Greetings Friends!

ANNOUNCING A ONE-DAY SEMINAR: This is to announce a one-day group training
seminar on Saturday May 23rd at Crestone. It will be held in the WHITE
EAGLE and sponsored by Judi Abetter and William Buehler. The cost is $16,
bring your own lunch. We are not advertising it other than by this email
and word-of-mouth.

We will begin at 9:00 AM and go through 4:00 PM on Saturday. Please be early.

We are also sending this to a number of people that we know can not make it
but might wish to keep abreast of what's happening. We've had a lot of
encouragement from different directions about organizing an extensive
training program and taking it National and including Britain. We are
beginning the process now ...suggestions are invited.

WHAT TO DO: (1)PREREGISTER with either Judi or William. (2) Arrange for
your own place to stay; a list of B&B's will be provided on request. (3)
Probably better scan this material if you are not already familiar with our

PROGRAM COMMENT: The program will be entry level and will include two group
processes: one prior to the new persons being supersaturated with
information and the second in the afternoon. The processes are simply done
with nothing that must be remembered; no prior training is needed although
a basic metaphysical knowledge is useful. The processes basically require
the members to sit quietly and share mental imagery, any peculiar feelings
(shakti: hot or cold areas, itching, or other relatively strange
sensations). Nobody has ever been overexposed to energy. We do not
emphasize any religious format more than another but do stress the
spiritual nature and intention of the processes and program overall.

This one-day entry level introductory seminar does not qualify persons to
establish their own groups but it should be adequate to give an overview of
the technique and program.

PREREQUISITES: Very few. The following list would generally apply to those
who stay with the program however it is also a good guide for seminar

Be in reasonably good health; be a regular meditator, not on drugs
including prescription (check with us on that, most prescriptions are ok).
Our purpose is to create group unity through the most simple process of
quiet exchange/receipt of divine Grace but the energies gradually become
quite intense (although are not felt that way if all is smooth). However if
you have damaged your light bodies through past exposure to drugs, loud
noise, gunfire, extremely traumatic experiences ...or are not sure... let
us know; we'd ask your permission to do a psychic scan to determine if
there is a residual problem in processing high energies. Non-smokers ...but
again we might be able to work around this or permit early work if you
intend to stop; discuss it first. Absolute balance is required in
male-female attitudes; if there may be problems that you are not sure of
discuss it first.

Be willing to meet weekly. We've found through experience that rhythms are
established and weekly meetings are best.

Members do not have to be expert in anything except perhaps meditation to
some degree. In fact it helps to leave your qualifications at home. They
generally hold you down or back; the group mind/soul (includes inner planes
mentors) is much more subtle and knowledgeable than ANY single person I
have observed physically in groups over a 25 year period of group activity.
This will often provide an initial ego problem, more bothersome to a few
than to others, but this will be minor even though it comes in all forms
and in stages.

PRESENT SITUATION: We have two groups in Crestone now that use the synergic
bonding technique and feel that we need a third since these groups tend to
work synergically as a matrix. The seminar will begin the new group as well
as provide opportunity for the first two to enter into a more formalized
training. Our present intention is to develop follow on seminars to train
group leaders and also to provide "simply interested" members with deeper
levels of information.

LATER PROGRAM SUBJECTS: Follow-on seminars would address: (1) typical
archetypal symbolism; (2) group shakti (energy) manifestations and what to
do with them; (3) special chakra functions not usually employed; (4) sacred
geometry as applied in groups and larger grids including planetary special
grids; (5) group management by leaders in a process and administration
ideas; (6) advanced Grail configurations, procedures; (7) advanced
cosmology. NOTE: these subjects will be progressively expanded as more
becomes known about the Metatronic systems in the new continuum.


GROUP DYNAMIC PRIORITY: Our training is group oriented, we expect each
person to do their own inner work ...we will not take time as a group to do
individual processing although that might be desirable between individuals.
The group activity is not meditation and does not replace it; rather it
increases the need. Therefore members are expected to commit to a regular
program. We do not do any of the procedures common to many group seminars;
we view this program as the next step after individual clearing/centering,

INDIVIDUAL INVOLVEMENT: Although group work is stressed and individual
requirements are secondary to group requirements, we note that individuals
are generally accelerated in their individual paths. Karmic glitches will
arise with more intensity and it will be necessary for members to be able
to minimize this type of strain and delay through individually processing
the incidents through Grace and well known disciplines. A relatively little
known aspect of this is the "WALKING THE PATH" phenomenon where a member
will take on the processing of a karmic problem FOR THE WHOLE GROUP and
this in turn resonates in wider arenas of the Racial Collective Mind. The
group is very alert to this probability and will support the member in all
ways possible. This idea greatly tempers the above noted hard line that
every member is responsible for his or her own inner work. This is one
important reason why the program "capstone" facilitating group overseeing
the whole program wishes to have group permission for psychic monitoring of
group status.

SACRED GEOMETRY: We incorporate sacred geometry into group configurations.
You do not have to know about, learn or understand anything about geometry
or math. The geometry facilitates the group's vortex or "merkabah"
(vehicle, containment field) by providing a basic reference matrix for
function and stabilization. The group matrix will sort itself out
automatically as to right/left brain and chakric functions; you will not
need to concern yourself with this unless you decide to take leader's
training later.

GROUP PROJECTS: The group forms a physical harmonic with inner planes
angelic and hierarchical agencies; we are the ground half of that team.
Since we know very little about karmic causation in any area we are usually
less involved in specific projects and are mainly interested in achieving
the best unity and state of being possible in terms of energy and
consciousness "efficiency." We note that our inner planes mentors
frequently interface the group into quite large and sweeping project
scenarios, by our usual standard of judging things, but these actions are
in keeping with the groups' current state of energy, level, clarity. We are
not overstressed and we "flow with it", letting the soul carry on at
archetypal and causal levels. Sometimes we have specific projects outlined
by the Mentors. Usually we do not know specifics about our causal level
activity unless there are members who understand somewhat about archetypal
symbols or we have practiced verbal channels in the group. We are very
reluctant to dive into "Save the World" projects without a full
understanding of the karmic basis and effects of these popular projects.

MEMBERS' STATUS: All members are considered equal in the group although
there will be a group leader that accepts responsibility for the group's
karmic charge. This is nothing to worry about and you may practice
facilitating (leading) the group process if you desire; it is not required.
Each person does not have to be able to mentally image, channel verbally,
or be psychically aware. Each soul contributes even though the physical
mind may not perceive the participation. Everyone is important.

ORITRONIC CEILING: Another aspect of not bringing previous training into
the group: much of our past advanced training in the last umpteen thousand
years is "Oritronically" attuned, that is, it is designed to work in this
now rapidly transmuting fallen time continuum. Still, many persons do not
realize this and are understandably holding onto some of the greatest
spiritual formats of the past, effectively bumping into an "Oritronic
Ceiling" and not feeling the need for further transcending. The effect of
this in the Racial Mind is to lock-in powerful blocks in human evolution
right now when we least need static outdated ...but still potent...
spiritual formats. Thus we are stressing movement into Grace formats,
careful discernment and free flow at the highest levels possible, avoidance
of specific procedures unless we are quite sure about level and
appropriateness in a Metatronic (full Light) spectrum. Further, we are less
inclined to work with Extra Terrestrials since most of them are no more
aware of the continuum shift than most of us are. There are many "Ultra"
Terrestrials, ie those of Master level, who do have valid projects but we
usually do not hear much from them except via our own Hierarchical agencies.


1. Assist GAIA and the Race to make the imminent transition into the new
Metatronic continuum ...much more than simply a "new age." Forming a Light
Group contributes to an expanded and more subtle matrix in the etheric body
of the new planet. This in turn enhances all other systems attuned to the
new continuum.

2. Assist individuals/groups to condition their light bodies to higher
frequencies and more complex matrices peculiar to Metatronic activity. We
hope that this will enhance Metatronic discernment, ease the problems in
releasing many thousands of years of learning once critical spiritual
systems that are now overtaken by events and often worse than useless.

3. Provide capable and efficient Light Groups to more widely cooperate with
devachan, angelic, hierarchical, ultra terrestrial agencies in building the
new planet and assisting more persons through the now accelerating