copy to the Howells who are building a full scale labyrinth into their
Sanctuary project here in Crestone, also to Dr. Jan Bradley who specializes
in this subject.
Greetings Janet,

Since you are familiar with Chartres I'll expand a bit on it. This probably
is not necessary for the more specific individual grail process I suggested
however it will add to your appreciation of the power and significance of
the place. (This is a repetition of comments in other papers that you have
not seen.) As a priest in the Church of Antioch you might see some
crossover procedures sometime in the processing; if so I'd like to hear
your ideas.

Chartres seems to activate in a 3-step phasing. This could even be
translated into a potent group process eventually for a very competent
Light (Prayer) Group. If you are connected with a group with a special
interest in Chartres that is a distinct possibility however that group
would require some amount of energy/consciousness preconditioning to be
able to handle the sequencing.

Sequence in general:


There are advanced Reshel energy poles that exist beyond the usual
"Stations of the Cross" used at the mundane level. The orthodox "Stations"
are pretty much designed for redemption and resurrection ..."Orotronic" in
nature... however the Reshel grid is Metatronic for a full spectrum:
"absolution, resolution and evolution" sequence. Chartres uses the Reshel
as its primary geometry, as does Rosslyn and the Edinburgh matrix.

The first phase use of the Labyrinth would attune the Templar
priests/priestesses ("operators") to the cathedral and its overall function
in the greater European Grids (Reshel) servicing the Planet via its right
forebrain. (This in turn kicks in the Americas as the right brain proper
via Nova Scotia.) I've not yet bothered to figure out the Reshel stations
for Chartres but I did for Rosslyn which uses the same energetic geometry
up to a point. It is interesting that the primary generating "Shekinah
Glory" pole coincides with the center of the 7-point star formed in the
Choir area; the 7-point is the "Sheeba" or female shakti for Europe
overall. As I see the initial use of the labyrinth the operators walk it
and then exit out via the NE axis (main cathedral alignment) to continue
with the rest of the Stations. This NE path between the rings requires
Selah state to avoid disruption of either the labyrinth or operators. Those
exiting would "retune" by passing through three paths or "chords." They
would eventually have to reprocess out via the labyrinth on a reverse path
when the day's work is finished.

Obviously, the trash now in the cathedral (including the main altar in the
center) that the Church has inserted would have to be removed if the
physical cathedral would ever be used again. This will never happen but the
proper use could be done in the etheric. This phase would require the last
six operators, the most competent, to form a Grail group in the labyrinth
center to "hold the point" during the first two phases. They will carry out
the main action in the third phase from the labyrinth; remaining in place
throughout gives them continuity as the cathedral's total merkabah field
revs up.


This is the L-Gate found in St. Piat's Chapel. This is exactly the same
found in Rosslyn's "lower" chapel. One notes that the L-Gate's "Resh" pole
...resh means "Chief Head-Stone"... is on the temple's main axis, is
literally the temple's chief foundation stone "the same is become the head
of the corner" (ie the "L"). Rosslyn has the same lay out. Operators here
would be more expert than those required for phase one. They would continue
to keep the gate open and stable. This gate would apply to mainly the
cathedral, to bring it into the NO-TIME mode ...that is to integrate into
the TEMPLA MAR 3-continua network of temples supervised by the Solarians
(Shepherds or Starr.eagles).

Note: St Columba understood this L-Gate very well. The "Lindisfarne
Gospels" uses a brilliant illumined letter L on the first page that
describes the gate; the 9 Celtic knots in that L spell out 1-2-4-2 or
"Chief Gate" in Hebrew. The full translation is: "Seperated/divided chief
branch of the entrance of going and coming of the hollowed gate/pupil of
the eye." The L also contains a complex hidden geometry as well as a more
obvious connection with the Serpent-Bird-becomes-Whale or Staff of
Aesculpius activating the Cetacean 13th zodiacal sign in Capricorn
(Delphinus). There is a great deal to learn in this single letter:
presumably the whole ethic and form needed to operate the gate
Metatronically. This is the type of thing a separate Mystery School would
wring out and convert to something usable by regular priests. This was one
of my suggestions to Richard as a parallel line for ordination within the
Church complementing the sacramental line now used. The model is the two
aspects of the Resurrected Messiah Yeshu engrammed into Mari, the Rabbi and
Gardener/steward (John 20:14-16 or the Grail format).


Now that the cathedral is elevated into the Templa Mar mode, actually a
"Temple beyond and of Times", It can phase into a vast L-Gate via the
Lady's consort: Mt. St. Michel which is the Denebola pole in Leo relative
to the Marian cathedral's as Virgo. That is, it is the MAZURIEL connection
into all star systems, times, and whatall needed for the redemption of
Lucifer, the fallen angels, all in this continuum and the greater
objectives behind the creation of this fallen continuum. Big show!

Ideally the other main poles in Europe are coordinated with the Chartres
activation however since this involves no-time/all-time the temporal
element is not that vital even though the simultaneous aspect is desirable
due to other dynamics depending on the nature of the project. The Alba-on
(Great Britain) Grail kicks in via the Edinburgh Matrix controlled by
Rosslyn Chapel, then Mt. St. Michel, then St. Sulpice Chapel in Paris, then
Rennes le Chateau Matrix. There are other systems that tie in however these
four form the main L-Gate for the planetary right brain. (Maybe for the
whole planet; I don't know what's on the other side.) The L-Gate harmonic
connects with the L-Gate on the planetary Serpent Line (Hemtaha, "Uncoiling
Serpent") tied in via the Michael-Mari portion of the Line, controlled from
Men an Tol. This becomes relevant with the activation of the huge Alba-on
Grail generated by Rosslyn/Edinburgh and Glastonbury Tor.

The labyrinth center is the resh or control point for the two towers. These
poles form the Shekinah Glory pole for a vast Reshel system. It is
interesting that there is a smaller fractal version in the 6 poles in the
labyrinth's center using the Bethlehem Triangle. If the total Shekinah half
of the Reshel grid can be gotten together and functional, then the Christos
half activates from Spirit and we have a going system. This huge L-Gate
system then uses the other several Reshel "Bar-Sheeba" grids to organize
and process the two way flow via the large L-Gate.

SO WHAT? Light groups around the planet can duplicate this advanced format
thus coming into resonance with the primary in Europe. Why is this
significant? The whole continuum, all the visible universe and the other
dimensions is going through a major transition into a new continuum based
on Metatronic energies and consciousness. This process is not only on-going
but is accelerating daily. The Reshel grids are designed to facilitate this
evolutionary process with the Virgo/Chartres dynamic being a major
"software" program inserting via the labyrinth and towers mechanism into
the greater matrix. Human and angelic/hierarchical/devachan teams can
directly link into the process by establishing resonant Light Groups. I am
calling these "Grail Groups" now as I learn more about the archetype.
Further, I am beginning to see that this is an advanced range of group
synergic activity. The labyrinth is a musical and critical rotational
positional adjustment which provides us with a major tool for making the
resonant linkage.