Mont-Rose; new grid line
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(Barry's note is included at the bottom. This commentary relates to his mentioning two mountains: Rosemont in Scotland and Monte Rosa in
Switzerland. My comments address what are apparently several new lines of importance judging from the significant sites on the lines and their
relationships. This might be of interest to geomancers, Reshel students, Sinclairs.)

FOREWORD: Why should grown, adult males become emotional over lines on the landscape? The lines are "ley" lines between two or more points.
They augment the curving telluric "dragon" lines that naturally flow between energy poles in the Earth. These lines, natural telluric and straight ley
lines intersect to create grids of straight and curved lines with specific functions, as in a temple or human. All the universe is consciousness and systems
that will define and support functions within Mind. If two humans stand any distance apart and feel love for each other a line of energy is instantly
created between them. This works for mountains, stars, galaxies, temples and a creature's "Vivaxis" pole in their place of birth. There are many
examples of energy lines, straight or curved, connecting sentiern beings. Gaia, the Planet, is a sentient being along with her parts: mountains, trees, etc.
In creating an energy point it vortices are "programmed" by the creator's intention be that creator angel, human, or devic entity of high order. Ley
lines connect points THROUGH the Earth as well as on the surface; distance is not a problem. By creating or discovering already created grid systems
we, as human cocreators with Gaia and the various high Hierarchies, can integrate into the many functions held in common within the three realms
(human, angelic, devic). There are many levels for telepathic bonding and the grids form one system within the whole. They form a semi-permanent
"nervous" system for Gaia that includes the consciousness of the 3 realms.
Friend, Barry,

You really hit something big re Montrose on the Scot east coast re Monte Rosa next to Zermatt. The main line connecting these two mountains appears
to pivot in the south at Malta, thence it hits Elba, Monte Rosa, Gent, Montrose, and northerns out at sea north of the Scot coast about 52 miles from
the nearest land. This sea-point is the intersection of a circle around the Edinburgh Matrix center, the radius determined by two things: (1) distance to
Coventry which itself is a transfrer point in a Reshel grid duplicating the Barbury Castle (Crop Circle) grid over southern England (connecting
Glastonbury, Avebury center, Westchester, Stonehenge, etc.) and linking to the planetary forebrain "Icarius" grid from Ireland through Mt. Sinai,
bracketed by Rennes le Chateau and Bornholm... and (2) the intersection of the Rosemont line and the "Grail Line" Peter Dawkins uses from Stes.
Maries de la Mer on up through Edinburgh and to the NW Scot coast vicinity (crown chakra on that line). I use the same line in my Urmaga Grid. I
use Edinburgh as the apex of the Urmaga but I also project it farther (as does Mr. Dawkins) but I also project it to the point at sea. This "North Gate"
pole also is the intersection of a line from Ruta into the northern islands at Shetland. There appears to be a stone ring and castle in the Shetland
terminal pole at Muness on UNST.

The "Mont-Rose Line" crosses the main Icarius Grid axis at 30 degrees ...Icarius' primary axis from Ireland through Mt. Sinai, connects Gaias' two
forebrain halves. The Line narrowly misses Genova, Bern, Vermatt, Verdun, and Brugge. Close enough that I think these cities have strong

Question: what is the main power point and how do we back track this into the Clan Sinclair realm of influence? This is the big deal: Swing an arc from
the Edinburgh Matrix center at St. Mary's Chapel ruin at Mt. Lothian to Mt. Schiehallion, to the east and it cuts Montrose! These two form the famous
double-mountain or "split stone" creation field of the Christos correspondences. So the MIDDLE of the Split Stone is the relevant creation point. The
center of the two sacred mountains finds our Tavhara Line from Thurso to San Sebastain. Remember that this line also gives us the center of the
Urmaga Seed grid and also the main Grail vesica using the Bethlehem Angle and Edinburgh and Glastonbury Tor as the genterating poles. All sorts of
interesting things! To me, the Tavhara Line is the main Rose or Grail Line (of many).

Mt. Schiehallion is the site of the latest Templa Mar installation facilitating the Mountain (and temple combination) as the ALPHA pole of the
planetary indwelling Christos field. The OMEGA pole or updwelling pole is at Montserrat basilica in Catalonia. Monserrat's logo is a mountain being
sawn or "split" by a stonemason's saw. This saw uses a 2x1 ratio rectangle which also includes a golden ratio in its center divider between blade and
tension cord above. But the main symbolism is the spliting of the Stone or serrated (three) mountains. It creates a central (cut) mountain between two
outer mountains. The same symbol in the Tavhara Line is the two sacred mountains: Montrose and Schiehallion with the central "mountain" being the
triangular Urmaga Grid with the apex at Edinburgh and the baseline between Santiago de Compostela and Ste. Maries de la Mer (Center at San
Sebastian). This "mountain" or triangular grid is "cut" by the Tavhara Line from Thurso to San Sebastian with the cut starting in Edinburgh Matrix.
The Grial is thus "released" by the same center cut that forms the Grail vesica with the original Grail contained in the Glasonbury Tor (mountain).

The answer to the questions: The power point is the Alpha Pole at Schiehallion and its Templa Mar. This polarizes with Montrose, the "Rose" relating to
the Grail and 12-point archetypal temple. The Grail's Rose-Mystica has 72 petals or 144 with the upper rose combining with the lower. In the Barbury
Castle dynamic, the right brain corner (Westchester) uses a spiral of 6 "L shifts" which would then work on Glastonbury's zodiacal temple (well
described by Mary Caine's THE GLASTONBURY ZODIAC) to upgrade the 12 point zodiacal tempe 6 times to generate a 72 point zodiacal Rose

The answer to the Clan Sinclair connection is that Schiehallion is on a Bethlehem Angle through Fortingall to the St. Mary's Chapel point, center of the
Edinburgh Matrix in which Rosslyn (Rose-Line-of-12) is the controlling Resh pole. This Matrix also uses a larger L gate in which Black Hill (with a
Sinclair tower on it, a ruin) is the hinge point, Inchcolm at the top, and Rosslyn the control point. The Tavhara Line is the vertical line of reference to
the Bethlehem Angle ley line from Schiehallion and Fortingal (Academy of the Christ educated the Christ host Nathaniel soul for 1000 years at this
site). The light group that installed the Schiehallion Templa Mar also grounded the same in the lower chapel at Rosslyn.

This Bethlehem angle and BOTH the Fortingall and Schiehallion sites are encoded in Henry Sinclair's Shamir Arms. The two points are opposite the
Knight's "Helm" in the Arms at the ajna (brow chakra) and Shambala point above it. As such they are the primary divine input into the grid system. It
is quite remarkable that the Schiehallion point was known by the Templars and originally by the Rutans. Has it always been the prime Christos Alpha
pole that then demanded the later placement of Edinburgh and included Matrix poles? This angle is so important that Henry used his 5 "temple" ships
in that formation when transiting Ruta on the 1398 CE expedition (psychic source).

THE PRIME PATTERN: By extending the connecting line between Rosemont and Schiehallion westward we intersect the Island of Tiree. Another very
important line hits the same point at Tiree: the "Spear of Longinus" from Holy Island (Lindisfarne) through the center of Tom Grahm's pentagram in
Edinburgh and on through Staffa, Iona's Lucifer stargate complement, to Tiree. The Spear of Longinus Line can be shifted slightly to Ionia or Clan
MacLean's Durart castle on Mull. Duart apparently synthesizes the Iona/Staffa dual poles. Another important line comes down through Tiree: the Barra
to Stonehenge Bethlehem Angle connection. (Thoth said that line has not been active since the Rutans relocated to the Hebridies and Orkneys.) "Barra"
in Hebrew means "seed, son, emptiness, purity, to create, beloved, select, feed." Stonehenge is the prime "shiyn" pole in the Barbury Castle Reshel grid,
it "sets" the form. It is quite likely that the Barra Line encoded Tiree along with Stonehenge.

Using the above Montrose -Schiehallion -Tiree Line, a triangle is formed with the apex in the St. Mary's chapel center of the Edinburgh Matrix
connected with the Schiehallion to Montrose portion. This same triangle can use the Montrose to Tiree portion and use the apex at the Isle of Man.
The western line is that one from Barra to Stonehenge via Tiree. The eastern line is from Montrose, through Edinburgh's Arthur's Seat(?) to the Isle of
Man. A golden ratio is found in the Montrose-Tiree Line with Schiehallion marking the golden point. The basic triangle uses 57 degrees at the apex,
almost an equilateral triangle.

If the Montrose-Isle of Man line is extended it intersects a point over the head of the Anglesey man. This point is the "Man's" essential chakra over the
crown. This is the Grail vesica apex using Bethlehem Angles from Glastonbury and Edinburgh. Since it is at sea the nearest land is about 8-9 miles and
is the tip of the Man's Ureaus on his helmet. This is effectively the Grail apex whose "cup" is from Barra to St Mary's on the Isles of Scilly. The base of
the Cup is north of Liverpool on the Tavhara Line. All of Ireland is the circular "Host" (Body of Christ) in the Cup, with its center at Usihneach

There are many more considerations related to the connections but this is enough for an email comment. The primary pattern appears to be the 57
degree apex triangle. The two apices are the Edinburgh Matrix and the Isle of Man. The Isle comes up in my hazy memory as the place of
Arthur's origination or Camelot site. I am not certain but in any event it seems to have very potent lines connecting with it.



Many thanks for your last e-mail comments. You were quite right as I had not twigged about the importance of working with a Great Circle map when
trying to plot alignments of any great distance around the globe. Thanks for the useful input.

I have known about Greg Rigby for several years and have a copy of his book. It is interesting to note that he picks up on the EPHESUS connection.

The Sion, Gisors, Glastonbury potential link is intriguing. There may well be a templar connection into Sion which I am currently checking out. Also,
the Merovingians apparently established a mint for gold coins at Sion during their dynastic era. Interestingly, not too far away, at Zermatt in
Switzerland, we find the striking conical mountain MONTE ROSA (MOUNT OF THE ROSE), which lies at the geographical centre of the Alps.
Curiously, on the east coast of Scotland, we find the placename MONTROSE which also means MOUNT OF THE ROSE.