Hawaii Grail Magnetics?

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"William Buehler" <roslinne@fone.net>

Dear Friends,

A few technical notes reviewing Hawaii's importance and some connections.

I'm forwarding this note re the Hawaiians as having an impact on the worldwide grids. Our position is that Hawaii is the
"Roil/Royale" complementary pole in the planetary "brain." This combination pole is at the point in the human system between
the crown and alta major (top of the spine) chakras. The Roil system polarizes with the ajna/brow chakra which I see as the
primary divine/etc. input into the human/planet. (Greece holds the ajna point in the planet.) The Roil pole then connects
(according to Thoth via Maia) with all the planetary grids. Complementing this action is that of the Royale function. The
ajna/brow chakra with 2 petals (processors) has above it what Thoth calls the "Shambala Gate" which can access the Atassic
Universe (contains all universes) via Mazuriel which is the Central Sun of all Central Suns. (My own view is that this also
connects beyond the Atassic Universe/Central Suns into the "Sacred Heart of God." I would use the pure symbol of the solar
disk: circle with a central bindu or center "dot" as a point of access.)

The Shambala Gate connection is with energies and Metatronic consciousness beyond the range of the human, group, or planet
(etc.) using the combination. However it does establish a resonant harmonic with the nature of the ajna input. So we effectively
have a "boosted" or "upgraded" input in the range of our ability to process it. The converts (via "L" shift) in the center of the
head/planet to the vertical string of chakras we are used to, as well as other systems including the Metatronic breastplates if we
program them and can assimilate them. The Royale function significantly facilitates this kind of program. Thus the planetary
Royale action as I see it would enhance the Metatronic vector of the collective Planetary or "Gaia" mind and Human or Racial
Mind where Ascension action is involved.

Thus the note below, reporting a new island in the Solomons' tends to support Krsanna's prediction of the acceleration of
Hawaii's new island. This would represent a significant expansion in Hawaii's function. Certainly that expansion was working
while the Island was in the etheric, then beginning its growth from the ocean floor. However now it is possibly beginning to
broach the surface as a pure symbol... its actually a long way from surfacing but Krsanna is predicting a possible acceleration
and I'm feeling that in any event Krsanna may also be possibly picking up its spiritual function as coming online in 2006.
The symbolic statement would perhaps make my point better. If the sea or "Mar" is a teleplane or "Reality Frame, or "Vault"
then the emergence in that action or "manifest" plane sets the dynamic into a temporal frame from its growing position via the
Selah pathing or "pre-form" state. Or in short, I'm not too concerned about what the physical island is scheduled for, it might be
perceived by Krsanna as (1) its imminent surfacing in the new continuum after LP-40 in 20006 as time is presently measured,
or (2) the spiritual action now, or (3) the actual physical surfacing in this continuum. Or all of the above in nonlinear time.

Remember that the Hawaiian chain is generated by its main volcanic initiation SE of the Big Island (Hawaii) and that the islands
then "drift" to the WNW as now seen. So in their own chakric format with Hawaii (main island) being the 1st chakra we are
effectively adding another with the still under-surface new island. It becomes a hot item when that new chakra activates in its
"new" upgrade. And this also applies with huge relevance regarding the Metatronic Ascension Grid (MAG) .

We've made the point before that Rennes le Chateau will replace Hawaii as Roil/Royale in the next continuum, thus requiring
cross time (3 continua) projects to include RLC in that function now. Further, Hawaii is the 1st chakra in the MAG with RLC
being the 2nd chakra now. I am unclear what Hawaii's position, grid wise, will be when RLC assumes the Roil assignment. I
strongly suspect that there will be a radical shift in that grid as it is now set up. As of now, Glastonbury is the ajna in the MAG.
I'm noting this due to our having two systems, the MAG and the Roil/Royale, certainly complementary but still different so it
might possibly be important for a grid operator to keep them both separated but present in cross time, 3-continua projects.

It is probably significant that the Crestone (crown chakra in the MAG) pole links through its local prime point ...which has a
physical tower on it... with both RLC (Magdeline Tower; 2nd chakra) and Glastonbury (Tor; 6th chakra, divine input) in a
triunity into the planetary atoma (center, spiritual center). I think that this is representing a 3rd continua (Metatronic future)
linkage but it also ties this into the present MAG. Hawaii has had a Templa Mar insertion which is a Metatronic linkage
established under Thoth and the Michael Mandate.


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> When the Loihi seamount collapsed south of Hawaii July 16, 1996,
> geologists observed that it would be an island someday - in
> 50,000 years or so. The TimeStar predicted that geologists should be
> looking at something a little closer at hand, like 2006. A little
> less than two weeks ago (May 14), the TimeStar list updated volcanic
> eruptions in the South Pacific with a reminder about the initial
> TimeStar predictions for islands coming soon to the Pacific home of
> ancient Lemuria.
> "Amazed" geologists watched as a new island appeared May 25,
> 2000 near the Solomon Islands in the Pacific. The underwater
> volcanic eruption occurred in the 13-day window when the TimeStar
> predicted that Australia, New Zealand, South Pacific and Antarctic
> would be the focus of activity.
> An article published in Discovery Online is linked below followed by
> the 5/14/00 TimeStar post.
> Scientists Witness Birth of an Island
> http://www.discovery.com/news/earthalert/000522/volcanoaustralia.html
> May 25, 2000 - A new island in the Pacific Ocean formed within sight
> of an international team of amazed geologists who reported the event
> on Wednesday.
> Scientists from the Australian Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial
> Research Organization (CSIRO) filmed the eruption of the undersea
> Kavachi Volcano and the birth of the new volcanic island in the
> Bismarck Sea, 22 miles north of the Solomon Islands.
> The group had arrived at Kavachi to study what they believed to be a
> dormant undersea volcano only to find it fully erupting. Dr. Brent
> McInnes, an exploration and mining geologist with CSIRO, said, "We
> arrived at the seamount site to find waves breaking on the volcanic
> peak. It was totally unexpected, the chance of a lifetime really."
> The geologists reported that the volcano spewed molten magma and ash
> 250 feet into the air every five minutes of their 20-hour visit.
> Sulphurous plumes shot even higher, to about 1,600 feet. McInnes
> reported that the summit of the volcano rose 2,100 feet above the
> seabed, and was forming a sandy ashen beach.
> The group was able to maneuver their boat to within 2,000 feet of the
> eruption center. [Discovery Online]
> TimeStar Post 5/14/00
> "If at first the idea is not absurd, then there is no hope for it."
> (Albert Einstein)
> The prediction for earthquakes in the South Pacific and Indian Oceans
> with storms east of the Cascades to the East Coast of America came in
> close to the TimeStar forecast for May 4-16.
> The TimeStar has forecast the 13-day period of every Class X solar
> flare for over two years but did not predict Class X flares for this
> window. About 50% of the indicators for Class X flares were present
> but the crop circles for the year did not point to Class X flares or
> large solar eruptions for the period. There was a strange four-hour
> period of solar activity in the Class M range a few days after the
> 5/5/00 conjunction that I have rarely seen. There were several
> coronal mass ejections resulting in minor magnetic storms during the
> May 4-16 window, but nothing dramatic.
> Crop circles have been played a very large role in TimeStar forecasts
> since 1996 for the simple reason that my theory is that the ET's who
> make the crop circles are the same ET's who proffered the basic
> calendar design that first appeared at Teotihuacan, in central
> Mexico. After 500 - 600 years of development in central Mexico, the
> calendar matrix emerged as the Mayan calendar in the southern Mexico,
> the Yucatan.
> Through millennia of cultural attrition, the sacred science of the
> ancient calendar has degenerated into a mish-mash of religion and
> charlatanism. The principles anciently encoded in the Mayan calendar
> are being reissued through crop circle communiques on a global scale
> in the modern era.
> The pattern of crop circle formations has been greatly different in
> 2000 than in 1999, 1998 and 1997. Rather than showing solar-lunar
> eclipses with eruptions, the crop circles are showing geometric
> relationships of a different. I'm haven't figured out what these
> mean yet, but there's a definite change in process.
> Note on Earthquakes: The TimeStar forecast for the 1/20/00 lunar
> eclipse predicted an increase in volcanoes through 2000, which would
> result in fewer earthquakes greater than 7.0 magnitude. However, the
> TimeStar forecast for the May 4-16 window did predict 6-8.0 magnitude
> earthquakes in the South Pacific and Indian Oceans. On May 4, there
> was a 7.3 earthquake in the South Pacific. On May 14, there was a
> 7.0 earthquake in Argentina followed by a 6.1 earthquake in
> Afghanistan. Argentina is bounded by the South Pacific and is the
> equal and opposite point to the TimeStar sector that contains
> Afghanistan, with the Indian Ocean being the ocean closest to that
> country.
> Overall, the window in with the May 5, 2000 conjunction occurred has
> been hum-drum on a planetary level. The action will increase again
> as the July 16 lunar eclipse gets closer. It will be interesting to
> see if the number of crop circle formations increase proportional to
> the proximity of July 16.
> Happy Mothers Day,
> Krsanna
> The TimeStar forecast for May is posted at
> http://www.atnet.net/~timestar/iam.htm
> The alignment of seven planets in opposition to Earth on May 5, 2000
> has merited books, articles and prophecies for years. Now the real
> fun begins. We get to see what really happens. TimeStar is pleased
> to present its forecast with the Warrior window opening May 4.
> Solar eruptions and solar flares will increase again in the May 4-16
> window that opens on the eve of the May 5, 2000 conjunction of seven
> planets. Predicted to cause the ice caps to slip due to
> gravitational pull of seven planets aligned in opposition to Earth,
> this conjunction will be most notable for the solar activity and
> magnetic storms accompanying it. This will stimulate volcanic
> activity on the Atlantic seaboard from Canada to Brazil will
> increase. The Montserrat volcano in the Caribbean. Small to
> moderate (3-5 magnitude) earthquake swarms will increase east of the
> Cascade Mountain Range. Storms in areas east of the Cascades will
> increase. Larger earthquakes (6-8 magnitude) are possible on the
> South Pacific and Indian Oceans.
> Subtle effects of the May 5 alignment will begin to emerge in the May
> 17-29 window. These will include increasing numbers of heart and
> respiratory failures in humans along with whale / dolphin beachings.
> The Moon glyph is situated in the south Pacific area associated with
> old Lemuria. The last time the Moon glyph was up, a record-setting
> iceberg began breaking away from the Antarctic and could be set
> adrift. Activity at the Antarctic will accelerate as a result of
> changes that began about 500 years when the Vatican financed Cortes'
> invasion of Mexico.
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