Dear Ms Baumgarten,


I am intrigued by your organization's name: "Tree Garden Land Design." It
appears from the name that you might be designing "Groves" in the biblical
sense, that is: potent temple formats using earth grids keyed by
specifically organized tree patterns. The columns in formal temples were,
after all, duplicates of trees. I enjoy correlating scripture with
grids/sacred geometry and applying them to group configurations,
procedures. These also apply to larger temples and even larger earth grids.

I'm interested in the "Green Man" and "Green Women" (appear to be two of
them in the archetype) phenomena, the Sun God(s) engrammed into the tree
trunk, trees as evolved elementals, and what-all.

A current project of mine is to better understand the Rosslyn Chapel south
of Edinburgh. As it turns out this Chapel is a major controller and time
gate in the European special Metatronic grids. The Chapel uses the Vine and
Tree as its major dynamic. John Ritchie pointed out how there is one
continuous vine (True Vine) that services the whole Chapel. There is much
to this in connecting with the Chapel's function regarding the Tuatha de
Dannan however that would only complicate this note. The Chapel is perhaps
the best example there is relative to reproducing the highest archetypes
manifested physically by the elemental "Tree Dynamic." A long range
objective of mine is to organize a Light Group along the lines of the
"Dynamic." This includes planting an appropriate Grove (Temple) as a
merkabah (containment field) for the group.

The group would not have to "Save the World" but would simply "be" and by
"being" would create a synaptic nerve-line or "tree" (translates: dendrite)
as with a "grove" or "asher" in Hebrew. This tree or vine ...the one vine
vitalizing the whole Rosslyn Chapel matrix... is the ASHER in Ehye Asher
Ehye or "I Am That I Am." So far this passage is the best example of
scripture explaining what a Grove is. I call this the "Tree Dynamic" or

Asher is also translated by using the assonant form of asher which gives
us: "tree, grove, system of ten, 10-stringed lyre, tithe, etc." and is a
potent form of creation formula: "I Am The Music and Grove of Ten, I Am."
This is the formula for projecting Divine Life (Ehye) into cosmos. It is
effectively what Rosslyn does, thus the emphasis on the one vine and "the
Tree" with spinner ring of 8 Shamir/serpents which circle the carved Tree
of Knowledge/Life ...The serpent in Hebrew is the letter noun, #50,
translating as "eternally regenerating life (in cycles)" and the 8-point
wheel is the manifesting machinery of dual crosses and so-on.

There are strong indications that the "asher" format is also connected with
the Grail geometry we have (re)discovered which also pulls in correlations
with the Bethlehem Angle dynamic and a few other esoteric items. I am
presently working with a group in Crestone that uses this geometry, a sort
of experimental application at this time.

This type of discourse could never end. I am simply saying that I am
particualry interested in knowing if you are using trees in connection with
specific consciousness and energy archetypes and translating that into
physical grids. Perhaps we could compare notes?

Blessings Be...

William Buehler