Thank you John for forwarding the "Thurso Line" stuff to Alan. Always glad
to learn more but its difficult without charts. I don't know much about
existing grids so can make not comments re Alan's very interesting
information re the Salt Lines, I've been
concentrating on the Reshel Grid (Arieopax) as used more recently by the
Templars and originally installed by the Atlan high priests of the Holy Isle
Ruta ...clearly known of by the Templars or at least da Vinci. I can throw a
few ideas in the hat including a few comments Thoth has made (via Maia
Nartoomid) for what use they might have. (Maia and Simeon do not necessarily
agree with anything I'm saying here although I'm basing most of it on
Thoth's comments through them as well as my own stubby pencil work with the

When we were trying to figure out a good measurement standard to use here in
Crestone for installing the Chartres' Labyrinth we ran it by Thoth who
included the remark that the Megalithic Yard was excellent (which was our
intention then) but it is entirely attuned to the present planet in its
fallen version. Keeping it would have been very useful in helping people
( is an all religion Sanctuary House/Center being built; Crestone being
crown chakra in the "Ascension Grid" recently installed...) in accessing the
higher realms of the "Oritronic" or half light spectrum, thus doing last
work as a preliminary base for the transition. The builders did not go that
since we wanted a stronger Metatronic base. The decision so far is to
exactly duplicate Chartres' measurements (music) since the whole structure
is amazingly "Metatronic/Reshel" oriented, thus capable of the big upgrade.
Same applies to Rosslyn, Montserrat, Stonehenge.

The few degrees "off" True North in the Thurso Line ...Thoth calls it the
"Tav'hara" line ("Line of Destiny"), the central altitude line in the
"Urmaga" Grid ("Star of the Magi")... is a "Selah spoke." This is frequently
found to be purposely designed into a spinner system. An excellent example
is the .03 minutes in the 360 deg, .03 min found in Numbers 1:20-43 where
you add the sines of the different Tribe census (Judah uses the cosine) to
get 360 deg .03' in defining the correct zodiacal houses' sectors. The "Yud
Spoke" carries the Unmanifest God Essence (Life) charge plus whatever keys
and codes are seeding the form from the center to all outer poles. I
presently believe that Thurso is the Spiritual Center for that particular
grid system which is a pentagonal "seed" system.

The Urmaga Grid uses Peter Dawkin's "Grail Line" (as it turns out,
independently discovered) from Stes. Maries de la Mer on the Med up through
Edinburgh into NW Scotland. I apex my triangle at Thurso but use his line as
part of the system; I use the Edinburgh Matrix, Rosslyn as the Chief Head
Stone or "Resh" pole as it plots out, as the apex of the present Oritronic
pentagram but I believe that the original, and future apex is Thurso. I
suspect this because the Rutans installed their most holy temple matrix in
the Hebrides' AND ORKNEYS' island groups. (The Holy Isle of Ruta, 49N, 29W,
was one of a group of islands, the Provence of Ruta, now the Faraday
Seamounts on the Atlantic Ridge.) This was done prior to the last sinking.
All the major grid positions had already been installed: Yucatan, Egypt,
Rennes le Chateau, many others. Eyn Hallow (Holy, set apart Nothingness) in
Orkney was the pivot along with the Callanish Stand Stones in the Hebrides.
This line came in from Ruta using the Bethlehem Angle as with all the
others. These islands were holy and required a mainland pivot to carry
whatever charge was orchestrated by heavenly and hierarchical orders via the
priests/priestesses. Rosslyn, Glastonbury Tor and Stonehenge (Stonehenge
with a Beth Angle from Bara, Hebrew is "creation, seed, emptiness and
purity") carried heavy charges including time gates with the other two
primary continua. The Barbury Castle crop circle is the template to the
large earth grid using Stonehenge as its "Shen" pole and Glastonbury as the
unprogrammed left brain pole. The right brain pole at Winchester Cathedral
uses a 6-level L gate spiral to program the Glastonbury zodiac to upgrade it
to 72 "petals" for the Metatronic Grail/Zodiac. Avebury Matrix is its
center. Glastonbury then can become the actualization machinery/temple to
respond to Rosslyn (28 mile dia. Edinburgh Matrix) on the Tav'hara Line.

This set up is quite important re the Metatronic Grail geometry. If you wish
to have the geometry I can provide it. Basically it is a double Bethlehem
Triangle, base to base. The base line is from Roslynn to Glastonbury Tor.
The dramatic "Resh" or Head apex of the western grail (there are two) is at
HOLY HEAD at Anglesey. This is so named because it is formed as a head with
a helmet having a serpent device at the brow. This "figure" points SW with
an open hand (thumb down) ...a yud glyph... which "catches" two main
Metatronic grid line vectors coming through the hand: (1) line from Santiago
de Compostela, (2) line from Cintra (Rosslyn's other pole with Rome in
another primary Metatronic tetrahedron grid: the ASTARA). This whole land
configuration is so exact that one has to strongly suspect Rutan
earth-shaping. However, the "Holy Head" name must be more ancient going back
to the "Christ as the Head Stone that can't be ignored," ie the Resh or
"head that becomes the corner (L-Gate) from Ps 118:19-23 describing the two
gate systems. Thoth has remarked that there have been three other major
temples under Rosslyn dating back to Ruta.

What is so critical about Holy Head or the "Christ of Anglesey?" Its Serpent
Head piece at the ajna is the "Resh" pole. As the resh pole apex in the
Bethlehem Triangle between Rosslyn and Glastonbury Tor it is the (1)
controller for the system including its time gate matrix; (2) capstone apex
of the Gizeh Pyramid format in the system, thus having cosmic triggers,
codes in its foundation that controls the cosmic rhythym we pick up in the
so called "circadean" rhythm and four human biorhythms; (3) is the
holographic seed format for the tsadey pole or "Glory" pole generating the
golden ratio spirals that transfer life force/being/consciousness within the
Reshel system or Arieopax/Grail core. Thus what seems to be a small Grail
from Bara through Rosslyn, Glastonbury, to Mount St. Michael (Michael-Mari
line, also on the Beth angle) and having all of Ireland as the "Host" in the
Grail cup, is only the dual grail system containing most of Great Britain
and Ireland. It is really the CORE format for a huge grail or Arieopax
system including Europe and much of the North Atlantic including Ruta (which
has now returned back into our etheric as of 1995 when the Ascension Grid
was set).

The line from Ruta comes through the "Christ of Angelsey" and the other two
points in that Grail Core: the center, on the Tav'hara line north of
Liverpool and the other just north of Doncaster. Thoth calls these points
respectively: Crux Arvata (Holy Head), Abers'k, and Virmaghan. When
considering this, the Angelsey Christ integrates the Ruta Grail input and
the associated Grail Grids (Reshel geometry) and "installs" the thing
His palm-down hand into Alba-On (Great Britain). Most of GB, Thoth says, is
a "Golden Taya" area, that is the land itself is of a Metatronic frequency
and will make the shift directly as a land area.

The Clan Sinclair has the charge to organize this in the racial mind. There
are many "para-Sinclairs" that is souls who have this charge but who are in
many other culture frames with other names and in other tribes or clans. In
situations like this, there are many other great charges or missions, a
physical clan must be incarnated to ground the energetics. I can well
understand why the Clan would push hard to obtain basic control of Orkney,
then to transfer the spiritual charge into Thurso (again). Niven has
mentioned that the Sinclairs overhauling Thurso in the 1700's were
communicating with the Masons in America (founding politicos: George
Washington, Jefferson and the others) who designed Wash. DC. I find the
Reshel and major L-gate in the design. I find it very interesting that the
"L" in Edinburgh, controlled by Rosslyn in its resh pole bends to the East
while the one in Wash DC bends West (its resh was labeled the "Zero Mile
Marker" for no obvious reason; now there's a monument there probably to keep
a MacDonalds from going in in front of the White House). They might be
making a complementary set and an extremely important link, Metatronically,
between Edinburgh and Washington.

Returning to general grid dynamics: Thoth has explained that there are two
systems in important sites as with Rosslyn: the "True" and "Magnetic." The
True aligned grid manages the more cosmic, long standing dynamics whereas
the Magnetic manages the more temporary situations. This idea is not easy to
wrap the brain around. The magnetic field is a memory field while the True
"field" is highly responsive to change ...seems to contradict the above...
but the True Field is responsive to the higher divine, angelic,
hierarchical, devachan schemes that do have a long term base even though
some of their inputs seem pretty spontaneous when it hits the place where
the cat scratches the gravel. My impression is that there is a geometric
core of "nested" Platonic solids in the center of the planet that rotates to
lock onto the Sun and other cosmic events, agents. These same grid formats
are projected to the surface where their nodes respond to the inner cores'
signals. These nodes are always up and down loading without much memory
other than what is programmed into physical temples, mountains, or whatever.
The magnetic grids however, provide a memory matrix. This matrix in turn,
although precessing at a brisk rate as far as the planetary consciousness is
concerned, manages to influence the devic and various elemental
consciousness matrices to conform the physical surface to satisfy the
planetary and racial mind(s) so everyone is happy with whatever conglomerate
of madness is prevalent over the long haul. Since humanity quickly fades in
and out, even though with a powerful mental influence, our impact on earth
shaping is minimal (unless we produce people who can effect this from high
sciences). So, most telluric dragon lines, straight ley lines (selah
synaptic bridges) between nodes, and shifting mountains and all are mainly
influenced by the Magnetic Field memory and residential elemental devachan.

Thus, the better temples such as Chartres, Rosslyn, Stonehenge conform to
the balanced aspects of the local sites, larger grids both magnetic and
cosmic (True). Some sites will continue to exist through the transition or
are needed in the long evolution of the planet, solar system at large,
universe, human race, etc,, etc. so will have Metatronic grids installed and
rebooted on demand. Such was the case with the Sinclair expedition of 1398
to reboot the American Grids: Nova Scotia as the "power pack" and seed, the
"Arkhom" continental interface in New England, and associated subsystems.
The timing, apparently, was to facilitate the formation of the Iroquois
Confederation which led directly into the American (US) Constitution and
spin offs. The grids were/are identical with those in Alba-On and Europe and
are in the relationship of the right brain to the right forebrain of the
planet (Americas to Europe). That is the "Grail Across the Atlantic." Nova
Scotia is now showing up as an important, ancient, site of one of the Grail
Families. There are other important connections but too many to expound on
here. The surge in the American Reshel grids in 1398-on would be in direct
resonance with the same in GB and Europe. America had to break with the
Colonial Monarchies to be able to develop as the main right brain would
relative to the forebrain however good communications would have to exist to
support the same growth. So goes the mundane history of nations and reasons
for all events. Perhaps even the Clintons'.

I fully concur with the growing feeling of the importance of Rosslyn. She is
the apex of the Reshel grid systems. It is the "Green Chapel" intended
mainly to integrate the devachan (Sidhe via Duatha de Dannan) into a human
and angelic hybrid race. It is also one of the four most powerful time-gate
matrices in this half of the world, used for communicating with solarian
agencies in the three main time continua: this fallen one and the
past/future continua that are real. It controls the Edinburgh Matrix, one of
the main Grail generators, and the one that inputs the Christic dynamic of
"Absolution, Resolution, and Evolution" via the action of the "Spear of
Longinus" dynamic from Holy Island (Lindisfarne) to Staffa/Iona through
Holyrood Sanctuary ...another big story. This dyanmic basically inputs the
Christic blood into the Land at Arthur's Seat with side projects of
redemption of Lucifer et al (vortex at Staffa) and polarizing all this with
Glastonbury Tor.

The Edinburgh Matrix's center at the Mt. Lothian Chapel ruin brings in the
Fortingall "Academy of Christ" energetic via the Bethlehem Angle. The ratio
of angle and distance is duplicated in the Thurso to Glastonbury to Holy
Head (Angelsey) thus creating a resonant harmonic with the Grail core,
actually inputing the major Christic vector complementing the Edinburgh
"Shekinah" and crucifixion/resurrection input. Again, Rosslyn synthesizes
this and controls the action. Just recently a major energy and consciousness
addition was made at Rosslyn in enhancing the Christos insertion ...this was
both physical on site and etheric.

The grossly stupid and ill time opening of the Gezeh Pyramids' seals
virtually blew the LP-40 (Transition) schedule all to hell, rapidly
accelerating the transition. Hierarchy/angels are trying hard to stabilize
the rushing into the new continuum thus allowing more people to make it
through the shift. Metatronically attuned people including stellar races are
only 20% shooting for 40% to sustain the continuum. The opening did not
serve us well. So now there is not a
scheduled shift: it may come next month or in 30 years. It was set for the
nexus period 2015-2025 CE. Thoth's advice is to "pray without ceasing."

I don't know how much of this was in the material John sent along. If there
are any questions I'd be pleased to expand on them if I can. Its a huge
topic and getting larger as we learn more.

Blessings Be...
"Uamau ke ea o ka aina i ka pono." ...The life of the land is perpetuated
in Righteousness.
(Hawaii State Motto)