Hendaye Cross-Spain-Jefferson Connection

Jefferson/grid overlap
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"William Buehler" <roslinne@fone.net>

(for background here readers are directed to Vincent Bridges Book

A Monument to the End of TIME, about the specific predictions from the "Cross at Hendaye" as it relates to the Grail Story



(Subj: Put out to the list. This technical note to Vincent comments on a grid overlap in Europe. For the Earth Grid enthusiasts
these notes are important in understanding the Reshel grids' potential in the present evolutionary vector. Here I'm agreeing with
Vincents' ideas re Hendaye and adding the Reshel "spin" on his view of it, another layer. I'll put out a separate letter re the
Hendaye L grid; this is mainly a letter to Vincent of possible general interest.)

-----------------summary follows:

Summary of most important points:

1. Hendaye is next to San Sebastian, Spain. The great Seed format: Urmaga Grid has its main altitude axis between Edinburgh
and San Sebastian. Hendaye is identified here as the main pivoting pole, probably connected to San Sebastian. The matrix or
"shiyn" pole there, as Hendaye via the Urmaga Grid will hold the holographic keys and codes for Europes' Reshel grids, thus
for Gaia. The Reshel grids are most relevant to the present continuum shift.

2. Hendaye holds the main "shiyn" pole charge and function for the Urmaga grid. That is, it is the main spiritual transfer pole
(including San Sebastian) into the main Reshel seed grid for Europe and thus the Gaia right forebrain.

3. Hendaye is the common spin center for the large Reshel system and overlays a main "L" gate complementing the main axis
north to Edinburgh. This supporting L system is from the Oldbury Hill Fort in SE London (Kronos Point), through a 4 km
area in France (names: Ste Anne next to a hill "Bois d'Hermet", Roman ruins, les Bouillons (bubbles)) as the lower 1.618 pole,
then through the control point for other Reshel Grids: LA ROCHELLE, then to Hendaye, then bending to Rennes le Chateau.
From these estimated (but strong) grid points' names I would guess that the Roman Mythric priests knew this system last (as
with Edinburgh and the St. Columba and later Sinclair Templars' take over of those points). The "Bois d'Hermet" or
"Wood/antlers of Hermes/Thoth" is a very strong connection to the "Horned God" or "Horn Gate", which is the function there.
This is a Greek myth of two gates of horn and ivory... the gate of horn is true. The antler/horn is a matrix of light. Also applies
to the Thothic stream and Eye of Ra applications under the Michael Mandate. The area is a woods (sacred grove) with a hill

4. Not that important, but regarding the time difference between Jefferson and Fr. Boudet as soul "partners", this link is seen in
nonlinear time and includes the present time work in the same Reshel grid system and application: the "Grail across the
Atlantic" project across thime, as it were.

-------------------letter follows:

Greetings Vincent,

Yes, I'd like the material you are offering ...also I deeply appreciate your amplifying notes! I have a few ideas relative to them,
just some off the wall ideas at this point but they look good to me. (Inserted below) I'll shortly put out a letter with more
complete ideas and a line diagram with it.

There's another thing you could do for me (again). You once interpreted the hieroglyphics in the Hathor temple design I'm
working with however the file was reduced to pulp in the Great Flood. Perhaps you'd do that again for me? The design is
becoming more important, perhaps the most important I've yet come across, so if you do a "straight" translation maybe you can
also do an intuitive expansion of it ...ie what is it really saying? This is the sequence within its immediate energetic context;
you've seen the larger drawing. If you can't make out a character use your intuition and let me know. I'm assuming you don't
object to my crediting you for the translation and interpretation?

Following are your remarks re my own. I'll add to yours:

(My first comment:) A reminder, the Edinburgh Matrix with its time gates built in is the other end of a huge L-gate system with
Rennes le Chateau at the other corresponding end. Sinclairs would have been vitally interested in any RLC related activity ...two
ends of the same stick.

(Your comment:) Yes, and the shift point is at Hendaye, the small Basque village where the Cross we decode in our book A
Monument to the End of Time (see www.magicjourney.com for more info, locatable through the site map) can be found.
Given that this monument contains the code for the specific moment of time that we living through, now, the fact that is also the
shift point of
the great L is truly fascinating. Within the L, all the cathedrals form a vast pattern of Virgo. Outside the L, in Spain, the pattern
on the ground seems to be Leo. This indicates that the juncture of Leo/Virgo, 90 degrees from the galactic center axis, is a very
important shift point. If Rosslyn is one control point and RLC is another, then Hendaye is the point where the shift, transition,
happens. It is the point where the vectors overlap. This makes it even more important, and its secret significance was one of the
major occult secrets in the western tradition. Without understanding Hendaye and its monument, it is hard to grasp the
connection between RLC and Rosslyn. I can't emphasize this enough. Hendaye's monument is the key to the larger processes at
work at the moment.

RE the L-shift and grid perspective using the Reshel format:

(My comment re above:) Hendaye is near San Sebastian. I'd also concur that Hendaye is really the power pole rather than San
Sebastian but that there is likely a telluric connection or an artifact ley from Hendaye to San Sebastian. This composite
Hendaye to Sebastian point is the "shiyn" pole in a rough (but functional) pentagonal triangle from the apex at Edinburgh to
Santiago de Compostela to Stes. Maries de la Mer (Urmaga Grid: Star of the Magi). This sets up the seed function for the
collective Reshel grids in Europe (Bar-Sheeba Grid). If we extend this base line past Stes. Maries de la Mer it hits the significant
pole (Reshel format) of Luc. The real, and proximate, pole for this point is really la Chapelle Ste. Roseline at Les Arcs. These
points from Edinburgh to Hendaye to Les Arcs provide a primary L, as I see it Reshel wise, but miss the key Rennes le Chateau
point. Check out the Stes. Maries de la Mer and Ste. Roseline symbolism ...really a neat set up particularly reflecting the
Rosslyn/Mari and Sinclair action in the apex.

Your magicjourney site is impressive. The Cross of Hendaye info is really important and I have another layer you can add to it,
a Reshel layer. I interpret the "Man in the Moon" (Proctor and Gamble logo?) as a Reshel format logo (crescent moon) with the
Sun Face on the west with the double "X" as the Reshel's "Vault of the Sun" at Chalons en Champagne, France. With the Reshel
the "Vault of the Sun" merges with the "Pool of the Moon" ...the Sun and Moon unity... when the "Resh" poles of the two grid
halves coincide in the center (Hendaye). (This is also an eclipse dynamic.) The female Resh pole is at sea off La Rochelle. (La
Rochelle is the effective Resh pole.) The Christos Resh is near Peralejos de las Truchas in Spain. One interesting point: if we
rotate the whole grid about 18 degrees we swing the SW Vault of the Sun at Huelva, Spain, up into (very near) Sintra, Portugal
which is the base corner of a tetra grid with the shiyn at Tarragona. Again, with Edinburgh as that grid's apex (Astara Grid). If
we spin the Urmaga Grid 10 degrees CW we move the at-sea Resh pole into La Rochelle and the base line or "Horizon of
Thoth" into Rennes le Chateau where you are seeing it link.

My idea of the large primary European L system, initially prompted by Thoth (via Maia), is the connection from Edinburgh to
the Isle of St. Michel, then to St. Sulpice Chapel at Paris, then south to RLC. Its a double L and the two temple pillars when the
system is adjusted via a Flashing Universe interchange ...super complicated but it "strobes" on the set up described here to set
the physical time gate control(s). This "L" or Eye of Ra system does a whole lot more than facilitate cross continua linkages.
Info available on request. It will be obvious that the Edinburgh Matrix is the pole in common with the other Reshel grids so
becomes the major area for general connection overall.

This double L system supports all the other Reshel grids. The Hendaye (shiyn) pole is in the Urmaga Grid which is the
pentagonal Seed function for the whole system. The Astara tetra grid is the connective or "Flower of Life" as often construed.
This cycles new life pulses into Gaia via Europe with the systems needed for the new level. But as a connective. It needs an
8-point Wheel to manifest the Seed so I am interpreting the Cross of Hendaye's 8-point star as the system for manifesting what
the Reshel's seed program inseminates into the whole grid system. RE the enigmatic inscription PCRVXAVES PESVNIC A, I
am not at all agitating your own great work with it when I concur with the "O cross, the single pale space" or the idea that "...life
takes refuge in a single space." This is of course the absolutely vital Selah point of Nothingness ie the Unmanifest God or Selah
aspect. This is the Life in the Seed from/of Source beyond light. Your other interpretations are likely to be the manner of
transferring that non-form Life pulse into form. This concept will also confirm that the Crosses' site is the center of Selah spin
or the "Selah/Yud Spoke" that spins from Hendaye out as far as Edinburgh as the apex in the Urmaga Grid main axis. It might
be possible for the spoke's width to be the 10 degrees that brings the main axis into La Rochelle and the Horizon of Thoth
(base line) into RLC.

RE the Hendaye to RLC "L":

Great work! I didn't see this one. I noted above that it 'bends' NNE to La Rochelle which is the center of the larger Reshel
"Titan Oceanus" Grid from Ruta to Rome. Since it appears that Hundaye is the center point or "shiyn" pole on the baseling
from Santiago de Compostela to Stes. Maries de la Mer and then to the Ste. Roseline at Les Arcs, I suggest the possibility that
the "Cross of Hendaye" is representing the axis up to Edinburgh with the upper cross part being Edinburgh, the pillar being the
main axis to Hendaye, and the Hendaye codes being in the base of it. In this kind of dynamic Hendaye would hold those upper
codes but they would outpicture at Edinburgh and feed into the other Reshel grids having Edinburgh as a common pole.
Recalling that the Urmaga Grid, with Hendaye, is a seeding system.

RE the Leo-Virgo combination as an Earth Grid, 90 deg from Galactic Center axis:

I completely agree re its existence and importance. I use the same grid: Virgo and Leo, as the one in Charpentier's
MYSTERIES OF CHARTRES CATHEDRAL with the Virgo/Cathedral grid in France (pg 30 of the Avon 1975 paper back). By
using this one (which would not deny or refute any other versions, just add to them) I can line it up on Mt. St. Michel as
Denebola in Leo. This is a vital test of the grid's application. Denebola is the star marking Mazuriel's location in the real
continua (Ranna Time Wave). Mazuriel is the Central Sun of all Central Suns. Further, remember that the huge L Grid uses
Mont St. Michel as the bend point between Edinburgh and Paris. Thus by activating all the Reshel grids we use the L system to
go into Metatronic boost, link into the greater family of real suns (via Rigel), and the Ranna Wave. The L facilitates the sorting
out of time and dimensional shift so we don't come out of the tube as a wad of chewing gum of several flavors (Thoths' words

With this in mind it might be a good drill to see if you can find anything in the Denebola spot in the system you are using.

Virgo is representing our fallen continuum; we are basically female relative to the others. Your Zodiacal Earth Temple (ZET), I
think oriented North with Capricorn ...which I concur with, using North as primary spiritual pivot and Capricorn as the
"Capricornian Future" in the evolutionary orientation (also goes with the Hathor Temple orientation: axis North with Capricorn
south but this does not refute your application in the least). Virgo and Taurus represent the other two continua: Virgo is us and
Taurus is the 1st continuum from which we dropped. We are now evolving and creating the 3rd or Capricornian. So when I
designed the first Temple of the Emerald Mar on the Mogollan Rim using your brilliant "Stem and Blossom" format in the
ZET, I used the same three systems as the "Unity in Time." Our light group is presently using the Emerald Mar center point as
two Eyes of Ra (golden ratio rhombuses) within the Dione Couplet. This is the drawing from the Hathor temple I've been
working with that I'm asking help with. This also links with the Helioopolis Osiris Phoenix dynamic.

RE Boudet in time:

(My remark:) As Fr. Henri Boudet at Renne Les Bains I had a special agreement with Jefferson in his application of common
dynamics ...myself later in the Church in Europe via RLC and him in the early Government in America. So I have a more
sensitive appreciation of the gent now and his personal activity if not his particular foreign policies of that time.

(Your comment in reply:) Uh, Bill, I think your re-incarnative memory is slipping. Boudet was born after Jefferson's death in
1826. The Abbe Antoine Bigou, sorry I mis-spelled it in my previous post, was appointed to RLC in 1774 and fled to Spain in
1791. He was involved in the Duc D'Orlean's attempted coup that set up the situation in the summer of 1789. I'm still tracking
him, but it looks as if Bigou had connections with all the major Illuminists groups of the day, including Cagliostro, St. Martin
and St. Germaine. The notes on his connection to Jefferson are in the Jefferson family collection at the University of Virginia,
and as I said, there is a sketch of Renes-le-Bains included. The Abbe Henri Jean-Jacques Boudet was a generation older than
Sauniere, born in 1837 at Quillan. He was ordained in 1861 and by 1872 had become the parish priest of Rennes-le-Bains. His
predecessor at Rennes-le-Bains was the Abbe Jean Vie, one of the two priests to whom Abbe Caunielle entrusted the Abbe
Bigou's secret.

When we were at RLC last spring, I made a series of compass readings from the exact center of the pentagram to the
surrounding mountain peaks. Last winter, using these readings I cracked the code of the parchments and the headstone. Still
don't know who created the parchments, etc., but I do know that they were designed to point to a particular place on the
ground: a cave opening near the tiny village of Sabbat Creamat. Notice the interesting resonances in that name! If you
interested, I'll send a copy of the draft of that work. Part of it is in html, but all the illustrations are not finished yet. We got busy
on other things. The next step is to re-check on the ground, and we are going to do that in October. So, if you'd like to see that
material, just let me know.

(My remark:) Right, I remembered the time difference between Boudet's and Jefferson's life and that was my context with
"earlier and later." (Just trying to be brief and so resulted in confusion, sorry.) The situation is in nonlinear time and projects
to this time period ...I don't know who Jefferson is now but so far I haven't had to find out, it might be relevant(?). The souls
are jointly responding to a larger project re the Reshel formats used in RLC setting up a harmonic in nonlinear time from the
primary L-Gate in RLC (Europe) into the establishment of the US and the Masonic vector then. This is part of what I'm calling
the "Grail across the Atlantic" project for lack of a better name. Boudet basically started that connection re Jefferson in an
earlier time but it was completed by myself as the same soul in 1992 (that part of it). Thoth had two missions into the RLC area
in sequence: (1) Journey of the Golden Penta-Dove, and (2) Path of the Dragon (which included me). Our mission was to first
insert a Grace format as the 2nd (dove) breastplate of Metatron and the Dragon thing was the 3rd breastplate. These were to
overlay the many other layers of grids over the centuries including the ones of Boudet's time. A Reshel was needed of the form
to carry on into the Metatronic Ascension. Three days of storms preceded us (continua shift in preparation). It is now a bit
amusing to remember the French road symbol resembling a lightning bolt "S" or actually the double L which I did not know
about then. I just knew that was our "path" (road sign) for the mission.

Although I've said that was the completion there were other linked actions including extensive work at the other end of the L
grid, in the Edinburgh area within a Sinclair soul environment. This "Grail across the Atlantic" action also involved
downloading Rutas' "best of Atlantis" codes from the "Lady of Light" (Rutan term for the Statue of Liberty) to transport to
Eurpope's key points in the Christic Alpha and Omega poles at Mt. Schiehallion and Montserrat basilica. All this is a
3-continua scenario apparently mainly under Thoth's overview in unity with other Orders.

Blessings and many thanks!


Mon, 15 May 2000 11:20:06 -0600
"William Buehler" <roslinne@fone.net>




(Note: since I'm remarking on spiritual issues I don't wish this put into general discussion. I wouldn't mind its being passed to
others with a certain amount of discretion regarding personal sensitivities. I'm sending this brief note to my general email list
which addresses sacred geometry in general.)
Neil, Peggy,

You asked:

Date: Sun, 14 May 2000 09:55:44 -0400
From: "Neil Sinclair/Peggy Rintoul" <rinsin@globalserve.net>
Subject: Re: Charlemange
"Curious as to whether Jefferson was tied into the Sinclair genealogy = thoughts?"

...A few thoughts but not an answer. Synchronicity took me up to Montecello, or rather my good wife Joan did. But I'm very
glad I took it in! I'd of course heard that Jefferson had been a Mason but the sales people in the book shop there stoutly and
even emotionally denied it when I asked for a book on that subject. I knew all the good ol' boys (founding fathers) had been
Masons and unofficial info has it that they formed an inner, clear core called the Order of the Red Sash. I also note that the
painting of George W. shows him wearing a read sash. (The Laying of the Cornerstone of the Capitol, Sep 18 1793... postcard
from The Friends of Rosslyn)

I did buy a booklet of Jeffersons' drawings including Montecello plans. One glance while there followed up by a few weeks of
tedious analysis at home shows that he (1) was completely aware of the special grids known to the early Templars found in
Rosslyn Chapel design, Chartres, Washington DC original plans, etc. including his own advanced application I have come to
know as the "Dione Couplet"; (2) sited Montecello to tap into a telluric line coming down from the higher mountain (where he
owned key sites; my notes were ruined in my house flood and computer crash but I remember that he connected the two
mountains with musical instruments, his being the "cello") and that this line split where it approached his mansion (forming the
"dividers" of the Masonic logo).

I notice that he completely redesigned and rebuilt the mansion after he returned from his stint in France. I am guessing that he
connected with the Masons and probably Sinclairs while there, also probably made it to Rennes le Chateau. The kind of energy
dynamics designed into the building and grounds would have been equivalent to "NATO Cosmic Top Secret
burn-before-reading" back in those days. (The grid system is the one I've been writing about called the "Reshel" or "Chief Head
Stone of God.") Clan Sinclair Masons would have had that close-hold information but it did get over here since it is precisely
installed in the Washington DC city plan and primary government buildings. This is the last example I've found of the system
and I suspect that the info was denied to incarnated humans after that and then just recently reintroduced about 15 years ago.

You may know that the Masonic logo is a square tipped onto its hinge point, a letter G within its bend, and open dividers
pointing into the square and containing the "G." I am not a Mason but it is not hard to figure out the logo although my
interpretation would probably not be theirs. The logo is designed into the Montecello building and grounds. The split energy
line (dividers) "reservoirs" the energy in the buildings where cisterns are built ...telluric energy stores in water. He also put an
ice house with the fresh water storage. The square plan of the wings from the octagonal center have the "L Gate" proportions
and may duplicate the two L's used in the advanced system called the Dione Couplet ...best diagram from the Hathor Temple at
Dendera, Egypt. The "G" I believe to be from the Hebrew letter Gamel (#3) which was originally drawn as an L on its side, same
as used in the mansion. This same L, vertical, is found in Edinburgh from Inchcolm (St. Columba island) in the Firth, south to
Black Hill (Sinclair tower was once there) and then the bend east to Rosslyn which is the control point. St Columba knew of this
system and the larger earth grid layout. Clan Sinclair later picked it up.

There was apparently a large ring of trees or "Sacred Asher (Grove)" around the whole. A few trees are still there and the strong
energy nodes are detectable where the originals are missing. These trees were probably different kinds in keeping with the idea
of a zodiacal temple. The connection with nature elementals through the Sidhe ("shee") was apparently the same as with
Rosslyn although I believe that Rosslyn's connection is the more important in the Planetary Reshel system. Nevertheless there
would have been a very strong resonant harmonic with Rosslyn, Chartres, and Rennes le Chateau. The resonance would have
been through the use of the Reshel. This would apply via the Masonic formats if they still have that information. As I say, I
don't know and they won't tell. However I have had very blank stares when I've brought the subject up.

BOTTOM LINE: I don't know of genealogical connections so I can't answer the question however I'm sure that Jefferson was
what I'm now calling a "paragenetic" Sinclair, ie having a common soul charge. I say that because of his very precise and
advanced application of a spiritual system probably known only to inner core groups of Masons of that time (Templars of an
earlier time) and probably guardianed by Clan Sinclair judging from the Clan's positioning on the key Reshel earth grid sites
covering Scotland. This knowledge and application would have come from ancient sources.


Bill Buehler,
Colorado, USA
Taken from John Melius' painting:
"The Laying of the Cornerstone of the Capitol. September 18, 1791"
(Portion showing Washington: note the red sash)

Reporting Hendaye L; Part 1 of 3
Sat, 3 Jun 2000 12:14:53 -0600
"William Buehler" <roslinne@fone.net>

Dear Friends,

SUBJECT: This reports another very large L gate or Eye of Ra grid system in Europe. Vincent Bridges alerted me to it as an L
that "bends" at Hendaye, Spain, and goes through Rennes le Chateau, France. He also emphasized the importance of Hendaye
(comment below). The northward part goes through the main Templar port of La Rochelle and north into England. Europe's
main Rashel grid (Titan Oceanus) centers in La Rochelle.

Parts 1 and 2 contain background re the "L" format. Part 3 describes the Hendaye-L system. Part 1 has a graphic of the
Lindisfarne L. Part 3 has a line diagram of the Hendaye L. I've tried to balance simplicity and review with new information
which is basically technical and not at all familiar with knowledgeable metaphysicians including myself.

SOURCE INFO/CAVEAT: Most of my information is based on translations of Thoth Raismes via Revs. Maia and Simeon
Nartoomid of the Church of the Johannine Grove of the Machanaim located in Crestone, Colorado, USA. For a rough overview
of the kind of information this covers I suggest looking at the topics presented in back issues of their TEMPLE DOORS
periodical, at http://www.new-age-spiritual-products.com/temple_of_thoth_back_issues.htm. >From this base I do my own grid
development and make many interpretations of the basic information, that will go with my own flow. This does not necessarily
imply that Thoth or Johannine Grove would agree with my improvisations. I am grateful for their permission to extensively use
their information but remember that the information herein is made in a context of my own applications and are not the Revs.
Nartoomids'. To communicate with Johannine Grove use either johgrove@fone.net or tempmyst@fone.net.

GRID THEORY OVERVIEW: (Repeats previous commentaries)

Earth grids' and temples' energetic and consciousness organization do not control people's minds. As with the zodiac, the grids
are tools: systems that facilitate human evolution by boosting resonance with divine harmonics used by agencies in the
innerplanes as well as in other time continua ...note that I am expanding the idea of cross time communication outside this
whole continuum. This continuum ...all the stars in sight, all beings in this universe, are in a fallen or "Oritronic" reality. In any
star system we have ensouled beings that represent both levels: Metatronic (full light spectrum) and Oritronic (half light). The
same with this system. Our interest here is in Metatronic systems, not Oritronic which is rapidly being transformed. The Techad
generation Hendaye-L is Metatronic but working in an Oritronic continuum.

There are good reasons for creating this continuum but the project got out of control, so to speak, due to our having Free Will
to shoot ourselves in our collective foot. Under the "Michael Mandate" we have always been working to return to the
"Metatronic" Ranna Time Wave from which we "fell" and to which we are now returning. The past and future continua in the
Ranna Wave, and this one, provide a scenario where agencies under the Michael Mandate are working in nonlinear time in three
continua to achieve the original objectives as well as redeem the souls of the three realms: angelic, human, devic and rejoin the
"real" universes in the Ranna Wave.

The transition event is called "LP-40" (Light Principle #40) by Thoth. Original schedules, one that is most popular is/was 2012
CE. Then is was changed to about 1995, then was returned to the window: 2015-2025 due to not enough souls carrying the
Metatronic quality or frequency level to maintain a Metatronic reality (40% minimum is needed, we were at 20% as of the
1960's when the decisions were made). When the Gizeh seals were blown a few years ago the LP-40 schedule went down the loo
and the collective Racial Soul/Mind is teetering on a premature triggering. If LP-40 triggers now the evolutionary jump will
crash and we revert back to nearly ground zero for a very long recycle. Now the Hierarchy is working hard to get as many
souls up to speed as possible and to keep us from premature transitional disaster. (For the cosmology of this I recommend
Johannine Grove's KOALA pamphlet.)

The grids (temple, earth, group) that I specialize in and are included here are variations of the Techad (Reshel) which is the 3rd
breastplate of Metatron (of 24). Metatron is the highest archangel; the Ranna Wave universes are of the quality and frequencies
relating to the archangel's aspects. The Reshel grid is quite complex and incorporates major systems such as the Great Pyramid
dynamics, Tetrahedron(s), pentagram seed format, golden ratio forms, time continuum or reality frames formation forms, inner
and intra time continua interaction forms (the L-Gate, Chief Head Stone as the "resh" as the Eye of Ra). These are organized to
complement the whole in a synergic effect. The Techad, called the Reshel to conform with its use in our continuum, is the chief
mechanism used in LP-40 related events. There are two "halves" to the Reshel grid: the Christic and Shekinah. It is my belief
that this grid is the nearest geometric description of the "Grail" (two of them) that we have.

The Reshel dates back to the Atlan Holy Isle of Ruta when the major earth grids were installed which have been used since and
are now moving into their function for LP-40. Thus their emphasis in our work today.

VINCENT'S COMMENT: Hendaye is "...the small Basque village where the Cross we decode in our book "A Monument to
the End of Time" (see www.magicjourney.com for more info, locatable through the site map) can be found. Given that this
monument contains the code for the specific moment of time that we living through, now, the fact that is also the shift point of
the great L is truly fascinating. Within the L, all the cathedrals form a vast pattern of Virgo. Outside the L, in Spain, the pattern
on the ground
seems to be Leo. This indicates that the juncture of Leo/Virgo, 90 degrees from the galactic center axis, is a very important shift
point. If Rosslyn is one control point and RLC is another, then Hendaye is the point where the shift, transition, happens. It is the
point where the vectors overlap. This makes it even more important, and its secret significance was one of the major occult
secrets in the western tradition. Without understanding Hendaye and its monument, it is hard to grasp the connection between
RLC and
Rosslyn. I can't emphasize this enough. Hendaye's monument is the key to the larger processes at work at the moment."

MY ADD-ON REMARK TO THE ABOVE: I concur and will add a remark. There are several overlaying Virgo grids in
Europe. I use the one in Charpentier's THE MYSTERIES OF CHARTRES CATHEDRAL which is fairly widely used. (My own
info now:) This grid version correlates with Mont St. Michel (French version) in a critical way. Re the Virgo grid St. Michel, the
Mount, correlates with Denebola in Leo. This position in the celestial "telesphere" relates to that of Mazuriel, Central Sun of all
Central Suns and the main Atassic Universe access via the collective Central Sun atomas.(Atassic U. contains all universes).
Mazuriel did not fall so does not exist in this fallen Oritronic continuum. However, in nonlinear time where we also use this
nonexistent continuum we work with the other two "real" or Ranna Time Wave continua which do have Mazuriel as the Essential
Sun. The Templars clearly knew this. Mont St. Michel is in the huge L-Gate from Edinburgh to Rennes le Chateau via the
Mont and St. Sulpice Chapel in Paris.

Le Mont St. Michel appears to be the central point harmonic between the Hendaye-L axis and the complementary Urmaga
Grid axis to Edinburgh. If so, then as the Hendaye-L axis spins it "strobes" at St. Michel and creates a 72-pole ring from its
regular 36-pole ring. These are both Grail harmonics. The effect of this razzle-dazzle is to generate a higher frequency
sphere/ring (from the 72 point wheel) within the 36 point ring's already high frequency inner sphere. (I have not yet plotted
either of these very important spheres.)

What's an L-Gate?

SUMMARY: An L-Gate is a geometric grid appearing as an "L" or the famous "corner (L) stone" of Psalm 118:18-24. This
psalm notes two systems of gates; these relate to the two systems within the Reshel format. "Resh" in Hebrew means "Chief Head
Stone" and this also relates to the Messiah, Yeshua, as the Chief Head Stone (1 Peter 2:3-10; Zech 4:7 ...break "Zer-ab-bab-el"
into its component words.) "Oben" is also a head stone and appears in two poles, the split stone archetype, but the resh is the
primary code in the Hebrew alphabet.

The "Isis Eye" relates to the Techad while the L formats are the "Eye of Ra" which Thoth integrated for us in his original
disclosure. We use the integrated system simply referring to both as the "Reshel" which is the name Thoth gave along with 9
poles having Hebrew alphabet designators. The L relates to a golden ratio rhombus and this contains the dynamics for
across-time communications and travel (Emphatic note: this does NOT relate to the Montauk Project abominations in any way!
That project only travels within this fallen continuum). The below notes provide more detail and a broad view.

I wish to emphasize that these grid applications in the earth forms, also in temples such as Chartres, Montserrat, Rosslyn,
Stonehenge, are also applicable in group process. In effect the light group duplicates and becomes the Reshel temple or
"grove." Therefore the study of the grid is much more than an academic exercise in obfuscatory esoteric geometry. The
dynamics are those of life regeneration, manifestation and transmutation of form. We are COcreators in this and without a
clear unity with divine Source (Unmanifest God), divine intelligence and grace, we would be working in disharmony and
abortive wrong action. Let this be clear in the beginning.

EYE OF RA (L-Gate): The diagram below shows a golden ratio rhombus in the upper right corner. A yellow L superimposed
on the two axes is a short version of the more complete rhombus or EYE OF RA (Thoth: via Maia). The L form is the more
obvious in existing earth grids and temple geometry. Its understanding is essential in operating Chartres, Rosslyn Chapel, and
Montserrat basilica for examples of its wide use. It includes time gate functions since it is a system for connecting between
many dimensions and time continua having their own systems of dimensions. Without the sorting mechanism we'd come
through resembling a wad of gum merging several sticks (time continua).

This note is from TEMPLE DOORS: (Thoth via Maia) " The simplest description is to might make the point that the "L" is the
working symbol for transferring reality codes from one time realm to another. (WSB: As St. Columba used it, we think
correctly, the L in its vertical axis carries the codes for this time continuum which are carried from another primary vertical
pillar or L-axis reality via the horizontal bar.that will transfer into the "horizontal axis" reality.)

One question about directions of bending brought up a useful comment: (Thoth via Maia) "The only thing that you might
change is the connection between "Right" as an L shift and "RIGHTeousness." Yes, righteousness is demanded when operating
gates but you are on shaky ice when trying to make the word connection in English. If you wish to pursue this connection you
might make the point that the "L", in its vertical axis carries the codes of one reality that will transfer into the "horizontal axis"
reality in the shift." (WSB: Righteousness in Hebrew is "to be correct, just, prosperous, virtuous, and to cleanse the self." Note
"Gates of Righteousness" in Psalm 118:18-24.)

Note: The Isis eye is the Aeriopax (advanced application of the Techad or "Reshel"), 3rd breastplate of Metatron (of 24),
mechanism and state of being facilitating the LP-40 shift to the 3rd continuum from this fallen (2nd) one. From TEMPLE
DOORS, Vol. 2-97, pg 29: (Thoth via Rev. Maia as edited by Rev. Simeon):

"(Thoth:) ' ...It (the Isis Eye) is the Star Gate into the Attasic or complete Universe. This the eye of reconciliation with the Eye
of Ra. Once the Eye of Isis is wedded to the Eye of Ra, the latter is returned to Source.'

"Let us briefly look at the Eye of Ra for a moment. Thoth has told us that when the Universal Tear in consciousness occurred,
the Eye of Ra was exposed. It is an intersection point of universal ley lines, much as there are intersections for ley lines upon
the Earth, many of which are referred to as power points or vortices. So what Thoth is indicating here is that the Isis Eye holds
the key to healing the Universal Tear in consciousness, for that must be healed before the Eye of Ra may "return to Source". It
is the healing of this macro-cosmic aspect of duality that will allow the universal fabric to re-assume its cohesive ebb and flow,
with the Eye of Ra being returned to its greater function of passing information between the higher Light worlds freely. The
current condition is such that guardianing matrices such as the Telos.Aarkhara' have been installed upon the Eye of Ra to
prevent 'fractured reality' energy / information from moving freely through this portal into the unviolated universes.

"Thoth gives us an analogy to help us better understand the 'wedding' that must take place between the Aerlopax / Isis Eye and
the Eye of Ra. He says that we can view the Eye of Ra as the living matter within a Nautilus, and the Isis Eye as the shell.
Currently the Eye of Ra has been built a 'nest' where it is safe, but it is not able to take that nest with it, as does the Nautilus
carry its home on its back. The 'wedding' of the Eye of Ra and the Eye of Isis will give the former its mobility and full range of
function once again."

These are a few comments extracted from the periodical: "SHEKINAH GROVE MATRIX" (SGM) from Synthesizer Vol 4, No.
3, August 2, 1993 which uses info from Thoth (via Maia):

"The Rhombic Dynamic is much too advanced for its use by the Shekinah Grove Matrix (SGM), at least in this lifetime. It is a
highly sophisticated science appropriate for the next Millennium however SGM may use it in certain- closely controlled
situations where the rhombus pure-symbol is contained within a superior energism ... for example the Cube-of-Stars. The pure
symbol may be used in your TAV (Telos Aarkhara) Project, which format can be provided to you soon. our idea of inserting
the rhombus as the "Inner-Four" within the 8-point SPINNER is too advanced for the SGM now or in the near future.
Knowledge of it is useful in understanding the Dynamic but is not to be employed.

"The Rhombus is the core of the Spirit-to-Matter interchange. As such it is a powerful device in the manifestation process. It
flows in a linear field but in a different order of randomness and time sequencing. Your present cosmetrics (ie the group
configurations, pre-viously described as some of the most sophisticated systems used on the planet; WSB) have been
progressively developed to permit safe group conditioning and application however, to use the Rhombic Dynamic you would
have to know the science fully at the start - with the exception of the few simple applications you may use in the TAV Project.
Although "simple", this is a relative term, their use is still the most powerful application you will have employed and should not
be taken lightly. The METATRONIC vibration is of the Sacred Essence."

EXAMPLES OF USE: St. Columbas' Lindisfarne Gospels uses an illumined letter L on the first page. The figure shows the
serpent and Eden's tree and the bird's head is also a whale's head seen from the opposite direction. I can not go into an
explanation of it but will include one of the intermediate graphics showing basic time gate geometry before it becomes
complicated. This graphic shows the main circles with their sacred chords used in developing the more complex rings.
(Important: the 9 Celtic knots in their combination: 2-4-2-1 in Hebrew means "Chief Gate" in the simple translation. This
figure is Columba's message across "time").

Hendaye L; Part 2 of 3
Sat, 3 Jun 2000 12:21:51 -0600
"William Buehler" <roslinne@fone.net>




(Continuing Hendaye L Grid report, Part 2 resumes L examples.)

Part 1 showed St. Columba's Lindisfarne L template. Columba's main L gate (as a grid system) is in Edinburgh from the St.
Columba Abbey on Inchcolm (Island of Columba) in the Firth of Forth at Edinburgh, south to Black Hill (Clan Sinclair tower
site), bending east to Rosslyn Chapel (Sinclair center of power with the Castle, town, etc.) which is the Resh pole in the 40 mile
diameter Edinburgh Reshel Matrix. That is, Rosslyn controls the L gates previously used by Columba in this critical earth grid
system in Europe and Gaia's right forebrain.

Columba installed the "Spear of Longinus" across the Christos Glory Pole in the Edinburgh Matrix, at Mount Arthur's Seat in
Holy-Rood Sanctuary in Edinburgh. Christ's revitalization of the Earth via the Spear's release of water and blood into the Rood
(on Great Britain's main grail axis, the Tavhara Line) is at Arthur's Seat ...profound archetypes in this, not discussed here. The
"Spear" extends from Holy Island (Lindisfarne) to Clan MacLean castle on Mull. This point synthesizes the two Star Gate
equivalents: Christos at Iona and the Lucifer gate at Staffa. Staffa is the site where composite vortex from the main time
implosions anchored, the effect of the Fall. Thus there is a major redemption and restoration occurring via the Spear Of
Longinus grid line in Edinburgh. This action in turn plays its polar role complementing Glastonbury Tor, main Grail site and

These two main poles then form a Bethlehem Angle grail vesica with the Anglesey Head (Crux Arvata) apex. The Anglesey
Head combines with the Isle of Man to hold the center of the ROUND TABLE of 240 miles diameter, ie the Aarat Grid. This
Grail Flow, action sequence establishes L harmonics between the large L in Edinburgh with the much larger Hendaye-L and
even greater L Grid spanning between Edinburgh and Rennes le Chateau. Further, every Reshel grid, there being about 7 of
them in Europe and GB, has its built-in L systems. The function of this L dynamic is as outlined in Part 1: Planet Earth
establishes continuity, viability, and communication across 3 time continua and sets up for its Transformation at LP-40.


Both Chartres and Rosslyn use the same L gate in the same manner. The L in each case is a chapel external to the main temple
in such a way that the L's Resh (Chief Head Stone) pole is on the temple's main axis, thus becoming the temple's main head and
corner (L) stone. This system is the Christos half of the Reshel being used and the Resh is literally the Christ as the Chief Head
Stone (1 Peter 2:7).

The same system, but not external in the same way is used at Montserrat basilica. There the Resh (control) pole is programed
by a chapel whereas at Chartres and Roslyn this Christos function is not trusted to physical humans until they can function with
the few poles entrusted to their operation in clarity. At Montserrat the Church has programmed these poles with nationalistic
codes for Catalonian independence. This use of high spiritual systems for this mundane purpose amounts to black magic. (The
energy at this point was highly negative producing illness.)

Additionally, the energy ley line from the Chapel, through the Resh pole (a black Madonna), charges a distant Black Madonna,
the same style, at Tarragona. This polarizes with Edinburgh on a primary grid axis. The Montserrat L system exposes the Black
Madonna Resh pole to the intense devotion of thousands of Christian pilgrims, and exposes them in turn to whatever is coming
out of the Chapel ...the whole interaction being punched into the Gaia Mind (higher Oritronic only) via the grid. Fortunately
this form of mind control is limited to the Oritronic range, albeit into the lowest Metatronic interface level. On a happier note
the Metatronic Christic Omega (upwelling) pole was installed at Montserrat "downline" from the Chapel activity, thus forming a
Rood conditioner to the ley line to Tarragona.

I have no idea what is going on in the Basilica chapel but we can hope that the Roman Church is moving into a Metatronic
valence. Matching the Tarragona/Montserrat pole is the Christos' Alpha pole at Mt. Schiehalion in Scotland, grounded by a
golden light rod in the Rosslyn L chapel.


The L works in a few different ways. One is to pivot or "hinge" the vertical line to go horizontal, thus transferring codes. The
vertical line, carrying codes, hinges to the horizontal line and merges the codes into the teleplane or working reality frame.
Chartres works like this. Also, the Lindisfarne L (part 1) shows the archetypal codes on the vertical line.

This transfer of vertical to horizontal has been done physically by first expanding the awareness into nonlinear time and then
physically turning 90 degrees. Also, the whole "L" or Corner can tilt; I have not figured this out yet but I've found it in ancient
geometry. This is important since it is occurring with the Hendaye L; my present theory is that the tilting L is really a spinning
rhombus and the tilted position is a "strobed" imprint maintained by repeated imprints as the rhombus continues to spin.

The more advanced application is a reversal of poles. When used as a full rhombus the poles of the rhombus are internalized
and are "imploded" (this can be dangerous if not done with spiritual intent and assistance). The rhombus can be spun and there
can be combinations of rhombuses. Again, this is a very advanced process which directly affects molecular structure. Work with
this system should be done in unity with Metatronic innerplanes agencies. Not for party entertainment.

The Hendaye L is the former, spinning type, transferring codes into Rennes le Chateau, but is also working in conjunction with
the Urmaga (Star of the Magi) seeding grid. We may assume that the whole Urmaga grid seed codes are being transferred into
the ancient time gates at Rennes le Chateau. RLC in turn is connected by the largest L-Grid to Edinburgh. Since the Urmaga's
apex is in Edinburgh a resonant harmonic is set up which is inserted into the rest of the Reshel grids in Europe ...Gaia's right

We have been given specific L procedures. These are available on request by persons or groups using Metatronic procedures
with innerplanes back up.

(End of Part 2. Part 3 describes the Hendaye L grid)

Hendaye L; part 3 of 3
Sat, 3 Jun 2000 15:47:30 -0600
"William Buehler" <roslinne@fone.net>


Part 3 describes the Hendaye L grid.

(Again, for those that skipped the first 2 parts I am recognizing Vincent Bridges' generous information regarding Hendaye, its
importance and it's connection with Rennes le Chateau (RLC) using an L format.)
The Hendaye-L has a horizontal base line to Rennes le Chateau. I include San Sebastian, Spain, in a collective matrix with
Hendaye, next to San Sebastion. When checking the L's vertical (NNE) line I noted that it is through La Rochelle. This is
clearly a critical connection not just due to its being the former main Templar seaport but also due to its being the center of the
major TITAN OCEANUS Reshel grid for Europe. This is perhaps the major coding in the L's vertical line feeding into RLC.
However the La Rochelle site does give us a golden ratio rhombus with the other two points. This is not really necessary for the
L to work but it would be more efficient if we had the full system using both the "phi" pole of 1.618 (high frequencies) and
phi-squared pole of 2.618 (low frequencies) in the vertical line.

As it turns out there are good indications that those poles existed long ago. Hendaye (with San Sebastian) is the common spin
center for a large Reshel system called the URMAGA GRID which overlays the Hendaye L-gate. The Hendaye-L N-S axis
complements the main Urmaga axis north to Edinburgh. This supporting Hendaye-L system is from the northern pole in
London, near the old Greenwich Observatory and south to a very small crossroads point of "le Pas" in France as the lower 1.618
pole, then through the control point for other Reshel Grids: LA ROCHELLE, then to Hendaye, then bending ESE to Rennes le

From these estimated (but strong) grid points' names I would guess that the Templars and Masons used the system. The "le Pas"
point has no obvious ruins, circles, or churches near it. Le "Pas" means "the step, footprint, pace" or adverb "Not which might
play on words to mean the Selah or Unmanifest Source. So the name at least is good. 16 miles south of le Pas there is an
interesting small group of places: St. Germain d' Anxure, Creche la Motte, la Roche. This point is near enough to keep the large
area harmonic particularly if there is telluric connections making it more useful than le Pas. However, all considered short of
dowsing the place I'd go with le Pas. In any event it doesn't look like le Pas was used as a power control point whereas the others
most probably were.

The line leading into London goes through "Godstone" which is English for the Hebrew "Reshel." The line then goes through
the Isle of the Dog (West India docks) having passed the Old Royal Greenwich Observatory by 1 km. This is a solid connection
in this large scale and the 2.618 point plots even with the place, just to the west.

My theory is that the full L grid has been used at least in near Roman times... assumption is based on a stone ring in the SE
London area at Oldbury, probably Celt predating the Romans. This assumption is also based on the convenient names given the
French position. Whether this theory is valid or not, the Hendaye-L was still viable using La Rochelle as the primary northern
pole in the vertical axis. Actually this makes a 45 degree square, the L having equal legs. The N-S leg however is the "long" or
major axis of this formation in view of its relationship to the Urmaga's major axis.

THE DYNAMICS: The Hendaye-L is canted 10 degrees clockways from the Urmaga axis going north to Edinburgh. My
theory is that both the Urmaga and Hendaye rhombus rotate as one system but independently. Thus it would be feasible for the
Hendaye system to create any ring or collection of rings of different poles within the primary Urmaga ring. I might even be
possible for the Urmaga to use San Sebastian with Hendaye as the center of the complementary system.

Since the 10 degrees offset is "locked in" due to its installation using physical points, we can assume that the main "working"
ring has 36 poles: a harmonic with the grail numbers of 144 (complete synthesis) and 72 (petals of the grail rose mystica). This
polar ring is also the main one used in the Hathor Temple (at Dendera) mural showing the Dione Couplet. (This geometry has
been passed in prior commentaries.) The 36-pole circle creates an internal ring which builds a 5/10 point HOLOS or seeding
ring. This also provides a 5-9 "Elisa Exchange" combination (discussed previously in other commentaries). In the Dendera
format, this generates a rising Bennu or Phoenix of resurrection and regenerated life (Grail stuff). I have not plotted the sacred
chords or inner ring in Europe but that would be quite important to do.

Regarding the London pole, C. E. Street's EARTHSTARS shows a double ringed earth grid centered in London in which the
north point of the Hendaye L falls. The double ring is the same as that in a Reshel format so I am assuming that the two
dynamics are probably the same: that the London Reshel format is the Hundaye-L northern 2.618 "Kronos" pole. The distance
between my roughly plotted point and the London "Reshel" is about 6 miles on a line stretching all the way to Spain.

For maximum effect, the Templars or Masons would have placed operating crews in the London, La Rochelle and Hendaye and
RLC poles. Le Pas could have added to the work however it does not appear to have been used, based on the lack of facilities
there. Of course, all that would have been needed is a room and several operators.

Regarding the Hundaye-L as a sub-sytem to the much larger Urmaga Grid. The Urmaga is a Reshel format with its own L-gate
systems. However the Hundaye-L appears to be more precise and also well placed to work in complementary action. I think
that the Hundaye-L used the whole London grid as the primary codes together with those of La Rochelle. It is quite likely that
"Godstone" may have been the control point in the London Grid; the name has it. If Hundaye is the "Shiyn" pole for its own
Reshel system, then the pentagonal apex would be in The Wash, a bay north of London. "King's Lynn (line)" would be the
control point. A "lynn" in Gaelic means "line, brood hen, brood of 12, lion, etc." which would quite accurately correlate with the
line to Hendaye. It is a probability that such a system exists.

If so, then the main circle for that grid system would use Hendaye as its center and the zayin pole in THE WASH would be the
perimeter point of the radius. By synchronizing the two large grids: Urmaga and Hendaye in their common center or "shiyn"
pole(s) and locking them with an offset angle of 10 degrees we induce a 36 point ring in each one if though we spin the two
separately within their unified field.

SUMMARY: Hendaye appears to share a central energy pole (shiyn) in two Reshel grid systems. The "Urmaga" grid axis
extends to Edinburgh and the Hendaye-L axis to London ...the L part of the Reshel... and to THE WASH (King's Lynn) north
of London if we add the rest of the possible Reshel grid. They both may be spun around the Hendaye center separately
however they also have a common connection through Hendaye. Further, Mont St. Michel shows up as a pole midway between
the two.

Hendaye's axis is offset 10 degrees from the Urmaga axis, thus in its spinning it creates a 36 pole ring (grail harmonic: 72 and
144) relative to the Urmaga system. "Strobbing" at Mont St. Michel a 72 pole ring is generated with a higher frequency system
being formed as a complementary ring and internal sphere. This is all relative to the Urmaga axis which seems to be providing
a primary mark or reference system for initializing the rings' unified system.

Hendaye's "L", in its NNE axis comes south from London (which holds a Reshel form grid, probably the main codes for the L),
then through a cross-roads in France called le Pas. Then through the main center at La Rochelle, again with major codes re the
whole Reshel grid system in Europe/GB. Then to Hendaye. A bend east is made to Rennes le Chateau. The codes on the NNE
axis "L-shift" to Rennes le Chateau. Or we might say that in a higher usage, these codes in a lower Eye of Ra (golden ratio
rhombus) permit an efficient connection with a Ranna Wave (Metatronic) correspondent system.

In short, the Hendaye-L Eye of Ra represents a major Reshel system in Gaia's right forebrain. It connects into the larger L-grid
in Europe at Rennes le Chateau as well as Mont St. Michel and Edinburgh. It appears to be specializing in Grail harmonics.

What's this all in aid of? Assuming that all Metatronic systems are coming up, with emphasis on the Techad or Reshel, then the
Hendaye system is included. It can be duplicated in light group work. At this time the Sun is going through a large transition
and e are told that Eye of Ra formats in the Gaia/Racial Mind/Soul will be very helpful for the larger transformation which must
also include the whole solar system.

(End Hendaye L Grid, Part 1 of 3; L application examples continue in part 2.)