that it weighed far
less than normal. Through precise organization and a network of Mazur
groups throughout the ancient world, the core group was able to move
such objects as a large stone and three bodies long distances with
relative invisibility to the outer world.

"As to the purpose, like crystals placed on specific points of the body
for healing, and then moved to another point of the body for
re-distribution of energies, so the suspended forms of the
Master-Kings were brought from one 'node' of the Earth to another.
The Green Sea stone likewise was re-positioned for that purpose; most
specifically, to be interfaced with the body of the 'Great King.'
Also, it was known through the seers of the Mazur that the Americas
would become the future 'Zion-point' of the planet, meaning the node
of contact with a new spiritual dimension.

"The Labyrinth and sealed caverns of Oak Island, while not a part of
the Pyriethum Labyrinths (Egypt, Crete, Greece and Italy), are a
unique appendage to that matrix, a grid which Thoth is calling the
'Grail Apis.' The Grail Apis is a grid consisting of various
labyrinths and cavern arrays containing biological forms of Grail
Kings / Queens and / or Master Beings who hold the charge from which
the Grail linages on Earth receive their Presence. These bodies are
in a 'deep state,' or 'memata,' sustaining the vibration of their
blood consciousness within the DNA of the human race.

"At the center (symbolically speaking) of the Grail Apis is the
four-fold Pyriethum, the main of these Labyrinths being in Egypt, the
other three sub-systems in Crete, mainland Greece, and Italy. Then
there is the Labyrinth and caverns of Oak Island (the island itself
being only one point of this rather large complex -- the point chosen
for the initiatory entry field). There are twelve Illuminari Beings
suspended in each of the four Pyriethum. There are three Grail Kings,
who are not Illuminari, but main carriers of the Grail consciousness
on the planet, within the Oak Island Labyrinth. There are other
points in the Grail Apis, some of which contain preserved body remains
of later Grail Kings and Queens. These are no longer semi-living
temporal vehicles, but do contain enough 'living' genetic material to
hold a specific point on this grid. One such node is the burial of
the Grail King Hymet.

"Even these lesser points have high magically-charged fields
which have been set around them.
Of interest -- in G. A. Gaskell's 'Dictionary of All Scriptures and
Myths, 'Apis' is called, 'Bull of the West":
"A symbol of the outgoing activity of the Divine Will on the buddhic
"'In Memphis is kept the Apis, the Image of Osiris, where his body is
also said to lie.' -- Plutarch'
"On the buddhic plane (Memphis) there appears the matrix of all forms
in prototype, directing the outgoing energy of the Logos."

"An aside to the Guardians of the Paraclete from Maia: When I went to
Gaskell's to look up 'Apis,' I had absolutely no idea what I would
find, other than it meant 'bull.' Then, after I read this definition
in Gaskell's, I recalled that in Erich Von Daniken's 'The Eyes of the
Sphinx' he writes of the sarcophagi at Saqqara, Egypt that are
supposed to have contained the mummified remains of Apis / bulls. Yet
no remains of any kind were found in these sarcophagi, nor did they
ever appear to have been tampered with.

NOTE: WSB: "Apis" would probably also connect with the "bee." The golden bee
is another Solarian symbol along with the composite holy bird. The
Merovingians used the golden bee as their logo. END NOTE

"Returning to the story of the Mazur and the Oak Island Labyrinth, it
would seem to have ended when the 22 Mazur accompanying the bodies of
the three Kings intermarried with the Native Americans of Nova Scotia.
However, this is far from the end of the story. In fact, it has yet
to come to completion in the history of mankind. Remember, that the
Hyperborean-Atlantean Mazur were now spread throughout the world,
intermarrying with many peoples and races. Some chose to stay more
'Pure Born' than others, meaning marriage among their own various
family bloodlines, but it was desirable and indeed, necessary, to
bring in new forms of blood consciousness in order that the original
purpose of the Grail linages prevail. This original purpose was not
to create an exclusive 'Master Race' as the Anti-Christic Hitler
envisioned it, but to assimilate pure spiritual consciousness through
genetic passage into the whole spectrum of human evolution, where it
had originally resided, yet which had since been lost to the majority
of peoples on the planet. However, this had to be accomplished in a
fashion which was aligned to a greater divine timing and plan. And so
the knowledge of the Grail Apis grid was known to the 'elect'
guardians of the Grail wisdom. As the ages progressed, others came to
know of certain parts of the whole, and sought to fit the pieces
together, one by one. Some of these souls made intentional journeys
to points on the grid, including Oak Island, for the purpose of
initiatic integration with the consciousness sustained therein.
Certain sacred orders in various cultures have been given access to
the Labyrinths of the Grail Apis at later periods in time, where they
placed texts and objects, not only as a repository for future
generations, but as an insertion of knowledge within the Grail Apis
grid; for whatever is placed within it, radiates its contained wisdom
out from it and into the world.

"Thus, there were several pilgrimages to Nova Scotia and Oak Island by
esoteric orders seeking entry into its hallowed space, bearing their
sacred forms to become insertions into the greater grid of which the
Labyrinth of Oak Island was a part. One of these orders came from a
joint Egyptian-Mayan effort only approximately 600 years after the
Atlantean Deluge. To quote from previous source translated material
(unpublished) of two years ago:

"Lord Chulupai was Star-born / Mayan `Lord' or King at the sacred site
of which is now Chichen-Itza. His Queen was Lady Amaluxal. Three-Hawk
was the Egyptian emissary carrying Solarian codices from Egypt into
the hands of Lord Chulupai. These codices were the missing links to
the sacred TAXILITHI, or cosmic pattern that place the Divine Seed of
human experience at the center of the Universe. Both the Mayans and
the Egyptians contained the same `Solar Lord' consciousness and
pattern in their genetics. This codex allowed the Mayan pattern to be
completed, linking the two seed-forms."

"Thoth reveals that at this time, emissaries were sent from Mayaland to
Nova Scotia in order to place these combined codices in the Labyrinth
of Oak Island.

"In the last ten years, several books have been written concerning both
Oak Island (actually, books have been written on Oak Island going back
several hundred years) and the Grail family of the Sinclairs (original
name having been 'Saint Clair' - guardians of the 'Holy Light,' or
'Sanctus Clarus').

"Historical documents have emerged which verify that Henry Sinclair
embarked upon a voyage to the Americas having taken place sometime
between 1396 and 1400 -- at least 92 years previous to Columbus'
journey to that continent.

"There is a great deal of speculation as to why he went and what he
did, or rather established there, but the Records of Thoth agree with
Michael Bradley, the author of 'Holy Grail Across the Atlantic,' in
that Henry Sinclair established a 'Grail' community in Nova Scotia at
that time. Thoth elaborates further in stating that it was not only
religious persecution in Europe which instigated the formation of this
'hidden' colony in the New World, but the fact that as a 'guardian of
the Holy Light,' Henry Sinclair knew about the Oak Island Labyrinth
and at least some aspects concerning the 'New Zion' which the Americas
were to become in the future. The place Michael Bradley conjectures
as the possible location of the Sinclair colony is named 'The Cross'
on the Gasperau River approximately mid-way between the Oak Island in
Mahone Bay (one of the points in the Grail Apis Labyrinth) and the Oak
Island in the Bay of Fundy. Thoth concurs that the area of 'The
Cross' was the location of this first Grail colony in Nova Scotia.

"According to European records, Henry Sinclair would have had to be
back in Scotland by August, 1400, as that is his declared date of
death. However, Thoth disagrees. He reveals that Henry did return
briefly to Scotland for a shipload of women and children and certain
other persons. He returned with them to the location of the 'The
Cross' colony, where he died of a lung infection in the year 1402.
The historical reference to him having been killed in battle was not
simply a historical blunder, but a purposeful insertion, so that his
absence from Scotland would not cause speculation in the future.

"Henry and his 'inner circle' at The Cross colony were able to
physically enter the Oak Island Labyrinth and place therein certain
texts which were in danger of being destroyed by the religious
persecution then raging in Europe. Some of these works had been in
the keeping of the Templars and Cathars, among others. There were
also certain religious relics which he deposited in the Labyrinth.
Henry supervised a re-shoring of the Oak Island 'lesser labyrinth,'
including the 'pit,' which was now seen as more of a 'decoy' away from
the true entrance, than its original purpose of being an 'initiatory


I'll throw in a comment regarding the "Zion Point" in America and try and
connect it with Henry Sinclair's 1398 CE expedition. I don't know where the
Zion Point is but I think I know where ONE "Zayin" point is. Thoth gave us
the "Reshel" grid some years ago and designated its poles using the Hebrew
alphabet, which have turned out to wonderfully fit with many temple and
geographic overlays. The apex of the Reshel pentagonal triangles ...there
are two in the system: Christos and female Shekinah... are designated with
the letter zayin, #7, which I like to connect with the word "zion" (means
"conspicuous monument or pillar") although it is spelled differently. The
Reshel builds a "conspicuous Pillar" between zayin poles and it fits.

My position is that Henry's bunch engraved a huge earth grid as the
"Westford Knight" on a stone near Boston. Boston is the eastern generating
pole of "intent" in the large Arkhom Grid discovered by Susan Wilson and
Peter Champoux (they duplicated, unknowingly, a large and perfect Reshel
grid covering New England, named it "Arkhom"). I believe that the Sinclair
expedition knew of this grid and it is encoded with its primary two rings
and axis on the Knight's shield, thus giving us a geographic "lock" for the
intercontinental BAKHIRA grid. Our rediscovering this mammoth
intercontinental grid was apparently anticipated by Thoth when he has us
install a "Templa Mar" on the Mogollon Rim near Pine, AZ, where years later
I find that the large BAKHIRA Grid anchors to.

The center of the intercontinal Bakhira Grid, its merged ZAYIN poles, is
off Trinidad at sea (point of the knight's sword). The axis comes ashore and
transfers the energy to the continent at TRINITY POINT, VA, (tip of sword's
pommel) which is formed by three mountains in the 51-51 Great Pyramid
angles. The Bakhira Grid, when it spins, reaches from Eastern Europe to the
Pacific. Its shiyn pole is in the geographic center of North America near
Buffalo Lodge Lake, North Dakota; this is where the Christic Zayin pole
moves when the two triangles interpenetrate.

Blessings Be...