Magdalene: (Templar) Ultimate Search by William Buehler 2/99


Hi Lewisa,

I searched two mail systems used when I was away and believe that I found
the missing note you referred to. It included your question:

"What keeps coming to me is what "secret" the Templars held so precious and
were so persecuted for. I've been told it is coming soon--the answer that
is. I had chills as I read your email and I flashed on the Templars
information pointing to an "L" gate that is the place of ascension--maybe
among other things, but is this what you are ultimately searching for?"

I would guess that it is. Ascension can be anywhere, any time for local
groups or individuals. Grids, layooesh pillar et al mechanisms can help in
facilitating the efficiency of the process but will not replace the need for
the unit's basic state of Grace. However when dealing with the Racial Mind
the mechanical facilitation becomes more important and grids that are a PART
OF THE SOUL-MIND Earth Grids, Temples, etc., become much more
important since they also provide a relatively stable and continuous
reference system lasting for as long as the energy level and quality
(resonance with the Divine Harmonic of Universal Accord) and rebooting can
sustain them. The L Gate is a subsystem within the Eye of Ra which is the
inner system of life support within the outer structure of the ISIS EYE or
"Techad" /Arieopax (Reshel upgrade). This whole mystery is an advancement of
what the Templars apparently knew but I would agree with you it is probably
the most important "Mystery" that they would have had. The L Gate is only
the outer fringe but would have done yeoman service as a gate and would have
provided a vital Metatronic Vector needed for that critical level of
operation. The by-far best reference I've seen re this subject is johgrove's
TEMPLE DOORS Issue 2-97, subject is LP-40, the mechanics of Earth Ascension,
pgs 17-36 cover this specific subject. For Drunvelo's students this would
provide important added information. (I THINK. I've not taken his course so
I'm only going on what a few others have said. ) For my own work this
reference (Thoths' comments) is the most important I've seen.

It is my feeling that persons on our track are now learning of these things
and thus will "go back" in time to apply upgrades as needed in our own
karmic pathing. If you wish to obtain a back issue of 2-97 email There are no cook-book formulas for elevator rides into
the Metatronic Ranna Time Wave but there is a cosmic harmonic that can be
geometrically described along with consciousness grids. These can be
programmed into the Light bodies if the bodies are unified and up to speed.
First the Grace and resolution, then the upgrade. "Absolution; Resolution;
Evolution." As I see it this process is the basis of any present (leading to
the future) curriculum of a Metatronically aligned mystery school. The
mission of the Church, any religion, would be to review their own scriptures
and sort out the Metatronic vectors. The old, with the required redemption
dynamics, are still valid and very necessary in that we presently have one
foot in the old fallen continuum and one foot in the new.

There are indicators recently in the Crestone Light Group led by Judi
Arbetter that there has been an extremely important resurrection and
increase in level of the "Knight of the Rose-Pearl" order or dynamic (for
lack of a better name at this time). I believe that this may be the
Templars' most vital "Christic Grail of the Lady" core dynamic you are
after. The "Magdalene" was the central representative figure for them ...too
powerful and sacred for the Church at that time and probably still is. I
have no Masonic training so I'm pretty much free to wheel and deal without
knowingly violating "secrets" that I know nothing of.

The Mari Migdal(ah) ie Mary Magdalene heresy is the thing generating the
persecution: that Mari had Yeshu's child. Thoth says yes she did but after
Yeshu's transfiguration, an "emaculate conception" which was/is the normal
method in the Metatronic realm. His name was John Martinus and he was
effectively the first Templar. I think that the Christic "True Vine"
impowerment followed that blood line and was assimilated into the Knights
Templar based in the Langedoc region: Rennes le Chateau/Montsegur area. The
Cathars also connect. The Templars main mission I see it... and the
main persecution factor were that they were to hold and apply the Christic
impowerment which was way, way beyond the level of the orthodox Church's
capability or inclination of that time. My observation of the Church's
insertion of Catalonian Independence political energetics into the
Montserrat Basilica L-Gate mechanism amounts to Black Magic and mind
control. This is the Christ's updwelling or "Omega" pole (Alpha pole in
Fortingall/Mt. Schiehallion area in Scotland). Both poles tie into the
ASTARA (Flower of Life) European Grid governed by the 7-point or Goddess
format. Edinburgh Matrix and Tarragona are the two control poles for that
grid, which contains the planet's main L gate system as part of it. The
Church knows of the Tarragona connection!! As well as how to work the L-Gate
...but for mundane, Oritronic purposes! Very bad news! We operated the
Montserrat gate, not preplanned, when we were there a few months ago on
Thoth's guidance but the political stuff had to be deprogrammed first. The
Black Madonna is the key trigger. Montserrat, Lourdes, and Chartres are a
triunity Resh (Chief Head Stone) control matrix for the Reshel grids in

The Church, therefore, has attempted to (mis)use the system but will not be
able to until the collective and clerical consciousness is raised out of
that kind of abuse and has moved into the Christic, Metatronic. At that time
the Church will become a primary power and main player. Will it ever, in
this continuum? We can be optimistic only takes "100 Monkeys" for an
effective synergic unity. I'm quite confident that Rome can handle that disrespect intended. The point being that a small central Christic
matrix can swing the Pivot however the big program is in moving the masses
into at least the lower Metatronic range. This is hard to do even in the
Mystic community, probably due to too much (high) Oritronic systems being
resurrected for refinement. The Mystics are building an "Oritronic Ceiling"
of reinforced mental concrete, believing they have gone the route and are
not working to transcend the old systems ...too much glamour in them. It
MIGHT even be easier for orthodox Christians to make the transformation,
being short on knowledge but long on basic Grace factors.

In any event, I think that the Templars' great objective was to
"Walk-the-Path" for much of humanity who work in the "Warrior-Priest"
pathing, by carrying and protecting the Christic Mysteries encoded as the
"True Vine" projected into form and blood via Mari's child. This blood would
have combined the angelic, human, and devic realms and Yeshua's empowering
of the Apostles. Thoth has mentioned passing the "Olgive" mysteries via
Yachannan, Nathaniel, and Kaffa into two Scot clans via the Templars. The
L-Gates/Eye of Ra included. This Walking of the Path might be envisioned by
a Knight in stasis in a lower cavern. A grail is at his feet (pewter later
turns to gold) on a table (teleplane). A waterfall west of the knight's
vault (not a tomb) feeds an E-W stream through the cavern (Scot Gaelic for
cataract/stream is "lin, lyn, linne" and includes the meaning: line,
line-of-12, brood hen of 12). (There are many activating sequences.) An
Eagle with 4 wings, female, (Solarian) empowers the matrix and a scroll is
unrolled by two hands, releasing codes in fire. A Lady provides the filled,
golden grail to the Silver Knight (now having a golden rose on his heart).
The Knight revives. A phallic energetic (Osiris's last member) becomes an
Amethyst column which becomes a staircase. The angels, attending 21 silver
knights, 2 golden knights, and all others go up the stairs into brilliant
light, the Knight ascends, becomes light. There are many Sinclair related
symbols, serpent-bird staff dynamics, Arieopax formats, Arkhom/Bakhira
continental grid symbols in the sequences. The bottom line is that the
Solarian, Metatronic/Christic program via the Goddess' (the
Migdalene/Nephtys?) administration of the (female) Grail is the empowerment
of the Knight.

This empowerment can also be symbolized by one of the final formats: over
his upper torso: an upper line of 7, next down a serpent over the heart
empowered by a lightning bolt from the lower right to the upper left. This
is the "bar-sinister" in heraldry indicating illegitimacy however I see this
as a generative strike activating the heart and also unifying linking this
specific Breastplate (the Reshel, one of Metatrons' 24) with the
serpent-bird dynamic in its higher format related to the Christ's being
raised as a serpent (Moses' Staff) and being reborn. Below the serpent
(which would have a 5 vibration), there is a three, and below that a golden
Rose containing a Pearl-of-Great-Price. This format empowers the Rose-Knight
(Rosslyn) with the fiery Metatronic Breastplate Adam Kadmon codes,
Metatronic function. And more. All via the female Eagle/Solarian, Goddess

Related subject: Joan has identified (psychic input) a unified project
shared by Jefferson at Monticello and Fr. Boudet at Rennes Les Bains. One
political in the US and the other in the Church in Europe. Thus a connection
in the L Gate usage. I will address this in my forthcoming commentary re
Monticello. I prompted the question due to my huge emotional bang when going
into Monticello and walking to the old map of France, looking for Rennes le
Chateau. (I had not told Joan of this.)

Sorry about not getting this back to you sooner ...lost in the system.

Blessings Be...
"Uamau ke ea o ka aina i ka pono." ...The life of the land is perpetuated
in Righteousness.
(Hawaii State Motto)