Subject: The Margate Connection
Tue, 29 Feb 2000 16:53:25 -0700
"William Buehler" <>
"Barry Dunford"

(This note connects Margate with a principle Icarius Line-axis across Europe and the Mid East. I talk about that Line. I also connect the Line to the
Zeno Narrative Chart circa 1398 CE: Sinclair Expedition to Nova Scotia.)
Greetings Barry,

Each of your messages is a bombshell of outstanding ideas, resulting in explosion of papers all over my office! I can't keep up with it all ...but don't
stop sending them.

The Margate point (England, Dover Strait) is only about 3 miles from what is probably the most important single ley line in the Planet opinion
only, for what that's worth. ("Broadstairs" next to it is pretty descriptive also. One would need to look at both places carefully.) 3 miles proximity
effectively puts it on the line or in a direct harmonic since this line is more of a broad band thing rather than a razor sharp line one might find in a
temple. Its more a matter of harmonics and nearness I think ...I'm not a geomancer as you know. In other words if someone were to erect a temple or
whatever close to a major line and both through intention and geometric identify to the line's own geometric basis, that temple would then be more
resonant than one at a greater distance ...and that's also a matter of frequencies I suspect. Of course the distant one could be made more powerful
through processes, but all things being equal I think that Margate can be considered to be what you have already picked up: "the Gate of the Mar", the
"mar" as a sea matrix relating to a time continuum or reality frame.

Also, I'm not that sure of the accuracy of my plot on the line since I'm using a compromise of several dime store great circle maps. The main one I'm
using is a MICHELIN of all of Europe as far as the Black Sea, not all that bad. Margate might be right on the line. This line is the axis of the ICARIUS
Grid linking both GAIA forebrains, really important. The axis stretches from the two mountains in Sligo, Ireland, through the Red Sea but its main
power pole is Mt. Sinai (two mountains) and its other main pole is in Great Britain at the Anglesey Man ...the subject of a major commentary I'm
working up now based on your two Mont-rose comment. I see the Anglesey "Man" and the Isle of (the) Man as a primary Grail and Round Table
matrix. I've found that matrix in an unusual Reshel format covering most of the British Isles.

I say that the Icarius axis is probably the Planet's most important line because it connects commications between Gaias' two forebrain areas: Europe and
Mid East. This includes the agna/Shambala Gate function in Greece complementing Hawaii the Roil/Royale function, then feeding back to the
forebrain via Greece and the Icarius system. Rurther, this line is resonant with Metatronic Reshel systems, thus is designed for the present period and
after LP-40 (in some form or other) or until the Roil pole shifts to Rennes le Chateau. I suppose then I'll have to remodel my cave here and trash the
charts and grids, maybe my plans for a wetbar?

The Icarius axis is "bracketed" by a line from Rennes le Chateau to Bornholm. Henry Lincoln's brilliant geometry work turned up this cross line which
he then uses as the baseline to a triangle with the apex at Jerusalem. I can't agree with this; my trying to reproduce this apex didn't work on 3 different
great circle maps. The line goes through Mt. Sinai. Thoth said that Jerusalem represents the apex in the "Fallen" continuum but Mt. Sinai is the
Metatronic alignment.

As a side note of importance, the "Icarius" connection is picked up in the Zeno Narrative chart (Henry Sinclair's 1398 CE grail expedition to Nova
Scotia and American east coast, a major event extending into this time phase re LP-40). The chart is a spiritual grail overlay of a physical chart of fair
accuracy. It goes back to a time prior to the 1398 expedition. The chart's grail geometry, using the golden ratio, identifies a fictitious island: Isle of
ICARIA which is a complementary pole to a strange rhombus shape on the chart, having 28 poles in the rhombus. This rhombus is the Eye of Ra or
L-gate format, ie time gates and more. Its the primary State of Being within the Reshel, the basic format for the whole of Europe and the Icarius Grid.
The statement being made, as far as I can figure it out, is that the main grail format which spans the Atlantic into Nova Scotia has within it a harmonic
which uses the whole (Icarius) system combining the Planets' two forebrain parts (Europe and Mid East)! This vital system then must combine with its
essential "Life" support system to THEN create the grail format into the Americas.

This makes sense as a system that connects the forebrain (Europe) to the whole right brain (Americas). Additionally, this right forebrain then connects
with the left forebrain (Mid East). Greece has the Ajna (brow chakra) and Shamballa Gate while Hawaii is the opposite Roil/Royale point in the back of
the head. MARGATE is the access: down and upload point where the Icarius axis enters/leaves Alba-On (GB). Its coming out of Dunkerque
...interesting parallel with the WW2 evac there... and transitioning into a very different mode due to Alba-on's very high holy functions within the right
forebrain. This unique function is best described in what the Anglesey Man and Isle of Man is about and that is best approached in the Arthurian
scenario (Isle of Man was his Camelot center, etc.). So, in effect the "Mar" or continuum reality will be pretty much described in terms of the Grail,
Round Table and the huge grid that is centered at the Isle of Man. And that will approximate the hugely complex spiritual matrix of Alba-On.

Your bringing up the Margate connection is a really important idea that I had not realized or noticed in working with the Icarius grid ...I appreciate it
and is indicating that we are in resonance for some reason. I think that the reason is the you are sitting in the critical Glennlyon Alpha Pole area and I
am mentally activating the Isle of Man grid (Thoth has named the "Ariat" Grid) plugging away here in Colorado in the Ascension Grid crown chakra. I
suppose that is reasonable(?). That is, you are "indwelling" or downloading the main concepts and I'm catching them on the fly, processing here, then
sending them back pre-digested. (belch)

Here's the important connection RE the Icarius axis. This also connects with the complicated Zeno Chart geometrics via the Isle of Icaria thing. First:
the main spiritual input into the human or any other system is the ajna (brow) and not the crown and essential matrix over the head. The ajna input,
with resonance to the Atassic universe via the Shamballa Gate (and Royale pole in Hawaii, or back of the head), is generally too high to sort out but it
uses the dual petal of the ajna to process the signal. Then it does an L-shift in the Fluctuating chakra (cave of Brahma) in the center of the head and
the input is then processed via the vertical chakra system where it is EXPERIENCED. Thus the idea that divine input is via the upper chakras and the
lower via the feet-root. Now, the divine input can be shifted to other chakras in more advanced systems and the primary will be the Eden point or
proper unfallen 3rd chakra below the sternum. Later it will be the heart. In working the 3 continua it generally involves all four points.

Second: So what? you ask. The main divine input is via Greece, processing via Hawaii into all Earth grids (Roil process) including resonant Atassic
forms via the Royale pole. The Icarius Line bounces the input back and forth between the Mid East and GB/Europe. In Alba-On Coventry is on the
Line and via a Reshel system ...key to all this stuff.. processes via the "Barbury Castle" grid which includes Glastonbury Tor and its zodiacal and Sun
Temple matrix as the left brain function. Chichester is the right brain and Avebury is the center; Stonehenge is the shiyn pole and is connected to
Barra in the Hebrides on a Bethlehem Angle. Barra will be picking up now, I think, since it is a primary pole in the "new" Ariat Grid.

So, with Glastonbury Tor (and the original Grail with the 7 clones) beginning to rev up and being the major grail grid pole complementing Edinburgh
AND THE ANGLESEY MAN, we can expect a boost now for the Ariat Grid which is on an axis parallel to the Tavhara axis (Thurso to San Sebastian
via Edinburgh and Glastonbury). This "new" axis for the Ariat grid, Thoth calls the "El Rod." Now, the same angle and line (Bethlehem Angle) ratios
from Thurso to Edinburgh matrix center (apex of all Europes' Reshel grids) to Fortingall and Mt. Schiehallion (Christos' main indwelling Alpha Pole)
is the same angle/distance from Thurso to Glastonbury to the Anglesey Man (actually its sea pole close to it). This says that there is a direct resonance
between Fortingall and the still active Academy of Christ, now joined with the Schiehallion Alpha pole, to the Anglesey Man. Very important to
remember this, also that the angle is the Bethlehem Angle AND that this set up creates the Grail Core for Europe and probably the Planet. The RESH
(Chief Head Stone) for this system is the Anglesey Man. (There's a biger story here, I'm working on it now.)

All this is to indicate that the Icarius input is strongly resonating with all of the British Isles via Glastonbury and Edinburgh and now the Anglesey/Isle
of Man centers. (The whole place there in GB is really stoking up but the I'm identifying main Reshel and grail poles.) This is being magnified
immensely now with the Isle of Man Arthurian Grail and Round Table plugged in and turned on again but now in a widely enhanced Reshel format as
created by the Rutans and rebooted by the Templars and their Marian cathedrals.

What with all this action bouncing back and forth and the huge grids cranking around and all manners of jiggerypokery to be had in great amounts
with sparks coming out of everything, it all funnels through little Margate on the Icarius axis. The place will be smoking soon and all there will ascend
in clouds of glory. Or the pubs may have to put in a few more dart boards(?).

The rest of your note looks even more inspiring but I'm going to have to get this other thing out before I blow my gaskets. (At my age I might not
even notice a blown gasket until my head starts swiveling!)