: Who is the MOON-HARE?
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(Subject is the Easter Hare. A look at the deeper symbolism of the so called Hare. I think my approach noted here, admittedly borrowed from several
sources, could be attached to a few of the better Hare applications: Elizabeth Van Buren ("Refuge Of The Apocalypse", pg 175; Rennes le Chateau
area) and Mary Caine ("The Glastonbury Zodiac", pgs 57-70). A serious study of the Hathor Temple at Dendera astrological ceiling would require the
below theory. I am using basic info from Thoth (via Johgrove), and from memory. I am adding my own spin to the info so my theories do not
necessarily meet with Thoth's or Johgrove's concurrence ...I have no idea whether they'd agree or not. "Johgrove" is the Church of the Johannine Grove
of the Machenaim: Rev's Maia and Simeon Nartoomid: johgrove@fone.net or http://www.freestate.net/johgrove.)
Dear Friends,


It is quite likely, I think, that the "Easter Hare" is Lepus ...the constellation under Orion specifically containing our home star Rigel. Thoth's
cosmology has Earth and Venus as a couplet out of Rigel for the duration of "The Fall." (Perhaps the two planets represent the Holy Daughter and Son
as Gemini? or of the yet to be manifested two chambers in the Pyramid?) The New Earth Star, our return, will have us both back in Rigel. HOWEVER
the big objective isn't just our return, it is the Ascension: ie the return back into the Ranna Wave. This state of being, in the Ranna Wave, is that best
described as Christic and Metatronic (highest archangel).

Lepus, ostensibly a hare, is at Orions' feet ...Orion is also in the "Lame King" dynamic: Osiris, Yeshua, etc. due to the Lucifer Fall occurring in the
Orion constellation. Therefore it is Orion ...the cosmic Christ archetype... that is orchestrating Redemption along with Sirius and the Pleiades as a
triunity. This would apparently be under the overview of the Solarians out of Mazuriel (Central Sun of Central Suns). Mazuriel was/will be located
where we see Denebola now, in Leo. The Solarians are human and represent all the stellar "human" races. The Lepus area of the stellar telesphere
should apparently be connected with Orion and the Ascension program (Michael Mandate).


The Egyptians saw Lepus as a ship. Mary Caine's zodiac is outstanding, around the Tor at Glastonbury. This "Sun Temple" is located within a larger
Sun Wheel centered on the Tor (although Caine does not show it). The radius of the Wheel is from the Tor to the nose of the Dog (Anubis). The
Anubis "walks" the Sun around, "strobing" on 12 points around the KYOPTOS or Anubis-Ring. Actually there is a triangle that "tracks" the Sun (Caine
shows it an pg 21). This triangle aligns on the HEMPTAHA "Uncoiling Serpent" ring around the Planet. It is the Michael-Mari Line through
Glastonbury and one side of the Sun triangle. IE, The main Glastonbury Sun Wheel (Circle with a dot/Tor in the middle) taps into the Hemptaha using
the Kyoptos Ring.

The Tor polarizes with the Edinburgh Reshel grid (40 mile diameter) controlled by the Rosslyn Chapel (Green Chapel, Grail Chapel) in its Resh pole.
These two generating poles create a Grail geometry using the Bethlehem Angle, at the "Barbenoch" or Crux Arsata, the "Head" as the apex of the
Bethlehem Angle triangle. Thus there is a polar complement expressing the Anglesey Head codes (Barbenoch) of the Grail in the Ariat Grid or
"Round Table" covering GB. All this is to emphasize the importance of the Glastonbury zodiac within the Kyoptos' Sun Wheel. A Dionnata Couplet is
established: the divine fire codes come through Edinburgh/Rosslyn in the North Gate (Nephthys pole) while the codes are given form via the Southern
(ISIS pole) zodiacal temple and Sun Wheel. The two create a vesica (Bethlehem angle) controlled by the Barbenoch (Crux Arvata) Head at Anglesey.
This in then processed into the Hemptaha: the planetary grid-regulating serpent ring.

The Glastonbury zodiac, via Caine, shows the Lepus BOAT supporting one of the Gemini twins, linking this with Orion. This is a major zodiacal
format. The Denderah ceiling forms the Bethlehem Angle between the temple axis and the Osiris (serpent-bird) axis or Staff of Aseculpius: healing
and life regeneration (grail stuff). The temple axis goes through the FEMALE twin of Gemini who is supported by the crown of Horus on an incense
censer. The Osiris axis goes through RIGEL and the "Star Walker" supporting Osiris ...ie the device in the outer Sun-Walking ring of gods... is a
rectangular Vault supporting a serpent with a bird's head. This is combined with one human "walker."

In the above graphic from Ms. Caine's zodiac we have Orion within the Child. Caine sees this Child as the Gemini twin. The two stars of Gemini are in
the upper arm of the Child. Note how the arms form two "Ls" in a Sun Wheel format. The whole system is oriented E-W with the Logo Dove being in
the East. Lepus is correctly a ship; the ship has three "masts" or beams of light from the pinion (abarah) of the Dove. Ursa Major is the Dove and Caine
relates Libra to this position. She thus displaces both Cancer, as the Ship, and Libra as the Dove of Ursa Major "Big Dipper" or "Bear", etc.). It is my
own theory that the Cup of Ursa Major is the stellar Grail and it "empties" 3 drops from it. "Emptying the Cup" is the key process that opens to the
Silence of the Unmanifest God. "Druidh" means "empty cup" in Scot Gaelic.

I was with Marcus Mason's group once in Stonehenge at night. The group was in process in the Ring under a clouded over sky. I happened to open
my eyes and looked up into a patch of clear sky with a deeply inspiring sight. Ursa Major was emptying its 3 drops on the Heel Stone in the NE. (This
is the Templa Mar format: Heel Stone in the NE.) Orion was opposite in the SW (pole of the Solarian Pillar), Cassiopeia, the ISIS enthroned Queen was
in the NW (Path of the Mother Goddess pole) which put Denebola in Leo (Mazuriel's position) in the SE (Tree of Knowledge pole). Using Caine's
excellent correlation of Orion with the Holy Twin in a Ship, this resurrection action relating to the Solarian polar function is the complementary major
matrix to the Empty Grail of Three Drops. Then viewing Caine's symbolism again: the Ships' 3 masts, or 3 beams of light from the Cup or Grail Dove
(Ursa Major) we can center the whole interaction in Rigel in the Twin's thigh. The open thigh is an archetype of the depository of the Christic

SUMMARY: Lepus the Easter "Hare" is really a ship or "merkabah" (vehicle) for Orion. Orion and specifically the home star Rigel is directly related
with the whole "Absolution, Resolution, Evolution" of this time continuum: all the stars, Lucifer, fallen angels, all ensouled beings. Its source is the
Grail Cup or Christic Dove of Ursa Major in the North Gate Wheel. Its generating poles are the enthroned Queen (Goddess) in Cassiopeia (Cepheus
being the enthroned God), in the Path of the Mother NW pole and Mazuriel in Leo in the SE pole of the Tree of Life/Knowledge. This forms an
"X-gram" or saltire cross: the spiritual software of the alternating Cardinal and Mutating Crosses in the Templa Mar format.

Leo will be invisible, below the horizon. This is a part of the symbolism: the fire codes come from the divine "Void" or Selah Emptiness also found in
the Emptied Cup. Mazuriel is not even in this continuum however the "L's" of the Twins' arms create the time gate system which is, itself, a complex

What are the three beams from the Dove? (We also find this same dynamic in the Chartres' geometry.) I think that they are any 3-fold triunity needed
to generate the specific form resonant with the Christos. We can say: "Light, Love, Power" or the 3 "chens" in Genesis, for Grace, the Pillar function,
Foundational form. This Genesis trinity is then linked with a complementary trinity to form the Key of David or 6-point star and dual tetrahedron. The
complementary trinity are Noach's three sons: Cham, Japeth, Shem which are the 3 creations actions coming out of the Silence (Noach) and the Ark or
"Vault." Again, a complex study. Or we could say that the 3 "masts" of power are the 3 gunas: satva (expansion, subtlety), tamas (contraction,
heaviness), rajas (motion). Then there might be the Satchitananda: Sat (life), Chit (mind), and ananda (Joy: harmony in grace).

Whatever the triunity of the three beams/masts represent, the three drops is a complementary triunity. This double triunity system provides a pillar or
tube of light, the "Key of David" or pillar in the temple of God (Rev 3:7-13). This is the Layooesh Pillar connecting the fallen continuum with the
Metatronic Ranna Wave. A "connective" pillar/tube links two forms. The Easter Ship is one form, containing the Holy Child which is ostensibly the
Daughter twin, while its higher form is the Empty Cup and Dove. Thoth would probably call this the "Penta-Dove" which is enclosed by a HOLOS or
seed format in the pentagram. In this example, then, the "5" of the higher realm (Onata) is complemented by the "9" of the lower realm (Elisaphane).
This would be found in the ship if we view the ship as a crescent moon (penta-star above) or Reshel grid of 9 key poles. In this situation the 3 "masts"
become the 3 pillars of the Temple: Boaz, Jah-chen, and the center.

The moon connection below is an interesting correlation with the Ship, which Caine sees as Cancer and Moon linked. (Sepps' graphics will probably
not be included in the relay process.)

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> Dear friend of CALENdeRsign,
> the next days present us the last and latest Easter of the Millennium,
> therefore the Easter-hare is coming very late now!
> Who is the Easter-hase and why he comes at Easter is hidden in ancient
> starknowledge myths and calendars:
> Easter is the feast after the first Fullmoon after spring equinox!
> Because the Fullmoon's rising in the East defines the begin of spring
> and since ancient times mankind realized in the Moon's face also
> a hare, the Fullmoon rising in the East is the Easter hare!
> See anclosed pics!
> Also the fairy tale of "Hare and Hedgehod" is telling of the Moon as
> this hare. See: http://www.calendersign.ric.at/english/harehedg.htm
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> Happy Easter!
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