An Article on Earth Grid Geometrics, by William Buehler

It is possible to organize energy and consciousness using geometric schematics or "grids." Radio equipment is an example, from recording to reception this is a grid system. There can also be non physical grids or combinations of physical
and non physical. This is the subject of Appendix 1. Unethical agencies (Montauk Project) have used this to control minds, as weapons. Those commented on here are specialized and are used ethically, in fact they can not be misused. They are not the usual Pl
atonic "solids" that are relatively well understood. The subject grid system is "Metatronic", named after the highest archangel, the system belongs to two other time continua which contain this Planet concurrently with the one in this "fallen" continuum. The grid system, the "Techad" or "Reshel", has always been used here but at lower levels than it is designed for. Still, it has always retained its strong Metatronic vector so has been usable at the highest levels humans have been capable of. It is the primary core grid for Clan Sinclair installations, also used widely by many ancient and modern cultures within "inner core" groups, held as secret knowledge.

It is a violation to control minds however it is permitted to enhance and assist those efforts to increase spiritual Presence pursuant to using Free Will. The Reshel grid is therefor used mainly in temples and in large areas where collective will for spiritualization will assist humanity. Clan Sinclair leadership has understood and employed these systems during the time of the Templars and later to some degree within Masonry. The technology includes that of time travel and intercommunications between time continua. Programs in this area of redemption and evolution are under the supervision of Archangel Michael, the program titled the "Michael Mandate."


POWER LINKS:<-!> The primary power and authority source is divine. This is obvious however it also means that the "users" must be of the same resonant harmonics to be part of the synergic system. This does not require "perfection" but it does demand a good deal more competence in the application of spiritual process than is now extant in most religions. Inner-core Templars had that capability while the "old soul" Sinclairs also carried the OLGIVE Christic soul charge, including para-genetic Sinclairs. Aut
hority comes through a Seraphic group of 9 (the ENNEAD) ...hence the core number for Templar groups and for the Reshel grid... then under the Michael Mandate.

Divine power has three functional qualities that all systems must include, thus the operators must also be of the same state of being and function. Different spiritual matrices have different versions of the three but Clan Sinclair works in the Judeo Christ
ian and at a level that understands the "mysteries." The "three" basically may be grouped in the Eastern description of the three gunas: satva (expansion, form release), tamas (contraction, form building), and rajas (movement). These may then be further des
cribed as: sat (being), chit (mind) and ananda (Joy resulting from grace/harmony) or "satchitananda."

The quality of consciousness and state of being demanded of grid operators might be summarized as simply being "Grail-Capable." The Grail is more than the physical representation of it (now interred in Glastonbury Tor, prime pole with Edinburgh), it is a state of being. Two Grail matrices, male and female, expands this concept. The subject is too large for this appendix.

Mechanically, grid power comes from Planetary center or "atoma" via a core matrix that is etheric and spins in tracking the Sun and other stellar events. This is governed by spiritual input via the North and South Poles which also process through the ROIL/R
OYALE point at Hawaii and at Rennes le Chateau when the future continua is part of the process. This point accesses all grids. The main spiritual input is through the Sun, then through Venus. This dynamic often requires that the Venus orbit (two of them inc
luding that of the Ranna Wave) be included in the grid.

The Sinclairs virtually controlled the Planetary grid system by installing themselves in key grid positions, much like a pilot's function in the cockpit or engineering station. The Edinburgh Matrix is the main controlling system however further north in Orkney and Caithness there is a powerful complementary pentagonal (Seed) grid covering Orkney and grounding in Thurso and the Sinclair Noss Head castle. Thurso synthesizes the Orkney Grid and sends the signal downline through Edinburgh.


by William Buehler

GRID DEFINED: <-!>For our purposes a "grid" is any system that organizes consciousness and energy patterns that supports the consciousness and its intention. That includes just about every system there is; everyone I can think of anyway. I will therefore preface the word "grid" with a specific name where I wish to be more exact.

There are a number of different grids:

1. The geometric format. A simple triangle is an example and it represents the "3" or CONNECTIVE function. It is efficient in communications, building a pillar or bridge. It has a high Grace Factor and its Master Number 666 is a Christic Temple Pillar (best described in Rev 3: 7-12 as the Pillar in the Temple of God: the letter Vau, #6, or Key of David.) The triangle or Key of David is poor for manifestation of form, its main form being a connective of forms. It is a pure symbol for a tetrahedron, that is the triangle usually showing the base and each of its sides projecting triangular flat planes into a single unifying apex over the base. An "altitude" line is dropped to the base at which point the tetra's center of power and action is designated, its "spiritual center." The apex of the base triangle is the "pivot" and the other two sides are the right and left brain poles for the pivot pole. For example, the primary spiritual mode orients the pivot pole in the north. The SE pole is the right brain pole for the system and the SW is the left brain pole. The northward or vertical ("up") pointing apices represent the female or Shekinah ascending vector. The opposite male, causal or Christic complement is formed when the female or physical system is br
ought into clarity and an harmonic with the Christic state of being. This then forms a dual or "star" tetrahedron made up of two interpenetrating tetrahedrons.

The other two main geometric systems are the SQUARE for MANIFESTING and the PENTAGON for a SEED MATRIX. Using the rationale above, the square or "+" Cross (Greek Cross) is complemented by the "X" Cross in which Spirit inserts its interface and codes when the physical cross is clear and up to speed. The same occurs with the 5-pointed star to give us a 10-pointed Wheel.

Every form then has a complete system of Seed, the Form and the Connective linking to the higher complementary Seed, Form and Connective. This is also the "Yahway" or "HVHY" creation Grid format.

A consciousness grid<-"><-!>. Of course all grids have consciousness however again I am trying to indicate a grid without geometry and "random" does not fit the description. There is not a geometric form, usually, in this type of grid. The chakras are an example. The Planet has many grids that are formed of chakra sites, not geometrically organized. There can be chakras associated with geometric grids however this is not necessary all the time. A square can have chakras for example.

The zodiacal grid<-!><-">. Often a zodiacal sign or portion of the sign will be used as a grid. The Templar Virgo Grid in Europe is a prime example, made up of the principal Marian cathedrals. It is usually more permanent.

4. An Integral grid. This system can be any of the others but is a basic structural grid without which the structure will collapse. A "skeleton" grid describes it. The Earth uses the geometric five Platonic Grids for example.

An Artifact grid. This is an artificial system inserted for a specific purpose, usually a more permanent installation that is resonant with the others. A Zodiacal Grid is an Artifact however "artifact" here is used in a more general sense. An example is the Reshel system used in Europe and the Americas. The Reshel or "Techad" supplements the total Planetary artifact grid: the Rhombic Enneacontahedron Grid made up of golden ratio rhombuses. (This RE grid was discovered by Marvin Solit.) The RE Grid complement the Platonic Grids, phasing with the Penta Dodecahedron and Icosahedron.

A FEW REMARKS AMPLIFYING ON THE GRIDS:<-!> There are many grids-within-grids, each a sub-system of a larger. I will describe several of the largest ones in this planet, their being Reshel grids and not generally known. The Reshel was given to our Midwest Light Groups to (1) revitalize and correct the fallen Female Pillar, defiled by one fallen Melchizedec suborder, the Decan, in Lemuria and again in Atlantis; and (2) assist the groups in evening out time glitches in our processing. This grid is also called the TECHAD Grid and its Metatronic upgrade is called the ARIEOPAX. It is the 3rd Breastplate of Metatron, of 24. The system is the primary one in effecting the LP-40 or evolutionary transition of the Race and Universe into the new, Metatronic continuum.

<+@><:s><+!>GAIA ORGANIZATION:<-!> Visualize the planet as a composite of the racial, elemental and angelic formative mind in the physical ranges. In other words, the planet forms a huge "head", a brain, which in Hebrew is called the "resh, #200" or "Chief Head St
one" which Yeshua likened Himself to and which one can not ignore else it will crush you. The "Head that becomes the Corner" is also noted in PS 118: 19-23. As noted above, this "resh" is also the basic synthesis for a major ancient grid format called the "
RESHEL" whose function is to ground the highest Metatronic Whole Light grid -- which is in turn the basis for the new continuum that we are now recreating. The Templars knew of this grid and probably much of its importance in consolidating three major time
continua and in evolving this fallen continuum, redeeming Lucifer and the fallen angels, and in accomplishing the other objectives relevant to the creation of this experimental cosmic university. They designed the "head" (Reshel) into the main geometry of t
he cathedrals -- the two that I've looked at so far: Chartres and Rosslyn Chapel, originally intended to be a Notre Dame. The Atlans created huge planetary Reshel grids, also for this present time as well as for critical organizers along our historic path.
The Atlans situated at least three mountain groups (that we know of) in forming the basic poles that had to be permanent. These three groups as examples are (1) the 5-point star in the AYH'R (Rennes le Chateau area); (2) three mountains in New England (refe
r ARKHOLM Earth Grid); and (3) three mountains in Virginia forming the Great Pyramid slope angles<:F
@Footnote@<:f220,BOttawa,0,0,0> Refer TRINITY POINT in the BAKHIRA Earth Grid, Figure 2A-3C.<:f>

. The Templars "rebooted" those planetary grids and brought their NOTRE DAME matrix into resonance with this powerful Metatronic format, the Reshel.

@sub bullet 2@<+@><:#3124,9360>A side comment: the Hebrew protosiniatic alphabet glyphs used a pictured head, left profile, to represent the letter resh. This head, the BAPHOMET, and its skull equivalent (you can't have a decapitated head on your desk ...also, a real skull is important i
n spiritual alchemy) is the primary Templar symbol and is found at Our Lady's feet ...the Templars being her foundation and servants. In Christ they became the Chief Head Stone of God, the RESHEL. Their signal was the skull over an "X-Gram" (spiritual cross
which interacts with the "+-Cross" to form an 8-point ring), which was formed by crossed bones. This was important enough to carve on grave markers as a last and total statement. The Antichrist perverted this signal and later flew it on evil ships and as t
he insignia of Hitler's SS, Satans' Templars. This was after the Pope broke the power of the Templars and their fleet disintegrated. The dark forces, including the corruption of the Roman Church, filled the vacuum left by the Light.

<+@>When considering the planet as a single brain with two halves, Hawaii is at the back of the head as the ALTA MAJOR chakra for the planet. We also note that this pole is the ROIL pole for the planet, connecting all grids<:F
@Footnote@Hawaii is in the famous 19.5 latitude point of the enclosed tetrahedron found in every sphere: sun, planet. This double "star" tetrahedron is a primary Platonic grid. This ROIL pole interconnects with all the grids used in the sphere.

. The function of the ROIL may be an important correlation with the Alta Major's role. Greece is opposite Hawaii and would be the Ajna function. The North Pole is the Crown chakra.

<+@><:#2845,9360><+!>THE ICARIUS GRID (Figure ET-3 refers):<-!> A vast Reshel Grid, called the ICARIUS by Thoth, is centered off the Aegean Sea on the primary axis which uses two potent points as poles: The HOLY ISLAND off western Wales (the Sea Temple pole), and Mt. SINAI
(the classic "mound" or heap). The Reshel axis is "locked-in" by the Templar creation over old Atlan sites of potent complementary grids on BORNHOLM ISLAND (Sea Temple) in the Baltic and the AYH'R matrix in the Languedoc in southern France. This correlati
on was discovered by the brilliant work of Henry Lincoln although he apparently does not know of the grid as noted here. The axis extends from Sligo Bay on the west coast of Ireland through the Red Sea. Mr. Lincoln sees Jerusalem as the apex of a triangle u
sing Bornholm and the Languedoc as its base whereas I bypass Jerusalem and lock the axis on the twin mountain of Mt. Sinai.

<+@><:#1704,9360>The function of the ICARIUS is to organize the ajna area of the planet's forebrain. Although it has a primary axis, it forms a huge SPINNER field enclosing within it both the critical right and left forebrain areas of the Middle East and Europe/Africa. Each
of these forebrain areas will then have sub-grids that will specialize in the primary functions of each area of the "brain." I have not worked out the subsystem for the Middle East however we do know of Europe's. The NOTRE DAME (Mari) matrix is the core o
f the planetary right forebrain.

<+@><:#4006,9360><+!>THE TITAN OCEANUS AND ASTARA (FLOWER <-!><+!>OF LIFE) GRIDS (Figures ET-4, ET-3A, ET-1):
<-!>These two European complementary grids <+">along with all the Reshel Grids
<-">are collectively called the<+!> BAR-SHEEBA (Seed-of-the-Complete-Seven) Grid.<-!> Both are formed by the same equilateral triangle formed by Rosslyn Chapel, Sintra and Rome. This triangle forms a Spinner or Ring that is cut by the Icarius Axis. The cho
rd that cuts the ring creates a 50-point Wheel on the ring. "50" is the Pyramid Capstone number (49+1) which synthesizes the four "socket" cycles of the cosmic biorhythms also found in the human. They are 23, 28, 33 and 40. These four (and the 50) are the energetics used by the pulsing 6-point <+!>FLOWER OF LIFE or ASTARA grid<-!> which infuses new life and also transformative energetics into the planet via the European right forebrain ...using the implanted NOTRE DAME (Mari, Sheeba) matrix as a core consci
ousness. The altitude line from Edinburgh (Rosslyn) drops to Tarragona in Spain. Tarragona ground the
<+!>CHRISTIC OMEGA POLE<-!> at Montserrat, the chief Christic updwelling point. Rosslyn grounds the chief Christic<+!> ALPHA POLE
<-!>at Mt. Schiehallion in Scotland, the indwelling point.

<+@><:#2561,9360>The <+!>TITAN OCEANUS <-!>grid is pictured by da Vinci's famous sketch of the spread eagled man in a ring. The two rings (centered by LA ROCHELLE ...female Reshel) form the advanced Reshel grid called the ARIEOPAX. The rings also form the two orbits of Ven
us. If we assume that the ring shown by da Vinci is the 13-pole ring (260 day orbit) used by the Mayan calendar (they associate with Venus) ...this ring also shows up in a Celtic illustrated letter "L" which outlines an L-gate or time gate -- then the "hidd
en" ring formed by da Vinci's mans' lowered hand position gives us the relative ring of 225 days or Venus' orbit in this fallen continuum. The 260 day orbit relates to Venus' orbit in the RANNA Wave. Both are viable and must be used. Venus forms a perfect H
OLOS or pentagonal seed format in the zodiacal ring every 8 years in 2 year increments.

<+@><:#2272,9360>When the hidden 225 day orbit ring is divided by the sacred chord at the feet of the TITAN, that ring also has a division of 28 poles or the so-called "emotional" biorhythm. This ring provides the mechanism (cycle of 28) which interfaces the physical (23) r
ealm with the higher mind (33 and causal 40). This is also what Venus does for Earth however when we define the ring with 13 poles (of 20 days each) we move into the dynamic of the 13 relative to the 12-point Wheel. This is ancient, complex and basically de
scribes the expansion of the "12" through the mastery of the serpent-bird staff or the Solarian format ...getting us back into the Mari dynamic again. Space is too limited here for this large subject.

<+@><:#3413,9360>All of it, however, is a projection from the Holy Isle of Ruta. When we plot the Venus orbit(s) and then insert the Earth's we have the basic ring for the ARIEOPAX. This next gives us the SOLAR-IS ring of the Arieopax and the main Christos-Glory pole (tsade
y) which generates the critical Golden Spirals for the Reshel. This is in the ESSENTIAL CHAKRA matrix of the Titan. Titan Oceanus also marks a 7-point (Sheeba) star in Venus' Ranna Wave Ring of 260 days. Ruta also marks the Resh pole in the American Bakhi
ra Grid which organizes the major portion of the planetary right brain represented by the Americas. Ruta itself is the center of a major and probably the most holy grid in the plant: the
<+!>HOLY DOMA<-!> that stretches from Iceland south past the Azores. The whole DOMA was reinstalled in July, 1995. This is apparently the largest, most intense Metatronic matrix in the planet. Titan Oceanus or the "Son, Seed of Sheeba" (Bar-Sheeba) is the b
ody of Ruta in this context. If we equate the Sheeba, shekinah, with Mari we might say that the Titan is really the archetype incarnated as Mari's son John Martinus.

<+@><:#2855,9360><+!>TWO SUB-SYSTEMS WITHIN THE BAR-SHEEBA<-!>: The two systems also complement each other. They are (1) The<+!> MICHAEL L-GATE
<-!>Grid time gate complex formed by two "L's" between Rosslyn, Mt. St. Michel, Paris and the AYH'R in the Languedoc. And (2) the NOTRE DAME:
<+!>VIRGO<-!> Grid matrix already mentioned. I further note in the case of the Notre Dame Matrix that it's male pole (Mont St. Michel) also keys into the L-gate system. We've noted that the Marian cathedrals are formed to duplicate Virgo the Goddess ...Mari
, the Shekinah, Sheeba... and that Mont St. Michel would then approximate Denebola in Leo relative to Virgo. We know that the EL/Solarian Golden Star MAZURIEL will appear in that position in the next RA continuum (again). For the agencies working in the Mic
hael Mandate and using the Reshel L-Gates, Mazuriel is there now.

@sub bullet 2@<+@><:#3139,9360><+!>DENDERA (HATHOR TEMPLE):<-!> An intriguing connection with the
<+!>Son of the "Widow"<-!> (Mari) may exist in the Dendera Temple ceiling astrological grid. It shows the Denebola area as Leo's right hind paw. Leo is riding a serpent boat (a time continuum) with an extended "infinite" tail (open ended continuum). The are
a is being supported by a <+!>mother in a throne, holding a son whose crown chakra area is the same as the Denebola (Mazuriel) area.<-!> There are other devices that point to this area as special. Although Mari Migdala(ne) married a Greek gentleman and we c
an certainly call her the Bride of Christ (albeit ascended) we might also think of her as "The Widow" in that Yeshua as the Father of John Martinus was crucified, leaving her a widow in effect. This "immaculate" conception is the normal process in the Ranna
Wave continua and I like to think that it has been recognized as the main archetypal event for generating messianic avatars. Yeshu was not the first. For me, the Dendera Madonna is the archetype.

<+@><:#2272,9360>Regarding the large time gate double-L matrix, the two ends of the two L's are Rosslyn Chapel and the AYH'R area. The AYH'R has always been associated with powerful time gates and still is. Rosslyn has not, having been unused by the old Templars for many ce
nturies. Contemporary Masons have not seemed to use the gates from the little I know about the Chapel's present use. The Reshel geometry of Rosslyn is extensive and more detailed than in any system that I've found to date. Further, the Rosslyn time gate mat
rix is highly subtle and major. The small chapel is possibly more efficient than the whole of the AYH'R. In theory they must be balanced for the large European system to work. Rosslyn's geometry is found in Figures TE-2B, TE-3.

<+@><:#1998,9360><+!>CHARTRES, THE VIRGO ON-SWITCH: <-!>All of Europe carries the Goddess light codes. The SHEEBA (#7) is the female shakti which the Templars saw as Mari Magdala, the incarnated Goddess. They connected this matrix with<+!> VIRGO
<-!>and built the cathedrals to form the<+!> Virgo Grid<-!>. The three main female temples: Chartres, Lourdes, and Montserrat form a triunity with a RESH function for Europe. That is, they correlate with the three energy poles in the physical woman's heart
chakra and they form a collective control function. Chartres in combination with the other two activates or closes down all Reshel grids.

<+@>The TITAN forms a 7-point star superimposing the powerful ARIEOPAX and the BAR-SHEEBA double grids. Chartres, as the cathedral synthesizing all the Virgo matrix, has the 7-point star built into its Choir. It forms a major "X-Gram" oriented NE-SW. The TITAN
OCEANUS grid is also an X-Gram orienting Ruta (NW) in the "Path of the Mother" pole. The most powerful pole in Europe ...when the Arieopax is up to speed... is La Rochelle, the female Reshel. Thoth has confirmed all this but has added that Chartres carries
the Light-Codes needed to activate the whole grid system, effectively the "on-switch." This would mean that the Virgo matrix becomes the main amplifying system for the codes. This then triggers Mont St. Michel and the Paris church of St. Sulpice (noted belo
w), then the L-Gate system with Rosslyn activating the main equilateral triangle of the Bar-Sheeba and the AYH'R activating Bornholm and the Icarius axis. The present indication is that the superior planetary "L-Gate" activates through the AYH'R and Bornho
lm Reshel poles. Chartres starts it, apparently via it's two towers as controlled from the center of it's labyrinth.

@sub bullet 2@<+@>Consider the unthinkable effect on the whole planet when the Bishop at Chartres destroyed 16 of the alchemical windows in 1773-78. Four more were destroyed in 1788; the critical ROOD SCREEN had been destroyed in 1763 by order of the Chapter. This sabotage w
as in the vital area of the power bays containing the center of the 7-point star and the Reshel's Christos Glory pole that generated the Life supporting spirals. The Bishop and the Chapter knew exactly what to destroy to virtually render the cathedral lifel
ess! They clearly intended to eliminate the Mari Heresy which we may assume was encoded in the windows and Rood Screen<:F
@Footnote@The Rood Screen was mounted directly before the critical Glory Pole (Life transfer and seed point) on the beam leading to the Cathedral's Center and the rest of the cathedral. The Rood apparently worked as an energy and consciousness filter-amplifier workin
g in both directions. It would have provided the "Mari-Software" input into the filter-amplifier, therefore it was destroyed.

however they shot themselves in the foot to do it. The other acts of sabotage are due to simple ignorance: the present loud speaker system, the many folding chairs covering the controlling labyrinth, the clutter of the large altar distorting the central co
re beam, the installation of the steel roof supports (replacing the wood), the closing of the well in the crypt.

<+@><:#2003,9360><+!>THE SUN-LINE: JANUARY 17TH:<-!> Apparently Fr. Boudet may have known of the Rosslyn L-Gate connection with Rennes Les Bains. He placed a painting of
<+!>ROSELYNE<-!> (a woman with skirts filled with roses) in the Magdalene Chapel. Her day is January 17th
<+">which is also St. Sulpice Day<-">. <+!>The Paris Meridian is also called the ROSE-LINE by some.
<-!>Rennes Les Bains is due south of Paris on the Paris Meridian (0 deg). There was in Paris a Merovingian burial ground that had a church on it , later replaced by the church of St. Sulpice. This church has in it a special marker placed on the Paris Meridi

<+@><:#2282,9360>The January 17th sun line is in Capricorn; it correlates with the orientation of the Holy Axis (N-S) of the Hathor temple at Dendera. This axis is the main time gate (Reshel) orientation on Capricorn (remember that the Solarian Korbolans are orchestrating o
ur time evolution from the Capricornian future and that is also the direction of Delphinus, the 13th Sign).
<+!>January 17th triggers that axis at Dendera and also the European ROSE-LINE L-System.<-!> In the Magdalene Chapel the Jan. 17 line is from Rex Mundi to the Altar. In the AYH'R it is from the ISIS-Throne and Well of the Circle (so-called "Devil's Seat") a
t Rennes Les Bains to the Magdalene Tower. January 17th is also St. Anthony's Day; on the 17th the sun lights the St. Anthony statue in the Chapel.

<+@>However "Roselyn" also has two other critical connections: at Rosslyn Chapel at the other end of the Michael L Gate from Rennes le Chateau, and also the Chapelle Saite Roseline at Les Arcs ENE of Toulon. Ste. Rosline is in a "Threshold of Sythia" pole in th
e Urmaga Grid, making it a main Reshel pole in the primary European Seed grid, the "Star of the Magi." I do not know the January 17th alignments for those major poles; a project for another day however they must be considered.

<+@>Continuing with the meaning of Ros-lin, "Ross" means "rose" and also "prominent rock, or rocky promontory"; "roche" is stone in French, "Resh" (Chief Head Stone) in Hebrew. (Yeshua identified Himself as the Chief Head Stone.) The Templars used the Head/Skul
l as their chief symbol. The Reshel Grid is the primary geometry of the cathedrals, apparently, and of the huge Earth Grids.<+!> La Rochelle<-!> (female stone) was the major Templar port and is the center of the TITAN OCEANUS grid, the most powerful point i
n Europe when the Rutan Arieopax activates (...January 17th) -- that is, if there is any agency in La Rochelle that could process that intense exposure and purpose. Boudet's<+"> St.<-"><+"> Roche
<-">in the Chapel is exposing the Merovingian wound in his right thigh ...the AYH'R gate on the TITAN's right thigh<:F
@Footnote@Henry Sinclair named his ship's sword after this Titan. The TITAN GRID was carried to America via the Sword energetic and engrammed into the Bakhira and Arkhom grids through the "music" (Orpheus') of the Templar alchemical technology. The action will have p
ermitted the Bakhira, which reaches IONA and other points in western UK, to resonante with the TITAN format in Europe. The Atlans probably designed this into the overall matrix since the TITAN is driven by Ruta -- Ruta also being a key Resh pole in the Bakh
ira -- but the critical linkage between the American, planetary main right brain grid and the vital European BAR-SHEEBA grids had to be relinked and recharged<+!><+"> prior
<-"><-!>to the moving of the new culture frame to the Americas. It was closely timed; the ROSSLYN CHAPEL and SINTRA were vital connectors and generaters: the TITANS' two hands. Portugal then networked out into the planet via Prince Henry the Navigator's exp
lorations, school (at Sintra) and through Portugal's colonial program.

? Can this ross/roche/resh be correlated with the famous "rose?" "Zion/Sion" means "conspicuous monument": would that be the "prominent rock?" "Selah", the divine suspension point, also means "the craggy stone" or "mound" in its alternative spellings.

<+@>"Lynn" means "a <+!><+">waterfall, brood-of-12, brood hen, line<-"><-!>." "Llan" is a Druidic circle of power. "L'ayn" in Hebrew is "to the fountain or eye." Already mentioned, Fr. Boudet considered the "drawing of water" as the major function of the AYH'R,
encoding it in the red dot or Ulta point, with the letters BS (shab:
<+!><+">to draw water<-"><-!>). This dot would be the sun point of the January 17th sun-line from the altar, the point positioned over the
<+">font <-">carried by Rex Mundi. In the Book of Revelation there is a river of the water of life that flows<+"><+!> two ways: "hence and thence"<:F
@Footnote@The usual translation refers to the middle of the river however the Greek accurately says "hence and thence" or two directions. This river is an archetype for the Elisa Exchange.

<-!><-"> from the Throne (22:1-2). The water exchange (with grail) is one of the two main symbols of the Elisa Exchange and would involve the use of time gates. The MAR and the water is connected with the Mar.ii dynamic.

<+@><:#2561,9360>Roslin (the town) once was known as "Roskeyln -- <+">a hill and glen.<-"> The village is shaped like a cross with the chapel at it's head. To the NW of Rosslyn is a cross shaped grove. It is my view that the cross-grove is a sword's hilt and the chapel is i
t's point. The <+!>town <-!>becomes a<+!> harmonic<-!> with the grove-hilt. The center of action within the Chapel (Sword's center of action) is the central altar of the LADY CHAPEL -- also the vital center of the chapel's Reshel grid. The Sword to me is th
e "Templar, Saint Clair Sword of Scotland" -- both agencies -- and also the same sword carried by MANDUK (Westford Knight). I believe that this is also the TITAN sword transported via Henry's ship. This "sword" dynamic will apparently transport the TITAN gr
id function in which the Rosslyn "sword" (with grove) is the "sword in the Titan's right hand."

<+@>Rosslyn is the causal Sea Temple relative to Sintra and is the right brain of the Titan ... even though Sintra has had the strong sea tradition via Prince Henry the Navigator when Portugal was at the height of its commercial (sea) power. It is interesting t
hat Rosslyn "launched" its own Sinclair version of Prince Henry earlier on an expedition to America to reboot the continental earth grid there. Rosslyn's sea connection now appears slight: it's main well is small and is outside the building. The well is in
tended to be represented in the baptistery. Rosslyn's sea connection may probably still intact and effective within the three lower levels of Atlan temples beneath Rosslyn. Sintra may also have them but at this time I have little information regarding Sintr
a. Sintra reportedly has a copy of the Apprentice Pillar, but with the spiral opposite to the Rosslyn version. Sintra is the location of one of the major time implosions creating the Kali Rift; its intra-time marker is a BLASTED TREE due to the great implos

<+@><:#4265,9360><+!>THE BAKHIRA GRID (Figure 2A-3D)<-!>: This is the vast American grid stretching from the geographic center of North America in North Dakota, through it's center off Trinidad and south past Rio de Janeiro. It spans South America into the Pacific. It's NE
span sweeps through the western U.K. including IONA and other key points. It's former main axis was through it's Resh pole in Ruta however its alternate axis, effective after Atlantis went down was through North America. An immense sub-grid is named the AR
KHOM by its discoverer Peter Champoux; this grid covers all of New England, reaching over the border into Canada. Peter's independent discovery exactly overlays the complex Arieopax grid. I discovered the Bakhira grid by inserting the Arkhom into the WESTFO
RD KNIGHT's "schematic" carved on a stone near Boston by the Henry Sinclair Expedition of 1398 CE. The Bakhira organizes the Reshel functions of the planet's right brain. Its main connections with Europe is through Ruta and the Michael-Mari Line in England
. The Sinclairs and Rosslyn, in that the Clan and Templars did much to reactivate the grid by inserting the Westford Knight (Templar magic) and Newport Tower, along with several other power points, might also be thought of as a connection via the Rosslyn co
ntrol point in the BAR-SHEEBA.

<:#1993,9360><-!><+!>THE URMAGA GRID (Figure ET-3): (Star of the Magi)<-!>: This grid is basically pentagonal and forms the main seed matrix for the composite Bar-Sheeba Reshel system. The two sides to the pent-triangle is the one from Santiago de Compostela to Edinburg
h and the other from Stes. Maries de la Mer in France to Edinburgh. Mr. Peter Dawkins also discovered this line and extends it into NW Scotland, calling it the Grail Line. The triangle's altitude line is from the apex, Edinburgh, to the midpoint on the base
line at San Sebastian, Spain. This line is called the Tav'hara (Line of Destiny) Line.

<+!>THE ORKNEY GRID (Figure OR-5)<-!>: Orkney was empowered by the Atlan priests of the Most Holy Island of Ruta prior to the loss of Atlantis, about 12,000 years ago. The Hebrides and Orkneys were both included as primary matrices however the Rutan grid in
stallations in Europe and America were massive in concept and execution. Orkney appears to be the main SEED matrix using the Reshel format.

The Reshel overlay is very close. Eynhallow is very near the main Vau pole which is on the main island; the Eynhallow island was probably selected for its remote and dedicated nature. Its "20-Man Cave" well represents the letter "Kaf, #20" in the Hebrew alp
habet in that it means the "hollow stone, etc." relating to the divine Essence in all form. This is the nature and function of both Eynhallow and its "hollow" cave. The Cave is symbolically the Holy of the Holies. The Monastery on Eynhallow, now a ruin, was
clearly not intended to support the local population but rather to "hold the Still-point" or divine Essence for the Grid. A deeper level of Reshel technology would have the Ulta pole or divine center of the whole system moved into the Vau pole point. This
means that the Shekinah (female) system shown in Figure OR-5 is superimposed by its complementary Christic half (not shown to enhance clarity) so both Vau poles are superimposed over the Center for the whole: Eynhallow.

<:#1136,9360>Much of the Orkney Grid is at sea. Thus the main control positions are reduced to the Zayin (Zion) pole at Westray, the Eynhallow Center and Vau pole, the Pool of Life at Sinclair Noss Head castle, and the Shiyn pole at Thurso which synthesizes the whole an
d sends the Orkney signal south into the Tav'hara Line and composite Bar-Sheeba Grid.

<:s><:#852,9360>This is a format for a "Sea Temple" where the land poles augment controlling sea poles. I wonder if this was an intention of the Rutans (of the island temples) who were the guardians of Atlantis' wisdom greatly weighted by the sea mysteries.


Europe and Great Britain, with the Americas use a RESHEL or Techad Grid for Metatronic connections. This system, the 3rd Breastplate (of 24) of Metatron, is the primary mechanism for Ascension. That is, transition back into the Ranna
Time Wave. The system has always been in place at least since the Atlan priests of Ruta installed them. Collectively they are called the<+!> BAR-SHEEBA<-!> Grid.

They employ the "3-4-5" convention, that is the
<+!>ASTARA<-!> (Flower of Life) is the "3" format which is a CONNECTIVE or Pillar or Tube. The
<+!>URMAGA <-!>(Star of the Magi) is the "5" or seed format. The <+!>TITAN OCEANUS<-!> is the "4" or formation format. These are the main grids however there are several sub systems that are very important: the L GATE Grid is based on the Eye of Ra which al
so includes communications and travel to the Ranna Wave continua. Something the non-Metatronic systems can not do, for example the Montauk people and Zumir or "Greys", Luciferic agencies.

<:s><:#789,9360><:f220,BArial,0,0,0>Another sub grid is the <+!>VIRGO <-!>Grid formed by the Templars' Marian Cathedrals. This processes the main Goddess or European energetics in the "7" vibration. This accesses the Bar Sheeba via Mont St. Michel that is both the male pol
e re the Virgo Grid and in the L Gate Grid.

There are numerous smaller local Reshel matrices: Rennes le Chateau, Edinburgh, The area covered by the "Barbury Castle" (Crop circle format) with Avebury in the Center, Glastonbury in the unprogrammed SW or left brain corner, Stonehenge in the shiyn pole,
and Winchester in the SE right brain pole which uses 6 L-Gates in a spiral. This latter grid is called the "Haepathia" in the Reshel. The Bethlehem Triangle or Grail Core format stretches between Edinburgh and Glastonbury poles with the Anglesey "Head" as t
he Chief Head Stone (Resh) in the apex of the Grail Core.

The main planetary Grid linking both forebrain areas, the Mideast and Europe, is the
<+!>ICARIUS<-!> Grid from Sligo Bay in Ireland through Mt. Sinai and the Red Sea. This axis is locked in place by the combination of Rennes le Chateau and Bornholm Island in the Baltic.

<:s><:#1719,9360>The other major Grid is the <+!>BAKHIRA<-!> Grid covering both North and South America from North Dakota into the South Atlantic. It spins and connects western Europe and the Pacific, thus covering essentially the GAIA right brain. The large sub system supp
orting the Bakhira is the <+!>ARKHOM GRID<-!> discovered by Peter Champoux and Susan Wilson. This grid, also the Reshel format, stretches from Canada into Virginia and sets up wider harmonics.

Even though these grids have always been with us in this fallen "Oritronic" continuum they have had strong Metatronic vectors that have served to be two jumps ahead of incarnated humans in their evolutionary movement. Spiritual agencies under the
<+!>MICHAEL MANDATE, of the AMETHYST THRONE<-!> have reinserted knowledge of the grids in keeping with our state of evolution. Free will has always applied but these have been around to help those who have asked. They are back in the system now.