Monticello,Jefferson vs. Templar Reshel "L Gates" by William Buehler


Dear Friends,

SUBJECT: These are notes resulting from my recent visit to T. Jefferson's
mansion MONTICELLO in Virginia. First is a question I could use some help
with, then a summary of major items, then miscellaneous notes with Joan's
psychic comment and my own final remarks at the end.
FIRST A QUESTION: Perhaps some of you might have an idea why the number
"3830" might mean Something? T. Jefferson installed four cisterns at
Monticello, each having that capacity in gallons. The cisterns are deep and
square, measurements not known but I estimate the square to be about 6 feet.
The water was used for household purposes: two apparently for flushing
privies and one for kitchen, the other was in the stable area with a large
ice house adjacent (more water).

The four are built in two pairs and reservoir energy. They are also
apparently in two L-Gates at the bends of the L's. Logically the
measurements would represent some type of harmonic. A gallon converted
to cubic inches would be 231. 3830 gal, would be 511.99652 cu. ft. I
have no idea what the volume represents. The cisterns are in the base
angles of a triangle whose size and angles I do not know either.

The original (final) plans have the two cisterns in each corner
arranged to create two triangles with the common apex. Again the
angles are not known. An octagonal gazebo is shown between the
cisterns in each corner. Whatever this system does, it unifies two
"L"s or gates. The cisterns also store telluric/psychic energies.

SUMMARIZED SPECULATION: These are only a few of the more important
points in my theories; there are quite a few other items not mentioned here.
I think that most of these ideas are original; credit is made where I can
remember info that was provided.

1. Jefferson may not have been a Mason but he clearly had knowledge of
telluric energy and how to integrate it with sacred geometry INCLUDING
L-GATES. (Only Masons knew of these, right?) He built two overlapping
golden ratio L's using the two L shaped wings from the main house. In
the overlap section, on the golden ratio of the L's long parts, he
placed the main entrance to the central building. These two golden
ratio distances overlap in the entrance. Thus a person entering the
Center is passing through a golden ratio unification system for two
"time gates." In effect, in the context of Ps 118:19-23 the "Gate of
the Lord" unifies the two "Gates of Righteousness." However the two Masons'
squares stop at the doors' uprights; thus Jefferson seems to be saying that
the use of the golden ratio gate "transcends" the Masonic application.

2. He remodeled and greatly expanded the size of the house after
returning from the Minister to France position, having traveled
Europe extensively. I submit that he must have conferred with Masons,
probably Sinclairs heading the list. Niven Sinclair has noted that the
US designers of Washington DC (which contains an L) were corresponding
with the Clan Sinclair Masons at Thurso.

3. Joan comments (psychic addendum) that Jefferson and Fr. Henri
Boudet had a soul agreement to pursue a joint project, Jefferson
politically in the US, Boudet in the Church in Europe. I suspect that
the project involved the unification of Reshel grid systems, notably
the L's, in both countries in such a way that the Rennes le Chateau to
Edinburgh (Sinclair's Rosslyn Chapel) planetary L grid would link
directly with both Washington and Monticello. Jeffersons' two Ls,
then, would reasonably represent the unified dual system (see Point #1
above). Her reading independently explained my very strong emotional
hit immediately on entering the main hall at Monticello. (Also my going
to the old map of France in the main hall and consciously linking with
Rennes Les Bains, et al.) Consider the impact on Racial/Gaia Mind when
these grids are active and unified. They have a very strong Metatronic
vector including the Christic Alpha and Omega poles being integrated.

4. There appears to be a 5-ring spiral labyrinth ascending the small
mountain with a spiral road linking the outer 4 "roundabouts" (rings
around the mountain) and connecting with the inner 5th ring by a
straight line into the house on the energy axis. (When entering an
active time field use a spiral and reverse it on leaving.) Gates were
installed on the rings, indicating that they were to be walked. The "5"
numeric indicates that a SEED matrix is being used. In this case the whole
mountain-system, with buildings et al would be in the seed matrix.

5. Jefferson "walked the Ls" daily including wintertime. Joan's
psychic info tells of a sapphire below the foundation radiating an
8-point star. He would raise the star to the foundation level
...tuning the vertical axis to the Rotunda sphere of light?... and
then transfer the star's pivot to points in his gardens. If he could
do that, why not project the star to Washington or Europe, or
anywhere? The local matrix included Madison's Montpelier and Monroe's

6. Assuming the Rotunda contained a sphere of Light over the Sapphire
cross he must have also been able to resonate and link with the other
Rotundas in the immediate area, buildings he designed including the
critically important University of Virginia's Rotunda!

7. The two L-wings s are Masonic 45 degree type squares; there is also a
Masonic set of dividers, as seen in the Masons' logo, but as invisible
telluric energy. These "dividers" link with the Ls. The "G" in the Masonic
logo, ostensibly meaning "God", I believe relates to the Hebrew "gammel"
once drawn as a golden ratio L. These also exist in the mansion's design.
The whole format comes into focus in the mansion's front entry room in which
Jeffersons included maps of the world and relics from many places. I think
that this was more than simply a "display" and was in fact an energetic
matrix that expressed world unity via the L-links in America and Europe
(GAIA right brain).


I am guessing that Jefferson was a qualified Mason or at least carried
powerful letters of introduction between major Masonic leaders in America
and Europe, principally to the Clan Sinclair in northern Scotland, requiring
Jefferson to be fully accepted and briefed. I believe that Jefferson was
then educated in the use of the L-grids (Reshels) and in the 1398 Expedition
objectives. He then, on return to the US rebuilt and attuned his mansion to
access into the World Grid (Reshel) system along with Madison's MONPELIER
and Monroe's ASHLAWN. This would have been through (1) the Arkhom including
Nova Scotia, (2) "Trinity Point" 43 miles to the WNW, and (3) Washington DC.
These points would have keyed into Edinburgh's L and Rosslyn Chapel, thus
into the several other European Reshel systems using L's including the great
L-grid between Edinburgh and Rennes le Chateau. Jeffersons' two Ls might
well have represented the great L in Washington DC and the other L the
equivalent in Edinburgh, controlled by Rosslyn. (Both Rosslyn and Monticello
strongly emphasizes nature, Tuatha de Dannen, devic forces and unity ...most
strongly found in the apex of the "dividers" unifying the two Ls).

This powerful dynamic could have been enhanced by the two octagonal gazebos
or Templar "towers" in the bends of the two Ls. In Edinburgh's L (bend) the
Sinclairs had built the Black Hill Tower while in Washington DC this is
found in the Washington Monument, a great oblisk. Edinburgh's Resh pole is
Rosslyn itself and the parallel in Washington is labeled the "Zero Mile
Marker" on the original map. I would like to view the GAIA unity as a great
temple with these two notable towers representing the two temple pillars:
Boaz (fire gate of strength) and Jachenim (gate of grace and other "chen"
aspects of creational function in Genesis). In the European Bar-Sheeba L
grid the two bend poles' "towers" are filled by Mont St. Michel and the
Paris matrix of Nortre Dame de Paris (the whole thing is an L) with St.
Sulpice Chapel/court.

All this would have tied the "Monticello Matrix" directly into Metatronic
world grids. Remember that the Reshel grid, although Metatronic, was used in
the Oritronic realm by evolving persons and organizations at or slightly
beyond their levels of purity, etc. Still, it would retain its strong
Metatronic vector and thus would always be available at full potential if
the users could come up to that level. This is as true now as then. It is
remarkable, to me anyway, to note that they believed that the Church
collective and governments of Scotland (GB) at Edinburgh and of the US at
Washington (furnished with L gates/Eyes of Ra) would ever come up to at
least the minimum level capable of triggering the gates and access to all
time(s) and highest archangelic/hierarchical agencies. I then again remind
myself that small groups within the larger could carry the ball or "Walk the
Path" for the whole. It is inspiring to think that the US and GB, even while
Washington was burned in the War of 1812 and the GB maneuver to take New
Orleans (thus the whole US Western area, extending the War past the Treaty
of Ghent) was drowned in blood, that the Masons of the two nations held the
Stillpoint of peace and grace.



It appears that Jefferson was a Mason although he hid it. My idea is
that he constructed an important continental grid node, with Madison's
MONTPELIER and Monroe's ASHLAWN in a matrix. It is likely that he
learned the L-gate associated technology from the European Masons,
probably the Sinclairs when he traveled Europe while Minister to
France. (On his return he greatly expanded and rebuilt Monticello.}
Niven has said that the Sinclairs communicated with Washington and the
other Masons when Washington DC was built. Washington DC contains a
large and central L with a resh, control point. Edinburgh has one
also, much more ancient but known to the Templars and probably the
Druids, Mithric priests during Roman occupation, also to St. Columba
who also knew the grids. Sinclair's Rosslyn Chapel is the control
point (Resh) for the Edinburgh grid. Rosslyn has a superb L system
(Eyes of Ra) and Reshel grid that even directly links with human
chakras for those in the Nave/Choir or "Lady Chapel."

Beyond this he installed two Masonic 45 degree Squares or Ls, energetic
dividers and the "G" dynamic ...a fully functional Masonic logo but with the
two Ls of America and Europe unified by the G's golden ratio dynamic
expressing as the L gate format. Detailed geometry shows this quite well
using the final version of the original mansion drawings. (See comment below
regarding the "use of the Ls.")


Lewisa, also profoundly affected energetically by the place, reminded
me of the Eagle and 18 stars in the main "tower" over the door. Henry
Sinclair also used the Serpent-Eagle and the vibration of "18" in the
Sinclair alchemy involved with the "Westford Knight" although this has only
become known via psychic source (from Thoth). The Sinclair 1398 Expedition
engraved a coding on the "Westford Knight" which is an outline of a knight
punched into a stone outside Boston. This coding is the main "intent" input
into the large ARKHOM grid which also apparently is part of the engraving on
the stone, appearing on the knight's shield with a crescent and star (Reshel
symbol). This engraving is a schematic for the Reshel intercontinental grid
for this side of the Planet.

The shield on the stone carries the Arkhom code as well as a Crescent and
5-point star, the code for the Reshel system. The code over the knight's
heart is the Eagle carrying a serpent (archetype for the Feathered Serpent,
etc, re healing and rebirth). Thoth concurred with this and also noted that
the "EDEN STAR having the vibration of "18" was a part of this code. The
knight's sword also carries two linked codes: the Great Pyramid and golden
ratio. These two factors had to be correctly activated to "heal the broken
sword" and open the energy running up the sword from offshore Jamaica to
Virginia's present location of Churchville. There is a 3 degree offset in
the Grid's axis, also shown on the swords carving, which grounds the sword's
axis energy at this point. The point is called TRINITY POINT by Philip
Khnopp who discovered it. Trintiy Point has three mounts in a 51 degree
Pyramid geometry, also an Eagle in the landscape, carrying a serpent (the
river). Thoth concurred with the connection and also pointed out that the
EDEN STAR, vibration of 18, is located with the Bird-Serpent in the
Sinclair's Knight format.

My point is that there is quite likely a connection between Monticello and
Trinity Point, about 43 miles apart. Knowledge of the Knights' Trinity Point
codes, even though location might have been rough or unknown altogether,
could have been passed via contact with the Sinclairs. That quality of
historical knowledge and its importance might have resulted in its being
remembered and passed along. Or even if it had been lost, divine providence
provides for restoration of vital connections. There are likely to be
concentric rings of increasing energy centered at Trinity Point, one of
which is at Monticello. This effect could have been enhanced, or created, by
correctly coding the Monticello core sapphire matrix. The carving over the
door, over the sapphire matrix, would be a indication of the code and
resonant link with the intercontinental grid and with the Sinclairs/Stuarts
via the Edinburgh Matrix.

What is the "Eden Star" and what is the "18?" Eden translates from Hebrew
(two spellings remember) as the "controlling foundation, a socket,
strength." Eighteen is the word "chay" ...cheth (8), yud (10). This is
"constantly regenerating life, strength." This is of course the same meaning
in the Serpent-Bird or Feathered Serpent, which is Moses' Staff and also the
Christ (John 3:14-15). The star is also apparently connected with the Golden
Star Mazuriel or in that harmonic. This is the chief Central Sun for the
real continua, not this fallen one. As such it is the source sun of the
Solarians who orchestrate the transmutation of this continuum under the
authority of "Michael's Mandate" and the Seraphic Ennead group. "18" is also
the number of the Reshel system formed by the "9" of both the Shekinah and
Christos halves.


Monticello was clearly built with a knowledge of the local telluric
energetics as well as with Masonic knowledge dating to the Templars in
the 14th century and before. I do not know HOW MUCH the Masons
retained. Their logo contains an L (the Square) and a G within it. The
"G" ostensibly means "God" I am told, however I know Columba and
Templars used Hebrew as their "code" and the protosiniatic Hebrew
glyph for G (gammel, #3) was an L. Their alphabet code uses the L
dynamic in several letters along with more detailed Reshel formats
including the golden ratio spiral. The deduction then is that the
Masons knew at least the L dynamic and apparently thought it to be a
central divine format. If they knew that much then they probably knew
at least some measure of the rest. I know that the Sinclair Templars
knew the Reshel and full grid format at least as late as the 15th
century in Great Britain, probably on the Continent also. The Catholic
Church knows at least something of its operation and of the associated Earth
Grid at the present time, judging from its use at Monserrat basilica.

Assuming the Masons knew the L but perhaps not the whole application,
how might they have used it? Since they obviously connected it with
construction of buildings and larger earth grids in key grid points in
at least Scotland and Virginia, they would have known how group
consciousness (and individual's) could use it even unconsciously. It
was integrated into governmental matrices in both Edinburgh and in
Washington DC. Edinburghs' Ls are extensive and governmental buildings
are linked into Holyrood and thus into the greater grid system in GB.
Since the Sinclairs were working in Thurso while communicating with
the Washington people the Thurso Line ("Tavhara" Line: Destiny Line)
was known at least as far as Edinburgh and Rosslyn Chapel, probably
all the way to San Sebastian in Spain.

The Washington DC L would then have been a resonant link with the
European system, employed by higher degree Masons. Their application
probably did not include dimensional and time continua travel but we
do not know this. Maybe they did. We can assume however that the L was
used at least for more efficient telepathic communication, for Grail
resonance also in facilitating Christic overlays in Government.

The design degeneration of the Henry Sinclair Arms (which is a grid
format using the Bethlehem "Grail" angle as well as very explicit
spiritual format within the Engrailed Cross design) indicates that the
Sinclair and thus Masonic knowledge was lost. If the Bethlehem Angle
significance was lost the main grid and grail connections were gone.
Nothing would have been more central to Clan Sinclair leaders than
their Arms. Clan Sinclair has always been central Templar and then
Masonic leaders since the Templars bailed out of France in the 13th
century and transferred the "True Vine" continuity into Scotland. The
Sinclairs maintained control of the main northern L and grid sites,
thus controlling the whole GB system. Sinclair custodianship of the
Christic Mysteries ("Olgive") goes back to Yeshua's passing them to
John and Nathaniel. Peter was included and the Petrine line surfaced
in Clan Fingal which was either not perceived or was purposely(?)
minimized by the Scot Templars. I doubt that it was purposely done;
even though Scots can be pretty notional on occasion they would not
have knowingly defied the Christ.

In summary, I think the Europeans knew the L dynamic but little else
beyond the importance of the Thurso Line grid connections and not very
much about these judging from their permitting Henrys' Arms to
degenerate. There is no clear Reshel grid in Washington DC although
there is a clear L and 4-Square formed by the city boundary. The
Pentagon is also sitting over an Atlan pentagonal implant as a tholus
pole to the city 4-Square and L. The Pentagon's later placement in
WWII may have been superconscious intuition. In any event the city
with its L was consciously installed and that done by the Masons with
European coaching. Jefferson was probably the main go-between and his
education surfaced in Monticello's design. The resonant L systems
would have at least been used to enhance normal Masonic telepathic
bonding and a strong link between the US and Great Britain. This link
probably persisted through the War of 1812, although Washington's L
was outwardly destroyed in the burning of the Whitehouse. Madison was
President then and was one of the main three, with Monroe and
Jefferson, who would have kept a strong connection with the GB Masons
from their plantation matrix in Virginia: Monticello, Montpelier, and

If the Masons of the 1700s had CONSCIOUSLY lost the more complete knowledge
of the Eye of Ra within the ISIS Eye (ie the Reshel) ...and we do not know
that they had... the knowledge was at least there SUPERconsciously. That is,
at a causal soul level.


Monticello is an 8-point (Templar?) tower with a rotunda (sphere)
capping it. The main building is in the center of a large square "U"
with the two bends of these two L shaped wings having a pair (each) of
cisterns as if they were to hold energy (my initial feeling, born out later
by Joan's own separate psychic dowsing). Each bend had an 8 sided gazebo and
the outer ends of the U each has a square enclosed gazebo type of glassed in
building. The U provided a large ambulatory with service buildings under the
walk way. Jefferson walked this square U daily including the
winter. My idea when seeing it was that he was purposely walking an energy
configuration. (Also later picked up by Joan, separately.)

When entering the main building I had a very strong emotional response
which held on for some while during the guided tour. Figuring out the
main energy matrix was quite easy for me (I have no conscious ability
in telluric sensing.) I asked Joan to do her own sensing tour and she
found the same deduced format. The large U contains a square field to
the West of the main building. Jefferson planted different kinds of
trees around this field, forming his main "temple" or grove. Confirmed
by Joan sensing vortices still existing in the original positions.
(All her inputs were her own, unprompted.)

There is a higher mountain to the SW which appears to be the main
Tholus pole. Jefferson also did the rotunda building for the Univ. of
Virginia in the lower town within sight of Monticello. Madison's
Montpelier is up the Green Mountain chain a short distance and
Monroe's Ashlawn very near to the south. Clearly energy linkages.
Jefferson encouraged "special friends" to build near him.

I inquired in the Monticello gift shop for books re his Masonic
connections (I was very sure he had them) but was told emphatically
that he was NOT a Mason! Right! ...Three bags full! I have yet to do a
Reshel grid overlay but I see connections already. Niven Sinclair has
told me that the Sinclairs upgrading Thurso were in communication with
the US Masons: Washington, Madison and the guys when Washington DC was
being designed. Washington is a large diamond (cross) with a large
L-Gate from the Capitol to the obelisk (Washington Monument) via the
Mall (filled with water)and then 90 degrees to the White House. The
Resh pole (control point) was labeled in the original plan as the
"Zero Mile Marker." Now there is a small monument in that spot.

Could it be that the Washington "L" and the Edinburgh "L" are in direct
resonance? I believe so. The Edinburgh-L, controlled by Rosslyn Chapel in
the Resh pole of the 28 mile diameter Reshel Edinburgh Matrix, is the L
connection to (1) Glastonbury in the huge Grail core grid between Edinburgh
and Glastonbury (containing the famous Holy Head of Angelsey), and (2) the
very large L grid from Edinburgh to Rennes le

At this point I mention that Joan later did a reading (copied below)
which surprisingly connected me as Fr. Henri Boudet at Rennes Les
Bains (in the Rennes le Chateau matrix) with Jefferson, the two of us
having made a "soul agreement" each in his own time to augment each
others' works in the two countries. His was political with strong and
secret Masonic connections in the US, mine was later within the Church
and Europe. This linkage can explain a lot in why and how the European
Grail/L format (Eye of Ra) capping the composite system of Reshel grids
or "Bar-Sheeba" Grid is connecting with the US's primary L system. I
would also throw into the pot the old Atlan pentagonal implant under
Washington where the Pentagon was built. The pentagonal implant (and
Pentagon) appear to be a spiritual Tholus pole driving the city's
Square and L. How better keep it strong and consistent than to put the
US Military on top of it. The bad guys are also trying to subvert it.

Could the two "L-wings" in Jefferson's square U represent the dual L
combination of Washington (USA) and Europe? I strongly believe it. The
Templar tower would be the unifying mechanism for manifestation in the
constantly repeated square formats: buildings, cisterns, out
buildings, gardens. (See Joan's psychic analysis for how the
Monticello pole is augmented and organized.) Another side note:
Jefferson drastically rebuilt and expanded the whole layout after he
returned from Europe as Minister to France. Its quite clear that he
had extensive briefings regarding the Templar/Masonic Reshel grids,
probably including the Sinclairs as primaries. Would Jefferson have
been the main link between the two groups? Probably.


Overall, around the main building on a small mountain, Jefferson
designated four "roundabouts" which almost appear to be iso-levels on
a topographical map. On the outer (4th) roundabout, south of the main
building, the "Old Gate" begins a CCW spiral up the mountain leading
to the front of the building and terminating at the inner or 1st
roundabout. Thus it connects all four roundabouts. It is my theory
that this is a form of labyrinthine spiral. It is relevant that all
time gate fields should be entered on a spiral and exited by the
reverse spiral. This main road does that however there is also a
straight road from the cemetery to the new entrance. This is not on
Jefferson's 1803 map however; there is shown a fence line in that
location. We also notice that all the roundabouts are clear to walk,
having gates where needed.

The 2nd and 1st (inner) roundabouts have a common length straight
along the road from the cemetery to what is apparently a main
reference or "head" stone. This stone is marked with an "X" and is
level. Inside the 1st and inner roundabout there is another egg shaped
ring that includes the house with its two L-wings. My view, confirmed
by Joans' impressions is that this egg-ring had trees on it, each
different. She still picks up the vortices. Therefore I feel that there are
actually FIVE rings if we count the house and its own innermost ring.


There is a sapphire gem centering an etheric 8 point cross under the
main octagonal tower, under ground. The rotunda would form a spherical
light field at the top of the tower complementing the gem center.
(Rosslyn has the same but uses an "extruded" sphere as the vault. This
spherical vault exactly duplicates the Reshel's Solar-Is ring of life
generation and formation of teleplanes using the Great Pyramid
dynamic.) The University's rotunda will probably do the same and would
be a connecting harmonic.

Jefferson would consciously raise the gem and 8-point to the level of
the foundation when he did his walks. This suggests that the distance
from the rotunda-sphere center to the gem would attune the sphere
based on a variable distance according to local psychic intention and
conditions. I would be curious to compare Rosslyn and Monticello
dimensions and proportions but I do not have the elevations. The
psychic analysis also says that he would unify the 8-point and move it
to different points in his local land matrix. This would also have the
effect of shifting the length of the rotunda axis and also its
Critical Rotational Position (CRP) for greater and more specific
variations based on intended projects.

The two L configurations represent, I believe, the US and European
unity regarding the use of the Bar-Sheeba grid system. When used at
maximum boost it would have a strong Metatronic vector and harmonic
throughout time. Next to the Atlan (Rutan) use of the Statue of
Liberty (Lady of Light), this suggested matrix could turn out to be
the most important light system in this half of the world. It has the
potential power to reshape past and future history! It becomes a
critical installation for this present Transition phase prior to LP-40. I
feel that it is an open question, whether or not the Masons had that degree
of information about their system. This is the kind of knowledge that would
not be written although we might expect to find it in mystery writings. The
chart in the ZENO NARRATIVE is one such example although that existed
hundreds of years earlier.

The main building-square appears to be powered by the Tholus mountain
(next and SW) by a line coming into the square field between the L's
via the cemetery (Jefferson picked the site). The line feeds the apex
of a large triangle found within the L-field almost directly on a south
westerly axis from the main tower but slightly south of the axis. This
point has a very strong kundalini, 1st chakra energy. The two sides of
the triangle then proceed to the cistern couplets in the corners of
the L's. Energy was obviously stored there, when there was water. The
water was drained from the house and L-ambulatories, thus picking up a
precharge. The water was used for food preparation and apparently
general consumption. Ice was stored next to the northern L. Privies
apparently used the second of each pair for flushing. I would guess
that the "charged" effluent went into the earth via a septic system,
possibly. Or used for the Grove/Temple trees? The gardens were located
downhill from the privies; he might have used night-soil in them.

The original, final plans show octagonal gazebos on each bend of the
L-wings. I see these as essentially the equivalent of Templar octagonal
towers which pick up the harmonic of the mansion's main tower and the
sapphire 8-point cross below it. In effect we have two pillars (gazebos) on
the left and right with the classic third and central tower as the mansion's
octagonal tower. I have mentioned that I think that the two Ls/towers
represent the main Ls in America and Europe (Washington and Edinburgh) and
also the main L-Grid in Europe ...Gaia's right forebrain... which also uses
two connected Ls but in a slightly different way.

The energetic, telluric energy line powering the building and grounds split
at one node mentioned above. In effect a pair of "dividers" as shown in the
Masonic logo was formed and is still there. From the apex the two lines take
the energy into the two systems of cisterns to store the energy in the
water. The energy then went into both humans and the gardens and animals.
Furthermore the energy was available for light work providing a huge charge
to the two octagonal gazebo "towers" at the bends. If the European "Boaz"
pillar is on the left and the American "Ja-chen-im" pillar is the right,
then the two bends altar and unify the two reality systems into one system
which uses the mansion as the golden ratio portion of both Ls.

JOAN'S PSYCHIC ANALYSIS: Responding to the question: "Why did I
(William)have so strong an emotional response when first entering the
main house and what do Montpelier and Ashlawn have to do with the
site?" Joan responds:

"In the center (of the building) lies a pivot point of reference.
Monticello is in the center of a matrix involving key positions under
the building. (I see this as an 8-point cross.) Because you
(William)are sensitive to energies you were aware of this pivotal
point. The point is activated by a deliberate mindset fixed on a
certain aspect of human evolvement and creativity. If one 'thinks'
about art, music, etc. and his relation to it he would imagine a point
related to this pivot and fix his energy on that line. The 'art' is '8.'

"On Jeffersons' walks his intention would be fixed at various points.
He would imagine the 8-point star rising up to the level of his
foundation. In his garden he would put all the points together into a
unity, as his gardens were the synthesis of his life involving all
phases. The 8 point star is centered by a sapphire.

"Bill's connection as Henri Boudet, his soul connection was one of
religious anchoring for Jefferson (remember this is in a no-time
context; WSB). They both realized the connection of nature to man. Boudet
saw Jefferson (soul connection) as free to release the energies and
consciousness of what Boudet knew but was (would be) restricted in its
use. Bill felt this connection of the two souls and felt boths'
limitations and freedoms.

"Ashlawn is an extension of the interior aspects of Monticello. It is
the manifestation of the mental line or '5th' point on the 8 point
star. (Note: this would conform to the Templa Mar 'Tree of Knowledge'
SE pole. WSB) Here is where intention becomes reality and is first tried
out in theory by mental discussion and argument.

"Montpelier is the higher spiritual expression refined from the 6th
point (Note: this is the South Gate in the Templa Mar which opens into
the lower, devic heavens, ie the main nature connection. Montpelier is
NNE of Monticello on the same mountain energy line.WSB) It is layered
with shades of earth's natural purification of fire, air, earth, and
water means. There is a purer air and river water at Montpelier. The
gifts of Spirit are allowed to be given without the burdens of life on
the earthiness of Jefferson."

(Analysis by Joan Buehler, Jan. 26 1999.)

FINAL COMMENT: Most of my remarks are above. This last one might modify some
of those ideas which admittedly grant Jefferson much credit in knowing what
he was doing in the more cosmic levels. Joan's last remark above seems to
indicate otherwise. Perhaps Jefferson knew most of what I've suggested and
actually did use it but mainly for gardens and devic connection. Perhaps it
was MADISON, in Montpelier, that had the greater perceptive scope and used
all three points (mansions) as the working matrix accomplishing what I've
suggested above. Ideally they would have been a synergic team: a trinity or
star tetrahedron. Certainly their relative functions described by Joan
indicate the main three functions in such a triunity. When we approach this
whole complex scenario at the causal level of the three souls involved the
thing seems more creditable. It is much more likely that all the Masons of
higher degrees "had the vision" including the assistance of spiritual
agencies through visions and probably some degree of channeling. In any
event, Jefferson had learned his lessons well. His geometry is exact and
leaves us the firm knowledge that he was exceptionally competent in light
work using the Reshels' Ls.

My own very emotional response to the entrance and main hall was apparently
brought on by two main things. The first is the Boudet connection mentioned
by Joan and the other is that Thoth has been using Reshel and Arieopax
formats to engram and revive my light bodies severely damaged by
inappropriate and incompetent time gating using the same formats. The
engramming effect would have then (1) enhanced the smoothens and
effectiveness of the soul linkage sensed as emotion, and (2) done much to
restore the needed sense of the state of Grace and karmic right action by
correctly using the system that had virtually destroyed me (my fault, not
the systems'). There is a lesson here for all. Train or "engram" the light


bodies now to assimilate and exercise their Reshel charge when entering
temples and other grids which incorporate them. Thus one becomes one with
the temple ...come into harmonic resonance... but with the higher Metatronic

MONTICELLO, #2, PART 1 of 2.

SUBJECT: This commentary carries forward and links two ongoing studies:
Chartres Labyrinth and Jefferson's Monticello. It also answers a few other
questions and points made by readers ...probably presents more questions
than answers. Here is a very brief review of each but expressed more in
unifying terms.

CHARTRES REVIEW: All of Europe, the GAIA right forebrain, uses Metatronic
(Reshel/Arieopax) Grids collectively called the BAR-SHEEBA Grid. A triune
Resh (Chief Head Stone) CONTROL function for the Bar-Sheeba matrix is made
up of Chartres, Lourdes, and Montserrat Basilica in Catalonia, Spain. All of
Europe works on an overall 7 vibration, that of the "Sheeba" (Shakti) or
total female polarity: the "Goddess." The Templars built the Marian
cathedrals matrix to externalize the Sheeba as "Mari" (the Mother, the
Magdalene ...its a dynamic). "Mari" in Hebrew also means "vision, double
seeing, mirror" or a mirror with two sides. This is a very accurate model
for a time continuum. We might say then that the "mastery of the female
polarity in its highest expression as the Black Madonna correlates with the
mastery of all reality frames expressing in temporal (time) formats." The
Marians then are time temples, or at least in a unified matrix as such. This
matrix is focused in the VIRGO earth grid formed by the Templars and its
male pole: Mont St. Michel, corresponding to Denebola in Leo,. This is the
actual position of the main Metatronic Central Sun: Mazuriel which exists in
the other two, real continua, not this fallen continuum. Chartres is the
main control cathedral for all. Its LABYRINTH is the main control station,
dynamic, for the whole system and is effectively the womb of the Goddess. It
processes Christic/Metatronic "seed" into the whole system. It uploads and
downloads. Although the Church has done severe damage to the Cathedral it
can still function in the etheric if done at a Christic and Metatronic

MONTICELLO REVIEW: Jefferson apparently (my theory) was a 33rd (?) degree
Mason. (I am not a Mason and am not very familiar with anything about this
secret order, I am not guilty of betraying any secrets since I don't know
them.) It is fairly clear that he used the Masonic logo (Dividers over an
upward opening 45 degree square (bend down) with a "G" within the dividers
and above the square) as a model for his geometry. He used a main telluric
(earth energy) node to anchor the whole grounds design on. His apparent
labyrinth (5 rings) around the mount integrates the natural mountain
harmonic to the mansion and garden matrix. The design of the mansion with
its two L-wings uses a Reshel format, well known to the Templars and to some
degree their Masons who did the spiritual alchemy in stone, relics and
glass. Some of this knowledge carried over, or was rechanneled, in the
1700's. Jefferson apparently was briefed on it in Scotland and perhaps by
the Priory of Sion in the Languedoc while he was Minister to France. It is
quite likely that was the reason for his appointment. He came back and
completely remodeled and expanded Monticello. My operative theory is that
Monticello, Madison's Montpelier, and Monroe's Ashlawn form a triunity
linking with Washington DC, which uses a large L-gate tied directly to
governmental buildings, and to Trinity Point near Churchville. Also, this
American system ties to the European Bar-Sheeba by using the identical
Reshel grid dynamics. Linking Monticello to Chartres may be a linking of a
triune control system in America to the same in Europe. This would provide
another "nadi" (synaptic connection) linking the GAIA right forebrain to the
major right brain. This has larger connective possibilities as commented on


1. THE MASONIC LOGO AND THE "G" THEREIN: Obviously the "G" is one of the
deepest Masonic secrets. However I have had a reply that expands on its
meaning from a highly ethical person that found he was connected with the
"Dark" Masons and bailed out. I have no intention in passing on its meaning;
it isn't clearly significant to my study anyway. This deeply disturbing
revelation about the Luciferic incursion of the Masons by the Anti-Christ
should not deter us: I am talking about Metatronic systems that are
basically fail safe. They will not activate for any lesser frequency than
that of the Christ and of Metatron the highest Archangel. The Templars also
had their contamination by the OWL (Luciferic One World League, see the
readable KOALA document on order from johgrove for basic info on the
good-guys, bad-guys). Their address is

The following is entirely my own interpretation of the Masonic logo which is
available to anyone. No Masons have had any contribution to it whatever. My
theory is that the "G" ALSO means "gamel" in Hebrew and it "sets" the whole
3-series of letters in that alphabet: gammel #3, drawn in the protosiniatic
alphabet as a golden ratio L; lammed #30 drawn as a golden ratio spiral; and
shiyn #300 drawn ostensibly as a recurved bow (the entrance to the
Labyrinth) but also used as a "trident" (mastery of the "seas" or Mar of
time) having its three points in a Bethlehem Triangle configuration (26.3
degrees). Shiyn also gives us a core geometry for the Arieopax or operative
geometry for the Grail. Thus "33" in Hebrew uses the first two letters:
gammel-lammed which spells "gal" having "galel, gelah, gelgal" meanings: "to
spin, a revolution of time, a wheel, heap of stone (symbol of created form),
a cup (grail) for oil (condensed sacramental light), a VALVE OR FOLDING DOOR
(L-gate, as it was drawn), spinning in response to intense emotion/joy,

A combination of the three letters: "galash" means "to caper or appear." The
higher meaning must be found in the whole Hebrew alphabet code which
incorporates the Resh system symbols. The 3/6/9 numeric relates to
connectives, gates, pillars or tubes: star tetrahedrons symbolized by the
KEY OF DAVID (Rev 3:7-12) as the Pillar in the Temple of God, ie the 6-point
star or letter Vau, #6, in the alphabet. The 3-series provides the basic
elements as a basis. Any "33rd Degree" must by definition include the higher
333, 3000 and 3333 Master Number knowledge and proficiency.

The Dividers can duplicate any angle relative to the EVENT HORIZON or
teleplane, vault/ark/arc, or reality field. The specific sequence of angles
creates the Reshel grid functions or any other system. This is also somewhat
complicated by something called the "Flashing Universe", too complex for
this commentary. Another relevant situation is being able to define the
Unmanifest "Selah" or "Unnamed God" Source with the two points joined and
then creating two poles of Selah void (two points) and their generated
phenomena. Thus any combination of triangles can be formed. Balancing the
"seen" dividers is the spiritual complement but reversed. This is also true
of the Square. Jefferson uses all these systems and in a potential
Metatronic format. The "G" carries the code, found in the Hebrew alphabet
using the protosiniatic glyphs rather than the block letters. Working in the
"3" formats, the "G" then controls the Dividers including the formation of
both the connective systems and the containment systems.

2. MOUNT AFTON: This mountain is between Trinity Point (see first
commentary) and Monticello. It strongly appears to be a primary pole within
the EDEN STAR matrix above the pommel of the Knight's sword (huge Bakhira
Grid). It may be a primary double-pole set up: a tholus relative set apart,
male pole ...Mt. Afton... and a female complex intended to process the male
"seed" ...Trinity Point. In this case the "complex" is not simple three
small mounts in the quiet countryside, it is a powerful extended area of
probably 50-100 miles in radius containing the Great Pyramid and
Bird-Serpent, Eden Star dynamics.

Deborah Stewart noted: "Walter Russell, deceased in 1963, had a 39 day
illumination, where he saw all of creation in a "flash". He and his wife Lao
(also now deceased), were led to Afton mountain, where they founded the
University of Science & Philosophy in 1948. Lao had prior to finding the
palace on Afton, a vision whereby Christ took her to a mountain, overlooking
a spectacular valley. Christ proclaimed to her that this mountain was to be
a Beacon of Light for all to experience.Walter Russell envisioned millions
from all over the globe coming to this grand mountaintop for healing."
Walter Russell was a major contributing illuminary of the early century,
wrote the notable book "The Secret of Light."

Mt. Afton is nearly half way between Trinity Point and Monticello. A SPINNER
FIELD centered on Mt. Afton would include both points and form its own
sub-system supporting Trinity Point. The information available to Deborah
indicates that there is a planetary 12-mountain system including Mt. Afton.
This Spinner Field would then serve to connect the two major systems:
Bakhira Reshel systems in the GAIA right brain and the system of 12
mountains. It appears that probably the Rutans put both systems in place.


Blessings Be...



3. CHARTRES: Jeff asked if I knew of a labyrinth installed on the grounds
other than the roundabouts I've noted. I do not. However I scaled the
Chartres labyrinth and placed it inside the "Dividers" in the "G" area and
it fits very nicely. Placing a Reshel over the area, fixed by the cistern
system for the Event Horizon, the suggested labyrinth would best be placed
over The Reshel Vau pole which correlates as the Dividers' apex point and
the Telluric geometric point, slightly offset from the main axis. Actually
the labyrinth would have been better centered on the offset telluric point.
Why a Chartres' labyrinth? For the resonant harmonic in linking with the
major Reshel Bar-Sheeba systems, further strengthening the Trinity Point
matrix connection. This would be an important link with the triune Resh
(control system) which contains Chartres and activates all the grids.
Presumably then, Monticello and the connected systems would "turn on" also
when the European grids came online. Or will do so.

The labyrinth has 12 obvious rings and a 13th outer and less obvious ring.
The rings have tones and the outer is Silent but has tonal nodes formed over
the silent standing wave. (I have no musical training so I'm in deep water
here.) I am amplifying my theory based much on Robert Frerre's outstanding
manual: THE CHARTRES LABYRINTH TRILOGY ...instructions in how to construct a
Chartres style labyrinth. However I am departing somewhat from his views. I
am not sure if either of us is "right or wrong" in our approaches and I
don't even know if I'm disagreeing with him. I'm adding one more "Non-pole"
to his 113. There may be two forms of music coexisting based on the two

The sound or vibrating nodes on the fundamental "string" (13th
ring) of silence are vesicas described by the 113 "lunations" or circles in
the outer ring system. The "string" (13th ring) is the major axis through
the vesicas. The 113th lunation is found to be split with the Entrance path
between the two halves. The Path would form a 114th or "Sacred" lunation but
it is directly associated with the Silence or "preform" which is "partly
manifest and partly unmanifest." When the operators can enter the Path AS
THE DIVINE UNMANIFEST or "Selah" (Silence between the musical notes) and
thus become agents of the Manifest God ...or the God and Goddess since the
Manifest (split) note is in two halves... then the Sacred node is inserted
as both the Manifest and Unmanifest as two vibrational nodes or vesicas
bringing the total to 114.

Why insert a human into the "music?" The priests and priestesses are
"dynamic", that is they are alive and can respond actively within the
process in company with the angels, devachan, hierarchy, and other
Solarians. They can effectively insert "INTENTION" IN AND AS THE CONTROLLING
NODE. This will only occur when the operators are Christic/Metatronic. This
would also apply in any Chartres labyrinth intended to function within its
potential including the supposed system at Monticello.

Most importantly, and related: a human can induce consciousness into sound
...sound AND consciousness at numerous dimensional levels. "Consciousness"
does not necessarily mean rationalized constructs, it is most effective as
"knowing" as often "felt" as known as specific thought forms. Further, this
knowing is quite often more real at unrealized levels not in conscious
awareness or in the feeling range. Restated, the process becomes more within
the monad's field than with the lower light bodies. The operators are
obliged to train and prepare to most fully experience at all levels to the
extent of their abilities above the minimum demanded.


GENERAL: Monticello presents a delima. Is it a "Temple with living quarters"
or is it a "House with an elaborate altar?" Or is it a compromise: a superb
temple used below its potential but demanding residents of extraordinary
clarity? Did Jefferson actually build a TEMPLE for use NOW? This is the view
I'm coming more into as I go along. The place would have had significant
Templar function in his time but it would have fried the residents if it
came up to the level of function that is apparently there in its potential.
Could he have occasionally brought the matrix up to speed "over the weekend"
or during extended family vacations where he'd have the place to himself?
(Most of the slaves lived outside the matrix or in relatively cool places.)
This is a probability but there is a great deal of "resident energy" in a
proper temple, enough to seriously affect long term inhabitants. It is just
not feasible to build a cosmic class FUNCTIONAL temple and then live in it.
doubt very much if he ever brought the matrix up to its architectural

SPECIFICS: Admittedly I do not have measurements placing the main telluric
energy node West of the house and inside the outer walk, slightly off center
with the house (off to the south of the house axis). However my estimate on
the plan view happens to check with the alignment of the two double cistern
systems that "catch" the telluric energy from the node. This is pretty neat
since the cisterns are not symmetrical and are both off enough to provide
aligning on the offset node. Each couplet has its own offcentered aspect.
This makes a 60 degree equilateral triangle, part of the Reshel Grid, albeit
adjusted to conform with the telluric node.

WHY THEN are the mansion and L wings not oriented on the main telluric
node?! I can only suppose that there is a star or sun alignment on the
mansion axis or there is a sacred site on the axis, OR the axis is
duplicating the axis on another harmonic site. This whole arrangement is
quite new to me but there's no Chance of error in the basic design.
Jefferson put doors or walls at exactly the right points to mark main
measurements of the L's, golden ratio points. The single Masonic Square
reaches between the L wing extremities with the 90 deg bend in the main

I doubt that anyone will find historic evidence of a labyrinth since it
would be a fairly high powered secret in its placement as far as written
records are concerned. The geometry of the house and wings is decently
hidden. Making a point of adding a labyrinth to official plans or even
drawings would put a spotlight on it. Further, we'd have to assume there
would be knowledgeable clerics, mystics who would know of the labyrinth
application and make the obvious connection with its use as part of a
studied matrix. Adding it as "just another garden gismo" is different than
making it a specific planned part of the grounds. Another point: it should
have been oriented NE or better 047T to duplicate Chartres however a
competent light group can preselect "effective North" at any desired angle.
Therefore the labyrinth would better line up with the house axis, and Reshel
axis, since there are other poles needed to supplement the labyrinth's that
need correct placement. Again, orienting on 047T would further ma ke the
Chartres' connection more obvious.

RESHEL AND OTHER RINGS: There are very intriguing INDICATIONS that the
Reshel Crescent formed by the Mason's Square fixed by the two L wings' outer
ends forms a "lunation" with the two wings being the containing "teeth" as
described in Mr. Ferre. To do this we would have to integrate the homes'
specific features ...identifiable points: doorways, stairway platforms,
special rooms/gazebos, design harmonics... with other specific grids:
Reshel, Earth/Venus 3-continua orbits, the Mt. Afton 12-matrix (probably the
Mazzaroth zodiacal gates), Chartres dynamics and others. It appears that he
has done this.

By installing the Reshel, and then spinning it (activating it), one can
locate what appears to be a coherent system of a number of grids and
dynamics. In fact, if one does NOT activate all the intended systems the
place won't get off the ground. There would have to be a cockpit check list
or at least a master switch mentally conditioned to kick off the whole
complex. One might wish to do a psychic scan for a "green board" for all
systems. However he did it I find that the minimum systems appear to be the
(1) Masonic logo; (2) Reshel which includes the star tetra, star penta
(Great Pyramid pentas), Bethlehem penta (Grail core), Elisa Exchange dynamic
(5 and 9), Eye of Ra including time gates for facilitation, the Shekinah
Pillar, the Rod of Noach (I have no real idea of what that is), and others;
(3) Earth and Venus' two orbits, thus a potent link with the "New Earth
Star" (Earth and Venus new location in the Rigelian field); (4) Chartres'
labyrinth and its several vibrations including its unity with the Reshel
...including the key "Non-node" or gateway lunation.

Correctly and efficiently integrating Metatronically and then activating all
these system would create a cosmic class Cruiser (Merkabah/ship/temple).
Just one of these systems would. But as I say, there are only INDICATIONS
since there are "near" errors, or gaps of perhaps 2%, and some architectural
key rings are based on nebulous points such as the "first, ground step" in a
staircase. Still, when viewed as a whole it is quite impressive and my
strong feeling is that he knew most of what he was doing if not with the
kind of detail and precision, or philosophy, that Mr. Ferre brings to
Chartres for example. He might have had as good a channel as we have now,
however that does not mean that the same info was available due to seals
being on much of it. Could he have designed the whole on half-information?

A FEW ODD COMMENTS: Chartres' 13th labyrinth ring appears to be a long
fundamental string, although formed in a ring, with 112 (plus two) lunations
...named due to their connection with the moon's orbit and function, also
connecting with the Sun and Earth relationships. If we "pluck the string" it
would produce 113 exoteric vibrational nodes BUT with one extra "Sacred
Node" equal to the Path's with without the width of the "teeth." The string
itself is a standing wave axis of SILENCE, that is the God Essence or Selah
(silence between the sounds) which inserts life and divine reference into
form (music and math). There are gaps between the lunations or vibrational
nodes, gaps of Nothingness called the "teeth" because they appear that way
but also because they ARE teeth: "shiyn/tsayen" poles. This gets too
technical for this paper.

Suffice it to say that there are two fundamental strings: (1) a tone of
physical sound creating in the physical. This string's length is made by
adding the vesica widths of the lunations but eliminating the distance of
the sum of the teeth. And (2) the string as computed by Mr. Ferre including
the teeth distances. I would wish to add the 114th Gateway non-node in both
but a musician would also have to look at the tone with and without the
extra node. My point is that the non-node is the Silence that MUST manifest
within each operator that "walks the path" for all and must become an
effective part of the base tone to then activate each ring's tone in the
correct CRP sequencing. This node is effectively both the gateway and the
Metatronic off-on switch. This adjustment to the light bodies is also
carried on to the other energy stations in the temple.

Suppose then that the whole Monticello architecture is intended to duplicate
that Gateway non-node? Would we even NEED a physical Chartres labyrinth, why
not use the actual one in Chartres if we have the main switch an ocean away?
(The switching non-node is not dependent on space or time.) Would this be a
method of employing a fully charged time temple without having to "keep it
around home" to fry the kids? Is this what is occurring by rigging duplicate
labyrinths and using them anywhere? I think so, if properly done. Still, I
see a use for Jefferson in having a full scale labyrinth in the back yard.
It would provide the Reshel and other systems with a potent local input. The
main Chartres mechanism in France becomes the main line interface but the
local program can input most effectively from its own resonant
correspondent. Of course the whole event depends on the operators actually
being of the Metatronic vibrational frequency and quality of aspect. Or
having a lot of innerplanes assistance, at that level.

I strongly suspect that all the grids we now find in Europe, the Americas
were intended for this time immediately preceding and in the LP-40

Blessings Be...


Dear Friends,

I am forwarding psychic feedback regarding my Monticello comments. Maia does
not "channel" and the work is not precisely what would be called "psychic"
in today's context. She "translates" from the high akashic and Records of
Thoth Raismes.
"I read your Monticello/Jefferson paper rather quickly because of the
time factor, but I did manage to get the essence of it all. Thoth
concurs that Jefferson was a Mason, but not an 'ordinary' one. By that
he means that when Jefferson was in France, he became a member of a
unique segment of disaffected Masons, who had created their own very
elite group. These Masons were known among themselves as the Order of
the Red Sash. (I fumbled over the 'sash' word - it could be 'belt' or
'garter' or ?, but my closest estimation at this time is sash.)

(INSERT NOTE: I think that this "garter/sash" might be a version of the
Masonic Apron, carrying that charge. Not being a Mason I wouldn't know what
the "charge" is. I can guess that it is more than just a parallel with the
"carpenter's belt" of tools. It probably corresponds with the "Breastplate"
used by priests. We parallel this with vestments or medalions around the
neck. Metatron has 24 Breastplates in a composite. The Reshel/Arieopax
dynamic is the 3rd that we know of now. This cross symbolism may be one of
the factors that appears to make the translation slippery. The dynamics
engrammed into breastplates, shields or whatever carry the full mechanism in
its energetic and consciousness vectors and functions. The energetic "pure
symbol" on the breastplate is similar to a computer icon: click on it and
the whole program appears. WSB)

"While his order had been formed by original Masons, by the time Jefferson
was received into it, many of the members like himself, had not been in the
traditional Masonic order, instead entering this elite group directly and
being taught the 'secrets' of Masonry from their perspective. The reason
why the Order of the Red Sash was formed in the first place, was that the
founding Masons of the Red Sash felt that the established Masons of that age
were not being true to the actual sacred mysteries they represented. Much
could be said on this
but I will simply say at this point that it was the old story of a certain
level of corruption and politics entering a sacred field. The Red Sash was
VERY secretive and did not even keep any written records.

"They used certain established Masonic material, but attempted to
purify the form. They believed in Lemuria and Atlantis (most
especially focusing on Atlantis) and had at their disposal some
ancient texts (copies) which they referred to (mostly Greek). So,
according to Thoth and his akashic records, this was Jefferson's
Masonic background.

"Thoth also stated that Jefferson applied his mixture of studied
knowledge and inner knowing much the same way you do. He would have
scoffed at the idea that there was anything 'supernatural' in his
process. Of course you don't, but Thoth's point is that Jefferson did
not feel he was in receipt of anything other than pure deducement,
logic and understanding. Thoth's basic statement on the matter was that
Jefferson did not consider himself a mystic, but a 'logician.'

"On Mt. Afton: Thoth concurs basically with the information you and Deborah
are presenting on Mt. Afton. Whenever I say to you that Thoth or the
Records of Thoth concur 'basically,' what I mean is that I haven't gone over
it with him point-by-point, but in general. If there is stuff that is WAY
OFF or a major point that throws the whole thing in the creek, then he would
say so. But there could be 'this 'n' that' which he may not agree with, or
the information I am scanning may not be presenting the whole basic picture.
This is kind of the best I can do right now, as my time has to be so
prioritized, but I imagine this is of some help to you."

COMMENT OF MY OWN (Bill): The above remarks are extraordinary but they
explain much. A great many questions come up. One would wonder, then, about
the other American "Founding Fathers" as well as the European Masons
including those in Clan Sinclair. How far into orthodox Masonary did the
"pure order" go? How far back did this Order go? The L-gates and their
application would have been secret but how does one hide large formats or
fairly numerous members involved in their operation, if done on a wide and
full scale? Nothing in Maias' comments would seriously negate my
observations but would actually explain how these fairly large ideas could
simply drop out of Masonry as known today, assuming that it has.

Blessings Be...
PLEASE NOTE: I am changing to ""

Dear Friends,

SUBJECT: This is a relatively technical addition to my previous
commentary/theories regarding Jefferson's Monticello. The first section is
fairly coherent but then it rapidly becomes more obscure in Part 2, intended
for students of the Reshel light group process. Again, these are my own
intuitive theories, not checked by Thoth nor does it imply his approval.

This addition suggests that Monticello is a musical instrument: a "cello"
pronounced in English "chello." I then attempt to explain the Reshel as a
stringed instrument. What does it mean, that a mountain is a cello?

BOTTOM LINE: Jefferson, as a member of the Order of the Red Sash, ostensibly
believed in purifying what he viewed as a deterioration in the Masonic Order
(psychic source). Monticello duplicates both the Masonic logo (Dividers,
square, letter G) and the Reshel grid. Relating to music, the "G" can be the
musical frequency 3/2 although I also see it as the Hebrew letter Gammel,
#3, which was drawn in its protosiniatic version as an L on its side,
relating to the L-Gate or Eye of Ra golden ratio rhombus life-supporting
format. (The reality of the L dynamic is well established in Rosslyn,
Chartres, Montserrat, etc.. The Templars/Masons had the info and used it. Ps
118:19-23 is key.) The "G" as a note, connected with the "L" then puts the
music into golden ratio formats relating directly with Life Support systems
in the divine range. This is the main function of Monticello. It is also an
approach I am completely unqualified to address other than to comment on the
Reshel. Music theory is beyond my training.

The telluric energy forming the Dividers' triangle powering the mansion
matrix contains the symbolic "G" or "L" golden ratio Head-Stone that becomes
the Corner (L). This is effectively the core of the "note" sounded by
Monticello into the Bakhira or intercontinental Grid system that uses the
Reshel format. This system is also used in Europe and in the major temples,
thus a harmonic is established with the planetary Reshel installations
throughout. This is critical in that the Reshel (Techad) system is the key
dynamic for facilitating the Transformation or evolution of this fallen time
continuum. This is NOW ongoing and teetering on the edge of triggering
prematurely due to the clumsy opening of the Gizeh Plateau seals. There is a
vast overshadowing of Anti Christ conspiracy, Hierarchical intention to
throttle back on the Gizeh fiasco and associated hullabaloo which I will not
attempt to explain here even if I could. The question, however, tends to
surface: "How can Monticello's reactivation, if done, help or hinder the
larger problem of premature Translation?" Particlularly if it is connected
with the vital Rennes le Chateau area? I don't have the answers, just ideas.

At the very least I would hope that these thoughts will add to our
understanding of the spiritual dynamics involved in the Monticello site
where resonating with planetary transformational grid systems.

REVIEW: This summary lumps together my theories, Thoths' and Joans' psychic
inputs (Thoth via Rev. Maia). When I visited the Mansion I was deeply moved
emotionally, for some while. During the guide's briefing in the entrance
hall filled with maps I quickly spotted the old map of France and picked out
the Rennes Les Bains area. This was later explained as a soul "agreement"
between Jefferson and the later Fr. Henri Boudet at Rennes Les Bains, a
joint project. It seems that Jefferson was a closet Mason in an Order of the
Red Sash whose objectives included purifying the Masonic dynamic. Jefferson
was a humanitarian, stressing the mental approach but not particularly
"Christian" in today's sense; Boudet covered that aspect. Apparently both
used the Reshel formats. The mansion at Monticello is shaped as two "L's"
stem-to-stem forming a square cup. The geometry indicates strongly two
L-Gate systems linked, the long axes forming one double system of teleplanes
or an "Event Horizon" including the central octagonal "tower" and extended
L-shaped wings.

In the corner of the L-wings, at their hinge points (90 deg bends) there are
two sets of two cisterns, one set at each bend. There was, in the original
drawings, an octagonal gazebo also in each bend pole. An L-Gate
characteristically has a tower there (Sinclair's Black Hill Tower,
Washington DC's Washington Monument; two towers called Boaz and Jachin in
the Solomon Temple archetype in the two pillar points). The gazebos
apparently intended to resonate with the central octagonal tower, a multi
level Templar model by the way. A crystal was installed below the tower's
foundation, which was "raised" mentally. Quoted from my first commentary:

"There is a sapphire gem centering an etheric 8 point cross under the
main octagonal tower, under ground. The rotunda would form a spherical
light field at the top of the tower complementing the gem center.
(Rosslyn has the same but uses an "extruded" sphere as the vault. This
spherical vault exactly duplicates the Reshel's Solar-Is ring of life
generation and formation of teleplanes using the Great Pyramid
dynamic.) The University's rotunda will probably do the same and would
be a connecting harmonic.

"Jefferson would consciously raise the gem and 8-point to the level of
the foundation when he did his walks. This suggests that the distance
from the rotunda-sphere center to the gem would attune the sphere
based on a variable distance according to local psychic intention and
conditions. I would be curious to compare Rosslyn and Monticello
dimensions and proportions but I do not have the elevations. The
psychic analysis also says that he would unify the 8-point and move it
to different points in his local land matrix. This would also have the
effect of shifting the length of the rotunda axis and also its
Critical Rotational Position (CRP)for grater and more specific
variations based on intended projects. "

GETTING ON WITH IT: I heard a brilliant Jefferson impersonation on C-Span.
An important point was made in passing and that was the pronunciation of
Monticello (Montichello is correct). Jefferson apparently correlated the
"chello" ("being small") as a "small base viola" and this in comparison
with the large mountain I first noted as being directly connected as the
main source into Monticello. The large mountain was called by Jefferson
"Montalta" or the high/large mountain. Further, the C-Span program noted
that he owned land on the large mountain facing Monticello on which he had
planned to put in an extensive garden. This was never done however I think
that the garden would have organized the main energetic node feeding the
line I deduced and Joan independently discovered coming into the mansion
area. This technique was sometimes done with labyrinths of flowers and/or

We did not douse this main telluric line powering the mansion as far west as
the family cemetery however it is logical that the line would come from
Montalta and through the cemetery, specifically through the large obelisk at
Jefferson's grave, then east to the mansion complex. The Templars (and
Masons?) understood the use of human relics; the symbolic and energetic
picture would be of Jefferson (and extended family) eternally linked into
the energy and consciousness dynamic of the land AND WHAT THAT LAND WAS
DOING IN THE LARGER SCENARIO. The Line feeds into a single point almost on
the mansion's westerly axis but is slightly to the south of it. The Line
then splits at that point and feeds into the two cistern couplets thus
creating the "Dividers" in the Masonic logo or the Haepathia (equilateral
triangle, tetrahedron) in the Reshel. Knowing this triangle then makes it
possible to plot the Reshel grid. The cisterns literally "reservoir" the
telluric energy and provides an energy boost as well as land unification to
all humans, animals, plants using the water. His Ice House was also a part
of the water matrix.

MONTICELLO-CHELLO: This connection of music with the mountain increases my
already high opinion of Jefferson's grasp of what the larger energy picture
was then and what was to come. I also must look at the apparent connection
between Fr. Boudet in Rennes Les Bains in the late 1800's (d. 1915 CE) and
Monticello. The large connection throughout all the periods, lives, is the
Reshel format. If I make this association then I must decide how the Reshel
"makes music" that would use the mountains' telluric energy matrix as the
carrier for the Reshel's modulation. How to view the Reshel grid as a
stringed "small viol, chello?" The next part tries to do that but it
becomes technical.

End Part One, continued in Part Two.

Blessings Be...