Lion Place and Psalm 22 by William Buehler


"This is NOT a Paraclete Guardian or IRIS assignment/transmission,"

SUBJECT: This bit of symbolism is probably relevant to The Church regarding
Yeshu's "last" prayer on the cross, and to the Sinclairs relative to the
finding of a sculpture of a Lion "swallowing" a man found in Edenburgh a few
years ago in the old Roman site next to the Firth of Forth.

Dear Simeon and Maia, Niven, Janet:

Regarding the Unicorn as the 13th Sign replacing the Cetacean. There is a
critical reference in scripture that might be useful to all: Psalm 22. It's
Yeshu's last prayer, on the cross, so it has to be super important. The Jews
assume that everyone knows all scripture by heart and they effectively
reference a whole body of scripture by simply quoting the first or last
line, usually the first. When Yeshu quoted: "My God, my God, why hast thou
forsaken me?" he certainly did not believe that God had forsaken Him as many
Christians believe and naturally find to be extremely embarrassing. Actually
the WHOLE Psalm was His last lesson to humanity from the physical body of
this continuum. As well as His prayer.

You will notice that the first half of the prayer/teaching is one of defeat,
the last half is of victory. The whole thing shifts in verse 21: "Save me
from (Deliver me out of ...2 Tim 4:17) the mouth of the Lion for thou hast
heard me from the horns of the unicorns." We might say then that Yeshu is
equating salvation/regeneration with (1) being delivered out of the Lion's
mouth, and (2) being heard through the multiple horns of a number of

First the unicorn's horn. "Rem" means unicorn and also ascension. "Queran"
is a projection of a horn or ray of light. It is also a corner (ie an "L"),
a cornet, flask, mountain peak. These terms are self evident of a cup
containment field, a connective, major spiritual system. A unicorn horn is a
spiral. It shares the thorn or sword's "mouth" symbolism and this will also
connect with the Lion's mouth. The horn, thorn or sword is so sharp that the
point is never reached, it is a "mouth" ..."peh" in Hebrew. The open hole is
the divine Void from which valid forms are created and given the Life from
the Source (Void). The mouth idea also gives us sound, breath, the void and
peh also means: "blow or breathe the intent into 4 corners." This is clearly
the "Holy Breath" creating form using the 4-square and the science of
harmonics (sound, music) as well as the Life and Spirit within the breath.

The letter peh, #80, was drawn as a tube bent into an L. The L-Shift appears
in several Hebrew letters but with peh it is also involved in manifestation.
The protosiniatic glyphs do not change the meanings of the letters (I use
STRONG'S CONCORDANCE) but the pictures certainly add to the letters'
symbolic interpretations. (I would strongly recommend, Janet, that the
School staff take a hard look at this earlier alphabet format replaced by
the block letters with the possible objective of decoding the alphabet ...a
major step in understanding the words.)

So much for background. The horn's spiral may be then correlated with the
Hebrew letter lammed, #30, which was drawn as a spiral remotely resembling
the number 9. My theory, a good one if I say it, is that the spiral is the
golden ratio spiral emanating from the Source along with gamel, #3, drawn as
an L, and shen, #300, the trident shaped device that Thoth uses
incorporating the Bethlehem Triangle. We recall the golden ratio spiral as
found in plant branches. As the plant grows the branches sprout in the
spiral configuration. This is the same as with the horn except that the
grows from the Selah Void at the apex origin (point) and projects outward as
the horn or plant enlarges. This is a description of the creation using life
support math (golden ratio) and related systems generating from the divine
Source. There should be four such spirals according to peh's translation.
That is, an infinite progression of square planes or reality frames in a
spinning mechanism. This is also a pretty fair description of the so-called
"Apprentice" Pillar at Rosslyn generating from the 8 Shamir forms (the
Hebrew serpent is the letter noun, #50, meaning "perpetual regenerating

(ENTER THE LION) The Lion guards the Gate, opens sealed wisdom, and is the
"yud" function that casts the power and dominion of Spirit into all other
poles including its own (Judah within the 12 tribes, Judah in the disciples
or "Nathaniel" the perfect Jew but as the connective pillar, Leo in the
zodiac, the Lion of Judah in Revelation, etc.). The unique carving of a lion
appearing to swallow a man was dredged up in the muck of the Firth of Forth
at the site of the old Roman seaport in Edenburgh. The location is important
in the Reshel grid matrix there for a number of reasons:

1. It is the point where a line comes ashore from Inchcolm (Island of St
Columba where Columba has a chapel) to Black Hill (where Sinclairs built a
tower). This line does an L-shift and heads for Rosslyn Chapel which is the
Resh pole in the large golden ratio L thus formed. This beaching pole
correlates with the "station" in Rosslyn's L gate on the stairs platform on
the NW-SE axis centered on the Mari Pillar and coming through the Apprentice
Pillar. The shore site is a bit off due to the problem of having the real
point out at sea.

2. However, that's ok too since the VAU POLE of the main grid on the main
axis north of the Holyrood Sanctuary and Arthur's Seat is out in the Firth.
When the Grid rotates this Vau point comes ashore at the other point related
to the L where the Lion was found. This is an example of combining the L or
Eye of Ra golden ratio rhombus, with the Vau or star tetrahedon merkabah
field. (This star tetra boosts this commentary way beyond the subject for a
short paper. Related subjects: 8th/9th Miracles of Light, Pillorha Pillar,
Beth-El Triune Star Tetras, Dweller of Divine Fire, Key of David, Arieopax
Shofear.) This huge combination is symbolized by the Lion-man sculpture.
Probably the Lion's main importance is that Leo the zodiac sign contains the
star Mazuriel, which the ancient Egyptians and Templars clearly knew about
(noted in previous papers) as the primary star of all stars, the main
Central Sun representing the Sacred Heart of God.

Who put the Lion(s) there? Probably there were two and they guarded a
Mithric chapel in the Roman period before St. Columba took over the L Gate.
Columba was well informed. He also tapped into the main Fortingall to
Edenburgh Bethlehem Angle line by sticking a chapel on the line where it
intercepts the Ruta line coming up through Hebrides and Orkney, on the Isle
of Lewis. Why the hitherto unknown idea of swallowing a man? One practical
idea that appeals to me is simply to get the idea across to drunk Roman
seamen that the place was not a bar much less a brothel and to shove off.
However the main and higher purpose is found, I believe, in the Psalm 22

First, the Lion isn't swallowing the fellow, he is being "delivered from
(OUT OF) the Lion's mouth." More along the line of a rebirth or resurrection
...which is connected both with Mithras and Yeshu. Again relate the pehs'
meanings of breath, sound, the void, blowing into 4 corners and the glyph
showing the L shift. Connect this with the associated L of the unicorn horn
relating to ascension, rays of light, the grail container, et al. Also
connect the dynamic with the meaning and function of Mazuriel and also the
Solarian mission of producing avatars, messiahs, systems to support them.

If all this tracks then we have a much better idea of the state of being and
action need at the stairs platform-station in Rosslyn, the hidden meaning in
Yeshu's most important last teaching, the mechanics of the golden ration
spiral, meaning of the Apprentice Pillar (Tree of Life/Knowledge in the
Templa Mar 4-square, SE pole). Further, the Mithric priests and St Columba
knew about it as well as the Templars and then Masons. Also its one more bit
of information in the Reshel-Arieopax schematic. Any serious study of this
critical passage must certainly include verse 20 re the soul born from the
sword (its mouth) and power of the dog (Anubis?) ...which would give us a
double dipole and quickly move into a Bethlehem Triangle Grail core. (Janet:
if this idea intrigues you I'd be pleased to assist.)


Blessings Be...

Heart of Sky, Heart of Earth
give us our sign, our word,
as long as there is day, as long as there is light.
When it comes to the sowing, the dawning,
will it be a greening road, a greening path?
-Popol Vuh, sacred Mayan text